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June 30 2011

66 Who’s behind the attacks on flotilla ships? Perhaps it was Israel’s very own underwater sabotage unit

35 Irish Ship to Gaza: Sabotage of M.V. Saoirse is ‘an act of international terrorism’

7 Constituents aboard Audacity of Hope challenge Sen. Mark Kirk’s call for US to ‘disable flotilla vessels’

4 Debunking the Israeli-US effort to thwart Gaza Freedom Flotilla: ‘We are committed to non-violence’

78 Presidential

46 Khouri: Arab-Israeli conflict is at last beginning, on a level playing field– int’l law

10 Knesset Committee outdoes itself with ‘bill to prevent harm to the state of Israel through boycotts’

53 Flotilla activists undergo nonviolence training (Israel fears mass nonviolent protest above all)

56 Senate unanimously opposes Palestinian push for statehood (AIPAC wants you to know)

6 Wake me when this is over (Israel doubles colonies in Jordan Valley)

5 A great miracle is happening there

44 Libidinous pro-choice aide who toiled for rightwing Republicans admits her motivation came down to one issue

June 29 2011

58 Irish flotilla ship will not sail to Gaza due to extensive sabotage

2 Prisoner woes: a 14-year-old, an 18-year-old missile victim with one leg, and the father worried sick about his son who’s been held in solitary for 40 days

3 Jordanian activists buy $800,000 boat for Gaza flotilla

48 WikiLeaks document on Gaza blockade puts Israel’s flotilla hasbara to shame

27 Israeli Army can’t provide evidence of flotilla’s violent plans, story unravels

20 The ‘No Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza’ Canard: From massacre myopia to blockade blindness

26 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar decides to pass on Jerusalem Film Fest following ‘Nakba Day violence’

28 International solidarity & history in the making

24 ‘Politico’ says Jewish Democratic donors may abandon Obama, though they like Dennis Ross

16 ‘Washington Post’ exposes absurdity of Israeli response to flotilla

61 ‘Peace Now’ calls on Israel to end blockade but says flotilla is playing ‘dangerous game’

15 Month of ‘relative calm’ –Israeli settler crimes in the month of June

3 ‘Campaigning against Israeli apartheid has resulted in 23 Palestinian solidarity activists facing US federal grand jury’

8 JPost admits that anti-Zionism is trend for young Jews
Phil Weiss, Jack Ross

7 UJA Federation calls on Americans to enlist with Israeli soldiers in ‘Israel Boot Camp,’ on Long Island

1 Palestinian blogger’s appearance at Netroots offered glimmer of hope

June 28 2011

20 Hacker group ‘Anonymous’ prepares DDOS attack on the Israeli Knesset

8 Gaza rallies in support of the Freedom Flotilla

30 Bent propeller shafts in Athens
Annie and Phil Weiss

85 Pawlenty says Obama’s ‘anti-Israel attitude’ ‘breaks my heart’ (in New York… unh, what’s his game?)

13 ‘Forward’ backward, Greenwald forward

10 Do they look like murderers to you?

47 Hasbarapocalypse– pinkwashing hoax gone berserk

26 Latest libel: flotilla passengers seek ‘to kill soldiers’
Annie and Phil Weiss

6 Wait– Birthright is failing on its own terms

5 Israel to stop flotilla ‘without physical contact’

1 Will David Shulman’s Rx for ending Israel’s ‘overwhelming int’l isolation’ work?

2 Meanwhile in Nabi Saleh: Reflections on the physical and legal assault on nonviolent protesters

8 Half of young Israelis are not convinced they should stay in the long run

30 We’re just smarter, that’s why

5 Slavoj Zizek honors BDS call on trip to Israel/Palestine

8 Sullivan probes Jewish nationality

June 27 2011

9 Israeli troops respond to kites, clowns and children in Nabi Saleh the only way they know how – with tear gas

0 The loneliness of the (Palestinian) long distance runner

1 ‘This is not my Jerusalem’

59 Sabotage on the Aegean: Propeller mysteriously cut on flotilla ship

4 Democracy Now talks to members of the US Boat to Gaza as the flotilla prepares to leave Greece

20 Israel Law Center behind harassment of flotilla funded by homophobic End Timer Pastor John Hagee

4 ‘Gaza, We Are Coming’: Despite pressure and threats of violence, flotilla will sail
The Free Gaza Movement

13 UK government Facebook page shows solidarity with Gilad Shalit

4 ‘Commandos physical violence will only last a few minutes but feel like a few hours’ –Canadian boat training

9 Pure hell at the Rafah crossing
Shahd Abusalama

21 Of course the Flotilla is a political provocation
Joe Catron

14 Operation Mozart: A ‘musical intifada’ at the Qalandia checkpoint
Sandy Tolan

6 Pamela Olson’s Palestine awakening anticipated the emerging global consciousness

311 Help Mondoweiss stay afloat with a voluntary subscription

June 26 2011

14 Dana: ‘we’re seeing an absolute last ditch and panicked effort by the Israeli government to control the narrative of the flotilla’

8 Bibi’s son: ‘it is our duty to do the minimum to save our honor and boycott every Arab business or product. Beside, I boycotted those shits even before.’

250 Is Greece being blackmailed to put the brakes on Gaza flotilla?
Medea Benjamin

20 Ethan Bronner’s ‘benign occupation’

68 Israel warns foreign journalists who go on flotilla they could be barred from country for 10 years

8 Why a ‘spectacularly modest’ flotilla letter signed by 6 Congress people bucks the Likud culture of Washington

10 Report: Amb Rice says there is ‘no greater threat’ to US funding for UN than Palestinian statehood initiative!

2 Do-gooding young American Jews aren’t that interested in Israel

5 Palestinian sports community appeals to UEFA to stop 2013 football tourney in Israel

8 Ross on anti-Zionism

June 25 2011

28 Last minute complaint regarding the ‘sea worthiness’ of the Audacity of Hope puts the US Boat to Gaza in jeopardy

5 Gaza Summer Games kick off with Olympic-style torch festival

27 Another sign of int’l isolation

35 Not my President

98 Reporters hector State: Is the blockade legal? What right does Israel have to ‘defend itself’ from humanitarian aid?

21 Feldman: ‘Israel’s out of control downward spiral will help bring about alienation in Birthright alumni’

1 A tribute to EM Broner

5 ‘European audiences voice their anguish openly– what has happened to Israel?’

29 US flotilla passengers are scared, but they will not be stopped

June 24 2011

75 6, count em 6, members of Congress sign letter to Clinton expressing concern for ‘safety’ of US citizens on flotilla

76 Hillary gives Israel green light to ‘defend’ itself from flotilla

95 Bachmann takes it to the mat– US and Israel are ‘two sides of the same coin’

11 Now they tell us: Yale anti-Semitism shop’s whole purpose was to defend Israeli expansion into West Bank!

13 Israelis shoot up protesters’ bulldozer at Bil’in wall– as Fayyad participates in demo
Jonathan Pollak

16 Alice Walker tells ‘Foreign Policy’ she went from ‘mythic’ Israeli in ’67 to ‘terrorist state’ in Cast Lead

5 US flotilla members to Obama: We sail ‘in our country’s great tradition of citizen activists taking nonviolent action to stand up to injustice’

46 ‘CNN’ seeks to balance Alice Walker’s Gaza piece w English novelist explaining how an ‘Israeli parent’ sees things

30 The ethnic cleansing of Lyd, and how it continues today

9 Does Jello Biafra’s possible Tel Aviv show mark bedtime for punk rock relevancy?
Colin Kalmbacher

29 Forward says NYT is ‘unabashed about the Jewishness’ of its leadership. Is it?

June 23 2011

7 Courageous Alice Walker to take part in flotilla in face of thuggish State Department warning

21 Israel proves that Flotillas work
The Free Gaza Movement

20 Miko Peled, the General’s son

27 Arab LGBT Movement: “We are not victims in need of a white male savior working in London…”

27 J.J. Goldberg uses Bob Dylan to make a perfect argument for the cultural boycott of Israel

7 ‘We recognize neither the legality, nor the morality, nor the wisdom of the walls between us’: Israeli academics endorse civil disobedience campaign against Israeli entry laws

1 Seeing Fateh’s flag, and the Palestinian flag, in the Gaza Strip

22 Amb. Michael Oren dishes out anti-flotilla ‘marching orders’ in private Jewish Federation call

5 Israel’s future weapons unveiled in Paris

28 Site news: Introducing Mondoweiss’s new home

1 We don’t make this up

16 Supporting Palestinian statehood, Obama’s ambassador admits, would be ‘exceedingly politically damaging domestically’

18 The flotilla is a political response, not a humanitarian one

6 Abrams acknowledges that US’s gray eminences now blame Israel

15 Two state solution is ‘dead and dismembered’

14 Terry Gross says Nazis seemed ‘very present’ to her, growing up in US in 60s

595 Atzmon and Jewish identity

0 Post-Iraq? Post-nothing: US establishment discourse remains neoconservative

June 22 2011

8 12 times in the last year Israel has shot and wounded Palestinians working to collect scrap near fence in Gaza– 12 times

43 U.S. State Dep’t to American flotilla passengers: Drop dead

13 “As long as the Za’atar remains. . .”

72 Open letter to Gaddafi supporter Cynthia McKinney from disappointed Palestinians

9 The regional implications of the planned US-Israeli missile defense command-and-control center

40 Hafrada today, hafrada tomorrow, hafrada forever! (Party like it’s 1963)

0 Human rights delegation investigates Western complicity in crimes of Ben Ali regime
Corinna Mullin and Azadeh Shahshahani

34 Non-Jewish influence (played important role in Allison Benedikt’s awakening)

130 The rise and fall and vindication of Jewish anti-Zionism

15 Job description

6 Gazan fishermen recount narrow escape from Israeli fire
Ruqaya Izzidien

11 ‘We build the wall to keep us free, that’s why we build the wall’ — Anais Mitchell

10 Brian Lehrer suggests Pakistan’s establishment as a religious state was wrong

26 Warning to flotilla issued thru neocon blog

72 Israel seeks to ban the Palestinian protest movement from iOS store

June 21 2011

5 Israel demolishes bedouin community in the Jordan Valley; 42 people homeless, including 21 children

3 Israeli army begins dismantling the Wall in Bil’in
Popular Struggle Coordination Committee

12 American flotilla passengers set to challenge U.S. support for Gaza blockade

33 Gen’l Ashkenazi, architect of Gaza onslaught, joins Brookings Institution as ‘Visiting Fellow’

20 Peres awaits, Shakira

72 Why am I organizing the Gaza boat? Because Jewish history commands me
Jane Hirschmann

48 Don’t bother, Shakira

3 ‘Move over AIPAC’ protester assaulted by police during peaceful demonstration
Radio Rahim

12 Undercover Israeli agent describes assassinating Palestinians in West Bank and photographing their bodies

23 3 weeks after Yale shuts down anti-Semitism center, it starts another one

3 Buy Pamela Olson’s book on Palestine, and 20% will go to the Gaza boat

12 ‘House divided cannot stand’ (Netroots tried to embrace Zionists and non-Zionists in vague, squishy hug)

2 Deep in my heart, I do believe, the media’s focus on the Muslim Brotherhood is going to bite them in the ass some day

2 Excommunication– Jewish paper writes ‘J Street’ out of the picture

5 Separate but unequal

0 In military exercise anticipating flotilla, Israeli ships fire water cannons

June 20 2011

17 Same day as Bahraini blogger’s brave appearance at Netroots, State Department shifts its line

6 On World Refugee Day 2011: Put Palestinian refugees back on the agenda
Badil Resource Center

12 Israeli Cabinet strips Barak of ability to stop settlements– opening floodgates?

12 Rafah chaos escalates as Gazans continue to wait for the border to open
Ruqaya Izzidien

32 Britain’s denial of democracy and the ethnic cleansing of Palestine
Nu'man Abd al-Wahid

36 Identity booster & the ideology machine – Behind the scenes of Birthright Israel
Kiera Feldman

18 Challenging Israeli apartheid, starting at Ben Gurion Airport
Laura Durkay

20 Congressmen warn Obama of ‘revolution’ in Democratic Party as he becomes the LBJ of Afghanistan

12 Most Israelis don’t see Jordan Valley as occupied

1 Settlers destroy a herders’ ancient cistern outside Hebron, and IDF follows by demolishing people’s tents

June 19 2011

59 U.S. Flotilla to Obama: Protect Us From Israel

10 Israel approves the expansion of 2,000 settlement homes in East Jerusalem; Barak: ‘there is no real way to announce an end to construction’

31 Report from a police holding cell
Gideon Spiro

6 ‘The truth is not easy to tell’: The story of Palestinian women in Israel
Eleanor Kilroy

June 18 2011

27 Why Obama is wrong to ignore the War Powers Act

10 Israel’s war against Palestinian children continues

38 At Netroots, Rep. Keith Ellison supports Palestinian statehood initiative at UN

53 John Greyson’s latest brilliant BDS video

June 17 2011

136 What do you do when Netroots is just not that into you?

15 ‘Don’t Play in Tel Aviv! Apartheid is Not Punk Rock!’: An Open Letter to Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine
Punks Against Apartheid

23 A family in Gaza struggles to rebuild following repeated Israeli attacks
Ruqaya Izzidien

June 16 2011

12 Israel, and its supporters in the U.S., prepare for the Freedom Flotilla II

7 After ‘Amina’: Thoughts from Cairo
Scott Long

46 Matan Ofan – in Israeli military uniform – threatens mutiny, indiscriminate shooting to prevent ‘Sudanis or Syrians’ from reaching Tel Aviv

17 Bahraini blogger on State Dep’t tour says Hillary Clinton ‘betrayed’ and ‘crushed’ Bahrain democracy movement

10 When the Obama administration seeks to establish its pro-Israel bona fides, it’s no critics allowed

35 UC Santa Cruz students denounce anti-Palestinian hate message posted on pro-Israel student group Facebook page

8 ‘Permanent’ despair: Did Egypt really open the Rafah crossing?
Ramzy Baroud

56 ‘NYT’ report uncovers Bush plot to torpedo Juan Cole, but ignores some crucial questions
Hugh Sansom

58 And now for something completely different . . .

6 Cobban to young Gazan writers: The internet is your Tahrir Square

0 The top 10 reasons why the opening of Rafah Crossing just doesn’t cut it

1 Boycotts, literary festivals and the responsibility of writers

8 Graduating with honors

June 15 2011

3 Bedouins displaced and dispossessed by settlement expansion in the West Bank

0 Two Palestinian protesters injured by live ammo in Deir Qaddis
Popular Struggle Coordination Committee

9 UN report debunks Israel’s Naksa propaganda

27 How ‘A Gay Girl in Damascus’ became a mascot of the liberal west

113 In London, Benny Morris runs the gauntlet

18 Why we support the US Boat to Gaza
Aman Muqeet

33 Keith Weissman says American Jewish community is pushing war with Iran (not Iraq)

16 Walt & Mearsheimer & Franzen

57 What about American sectarianism? (and Jewish fears that it will bust loose)

0 Harriet Beecher Stowe sought to ‘domesticate’ radical thought and nonviolent resistance to slavery

June 14 2011

33 How Israel deals with nonviolent Palestinian protest

58 Tales of a fourth grade Zionist

27 UN: As Gaza siege enters its fifth year, unemployment stands at 45%

3 In Gaza, young Palestinians lead a global movement
Joe Catron

13 Rightwing Israelis stage race-baiting action, bringing Sudanese refugees to posh Tel Aviv pool

28 Egypt charges American citizen with being spy for Mossad

6 Israel’s harassment of US-Mexico border human rights activist raises many questions
Gabriel Matthew Schivone

64 Why the ‘Jewish State’ now?
Raef Zreik

12 London is turning into Israel’s laboratory in preparation for 2012 summer Olympics

4 Bahrainis should sue the U.S… “US defense sales to Bahrain rose before crackdown”

37 1919 Hitler letter reveals seeds of ethnic cleansing

20 More bollocks from David Mamet

28 ‘Is everybody doing it?’

0 Flows of settler sewage into several Palestinian villages south of Hebron is a human rights issue

June 13 2011

25 Newt Gingrich lauds ‘Jerusalem Day’ extremists

41 Some thoughts on the fake gay blogger from Damascus….

15 ‘Washington Times’ yanks Weiner-married-Muslim-agenda piece

21 Shareholders to Caterpillar: ‘our product has become Israel’s weapon of choice for ethnic cleansing and potentially even war crimes’

50 ‘NYT’ characterizes ’48 ethnic cleansing as ‘evacuation’

31 Wingnuts focus on Weiner’s marriage to Muslim

44 Why I fell so hard for ‘A Gay Girl in Damascus’ (and why the hoax makes me angry and conservative)

June 12 2011

29 ‘Gay Girl in Damascus’ deceit has damaged the cause

25 Jack Ross, new author, says Israel lobby captured the Jewish establishment in ’58 but here come the ruby slippers

7 Over 1,180 Palestinians displaced and affected by Israeli demolitions in the West Bank so far in 2011

8 Nabi Saleh attempts to peacefully protest for its water rights and against the occupation
Jenny Levin

1 May was deadliest month for civilians in Afghanistan (and US-NATO role is whitewashed!)
Martin Iqbal

23 ‘Gay Girl in Damascus’ is a hoax — Electronic Intifada

27 ‘We will boycott Israel’ –a cappella flashmob in Brisbane

73 What is the living ethos in Jewish communal politics other than Zionism? (More dialogue about David Simon)

3 The conscience stirs… Uri Avnery confronts the refugees’ dream… and Israel’s ‘nightmare’

June 11 2011

352 Portland’s ‘friendliest’ markets refused to meet boycott advocates, and stocked many Israeli brands, and so–

230 Our demands (designing placards for a demonstration)
Mo Khalil

173 A young American Jew describes being arrested for standing in opposition to the Jerusalem Day parade

17 An angry Siegman sees UN statehood declaration as only way to save two-state-solution

68 Sternhell: 1967 is destroying 1948

June 10 2011

6 June 5 protest showed that Netanyahu lied to Congress when he bragged on freedom of worship

0 Obama hides meeting with top Bahraini leader—and mutes criticism of crackdown

0 Surgeries canceled in Gaza due to lack of supplies

4 One missile, one playground: The will of Gaza
Ramzy Baroud

19 Challenging anti-Semitism must be rooted in opposing racism, not defending Israel
Yaman Salahi

36 More lies Weiner told us (#9: Jordan River is eastern border of Israel)

3 Stepping in where the international community has failed: An interview with Frank Barat
Emanuel Stoakes

15 If you were 12 years old and they were ethnically cleansing your neighborhood– well, you’d stop being a child too

5 Imagine Wasserman Schultz talking about the ‘demographic’ threat to Arizona

June 9 2011

7 In order to ‘strengthen the [Jewish] bond to Jerusalem,’ a Knesset bill proposes to change Arabic names of neighborhoods in Jerusalem to Hebrew names

7 Activists from across Europe gather to build the campaign against Agrexco

47 Has J Street abandoned the two-state solution? (and why the liberal Zionist vision for two states is not morally justifiable)
Jeremiah Haber

15 Restrooms and sanitation at Umm-Al-Kheir (a story for Shavuot)

46 How readily do liberal US Democrats cite ‘demographic’ need for two-state solution

June 8 2011

25 Going to a demo in Tel Aviv

61 The Goldstone Report and Israeli criminality– what the Israeli left (and the US left) refuses to get its head around

1 The race will not go on, Grand Prix cannot go ahead because of opposition

1 Jews visiting Temple Mount break bottle of wine on grounds of Al-Aqsa mosque

17 Look at their eyes

36 ‘Fayyadism’ revealed: UN report throws cold water on the economic mirage in the West Bank

13 LGBT groups: Don’t harm other struggles for justice

31 Amina Abdallah Araf, gay Syrian blogger?

62 Weiner’s progressive defenders blind themselves to the rightwing views that may now ensure his survival

24 Photo essay: Ten months of demolitions in Al Araqib
Ariel Azoff

10 Silence over EU science grants to Israel’s war machine

21 Huh– Yale to close anti-Semitism shop

23 ‘JTA’ reports that as much as 2/3 of Democratic money comes from Jewish donors

2 Syrian arrest of ‘A gay girl in Damascus’ commands international attention

June 7 2011

39 Israeli defense establishment seems to want Netanyahu out

9 U.S. media buys Israel’s Naksa spin that protesters were orchestrated

4 Israel arrests 76-year-old Israeli journalist for incitement and 6-year-old Palestinian boy

28 Wait– did Israel lay a minefield in Golan in last 3 weeks to kill protesters?

35 ‘Mishigas’ and ‘mensch’ make primetime

11 Democracy Now reports from the Rafah border crossing

192 Encountering Leonard Cohen in an L.A. pizzeria
Rachel Roberts

1 Brooke Gladstone is hip

2 ‘Birth pangs’ of the new Middle East? More on the Iran attack

62 Weiner repeatedly lied (about Israel and Palestine– does anyone care?)

46 Mr. Spock says ‘beam up the two state solution,’ but ignore the asymmetry

9 ‘A Gay Girl in Damascus’ has been seized, her family is desperate

22 Would Netanyahu try and head off Palestinian statehood initiative by bombing Iran?

3 Naksa Day killings stir inquiries into the Golan occupation

June 6 2011

7 Bahrain Grand Prix staff are held and abused, still Grand Prix says race must go on

8 Epic of a patient. A patient traveler. A Palestinian patient traveler.
Sameeha Elwan

20 Bassem Tamimi to judge: ‘Land theft and tree burning are not just. Your military laws are not legitimate. Our peaceful protest is just’

103 A sophisticated movement arrives on Israel’s doorstep– Arab spring– and Israel has only one plan

23 Israel spins the Naksa killings

6 Rabbi Jacobs declares his ‘Zionist commitments’ so as to get nod as reform Jewish president

21 American Jews you must face down your terror and come out to your families
Tom Pessah

58 Hersh says Obama is in a political ‘cult’ and isolated from folks with independent ideas

6 Bob Casey and other Dems support unending occupation in latest submarining of Obama

2 ‘Haaretz’ busts Netanyahu lies with Ali Haider column; why can’t the ‘NYT’ do as much?

1 If you don’t like what you see, then you must be the change– take sides and be it

June 5 2011

63 ‘NYT’ editors briefly flagellate themselves for their role in fomenting Iraq war– then move on!

62 Unarmed protesters scramble to rescue the wounded at fence in the occupied Golan

8 Reports say Israel killed 20 protesters today at fence of occupied Golan

16 ‘NYT’ grants Israel the occupied Golan (and paragraph 3, to say, We shot at their feet)

40 Glenn Beck says artists’ support for Palestinians shows ‘we are behind the curve’ on Israel

7 They steal Palestinian minerals on occupied land, and open live fire on protesters, and the west is silent

4 You organize a protest. They come to your door at 2 a.m., make you undress, order you to report to security… And the west is silent

20 Netanyahu owns Congress, but Palestinians have captured Europe

20 Even Sandra Day O’Connor (in NY Review of Books) sees damage to US interests in ‘vast disparity’ of Israel’s power

18 Neoconservative David Brooks admits he saw Iraq war as necessary for ‘peace process’

18 (Dying fall) Obama’s new security appointees will OK Israeli attack on Iran to divert attention from Palestinian issue

7 Exum and other westerners try to pretend that the Nakba/right-of-return are not important to young Palestinians

14 Report: Obama offers Turks role in peace process if they stop the next flotilla

0 New French initiative on peace talks

June 4 2011

132 New White House page on Israel’s security says nothing about settlements or occupation, but tons about Iran, Goldstone, slaughter of innocent Israelis, delegitimization

31 Another video from that terrifying White-shirt rally on June 1 in occupied Jerusalem

9 White phosphorus in West Bank?

June 3 2011

24 State Department kicks can down the road on Israel’s crippling of Munib Masri

207 White Shirts in Jerusalem cry ‘Butcher the Arabs’
Phil Weiss and Annie

9 Where is Congress/Obama on Israel’s crippling of American citizen Munib Masri?

22 Glasnost– Clemons to ‘Atlantic,’ Goldberg from ‘Atlantic’ to ‘Tablet’

20 Dagan says, grab the Saudi initiative (of how many years ago?)

7 Obama is driving a wedge with settlements, in the American polity

8 Arabopedophobia (Massad on Obama’s views of Arab children)

June 2 2011

14 Looking good

30 Looking better

10 Ahram reports that Israelis name a settlement ‘Obama’ in gratitude

3 Hamza Ali al-Khateeb, Rest in Peace

25 We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it

40 The night refuge

87 State Department blames flotilla participants for ‘risks’ they incur from Israel

33 He wrote me back

21 Slaughter and Rubin say Syrians are brave. What about this boy raising a flag in Gaza?

31 Pitying ‘Coldplay”s angry commenters

22 Is the lobby’s influence significant and pernicious?

10 Fisk: US foreign policy in ME is based on idea that Arabs are stupider than the rest of us

2 The children Obama will never mention or meet

28 Ari Shavit says Arab spring and Jewish state are irreconcilable

4 Palestinian boycott committee welcomes statehood resolution

June 1 2011

29 Mustafa Barghouthi’s 2-state/1-state straddle

0 Palestinians consider legal maneuver to overcome US veto of statehood in Security Council come September

24 Most American Jews would consider it a ‘major tragedy’ if Israel ceased to exist (but only 1/4 say ‘biggest tragedy of my lifetime’)

87 Major New Weblog Features: The Anti Hypocrite Tools

12 An open letter to Fouad Ajami on his misrepresentation of the Arab revolutions

142 Are Palestinians standing up for an inclusive national identity?

20 ‘Tablet’ says peace is only possible if Israelis study the Nakba

18 Writing on the wall: ‘Coldplay’ endorses ‘Freedom for Palestine’ song

14 Palestinians once weren’t smart and inventive, Walzer says, but now they are

8 Then the song changed
Alexandra Hartmann

13 Some Arab children don’t count

4 Challenging Israel’s stacked discourse on the right of return