Will David Shulman’s Rx for ending Israel’s ‘overwhelming int’l isolation’ work?

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The New York Review of Books seems to be in the same game as me, trying to lead the American Jews out of the desert, but from a more pro-Israel position, which explains why it would print as an “exchange,” this disgraceful letter by Stuart Robinowitz, a retired bigtime New York lawyer and investigator for Human Rights Watch, saying on the basis of Richard Goldstone’s reconsideration of April that Israel committed no war crimes in the onslaught on Gaza. The smart response from David Shulman includes this line:

Indeed, were the State of Israel to assume responsibility for what its army did in Gaza, and were it to transform its policy toward Palestinians into something that was minimally rational, constructive, and humane, it would soon emerge from the overwhelming isolation it now suffers in the international arena.

I wonder if that’s true– or if this isn’t one of those toothpaste back into the tube situations.

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  1. Shmuel
    June 28, 2011, 2:51 pm

    Israel is not suffering from “overwhelming isolation” in the international arena. Israel is the darling of all of the countries that matter to it and business has never been better. I was reading some Portuguese history today, and it turns out that European public opinion managed to change NATO policy toward Salazar’s Portugal (a bulwark against communism!) and force western governments to institute sanctions and arms embargoes against Portugal that contributed significantly to the Carnation Revolution.

    BDS. Keep it up. It makes the Israelis nervous – with good reason.

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