A look at the ‘guardians of Israel’

Fascinating tour into bowels of Itamar, the illegal Israeli settlement, and its security arrangements after the Fogel family killings, highlighting “civilian commandos” who operate in coordination with the Ministry of Defense and therefore raising the difficulty of  classification of settlers as “non-combatants”, “civilians” or “combatants”.

It is, of course, a fundamentally important debate, which, for me, touches on the right of a state/country/nation/community to self-defence against foreign occupier, moral limits of expressions of self-defence, and on an ability of foreign occupier to flaunt International Law with impunity by means of political clout.

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  1. Mndwss says:

    Captain Arye Shalikar: “We do not do politics.”

    When an Arab army invade israel and support Arab occupiers, the foreign army do not do politics…

    They are innocent, they just support the destruction of the enemy….

  2. Mndwss says:

    The video reminded me of this video that someone posted here a few days ago.

  3. john h says:

    “We have far too many missions out here”.

    One is far too many.

  4. hophmi says:

    Just say it: cutting a baby’s throat and letting it bleed out is WRONG. There, no need for debate. Problem solved.

    • Eva Smagacz says:

      Hopmi, I don’t think anybody here would disagree with your statement: “Cutting a baby’s throat and letting it bleed out is WRONG”. It is wrong. Criminal in fact.

      But this statement of obvious does not replace the need to answer the question: Are the illegal settlers to be considered, from International Law perspective as civilians, combatants or non-combatants.

    • eljay says:

      >> Just say it: cutting a baby’s throat and letting it bleed out is WRONG.

      Okay. Cutting a baby’s throat and letting it bleed out is WRONG. It’s criminal. It’s immoral. It’s never “necessary” or a “required” evil. I don’t “primarily celebrate” that anyone would do such a thing. And I condemn anyone who would do such a thing.

      Now it’s your turn.

      Just say it: Employing terrorism and ethnic cleansing in order to create an ever-expanding, colonialist and supremacist “Jewish state” in Palestine; engaging in a decades-long and ON-GOING campaign of aggression, oppression, theft, colonization, destruction and murder; and refusing to enter into sincere negotations with Palestinians for a just and mutually beneficial peace is WRONG.

    • Chaos4700 says:

      Setting children on fire is WRONG. Strip-searching six-year-olds every time they live their “containment zone” is WRONG. Arresting every male member of a family because you can is WRONG. Testing out experimental weapons on besieged civilians is WRONG. Murdering people execution style in international waters is WRONG. Setting fire to someone’s farm is WRONG. Killing someone’s livestock, right down to the last chicken or goat, is WRONG. Putting whole families in prison camps is WRONG.

      Killing and torturing innocent people who had NOTHING to do with the murder of a baby? Is WRONG. And you know what else? Using your children as human shields to advance in invasion of another nation is WRONG.

      • DBG says:

        Strip-searching six-year-olds every time they live their “containment zone” is WRONG

        you are lying Chaos, making stuff up to get a rise out of the people you hate isn’t productive. Those who know about the conflict know that Israel does a lot of stuff wrong, but your statement above is a lie. People who are not as familiar look at your conflicts and think, wow this guy is nuts, is this the type of person who represents the Palestinians? then they ask themselves…. hmmmm if this is the type of people who support them, maybe I should analyze the movement and their cause a little bit better.

        Your constant lying and propaganda is not productive for anything who is truly suffering b/c of Israel’s actions.