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Interesting infographic on the recent UNESCO vote from Visual

unesco vote

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  1. LeaNder says:

    always interesting to visualize matters. The clash of culture front?
    I miss a little red dot for Israel. The Israel on the map seems to indicate abstention.

  2. MRW says:

    I love Infographics. This one is superb. The majority of the world is for the Palestinian state.

  3. dahoit says:

    Sweden,that bastion of progressive thought is against?Wow.Look out Julian Assange.

  4. As always Palau, Salau and Wanau.
    What are those??
    Some private- island- resorts for uber-politicians of the 1st world?

    • Avi_G. says:

      For a few million dollars, Obama managed to convince Palau’s president (Or is it prime minister? Meh, who cares?!) to take two of the Guantanamo Bay torture victims. People in Palau were mad at their president (Or is it prime minister? Meh, who cares!?) for taking in some of the world’s hardened criminals, despite there being no evidence or trial to support such allegations.

      Incidentally, if the US doesn’t know what to do with innocent civilians it rounded up wholesale and imprisoned for several years without trial, perhaps the solution is to send them up to the International Space Station. That way, none of the idiots on Earth will have to deal with them hardcore terrrrrrrists.

  5. aiman says:

    People in Asia, Africa and South America have their own experiences with colonialism and are more likely to support Palestinians. In countries like India though it depends on the government. The former right-wing government would have likely abstained. It is a shame about Australia where Julia Gillard is in power. She even justified the air strikes against Gaza in 2008.

    • It is not as much what the people/public wants.
      It is about more about AIPAC influence on politicians of those countries.
      Lobby spends more money on brainwashing people/officials in affluent countries, because those countries have more of a “decision power”.
      So instead of “Democracy”, we have “AIPACracy” .

  6. Kathleen says:

    What a great visual. Last night on Chris Matthews he said something about how Germany is now going with the US on the Palestinian vote. How great this was.

    Just a week or so ago Chris Matthews said something about how the Obama administration should get “tough with Israel” Which is it Chris?

  7. Kathleen says:

    What do those who abstain win by not taking a solid stance?

    • Avi_G. says:

      They get to feign moral courage while suffering lesser consequences than those who said “Yes”.

      • Hostage says:

        What do those who abstain win by not taking a solid stance?

        They do not count toward the 2/3rds requirement. 129 states states would be required if they had all voted, but only 80 with the 52 abstentions. So, they are included in the list of states that are “unhelpful” to the “peace process”.

  8. J. Otto Pohl says:

    I just want to note that the Republic of Ghana voted correctly unlike the US. Aiman is correct that the legacy of colonialism and the post-colonial legacy of things like the NAM have put most of Asia, Africa, and Latin America in the pro-Palestinian camp. I am actually surprised at how many African states abstained.