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January 31 2012

16 2012: The year of the Bibi

48 Why we should be furious the Haditha massacre Marines got no jail time

18 In ’07, Gingrich blamed Israel for Palestinian conditions

46 In interview of Muslim Brotherhood leader, NPR repeatedly asks about Israel’s security

1 Tadamun: Israel detained student because of computer engineering graduate project

3 The nonchalant, flippant, and nostalgic judges who put the occupation on legal footing

12 One State, Two States: Who is the subject of Palestinian liberation?

16 Food journalism has played insidious role in disappearing Palestine

8 My life without a title

199 ‘NYT’ gives Israelis its magazine to make an attack on Iran ‘normal’
Phil Weiss and Matthew Taylor

January 30 2012

8 Dennis Ross Redux: Haaretz reveals White House – WINEP hotline

3 Israel shuts down charitable organization, kindergarten and soccer club in Silwan

47 ‘Israel Firster’ debate is an American argument, not a Jewish argument

48 The battle between the US/EU and China/India to control world energy resources is being fought in Iran

18 For just $502.42 you can bash Muslims in Columbus

18 Opponents of Penn conference say: BDS bad, war good

53 Raimondo: ‘Israel firster’ did not originate with neo-Nazis as Kirchick and Ackerman claim, but rather with an anti-Zionist Jew

40 ‘Former thug who found Judaism hopes to be first African-American in the Knesset’

13 CAP censorship is inconsistent

3 Another day in the annexation: two Palestinian villages in East Jerusalem lose their connection

52 Wait– do you like Israel? (Jeffrey Goldberg’s ultimate test)

5 Pamela Olson to speak in New York City tonight

11 Sundance doc’y on Paul Simon playing South Africa undercuts power of cultural boycott

18 Claptrap from Christian Israel lobby

3 Boycott Divestment and Sodastream

5 In ’67 it was the call to resist immoral authority (2012– BDS)

January 29 2012

95 Abunimah and Woolsey debate BDS in the ‘Philadelphia Inquirer’

1 Witness to the occupation in the South Hebron Hills

7 Support a Palestinian family fighting to stay together under Israel’s citizenship law

2 Two settler attacks on Palestinian teens, both are tragedies but one ended in death

102 Chris Hayes stunning ‘Story of the Week’ featuring Sheldon Adelson

January 28 2012

19 ‘NYT’ carries water on ‘Israeli offer’ (but there’s a hole in the bucket dear Ethan dear Ethan)

9 The courage to refuse: the 10-year anniversary of the Combatants’ Letter

4 Rains white phosphorus here

47 Israeli soldiers drive tractor over worker’s legs to stop Palestinians from building a house on their (occupied) lands

73 Isikoff expose of Gingrich backer — ‘All we care about is being good citizens of Israel’ — puts ‘Israel firster’ issue in mainstream

January 27 2012

9 LGBTIQ activists: ‘What we witnessed was devastating and created a sense of urgency around doing our part to end this occupation’

25 Dennis Ross: Still present, but not accounted for

3 Almost 1,100 Palestinians were displaced by West Bank home demolitions in 2011, an increase of 80% from 2010

24 ‘Invented’ Palestinian confronts Gingrich at GOP debate

49 Quoting Israelis, ‘NYT’ front pager says Iran will take a military strike lying down (won’t even raise oil prices!)

17 Jabara and Ross thrill a drizzly Brooklyn crowd

2 New film ‘We are Nabi Saleh’ offers a ‘portrait of a Palestinian village in resistance’

5 Video: 140 Israelis endorse Methodist church’s upcoming divestment resolution

90 ‘Tablet’ says writers who talk about Israel Firsters are channeling Hitler

14 Josh Block is not an Israel firster! No way, man

5 Obama opposes Assad’s human rights violations now, but not when they were useful to the US rendition program

23 New checkpoint method: gassing Palestinian cars with unknown chemical

4 Leader in fight for indigenous Australians’ rights is on board for denial of those rights in Israel and Palestine

10 ‘Pending good behavior,’ authorities grant a bookseller the right to live in the city of his birth for 2 more years

3 Help support two important divestment campaigns to hold Israel accountable

13 Bonanza for Bedouins (the visions of American-Israeli environmentalist Alon Tal)

4 Max Ajl, “One State, Two States: Who is the subject of Palestinian liberation?”

January 26 2012

12 Jack Ross in Brooklyn tonite– on Elmer Berger and the ‘foreign nationalism’ of Zionism

78 Iran sanctions backlash– oil buyers ditch dollar

4 O, Earth
Refaat Alareer

20 ‘Center for American Progress’ censors references to Israel from piece on Islamophobic film

59 Security expert formerly in Bush I administration says Holocaust rationalizes Israel’s nuking Iran

26 Robert Reich pretends he’s stupid

7 Factchecking Marty Peretz

10 Israeli judges are the confessors in savage new doc’y on legitimizing the occupation

January 25 2012

3 Israel demolishes homes in Hebron, Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley

100 The antiwar movement must rise again. Now

40 Halper vows to rebuild Palestinian home destroyed five times by Israeli soldiers

333 New additions to the Mondoweiss comments policy

3 Israel’s latest threat — the silver screen

10 The agenda behind the anti-Muslim film screened to NYPD: protecting Greater Israel

36 Bad career move by Tilda Swinton

12 Good career move by Susan Rice

6 ‘Occupy AIPAC’ now has 100 orgs behind it (and neocons try to block its appeal to ‘Jewish liberals’)

51 ‘NYT’ gives big platform to Israeli journalist to espouse Israeli attack on Iran with OK from Uncle Sam

18 The great book robbery

3 Three things to consider before mourning for Sheikh Emad Effat

January 24 2012

4 In the last 24 hours an orgy of land theft and political arrests of children

98 Video: Atlanta Jewish Times publisher’s tearful anti-apology

12 Tribute to a Palestinian ‘Gandhi’ — Mahmoud Abu Rahma of Al Mezan

16 Seeing Rawan Yaghi on Skype

25 Some elephants aren’t fit to print: ‘NYT’ front-pages Adelson gift to Gingrich PAC without a word about Israel!

39 Ynet manufactures new threat to promote Ben White book

January 23 2012

4 Israel arrests two more Palestinian lawmakers in Jerusalem

17 Breaking: Israeli bulldozer, soldiers destroy entire Bedouin community near Anata in West Bank

35 Adelson’s millions come tipped with missiles aimed at Iran

77 Why Christian Zionism is nothing short of outright heresy

12 Israelis arrest Dweik in latest effort to put Palestinian spring on ice

28 Assassination has been a trusty tool in Zionism’s rightwing movement

136 Israel is at the heart of Jewish identity, Gorenberg says

13 Military indoctrination at Nazi death camps stokes… universal democratic values!

22 Israel’s Al Jalame prison: ‘Palestinian children are locked in solitary confinement for days or even weeks’

1 ‘Peace Now’ and Rob’t Wright stand up for CAP bloggers

January 22 2012

134 Report: Israel to give US only 12-hour warning before attacking Iran because Netanyahu doesn’t trust Obama

4 Children in Nabi Saleh play their favorite game called ‘Mustafa Tamimi’ during weekly protests

10 After its diplomats slam Israel’s illegal settlements, can EU continue funding them?

January 21 2012

11 Community Radio: Media opportunity of a lifetime to build the Palestine solidarity movement

26 New book Palestinians in Israel explores the contradiction of the ‘Jewish and democratic’ state

January 20 2012

91 Obama begins push for Jewish support in 2012 by touting the ‘unbreakable bond’ between Israel and the US

14 ‘George Orwell meets Mel Brooks’: International activist arrested by Israeli miltary in Hebron for carrying tea; later detained for ‘farting on a soldier’

205 The Mondo crew hosts WBAI’s ‘Beyond the Pale’ to discuss Ron Paul, Dennis Ross and the myth of Obama’s ‘Jewish problem’

393 Publisher of the ‘Atlanta Jewish Times’ suggests Mossad should assassinate Obama

38 Why did Ehud Barak postpone joint US-Israeli military exercise?

13 Group responsible for Muslim grave desecration gives advice on bigotry to the White House

3 Remembering ‘Cast Lead’ –Jumana’s Story

120 ‘Israel Firster’ gets at an inconvenient truth

17 Shlomo Blass honors Martin Luther King… and does Blackface

4 Must-see TV from West Wing: Hide the 1709 map of Holy Land, it doesn’t show Israel!

19 Zbig says Israelis ‘buy influence’ in Congress and play Obama

January 19 2012

29 Following weeks of smears, Zaid Jilani resigns from Center for American Progress to take new job

16 NY labor leader says Netanyahu’s bad-faith negotiating tactics foster Arab ‘contempt’ for Israel (and Israeli official talks w/ his feet)

39 RNC resolution calls for one state (on God-given lands)

5 EU diplomats propose boycotts, divestment, and sanctions against Israeli colonialism

5 Gaza youth hear about Israel lobby’s role from Abunimah via Skype
Yousef M. Aljamal

1 Israel issues demolition orders in Silwan, Hebron and Nablus, confiscates land in Jerusalem

57 ‘NYT’ and ‘Haaretz’ and world opinion are now greatest threat to Israel, Netanyahu reportedly said

17 What was your major? AIPAC!

17 ‘Washington Post’ piece mocks lefties who criticize Israel

January 18 2012

21 Cantor–who promised Netanyahu Congress has your back– is named 3rd most powerful man in D.C. by GQ

65 Israeli drones are reported spying on Turkey for the Kurdish group PKK

12 ‘Forward’ says many Jewish university presidents feel ‘loyalty’ to Israel

42 Video: Settlers claim olive oil as ‘Israeli’

16 US Congress stomps on Palestinian ‘Sesame Street’ but funds Israeli version

16 ‘Tablet’ calls ‘The Israel Lobby’ ‘an intellectual landmark’

4 Arab-American high school student video targets US backing for killings of Palestinian children

49 ‘Corporate Watch’ publishes guide on targeting Israeli apartheid

31 Gingrich says his backer’s ‘central value’ is Israel (and NBC drops the subject)
Susie Kneedler and Phil Weiss

January 17 2012

14 Was the Palestine question on ‘Jeopardy’ last night for real??

37 A message of anti-Islamic hatred on the streets of Jerusalem

8 Number of Israeli colonists now approaches 750,000!

13 Chris Matthews pitches Israel lobby. Ted Koppel keeps bat on shoulder

19 Jesse Lieberfeld is a, a fake, b, about to be swallowed by a whale, c, the Jewish future

19 Santorum’s pulp hasbara

18 ‘Christian Friends of Israel’ supports criminal actions that place Americans at risk

6 Military trial for 17-year-old girl, charged with… Spilling Water on Soldier

17 UK’s deputy PM says Israel is ‘vandal’-izing the two-state solution. Israel accuses him of ‘gratuitous bashing’

29 MLK and the peace process

12 Saudi hacker plays cat-n-mouse with oh-so serious foreign minister

59 Cyber-attacks strike Israeli stock exchange, airline, banks

506 A regular commenter on this site seeks a more temperate comment board
Donald Johnson

January 16 2012

20 If I must die
Refaat Alareer

23 Reports of Mossad role in assasination shine light on Israeli hypocrisy

21 Oh, the outrage! ‘Haaretz’ runs ‘Pinkwashing’ piece from NYT!

240 Today in Pittsburgh, Jesse Lieberfeld, 17, will deliver a hammer blow to American Jewish support for Israel

44 Sundance Film Festival to feature doc on system of control in longest-running occupation

January 15 2012

2 Settlers assault Palestinians in Hebron. Palestinian fire fighters save settlers in Hebron

144 Breaking report: US/Israel military drill cancelled, after US tells Israel to back off

68 ‘I better not call Betty’ — My long path to unreasonable optimism about the conflict

32 ‘NYT’ Travel section features visit to another planet

15 ‘Time’ says Mossad did it

43 Leveretts: False flag in Iranian hit likely disguises U.S.

97 Bibi throws in with GOP, Democratic base turns critical, and Israel finally becomes partisan wedge issue like abortion — Blumenthal

2 Pols meets missile designer at behest of AIPAC Sacramento

23 Jericho, City of the moon

January 14 2012

10 Israeli drone ‘mega deals’ export the occupation world-wide

1 Israel plans to expel a Bedouin community from the shadow of Ma’ale Adumim to a garbage dump in Abu Dis

13 Palestinian hackers occupy an Israeli government website

6 Moral dilemmas in everyday life in Egypt

27 Iran accuses CIA & Israel, US warns Israel to back off

January 13 2012

247 Bombshell: Israeli intelligence posed as CIA to recruit terror group for covert war on Iran

53 Why aren’t the best and the brightest in our MSM?

8 Surviving Guantánamo

47 The headline you aren’t seeing: Iran wants talks, Israel pushing for war

26 What power will Paul have over Romney? (JJ Goldberg and Krauthammer ask)

135 Israel’s nightmare: Jew against Jew

4 Palestinian youth ‘fed up with illegitimate representation’ to protest negotiations

24 Carter: US backed Egyptian dictatorship for 30 years to preserve Israel treaty

1 Obama speaks to Netanyahu– but White House refuses to say if another country was behind scientist’s murder

33 Rick Santorum says murder of Iranian scientist was ‘wonderful thing’

160 Israel is trying to hook us into a war with Iran– Matthews and Baer speculate

January 12 2012

62 Video surfaces of American forces urinating on dead corpses in Afghanistan (and Pamela Geller loves it)

36 WINEP official says U.S. strategy is aimed at provoking ‘Pearl Harbor’ that justifies war with Iran

83 Ron Paul on Israel

2 13 year old Palestinian girl in wheelchair victim of hit and run by Israeli settlers

7 Europe gets it: Israel ‘forcibly transfers’ Palestinians

5 Silenced in Seattle, SeaMAC presses on with ads against settlements, child imprisonment and collective punishment

11 Soap, sweets and Fatah

105 Benny Morris dreams of a ‘less Arab’ Israel

14 Dore Gold loses NY debate (but his cheering section wants you to read ‘Muslim mafia’ before they restore the caliphate!)

36 Incitement: Washington Institute for Near East Policy applauds covert war on Iran

11 Adelson is backing Gingrich in effort to wean Romney and U.S. off peace process

2 ‘Infiltrators’ and the Jewish state

3 Israel breaks promise to the U.S. by subsidizing settlement housing

109 Israeli Supreme Court upholds discriminatory citizenship law: ‘Human rights shouldn’t be a recipe for national suicide’

42 Israel likely killed Iranian scientist to kill US/global diplomatic effort to resolve nuclear issue — Lobe

January 11 2012

74 Killing of nuclear scientist in Tehran heightens threat to American’s life — says ‘Washington Post’ Iran bureau chief

73 “Didn’t we learn anything from 1938?’ Wasserman Schultz’s opposition says Palestinians belong in Jordan

7 Tariq Ali and Oliver Stone to discuss ‘On History’ in NYC

16 Egypt’s history through British-colored glasses

85 Ron Paul gets respect

22 ‘Where ya from?’: On-the-street interviews with Jewish Israelis

132 Beinart and the crisis of liberal Zionism

5 ‘Occupy AIPAC’ to take on lobby’s legions in ‘business attire’

3 Adelson is devoted to furthest right wing in Israel

36 Adelson is giving Gingrich $5 million because of fear of Ron Paul — Chris Matthews

January 10 2012

14 Video: Olmert, Livni & Barak were ‘masters of war’ 3 years ago

15 Omar Barghouti: ‘They can colonize our lands, but they can never colonize our minds’

4 Talks continue in Jordan as Israeli building binge rolls on in the occupied territories

25 Palestinian drivers challenge Israeli-only roads in the West Bank

27 Throwaway line in ‘NYT’ story suggests that Israel is pressuring U.S. on war with Iran

33 A Jewish voice left silent: Trying to articulate ‘The Levantine Option’

2 Israelis close only road leading to school for 100 Palestinian children

15 Activists respond to Sodastream’s defense of profiting off the occupation

30 Campaign within campaign was battle for Adelson’s millions

14 Israel: Still not doing Gandhi very well

January 9 2012

10 ‘Day of reckoning’ settlers who attacked IDF base have friends in gov’t

9 Hey Quartet, Netanyahu left a note for you on the door

14 Lieberman plan to strip Palestinian citizenship mirrors liberal demographic fear mongering

8 Israel’s national theater to bring ‘Merchant’ to World Shakespeare Fest in May

44 Trying to save two-state consensus, ‘Washington Post’ invokes ‘demographic’ threat

3 Gaza students discuss ‘Occupy Wall Street’

17 US millionaire Kenneth Abramowitz funds settlers linked to attacks on IDF

2 A Year of Foreboding: What next for the Arab Spring?

48 Loury says Iran attack talk is ‘anti-Islamic hyper-pro-Israeli genuflection’

24 A personal appeal– PennBDS needs your help

403 Just wars– and civilian casualties

15 Ron Paul and the liberal interventionists

January 8 2012

18 Even ‘SNL’ is talking about Israel firsters….

3 U.S. continues to fund Israeli military but not Palestinian ‘Sesame Street’

30 Gingrich got $5 million for saying Palestinians are invented people (lord, why am I so cynical?)

39 Dersh says anti-Zionists believe Jews bombed the Oklahoma City federal building

57 Ron Paul’s foreign policy should be embraced

39 The trespassing Jew

January 7 2012

54 Ynet: Support for Israel on American campuses is kerplunking

22 Dumb as rocks (‘Washington Post’ says giving Palestinians access to quarries will ‘advance the peace process’)

77 Is Paul a precursor of a more presentable candidate in 2016?

66 Cooking magazines dish on new trend: labeling Arabic food Israeli!

January 6 2012

9 National park land-grabs from two East Jerusalem neighborhoods

77 Spouse of ‘NYT’ correspondent calls on Israeli gov’t to wage ‘war’ on int’l threat to its image

32 Emergency Committee for Israel goes after Ron Paul

10 3-year-old arrested, leftist writer interrogated — another day in the ‘Jewish and democratic’ state

16 The story every American should know – The barbaric legacy of the US invasion of Iraq

17 Preparing for ‘Internet terror to strike’

5 Char the pepper! Diane Shammas shares her secret maftoul and muhammara recipes

8 NPR political expert calls Joe Lieberman a ‘moderate’ — unlike Republican extremists

11 Under pressure from smear campaign, Center for American Progress abandoned assertion that Israel lobby is pushing war with Iran

25 Catholics won’t warm up to Santorum’s pro-war mindset

431 Ron Paul’s antiwar position is simpleminded

39 Captain Israel is back, and better than ever!

January 5 2012

39 Trivializing the Holocaust charge

10 Prayer

154 Jewish power + Jewish hubris = ‘moral catastrophe of epic proportions’

14 Mixed messages from Syrian National Council on U.S., Israel

26 Christian group dedicated to derailing divestment bankrolled by settler-funding philanthropy

10 Poof, Dome of the Rock, gone: IDF rabbinate edits Dome of the Rock out of picture of the Temple Mount

19 ‘NYT’ dissembles about Sembler, Fox and Adelson’s interest in Romney Super PAC

120 F. W. de Klerk on why apartheid will fail in Israel/Palestine

39 In humble apology to neighbor he harassed, rabbi acknowledges that ‘many Jews’ have opposed Zionism

6 Education Ministry announces school trips to occupied West Bank– some parents object

24 Palestinians fulfill Quartet’s request. Israelis don’t. Guess who ‘Washington Post’ blames?

January 4 2012

145 Several thousand US troops headed to Israel for ‘unprecedented’ joint missile defense exercise

3 B’Tselem’s 2011 video year in review

5 Chicago and Nabi Saleh honor Gazan children killed during Cast Lead

57 Uniformed corporal’s criticism of Iran attack breaks off on CNN mid-sentence

5 VIDEO: Settler youth discuss conquering Jordan, destroying mosques and increasing attacks on the IDF with Israeli TV

63 Trivializing the anti-Semitism charge

23 Goldstone described attack on mosque as ‘crime’

22 Anti-Paulism

111 Santorum is a one-stater– he says all of West Bank is Israel

January 3 2012

3 VIDEO: Activists protest massive new Shu’fat checkpoint

20 Parsi: Israeli pressure helped scuttle Obama overtures to Iran

15 Bill Kristol’s group pictures Obama in front of Western Wall seemingly soaked in blood

6 383 Palestinian children arrested in 2011, 15 in the last week alone

27 Israeli Supreme Court: Israeli companies are entitled to West Bank natural resources; international law must adapt to long-term occupation

14 Mossad Chief: Stop calling Iran an ‘existential threat’

23 The Amman talks: Nothing from nothing leaves nothing

221 Paul’s challenge to progressives

January 2 2012

17 Israel building walls on its borders with Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon

12 Pro-Israel ‘lawfare’ group seeks to censor Twitter account for Hezbollah’s TV station

32 Again, ‘NYT’ ties anti-Zionism to white supremacism (apropos of Ron Paul)

11 Headlines from Israel

69 Linda Gradstein: ‘I’m not an Israeli citizen, but that being said, I’m part of Israel.’
Pat Carmeli

1 See Omar Barghouti on US speaking tour starting Wednesday

26 The ‘special relationship’ and the arms race

24 Power struggle has begun inside Democratic Party over nature of US-Israel relationship

36 Neoconservative responsibility for the Iraq war

19 Clark: There was no national debate over the policy coup by the ‘hardnosed’
Phil Weiss and Annie Robbins

January 1 2012

160 Arendt: Born in conflict, Israel will degenerate into Sparta, and American Jews will need to back away