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1974 novel, hokum or visionary?

I recently stumbled across “The Texas-Israeli War: 1999,” pulp fiction by Jake Saunders and Howard Waldrop from back in 1974. The plot: following a global nuclear apocalypse, Israel is one of the only countries “virtually untouched in a world ravaged by war.”

Texas secedes from the U.S., so brave Israeli mercenaries fight alongside the union’s army in its war with Texas.

Notice the cover illustration, depicting an Israeli tank mowing down Native Americans on horseback!

Translation: the Indian Wars continue… in the West Bank of Palestine. GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum approves (as Saree Makdisi notes):

Santorum said it is no more realistic to expect Israel to give back the West Bank than it is to expect the US to give “Texas and Mexico back,” since they too were gained through war. That’s not a typo, not a verbal slip. Santorum refers to Mexico as part of the United States three separate times in the two-minute interview.

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