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February 29 2012

62 Netanyahu seeks Iran conflict, extremist reaction to knock out Obama

4 Did ‘Atlantic’ coverage lead to release of Fadi Quran after five days in administrative detention? Updated

55 The Rosh Hashanah sermon on Fire Island

37 Barghouthi and Erakat can reach young Americans

98 Will the US act as Israel’s proxy against Iran?

11 Why I’m presenting at Harvard’s one-state conference

February 28 2012

1 Oakland carries Khader Adnan to Occupy San Quentin

121 Ten reasons why AIPAC is so dangerous

1 Israelis sanction a march of incitement against Hanin Zoabi in her hometown

43 Gorenberg on why one state is a non-starter: Jews would have to pay higher taxes or receive fewer services

230 ADL enlists city of Oakland to block Atzmon event
Rick Sterling and Henry Norr

24 Crawfish, gumbo, and the truth

92 Dershowitz wants MJ Rosenberg fired for daring to stop Iran war push

7 Open letter to Harvard President: Charges that one-state conference is anti-semitic are ‘defamatory’ and serve ‘to prevent rational discussion of ideas’

9 Lobby’s bedfellows: CAP’s new PR outfit also worked for Sheldon Adelson’s pet project

February 27 2012

0 Free Fadi Quran

30 Judge strikes down lawsuit against Olympia Co-op boycott of Israeli goods

7 BDS Victory in Japan: Distributor drops Ahava because of the company’s illegal practices

17 Etgar Keret in the ‘NY Times Magazine’ tries on orientalism with an iconic ‘Arab’ look

64 Iran’s Oscar win reveals Israeli movie-goers to be brainwashed bumpkins

4 AP report: Federal counter-terror funds used for NYPD spying on Muslims

105 Harvard’s ‘one-state’ conference spurs ‘National Review Online’ to suggest expelling Palestinians from Jewish state

6 ‘Christ at the Checkpoint’ conference brings Evangelical leaders to Bethlehem

21 New Republic says ‘all of western civilization’ could be threatened by Iran

21 ‘Kissinger believes Israelis are in panic and will attack Iran’ (2010)

20 Forward: ‘Israel and most US Jewish orgs are beating drums of war’

6 ‘Foreign Policy’ runs glowing profile of settler alleged to have terrorist links

6 Hundreds of Israeli soldiers show up in village targeted for demolition

February 26 2012

6 Harvard student groups declare solidarity with activists at UNM
The Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee, the GSAS Alliance for Justice in the Middle East, and the Harvard Law School Justice for Palestine

4 UNM Students for Justice in Palestine issues statement on assault
UNM Students for Justice in Palestine

24 Neocons and AIPAC both want war– but AIPAC has the Dems

93 Surprise– courageous Elizabeth Warren is craven on Israel lobby

10 Cornell group circulates petition ‘refusing to collaborate’ on Technion deal

7 The rebloviation of Jeffrey Wiesenfeld

2 Hana al-Shalabi, ten days on hunger strike, also being held without charge

10 Spanish consular official applauds message of nonviolent resistance to occupation in Hebron

13 Robert Wright says Palestinians have lacked political rights, including the vote, for 45 years

February 25 2012

45 Look over there! All eyes on Iran as Israel quietly devours Area C

2 IDF pushes law to give settlers another way of grabbing land– unpaved roads

31 NGO ‘industry’: a boon or bane in Gaza?

15 NJ Star-Ledger runs ‘dual loyalty’ charge against Rep. Rothman supporters

16 ‘Center for American Progress’ doubles down with lobby

3 Israel destroys wells in two occupied Palestinian villages, as right pushes plan to annex much of West Bank

111 Hoenlein says irresponsible ‘J Street’ threatens Jewish unity (and survival)

February 24 2012

44 Sunlight on the lobby: AIPAC’s push for war exposed in ‘Atlantic’ magazine blog

3 Borders of the mental and physical kind

6 Jewish social justice groups add a day in Palestine to Israel tour

237 Video: Protesters are attacked at an ‘Israel Alliance’ event at U of New Mexico

11 Israeli generals who oppose gungho Iran plans are afraid to speak out

12 Beatrice Webb on Zionist nonsense — updated

7 Video: Michigan State students stage walkout on ‘Israeli soldiers’ stories’

0 Separation diary

11 Newark mayor and Yale president slam NYPD spying program

4 UC Irvine 11 protester is disinvited from ‘TED’-linked speaker series

February 23 2012

24 Fear and apartheid in the West Bank

20 Vets for Peace to Obama: Talk sense to Netanyahu to avoid war with Iran

2 Jazz singer Cassandra Wilson cancels Israeli show out of ‘a desire to support Palestinians’ civil rights’

80 Sanity check on Iran

3 Social media ‘tidal wave’ helped turn world’s focus to Khader Adnan

25 Weir criticizes lack of diversity in NYT’s Jerusalem appointments

8 Abunimah to speak at Brandeis

5 Freedom Funnies: ‘You Can’t Just Continue’

2 Charge or Release? Israeli military courts as an enforcement mechanism of occupation

February 22 2012

4 Randa Musa: ‘My husband, Khader Adnan, has shed a light on Israel’s disregard for human rights’

20 Who’s who behind the Olympia Food Co-op lawsuit

10 Why Israel freed Khader Adnan

0 Visualizing Palestine: Hunger strikes

60 Why young Palestinians chant the word ‘thawra’

15 PennBDS still being smeared two weeks after student conference

4 Global march to challenge the ‘Judaization’ of Jerusalem

0 The Palestinian refugees of Lebanon
Roqayah Chamseddine

14 Dog-bites-man story in NYT leads readers to say, tail wags dog

42 Assault on Beinart begins with poll claiming young American Jews love Israel

16 Foreign nationals willingly gave passports to Mossad

3 Video: mob of settlers call Hanin Zoabi a ‘terrorist’

0 Police chief Timoney– meet Bahraini mothers

February 21 2012

0 If Adnan is freed, there will still be 309 prisoners in administrative detention

32 2013 US budget: ‘difficult cuts’ for Americans, jackpot for Israel

11 ‘Cruelest demolition’ kills Palestinians’ sheep and signals political tension with Europeans

22 Khader Adnan ends strike and will be released in April, under reported deal

February 20 2012

4 Day and night in a Bahraini jail

9 Israel Supreme Court to hear Adnan appeal tomorrow

38 Israeli spokesman Mark Regev grilled on CNN International over Khader Adnan

2 Gaza sit-in, rally back Khader Adnan; general strike set for Tuesday

14 Greenwald: Indefinite detention policies have become normalized legally, politically and culturally in Israel and the US

17 Half the story: What @IDFSpokesperson leaves out about Gaza

30 Israeli government sending 100 Israelis abroad to ‘defend the state’ during Israel Apartheid Week

5 Bassem Tamimi to Israeli military judge: I do not recognize the authority of the Israeli occupation

February 19 2012

1 News update from day 64 of Khader Adnan’s hunger strike

32 The end of the ‘two-state solution’ is the beginning of a more just future

12 Media critic calls out pundits for ignoring Khader Adnan, their long awaited ‘Palestinian Gandhi’

1 If Khader Adnan was a Jewish terrorist, he might be free

2 Troubled Jeopardy!: Travels through Trebekistan

February 18 2012

98 In Jerusalem, the Nakba is a fresh memory

3 Checkpoint snapshot

27 Hasbara: Reach-out to non-Jews with ‘Zionist-inspired’ calendar

6 Ambassadors of Apartheid: Batsheva Dance Company to tour San Francisco and New York

8 B’Tselem: Israeli use of administrative detention increased sharply in 2011

4 A criminal for witnessing: A US activist’s deportation from the Kingdom of Bahrain

February 17 2012

2 Khader Adnan is honored at Bil’in protest

12 Presbyterian investment committee recommends divestment from Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard and Motorola over complicity in the occupation

3 Write a letter of support and solidarity to Khader Adnan and his family

4 “Four days in Ramallah through the lens of dehumanization” – remembering Anthony Shadid

12 Israel increases tax breaks to settlements

24 Video: right-wing groups attack U.S. professors over Ilan Pappe speaking tour

19 The Jab’a accident and the infrastructure of occupation

55 Mark Perry: Israel and Iran’s ‘low-level war’ is ‘dangerous stuff’

February 16 2012

26 Wael Ghonim at Harvard: a key figure of the Egyptian revolution speaks truth to U.S. power

7 Israel gives ‘price tag’ youth a new West Bank hilltop

23 Book Review: ‘A Child’s View from Gaza: Palestinian Children’s Art and the Fight Against Censorship’

6 If Khader Adnan was anything but Palestinian

0 Khader Adnan, 61 days on a hunger strike, near death

32 Right wing to Rudoren: Are you now, or have you ever been, a Zionist?

96 BDS interview fallout: Finkelstein ‘showed his own fear of the paradigm shift in discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict’

24 Hadad (mourning)

2 Poland presses Israel over destruction of West Bank village supported by Polish charity

19 Pro-Israel handbook explains how to attack professors and ‘co-opt’ students of color

99 ‘A level of racist violence I have never seen’: UCLA professor Robin D. G. Kelley on Palestine and the BDS movement

February 15 2012

9 In photos: PennBDS

19 Rudoren responds to the Twitter kerfuffle

37 New ‘NYT’ bureau chief Jodi Rudoren faces outcry from Israel advocates over Twitter messages

47 Out of the Ballpark: Susan Abulhawa’s speech to the PennBDS conference

12 Israeli apartheid is never fit to print in the ‘Times’, only in ‘Haaretz’

4 Khader Adnan’s dignity

2 Israeli rights group to Ehud Barak: Put Khader Adnan on trial or release him immediately

14 Report: Last five years has seen a 315% rise in settler violence; this violence is ‘structural and symptomatic of occupation’

1 Six US activists arrested in Bahrain while monitoring military crackdown

February 14 2012

11 Happy Valentines Day: Anonymous takes down web sites for tear gas company and Bahrain government

359 Norman Finkelstein slams the BDS movement calling it ‘a cult’

55 You won’t have Ethan Bronner to kick around anymore . . .

0 News roundup on the 59th day of Khader Adnan’s hunger strike

2 Dying to live: A hunger striker speaks in Gaza

206 New book explores the history of ‘New Jewish Agenda’

4 Khader Adnan on his 59th day, when Francis Hughes died

1 ‘Love is a force far more powerful than the state’: Taiseer Khatib tells his family’s story in Salon

17 University president promotes hasbara event with Israeli soldier in campus-wide email

5 ‘Love Under Apartheid’ tells the story of Palestinians fighting for the right to love

February 13 2012

12 Twenty Israeli military vehicles descend on village south of Hebron, demolish 22 buildings, displace 120 Palestinians

9 Israel bulldozes Palestinian community center, making way for a ‘City of David’ visitor center

4 Khader Adnan and Theodore Herzl

19 UN official condemns Israel’s ‘strategy of Judaization’ throughout Israel/Palestine

3 Hip hop leads the way in Gaza’s first talent show

21 Shit Zionists say

8 Randa Adnan: The world must intervene to save my husband

15 Two new videos take on The Dersh and introduce his toughest client yet – Claus Von Bibi!

16 One-State conference at Harvard – March 3 & 4, 2012

14 Radio Against Apartheid: People of Color in the US and Palestinian Queers for BDS

February 12 2012

5 Controversial US police chief hired by Bahraini Interior Ministry

15 Thirsting for justice

3 Israeli military escalating arrests in Hebron of boys aged 12-15 years old; at least 10 children arrested last week

February 11 2012

30 Husband of ‘NYT’ Jerusalem correspondent calls for attack on Iran

8 Israeli military court extends administrative detention for civil rights lawyer Dr. Yousef Abdul Haq

37 AIPAC member identified as Abileah assailant during Netanyahu speech to Congress

29 Adelson dumps Gingrich and Santorum’s star is rising

14 US citizens arrested in Bahrain supporting peaceful protest near one-year anniversary of uprising

16 ‘Free Beacon’ reporter attacks Center for American Progress in misleading articles that push for Iran war

6 The 8th annual ‘Israeli Apartheid week’ is focused on BDS

29 Likud party members issue call to storm al-Aqsa mosque next Sunday

22 Asher Grunis discriminates his way to the top of the Israeli Supreme Court

16 Sh*t the David Project says about Israel

February 10 2012

5 Judge delays ruling on Khader Adnan, now in his 56th day of hunger strike

73 The Israel Lobby on campus in Illinois: A challenge for BDS

1 Norcal Activists take on Veolia

3 Fight for academic freedom continues with MESA support for Marc Ellis
Allison Deger and Adam Horowitz

275 Hasbara PennBDS wrap-up: Pro-Israel students are ignorant

44 MSNBC: Israel trains Iranian terror group to kill nuclear scientists

8 BDS: Rock musician Cat Power cancels Tel Aviv gig

February 9 2012

1 As Khader Adnan struggles through his 55th day on a hunger strike, a reminder that he has not been charged with a crime

80 Where is the Bedouin Intifada?

11 Today in Palestine

February 8 2012

15 After 55 days of hunger strike MSM finally reports on Khader Adnan

21 Coalition of Syrian artists: Resistance liberates the imagination from slavery

45 Musings on Post-Apartheid Israel

115 ‘Commentary’ covers its eyes and makes Palestinians disappear

205 A lull on this site

26 The journey to the border
Sarah Ziyad

February 7 2012

9 Khader Adnan, political prisoner held without charges, is near death after 53 days of hunger strike

9 Settlers spray ‘Death to Christians’ on a monastery, ‘Death to Arabs’ on a school and ‘Mohammad is a pig’ on village entrance

104 Leading Zionist historian was first to say ‘Israel Firster’– in 1960

32 Beinart to cast Obama as caped hero of two-state-solution in forthcoming book

6 Faith-based communities provide fertile ground for boycott movement

33 Fatah and Hamas sign historic unity deal, Abbas to head interim government
Annie Robbins, with Ira Glunts

68 Bruising Judt, Fukuyama says Arabs aren’t ready for liberalism

124 Jewish substitution and the white gaze

February 6 2012

9 Settlers beat shepherd, construction worker, and 60-year-old in separate incidents

2 Mustafa Tamimi’s brother arrested in Nabi Saleh

7 Palestinian developer: settlers are welcome to buy in his West Bank city

7 Does the US have anything to teach Egyptians about democracy?

6 Palestinian cars sprayed with unknown materials at Israeli checkpoints

2 David Wildman at PennBDS: Motorola and Caterpillar profited off apartheid South Africa before occupation (updated)

7 New York’s Muslim community fights back against NYPD Islamophobia

20 How Sarah Schulman managed to get ‘Pinkwashing’ into the New York Times

126 Would you buy a used metaphor from this warmonger? (Niall Ferguson’s ‘creative destruction’ echoes Rice’s ‘birth-pangs’)

26 Abunimah highlights ‘turning point’ boycott conference

February 5 2012

6 ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and the politics of occupation

2 Settlers attempt to burn another mosque in Nabi Saleh and graffiti ‘death to Arabs’ near Ramallah

February 4 2012

74 Organizers say pro-Israel filmmaker with controversial past deceives, disrupts Penn BDS conference (UPDATED)

50 Live tweeting from the Penn BDS conference

13 Praying while Shi’a: the NYPD’s latest religious profiling scandal
Lizzy Ratner and Alex Kane

17 Should Alan Dershowitz refuse to take himself seriously?

15 Israeli police shoot international activist in the neck during weekly Nabi Saleh protest

10 Occupy Oakland’s landslide BDS endorsement

0 Armenians protest as Israel creates Jewish-only parking lot in the Armenian quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City

February 3 2012

290 Both sides are wrong in the ‘Israel Firsters’ debate

12 Archbishop Desmond Tutu endorses PennBDS conference

36 Dershowitz justifies war on Iran (and Iraq? again?)– and Mort Zuckerman rides shotgun– in fresh attacks on BDS conference

24 Alumni donor threats and more Nazi analogies as the world awaits Penn BDS conference

13 Sullivan says passionate American supporters of Israel create a ‘problem,’ conflating interests
Phil Weiss and Annie Robbins

2 Spanish gov’t builds solar renewable-energy project for Palestinian village — now slated for destruction

29 Israeli officials say Iran’s ‘existential threat’ is– braindrain of 200,000 ‘best and brightest’

17 Barghouti: Attacks on the Penn BDS conference reveal panic that Israel is losing hearts and minds

2 Israeli Apartheid Week: Call it as it is

1 New Knesset bill, ‘Regulation of the Bedouin settlement in the Negev’ seeks to turn Bedouin dispossession into law

7 When Desmond Tutu got the ‘Penn BDS’ treatment

February 2 2012

63 Penn’s president condemns article likening BDS conference to Nazism as ‘counter to her personal values and civility’

11 Blumenthal: Netanyahu seeks regime change in US and Iran

16 Penn boycott conference is target in viral scare game

49 The Iraq war coverup: What did AIPAC do and when did it do it?

13 Double standard for the neighbor– Paul Auster and Turkey

5 Double standard for the neighbor–’Washington Post’ and Egypt

114 So the U.S. military doesn’t want to attack Iran and neither does Israel. Who does?

18 Who’s the moderate? Romney teams up with anti-Muslim speakers, Greater Israel advocates

February 1 2012

20 Anti-Defamation League reprises debunked quote in attempt to discredit Helena Cobban and Penn BDS conference

13 Racism Report: Africans in Israel

2 The BDS movement grows in Italy

31 Mossad chief held secret talks in DC with top U.S. officials

6 Romney’s battle in FL was to show Adelson he is OK on Israel –TNR

38 Is Israel a failed state? asks ‘American Conservative’

31 Rosenberg gets Trita Parsi call for Iran diplomacy into ‘LA Jewish Journal’

38 AIPAC met quietly with Dem thinktank to deplore writings critical of Israel, and took its leaders to Israel