Emergency Committee for Israel fires pro-war propaganda blast at Obama

A friend spotted this ad at a Washington bus shelter:

Emergency Committee ad in Washington
Emergency Committee ad in Washington

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  1. seafoid says:

    Great work, Phil. Keep it up

  2. pabelmont says:

    Some twerp faked him into saying the “U” word (nukes are “unacceptable”). Look at the trouble he’s in now. Trying to keep out of war. Trying NOT to say that Israel already “took out” the nuke stuff. trying to get a little money for re-election.

    Lotta trouble. thanks, Bibi. thanks AIPAC. Thanks, Republican candidates. Lotta trouble.

    As the barber said, “No one knows the stubble I’ve seen”.

  3. radii says:

    EMERGENCY Committee for Israel – THE SKY IS FALLING

    we’re under attack … we’re under threat … the world is out to get us

    gads, this line of crap gets old

  4. yourstruly says:

    israel firsters such as those in the emergency committee for israel are traitors to nature, to america and to posterity