Freedom Funnies: ‘The Angel of Dialogue, the Gift of Censorship, and the Power of Boycott’

This is the latest installment in Ethan Heitner’s Freedom Funnies series for Mondoweiss. You can see the entire Freedom Funnies series here

(Click on the first image below to view it larger, and then click in the upper right hand corner to scroll to the next page.)

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  1. Citizen says:

    I’d like to see R Crumb take up with Ms Sansour–where’s he hiding these days?

  2. These are powerful illustrations, Ethan…on par with Joe Sacco’s “Palestine” or Art Spiegelman’s “Maus.”

    link to

    link to

  3. a mutually extended olive branch is about as sexy as it gets

    !!!! love the graphic on that one. ok, working my way down, i just had to say that.

  4. i highly recommend people open the link: “Swiss museum cancels competition after prize-sponsor Lacoste rejects Palestinian artist”: link to

    this is startling art. Larissa Sansour is a mindblowing artist. you have to see it to believe it. …ok, back to the comic! love this!

  5. okay i had to come back once i finished. thank you thank you thank you ethan! just excellent. i’m falling in love with this medium.

    and i learned about another artist today, oreet ashery.

  6. David Samel says:

    Like Annie, I love this medium. Ethan and Larissa do a beautiful and brilliant job expressing complex positions with few words and amazing illustrations. I have always been in awe of cartoonists. Even if I had an ounce of artistic talent, which I don’t, I could never be so inventive as to capture such essential truths in this compact package. This is powerful stuff.