Shmuley Boteach seems to think US army serves Israel

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Yesterday I did a post about Shmuley Boteach, Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 9th CD, visiting Israel (and Bibi Netanyahu) on Election Day instead of pressing the flesh back in New Jersey.

Well here’s another item from the Shmuley Boteach file. Rabbi Boteach’s son Mendy was trying to get into West Point earlier this year and Boteach thanked a potential rival for Congress, Rep. Steve Rothman, for nominating Mendy to go there. I don’t know if Mendy Boteach is going to be a cadet next year. If he is, congratulations; but I sure hope he doesn’t share his father’s view of what his role is. Shmuley Boteach (emphasis below):

Congressman Rothman knew I might run against him. But that did not stop him from rewarding my son’s application with the nomination to West Point. Rothman’s decision to put merit before political consideration showed character and integrity and I salute it. It also demonstrated a willingness to populate our officer corps with deserving men and women, whatever the political consequences.

Having been nominated, Mendy may join his elder sister Chana, who has now volunteered for two years of army service in Israel — training male soldiers for combat — to help an embattled democracy survive against brutal enemies. Mendy is now down to 4000 applicants from which 1500 will be chosen as cadets for the West Point Class of 2016.

He faces an uphill battle.

Mendy has to be incredibly physically fit, even though his Yeshiva in Frankfurt has no gym facilities and he therefore has to daily improvise for all his physical activities, and this while having a grueling daily regimen of Torah study that begins at 7am, ends at 10pm, and is only interrupted for hours of spiritual work with the community. Still, he wants to serve his country

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