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October 31 2012

8 European NGOs to EU: Rhetoric is not enough, ban settlement products now

7 Carter Center ‘commends’ Christian leaders call for Congressional investigation into Israeli human rights violations

3 Exile and the Prophetic: Palestine in pieces

21 I am you

2 Video: Normalize this!

11 On the unbearable lightnness of (not) being Israeli

2 Israeli military begins demolishing home in Beit Ommar with family still inside

7 Medea Benjamin awarded US Peace Memorial Foundation 2012 Peace Prize

7 Crossing Hizma, the other Jerusalem checkpoint

October 30 2012

31 Exile and the Prophetic: How much justice will there be in a ‘just’ resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

3 Israel announces 180 new settlement housing units in East Jerusalem

16 Advocates for overthrow of Iran’s government educate American high school teachers

October 29 2012

53 CBS no longer categorizes American Jews as ‘ethnic minority’

45 ‘This is travesty of American criminal justice’: Supreme Court denies Holy Land Five appeal
Allison Deger, Adam Horowitz and Annie Robbins

29 ‘NYT’ piece whitewashed occupation and Nakba

67 ‘NYT’ op-ed equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism relied on Nasrallah quote that is in all likelihood a fabrication
Phil Weiss and Max Blumenthal

5 Exile and the Prophetic: Do Jews and Palestinians ‘share’ the Holocaust and the Nakba?

8 Whether legal or political, the Holy Land Five struggle will continue

October 28 2012

3 Samira Shackle: The Netanyahu-Lieberman alliance will accelerate isolationism and discrimination

24 US immigration officials detain and interrogate Imran Khan about drones and who’s pushing the State Department

17 War and the two Bible belts

5 Israeli maker of ‘Gatekeepers’ says occupation is ‘past the point of no return’

4 Celebrating Chomsky’s historic visit to Gaza

17 Parents in Nazareth Illit: ‘There is no need for our children to be educated with Arabs’

13 Holy Land Five appeal could set precedent on using ‘secret evidence’ in U.S. courts

October 27 2012

6 Exile and the prophetic: VIPs

47 ‘Exodus’ propaganda even converted Justin Raimondo (but now the dream is dead)

13 Chris Matthews calls out neocons for endlessly pushing Middle East wars

13 Latest Obama pander-ad links rockets from Gaza with Holocaust

2 HRW on Addameer’s Ayman Nasser: ‘It’s deeply ironic that Israel is arbitrarily detaining a researcher who has documented arbitrary detention’

22 Omar Saad, a Druze-Palestinian musician from the Galilee, refuses Israeli military service

October 26 2012

12 Downing Street to White House: ‘UK would be in breach of international law if it facilitated pre-emptive strike on Iran’

73 An ‘industry’ built on hate: How the right-wing successfully brought anti-Muslim bigotry into the American mainstream

2 Medea Benjamin to discuss drone warfare at the Culture Project in NYC next week

14 Goldberg’s political fantasy

21 Lecture at NY’s New School aims to place Nakba story ‘on shared ground’ with Holocaust

4 UN announces investigation into legality of US drone attacks, special rapporteur says some may be war crimes

5 Exile and the Prophetic: Red lines

16 Moriel Rothman on why he refused Israeli military duty — ‘The Occupation is cruelty and injustice manifest’

0 Mahmoud Sarsak and the end of Oslo-era normalization

15 The Colbert Report: ‘Israel Israel Israel’

5 Israeli TV corrects the record — no rockets were fired from UNRWA schools in Gaza during ‘Cast Lead’

October 25 2012

27 Report: Netanyahu and Lieberman to merge right-wing parties ahead of Israeli elections

53 Following poll on Israeli support for apartheid, Gideon Levy says ‘making peace would be an almost anti-democratic act’

49 Eric Yoffie says Jewish leaders can criticize the settlements, but nobody else

3 New challenge to tax-exempt status of lobby group that paid for pols’ summer junkets to Israel (including congressman’s nude swim)

8 Exile and the Prophetic: Chomsky and the epic battle between Jewish empire and the Jewish prophetic

4 ‘NYT’ provides platform to Israel lobbyists to position Obama to the right of Romney

5 Egypt brokers ceasefire in Gaza as Netanyahu warns of ‘extensive and deeper action’

6 Killer drones and the fog of war: Report documents low-balling of civilian deaths in Pakistan

October 24 2012

21 A meeting with the spokesman of the Jewish settlers in Hebron

8 ‘By God’s promise this land is ours!’ Settlers attack Palestinian oliver-pickers
Badia Dwaik

2 Episcopalian bishop’s appeal to presidential candidates ignored her church’s call to review US aid to Israel

3 Another liberal runs with Obama to right of Romney on Israel

18 Washington Post front page: Adelson demanded that Romney ‘join him in steadfast support of Israel’

6 Watch Obama surrogate justify the drone killing of a 16-year-old American

90 Exile and the Prophetic: Chomsky’s absent ‘Jewish’

0 More than 100 Palestinians hold anti-occupation protest in settlement supermarket

0 In September, Israel denied 16 Palestinians exit permits to seek medical care — including a child

24 Israel’s starvation diet formula in Gaza and the expansion of the ‘Dahiya doctrine’

132 Changes to the Mondoweiss comment policy

October 23 2012

4 Police informant who ‘crawled mosques’ looking for inflammatory rhetoric speaks out, denounces NYPD

6 A conversation between two Joes brings the debate over drones out in the open

8 ‘Hatred and racism are permeating Israel at a rapid pace’ –victim of racist attack writes in ‘The Hill’

10 Exile and the Prophetic: Chomsky’s presidential debate appearance

1 Israel plans military college on the Mount of Olives in occupied East Jerusalem

12 Romney must break with neocons, who want to outsource war decisions to Netanyahu — Simes

47 Most Israelis say, it’s apartheid. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

5 How Chomsky came to Gaza — a statement by 8 who accompanied him

12 Last night’s farce: Any intelligent unbiased person watching this would ask, what’s with the US and Israel?

4 Guardian: Israeli intellectuals and Palestinian activists are engaged in imagining the inevitable, one-state future

41 Obama beat Romney, 17-14, in mentions of Israel during debate

October 22 2012

21 Palestine rates one mention in debate– from Romney; Obama forgot he even went there

106 Jimmy Carter: Israel has dropped the two-state solution for a ‘Greater Israel’

24 Israeli Navy used tasers and beat passengers aboard the Ship to Gaza

8 What We Won’t Hear in Boca: Nine things to remember during the Iran section of the presidential debate tonight

3 GOP attacks on Obama call on Jews to show ‘fealty to Israel,’ says ‘Open Zion’ columnist

0 How Christians can help Palestinians (an early Christmas card)

14 Starving people and targeting them with biological weapons is as American as cherry pie

6 Take me home

7 Exile and the prophetic: Remembering George McGovern

0 Bullets and stones in Nabi Saleh

27 Jane Harman admits Jewish state’s future is ‘dicey’

160 On ’60,’ Stahl says Spielberg experienced ‘serious anti-Semitic attacks’

6 Israel’s colonization policy violates ‘western values’ and we should cut off aid — Sullivan

October 21 2012

14 Exile and the prophetic: Chomsky in Gaza

18 It’s daylight in America — US and Iran reportedly agree to one-on-one talks post-election

8 US professors organization solicits articles with argument for endorsing BDS campaign

9 Endorsing Romney, Chi Jewish paper praises him for saying Jewish culture is superior to Palestinians

12 Israel won’t negotiate with anyone over Jerusalem, Lieberman says

4 DC thinktanks offer program on Christian Zionism and Islamophobia

60 Extremist youth group storms French mosque after releasing anti-Arab manifesto

2 Settlers enter south Hebron village; throw rocks, insult Islam and strip naked to provoke villagers

26 The Galilee First: Equal rights for Palestinian citizens of Israel is essential for peace and reconciliation

October 20 2012

40 Politico: 2012 election is ‘almost existential test of relevance’ for the Israel lobby

34 Adelson doubles down on TV’s most famous Republican sex-advice rabbi

20 Pakistan: A land of competing narratives

5 Exile and the prophetic: Distinguishing between Jews and The Jews

0 MLK-inspired protest in Nabi Saleh is attacked by occupying forces

2 Rahm Emanuel to FL to affirm ‘Obama’s unwavering support’ for Israel

48 Israeli commandos board ship to Gaza and direct it to Israel

18 Chomsky is in Gaza

October 19 2012

6 It is dangerous for US and Israel to blame religion for actions taken by Muslims and Arabs — El-Asmar

75 Assassination by car bomb in Beirut follows warnings about Syrian ‘spillover’

21 Interfaith bullying, and a feckless letter from the Episcopal bishop

21 ‘NBC’ likens Iran boycott to anti-apartheid struggle

36 Don’t conflate anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, NYT arts critic asserts

29 Where’s the debate?

2 Institute for Palestine Studies presents digital edition of landmark ‘Before Their Diaspora: A photographic history of the Palestinians, 1876-1948′

October 18 2012

24 Documents expose Boston police working with FBI to track Palestine solidarity activists

92 ‘Daily Beast’ crank against intermarriage pushes regime change in Iran on the side

2 Exile and the Prophetic: Interfaith IMAX

3 Watching, and experiencing, ‘Five Broken Cameras’ in Bil’in

343 If only it was just one tweet: One activist’s experience in the ‘Our Land’ Facebook group

1 PLO Report: In the past year, Israel has issued plans for 11,096 settlement housing units in East Jerusalem

3 On eve of historic anniversary, boycotts, hunger strikes, and repression continue

October 17 2012

57 Norr responds to Ash: Who is trying to get the solidarity movement back on track and who is merely fanning the flames of division?

33 Estelle and the freedom of association

37 Jewish establishment pulls out of interfaith dialogue, threatens Congressional investigation of ‘delegitimizers’ over Christian letter

1 Coordinator of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine responds to criticism of New York session

17 Song critical of the IDF goes viral after being banned by Israeli Army Radio

4 Exile and the Prophetic: ‘Body Worlds’ after life

23 Israel vs. #2 pencils: Israel refuses to allow SAT tests to enter the West Bank

3 If walls could talk

0 Settlers receive an escort from the Israeli military to intimidate Palestinians harvesting their olive trees

6 CAIR takes the highground as Geller cranks it up a notch

33 Israeli ambassador Michael Oren gets hero’s welcome in liberal enclave of Brooklyn

October 16 2012

55 Rice on the warpath against Hezbollah at the UN

34 It’s official: Israeli govt confirms Jews are no longer the majority between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea

3 UN: In 2012, over 7,500 olive trees belonging to West Bank Palestinians have been damaged or destroyed by Israeli settlers

2 Exile and the Prophetic: ‘Body Worlds’ and the prophetic

15 ‘NPR’s bad geography

9 Israeli govt set to launch int’l PR campaign to ‘bolster the legitimacy’ of the settlements

22 Palestinians block Israeli-only road in the West Bank: ‘Israeli daily life can’t continue on as normal while Palestinians suffer under settler terror’

October 15 2012

8 JVP Rabbinical Council stands with churches challenging US aid to Israel

139 Free Gaza’s Col. Ann Wright disinvited from Swedish Boat to Gaza

5 Human rights lawyers call on US to provide official accounting of deaths from drone strikes
Annie Robbins and Adam Horowitz

6 US: Palestinian move to circumvent nonexistent peace process will hurt the peace process

37 Israeli film ‘The Gatekeepers’ brings truths about occupation that Palestinians are vilified for saying

13 Exile and the Prophetic: Reporting the end of Jewish history, so that a new beginning is possible

33 US cancels Gaza scholarship program because Israel won’t let students travel

3 Segregation in the ‘democratic state’ of Israel

October 14 2012

16 Smadar Lavie’s lesson on global neoliberal restructuring, Israeli style

10 Exile and the Prophetic: Who speaks for ‘palestine’?

7 Video shows Palestinian father confronting Israeli soldier who beat his 7-year-old son

115 J Street sells its soul, completes evolution to AIPAC lite

October 13 2012

7 Courage in the face of intimidation: Rebuilding to remain

11 As seen on the campaign trail

7 Exile and the prophetic: Listening to Sara Roy

4 Now settlers are stealing Palestinian…. soil

32 Did ‘Foreign Policy’ plant false Israeli embassy story — leading to diplomat’s reassignment to Copenhagen?

80 ‘Jewish political community’ supported Iraq war, but now divides between neocon funders and liberals — Alterman

4 Republican leader apologizes to Israeli ambassador for ad

14 Green Party pres’l candidate misses crucial political opportunity by not talking up democracy in Israel/Palestine

14 Drone attacks will lead to inevitable blowback in Pakistan

October 12 2012

14 Step aside Sheldon Adelson — One Florida family responsible for half of Netanyahu campaign contributions

62 ‘Ecumenical deal’ crumbles as Christian denominations press on US aid to Israel

355 No room for racism in a movement working for equality and freedom

49 Adelson says Obama dislikes Israel and will ‘act on his true feelings’ in a second term

1 Russell Tribunal has placed Palestinians in tradition of Frederick Douglass and Rosa Parks

58 Stop calling him ‘Bibi’

10 Exile and the Prophetic: The ‘Free Gaza’ tweets and the challenge for those seeking justice for Israel/Palestine

1 Pakistan is caught between two evils – US drones and the Taliban they help prop up

58 When it’s quiet in Jerusalem the settler security cameras are still rolling

1 Israeli settlers increase their attacks on Palestinian Christian sites

11 Anti-Muslim bigotry is being funded by the Israel-right-or-wrong crowd
Elly Bulkin and Donna Nevel

October 11 2012

9 ‘Radio Against Apartheid’ interview with Jeff Halper

123 Hezbollah confirms it sent drone shot down by Israel

24 ‘Living Under Drones’ report reveals devastating impact of US policy in Pakistan

11 Rabbi Brant Rosen: BDS “akin to the Montgomery Bus Boycott”

8 Settlers destroy over 250 olive trees near Ramallah and over 120 trees in Nablus as olive harvest begins on the West Bank

October 10 2012

5 Exile and the Prophetic: When the Russell Tribunal leaves town the machinations of the powerful remain

46 Complaint alleging anti-Semitism at UC Berkeley claims Palestine activism creates ‘echo’ of ‘Nazi regime’

44 Goldberg ignores decades of consistent Iranian statements on nuclear weapons for the sake of propaganda

21 Romney’s stark contradiction on pushing for a Palestinian state

13 Iran is so irrational it would invite its own destruction (Inside the mind of the anti-anti-Semites)

19 The Peleds and Abulhawa appear in NY

27 Truman’s recognition of Israel ignited ‘wars,’ Clemons acknowledges

5 Israeli leader of movement to expel African asylum-seekers driven by fear of miscegenation

9 Page Six quotes Kissinger saying, ‘In 10 years, there will be no more Israel’ but staffer denies it

2 Moor and Loewenstein bring ‘After Zionism’ to DC

7 Growth, Unity, and Victories: Reflecting on a year of accomplishments since the first national SJP conference

October 9 2012

14 New School discussion on American Jewish relationship with Israel

25 Evangelical Lutheran Church calls for US inquest into human rights violations in Israel, and some Jewish groups are outraged

15 Russell Tribunal conclusion: U.S. facilitates Israeli immunity and impunity

21 Media are feeding Americans WMD ‘propaganda’ again to lead us into war with Iran– Amber Lyon, former CNN investigative journalist

1 Exile and the prophetic: The Russell Tribunal on Palestine

12 NY set up Pakistani immigrant on bombing charges because he’d expressed ‘sympathy’ for Palestinian suicide bombers who had lost family members

5 Amid Gaza attacks, a moment of peace, as internet cables are laid across border

168 In ‘Dear Dad’ letter in 1939, JFK called for ‘independent’ Jerusalem

12 Romney would abdicate US power to Netanyahu –Ignatius in ‘Washington Post’

9 Preach It! Sketching The Russell Tribunal, Day 2

October 8 2012

69 8 former board members of Free Gaza Movement deplore anti-Semitic messaging

24 Roger Waters says Israel’s staggering record of impunity from world’s judgment is due to elephant in the room: the lobby

32 Update: Israeli Military deploys Patriot missiles in Haifa, Israeli warplanes stage mock raids over southern Lebanon, break sound barrier

9 Romney’s ‘no daylight’ pledge between US and Israel means that Israel will lead us — Dajani

6 The US legacy of Bagram prison

6 Exile and the prophetic: Adelson’s triumph signals Israel’s end as a battlefield for Jewish identity

81 The privileging of Jewish American voices on the issue is rooted in racism

176 Free Gaza Movement Twitter controversy leads Jewish Voice for Peace to distance itself from group

9 Geller’s ‘Savage’ ad set to hit Washington DC Metro today

4 Gaza-based human rights worker prevented from entering U.S. (Updated)

3 In village after village, settlers attack Palestinians seeking to harvest olives

13 Please no applause! Sketching the Russell Tribunal, Day 1

1 Historic Pakistan peace march protests U.S. drone strikes

18 Vidal stuck by dual loyalty charge against Podhoretzes to the end

11 Josh Block likens Iran to Nazi Germany

117 Sold-out Russell Tribunal on Palestine wraps up in New York

October 7 2012

71 American Jewish relationship with Israel is debated at New School

October 6 2012

10 Jerusalem municipality to start ‘judaizing’ street names in East Jerusalem

8 Vicious Friday attacks on Al Aqsa

52 Israeli air force shoots down unidentified drone over Negev

October 5 2012

50 New ad describing Palestinian dispossession hits Metro-North, NY

87 Israelis celebrating Sukkot beat Palestinians worshipers

4 Exile and the prophetic: Presidential debate hangover

96 Israel is losing legitimacy — according to Daniel Bell

33 The cycle of violence– set to ‘Exodus’ anthem

14 Netanyahu up close and personal

5 The land grab continues– without a word of condemnation from the West

October 4 2012

16 Exile and the prophetic: ‘israel’

40 Israeli celebration of winners at int’l science fair cites ‘Jewish mind’– and leaves out Palestinians!

6 More on the ‘Washington Post’ covering up Arnold & Porter’s foreign agent status

64 Was Obama just doing the rope-a-dope last night?

14 Gaza– and the failure of American charity

46 ‘Peace Now’ video against binational state features scary soundtrack: Muslim call to prayer

26 Israeli refusenik: ‘I refuse to erase people from the world who might be right’ (IDF officer: We don’t erase people!)

9 Settler ‘price tag’ vandals attack Franciscan convent in Jerusalem

October 3 2012

39 Anti-Obama infomerical confirms Israel’s role as a partisan election issue

25 ‘Boston Globe’ columnist sells one Jewish state (and wonders why Israel’s image is tanking)
David Ehrens

3 Senate report: ‘Fusion centers’ meant to combat terrorism found to spy on U.S. citizens

1 Exile and the prophetic: Kitsch Israel

1 Susie Abulhawa and Nurit Peled (Elhanan) to appear together in New York

30 Hebrew University lecturer calls for expelling Palestinians as alien hostages in war against Muslims

110 The crisis of the Israel lobby

56 Prisoners’ rights protest in Ramallah calls to end the Oslo accords

1 Every year Israeli soldiers seize his house for 22 days & place the family under house arrest

8 A sharp response to the effort to link Palestinian refugees and Jewish ones

35 Iran wants nukes to deter attack

October 2 2012

15 Garrison Keillor comes out, slightly

27 Pamela Geller’s 9/11 gathering features speaker calling for Islam to be ‘wiped out’

9 Video: ‘Tearing Palestine down– Veolia!’

3 Exile and the prophetic: Without the prophetic

53 Obama threatens ‘significant negative consequences’ to Palestinians if they seek higher UN status

52 West’s lecture on free speech would go down better if Islamophobia was not ‘acceptable bigotry’

3 PA releases Freedom Theatre’s Zakaria Zubeidi on bail; jailed without charge for more than four months

349 Tel Aviv and the failure of the Zionist dream

24 Netanyahu shoves it to Obama — Canadian PM met with me!

16 Wire services’ Fuhrer images of Netanyahu rankle neocon

October 1 2012

92 See how Israeli colonies killed the two state solution

1 Exile and the Prophetic: Live From New York!

19 Authority Jeff Goldberg assures us, Obama has ‘the resolve to go to war in Iran’ — Tyrangiel

3 Palestine to Pakistan…connecting the dots

50 Remember when neocon David Frum slamdunked Obama for saying Holocaust was basis for Israel’s existence?

3 What is to be done?: Hebron students debate resistance to occupation

3 ‘This is Nakba of 2012′: Israel plans to expel Bedouin community to build Jewish town in Negev

91 Debbie Netanyahu Schultz
Phil Weiss and Alex Kane