The mosque too small to die

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I stumbled upon the astonishingly artful video this morning as I was viewing other works by the Palestinian filmmaker, Amer Abdeen. Initially I assumed it was someone’s demolished home and out of curiosity, translated the title. “Demolition of a mosque south of Hebron.”

Still curious I translated the description provided. “Israeli occupation forces demolished mosque this morning south of Yatta.”

‘Could it be true’ I thought to myself ? The date the video was uploaded, December 4th is same day the little Al Mufaqara Mosque was demolished outside of Hebron.

The mosque is evidently the one pictured in our post of last week:

illegal mosque
Al Mufaqara Mosque

It is the mosque that prompted Israeli Chief Justice Asher Grunis to declare 

You have to demolish them while they’re small

So watch this video. Note in particular the Palestinian flag in the stiff breeze. And one of the first actions of the villagers, to prop up the speaker that amplified the call to prayer.

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