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March 31 2013

19 A child’s dream under occupation
Walaa Al Ghussein

280 ‘Do you know any Arabs in London?’ Israeli airport authorities grill British photojournalist before kicking him out
Mark Kerrison

56 Federal anti-discrimination law being used to shut down criticism of occupation

18 Unlikely Jerusalem village takes the lead on Land Day

March 30 2013

62 ‘My surprise was even greater–’ Israeli emboff pens Dickensian letter to Lancet justifying harsh treatment of children throwing stones

65 Feeling the wrath of the Israel lobby, ‘WSJ’ neocon virtually accuses some advocates of dual loyalty

14 Israeli army captain assaults valiant protester Ezra Nawi

2 Israeli gov’t has allocated 38% of West Bank state land to settlers, 1% to Palestinians

12 Not a happy Passover for Hebron’s Palestinians
Allison Deger and Alex Kane

19 Insider-trading case touches on American support for Zionism

March 29 2013

65 In Iraq, and now Syria, US seeks secular outcome by… promoting sectarian division

16 In enforcing DOMA, and in doing nothing against settlements — Obama lacks ‘courage of his convictions’

7 A tale of two rabbis

61 My 72 depressing hours on Obama’s trail

19 Anthony Lewis’s death unleashes an ‘outpouring of vitriol’ about his views critical of Israel

13 Liberal Zionist students battled Phila Jewish community to stage event critical of occupation– but ‘rooted in love’ of Israel

March 28 2013

90 Obama allowed Zionists to feel cool again

41 ‘Look at the world through their eyes’ — Obama should take his own advice

March 27 2013

54 BRICS memo: Time ‘to take decisive action against the increasing Israeli Occupation as well as Israel’s apartheid policies’

24 Another bad review: ‘Obama takes Palestinians for granted’

16 Breakthrough: Mennonites divest from ‘companies that support Israel’s occupation’

36 Hat’s off to Anthony Lewis, who in ’99 understood that Israel wanted a Palestinian Bantustan

42 Lessons learned from a box of matzoh

13 Obama’s speech was racist — a Palestinian student explains to ‘USA Today’

27 ‘Better a battered dream than no dream at all’ –liberal Zionist lament

1 Jewish extremists carry out six attacks in one week on Palestinians in colonized Jerusalem neighborhood

March 26 2013

29 Debating BDS in midair

27 ‘Talk is cheap’ — Jon Stewart weighs in on Obama trip

18 Two readings for Passover

2 Freed but not free: Gaza welcomes detainee and former hunger striker Ayman Sharawna

13 Apartheid, Bantustans and Obama’s empty words (Walt and Miller agree)

60 Obama went to Israel to try to rescue the state from deepening isolation

March 25 2013

137 NPR can’t stop talking about Jews

9 On ‘socially conscious’ dialogue tour, Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra will visit Bethlehem but not ‘occupied territories’
Peter Belmont

33 If Debbie Wasserman Schultz wants a Palestinian state, why is she embracing Naftali Bennett?

36 Obama was ‘absolutely livid’ when Dem platform didn’t say Jerusalem is Israel’s capital — Villaraigosa

92 Obama put the ball in Israel’s court

18 New nationwide ad campaign to call for end of US aid to Israel

7 Palestinians prepare to observe Passover: Israel puts West Bank under general closure for Jewish holiday

8 Overwhelming Israeli force demolishes protest villlage hours after Obama departs
Allison Deger and Alex Kane

March 24 2013

5 Witnessing oppression Gaza leaves a vivid impression on the heart and mind

58 Report from Bethlehem: Obama exploits the messenger of peace for a photo-op

23 Out of the margin: One-state paradigm and nonviolent resistance are now standard fare on US left

28 We need to look to the Palestinian leaders on the ground, not more diplomats — Noura Erakat on MSNBC

March 23 2013

108 Obama gets it

53 Obama’s heckler asked about Rachel Corrie, not Jonathan Pollard

13 ‘NYT’ quietly buries Ben Ehrenreich’s piece
Donald Johnson

8 Yair Lapid, centrist star and Finance Minister, plans 16,000 new settlement units in West Bank

31 Geyer says ‘many Americans’ are displeased with special relationship

65 Tribalism in the Jerusalem speech

4 ‘Decades of a failed peace process’ points to inevitable one state outcome — filmmaker Ungar-Sargon

4 What Obama missed: Protests of settler highway that will cut J’lem neighborhood in two

March 22 2013

11 Berkeley student association passes resolution condemning Islamophobic hate speech

18 BDS activists protest the Jewish National Fund in Philadelphia

41 Obama’s visit will produce no meaningful talks, mainstream voices say

24 ‘They have stones, we need drones’: Israeli activists tell Obama ‘thank you for supporting our Apartheid state’

77 Obama brokers Netanyahu apology to Turkey over ‘Mavi Marmara’ attack

16 New York screening for Fida Qishta doc’y on Gaza, ‘Where Should the Birds Fly?’

59 Hea culpa: ‘New Yorker’ editor backed Iraq war because Saddam had WMD and wanted to liberate Jerusalem

March 21 2013

41 As Obama visits Ramallah, Palestinians vent anger over US policy and political prisoners

89 Day Two of Obama in Israel/Palestine — Obama visits Ramallah and addresses the Israeli people

36 Returning to Iraq after war and exile

13 While the occupier is occupied, Palestinians reclaim a protest village

95 What’s the point of this trip?

March 20 2013

20 B’Tselem Video: Mass arrest of Palestinian children on their way to school in Hebron

15 Following Obama visit, Israeli govt to discuss measures aimed at relieving international diplomatic pressure

39 Tough Brooke Gladstone gives media a pass for supporting Iraq war

3 My first journey abroad

91 Obama praises Israel to high heavens as Israeli and American elite cement ‘unbreakable’ alliance

13 Khalidi’s wishlist: Obama will comment on hideous wall and end ‘charitable’ contributions to illegal settlers

4 Infographic — Obama: Welcome to occupied Jerusalem

22 Obama heads for the occupation– and why isn’t Ben Ehrenreich on NPR?

110 Day One of Obama in Israel/Palestine — ‘It’s good to be back in the land of Israel,’ Obama says in Hebrew

6 ‘Peace Now’ message to Obama sure to rock the boat — not

6 Under pressure from students, Penn paper says it won’t publish Islamophobic ad again

5 Will Obama speak up for Palestinian broadcaster whose computers and transmitters were seized?

9 Palestinians erect new Bab al Shams neighborhood as Obama lands in Israel/Palestine

March 19 2013

13 Benjamin Netanyahu vs. The Two-State Solution

7 Adalah launches comprehensive online ‘Discriminatory Laws Database’ to monitor racist Israeli legislation

27 Israeli soldier on Facebook: ‘There’s nothing better than a dead Arab’

8 In photos: On eve of Obama visit, Rafah children remember Rachel Corrie and protest US aid to Israel

7 Students at mega-settlement Ariel buoyed by Obama visit despite being left out of big speech

36 The most rational political course in Israel is also the most immoral — Noam Sheizaf

9 ‘Mr President, I’m sure you know everything’ — a Palestinian boy expelled from half his home urges US action

24 American teacher denied entry to Palestine calls on Obama to address Israel’s Jim Crow policies
Nour Joudah

March 18 2013

50 How do you say, ‘Let them eat cake’ in Arabic?

12 Israel denies visas to 5 artists seeking to perform with Freedom Theatre

38 Obama visit fails to impress Palestinians in Ramallah

26 ‘Forward’ slams Ehrenreich for questioning Zionism and Palestinian villagers for throwing stones at soldiers

37 Hopeful reading: Obama will go over Israeli leaders’ heads to youth and say regime must change

23 Yet another Zionist logo combines US and Israeli flags

6 Palestinian human rights orgs to Abbas: Meet Obama in Jerusalem to challenge Israeli ‘facts on the ground’

79 Making privilege an axiom, ‘Economist’ says Israel’s Jews won’t do what South Africa’s whites did

4 New Israeli govt to promote bill prioritizing country’s ‘Jewish identity’ over democracy

7 A funeral in Aboud marks the uprising of the Palestinian countryside

7 Can Netanyahu’s new government revive peace process? ‘Absolutely impossible’

March 17 2013

177 Zionists thrill that Obama will recognize ancient Jewish connection to ‘homeland’ (undoing his Cairo error)
Annie Robbins and Phil Weiss

36 Schoolboy’s campaign to besmirch an eminent professor smacks of totalitarian society

47 US Jews leave ‘Gatekeepers’ asking why we give money to Israel — says Oren, outraged

23 Landmark ‘NYT Magazine’ cover story ennobles resistance in Nabi Saleh

22 Some thoughts on the 10-year anniversary of the death of Rachel Corrie

March 16 2013

7 San Diego students pass divestment measure targeting companies that do business with Israeli military

102 Vivian Gornick stashed book critical of Israel lest she ‘commit literary suicide’

21 Pamela Olson starts book tour of Palestine memoir in CA

25 On the tenth anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s death her parents urge supporters to take action, change US policy in Israel/Palestine

March 15 2013

62 Row breaks out in chambers as Aussie Parliamentarians criticizes ‘study tour’ of Israel

20 Gaza takes NY (we’re talking hummus and seafood)

109 Simon Moya-Smith relates the experience of settler colonialism on his native land

4 Mahmoud Al-Teety’s killing puts focus on Israel’s use of live ammunition to stoke violent resistance

2 After three years, Israel Supreme Court gives Jilani family hope for accountability

10 Iran is not imminent threat, says head of Israeli military intelligence

2 Family reports Samer Issawi on ‘verge of death’ after refusing liquids and vitamins 236 days into hunger strike

47 No peace plan and lots of photo-ops: White House sets low expectations for Obama visit to Middle East

March 14 2013

18 New Faces, Same Agenda: Incoming Israeli government will intensify push to colonize the West Bank

23 Israeli claims of West Bank ‘terror cells’ fly from Jerusalem to D.C. and back again

353 Double standard

37 Anti-semitism charge against Mearsheimer failed

9 Praising Rand Paul, Huffington and Greenwald decry Dems’ national security creed

54 Chris Hayes– who broke barrier on Palestinian guests– gets primetime slot at MSNBC

March 13 2013

8 Muslim community under siege: Groundbreaking report documents how NYPD surveillance chills free speech and activism

88 Khalidi, Walt and Blumenthal on Obama and the two-state delusion

6 At protest concert, ‘NYT’ music critic singles out Palestinian’s message as ‘divisive’

8 Illegal outpost ‘security officer’ caught on tape beating Palestinian tending herd as Israeli soldiers stand around

11 Students at settler university are not invited to Obama’s inspirational address

34 Why Fran Korotzer stopped saying ‘ethnic cleansing’ and started saying ‘genocide’

9 Un-erasing the Nakba: Palestinian identity in Israel since the first Intifada

3 Video: ‘Love in the Time of Apartheid’ activist discusses his arrest at checkpoint wedding protest

March 12 2013

21 Israeli forces kill Palestinian youth activist Mahmoud al-Titi, 22, near Hebron

11 NYC coalition calls on elected officials to stop fueling Islamophobia and suppressing criticism of Israel

16 Letter to Obama: Don’t visit Nativity Church in Bethlehem, witness Separation Wall & refugee camps instead

5 NYC ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’ kicks off: Queer scholar Sarah Schulman advocates BDS at LGBT Center

91 UN report finds errant Palestinian fire responsible for child’s death during Gaza fighting, but parent and human rights group maintains Israel is responsible

2 On Art/Violence at the Berlin International Film Festival

27 American Jews asking Netanyahu to end occupation are barking up wrong tree
Jerome Slater

7 In photos: Gaza International Women’s Day rally for Palestinian detainees

86 Israel should start studying South Africa, so inevitable transformation is a peaceful one

11 During the first week of March the Israeli military wounded 34 Palestinian civilians in the occupied territories, including 10 children, a paramedic and a freelance photojournalist

48 NY synagogue banishes panel on Israel, saying BDS discussion is ‘forbidden’

23 Rand Paul’s populism is purging the neocons

March 11 2013

206 Covering Hamas and Palestinian society: A response to Peter Beinart

82 Obama to visit Bethlehem (any chance of Pope Benedict’s photo opp?)

8 ‘Palestinians for Dignity’ reject Obama visit as effort to stave off pressure on Israel, placate Palestinian street
Palestinians for Dignity

13 Palestinian advocates say Harvard Crimson has repeatedly shown bias (including typical ‘nightmare’ edits on op-ed)

53 Ann Lewis, former Clinton adviser, dismisses concern about segregated buses in West Bank

March 10 2013

36 ‘Get me to the checkpoint on time!’

71 Israelis flock to Berlin– some for ‘multicultural vibe’

15 South African groups launch ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’ at Jo’burg memorial to apartheid

791 ‘NYT’ landmark: Jewish philosophy prof says we ‘really ought to question’ Israel’s right to exist

March 9 2013

47 Netherlands takes bold move: settlement products must be labeled

46 West Bank funeral highlights Israel’s use of live ammunition to provoke violent resistance

17 ‘J Street’ to share a temple’s stage with militant group, ‘StandWithUs’

34 Will weary Obama utter bromides about peace to Israelis, or a challenge?

March 8 2013

29 FBI video of convicted spy suggests that US let Israeli gov’t off hook in the case

15 New cross-Canada student coalition looks to build on BDS victories

52 Obama scared AIPAC into silence, then defeated it

9 Yet another joke about Israel: bulldozers ‘flattened my home’ to build settlement in Harvard Yard

31 North Korean nuke threat is ‘absurd and suicidal,’ says Menendez, even as he supports possible war against Iran

2 Imagine– Palestinians forced to use horse-drawn carts in street where Jewish settlers can drive cars

42 ‘NYT’ columnist praises fundamentalist Jews as collective of ‘the future’

March 7 2013

18 Another Israeli-only highway set to cut through East Jerusalem neighborhood brings protest

15 California BDS debate heats up: Riverside campus passes divestment measure as Stanford rejects the same

10 Following Rand Paul’s historic filibuster there is room for common cause in challenging killer drones

68 Celebrating 911

21 Netanyahu’s ‘lecture at the White House’ still rankles Obama supporters in Washington

27 In denouncing administrative detention and assassination-by-drone, dissident Rand Paul left one country out

22 Palestinian protester shot by Israelis is sixth civilian killed this year

121 Israeli drumbeat grows for Pollard’s release ahead of Obama visit

March 6 2013

15 The historical context of the Israeli land and planning law regime

76 Did Oren’s iron dome of affability stop Colbert’s brilliant strikes?
Phil Weiss and Annie Robbins

135 Using secret travel ban, Israel prepares to deport activist Adam Shapiro preventing him from being at the birth of his first child

43 ADL: Mock eviction notice describing Israeli house demolitions intimidates Harvard students

9 Barak urges withdrawal from West Bank to end ‘slippery slope’ toward one state

39 NPR’s ‘National Conversation’ on US-Israel relations — you need not apply

March 5 2013

26 Chuck Hagel meets Ehud Barak (and wants to make sure the Israel lobby knows it)

14 Settlers party for Purim amidst clashes in Hebron

9 In photos: Gaza fishermen undertake protest flotilla to tell Israel — ‘Return the stolen boats!’

22 ‘Biden seeks to reassure AIPAC of loyalty’ — Washington Post headline

29 Lobby’s effort to exempt Israel from sequester gets ‘Israel first’-ers into the lexicon

8 US broadcasters say Palestinians-only buses is a… PR problem

74 Biden says Jews can’t be safe in the U.S. without a Jewish state

44 Wrong t-shirt

6 AIPAC gives its seal of approval to Islamophobe Steven Emerson

32 ‘You’re not allowed to use public transportation at all’: A report from Israel’s segregated buses

March 4 2013

9 Colonizer as lender: How Liberty Square and Bab al-Shams spring from similar roots

22 Netanyahu’s agenda for Obama leaves out Palestinian state– ‘especially in this Middle East’

10 In pictures: Hundreds join ‘Expose AIPAC’ to protest AIPAC Policy Conference

39 Dershowitz unveils new hasbara claim: IDF has lowest rape rate

12 Will AIPAC’s overreach on sequester/Iran elicit one complaint from a legislator?

39 Dennis Ross says Israel should unilaterally take 8% of West Bank while stating ‘it has no intention of expanding into future Palestinian state’

22 Israel’s segregated bus lines– and how the Jackson, MS, bus station changed Bill Kunstler’s life

4 So as not to embarrass Obama, Netanyahu won’t start any new settlements for 3 days of visit

15 ‘Tablet’ publishes Vilkomerson saying lobby promotes Islamophobia, and ‘power over justice’

29 Advertising campaigns target AIPAC and US aid to Israel across Washington DC

March 3 2013

33 Shared Values Watch: US honors Rosa Parks, Israel announces segregated buses

35 Netanyahu’s deadlock

23 It’s delicious to see very uncool people fall for ‘Rolling Stones’ anti-BDS hoax

71 The AIPAC ask– US must support Israel if it decides to trigger war with Iran

6 Why prisoners’ sacrifice strikes such a chord in Palestinian life

March 2 2013

81 Now it’s ‘Palestinians Only’ buses (60 years after Montgomery)

8 Nablus rally in support of hunger strikers attacked by Israeli forces

8 Virginia Tech SJP: ‘It is our duty to carry the message of Palestinians and project their voices loud and clear’

13 Handshake on the West Bank lawn (Updated)

24 Why I used to detest feminism and why I am a feminist

45 AIPAC sells ‘intoxicating’ donors’ conclave with endless wine (and Brazile, Begala and Fleischer)

14 Closing Shuhada Street — at Berkeley

March 1 2013

210 The false equivalence of liberal Zionists

25 NY Historical Society to host man who smeared Defense Secretary as anti-Semite

8 Israel lobby group gears up early to counter church divestment initiatives in 2014

54 AIPAC won’t let us report on its policy conference
Alex Kane and Phil Weiss

24 Preliminary Arafat Jaradat autopsy report: ‘Reason of Death: nervous shock as a result of extreme pain from the intensity of the injuries described above, which resulted from multiple direct and extensive acts of torture’

5 Last week in the oPt: 12 Palestinians, incl 4 children, wounded by Israel fire; 26 Palestinian children arrested

2 A Voice and Presence Passes: Remembering Stéphane Hessel (1917-2013)

38 Anatomy of a Falsehood: Roger Cohen recycles pro-Israel attack against Omar Barghouti