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Deppen Webber is a graduate student of Public Policy in northern California. He is active with the International Solidarity Movement and the Free Palestine Movement. Follow him on twitter @deppenwebber

No municipal contracts for Veolia as long as it keeps the occupation moving

A Veolia bus runs from Israel across the Green Line and into the West Bank settlement of Modi’in Illit. Veolia currently operates 253 facilities in the US, and activists around the world are pressuring their local authorities to disqualify Veolia from eligibility for public service contracts.

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The Methodist Church has many options where to invest its resources — the occupation of Palestine shouldn’t be one of them

A letter to a Methodist Reverend on why he should divestment from the military occupation of Palestine.

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Norcal Activists take on Veolia

Northern California take on Veolia, pressuring Sonoma Country to sever contracts with the bus operator due to the French company’s violations of international law in the occupied Palestinian territories.

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Israel continues wave of West Bank housing demolitions in East Jerusalem

Following recent home demolitions in Qalqiliya, Beit Hanina and Silwan, Israel continued its displacement of Palestinians today in East Jerusalem

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Sumarin family receives news that eviction is temporarily delayed

Today in Silwan the Sumarin family received news their eviction had been postponed. The JNF is expected to continue the eviction process.

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Israeli police target Sheikh Jarrah store for hanging posters of Erdogan

For the past year Palestinian store owner Azzam Maraka has been displaying posters of Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan in his store windows near the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem. Today Israeli police arrived for the fifth time since … Continue reading

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If Israel is the multicultural democracy it claims to be, why is it so afraid of the right of return?

Prime Minister Netanyahu, like other Israeli officials, routinely point out that about twenty percent of the population of Israel is Arab. Most often they go on to say that Arabs have significant roles in the Israeli community such as judges … Continue reading

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