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Ira Glunts is a retired college librarian who lives in Madison, NY.

Report: Hamas offers Israel 10 conditions for a 10 year truce

There are reports that Hamas is offering Israel a 10-year truce if it accepts 10 conditions. The Jerusalem Post reports, based on an Israeli Channel 2 newscast, that Azmi Bishara announced the proposal on Al Jazeera television today.

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This just in: Glenn Greenwald was never bar mitzvahed

Haaretz headlines a story on Glenn Greenwald’s failure to be bar mitzvah’d. Does this somehow call into question the character of the journalist who published classified documents that angered the American government, its intelligence community and our closest ally?

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‘Flotilla’ was flying: Our horse at Meydan

Thoroughbred horse racing has always been closely bound with the imagination. Seabiscuit, a horse with humble roots who became a champion, represented hope to millions of racing fans suffering the economic hardships of the Great Depression. The four-year-filly, Flotilla, is such an iconic horse. To me she represents the aspirations of the Palestinian solidarity movement and the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) activism. They both are flying under the radar, have had some recent setbacks, but are poised for great success.

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Very far from paradise: Palestinians from Fureidis protest ‘price tag’ attack

If you want to see apartheid in Israel, go to Fureidis. This rural northern coastal town of 12,000 Palestinian citizens of Israel with not a single Jew, is surrounded by many all-Jewish settlements. Yesterday (April 29), Fureidis was the scene of a so-called “price tag attack,” by Jewish vandals. During the attack, dozens of vehicles had their tires slashed and graffiti were spray painted on numerous walls, including those of a mosque.

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Racism in service of a pro-Israel agenda– two ‘NYT’ editors reveal a bias

So two NYT editors say that it’s OK to publish the opinion that ‘Some of many Palestinians want to kill all Jews.’ Would such casual sweeping racism be countenanced with regard to any other group? Ira Glunts says, Of course not.

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NY Times profile of Gazan long distance runner reveals reality of occupation

Jodi Rudoren, the New York Times Jerusalem Bureau Chief, has been remiss in her Gaza coverage so Ira Glunts was surprised by her article titled, “Mideast Tensions Sideline a Gazan Marathon Runner.” It featured the video at the top on The Times’ web site and was mostly free of the “balancing” Israeli government point-of-view which always seems to be prominent in the newspaper’s articles about Palestinians.

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Courageous conductor, democratic society — the NYT’s Mehta meme

Praising Zubin Mehta’s alleged courage on criticizing Israel, New York Times music writer Anthony Tommasini bangs the drum using reverb on previous article by Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim.

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Not an April Fool’s joke: U.S. weighs releasing Pollard to keep Israelis at negotiating table

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is close to concluding a blockbuster deal between the U.S., Israel and the Palestinian Authority, according to Haaretz. The agreement would include a limited Israeli settlement freeze, release of Palestinian prisoners, the release of the spy Jonathan Pollard, and the extension of the Kerry peace negotiations for one year. During that year the Palestinians would not any make claims against Israel before the United Nations. ‘New York Times’ commenters say the U.S. is being manipulated once again, for a sham peace process.

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My heart bleeds cold borscht over the downfall of liberal hero Olmert

Ehud Olmert has been convicted of corruption charges and may be in prison for the next J Street conference. So the liberal American Zionists have lost their champion, the rightwinger who saw the light on apartheid. Don’t worry, they’ll find another one

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NY Times should apologize for publishing Palestinians ‘have avowed as their goal the killing of all Jews’

Ira Glunts calls on readers to send a letter to Margaret Sullivan, the Public Editor of The New York Times, asking the paper to apologize for printing slanderous letter in the New York Times Book Review.

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‘NYT’ music piece strikes false note on Mehta and Israeli politics

NYTimes protrait of the Indian conductor as politically engaged in inaccurate. The article stresses the legendary conductor’s ‘dream’ of a Palestinian player joining the orchestra, while ignoring that Mehta has spent a lifetime with the segregated IPO.

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‘NYT’ piece on Israel coexistence singer leaves out his latest gig: AIPAC

If David Broza is really seeking to bridge the Israeli-Arab divide, as the New York Times’ Jodi Rudoren reports from Israel, why did he play AIPAC, the rightwing Israel lobby conference, last week? And why didn’t the Times tell readers about that gig?

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Caught in an honest moment, Kerry casts doubt on the ‘peace process’

Israeli reporter Chico Menashe was standing next to John Kerry during the recent Obama press conference with PM Benjamin Netanyahu when he heard Kerry react derisively to Obama’s claim that Kerry’s meetings with Prime Minister Netanyahu were productive.

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John Kerry and David Broza perform for AIPAC

John Kerry says Am Yisrael Chai– the state of Israel lives, the people of Israel live — in a speech to AIPAC. And iconic Israeli performer David Broza, who is supposed to be in the peace camp, also showed up at the rightwing Israel lobby’s conference.

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Rising star Naftali Bennett is the new standard bearer for hardline Zionism

On January 28, Naftali Bennett gave a spellbinder of a speech (see video above) at The Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) annual conference. The speech positioned Bennett as the standard bearer for a type of hardline Zionism which unlike its mainstream political opposition, does not even pretend that it is willing to make peace with the Palestinians.

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‘Price-tag’ attacks on Palestinians are as Israeli and common as matkot on a Tel Aviv beach

Last week there was another pricetag attack on Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem, with cars vandalized and spraypainted messages, “Arabs = Thieves” and “No Coexistence.” These attacks are almost never punished by Israeli authorities. Because the hooligans are expressing an all-Israeli message to the minority Palestinian population that is supported by Jewish officials, members of the Parliament and the general population: “Arabs, you are not wanted here on land that belongs to us – the Jews.”

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At Sochi Olympics, Israel is in… Europe!

Israel is included in most European competitions and leagues. The international community should invite the Jewish state to join its fellow Asian nations. Make Israel play with its Asian neighbors and not with Europe where it does not belong. That hopefully would promote the Israelis integration into the region and help the cause of regional peace.

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Student who exposed ‘leftist’ teacher is honored at Knesset, while teacher gets violent threats

A story that is being widely covered in Israel, but has yet to make the American press, speaks volumes about the repressive political and social culture in the Jewish state. A high school student (r) accused her teacher (l) of making inappropriate “leftist” remarks in class and ignited a national controversy. The student claims the teacher is unpatriotic and the teacher denies the charge, saying he is encouraging the students to openly discuss controversial political issues. Right-wing members of Israel’s parliament have championed the student, while the accuser’s Facebook page is filled with violent threats against the teacher.

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Kerry’s framework according to Friedman and Indyk (Updated: Abbas Weighs In)

In recent days both NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman and Special Envoy Martin Indyk have leaked elements of what is expected to be John Kerry’s “framework” proposal to Israeli and Palestinian leadership. The framework appears vague and Indyk has said the sides don’t have to agree to it in full. For these reasons the value of the Kerry plan would seem only to sustain the talks, not move them forward toward a final resolution. The peace process continues….

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Chilean soccer team defies league, retains Palestine on jersey

Despite an explicit ban by the league on using the map of historic Palestine on their uniforms, the Club Deportivo Palestino soccer team defied the league ruling when they debuted their new uniform on Friday.

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Abbas lays out his two-state vision in video address to Israeli security conference


An interview with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas discussing his vision of a two-state solution was screened at a top level Israeli security conference in Tel Aviv today. Among the points he makes are that the Palestinian state must control its own borders and that Jerusalem should be an open city with free access to all.

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Chilean soccer team will lose Palestinian-map jersey, as NYT links incident to — anti-Semitism

Palestine map banned from soccer jerseys after protests from the Chilean Jewish community. The NYT incorrectly implies that the Jerseys were an expression of antisemitism.

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‘Through fire and water, Canada will stand with you’ — Premier’s biblical promise in Jerusalem

Rep. Louis Gohmert praised Netanyahu as the second coming of King David, while Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he’d come through “fire and water” to praise Israel to the Knesset. Palestinian member Ahmad Tibi heckled the premier when he said that boycott was anti-Semitic. The two western politicians’ ardor flows from their similar Christian Zionist worldview.

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Undermining Kerry, Democratic Rep Engel says West Bank is Israel

As organized opposition to Kerry’s initiative grows in Israel, with an ad campaign citing Ariel Sharon’s resolve to keep the Jordan Valley (above), New York Democratic Congressperson Eliot Engel criticizes Kerry and Obama in an Israeli Hebrew language newspaper. “My heart tells me that every Jew has the right to live in any place in Israel and that includes Judea and Samaria,” he says.

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‘Guard the state, no surrendering to Kerry’ — right-wing Israeli campaign


A settler based campaign against John Kerry launched today amid signs that the peace talks are actually going somewhere, although where nobody knows. One billboard will feature former Prime Minister Menachem Begin (right) with a quote “Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel, undivided, for generations and forever.” (Hint, why didn’t they just quote Obama?)

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