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If you give a Palestinian the right to bike in the Jordan Valley….

An American activist describes the Israeli army stopping bicyclists from traveling between Palestinian villages

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Hundreds of Israeli soldiers show up in village targeted for demolition

Tiny Palestinian village, Al Aqaba in the Jordan Valley, faces arbitrary demolition orders. So the arrival of 250-300 Israeli soldiers fuels anxiety

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Hadad (mourning)

A bus crash tragedy killing 10 Palestinian children near Jerusalem quickly becomes political.

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When you’re 64

A song for Israel on its 63rd birthday: When you get older, dear Israel, Just another year from now, Will you still be colonizing Palestine? Building “fences” over the line? Who’ll be the warhawk banging the drum, Bibi or Avigdor? … Continue reading

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A night in Bil’in

On April 4th, I read Hamde Abu Rahma’s article (“Israeli Forces Raided Two Houses in Bil’in at 1:30 a.m.” ) on the most recent night raids in Bil’in. One of the raids was conducted in a house where I stayed … Continue reading

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Desecrating the American flag

Since I got back from Palestine two months ago, every Friday brings me back to the village of Bil’in. I won’t even remember the importance of Friday, as anything other than the start to my weekend, until I stumble across … Continue reading

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Thanks National Geographic, Palestine needs to be travelled to

I recently ran across an article on that inspired me to action. According to this article, he latest edition of the National Geographic’s Traveller Magazine has published a “Travel Palestine” advertisement and the Advertising Standards Authority has been inundated with complaints that … Continue reading

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