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A Jew who visited Palestine responds to ‘NYT’ assertion that Palestinians want to kill all Jews

NYT public editor Margaret Sullivan kept racist smear alive when she said all the Times had to do was modify the statement in a letter that Palestinians want to kill “all Jews” to say “Some” or “many” Palestinians. Ted Auerbach, who lately visited Palestine, responds to the racist claim

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Snowden revealed a world of conspiracies I once would have scoffed at– Bryan Burrough

Terry Gross has avoided the topic of Edward Snowden on “Fresh Air,” but when she pressed Bryan Burrough, he admitted that Snowden has transformed his understanding of how the world works

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Bridgegate 2.0: Israeli tech students manipulate traffic patterns

In Today’s Times, Nick Bilton has a piece on novel uses of “bots,” or computer code that impersonates humans and mimics their activities on-line, titled “Friends, and Influence for Sale Online.” Here are a few paragraphs near the end of … Continue reading

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John Judis’s Truman book is a landmark in anti-Zionism

Truman and FDR both predicted World War 3 in establishing a Jewish state. And then– Zionist lobbyists convinced Truman he needed political support from the American Jewish community, and Palestinians got screwed out of their lands, John Judis argues in his new book

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Tax-deductible US group pushes Israeli control of Temple Mount

‘Time to get the Arabs out?’ — of Jerusalem’s holy places — is the appeal on a pro-Israel site. The same appeal is said to have appeared on the page of a US charity that supports Israeli soldiers and is pushing Israeli control of the Temple Mount

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Obama and Kerry are spurred by ‘vainglory’ in pursuing talks — Finkelstein

Netanyahu threw in the Jewish state demand to sabotage talks, Norman Finkelstein says. Why not just change your name to the Jewish State of Israel, ala the Islamic Republic of Iran?

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Why should planning in West Bank be divided on ethnic lines? –Palestinian villages’ petition

Israeli court to hear Palestinian villages’ petition to end ethnically-based discrimination in West Bank planning. Rabbis for Human Rights is pushing the measure aimed at a Jim Crow system of two laws for two ethnicities, privileging Jews

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Southern Poverty Law Center takes Blumenthal’s side against smear campaign

History News Network runs a further smear against Max Blumenthal, suggesting he’s an anti-Semite who incited killings in Kansas City, and tries to undo the damage by running Southern Poverty Law Center’s vigorous denunciation of the smears

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‘Haaretz’ removes red-baiting headline — ‘I’m not anti-Israel’ — on Steve Walt interview

Haaretz had a redbaiting headline on its Steve Walt interview — “I’m not anti-Israel,” Now it’s replaced it with a headline asking why Walt wants to end the special relationship between the countries

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‘Like the NRA, AIPAC sows fear in the halls of Congress’ — Dem consultant

John Aravosis praises a sensational terrifying Bloomberg ad taking on the gun lobby as worthy of AIPAC — but would anyone ever run such an ad against AIPAC and the special relationship of the US and Israel?

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‘Israel is the home of all Jews,’ declares a right-wing official

Is Israel your home? Israel’s deputy foreign minister, a rightwing Jewish nationalist, says it’s clear to see that Israel is home to all the world’s Jews.

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Mark Halperin excommunicates Rand Paul, over Israel

Mark Halperin says Rand Paul’s views on Israel disqualify him. “That guy could evolve from Passover to Easter to Christmas to every holiday in the world. He could spend his whole life evolving….That is an important part of the current view of foreign policy. He can evolve all he wants, I just don’t think he can get over that hurdle”

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Long ago, Bill Buckley and Woody Allen agreed on occupation

In a TV show not long after ’67 war, Woody Allen quipped that Israel shouldn’t give the occupied land back, but “sell it back.” Conservative guest Bill Buckley echoed him and went further.

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‘NYT’ abided by Israeli gag order even as ‘EI’ scooped it repeatedly

Margaret Sullivan, the Times public editor, says she is “troubled” by a decision by the New York Times Jerusalem bureau to go along with an Israeli gag order and not report news of the detention of Israeli Palestinian journalist Majd Kayyal by Israeli secret police

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Reports of anti-Semitism in Ukraine and Hungary

News reports are casting doubt on authenticity of anti-Semitic fliers attributed to pro-Russian forces in Ukraine, saying they are likely a provocation. Hungary’s anti-Semitic party’s rise is a more concerning development.

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Stephen Walt: publishing ‘Israel lobby’ ended any thought of serving in US gov’t

After long angry interview with Steve Walt, Haaretz writer Chemi Shalev has an epiphany born of his late mother’s experience in Europe: Walt is one of those gentiles who pretend to like Jews but doesn’t.

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Updated: Remote-control gun installed atop wall near Bethlehem — Ma’an

Palestinian sources are saying that a device mounted to Israel’s separation wall north of Bethelehm is a remote-controlled machine gun, which produces anxiety among Bethlehemites.

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Friedman prepares American Jews for a divorce from zealot Israel

Tom Friedman channels Max Blumenthal, telling American Jews that Israel isn’t a place they’d love. It’s filled with religious zealots and political extremists

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Roger Ailes demands NY village official take down ‘Facebook’ post. She says no

Stephanie Hawkins, a village trustee in upstate NY, has stood up to an onslaught of legal threats from Fox News chairman Roger Ailes because of a Facebook post she wrote that he didn’t like.

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Fear of Arab-Americans in the public square

Many have expressed fear of Arab and Muslim-American political actions on campus. The fear is of a different point of view being expressed, the challenge to an establishment that has killed 100s of 1000s of Muslims around the world.

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Palestinians can have an embassy in Jerusalem, but God forbid not a capital — Israeli mayor

Nir Barkat says that Jerusalem must never be divided, and that Palestinians should have their “center of life” in Ramallah, and an embassy in Jerusalem. On Fareed Zakaria’s show GPS.

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Alterman says BDS is helping Netanyahu

Eric Alterman outshines the New York Times laying the blame for the failure of peace talks at Netanyahu’s door. Then he lashes out at BDS, saying it’s helped the occupation. A bizarre and absurd claim.

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You know Israel’s in trouble when ‘NYT’ runs op-ed saying it’s replacing Iran as isolated theocracy

The New York Times runs an astonishing opinion piece by an Iranian and Israeli scholars saying that Iran is becoming a secular society with the world’s good opinion, while Israel grows rightwing, intolerant and subject to a surging BDS movement because of its occupation.

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‘Secret’ London conference seeks to link BDS to… terrorism

At a not-so-secret secret conference in London, Israel advocates like Ron Lauder hint at the use of Israeli “intelligence” to take on global critics of Israel

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Why are two Republican congressmen doing a walkabout on the Temple Mount?

Congressmen Bill Johnson of Ohio and David McKinley of West Virginia toured the Temple Mount in February with a rightwing messianic Jew who wants Jews to reclaim the Muslim site. They are evidently playing for the evangelical vote in swing districts

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