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Updated: Remote-control gun installed atop wall near Bethlehem — Ma’an

Palestinian sources are saying that a device mounted to Israel’s separation wall north of Bethelehm is a remote-controlled machine gun, which produces anxiety among Bethlehemites.

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Friedman prepares American Jews for a divorce from zealot Israel

Tom Friedman channels Max Blumenthal, telling American Jews that Israel isn’t a place they’d love. It’s filled with religious zealots and political extremists

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Roger Ailes demands NY village official take down ‘Facebook’ post. She says no

Stephanie Hawkins, a village trustee in upstate NY, has stood up to an onslaught of legal threats from Fox News chairman Roger Ailes because of a Facebook post she wrote that he didn’t like.

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Fear of Arab-Americans in the public square

Many have expressed fear of Arab and Muslim-American political actions on campus. The fear is of a different point of view being expressed, the challenge to an establishment that has killed 100s of 1000s of Muslims around the world.

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Palestinians can have an embassy in Jerusalem, but God forbid not a capital — Israeli mayor

Nir Barkat says that Jerusalem must never be divided, and that Palestinians should have their “center of life” in Ramallah, and an embassy in Jerusalem. On Fareed Zakaria’s show GPS.

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Alterman says BDS is helping Netanyahu

Eric Alterman outshines the New York Times laying the blame for the failure of peace talks at Netanyahu’s door. Then he lashes out at BDS, saying it’s helped the occupation. A bizarre and absurd claim.

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You know Israel’s in trouble when ‘NYT’ runs op-ed saying it’s replacing Iran as isolated theocracy

The New York Times runs an astonishing opinion piece by an Iranian and Israeli scholars saying that Iran is becoming a secular society with the world’s good opinion, while Israel grows rightwing, intolerant and subject to a surging BDS movement because of its occupation.

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‘Secret’ London conference seeks to link BDS to… terrorism

At a not-so-secret secret conference in London, Israel advocates like Ron Lauder hint at the use of Israeli “intelligence” to take on global critics of Israel

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Why are two Republican congressmen doing a walkabout on the Temple Mount?

Congressmen Bill Johnson of Ohio and David McKinley of West Virginia toured the Temple Mount in February with a rightwing messianic Jew who wants Jews to reclaim the Muslim site. They are evidently playing for the evangelical vote in swing districts

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About that special relationship…

The U.S. ruins its image in the Arab world for Israel and vetoes UN resolutions condemning the country. But when it wants help on its policy against Russian in the Ukraine, Israel is nowhere to be found. Busy cultivating the Russians!

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Two desperate anti-Semitism charges, from Foxman and Boteach

Foxman first said the prosecution of Jonathan Pollard wasn’t anti-Semitic. Now he indicates he’s changed his mind, the entire case is a “vendetta” against American Jews lest they support Israel. Oh and Shmuley Boteach calls Emma Thompson an anti-Semite for a similar reason

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To reach the ‘moveable middle’ in Jewish life, you must be inside the tent

Kenneth Bob and Daniel Fleshler of the liberal Zionist group Ameinu explain why it is important for them to be on the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, which has taken a step toward excluding J Street, so as to keep the organization from being even more rightwing

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Amid ‘climate of fear’ at Vassar, president comes out against ‘action and protest’ re Israel

Rachel Friedman and Jill Schneiderman say a climate of fear has descended on Vassar College when it comes to the Israel/Palestine conversation. The college president takes their side, urging students not to resort to “action and protest” but have “discussion.”

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Israel’s brand rides high on NPR

NPR’s Melissa Block uses the word Arab over and over to refer to a Palestinian in a feel-good story about a chef contest in Israel. Trying to make the conflict go away with good stories about Israel…

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Dershowitz plays McCarthy, and John Dingell is labeled ‘anti-Israel’

Circling the wagons, American Jewish leaders took a step toward barring the liberal Zionist group J Street from the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Orgs. Why are Ameinu and Americans for Peace Now in the Conference given these parameters?

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‘No decision has been made on Jonathan Pollard,’ says State Dep’t

Yesterday the internet buzzed with conflicting reports of the impending release of Jonathan Pollard, spy for Israel. But the State Dep’t says nothing has changed, no decision has been made about his release.

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For Miliband, the road to 10 Downing Street runs through Jerusalem and Sderot

British Labour Leader Ed Miliband wants to be Prime Minister. So now he’s in Israel, proclaiming his Jewish roots and lamenting rocket attacks from Gaza

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‘Not a single person in this room would accept living as Palestinians do, generation after generation’

At Columbia U, Peter Beinart said much of what he writes is out of a fear that Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza will get a vote in Israel. Hussein Ibish said that the occupation is a unique form of ethnic discrimination and control world-wide; and no American would accept it.

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6 DC heavyweights tell Kerry, Netanyahu in West Bank is like Putin in Crimea

Israel’s “expansive territorial agenda” in the West Bank is like Russia’s in the Crimea, write Brzezinski, Siegman, Carlucci, and Hills in ‘Politico’; and the U.S. is complicit in “morally unacceptable stances” by Netanyahu because it refuses to criticize Israel

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‘There’s a lot of anti-Semitism out there’ — Johansson reviews her role as ‘new face of apartheid’

Ynet reports: “Scarlett Johansson says anti-Semitism behind criticism of SodaStream endorsement”

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Aussie media focus on Carr’s assertion that Israel lobby had ‘direct line’ into Prime Minister’s office

Former Australian foreign minister Bob Carr says that former P.M. Julia Gillard didn’t allow him to utter a word of criticism against Israeli settlements because the Israel lobby had a “direct line” into her office. Aussie media are taking the assertion seriously, and quizzing lobbyist Mark Liebler about it.

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State Dep’t tries to clean up Kerry’s ‘Poof’

“I would caution you against over-emphasizing the meaning of ‘poof,’” Jen Psaki of State Department says, in laying blame for breakdown of peace talks at the feet of both Israelis and Palestinians

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Australia opposed Palestinian UN bid because foreign policy was ‘subcontracted to Jewish donors’ — report

Bob Carr, former Foreign Minister in Britain, says he confronted former Australian PM Rudd over opposition to Palestine’s bid for observer status at the U.N. and learned that Aussie foreign policy was ‘subcontracted to Jewish donors,’ 20 percent of those funding campaigns.

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‘NYT’ self-censors, axing headline blaming Israeli settlements

NYT’s Mark Landler had forthrightly reported that John Kerry blamed Israel’s announcement of 700 settlement units as the cause of the breakdown of negotiations in the Middle East. His piece has been rewritten, to shift the blame; and the headline blaming Israel has been killed in favor of “Mideast Frustration”

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Christie will get another crack at not saying ‘occupied territories’ at NY Adelson fete

Shmuley Boteach will host a dinner in NY featuring Cory Booker, Sean Penn and Chris Christie and Sheldon Adelson

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