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‘Heartbreaking’ is U.S. government’s talking point for Gaza massacre

Gaza is a massacre, and if you can’t say so you’re blind or corrupted. But the US supports Israel while covering itself by saying the civilian deaths are “heartbreaking.” “How can any person with a shred of decency support what Israel is doing in Gaza?” John Mearsheimer asks.

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‘Slate’ blames Birthright for indoctrinating American Jew who was killed fighting for Israel

Max Steinberg was an American Jew who died fighting for Israel in Gaza. Allison Benedikt at Slate says he was indoctrinated by Birthright, the program that introduces young American Jews to Israel, and Birthright is in part to blame for his death

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Oh what a lovely war!

The Jewish National Fund is promoting a singles trip for American Jewish singles that went to Israel and Palestine recently as an opportunity to find “love in the shadow of war.”

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Arab reporters come under attack from Israelis

A BBC Arabic reporter was shoved by an angry Israeli while on air from Ashkelon; and Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman says the gov’t wants to bar Al Jazeera from the country, even as the outlet’s Gaza offices were struck by Israeli fire

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US Jews occupy Israeli army support office in NY in civil disobedience action

More than a dozen Jews occupied the offices of the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces in NY today, and read the names of victims of the Gaza slaughter. Police had arrived by late this morning

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Gaza onslaught is p.r. problem for Israel’s ‘moral authority’ — Albright

Madeleine Albright says the pictures of civilian deaths in Gaza are “hurting Israel’s moral authority.” Andrea Mitchell is concerned about Israel’s economy, now that airlines aren’t flying in. While Richard Engel and Ayman Mohyeldin document the imprecise nature of the Israeli onslaught.

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Naomi Wolf walked out of synagogue when they had nothing to say about Gaza massacre

Author Naomi Wolf went to synagogue Friday and left early because they didn’t mention Gaza massacre, which she regards as a genocide. Where is God? God is standing with your neighbors when they are being annihilated, she writes.

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Finally, Israel is alienating the US mainstream media

The patently brutal and disastrous Israeli policy in Gaza is at last opening space inside the US mainstream media to express criticism of Israel. The conflict is repulsing the mainstream much as the massacres of Cast Lead five years ago forever alienated the US left.

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‘Washington Post’ exhibits naked double standard in Israeli, Palestinian deaths (and injuries)

Do Palestinians count? Not to the Washington Post. In covering an Israeli police storming of the Al Aqsa mosque plaza on Friday, it quotes an Israeli spokesman and leaves out 110 injured Palestinians, per Palestinian account

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Hamas wants to pile up ‘telegenically-dead Palestinians for their cause’ — Netanyahu, on television

And you thought Israel is killing civilians? Pro-Israel talking point is that Palestinians are piling up dead civilians for their cause. Netanyahu says they seek “telegenically-dead” civilians. David Brooks and Bill Clinton say Hamas wants dead civilians.

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Kristof says Stephen Hawking and American Studies Association support Hamas

Nicholas Kristof lectures Palestinians about throwing rocks but has no condemnation of Israeli violence in his latest column and justifies the Israeli blockade of Gaza. He mentions Israelis kidnapped in June but leaves out Palestinian youths killed by Israelis in May.

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Arrests without charge of American beating victim’s relatives in Jerusalem leave State Dep’t ‘deeply concerned’

The State Dep’t condemns Turkish PM Erdogan’s allegation that Israel is undertaking “genocide” in Gaza; and it expresses “deep concern” about the arrest without charges in Jerusalem of “several” relatives of Tariq Abu Khdeir, the 15-year-old American beaten brutally there two weeks ago

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On the defensive, Barney Frank accuses Clemons and Kornacki of ganging up on him, and Israel

Another sign that the mainstream is shifting: Steve Clemons of the New America Foundation says on MSNBC the “vast majority” of Israel’s 319 victims are innocent in Gaza, and Barney Frank splutters that he’s anti-Israel.

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Mr. Obama, spend one night with us in Shifa hospital, it would change history

Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert says the second night of Israel’s ground invasion in Gaza was extreme: carloads with maimed, torn apart, bleeding, shivering, dying – all sorts of injured Palestinians, all ages, all civilians, all innocent.

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Gaza is a concentration camp, and it’s an American delusion not to recognize that — Weschler

The “remorseless, repetitively compulsive” element of Israeli violence in Gaza has compelled Lawrence Weschler, a well-known writer, to declare that Israel has “rabies” and that Gaza is a “concentration camp,” and Americans must shed themselves of the delusion that it’s not.

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NBC reverses; Mohyeldin to return to Gaza to cover ‘Palestinian side of story’

A triumph! Under a wave of grass-roots pressure, NBC has reversed itself on removing Ayman Mohyeldin from covering the Gaza conflict. The reporter will return to cover “the Palestinian side of the story,” he says.

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Mohyeldin’s boss at NBC rallied ‘Jewish passion’ for Israel when ‘it is physically threatened’

Gaza conflict is producing memorable moments in self-censorship. CNN’s Diana Magnay removes a tweet describing Israelis who threatened her as “scum” and the network has sent her to Moscow. Dwight Howard removed his #FreePalestine tweet. Jewish Voice for Peace wants NBC to reinstate Ayman Mohyeldin

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Bowing to AIPAC, Senate unanimously passes resolution supporting Israel

Sheldon Adelson and Bernard Marcus fund the anti-Iran lobby machine that “dominates” Capitol Hill. And they fund AIPAC, which dominates the Senate, which passes a resolution supporting Israel’s assault on Gaza, without a word about Palestinian deaths.

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‘Heartbroken’ at ‘horrifying’ killing of boys, State Dep’t says Israel must do more to prevent civilian deaths

The State Department finally raises an eyebrow over Israel’s killing of civilians in Gaza. Israel could be doing “more” to prevent such deaths, says Jen Psaki, and approves Shimon Peres’s handwringing over such deaths. Will anything change?

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‘Hamas… is putting their own people at risk’ — State Dep’t on Israel killing 4 boys on Gaza beach

When Rosiland Jordan of Al Jazeera asked whether Gazans aren’t “hardened” by having their children killed when they are trying to play on the beach, State Dep’t’s Jen Psaki put the onus on Hamas for “putting their people at risk.” Ayman Mohyeldin of NBC called out the remark

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Jet Blue incident shifts from anti-Semitic story to anti-Palestinian one

A NY Jewish doctor was removed from Jet Blue flight for… abusing a Palestinian fellow passenger, ranting that she was a terrorist. The July 7 incident had initially been reported as an anti-Semitic one

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NBC reportedly orders Mohyeldin to leave Gaza — after he criticized State Dep’t

NBC News was made uncomfortable by the massacre of boys playing soccer on the Gaza beach yesterday, assigning its coverage to Richard Engel in Israel and not Ayman Mohyeldin, who witnessed it. Still, the US mainstream media has registered the massacre as an atrocity. Anthony Bourdain and the NYT’s Tyler Hicks are memorializing the boys appropriately.

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10 Palestinian civilians killed in last 24 hours, bringing total to 158

Israel has now killed 195 Palestinians, 158 of whom are civilians, Including 36 children and 29 women in 9 days of attacks on Gaza, says the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, in calling on international bodies to investigate Israel for war crimes and violations of the Fourth Geneva Convention

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Sullivan and Leveretts throw in the towel on two-state solution

Israel’s onslaught on Gaza, killing nearly 200, and the failure of the peace process have had a big effect on US realists: Andrew Sullivan and the Leveretts say that the two-state solution is over and we must reckon with a one state reality in which Palestinians clamor for equal rights. When will liberal Zionists follow?

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Congresswoman who visited Israel on AIPAC’s dime has no time for relative of boy beaten by Israeli police

Florida Congresswoman Kathy Castor wants to save the manatees but when a Palestinian-American constituent is beaten up by Israeli police, her staff throws a relative of the boy out of her office. Castor visited Israel on the Israel lobby’s tab in 2011

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