Philip Weiss


It’s a “canard,” says Halie Soifer of the Jewish Democratic Council of America. A “false story,” says former ambassador Dan Shapiro. Biden’s surrogates in the Jewish community go to great lengths to try to debunk a story that Joe Biden took on Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin over settlements in 1982. But the encounter is documented in the New York Times.

(Cartoon: Carlos Latuff)

The Democratic Party has squelched the Palestinian issue. Yesterday, Kamala Harris had a conference call with 1800 Jewish Democratic donors and assured them a President Biden will never condition aid to Israel over its conduct and that Biden-Harris will show “unwavering support” for Israel. The party has shut down the left’s criticism of Israel saying it could damage the effort to make Donald Trump a one-termer.

Rabbi Sharon Brous implies that Republicans are influenced by autocrats in trying to divide the Democratic Party by getting American Jews and Muslims to argue about Israel. “What is happening right now is straight out of the autocrats’ playbook. We turn communities against each other, so that there’s no time to look together at what our shared values are and our shared interests are and work toward a better future together. “

Daniel Shapiro, a point man for Biden on pro-Israel issues, officially represents INSS, an Israeli security org, so the Foreign Agents Registration Act would seem to apply to him. Shapiro has said a year ago his service for INSS is “temporary” but he’s still there and has lived in Tel Aviv since he stopped being U.S. ambassador in 2017.

Israel supporters exult over Joe Biden. He wrote the Democratic Party platform himself, which removes reference to occupation, says Robert Wexler. And Kamala Harris “clearly stands in the Biden wing of the Democratic Party in terms of Israel, so I don’t know what more VP Biden could possibly do to engender the type of confidence that he has built up over four decades of being one of Israel’s strongest, staunchest supporters day in day out in every circumstance. … His pick for vice president is exactly like him in staunchly supporting Israel.”