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Boston, Baghdad & Birmingham

Instead of feasting their feat, innocent men and women of all ages were limping and crying. In a matter of seconds, Boston became Baghdad on the tax day. Bodies, blood and broken limbs were on the streets of Boston and … Continue reading

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America: connect the dots

Can the recent tragic death of the U.S. Ambassador and four staff members of the U.S. Embassy in Libya, and the anti-Muslim film entangled in the tragic affair sway the November elections?

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On September 11, 2011

My tears are more than a drop – they are an ocean pregnant with silent sorrows In it are my tears for the thousands on the morning of september eleven [1] Those who were dressed in slacks and shorts, and … Continue reading

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Responding to Michael Oren, in his own words

The following is a response to Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren’s September 15th editorial in the Los Angeles Times: Imagine that you are a parent who sends her children off to school in the morning worrying whether they will be arbitrarily … Continue reading

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