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Sanchez’s PR man said Palestinians have no claim to Jerusalem

The other day this site mentioned Rick Sanchez’s kowtowing to the lobby in the aftermath of his on-air blow-up on CNN that sent him packing in October 2010. Sanchez hired a new PR guy by the name of Ronn Torossian, who, and … Continue reading

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Politico’s Mike Allen lends legitimacy to neocon smear org

Yesterday, Politico reporter Mike Allen appeared on Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough, and, to be sure, behaved just as he always does, and how most Politico Beltway beat reporters do. Which is to say, to use Glenn Greenwald’s phrase, he … Continue reading

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Divestment makes Jews uncomfortable because it confronts them with facts that have been suppressed

Steve Horn has an op-ed in the UWisconsin newspaper, the Badger Herald, today on divestment. Excerpt: When divestment is called for, it is often shunned immediately, yet this time around in Berkeley, in the aftermath of the brutal Operation Cast … Continue reading

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