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The chutzpah of hasbara

Israel returns 1000 Sudanese nationals to certain punishment. Wait, didn’t the west get eternal obloquy and scorn for just such measures against Jews?

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A story that even ‘hasbara’ cannot explain

Israel’s coaxing of Ethiopian women to take birth control, evidently so as to suppress African birth rate, is a story that flies in the face of democracy

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Iran is so irrational it would invite its own destruction (Inside the mind of the anti-anti-Semites)

Why does Netanyahu believe that Iran is so irrational as to commit national suicide by attacking Israel? Well, he’s an anti-anti-Semite

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‘NYT’ responds to Netanyahu: ‘Israelis misled and bullied US’ before Sabra and Shatila too

An op-ed in the Times saying that Israel bullied the US into accepting its version of events before the horrific Sabra and Shatila massacre 30 years ago is a brilliant response to Netanyahu’s claims that Iran is led by fanatical zealots and must be attacked

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Moses and Mohammed are not equivalent figures in Jewish and Islamic faiths

Not a day goes by without deception and propaganda from Jeffrey Goldberg

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Why does Goldberg inject Holocaust into Netanyahu’s calculations? (To play us)

Jeffrey Goldberg interprets Netanyahu for Americans: He’s just trying to save the Jewish people. Not a cynical bone in Jeffrey’s body!

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