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The challenge for Tzedek Chicago

Marc H. Ellis on
Brant Rosen, center, with Steering Committee co-chairs Mark Miller (left) and Susan Klonsky (right) at the Tzedek Chicago launch event, June 28, 2015 (photo: Lisa Kosowski)

Rabbi Brant Rosen’s new congregational venture Tzedek Chicago continues to make news. Writing in the Forward, Jonathan Paul Katz thinks that such a non-Zionist venture rooted in universal Jewish values might fill a gap in Jewish life. That said, the issue is much more profound than Katz is aware of.

‘One cannot understand conflict without knowing its victims’

Allison Deger on
Allison Deger in Bil'in.

Want to be inspired? Read Allison Deger’s moving account of how she went from being a college journalist to being a reporter in the West Bank. Please help us raise $50,000 this summer to tell the stories that raise the level of discourse, challenge widespread lies, and help change minds for better policy.

You won’t find a mix like ours anywhere else in the media!

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Recent voices graphic with megaphone

At Mondoweiss we believe that publishing a wide range of eloquent voices can raise the level of discourse, challenge widespread lies, and help change minds for better policy. The website has become a major resource for justice in Israel/Palestine because of you. Your attention, your comments, your word of mouth, and your donations. We are proud of the content we’ve been able to deliver using minimal resources, but to increase Mondoweiss’s impact, we need you to spread the word and provide financial support.

What you are investing in when you support Mondoweiss

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graphic for top of July 8 post

When you give to Mondoweiss, what are you investing in? You are helping bring to light stories like Dan Cohen’s article about two-year-old Ahmad Najjar and his family, forced to live in a metal shipping container since Israel bombed their home in Gaza last summer. And you make possible coverage like the photo essay by Abed Al Qaisi that we published on Nakba Day 2015, revealing the lives of Palestinian refugees in Iraq never seen in mainstream American media. Each of you has your own reasons for visiting Mondoweiss, a unique news operation that serves an amazing community of activists and thinkers. Please donate today to help us raise $50,000 by July 15 to continue this important work.

One year later, Gazan detainee still being held by Israel without trial

Kate on
A Palestinian flag is attached to the barbed wires of Israel's Ofer prison in West Bank, while the families wait for the release of Palestinian prisoners (AFP Photo / Abbas Momani)

Haaretz reports: Explosives expert Sami Najar, who the Shin Bet says is a potential danger to national security, is the only one left in detention out of over 100 Gazans arrested last summer. The Shin Bet security service says Najar remains in administrative detention because he has exceptional knowledge about building explosive devices. For now, it is not known when he will be released.

Help Mondoweiss Turn Up The Volume

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Today we are launching our campaign —Be The Mondoweiss Megaphone. As a Mondoweiss reader, you know the site’s content is an essential antidote to 99% of articles in the mainstream press. Please help us raise $50,000 to bring Mondoweiss to more thinking people, opinion leaders, policy-makers, and policy un-makers too!

I believe I can make a difference in my lifetime

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Graphic for top of Annie post

In the latest message in our series, “Be The Mondoweiss Megaphone,” Editor-at-large Annie Robbins shares her inspiration for working to cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: “My hopes and dreams are that Palestine will be free. I strongly believe truth is the most effective weapon there is and the more people are exposed to it, the better it is for everyone.” Please help Mondoweiss raise $50,000 by July 15 to support a unique news operation that serves an amazing community of activists and thinkers.

Real-world impact: You and Mondoweiss can change minds

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graphic for top of offline action post-REVISED

Today as part of our ‘Be the Mondoweiss Megaphone’ campaign we’re looking beyond social media and “clicktivism” to the many opportunities in your daily routine to reach people through live conversation and traditional media. Please help us raise $50,000 to bring Mondoweiss to more thinking people, opinion leaders, policy-makers, and policy un-makers too.

Spread the Word: Announcing the weekly Mondoweiss newsletter

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There is a new way to share the news you read on Mondoweiss -- the weekly Mondoweiss newsletter.

As part of our current Be The Mondoweiss Megaphone campaign, we are sharing some of what we’ve learned about how to win people’s attention and engage them on the critical issue of justice in Israel/Palestine. Recently, we’ve introduced a new tool that, with your help, can increase the attention and sense of urgency among people less focused on Israel/Palestine — the weekly Mondoweiss e-newsletter.

My journey from Zionism to Palestine solidarity

Adam Horowitz on
Adam and Anna Baltzer leading an Interfaith Peace-Builders delegation to Israel/Palestine in 2011.

Mondoweiss co-editor Adam Horowitz shares his personal story of becoming engaged in the Palestine solidarity movement as part of our “Be The Mondoweiss Megaphone” campaign. Please help us raise $50,000 to bring Mondoweiss to more thinking people, opinion leaders, policy-makers, and policy un-makers too!

Controversy ignites as Joint Arab List member joins Gaza flotilla

Kate on
The Marianne of Gothenburg is preparing to set sail for Gaza (Photo: Joran Fagerlund)

AFP reports: An announcement by a [Palestinian] lawmaker that he plans to join a pro-Palestinian flotilla seeking to break Israel’s blockade on Gaza caused outrage Monday among the country’s political class. Basel Ghattas, an Israeli MP with the Joint Arab List, sparked controversy after he announced he would join other parliamentarians and public figures from around the world in the latest attempt to reach Gaza by ship later this month.

Hamas military wing claims responsibility for killing Israeli in the West Bank

Kate on
Palestinians raise Hamas flags at what remains of the house of Hussam Qawasmeh, accused by Israel of being part of the plot to kidnap three hitchhikers. (AFP/Hazem Bader, File via Maan News)

Ma’an News: Hamas military wing Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades reportedly claimed responsibility for Friday’s West Bank shooting that left an Israel man dead and another lightly injured. A statement released by the group identified the “Marwan Qawasmeh and Amir Abu Eisha Brigade” as the group directly behind Friday’s shooting, adding that “the operation was carried out days before the first anniversary of the martyrs Marwan Qawasmeh and Amir Abu Eisha.” The two were killed by Israeli forces after being accused of kidnapping and killing three Israeli teenage settlers near Hebron last summer in what many say was a triggering point for last summer’s Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip.

Charleston: Do Black and Palestinian lives matter?

Marc H. Ellis on
Nine victims of the Charleston church shooting. Top row: Cynthia Hurd, Rev. Clementa Pinckney, Rev. Sharonda Coleman-Singleton Middle row: Daniel Simmons, Rev. Depayne Middleton Doctor, Tywanza Sanders Bottom row: Myra Thompson, Ethel Lee Lance, Susie Jackson Via Facebook and Getty Images

Do Black lives matter in America? After the murders in Charleston, the historic debate about race in American history rages on a new level. Do Black lives matter to Jews? Another longstanding debate stretching from the Civil Rights era to the present. Yet of late a new and dangerous element is being reintroduced into the discussion by BlackLivesMatter and Jews of Conscience that threatens to resolve the issue in a definitive and negative way. The issue revolves around Jews and Palestinians: If Palestinian lives don’t matter to Jews, how can Black lives matter to Jews?

Netanyahu government ramps up effort to combat BDS

Kate on
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chairs the weekly cabinet meeting at his Jerusalem office, Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014. (AP Photo/Gali Tibbon, Pool)

Ynet reports: Benjamin Netanyahu held talks with several officials over the weekend regarding the possible plans of action to combat BDS. The talks included Strategic Affairs and Information Minister Gilad Erdan, whose office’s purview includes fighting BDS, as well as other officials from relevant ministries. Netanyahu and Erdan agreed that his office will receive at least NIS 100 million, most of which will go to fighting BDS. Erdan’s office will also receive 10 new positions for employees who will deal solely with the boycott and de-legitimization activities against Israel. The minister mentioned that he is flooded with calls from Jewish leaders from across the globe, who want to join the effort against BDS.

New Israeli bill aims to put Palestinian stone-throwers in jail for 10-20 years

Kate on
A Palestinian protestor prepares to throw a stone towards Israeli security forces during clashes at the entrance of the Jalama checkpoint, near the West Bank city of Jenin, on February 24, 2013. (Photo: Saif Dahlah / AFP)

Al Jazeera reports: Adoption of a bill by Israeli cabinet ministers aimed at imposing tougher penalties on stone-throwers is the latest discriminatory measure by Israel, singling out Palestinians, a Palestinian diplomat has told Al Jazeera. The draft law stipulates 10 years in jail for stone-throwers without the need to prove the defendant’s intention to harm anyone. “When it comes to the Palestinians and Israelis, Israel has two different judicial systems. One is applicable to Israeli citizens and the other for Palestinians,” Maen Rashid Areikat, the chief of Palestinian Liberation Organisation Delegation in Washington DC, told Al Jazeera.

Israeli President: Academic boycott of Israel is ‘strategic threat of the first order’

Kate on

Haaretz reports: President Reuven Rivlin yesterday described academic boycotts against Israel as a “strategic threat of the first order.” During a discussion of the issue at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem, the chairman of the Council of Presidents of Israeli Universities, Technion president Prof. Peretz Lavie, said it was still possible to stop the snowball effect of the movement, but warned that “we are at the 90th minute.”

West Bank Palestinians stuck in three-hour traffic jam due to Israeli settler bike race

Kate on
(Photo: Ma'an Images)

Ma‘an reports: Heavy traffic jams were reported along the main road between Hebron and Bethlehem on Monday as a settler bicycle race took place in the area. The 30-minute drive between the two cities took three hours as Israeli forces closed a main exit from Hebron connecting to Route 60 as settlers from Kiryat Arba took part in a race.

Israeli military attacks Nakba Day protests with live fire

Kate on
Protestor shot in his leg with live ammunition during protest in West Bank village of Kafr Qaddum. (Photo: International Solidarity Movement)

AFP reports: “Israeli soldiers fired tear gas, rubber and live bullets at Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip on Friday, wounding at least 21 people, medics and security sources said. Clashes took place near Ramallah and farther north in Nablus, after a new Israeli cabinet took office and as Palestinians marked 67 years since the Nakba.”

New Netanyahu government to expand support for Israeli settlements

Kate on
The Israeli flag flying over Israeli settlements in the West Bank (Photo: Reuters)

The Alternative Information Center reports: Israel’s new government is planning to “legalise” West Bank settlement construction conducted in contravention of Israeli law, according to the coalition agreement between Likud and the Jewish Home. This stands in stark contrast to the demolition policy implemented by Israel against Palestinian-owned homes built without permits.