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With nearly half a million displaced in Gaza, UNRWA head calls on Israel to take responsibility

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza has surpassed the United Nations capabilities for emergency shelter and services and is now the responsibility of the Israel army, said the Commissioner General of the United Nations Refugee Works Association (UNRWA)

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Liberation theology and the war in Gaza

To many, Leonardo Boff is a prophet. As a Brazilian Roman Catholic liberation theologian for many years, Boff is respected on the religious left for his outspoken critique of injustice within and outside of the church. His influence is so wide and his ideas so radical that some years ago he was censored by the Vatican in Rome. In a wide-ranging interview in Iglesia Descalza, Boff spoke about the new Pope with ease and respect. Though Boff’s words on the Pope, especially his opening to gays and abortion, are important and in Catholic circles controversial, no doubt his reflections on Gaza – and Jews – will also garner attention.

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‘Children killed in their sleep’: Israeli artillery fire hits UN school, killing at least 20

Israeli army fire hit a United Nations school in the Jabaliya refugee camp in Gaza today, killing at least 20 Palestinians and injuring an estimated 90 people. The United Nations Relief Works and Agency (UNRWA)’s initial investigation placed the blame squarely on Israel for killing civilians and violating international law. “Last night, children were killed as they slept next to their parents on the floor of a classroom in a UN designated shelter in Gaza. Children killed in their sleep; this is an affront to all of us, a source of universal shame. Today the world stands disgraced,” UNRWA head Pierre Krähenbühl said in a statement.

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Over a hundred people join Norman Finkelstein for civil disobedience outside the Israeli consulate in midtown Manhattan

Norman Finkelstein reached his goal yesterday afternoon, a quorum of at least 100 people to protest the latest Gaza massacre outside the Israeli consulate in midtown Manhattan. At half-past noon a vanguard of demonstrators lay in the crosswalk on Second Avenue, blocking southbound traffic for several minutes, until officers began making arrests. Finkenstein was adamant that the entire intersection not be blocked. Around 25 people were cuffed and loaded into paddy wagons, including Finkelstein and Brooklyn College professor Corey Robin.

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Slaughter is not self-defense: The assault on Gaza and the corruption of language

The twisted, vicious moralizing used to justify Israel’s assault is cloaked in the song of self-defense, a term frequently heard in the United States and seconded by all the former colonial and settler colonial powers that Europe spawned. For if colonial expansion and military intervention against subjugated populations were not named defense, how could the United States continue to slaughter whole Pakistani or Yemeni families with drone attacks?

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Assault on Gaza fuels surge of civil disobedience in protest of Israeli actions

A wave of civil disobedience actions has spread around the U.S. in recent weeks as Israel’s pummeling of Gaza continues apace. The activists, many of them young people, including Jews, are putting their bodies on the line in an attempt to draw attention to how the U.S. is implicated in the conflict in the Gaza Strip.

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To my Jewish friend (you know who you are)

Samah Sabawi writes publicly to an unnamed Jewish friend who has not reached out to her since the Israeli attack on Gaza began.

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Memoir of a war survivor

Sarah Algherbawi describes life in war torn Gaza: “Nothing is more difficult than death in this place but life. I think those who died “martyrs” are the luckiest! Lots of us are keep telling ourselves: unfortunately, we’re still alive!”

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Where my bomb shelters at?

After seeing the campaign for the upcoming “Comedy in Bomb Shelters Tour”, featuring Jewish-American comedians traveling to Israeli bomb shelters to perform stand-up comedy, Atheer Yacoub was inspired to expand this idea to Gaza. She figured, “They could probably use a little laughter in Gaza right now. After all, laughter is the best medicine, next to actual medicine, which they have no access to, along with food and other basic human necessities.”

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Survivors of massacre in Khuza’a say Israeli forces used Palestinians as human shields

Survivors of the Israeli massacre in Khuza’a say Israeli forces are using Palestinians as human shields and killing civilians as they attempt to receive medical care from the Red Cross or flee the besieged village. Khuza’a resident Abu Ali Qudail told Yousef Alhelou: “I was watching members of my family dying in front of me, some of them were torn to pieces. Rami, Ibrahim, Alia, Haj Abed died..we had to leave them behind, as soon as we reached one of the Khan Younis schools we entered it to seek shelter but it was very crowded with people who fled their homes. Its hard to see people dying and you do not know what to do. One of my relatives’ homes were struck while they were inside.” Above, ambulances wait to evacuate wounded people from Khuza’a on July 23, 2014.

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PLO official Hanan Ashrawi: Israel’s assault on Gaza is ‘state terrorism’ and should be referred to the International Criminal Court

Israel’s assault on Gaza is “state terrorism” and the state should be referred to the International Criminal Court over its war crimes, Palestine Liberation Organization official Hanan Ashrawi told Mondoweiss in an interview Friday. “When you target civilians, this is terrorism,” Ashrawi charged. The PLO executive committee member and prominent spokeswoman for the Palestinian cause also reiterated that the PLO backs a key cease-fire demand of Hamas: that Israel lift the blockade of the Gaza Strip, which has decimated the territory’s economy and cut it off from the outside world. Above, an emotional interview Ashrawi gave ABC News this past week, in which she said Israel was carrying out a “deliberate massacre” in the Gaza Strip.

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Breaking: Israel shelling hospital in Beit Hanoun, injured Palestinians and internationals trapped inside

Over the past seven hours the Israeli military has shelled a hospital in Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip where an injured international and Palestinians are trapped inside. Allison Deger spoke to Swedish national Fred Ekblad briefly during a 15 minute lull in the fire. He said the hospital was struck continuously since 7:00 pm this evening.

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Photo: Message on Israeli shell headed to Gaza, ‘Thats for canceling the Backstreet Boys, you scum!’

A photo of an Israeli shell headed to Gaza with the message “Thats for canceling the Backstreet Boys, you scum!” written on it.

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NY Times reports source of UNRWA school attack is unclear even though Israel said they did it

A New York Times report on yesterday’s bombing of an UNRWA school in Gaza that killed at least 15 people says “The source of the blasts was unclear,” but the Israeli military has already taken responsibility for the attack.

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In photos: Over 1,000 New Yorkers protest Israel’s attack on Gaza

Over 1,000 New Yorkers took to the streets on Thursday in a protest meant to call attention to U.S. complicity in Israel’s attack on Gaza. Organized by a wide coalition of Palestine solidarity groups, it was the latest action in New York City to call attention to the Israeli assault on Gaza. Here’s a collection of photos from the rally.

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Horrifying details continue to emerge of massacre in Khuza’a

Yesterday we published a brief account of an apparent massacre in the Palestinian village Khuza’a, a village east of Khan Younis and close to the Israeli border in Gaza. News reports of what happened, or is happening, in Khuza’a remain vague. The above video from Al Jazeera is the only broadcast news report we’ve been able to find. Most information from the village is coming over social media including a harrowing account from Khuza’a resident Mahmoud Ismail who tweeted out updates from the village: “As we walked I saw my uncle and his son, dead on the road next to their house. Snipers were hitting people in the legs. My other cousin died trying to save his bleeding brother in the street. They died on top of each other. There are corpses still lying in the streets, injured people waiting to become corpses, families who still haven’t escaped”

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Jews Say: End the War on Gaza — No Aid to Apartheid Israel!

A statement of Jews for Palestinian Right of Return, July 22, 2014.

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Israeli forces shell UN school where displaced Palestinians gathered, killing at least 9

The Israeli military shelled a United Nations Relief Works and Agency (UNRWA) school today, killing and injuring some of the Palestinians who had gathered there after fleeing their homes following Israeli messages to do so. News outlets on the ground in Gaza report that at least nine were killed, though the death toll may be higher. As Israel’s assault on Gaza intensified last week, they dropped leaflets in Palestinian neighborhoods urging them to flee ahead of heavy bombardment. Tens of thousands of people heeded the call, with UNRWA sheltering 140,000 people in 83 different schools. Above, a photo of the aftermath of an Israeli attack on a UN school in 2009, during Operation Cast Lead.

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Why Israel’s legal justifications for ‘Operation Protective Edge’ are wrong

On 8 July Israel launched “Operation Protective Edge” in the Gaza Strip followed, on 17 July, by an ongoing ground invasion. Reminiscent of “Operation Cast Lead” in December 2008 to January 2009 and“Operation Pillar of Defense” in November 2012, there have been violations of international law committed both by Israel and Palestinian resistance groups. Yet, as with previous operations, the framing of “Operation Protective Edge” by both the media and world leaders has not only distanced this latest round of hostilities from the wider context of Israel’s 47 year-old occupation of the Palestinian territory – namely the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip – but has also framed the discourse in a manner that largely legitimises Israel’s violations of international law. As a Palestinian human rights organisation established to protect and promote human rights and the rule of law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), Al-Haq has sought to address the widely inaccurate interpretations of international law that appear to justify Israel’s actions during “Operation Protective Edge”.

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‘No food, no water to revive awaiting certain death…’: Horrifying report from Khuza’a village following Israeli attack

Felice Gelman received a chilling report from her friend Yamen Radwan over Facebook earlier today. Radwan lives in Khuza’a, a village east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, where there have been reports of another possible massacre as part of Israel’s ongoing invasion of Gaza. Radwan wrote Gelman, “Martyrs and the wounded in the streets and under the rubble asking for help no one answered. Shots fired tank shells and sniper most of the houses were destroyed, including my house, #Red_Cross ambulances four times were hits , shot by the occupation forces offender. No food, no water to revive awaiting certain death…” Above, Palestinians flee their homes, presumably in or near Khuza’a, following heavy Israeli shelling during an Israeli ground offensive east of Khan Younis.

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9 Reasons why Israel is under rocket attack 

Why are rockets being fired into Israel in the first place? “Because the Palestinians are terrorists and anti-Semites?” Perhaps, or perhaps there are few more plausible explanations for Palestinian armed resistance; consider the following.

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‘We know that Israel has no red line when it attacks us’: Civilians bear the brunt as Israel’s offensive on Gaza continues

Yousef Alhelou reports from Gaza where news of another massacre is unfolding. Based on early reports, Khoza village, situated in the eastern part of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, is facing a similar fate to Shijaeyah which was almost flattened by Israeli tank shelling and air strikes over the weekend. Scores of people have been killed and injured as the village is now besieged by Israeli snipers, and people are being fired upon as they flee the bombardment. Above, Palestinian flee their homes following heavy Israeli shelling east of Khan Younis earlier today.

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Something you can do, wherever you are

It appears to Henry Norr that the horrific images we’re all seeing from Gaza are starting to have an effect, and more and more people are seeing through the politicians’ rhetoric about “Israel’s right to defend itself” and coming to understand the sheer viciousness of the Israeli onslaught – and the racism that underlies it.

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Humanitarian agencies warn of imminent water crisis in Gaza

Since the start of the Israeli assault on Gaza on 8 July 2014, the water and wastewater infrastructure in Gaza has been heavily affected by Israeli airstrikes. Main water supply and wastewater infrastructure has been hit and as a result the water supply or sewage services to 1.2 million (2/3 of the total population in Gaza) have been cut or severely disrupted. The targeting of civilian objects under situation of hostilities is prohibited according to International Humanitarian Law and is considered a war crime.

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The deafening silence around the Hamas proposal for a 10-year truce

During its first 14 days, the Israeli military aggression on the Gaza Strip has left a toll of over 500 dead, the vast majority of whom civilians, and many more injured. The Israeli government has been quick to put the blame on Hamas, which has been echoed by Western media and governments, but much less noticed was a proposal put forward by Hamas and Islamic Jihad for a 10 year truce on the basis of 10 – very reasonable – conditions. The proposal was in essence in line with what many international experts as well as the United Nations have asked for years, and included some aspects that Israel had already considered as feasible requests in the past. An agreement on the basis of the Hamas proposal could not only stop the current round of hostilities but also pave the way towards a lasting solution of the conflict. The fact that Israel has shown no interest in considering this proposal leads one to wonder whether Israel really wants a long lasting resolution of the conflict. Above, Palestinian rescue workers search for survivors under the rubble of a house was destroyed by an Israeli missile strike, in Gaza City on Monday.

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