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  • State Dep't says Netanyahu speech is not inappropriate, disrespectful, humiliating or embarrassing
    • '' I’d like to know why you included exclusively Jewish names on this list and omitted non-Jewish ones like Charles Fairbanks and James Colbert, both of whom worked on A Clean Break -----hoppie

      Dont worry about it....we are keeping a list of e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e.

    • '' Louis Brandeis resolved the contradiction by saying it was OK to pull for two teams, that’s an American tradition. - ----""

      No, its not an American tradition to pull for two teams in a situtation such as US interest vr Isr interest.
      There is no win win when dealing with /israel interest / team has to lose.
      The Jewish history, holocaust, israel etc. etc...are not part of America and do not belong in our government......its jewish not american, they need to keep it to themselves and get it out of our politics and policies.

  • Menendez bags on Iran sanctions, and congressman says AIPAC demands deference to Israel over US
    • @ MRW

      And to all US Israel supporters---get your Isr cult out of my government, treasury, media and universities
      Or find yourselves persona non grata in this country.

  • Obama won't meet Netanyahu during 'bizarre,' 'historic,' 'unprecedented' visit (Updated)
  • Congress invites Netanyahu to rebut Obama on Iran, and White House slams 'breach of protocol'
    • Martin Indyk@Martin_Indyk · 1h 1 hour ago
      Mossad has broken with Netanyahu on Iran, adding fuel to the fire in Washington. @joshrogin @elilake link to … via @BV

      Israeli Mossad Goes Rogue, Warns U.S. on Iran Sanctions
      34Jan 21, 2015 7:26 PM EST
      By Josh Rogin & Eli Lake
      The Israeli intelligence agency Mossad has broken ranks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, telling U.S. officials and lawmakers that a new Iran sanctions bill in the U.S. Congress would tank the Iran nuclear negotiations.
      Already, the Barack Obama administration and some leading Republican senators are using the Israeli internal disagreement to undermine support for the bill, authored by Republican Mark Kirk and Democrat Robert Menendez, which would enact new sanctions if current negotiations falter.
      Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee -- supported by Republican Senators Lindsay Graham and John McCain -- is pushing for his own legislation on the Iran nuclear deal, which doesn't contain sanctions but would require that the Senate vote on any pact that is agreed upon in Geneva. The White House is opposed to both the Kirk-Menendez bill and the Corker bill; it doesn't want Congress to meddle at all in the delicate multilateral diplomacy with Iran.
      Israeli intelligence officials have been briefing both Obama administration officials and visiting U.S. senators about their concerns on the Kirk-Menendez bill, which would increase sanctions on Iran only if the Iranian government can't strike a deal with the so-called P5+1 countries by a June 30 deadline or fails to live up to its commitments. Meanwhile, the Israeli prime minister’s office has been supporting the Kirk-Menendez bill, as does the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, ahead of what will be a major foreign policy confrontation between the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. government in coming weeks.
      Evidence of the Israeli rift surfaced Wednesday when Secretary of State John Kerry said that an unnamed Israeli intelligence official had said the new sanctions bill would be “like throwing a grenade into the process.” But an initial warning from Israeli Mossad leaders was also delivered last week in Israel to a Congressional delegation -- including Corker, Graham, McCain and fellow Republican John Barrasso; Democratic Senators Joe Donnelly and Tim Kaine; and independent Angus King -- according to lawmakers who were present and staff members who were briefed on the exchange. When Menendez (who was not on the trip) heard about the briefing, he quickly phoned Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer to seek clarification.
      Barrasso told us Tuesday that different parts of the Israeli government told the delegation different things. “We met with a number of government officials from many different parts of the government. There’s not a uniform view there,” he said.
      In a Wednesday morning hearing on Iran at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Corker talked about the Israel visit and said that his bill (not the Kirk-Menendez bill) was acceptable to all the Israeli officials they spoke with. “Some of us were in Israel this weekend over this very same issue. We have heard no one, no one, say that if Congress were to weigh in on the final agreement it would in any way destabilize the negotiations,” Corker said.
      Menendez is so livid at the administration, he decried its efforts to avert Congressional action on Iran at the hearing, telling Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken: “You know, I have to be honest with you, the more I hear from the administration in its quotes, the more it sounds like talking points that come straight out of Tehran.”
      Tuesday night, Obama threatened to veto the Kirk-Menendez bill if it passes Congress. Wednesday morning, House Speaker John Boehner responded by announcing that Netanyahu has accepted his invitation to address a joint session of Congress on Feb. 11, just as Congress is likely to be embroiled in a legislative fight over both bills. Boehner told fellow Republicans that he was specifically inviting Netanyahu to address the threat posed by radical Islam and Iran. Netanyahu is expected to deliver full-throated support for sanctions. The administration is upset that Netanyahu accepted Boehner’s invitation without notifying them, the latest indication of the poor relationship between the Israeli government and the White House.
      Two senior U.S. officials tell us that the Mossad has also shared its view with the administration that if legislation that imposed a trigger leading to future sanctions on Iran was signed into law, it would cause the talks to collapse.
      The Israeli view shared with Corker and other senators also mirrors the assessment from the U.S. intelligence community. “We’ve had a standing assessment on this,” one senior administration official told us. “We haven’t run the new Kirk-Menendez bill through the process, but the point is that any bill that triggers sanctions would collapse the talks. That’s what the assessment is.” Another intelligence official said that the Israelis had come to the same conclusion.
      This is not the first time Israel’s Mossad has been at odds with Netanyahu on Iran. In December 2010, former Mossad chief Meir Dagan told Israeli reporters that he had openly opposed an order from Netanyahu to prepare a military attack on Iran. At the time, Obama was also working to persuade the Israeli prime minister to hold off on attacking Iran.
      link to

      Mossad has my permission to assassinate all the sobs.

    • GAG ME.
      Little wimp Kerry mumbling about how we are always happy to have the Israeli leader in the US but the invitation from congress was unusual.
      And he was being serious not snarky.

    • Blownaway January 21, 2015, 9:41 pm

      Two thoughts 1) when officials of our government pledge allegiance to a foreign state that’s traiterous. Lindsay (that’s appropriate spelling he’s clearly compensating) Graham goes to a foreign country to bow before their leader and pledge congress to do his bidding that’s treason of the highest order.

      The GOP, Netanyahu and the I -Firsters in both parties think they can get away with this kind of thing because Obama is black. They are taking advantage of racism and playing to racist for support of their agendas. I doubt if even Fox News would be calling a white president a Muslim Mullah as they have called Obama. Obama likely knows this but if he calls them on it they will accuse him of playing the race card.
      If I were him though I'd take to the bully pulpit and let it rip....''hey america, you really want to turn America over to a foreign country and traitors to this country so they get the US in another war--just cause I am a black man? Is that what you wanna do? ''

    • I am listening to Fox News propaganda with Huckabee on---

      Netanyahu should straighten Obama out...Obama is a Muslim
      Mullah....Israel is experiencing terrorism every should be made clear that if Israel wants to take out Iran the US will support it down to the last man......

    • '' We’re moving toward a real confrontation. Let’s hope that journalists inform the American people about what is at stake. -""

      I wish but dont think so. The MSM will ignore the implications of the GOP inviting the foreign country of Israel to go against the US President in our own US congress.
      All their talk will be about Iran and to sanction or not.

      If Obama really wants to confront he can veto budgets that contain any aid to Israel. But he wont.

      The confrontation will come when Americans learn what has been and is going on --30 pieces of Silver taken to sell out America-----but they wont learn it until after the damage is already done.

    • '' Can be sure Medea and Code Pink will put something special together for Boehner and Netanyahu when he comes to visit. These guys want another war - ''

      I certainly hope so. Like to know in advance what they are planning and I hope it is big.

    • After thinking about this off and on all day I finally decided on what I am going to say in my calls to DC tomorrow.

      If I may, I suggest everyone make the calls and express themselves.

      Congress - toll free 1- 877 -762 -8762---Just ask for who's office you want.

      I usually start with my own district's congressman and senator, Then sometimes I also call all the NC senators and congressmen.
      Then, depending on what the issue is I also call both the minority and majority leaders offices.
      Sometimes I call whoever has pissed me off regardless of what state they Menendez.

      And please do not listen to those who tell you to be "respectful' in your calls and faxes.


      None of the aides you speak to take note of or pass on mumbly little respectful objections-----they only take note of 'mad', 'shocking, 'threatening, 'angry' really mad'.....and if they get enough of the really mad calls.

      Then you can leave your opinion at the WH comment line also- 202-456-1111

    • amigo January 21, 2015, 3:06 pm

      American, I thought there was a limit on campaign contributions in the USA.How do people like Addled-son get away with giving millions to Romney,s campaign "

      Two words..."Super Pacs'...a third way to screw americans courtesy of the SC.
      Rich individuals can not give as much money as they want "directly" to a candidate ---but they can give as much as they want to a Super Pac whose goal is to elect or defeat some politician.
      Under the rules the Pac is not allowed to co ordinate with a candidate's own campaign---but thats easy to get round by hiring the guy 'recommended by ' or who just happen to have recently quit the Romney campaign for instance to go to work for the Super Pac.

      So people like Adelson or Koch can give 92 million to a Pac.

    • @Cloak & Dagger

      I was going to add more but it would be considered terrier-ism.
      So I wont post it on the net.
      But I will be telling it far and wide off the net.

  • 80+ Cartoonists And Comics Workers Tell Comics Industry: 'No Business As Usual With Israel'
    • This is good. I also see one of my favorite hates in the Isr issue, hypocrisy , is trending in social media more and more.

      One quibble--Sodastream is not that important in the big picture, to concentrate on that one enitity narrows it down too much---they should pick on bigger and/or all profiteer in the Isr occupation.

  • Gaza war blowback? Palestinian stabs 13 on Tel Aviv bus.
    • The Israel operational theory has always been that if they spill enough Palestine blood they can force them to say uncle and leave Palestine.
      Maybe some Palestines are adopting the same theory of spilling enough Jewish blood to make them say uncle.
      Maybe they are even adopting the Israeli mo of 'provoking' attacks against them.
      Maybe they hope to provoke the Israelis into a full blown attempt at genociding Palestine--Maybe hoping at that point the world will finally step in to prevent it and concrete change will happen.
      Thats a lot of maybes without much past evidence to back that hope up -----but desperate times lead to desperate measures by desperate people.

    • '' my question is why did they hold back on this guy? It doesn’t make any sense to me, when they’ve killed Palestinian children, killed a Bedouin at a funeral, just in the last week and this guy they shot to wound? - marnie

      Probably becuase they werent sure if he was a Palestine or just a Israeli who had started a fight with someone on the bus.

  • The ‘hasbara’ tweeps who brought down Jim Clancy, and their ties to Israel and the Israel lobby
    • talknic January 20, 2015, 3:07 pm

      The closer independent Palestinian statehood gets, the worse the bitching, kicking, screaming, lying and killing will become.''

      They are a pit of hisssing snakes striking at everything and nothing.

      And cripple in the context it was used referring to cripple or injured herd animals is not bigoted.

  • To counter radical Islam, we must confront our own hypocrisy
    • '' But one of the most important steps towards discrediting the worldview that radical Islamism is presenting to European youth is also to correct our governments’ double standard on Israel’s human rights abuses -''

      Thats the *only* step that will work.
      The rest is babble crap.

    • @ Bornajoo

      double ditto to that.

  • Netanyahu and Europe’s far right find common ground after the Paris attacks
    • '' But in practice the supporters of multiculturalism seem to encourage tribal attachment to “communities” and thus subvert civic attachment to the state and the community of citizens - --Roha

      It has.

      From annies wiki link..

      " Multiculturalism centers on the thought in political philosophy about the way to respond to cultural and religious differences. It is closely associated with “identity politics,” “the politics of difference,” and “the politics of recognition.” It is also a matter of economic interests and political power.''

      Identity politics and power is what we have now. When your ethnic, etc identity superceeds your identity with the larger *common good* of all the people in the nation you belong to , the division and conflict you see going on now in the US and other nations is what you end up with.

      Obama's appointment of Sotomayor was to me an example:

      '' I simply do not know exactly what that difference will be in my judging. But I accept there will be some based on my gender and my Latina heritage.
      Sonia Sotomayor
      ''I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life.
      Sonia Sotomayor

      Is everything I am against. Not because I am a white male. Because no one's personal identity, politics, heritage, religion, etc. their whiteness or blackness or ethnic-ness has any place in making or applying the laws for the country.

      And Obama and the liberals have put ethnic identities on steriods.
      Their answer to 'inequality' and opportunity is to appoint, favor and promote to power ethnics who are the mirror image of the same prejudice as what they consider the majority's superior attitudes and prejudices to be.
      This tit for tat is not the solution.

      No one can convince me that we cant find in this country 12 qualified people of whatever identity capable of being fair and objective based on the law without basing their judgements on their personal identities and experiences.
      I dont know who should appoint SC Judges or if electing them would be better but most Presidents and politicians in congress sure as hell should not be the ones to appoint them.

    • @Daniel

      More than fair I'd say.
      I have mostly given up thinking the Isr problem will end in anything but a bloody mess for everyone it touches.
      But I have joined those urging Jim Webb to run for president as a last hope for the US---and it's part in this crap.

    • link to

      France’s Le Pen says Paris attacks work of US or Israeli agents: report

      January 18, 2015 - Updated 1430 PKT
      From Web Edition
      11 4 0 0

      PARIS: According to a report, published in The Independent, founder of France’s far right Front National, Jean-Marie Le Pen has said that the Charlie Hebdo massacre may have been the work of an “intelligence agency”.
      In an interview with a virulently anti-Western Russian newspaper Komsomolskaïa Pravda, Mr Le Pen, 86, gave credence to conspiracy theories circulating on the internet suggesting that the attack was the work of American or Israeli agents seeking to foment a civil war between Islam and the West, the report said''

      Well Le Pen is right that israel has been seeking to foment a US and European war with Islam--for a long time.
      So it doesnt really matter if the hebdo affair was really a false flag or not----the sides are lining up and the result is the same.

  • #JeSuisUnJuifBritannique
    • '' I maintain that these ongoing baseless accusations are prima facie evidence of Jewish anti-Gentile chauvinism. - ''...Keith

      Netanyahu: Israel must open Asian markets due to anti-Semitism in ...
      Opinion-Jerusalem Post Israel News-Jan 18, 2015

      I maintain that they have shot their hypocritical wad with their anti Gentilism-anti All Others-ism...their game is petering out.
      So they do need to move on to the Asians---who will also become anti semites the first time they deny any Israeli demand.
      Soon they will have to search for life on other planets to do business with.

    • '' I believe that Israel needs in Britain a strong, self-confident and independently minded Jewish community. - --Robert Cohen

      For what purpose does Israel need a strong independently minded Jewish community in Britain?

      Do you say because you think that Jewish community should 'act' to exert a 'correcting' influence/force on Israel's behavior?
      Would they put their correcting Israel efforts into the UK political arena?
      That is what the Zionist and Israel have done---inserted Israel into other nations government/politics in the name of the Jews of that nation as well as Jews in Israel.

      But where then does this Jews of other nations acting for or trying to 'perfect or cure Israel end? Or doesnt it ever end? Will they always be in other nations supporting Israel? Will this be more than 'emotional support? Will it be political and financial support as we see now even from those who call themselves liberal zionist because they say they 'see a need' for a Jewish state? How long are they going to need it and need it supported by the world--another 70 years?... ..forever? Because Jews need it or want it will it always receive protection and money and from Americans and Germans?

      Every time I look at this I cant help but think of the German maxium....''Principiis obsta and Finem respice'—Resist the beginnings and Consider the end.

      Where is the end of the problem for the Jews and the end of the Israel problem for everyone else?

    • NickJOCW January 19, 2015, 1:18 pm

      ''American. These are essentially inter-sectarian Jewish issues, and most non-Jews are really not bothered about them. Does it matter to Europeans if a Jew juggles divided loyalties? What matters is Israel’s defiance of international law in regard to its boundaries and actions. ''

      ''The problem is that Israel is an irritant and should be sorted out by the authorities; ''

      '' or looking at it from an predominantly Jewish perspective, obscures the fact that it is one of many symptoms of deeper socioeconomic maiaise, and by diverting attention from the underlying problems it diverts attention from the malaise itself, ''

      You're preaching to the choir....I agree.

      I dont think its wise however to lump all issues together.
      The Israeli aberration in nations policies comes from pure politics and government corruption on the single issue of Israel.
      The socioeconomic inequality among populations is more complicated.
      Altnough they both may spring from related types of government corruption and/or incompetence--they require different fixes.

      In the US for instance socioeconomic inequality is not a root cause of some conseratives religious militancy or of neocon militancy ---its their 'ideologies'.

    • NickJOCW January 19, 2015, 6:16 am

      Few non-Jewish Europeans like Jews collectively and never have, individually is another matter. That doesn’t mean they dislike Jews, simply that there is no special nisus of affection which is what it seems people like Netanyahu demand. It’s an absence of the positive rather than anything negative. I don’t believe it is peculiar to Jews either, nor do I think polls like this do anything useful by forcing people to give opinions on issues they normally don’t think about. - >>>>>>>>>>>>.

      Also ditto.
      And I see no contridiction or anti semitism in recongizing Jews (or anyone else) are different 'individuals' and also recongizing that Jews do act as a 'group' on many issues.
      Thats the way humans roll.

      IMO however this where the groupies go wrong----->''is that mainstream British Jews want to be loyal to both Britain and Israel at the same time. They are British patriots and Zionists simultaneously. This is a totally illogical stance, but there you are.''

      Because it is illogical and and an impossibility in the real world of differing national interest. I have asked many times why any Jew would support the idea of loyalty to a world wide 'nation
      ' of Jews, now represented by Israel, when that is the exact disloyalty accusation and canard that has dogged them since time began. And then complain about anti semitism and others attitudes toward them. It makes no sense to rational people.

    • @ Michelle


  • Two Palestinians are killed near Gush Etzion settlement bloc in West Bank
    • ''Today’s double incidents provoked by Israel is surely heading towards something big - ---Walid

      I hope Hezbollah has a very clever plan---like a false flag attack on Israel pinning the blame on ISIS.

  • There is no pride for Jews in the state of Israel
    • (The popping noise you hear is heads exploding all over I-First-dom)

      ''French Pres. Hollande: Anti-Muslimism is as bad as Antisemitism: Muslims Must be Protected''

      By Juan Cole | Jan. 17, 2015 |

      link to

      ''French President Francois Hollande addressed the Institute of the Arab World on Friday, in a bid to reassure French Muslims, who fear being the victims of a collective guilt campaign or reprisals after the attack of radicals on Charlie Hebdo.

      Hollande said:

      “It is the Muslims who are the first victims of fanaticism, fundamentalism and intolerance…

      We must remember that . . . Islam is compatible with democracy, and that we must reject lumping everyone together or mixing them up with one another, and must have in France French of Muslim faith who have the same rights and the same duties as all citizens.

      They must be protected. Secularism helps in this regard since it respects all religions… Anti-Muslim actions, like Antisemitism, must be denounced and severely punished…

      France was formed by movements of population and the flux of immigration. It is constituted by the diversity of what is in France. A number of my compatriots have attachments in the ARab world, coming from North Africa or the Near East. They might be Jews, Muslims, Christians, they might be believers or no. But they have a link to the Arab world and they have contributed, generation after generation, to the history of France.

      In contrast to the racist discourse of the National Front, which paints Muslims as alien and dangerous and non-Muslim French as monochrome, Hollande adopted an almost American diction of celebration of immigrant communities.

      He made the argument that it isn’t importing religion into government (as many states in the Middle East unfortunately do) that guarantees minority rights but rather secular government, which tolerates all religions equally. He is being a little idealistic about actual French secularism as it is enshrined in law and practice, but the general principle is correct. Secular government can neutralize religious competition for the state of the sort we have seen in post-Bush Iraq, with all its disasters.

      Hollande surely made waves when he put anti-Muslimism on exactly the same level as Antisemitism, and pledged to be as vigorous in combating the one as the other. I haven’t heard any other Western leader go so far as to equate these two.

      Otherwise, his acceptance of the Muslim French as full French citizens is extremely important in the hothouse atmosphere of European politics today, where many right wing parties determinedly “other” the European Muslims.

      Hollande underlined that France has always received immigrants (otherwise the French would be speaking Celtic languages like Breton (which some 200,000 still do in Brittany in the north). The country is named for a German tribe that immigrated in amongst the Celts, and it speaks an imported language descended from the Latin of Roman conquerors and settlers. It is made up of distinct culture regions, not only Britanny but also Provencale, the Basque country and Alsace-Lorraine. For all residents of France to speak French was an accomplishment of the Bourbons and then the Republic during the past two and a half centuries.

      Modern France has actually seen many waves of labor migration– Italians in the nineteenth century, Poles in the early twentieth, North Africans after WW II. Its modern history in this regard has been much more like that of the United States than is commonly relized. In the nineteenth century, France was an early industrializer but underwent a demographic transition so that it had relatively low population growth. Focus-Migration France writes,

      In order to alleviate this, France concluded labour recruitment agreements with Italy (1904, 1906, 1919), Belgium (1906), Poland (1906) and Czechoslovakia (1920). At the beginning of the 1930s, France was the second most important country in the world for immigration after the USA by absolute numbers. At that time there were about 2.7 million immigrants living in France (6.6% of the total population).

      After the Second World War and during the economic upturn of the 1950s and 1960s, France once again recruited (predominantly male) workers from Italy, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Russia. At the same time, immigration from the former colonies increased due to wars of liberation and the process of decolonisation. As a result of the Algerian War (1954–62) and the subsequent independence of Algeria in 1962, a large number of French settlers and pro-French Algerians moved to France.

      In saying that “France was formed by movements of population and the flux of immigration. It is constituted by the diversity of what is in France…” Hollande is presenting an image of France as diverse and dynamic because of its diversity, rather than as closed, racial or culturally exclusive (and thus stagnant). It is a hard case to make given the current atmosphere, and it may well lose the next election. But it is the only healthy way forward. Narrow ethnic nationalism, aside from being built on falsehoods, is a recipe for exclusion and discrimination and vast social pathologies.

  • The legacy of Joan Peters and 'From Time Immemorial'
    • Porath said that “during the Mandate the country absorbed 100,000 legal and illegal Arab immigrants and their offspring—a figure that is not very different from Miss Peters’s estimates,”, Peters’s thesis was “generally sound.” - ====jackdaw

      I have to assume you are ignorant and Peters was just lying for israel with her book because the population figures of Palestine have always been known .

      And all the official census have been posted here numerous times:

      The last time I had to repeat myself for you trolls was Feb of this year with this:

      # The 1922 census of Palestine was the first census carried out by the authorities of the British Mandate of Palestine, on 23 October 1922. The division into religious groups was:
      590,390 Muslims
      83,694 Jews
      73,024 Christians,
      7,028 Druze
      808 Sikhs
      265 Bahais
      156 Metawalis
      163 Samaritans.

      J. B. Barron, ed. (1923). Palestine: Report and General Abstracts of the Census of 1922. Government of Palestine.

      link to

      # Official report on the 1931 Census of Palestine, which was the second census carried out by the authorities of the British Mandate of Palestine. It was carried out on 18 November 1931 under the direction of Major E. Mills. The first census had been conducted in 1922. Following the 1931 census, no further census was conducted in Palestine by the British administration. The total population reported was 1,035,821 (1,033,314 excluding the numbers of H.M. Forces) - an increase of 36.8% since 1922, of which the Jewish population increased by 108.4%.
      The population was divided by religion as follows:
      759,717 Muslims,
      174,610 Jews,
      91,398 Christians,
      9,148 Druzes,
      350 Bahais,
      182 Samaritans,
      and 421 "no religion".
      A special problem was posed by the nomadic Bedouin of the south, who were reluctant to cooperate. Estimates of each tribe were made by officers of the district administration according to local observation. The total of 759,717 Muslims included 66,553 persons enumerated by this method.

      # According to a Survey of Palestine prepared in December 1945 there were :
      1,076,780 Muslims (58% of the total population),
      608,230 Jews (33%),
      145,060 Christians (9%). (4)

      # In the mid-19th century, the area corresponding to Palestine had about 340,000 people, of whom 300,000 or 88 per cent were Muslims or Druze, 27,000 of 8 per cent Christian, and 13,000 or 4 per cent Jews.

      According to the E.Mills British Census of 1931 ***LESS THAN 3% OF THE MUSLIM POPLULATION WAS BORN OUT SIDE OF PALESTINE.****

      Why dont you get a real job and make some money and you can buy the copies of the actual and entire census reports at the link above.
      Jew were never a majority in Palestine--get over it.

  • ICC opens war crimes inquiry into Israel over Gaza war as Palestinians prepare another UN resolution
    • Interesting how so many people involved in investigations turn up dead.

      link to

      ''Argentina prosecutor who claimed cover-up over 1994 blast found dead
      Alberto Nisman had accused President Fernández of offering to cover up suspected Iranian involvement in Jewish centre bombing that killed 85

      Monday 19 January 2015 10.01 EST

      An Argentinian prosecutor who accused President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of orchestrating a cover-up in the investigation of Iran over the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community centre has been found dead in his apartment.

      Alberto Nisman, who had been looking into the blast at the AMIA Jewish community centre in Buenos Aires that killed 85 people, claimed last week that Fernández had conducted secret negotiations with Iran through non-diplomatic channels, offering to cover up the suspected involvement of Iranian officials so Argentina could start swapping grain for much-needed oil from Iran.

      Nisman was found dead late on Sunday night in the bathroom of his apartment on the 13th floor of the luxury Le Parc tower complex in the expensive Puerto Madero neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. The Argentinian security ministry said a .22 calibre handgun and a shell casing were found next to his body.

      The ministry said Nisman’s security guards had alerted his mother on Sunday afternoon that he was not answering his front door or phone, and the Sunday papers were still on his doorstep.

      “In the coming days we will determine the cause of death with an autopsy,” prosecutor Viviana Fein told journalists gathered at the scene in the early hours. “I ask for seriousness, I ask for prudence.”

      Nisman presented a 300-page document in court last Wednesday, based on phone wiretaps that he claimed showed close aides of the president involved in secret negotiations with Iran to withdraw Interpol arrest warrants for the suspects as a step towards normalising bilateral relations.

      The judge handling the case of the 1994 bombing criticised Nisman late last week for taking it upon himself to “initiate an investigation without judicial control” and said his evidence was flawed.

      The Argentinian cabinet chief, Jorge Capitanich, had said Nisman’s allegations were “crazy, absurd, illogical, irrational, ridiculous, unconstitutional”.

      Nisman feared that the government would unearth salacious rumours against him and told the press last week: “I have told my 15-year-old daughter to be prepared to hear terrible things about her father.”

      Patricia Bullrich, of the opposition PRO party, said Nisman told her on Saturday that he had received death threats. She also told television channel TN that members of parliament would meet on Monday morning to discuss the situation.

      Argentina’s courts have accused Iran of sponsoring the 1994 bombing, a charge the Islamic republic denies.

      In 2013, Fernández tried to form a truth commission with Iran to jointly investigate the attack. She said at the time that the pact would reactivate the inquiry, but Israeli and Jewish groups said the move threatened to derail criminal prosecution of the case.

      The truth commission pact was later struck down by an Argentinian court.''

    • ''' And I think we too have something to fear with israel’s cornering: the Sampson Option.
      That may very well be the first shot that is fired""......Taxi

      They will attempt to use it as blackmail first-- as they have always done.
      All the zio media would be broadcasting scary 911 background music or the 'Jaws' theme music and showing space images of the Isr nuke silo doors sliding very afraid world..the God of Zionistas is going to smite you for not capitulating to the Chosen.

      If the blackmail doesnt work then who knows?......I sort of wish Isr would try it and get their bluff called or so we could find out just how crazy they are.

    • Page: 95
  • Obama cites donor pressure re Iran, but 'NYT' won't tell you what he means
    • MJ Rosenberg‏@MJayRosenberg·

      Yeah, I'll be live tweeting the AIPAC conference. No one knows those SOBs the way I do!

      I will be sure to follow mj's tweeting that day.

      But I really think all the msm should interrupt their regular program scheduling and bring the public live coverage of every minute of the AIPAC conference.

  • On CNN, Boteach lectures two prominent Muslims about freedom they 'enjoy' in US and Israel
    • I found the Boteach lust article....a few paragraphs below.

      link to

      Jewish Lust versus Christian Love

      'Interestingly, whereas Christianity believes that marriages should be based on love and friendship, Judaism believes they should be based on lust and desire.

      So how did we get it so wrong? How did love come to trump lust? Why have we, for centuries, based marriages on the weaker link of love instead of the nuclear bond of erotic desire? To many this would seem a crazy question. Love is everything, right? Even G-d is love? But who said these things and why do we just take it for granted?
      The source for G-d being love and for marriages being based on love rather than lust is Christianity. Its source is not the Hebrew Bible but The New Testament: “The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love” (1 John 4:8). It’s repeated again a few verses later: “And we have come to know and have believed the love which God has for us. God is love, and the one who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him” (1 John 4:16).

      'Judaism never posits a G-d that is so monolithic as to be described as love. Do you really want a G-d who is all love when it comes to punishing the Nazis for cremating children? Do you want a G-d who is all love when it comes to stopping an al-Qaida terrorist from planting a bomb that will blow up an airplane? Or do you want, at that moment, a just G-d who will cause that terrorist to have a car accident on the way to the plane so he can’t plant his bomb.

      'G-d is not love. Rather, He is utterly beyond any emotion or description. At times He is loving and at times He is jealous and punitive, as when he punishes the Egyptians at sea for enslaving and slaughtering an innocent nation. It was Paul of Tarsus, in the New Testament, who famously said, “Love is patient, love is kind... Love never fails” (1 Corinthians 13:4-8). What an excellent description of the virtue of love – and its limitations! This is the perfect description of love as companionship and friendship. And if anyone wants to have a romantic relationship based on these warm and cuddly attributes, that’s fine. But while love is warm, lust is passionate. While love seeks to share, lust seeks to acquire. While love can be satisfied, lust is utterly insatiable.

      'While Christianity posits love as the foundation of a relationship, Judaism has always emphasized desire in its place. The principal reason for the breakdown of marriages and relationships is that in modern times they are built not on lust but love.

    • I am sure Boteach was watching and drooling over the min dress.
      Did anyone read that article he did on Jewish sex?..or Jewish "lust" actually.
      It was about how Jewish lust was better and more lasting than Christian love.
      Besides being a pervert he cant write about Jews without 'comparing' them to some other group, in which the other group is always inferior iho.
      Why are the Uber Jews obsessed with always comparing themselves to others?
      Its sick.

    • mjrosenberg
      link to

      Israel lobby mouthpiece in agony: how did we allow George Clooney to marry that Arab?

      link to via @nypost

      *allow* ...? George didnt apply to the Chosen Rulers for permission to marry that Arab ? Whats his punishment going to be--no more Hollywood movies for George?

    • People like Boteach being hosted on US main stream media is another example of what has gone wrong in the USA.
      I think we are only a few inches now from the bottom of pit.

  • 'It's the political problem Black bodies pose for the US state and Palestinian bodies pose for the Israeli state': NYC panel looks at militarized policing in the US and Israel
    • If the " Black Lives Matter' and Palestine liberation link can be fused together it will be extra force.
      There are 50 million blacks in the US, if they adopt Palestine as part of their movement--- thats a lot of force.

      Palestine activist ought to be paying attention to them and getting out in black churches and groups --maybe they already are--I hope so.

  • 'Protest in the form of a prayer': Dream Defenders demonstration in Nazareth makes connections from Ferguson to Palestine
    • @ UshPhe January 19, 2015, 1:32 pm

      Take it from a white person who supports the black's greivences on inequality, the unfair Justice system for blacks and the Police discrimination and treatment of blacks-----you are using the wrong langauge in talking about it.

      Talking about 'white supremacy' instead of the 'elite supremacy' that it is and talking about 'white people' instead of 'the racist' ----is not the way to go.

      it sounds too much like the white racist who talk the same way about 'black people' . You need to narrow it down.

  • Why do Muslims object to depictions of their prophet?
    • '' I never cease to amaze at the level of which people who would never defend Christian fundamentalists crawl before Islam. - Krauss

      Objecting to using obscene cartoons to criticize religions is not 'defending' the religion...its objecting to obscene and pointless incitement.
      Never ceases to amaze me that people dont get that.

      I am not for lowering the standards of societies any further into the gutter than they already are and that is what this is.

    • yonah fredman January 16, 2015, 10:46 am

      Walid- the birth of the West’s very real support for Zionism began with the Balfour declaration and it seems obvious that Britain was looking for an outpost near the Suez Canal and in the region and they thought they could control and use Zionism. ->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      You must be hanging out with Sean McBride. His theory is that during WWII the WASP nation's leaders hatched a conspiracy to use or co opt the Jews and Zionist to promote Elite Western Capitalism.
      So everything we see in Zionism and Israel is just carrying out the West's 'Protocal of the Capital Elders.'

    • yonah fredman January 16, 2015, 10:58 am

      My point is not that all Muslims are violent like last week. my point is about the cultural bubble that has protected Muslims from having to deal with the fact that they do not rule the world. -

      My theory is as follows: The Muslim world has been confronted by the superiority of the western world in the following categories: education, science, technology and economy. They envy western society and immigrate to western societies. then they demand that western society treats the Muslim prophet better than the west treats its own prophet/son of god. it’s an unnatural request -

      It appears to me that it is the Jewish Zionist and Israel that have a problem recongizing that they are not chosen to rule the world.
      And they seek perches in the superior western societies where they demand they be treated better than anyone else.

      It is very unnatural. My theory is human nature is going to correct your misconceptions in the end.

    • "' The problem is that there are Muslims killing people over these depictions, and it seems that the general response of organizations like CAIR is not to affirm that non-Muslims are not required to follow Muslim practices, but to re-emphasize that Muslims find depictions of the prophet offensive ------hoppie

      So what? Israeli Jews keep killing people just to steal their land and just because the Palestines exist.
      Whats the difference?--dead is dead.
      And there is something slightly less obscene about people who kill out of some idea of honor, as misguided as it may be, than people who kill just for greed.
      I think your kind of killing is worse.

  • Jews around the world know 'deep in their hearts they have only one country, Israel' -- Netanyahu
    • RoHa January 15, 2015, 8:37 pm

      'Yes, as a poor Gentile I’m confused.'


      Simple RoHa.
      The Uber Jews object to being slandered and insulted.

      link to

      A Nightmare of False Accusation That Could Happen to You

      by Alan Dershowitz

      "I feel like a victim of a drive-by shooting or the object of scribbled graffiti on the wall of a bathroom stall. I may never have the opportunity to prove my innocence, or to have my accusers prove the false charges, in any court of law. But because I am relatively well known—a double-edge sword in these situations—I can at least fight back in the court of public opinion, though at the very high cost—in legal fees, loss of insurance coverage and the possibility of a large monetary judgment against me''

      But they reserve the 'right' to slander and insult everyone else.

      link to

      Dershowitz: 'Jimmy Carter Has the Blood of Thousands on His Hands'

      Wednesday, 14 Jan 2015 12:23 PM

      By Melissa Clyne

      President Jimmy Carter is the reason Israel and the Palestinians are still at war and nobody should listen to anything Carter has to say about the Middle East, according to Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, who appeared Wednesday on "America’s Forum" on NewsmaxTV with Anti-Defamation League President Abe Foxman.

      The men weighed in on Carter’s recent suggestion that the International Criminal Court in The Hague should investigate both Israel and Hamas for possible war crimes.

      "[Carter] recommended to Yasser Arafat that Yasser Arafat turn down the deal that … would have resulted in the Palestinian state," Dershowitz said. "He has blood of thousands of Jews and Palestinians on his hands. He should just stop talking about the Middle East.

      "The idea that the International Criminal Court should create moral equivalence between a democracy — which has the most moral army in the world and has fewer civilian casualties than any other army in history — facing comparable threats to a terrorist regime that includes Hamas, that commits multiple war crimes every time it sends a rocket, is so obnoxious and so hypocritical and so typical of Jimmy Carter that the world understands that he has made himself irrelevant and tossed himself into the trash pan of history."

      Foxman agreed, saying Carter’s longstanding disdain for Jews is well-known and that he views the world through an Arab-Israeli "fixation."

      "Jimmy Carter has always had a problem with Jews and it borders on anti-Semitism," he said. "In the midst of this tragedy, in the midst of this serious debate, to again blame it on Israel. He said that the terrorism and the reason the Jews and this anti-Semitism problem (exist) is because of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

      "It's sad, because he was the president of the United States and people listen. What we should do is stop listening to him."

      Continuing to create a moral equivalency between Hamas and Israel, as Carter suggests, only encourages Hamas acts of terror, Dershowitz added, feeding right into their hands.

      "The tragedy is that among some people in the world he's respected and his word carries some weight and that shouldn't be the case anymore than Bishop Tutu, both of whom have a big Jewish problem.

      "Jimmy Carter goes back to the time he was running for governor. He has a long, long history of theological anti-Semitism coupled with virulent anti-Israelism. He never met a terrorist he didn't like. He loved Yasser Arafat and he hated every Israeli leader he ever met."

    • @ german lefty

      '' I disagree. It’s not the Jewish state’s crimes that make non-Jews angry at European Jews. It’s the European Jews’ support for the Jewish state’s crimes that make non-Jews angry at European Jews. -''

      Thats true. To see or hear numbers of Jews out defending what Israel did in Gaza, creates a lot of resentment. Otherwise Jews would be just French, Brit, ect. Jews and Israelis Israelis and not the same.

  • It's not the cartoons-- a contrarian perspective from a Muslim cartoonist
    • Another antisemite journalist bites the dust for anti israel tweets.
      If we rounded up all the people the Zio mafia has taken down we'd have to rent a football staduim to hold them all.
      They should start a club or their own lobby.

      link to

      Longtime CNN Anchor Jim Clancy Leaves Network After Three Decades

    • @ german lefty

      Are any Muslims interferring with your rights to be gay in germany?
      Is there anyone or groups besides Muslim that don't approve of homosexuality?
      Is there anyone except the religious that dont like homosexuality?
      Imo you shouldnt narrow it down to just Muslims or to just religions or go on the war path at *this particular time against the specific religion on Islam.
      Another thing too is, since some other religious dont like homosexuality you are giving them something in common with radical Islamist who dont like either.

    • '' Nope! The conclusion should be exactly vice versa. Mocking Christianity and Judaism should become as socially acceptable as mocking Islam. Because progressive, rational people realise that religion is ridiculous. - german lefty>>>>

      I think you are letting your own homosexuality issue cloud your judgement about religion and free speech.
      I am not particulary religious, sort of indifferent actually to religions, but if you want to champion attacking people's religions as ridiculous then they have the right to attack your homosexuality as unnatural and freaky as their opinion also.

    • Gets more insane every day. I hope France is not stupid enough to allow this. Its just asking for more trouble. I am beginning to see the possibility of concentration camps for European Muslims. Yes, the world is going mad...has gone mad.

      link to

      Change Gun Laws in Europe to Let Jews Carry Arms, Says Leading Rabbi

      A prominent Jewish leader has written to the governments of all the EU countries, calling on them to pass legislation giving special licence for Jewish people to carry guns.

      In a letter sent to interior ministries around Europe and obtained by Newsweek, Rabbi Menachem Margolin, director general of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe (RCE) and the European Jewish Association (EJA) - the largest federation of Jewish organizations and communities in Europe - writes: “We hereby ask that gun licensing laws are reviewed with immediate effect to allow designated people in the Jewish communities and institutions to own weapons for the essential protection of their communities, as well as receiving the necessary training to protect their members from potential terror attacks.”

      Speaking to Newsweek, Rabbi Margolin added that he believes that “as many people within the Jewish community as possible” should carry weapons.

      Rabbi Margolin said that being allowed to carry a weapon would “allow our people to feel protected” adding that the weapons would all be registered. “We will be under the supervision of authorities. It would be completely controlled in the most professional way.”

      EU law does allow for the carrying of guns under a license, but leaves specific gun legislation down to individual member states. Neither the Department for Home Affairs and Migration in Brussels nor the UK Home Office were willing to comment on the letter at this stage.

      The rabbi said that the campaign to license arms has received positive comments from the Jewish community, with most people saying being armed with a weapon would allow them to feel more secure.

    • '' HarryLaw
      January 14, 2015, 11:49 am

      David Cameron defended the magazine’s right to offend...;

      France Arrests a Muslim Comedian For His Facebook Comments, Showing the Sham of the West's "Free Speech" Celebration

      link to
      link to

      ''It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen. ''
      George Orwell, "1984", first sentence

      Thirteen is here. I am afraid those of you who think there can be a peaceful resolution to the spreading world madness and chaos created by a select few are going to be disappointed.... Unless you can find something besides politicians to be world leaders.

  • Debate over trip to Israel reveals fissures in Muslim American community
    • '' “Members of the delegation are taking part in the Muslim Leadership Initiative (MLI), a faithwashing junket sponsored by the Shalom Hartman Institute.”

      Nothing but a Zio program to see which Muslims are for sale that they can buy.
      There are always individuals in causes available to a higher bidder.

  • Israeli education minister calls refuseniks 'radical element of reality,' but they're in the 'NYT'
    • '' We were both wearing the surplus United States Marines uniforms given to prisoners at Israeli Military Jail No. 6''

      They really use US Marine uniforms for prisoners?
      I am sure they could find something more suitable so I think the insult intended by that is very clear.

  • Coalition of more than 40 NYC community groups calls on City Council to cancel delegation to Israel
    • Let's quit playing around on the fringes and 'symptoms' of the problem.

      I demand Senate McCarthy Hearings for the subversion and treason of all Zionist organizations, lobbies and affiliates in the US.
      Get them out of the US and that will get Israelis out of Palestine.

      Anyone who doesn't have the guts to demand the ' real cause' be eradicated should just as mj said recently...'shut the fuck up'.

      link to

      AIPAC Is the Only Explanation for America's Morally Bankrupt Israel Policy
      Stephen M. Walt

      Professor of International Affairs, Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government

      This Orwellian situation is eloquent testimony to the continued political clout of AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and the other hardline elements of the Israel lobby. There is no other plausible explanation for the supine behavior of the U.S. Congress--including some of its most "progressive" members--or the shallow hypocrisy of the Obama administration, especially those officials known for their purported commitment to human rights.
      Behind all these maneuvers looms Israel's occupation of Palestine, now in its fifth decade. Not content with having ethnically cleansed hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in 1948 and 1967 and not satisfied with owning eighty-two percent of Mandatory Palestine, every Israeli government since 1967 has built or expanded settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem while providing generous subsidies to the 600,000-plus Jews who have moved there in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Two weeks ago, Netanyahu confirmed what many have long suspected: he is dead set against a two-state solution and will never--repeat never--allow it to happen while he is in office. Given that Netanyahu is probably the most moderate member of his own Cabinet and that Israel's political system is marching steadily rightward, the two-state solution is a gone goose.

      Historians will one day look back and ask how U.S. Middle East policy could be so ineffectual and so at odds with its professed values -- not to mention its strategic interests. The answer lies in the basic nature of the American political system, which permits well-organized and well-funded special interest groups to wield significant power on Capitol Hill and in the White House. In this case, the result is a policy that is bad for all concerned: for the Palestinians most of all, but also for the U.S. and Israel as well. Until the lobby's clout is weakened or politicians grow stiffer spines, Americans looking for better outcomes in the Middle East had better get used to disappointment and prepared for more trouble.''

  • Netanyahu crashes Paris unity march, French gov't fumes
    • effB
      January 13, 2015, 4:30 pm


      What would be the reason to turn on the Jews. Her policy is to implement the idea of a moo-culture for France.

      You think far right ' purity' nationalist don't consider Jews to be as alien to their nation as Muslims?
      The minute the Zionist and Israel shit stirring against Arabs and Islam is no longer useful to their agenda they will get rid of the zios and Jews too.
      You dont understand the non Jewish racist mind because in your own delusional and narcissistic racism you dont see how they look at you the same way they look at semite Muslims.

      You are being had, but carry on, pay no attention to the warnings, just dont whine later when they go after you too..

    • @yonah

      Not as cowardly....and nauseating this twits suckup rant for job security in our zion networks and dialing for Jewish dollars for the GOP:

      link to

      Glenn Greenwald

      Free speech crusader! RT @Mediaite: Scarborough Wants BBC Reporter Fired for Israel Comment link to
      Scarborough Wants BBC Reporter Fired for Israel Comment
      by Evan McMurry | 8:50 am, January 13th, 2015 VIDEO

      One day after BBC reporter Tim Willcox apologized for his much-criticized statement about Israel and Palestine, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough lit into him and the rest of “left-leaning media” for trying to paper over anti-Semitism because “it doesn’t fit their political agenda.”

      Willcox had been speaking at Sunday’s Paris Unity Rally to a daughter of a Holocaust survivor, who told him of growing fears of anti-Semitism in France. Willcox responded that “many critics, though, of Israel’s policy would suggest that the Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well.” (He later called it a “poorly phrased question” and “entirely unintentional.”)

      “I cannot believe the BBC is going to allow this man to stay on the BBC,” Scarborough said Tuesday, adding that “some other people” had been trying to obscure the anti-Semitic motives of recent terrorist attacks, including the hostage takers who commandeered a kosher grocery in Paris last week.

      “For people in Europe that don’t understand why Israel exists, take what happened last week and multiply it 2 million times,” Scarborough said. “The fact that the BBC has someone insensitive and cold to the realities — this did not happen 300 years ago! This happened 60, 65 years ago, while Europe sat by and did nothing. They let 6 million Jews be exterminated. This is why Israel exists. And people need to get a hell of a lot more sensitive to it, even if they are left-leaning media members.”

      Not to be crass but please take your sensitivities and insert them up that hypocritical orifice where the sun never shines because the 90% of the world who arent media whores or politicians or retards are tired of it.

    • '' This is all part of the Zionist machinations to light it up between Europe’s Christians and its Moslems. Something is starting to happen in Italy.It’s a game that Netanyahu is winning. -....Walid

      Whats afoot in Italy clearly shows it is Israel who is setting it afoot

      Like the pissant, shit stirring, little teenage psychos they are, the Zios try to set up the enemy of the Jews, the Vatican as the next target of the enemy of the Jews, the Islamist.

      Not hard to follow the bread crumb trails of news planted propaganda and fake threats right back to Israelis.
      Lots of little Israeli helpers around the world hard at work for the clash of civilizations.

      Vatican Denies Receiving US And Israeli Intelligence Warning About ISIS Imminent Attack

      link to

      "Contrary to the claims from "some organs of the media," the Vatican has not received any warnings that it is a target of a looming ISIS terrorist plot. The director of the Holy See Press Office, Fr Federico Lombardi, issued a statement on Jan 12, denying claims that it is in possession of intelligence reports warning of a possible attack against the Vatican."

      "The clarification was made in the wake of a report saying that the U.S. CIA and Israel's Mossad had issued warning of an imminent ISIS attack against the Vatican. The report had purportedly come from La Republica, Corriere della Sera and other Italian newspapers, according to Reuters."

    • jeffb....." Hopefully Le Pen or whomever from the UMP (Sarkozy?) replaces him in 2017. Hollande and his party are the ones who allowed things to get this out of hand. - ''

      LOL....the stupidy of the zios never ceases to amaze.
      Elect Le Pen and you will get your .." long as you kiss my shoe you kike f*ck”.
      The Muslims may be the main meal but the Jews will be the desert.

    • Every time I see that march picture I think where else could you see that many hypocrites in the same place at the same time.

      Have any of the Charlies done a cartoon on the hypocrites yet?

    • ROTFLMAO ........that is funny!

  • 'With God’s help, the journalists at Haaretz will be murdered just like in France': Death threats follow publication of cartoon in Israeli newspaper
    • @ Bornajoo January 14, 2015, 2:03 pm

      I'm not very bright so please do let me know if I’ve got that completely wrong - ''

      You have it 100% right.

    • Excellent comment MRW

    • '' The other clear distinction that needs to be made is between the right to criticise religion, the fundamental right of any secular society and criticism of the adherents of a religion, which is racism not free speech. Portrayal of an innane rabbi, a stupid mullah or a backward fundamentalilst preacher has nothing to do with racism and is indeed about free speech. Criticism of a particular religion as backward and the imputation of backwardness to the followers of that religion is racist - ----tony greenstein>>>>>

      Hummm.... .
      Criticizing ' religion' as oppose to criticizing a 'particular religion' is a distinction .
      It is safer to just offend all the religious who would likely just ignore it since the religious are the majority of the world and wouldnt feel threatened--- whereas one particular group would feel singled out and threatened and might retaliate.
      I would say yea--if you're going to lampoon Islam you need put a just as crazy jewish rabbi and a just as crazy christian preacher in the same cartoon or it is racist in its single focus on one religion and its followers.

  • Why I am not Charlie
    • '' Always call your enemies cowards and imply yourself to be the knight in shining armor. Heroes don’t stab people in the back, so by calling them cowards they basically want to prevent that people heroize them. .....OyVeyoo

      Simple minded bs. People like you are constantly trying to lower the bar for the lowly.

      A terrorist trying to kill me with a suicide bomb might be my enemy but he's hardly a coward if he's willing to die for it.

    • Walid
      January 11, 2015, 9:33 am

      Taxi, I’ve been watching the jamboree in Paris for the last 2 hours and getting very nauseated by everything the CNN journalists are saying. Amanpour can’t pronounce 2 consecutive sentences without pronouncing the word “Israel”. There’s a big Israeli flag that the camera keeps zooming in on and almost all comments revolve around Israel''>>>>>>

      Straight out of the nazi playbook...the *Motherland is in danger from the Jews, the Jews are a *threat to the Aryan Germans. Just change Jews to Muslims and Ayran Germans to everyone.
      They may be successful in generating a holocaust of Muslims or starting WWIII, which is what they are trying to do, but Israel might also end up being turned to ash.

    • Hum.....Pastor Jones having second thoughts about his Koran burning

      U.S. News

      Koran-burning pastor pulls his image from mall french fry stand post-Charlie Hebdo

      link to

      '' A Florida pastor, notorious for publicly burning copies of the Koran, has removed his image from the front of a mall french fry stand he co-owns over concerns following the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices in France, reports the Bradenton Herald.

      Pastor Terry Jones, part owner in Fry Guys Gourmet Fries located in a Bradenton mall, removed his image which sat on the counter beside pictures of the other two co-owners after the mall manager raised concerns.

      “At first I thought the pictures would not be so recognizable,” Jones said. “They were supposed to be more of a cartoon type of thing.”

      DeSoto Square Mall manager Robert Tackett was not previously aware of Jones history of burning copies of the Koran which landed him a spot on an al-Qaida ‘wanted dead or alive’ propaganda poster.

      Charlie Hebdo editor Stephane Charbonnier who was also on the poster that was re-circulated on Twitter this week with an X over Charbonnier’s face after he was murdered Wednesday in an attack that killed 12 in his Paris office.''

    • mj is having one of his good days......

      MJ Rosenberg @MJayRosenberg · 9h 9 hours ago

      If you supported Gaza massacre of unarmed defenseless civilians, shut the fuck up about Paris

      MJ Rosenberg ‏@MJayRosenberg

      100's of Muslim officials condemned killings. Not even J Street condemned killing of 200 kids in Gaza. Went to solidarity with IDF rallies

      MJ Rosenberg @MJayRosenberg · 7h 7 hours ago

      I hate the radical Islamists but THEY didn't start war with us. We started it with the whole Muslim world. READ.

      ChristianChristensen @ChrChristensen · Jan 7

      Breivik killed 77 in Norway & no-one asked me as a white male of Nordic Christian background if I felt the need to condemn it. #CharlieHebdo

      MJ Rosenberg retweeted
      Pukkah Punjabi @PukkahPunjabi · 16h 16 hours ago

      Maybe not all white men are racist pricks but until they destroy @rupertmurdoch they must be held responsible

      MJ Rosenberg @MJayRosenberg · 9h 9 hours ago

      The dead kids on the beach in Gaza were no different than the dead of Paris, except they were CHILDREN, intentionally targeted

      MJ Rosenberg @MJayRosenberg · 9h 9 hours ago

      100's of Muslim officials condemned killings. Not even J Street condemned killing of 200 kids in Gaza. Went to solidarity with IDF rallies

    • '' They really don’t hate us for our freedoms, they hate us because we are trying to take away their stuff ------whizdom

      I've never seen the slightest indication that Arabs or Islamist want to take over the US or our resources.
      They want to get us out of their countries.
      Who can blame them.

    • Netanyahu....

      ''Maybe most Moslems are peaceful but until they recongize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible"

      Er?......well ok then Charlie .........''.maybe most Israelis and Jews are peaceful but until they recongize and destroy their their growing zionist cancer they must be held responsible.

      I swear the world is going to blow its own brains out with all this hypocrisy.

    • '' In a similar spirit, the acts of saying “I am Charlie” and the act of REPRODUCING THE OFFENDING MATERIAL IS, AT THIS TIME, an act of solidarity to be praised. - - ...housedoc>>>>

      I've seen a lot of pilpul on here but this takes the cake.

      "publishing crudely sexist drawings, pornographic images of priests and and those identifiably christian, rabbis and caricatured images of Jews (i.e. racist), of the elderly made out to look disgusting"

      Only a confused mind would consider disseminating to the public crude sex drawings, porno images and etc. of certain groups to be a a fight against racism.

    • @ Rich & flamestar

      There is a difference between satirizing and blaspheming imo.
      As much as I despise and am against the Zio cult and religious fanatics I don't go around calling their mothers whores and their religion a Satanic club.
      I dont hold back on what I am against, but when someone gets that low and sleazy all they are doing is trying to incite and provoke some kind of reaction.

    • Its pretty cowardly to sit in an office and churn out dirty cartoons about various groups of people and religions.
      Reminds me of the radio shock jocks who insult people on the air waves from their little cubicles .
      They are sick personalities to begin if they enjoy that kind of thing or want to be in that trade.

    • ivir

      Some may be right about some things or not.
      Meanwhile my policy is to not believe anything that comes out a Zionist's or the GOI's or the media's or the US government's mouth.
      Unless of course I could water board and torture them for 96 hours to get the truth. (;

    • @ Walid

      I would, but I've already vomited once this am when my screen got stuck on one of Robert in Israel zionist comments.
      So I dont want to make myself sick again...and that would surely do it.

    • tokyobk
      January 9, 2015, 12:38 pm

      What is blasphemy? And who decides the answer to this and how its enforced..>>>>>>>

      Its like the SC definition of porn.....'you cant define it but you can recognize it when you see it.'
      As for who decides...whoever is offended by it decides whether they are right or not.
      There are no rules now--even if the rule makers think there are---its the wild wild west.
      Start a fight and draw your gun at your own risk.

    • Just get rid of all the hypocrites.

      Anyone who can stand the Orwellianness, the monkey see monkey do chatter babble, the pilpul, the retarded imbecilic blather of today's media and the parts of society they influence has a stronger stomach than me.

      link to

      "EDITOR'S NOTE: A story reporting on conspiracy theorists who allege a link between Israeli intelligence and the Paris shootings should never have been published and we have therefore removed it from our site. The story was beneath our standards and we apologize for this basic lapse in judgement."

      Title of deleted article: "Charlie Hebdo Attack and Mossad Link: Is Israel Venting Its Fury For France's Recognition of Palestine State?"

  • A tale of two tests
    • I think it was Hannah Arendt who coined the term 'the banality of evil'.

      But before you even get to the stage where the evil becomes banal and trite it starts with the 'irresponsibility of evil'.

      The people who think it up and set it in motion and are personally protected from the bloody consequences of what they cause.
      They are ultimate evil of all evils imo.

      And that's where most of today's evil comes from. They are the ones that should be hunted down in their political and think tank and media pulpits and executed as war instigators and criminals.
      Some one should start a new hash tag for the irresponsible evils like---- #Destroy the Orwellians

  • The moral hysteria of Je suis charlie
    • Well I just cant wrap my mind around the idea that gutter cartoons and gutter journalism should be worshiped as the ultimate in free speech courage. Just because they have' a right to do it doesn't make it admirable.
      Orwell's world was only off by a couple of decades---but its here now.

      I don't see anyone morning the 3 innocent children that froze to death in Gaza and Syrian refugee camps.
      So I wont be morning the not so innocent Charlies or the hypocritical supporters. ....not morning 'inciters' of violence will be my anti terrorism stand.

  • Don't let's go to the war of civilizations again
    • If people want to understand just how insane all this is they need to know (or remind themselves for those that already know) how it all started. This almost how all of our wars start----asses with brain farts and agendas. That is how the "Green Peril' started 20 years ago---a few I-First zios , some Neos, some media that needs a new boggie man and subject for ratings, pimple ass thnhk tankers and academics pontificating on what they know nothing about....pretty soon they have a club and its off to the new war.

      link to

      The “Green Peril”: Creating the Islamic Fundamentalist Threat
      By Leon T. Hadar
      August 27, 1992

      ''The creation of a peril usually starts with mysterious "sources" and unnamed officials who leak information, float trial balloons, and warn about the coming threat. Those sources reflect debates and discussions taking place within government. Their information is then augmented by colorful intelligence reports that finger exotic and conspiratorial terrorists and military advisers. Journalists then search for the named and other villains. The media end up finding corroboration from foreign sources who form an informal coalition with the sources in the U.S. government and help the press uncover further information substantiating the threat coming from the new bad guys.''

      You should read the whole thing....if you havent.

  • Jo Roberts on Jewish trauma, the Nakba, and the olive tree
    • I am not advocating victims be 'de listed' and forgotten .
      I am saying that after they receive as much justice and compensation as possible and have had a generation or some years to 'normalize' their lives, then the victim hood status should end for practical purposes.
      I don't say they have to 'forget it'.

    • '' Arab anti-Semitism was largely a response to Zionist migration into Mandate Palestine - ''

      Obviously agree.

      For the rest of it....there needs to be an expiration date for Jewish trauma. The world needs a law giving all victims perhaps one generation or maybe 50 years of recognized victim hood and then its officially over for any political status purposes.

  • Despite punitive Israeli tax freeze, Palestinians to pursue war crimes charges with Arab League financial help
    • @ Walid

      An FYI just so you'll know.

      Congress upped Israel's regular aid for 2015 from 3 billion to 3.7 billion----and 'reduced' the amount they are required to spend on US weapons from 75% to 50%.

      I now the await the Chomsky brigade to tell me how its the US weapons lobby that has all the real power and not I- AIPAC and JINSA.

  • 'You’re Shooting Like Retards': Rafah recordings reveal IDF’s Hannibal directive in action
    • When Col Lang was the pentagon military liaison to the IDF he described the IDF as operating like teenagers on a police style swat team. No military discipline and none of the real combat training of a professional army.

  • How a tweet about Gaza children went viral round the globe
    • '' So when they see a white guy with the name Dan Cohen whether they know I’m Jewish or think I’m Israeli, that it’s possible for a white Jewish man to recognize -===>>>>

      I am suspicious of this latest talking point and meme of 'white racism/supremacy" being employed in the jewish /zionist/ israeli situtation.
      I have been tracking this trend and it is appearing among the anti zionist and liberal brigade.
      Looks like the same 'deflection' tactic as likening Isr settlements to american 'colonies' to make Isr not different or the same as' the US.
      Without arguing over white racism anywhere in the US or Europe or similarities , the zionist cult is not based on 'whitness', it is based on 'one ethnic' that seeks to oppress anyone including whites that dont capitulate to their demands or domination.
      This latest 'whiteness' meme seeks to diffuse that distinction and mingle it with white racism.

    • link to

      ''6yr old Majed, a refugee from #Syria froze to death in #Lebanon. Think of him & so many others like him'....

      I renew my call for a Universal Swat Team to take out every zio, neo, royal potentate , dictator, war monger,religious fanatic ,corrupt leader and oppressor---execute them the second they make move.
      Save the world, save the children, save the earth ,fast, inexpensive, no collateral damage.

  • The Israel lobby rallies inside the Republican Party
    • Having seen examples of most of their 'cartoons' I have no sympathy for Hebdo.
      They were gutter trash producing trash of the sake of trashing and inciting.
      Everyone may have a right to free speech but they also might be called to account for *how they use it*......their choice, their risk.

      And it was selective in who it trashed:.....mainly Muslims and looks like just another Zio Jewish front rag for inciting hate of Muslims and 'colored' people.

      link to

      In 2002, Philippe Val, who was editor in chief at the time, denounced Noam Chomsky for anti-Americanism and excessive criticism of Israel and of mainstream media.
      In 2008, another of Charlie Hebdo’s famous cartoonists, Siné, wrote a short note citing a news item that President Sarkozy’s son Jean was going to convert to Judaism to marry the heiress of a prosperous appliance chain. Siné added the comment, “He’ll go far, this lad.” For that, Siné was fired by Philippe Val on grounds of “anti-Semitism”. Siné promptly founded a rival paper which stole a number of Charlie Hebdo readers, revolted by CH’s double standards.

      Then they tried to charge Sine with anti semitism:

      link to

      No hate speech laws in France for the Muslims?...gee, we all wonder why not. Not.

    • '' “opening the possibility that the Democratic Party will begin to have a freer debate over the special relationship between the U.S. and Israel.” -

      Wont happen imo. They will try to outdo the GOP on who loves Israel the most to keep their 30 pieces of silver coming to their campaign chest.

  • Anti-Semitism at Fordham?
    • JeffB
      January 11, 2015, 6:55 pm

      Israelis understand Israel is the last hope. There is no out. They lose they die.>>>>>>

      Bon voyage little Pavlovian

      Ring a ding ding-----Netanyahu to US----"Help! more money, more weapons, Israeli Jews under constant attack and terrorism threats!"

      Ring a ding ding---- Netanyahu to Jews---"Come to Israel its the only place Jews are safe"

    • ''But to call someone an anti-Semite is a very serious charge''

      Only for those in certain professions.
      To anyone who has been around the Isr issue for any length of time all it rates is a big yawn these days.
      I recently read here about some Jewish outfit in France selling anti semite 'patches' and pills and it gave me a great idea . I could make a deck of 56 wallet size cards with a anti gentile, anti christian, anti arab quote from various public Zios figures and Rabbis and sell them to Gentiles, Christians, and Arabs as antidotes to hand out to any anti semite accusers they might come across .
      When I have some time I will work on it.

  • 'NYT' reporter says Palestinians must make 'concessions... they have long avoided'
    • '' “Now I’ve got an exercise for you, Amigo. Could you please post a pre-20th-century reference to the Palestinians? I’d appreciate that” ....clueless Robert in Israel

      Been telling you people to lay off the zio history comic books and read 'real' history. Lets see if your math skills come from comic books also---count how many times 'Palestine' and Palestina is called Palestine in ancient history and on ancient maps.

      Palestine 1020 B.C.
      "Palestine in the time of Saul." From Atlas of the Historical Geography of the Holy Land. Smith, George Adam. London, 1915.

      [Palestine, Ancient] Palaestina (507K)
      From "A Classical Atlas, to Illustrate Ancient Geography; Comprised in Twenty-Five maps, Showing the Various Divisions of the World as Known to the Ancients; Composed from the Most Authentic Sources." by Alexander G. Findlay, F.R.G.S. 1849.

      The first clear use of the term Palestine to refer to the entire area between Phoenicia and Egypt was in 5th century BC Ancient Greece,[6][7] when Herodotus wrote of a "district of Syria, called Palaistinê" in The Histories, which included the Judean mountains and the Jordan Rift Valley.[6][8][9][10][11][12] In the treatise Meteorology c.340 BCE, Aristotle wrote, "there is a lake in Palestine". [13][14] [15][16] This is understood by scholars to be a reference to the Dead Sea.[17] Later Greek writers such as Polemon and Pausanias also used the word, which was followed by Roman writers such as Ovid, Tibullus, Pomponius Mela, Pliny the Elder, Dio Chrysostom, Statius, Plutarch as well as Roman Judean writers Philo of Alexandria and Josephus.[18] Other writers, such as Strabo, referred to the region as Coele-Syria[a] ("all Syria") around 10-20 CE.[19][20] Circa 135 CE, Palestine was used in naming the new Roman province known as, Syria Palæstina,[b] when the Roman authorities created the imperial province

      During the Byzantine period c.390, the imperial province of Syria Palaestina was reorganized into: Palaestina Prima, Palaestina Secunda,[27] and Palaestina Salutaris.[27] Following the Muslim conquest, place names that were in use by the Byzantine administration generally continued to be used in Arabic.[3][28] The use of the name "Palestine" became common in Early Modern English,[29] was used in English and Arabic during the Mutasarrifate of Jerusalem. In the 20th century the name was used by the geopolitical entities commonly known as “Mandatory Palestine” and the “State of Palestine”. Both incorporated geographic regions from the land commonly known as Palestine, into a new state whose territory was named Palestine.

      c.340 BCE: Aristotle, Meteorology, "Again if, as is fabled, there is a lake in Palestine, such that if you bind a man or beast and throw it in it floats and does not sink, this would bear out what we have said. They say that this lake is so bitter and salt that no fish live in it and that if you soak clothes in it and shake them it cleans them." This is understood by scholars to be a reference to the Dead Sea[14][17][15][16]

      c.10-19 BCE: Tibullus, Tibullus and Sulpicia: The Poems: "Why tell how the white dove sacred to the Syrians flies unharmed through the crowded cities of Palestine?"[60][61]
      c.2 CE: Ovid, Ars Amatoria: "the seventh-day feast that the Syrian of Palestine observes"[62][63]
      c.8: Ovid, Metamorphoses: (1) "...Dercetis of Babylon, who, as the Palestinians believe, changed to a fish, all covered with scales, and swims in a pool"[64] and (2) "There fell also Mendesian Celadon; Astreus, too, whose mother was a Palestinian, and his father unknown"[65][63]
      c.17: Ovid, Fasti (poem): "When Jupiter took up arms to defend the heavens, came to Euphrates with the little Cupid, and sat by the brink of the waters of Palestine."[66][63]
      c.40: Philo of Alexandria, (1) Every Good Man is Free: "Moreover Palestine and Syria too are not barren of exemplary wisdom and virtue, which countries no slight portion of that most populous nation of the Jews inhabits. There is a portion of those people called Essenes.";[67] (2) On the Life of Moses: "[God] conducted his people as a colony into Phoenicia, and into the Coele-Syria, and Palestine, which was at that time called the land of the Canaanites, the borders of which country were three days' journey distant from Egypt.";[68] (3) On Abraham: "The country of the Sodomites was a district of the land of Canaan, which the Syrians afterwards called Palestine"[69][17]
      c.43: Pomponius Mela, De situ orbis: "Syria late litora tenet, terrasque etiam latius introrsus, aliis aliisque nuncupata nominibus: nam et Coele dicitur et Mesopotamia et Damascene et Adiabene et Babylonia et Iudaea et Commagene et Sophene. Hic Palaestine est qua tangit Arabas, tum Phoenice; et ubi se Ciliciae committit Antiochia, olim ac diu potens, sed cum eam regno Semiramis tenuit longe potentissima. Operibus certe eius insignia multa sunt; duo maxime excellunt; constituta urbs mirae magnitudinis Babylon, ac siccis olim regionibus Euphrates et Tigris immissi."[70][17]
      c.78: Pliny the Elder, Natural History, Volume 1, Book V: Chapter 13: "Next to these countries Syria occupies the coast, once the greatest of lands, and distinguished by many names; for the part which joins up to Arabia was formerly called Palaestina, Judaea, Coele,[a] and Phoenice. The country in the interior was called Damascena, and that further on and more to the south, Babylonia."; Chapter 14: "After this, at the point where the Serbonian Bog becomes visible, Idumea and Palaestina begin. This lake, which some writers have made to be 150 miles in circumference, Herodotus has placed at the foot of Mount Casius; it is now an inconsiderable fen. The towns are Rhinocorura and, in the interior, Rafah, Gaza, and, still more inland, Anthedon: there is also Mount Argaris";[71] Book XII, Chapter 40: "For these branches of commerce, they have opened the city of Carræ, which serves as an entrepot, and from which place they were formerly in the habit of proceeding to Gabba, at a distance of twenty days' journey, and thence to Palæstina, in Syria"[72][17]
      c.80: Marcus Valerius Probus, Commentary on Georgics: "Edomite palms from Idumea, that is Judea, which is in the region of Syria Palestine".[73]
      c. 85: Silius Italicus, Punica: "While yet a youth, he [Titus] shall put an end to war with the fierce people of Palestine."[74][75]
      c. 90: Dio Chrysostom, quoted by Synesius, refers to the Dead Sea as being in the interior of Palestine, in the very vicinity of "Sodoma"[76]
      c.97: Josephus, Against Apion: "Nor, indeed, was Herodotus of Halicarnassus unaquainted with our nation, but mentions it after a way of his own... This, therefore, is what Herodotus says, that "the Syrians that are in Palestine are circumcised". But there are no inhabitants of Palestine that are circumcised excepting the Jews; and, therefore, it must be his knowledge of them that enabled him to speak so much concerning them."[77][17]
      c.94: Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews: "...these Antiquities contain what hath been delivered down to us from the original creation of man, until the twelfth year of the reign of Nero, as to what hath befallen us Jews, as well is Egypt as in Syria, and in Palestine"[78][17]
      c.100: Statius, Silvae, refers to "liquores Palestini"[19][63]
      c.100: Plutarch, Parallel Lives:"Armenia, where Tigranes reigns, king of kings, and holds in his hands a power that has enabled him to keep the Parthians in narrow bounds, to remove Greek cities bodily into Media, to conquer Syria and Palestine, to put to death the kings of the royal line of Seleucus, and carry away their wives and daughters by violence."[79]

      Roman Aelia Capitolina period
      Palestine in c.100CE according to Ptolemy (map by Claude Reignier Conder of the Palestine Exploration Fund)
      Undated Classical inscription from Constantinople, published by George Dousa in 1599, mentioning "Syriae Palaisteinae"[80]

      c.135: Syria Palæstina[b] was a Roman province between 135 and about 390.[81] It was established by the merge of Roman Syria and Roman Judaea, following the defeat of the Bar Kokhba Revolt.
      c.150: Appian, Roman History: "Intending to write the history of the Romans, I have deemed it necessary to begin with the boundaries of the nations under their sway.... Here turning our course and passing round, we take in Palestine-Syria, and beyond it a part of Arabia. The Phoenicians hold the country next to Palestine on the sea, and beyond the Phoenician territory are Coele-Syria, and the parts stretching from the sea as far inland as the river Euphrates, namely Palmyra and the sandy country round about, extending even to the Euphrates itself"[82]
      c.150: Lucian of Samosata, Passing of Peregrinus: 11. “It was then that he learned the wondrous lore of the Christians, by associating with their priests and scribes in Palestine. And—how else could it be?—in a trice he made them all look like children, for he was prophet, cult-leader, head of the synagogue, and everything, all by himself. He interpreted and explained some of their books and even composed many, and they revered him as a god, made use of him as a lawgiver, and set him down as a protector, next after that other, to be sure, whom they still worship, the man who was crucified in Palestine because he introduced this new cult into the world.[83][84]
      c.150: Arrian, Anabasis Alexandri:[c] "Tyre then was captured, in the archonship at Athens of Anicetus in the month I lecatombacun...Alexander now determined to make his expedition to Egypt. The rest of Syrian Palestine (as it is called) had already come over to him, but a certain eunuch, Batis, who was master of Gaza, did not join Alexander"[85]
      c.150: Ptolemy, Geography (Ptolemy), including map[86]
      155: First Apology of Justin Martyr, refers to "Flavia Neapolis in Palestine" in the introductory paragraph
      c.225: Cassius Dio, Historia Romana, The Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus in 70CE: "Such was the course of these events; and following them Vespasian was declared emperor by the senate also, and Titus and Domitian were given the title of Caesars. The consular office was assumed by Vespasian and Titus while the former was in Egypt and the latter in Palestine"[87]
      c.300: Antonine Itinerary[88][89]
      311: Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea, History of the Martyrs in Palestine. As the "Father of Church History", Eusebius' use of the name Palestine influenced later generations of Christian writers[90][91]

      Late Antiquity period
      Late Roman Empire (Byzantine) period
      Notitia Dignitatum of c.410 CE showing Dux Palestinae[92]
      Madaba map extract showing "οροι Αιγυπτου και Παλαιστινης" (the "border of Egypt and Palestine)

      c.380: Ammianus Marcellinus, Book XIV, 8, 11: "The last province of the Syrias is Palestine, a district of great extent, abounding in well-cultivated and beautiful land, and having several magnificent cities, all of equal importance, and rivalling one another as it were, in parallel lines. For instance, Caesarea, which Herod built in honour of the Prince Octavianus, and Eleutheropolis, and Neapolis, and also Ascalon, and Gaza, cities built in bygone ages."[93][80]
      c.384: Saint Jerome, Epistle 33: "He (Origen) stands condemned by his bishop, Demetrius, only the bishops of Palestine, Arabia, Phenicia, and Achaia dissenting"[19][94][63]
      c.390: Palaestina was organised into three administrative units: Palaestina Prima, Secunda, and Tertia (First, Second, and Third Palestine), part of the Diocese of the East.[95][96] Palaestina Prima consisted of Judea, Samaria, the Paralia, and Peraea with the governor residing in Caesarea. Palaestina Secunda consisted of the Galilee, the lower Jezreel Valley, the regions east of Galilee, and the western part of the former Decapolis with the seat of government at Scythopolis. Palaestina Tertia included the Negev, southern Jordan—once part of Arabia—and most of Sinai with Petra as the usual residence of the governor. Palestina Tertia was also known as Palaestina Salutaris.[97] Recorded in the:
      Synecdemus of Hierocles (c.530 CE) [98]
      Descriptio Orbis Romani of George of Cyprus (c.600 CE)[99]
      c. 400: Genesis Rabba, Jewish midrash, explains that the word "land" in Genesis 41:54 refers to three lands in the region - Phoenicia, Arabia and Palestine.(ויהי רעב בכל הארצות: בשלש ארצות בפנקיא ובערביא ובפלסטיני)[100][63]
      c. 400: Lamentations Rabbah, Jewish midrash, mentions the dukes of Arabia, Phoenicia, Palestine and Alexandria as joining forces with Roman Emperor Vespasian. (שלש שנים ומחצה הקיף אספסיאנוס את ירושלם והיו עמו ארבעה דוכסין, דוכס דערביא, דוכס דאפריקא, דוכוס דאלכסנדריא, דוכוס דפלסטיני)[63]
      c.450: Theodoret, Ecclesiastical History: "The see of Caesarea, the capital of Palestine, was now held by Acacius, who had succeeded Eusebius."[101]
      c.450: Proclus of Constantinople: "Iosuae Palaestinae exploratori cohibendi solis lunaeque cursum potestatem adtribuit"[102]
      c.500: Tabula Peutingeriana (map)
      c.500: Zosimus, New History: "Finding the Palmyrene army drawn up before Emisa, amounting to seventy thousand men, consisting of Palmyrenes and their allies, [Emperor Aurelian] opposed to them the Dalmatian cavalry, the Moesians and Pannonians, and the Celtic legions of Noricum and Rhaetia, and besides these the choicest of the imperial regiment selected man by man, the Mauritanian horse, the Tyaneans, the Mesopotamians, the Syrians, the Phoenicians, and the Palestinians, all men of acknowledged valour; the Palestinians besides other arms wielding clubs and staves."[103]
      c.550: Madaba map, "οροι Αιγυπτου και Παλαιστινης" (the "border of Egypt and Palestine)
      c.550: Christian Topography
      555: Cyril of Scythopolis, The Life of St. Saba[104]
      c.560: Procopius, The Wars of Justinian: "The boundaries of Palestine extend toward the east to the sea which is called the Red Sea."[105] Procopius also wrote that "Chosroes, king of Persia, had a great desire to make himself master of Palestine, on account of its extraordinary fertility, its opulence, and the great number of its inhabitants"[106][107]

      Middle Ages
      Rashidun, Umayyad and Abbasid Caliphates period
      Reconstruction of the c.700 CE Ravenna Cosmography showing "Palaestina"

      629: Heraclius, In 629 Heraclius restored the True Cross to Jerusalem in a majestic ceremony:[108][109] I.e. the so-called Fast of Heraclius, which immediately preceding Lent, forms the first week of the Great Fast. The origin of this fast is said to be as follows: that the emperor Heraclius, on his way to Jerusalem, promised his protection to the Jews of Palestine, but that on his arrival in the holy city, the schismatical patriarch and the Christians generally prayed him to put all the Jews to the sword, because they had joined the Persians shortly before in their sack of the city and cruelties towards the Christians. (Abu Salih the Armenian, Abu al-Makarim, ed. Evetts 1895, p. 39, Part 7 of Anecdota Oxoniensia: Semitic series Anecdota oxoniensia. Semitic series—pt. VII], at Google Books)
      c.670: Adomnán, De Locis Sanctis, or the Travels of Arculf: "Que utique Hebron, ut fertur, ante omnes, non solum Palestíne, civitates condita fuerat, sed etiam universas Egyptiacas urbes in sua precessit conditione, que nunc misere monstratur destructa."[110] translated: "This Hebron, it is said, was founded before all the cities, not only of Palestine, but also preceded in its foundation all the cities of Egypt, although it has now been so miserably destroyed."[111][112]
      c.700: Ravenna Cosmography
      c.770: Thawr ibn Yazid, hadith, as quoted in Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Wasiti's Fada'il Bayt al-Muqaddas (c.1019): "The most holy spot [al-quds] on earth is Syria; the most holy spot in Syria is Palestine; the most holy spot in Palestine is Jerusalem [Bayt al-maqdis]; the most holy spot in Jerusalem is the Mountain; the most holy spot in Jerusalem is the place of worship [al-masjid], and the most holy spot in the place of worship is the Dome."[113][114]
      c.770: Hygeburg, The Life of Willibald: "Then, having visited the church of St. George at Diospolis [he passed] through Joppe, a coast town of Palestine, where Peter raised to life the widow Dorcas, and went along the shore of the Adriatic Sea, and adored the footsteps of our Lord at Tyre and Sidon. And then, crossing Mount Libanus, and passing through the coast town of Tripoli, he visited Damascus again, and came to Emmaus, a village of Palestine, which the Romans after the destruction of Jerusalem called, after the event of the victory, Nicopolis."[115][116]
      810-815: Theophanes the Confessor, Chronicles:[117][118] Since Muhammad was a helpless orphan, he thought it good to go to a rich woman named Khadija manage her camels and conduct her business in Egypt and Palestine... When he [Muhammad] went to Palestine he lived with both Jews and Christians, and hunted for certain writings among them. (Theophanes 1982, p. 35, The Chronicle of Theophanes)
      c.870: Ibn Khordadbeh, Book of Roads and Kingdoms: "Filastin Province 500,000 dinars of taxes" (c.864 AD)[119][120]
      c.870: al-Baladhuri, Conquests of the Lands Wrote that the main towns of the district, following its conquest by the Rashidun Caliphate, were Gaza, Sebastia (Sebastiya), Nablus, Caesarea, Ludd, Yibna, Imwas, Jaffa, Rafah, and Bayt Jibrin.[119]
      c.880: Qudamah ibn Ja'far, Kitab Al Kharaj (The Book of the Land Tax): Filastin Province, 195,000 dinars (c.820 AD)
      891: Ya'qubi, Book of Lands: "Of the Jund Filastin, the ancient capital was Lydda. The Caliph Sulayman subsequently founded the city of Ramla, which he made the capital.... The population of Palestine consists of Arabs of the tribes of Lakhm, Judham, Amilah, Kindah, Kais and Kinanah"[119][120]
      c.900: Limits of the Five Patriarchates: "The first See and the first patriarchate is of Jerusalem, James, the brother of God and apostle and eyewitness, and minister of the word and secrets of secrets and hidden mysteries, contains the whole Palestine a country until Arabia." (Πρῶτος θρόνος καὶ πρώτη πατριαρχία Ἱεροσολύμων, Ἱακώβου τοῦ ἀδελφοθέου καὶ ἀποστόλου, αὐτόπτου καί ὑπηρέτου τοῦ λόγου γενομένου καὶ μύστου τῶν ἀπορρήτων καὶ ἀθεάτων αὐτοῦ μυστηρίων θεαμάτων, περιέχων πᾶσαν τὴν Παλαιστίνων χώραν ἄχρι Ἀραβίας)
      903: Ibn al-Faqih, Concise Book of Lands[119][121]
      c.913: Ibn Abd Rabbih[119][121]
      c.930: Patriarch Eutychius of Alexandria, Eutychii Annales:[122][123][124] CHAPTER II: ADVERSITIES OF THE CHURCH.: 1 Persecutions of the Christians.: ...The Christians suffered less in this than in the preceding centuries. ...In the East especially in Syria and Palestine the Jews sometimes rose upon the Christians with great violence (Eutyrhius, Annales tom ii., p. 236, &c. Jo. Henr. Hottinger, Historia Orientalis, lib. i., c. id., p. 129, &c.) yet so unsuccessfully as to suffer severely for their temerity. (Mosheim 1847, p. 426, at Google Books)
      943: Al-Masudi, The Meadows of Gold[119][125]

      Fatimid Caliphate period
      World map c.1050 CE by Beatus of Liébana

      951-978: Estakhri, Traditions of Countries and Ibn Hawqal, The Face of the Earth: "The provinces of Syria are Jund Filstin, and Jund al Urdunn, Jund Dimaskh, Jund Hims, and Jund Kinnasrin.... Filastin is the westernmost of the provinces of Syria... its greatest length from Rafah to the boundary of Lajjun... its breadth from Jaffa to Jericho.... Filastin is the most fertile of the Syrian provinces.... Its trees and its ploughed lands do not need artificial irrigation... In the province of Filastin, despite its small extent, there are about 20 mosques.... Its capital and largest town in Ramla, but the Holy City (of Jerusalem) comes very near this last in size"[119][121]
      985: Al-Muqaddasi, Description of Syria, Including Palestine: "And further, know that within the province of Palestine may be found gathered together 36 products that are not found thus united in any other land.... From Palestine comes olives, dried figs, raisins, the carob-fruit, stuffs of mixed silk and cotton, soap and kercheifs"[126]
      c.1000: Suda encyclopedic lexicon: "Παλαιστίνη: ὄνομα χώρας. καὶ Παλαιστι̂νος, ὁ ἀπὸ Παλαιστίνης." / "Palestine: Name of a territory. Also [sc. attested is] Palestinian, a man from Palestine.[127]
      1029: Rabbi Solomon ben Judah of Jerusalem, a letter in the Cairo Geniza, refers to the province of Filastin[128]
      1047: Nasir Khusraw, Safarnama[119] / Diary of a Journey through Syria and Palestine: "This city of Ramlah, throughout Syria and the West, is known under the name of Filastin."[129][130]
      c.1050: Beatus of Liébana, Beatus map, Illustrates the primitive Diaspora of the Apostles and is one of the most significant cartographic works of the European High Middle Ages.
      1051: Ibn Butlan[119]

      Crusaders period
      Tabula Rogeriana, showing "Filistin" in Arabic in the middle of the right hand page

      1100-27: Fulcher of Chartres, Historia Hierosolymitana (1095-1127): "For we who were Occidentals have now become Orientals. He who was a Roman or a Frank has in this land been made into a Galilean or a Palestinian."[131]
      c.1130, Fetellus, "The city of Jerusalem is situated in the hill-country of Judea, in the province of Palestine" [132]
      1154: Muhammad al-Idrisi, Tabula Rogeriana or The Book of Pleasant Journeys into Faraway Lands[119][133]
      1173: Ali of Herat, Book of Indications to Make Known the Places of Visitations[119]
      1177: A Brief Description, by Joannes Phocas, of the Castles and Cities, from the City of Antioch even unto Jerusalem; also of Syria and Phoenicia, and of the Holy Places in Palestine[134][135]
      c.1180: William of Tyre, Historia Hierosolymitana[136]
      1185: Ibn Jubayr, The Travels of Ibn Jubayr[119]

      Ayyubid and Mamluk periods
      Palestina on the Fra Mauro map, 1459
      Map of Palestine published in Florence 1482 and included in the Francesco Berlinghieri expanded edition of Ptolemy’s Geographia (Geography)

      1220: Jacques de Vitry, History of Jerusalem: "And there are three Palestines, which are parts of Greater Syria. The first is that whose capital is Jerusalem, and this part is specially named Judaea. The second is that whose capital is Caesarea Philippi, which includes all the country of the Philistines. The third is that whose capital is Scythopolis, which at this day is called Bethshan. Moreover, both the Arabias are parts of Syria: the first is that whose capital is Bostrum; the second is that whose capital is Petra in the Wilderness."[137]
      1225: Yaqut al-Hamawi, Dictionary of Geographies "Filastin is the last of the provinces of Syria towards Egypt. Its capital is Jerusalem. Of the principal towns are Ashkelon, Ramle, Gaza, Arsuf, Caesarea, Nablus, Jericho, Amman, Jaffa and Beit Jibrin"[119]
      c. 1266 Abu al-Makarim, "The Churches and Monasteries of Egypt", Part 7 of Anecdota Oxoniensia: Semitic series Anecdota oxoniensia:[138] At the beginning of the caliphate [of Umar] George was appointed patriarch of Alexandria. He remained four years in possession of the see. Then when he heard that the Muslims had conquered the Romans, and had vanquished Palestine, and were advancing upon Egypt, he took ship and fled from Alexandria to Constantinople; and after his time the see of Alexandria remained without a Melkite patriarch for-ninety seven years. (Abu al-Makarim c. 1895, p. 73, at Google Books)
      1321: Abu'l-Fida, A Sketch of the Countries: "The Nahr Abi Futrus is the river that runs near Ramla in Filastin"[119]
      1322: Ishtori Haparchi, Sefer Kaftor Vaferach, mentions twice that Ramla is also known as Filastin
      1327: Al-Dimashqi[119][139]
      1338 Robert Mannyng The Chronicle
      c.1350: Guidebook to Palestine (a manuscript primarily based on the 1285-1291 account of Christian pilgrim Philippus Brusserius Savonensis): "It [Jerusalem] is built on a high mountain, with hills on every side, in that part of Syria which is called Judaea and Palestine, flowing with milk and honey, abounding in corn, wine, and oil, and all temporal goods"[140]
      1351: Jamal ad Din Ahmad, Muthir al Ghiram (The Exciter of Desire) for Visitation of the Holy City and Syria: "Syria is divided into five districts, namely: i. Filastin, whose capital is Aelia (Jerusalem), eighteen miles from Ramla, which is the Holy City, the metropolis of David and Solomon. Of its towns are Ashkelon, Hebron, Sebastia, and Nablus."[119]
      1355: Ibn Battuta, Rihla[119] Ibn Battuta wrote that Ramla was also known as Filastin[141]
      1355: Jacopo da Verona: Liber Peregrinationis: "Primo igitur sciendum est. quod in tota Asyria et Palestina et Egipto et Terra Sancta sunt multi cristiani sub potentia soldani subjugati solventes annuale tributum soldano multa et multa milia."[142][143]
      1377: Ibn Khaldun, Muqaddimah: "Filastin Province taxes - 310,000 dinars plus 300,000 ratls of olive oil"[119]
      c.1421: John Poloner "The land which we call the Holy Land came to be divided by lot among the twelve tribes of Israel, and with regard to one part was called the kingdom of Judaea ... with regard to the other part it was called the kingdom of Samaria... Both these kingdoms, together with the land of Philistim, were called Palestine, which was but a part thereof, even as Saxony and Lorraine are parts of Germany, and Lombardy and Tuscany are parts of Italy. And note that there are three Palestines. In the first, the capital city is Jerusalem, with all its hill country even to the Dead Sea
      1540 Guillaume Postel: Syriae Descriptio[147]
      c. 1560 Ebussuud Efendi: Ebu Suud is asked in a fatwa, "What is the meaning of the term the Holy Land, arazi-i mukaddese?" His answer is that various definitions of the term exist, among them the whole of Syria, to Aleppo and Ariha in the north. Others equate it with the area of Jerusalem (al-Quds); still others equate it with the term "Palestine."[148]
      c.1561: Anthony Jenkinson, published by Richard Hakluyt, The Principall Navigations, Voiages, and Discoveries of the English Nation: "I William Harborne, her Majesties Ambassadour, Ligier with the Grand Signior, for the affaires of the Levant Company in her Majesties name confirme and appoint Richard Forster Gentleman, my Deputie and Consull in the parts of Alepo, Damasco , Aman, Tripolis, Jerusalem, and all other ports whatsoever in the provinces of Syria, Palestina, and Jurie, to execute the office of Consull over all our Nation her Majesties subjects"[149]
      1563: Josse van Lom, physician of Philip II of Spain: A treatise of continual fevers: "Therefore the Scots, English, Livonians, Danes, Poles, Dutch and Germans, ought to take less blood away in winter than in summer; on the contrary, the Portuguese, Moors, Egyptians, Palestinians, Arabians, and Persians, more in the winter than in summer"[150]
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      1570: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, folio 51[154]
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      1591: Johannes Löwenklau: Historiae Musulmanae Turcorum Latin: "Cuzzimu barec ea ciuitas est Palæstinæ, quam veteres Hierosolyma dixerunt, Hebræi Ierusalem. Nomen hodiernum significa locum benedictum vel inclytum", translates as "Quds Barış is the city of the Palestinians, also known as Hierosolyma, in Hebrew, Jerusalem. The name means the holy one or the glorious one"[156]
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      c.1649: Evliya Çelebi, Travels in Palestine: "All chronicles call this country the Land of Palestine"[170]
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      1693: Patrick Gordon (Ma FRS), Geography Anatomiz'd:[175][176] Palestine, or Judea, Name.] This Country term'd by the Italians and Spaniards, Palestina; by the French, Palestine; by the Germans Palestinen, or das Gelobte Land; by the English, Palestine, or the Holy Land. (Gordon 1704, p. 290, at Google Books)
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      1746: Modern History Or the Present State of All Nations: "Jerusalem is still reckoned the capital city of Palestine"[182]
      1747: The modern Gazetteer: "Palestine, a part of Asiatic Turkey, is situated between 36 and 38 degrees of E longitude and between 31 and 34 degress of N latitude, bounded by the Mount Libanus, which divides it from Syria, on the North, by Mount Hermon, which separates it from Arabia Deserta, on the East, by the mountains of Seir, and the deserts of Arabia Petraea, on the South, and by the Mediterranean Sea on the West, so that it seems to have been extremely well secured against foreign invasions."[183]
      1751: The London Magazine[184]
      1792: Giovanni Mariti: Travels Through Cyprus, Syria, and Palestine; with a General History of the Levant[185]
      1794: Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville, map: A New Map of Turkey in Asia[186]
      1799: Pierre Jacotin, Napoleon's director of surveyancing, begins work on the "Jacotin Map": The region is labelled "Palestine" in French and فلسطين أو أرض قدس ("Palestine or Holy Land") in Arabic[187]
      Modern period

    • Robert in Israel.....
      "We want to live in security, whether you like it or not. ''

      You will never live in security because your criminal behavior is repugnant and unacceptable to most of the world .
      And you create more enemies for yourself every day.
      God speed to your cult as it keeps riding to its Appointment in Samara.

  • Dershowitz story is also an Israel story
    • '' hophmi
      January 6, 2015, 6:34 pm

      Are you really going to deny that the anti-Israel community is exploiting this ridiculous story?"">>>>

      So what if they are?........the Pro Israel cabal has smeared, lied about, assassinated and defamed decent people for 70 years for any kind word in behalf of or support of Palestine victims.

      You are due a giant dose of your own medicine..... by the smears, die by the smears .

  • Against self-determination
    • Anyone who has followed Sis's new reign in Egypt must be laughing their ass off at his call for Islamic reform and
      Under Sisi Egyptian courts have twice sentenced 'en masse' and 'without' trials hundreds of the MB 'to death ' for 'protesting'.
      Sisi is mirror image of ISIS.
      More hypocritical crap.

    • '' And why do you select the individualistic side of self-determination when it usually means collective self-determination? -=====clem

      Well you obviously live in a strange part of this country, are a stranger to it or have a strange mind if you think 'individualism' means 'collective self determination.'

    • '' As a liberal, I think this really is a better way to be, tolerating others, worshiping whoever you want to (right now George Eliot), minding your own business - ---Phil

      'minding your own business" excellent advice.
      People should keep their ' identities and 'religions to themselves.
      And not use them as claims to special treatment politically or socially.
      No one cares if minority or majority ethnics or religions assimilate to American traditions or maintain their own customs as long as they conform to the prevailing law and are not hostile to or subversive to the nation as a whole.
      That's all the 'self determination' anyone is entitled to in a democracy.

    • '' I think it’s like 2 poles- one of which is American melting pot of ultimately nothing rooted while the other is a strong tribal identity deeply rooted and it depends where on the scale between the 2 you want to be. ----seafood.

      There's an old saying in America you may not be familiar with.....''Stand where you are planted". It means put down roots and grow where you live.

  • 'You are part of the problem, not the solution': Open letter to the editors of The New York Times
    • Only thread I could find to insert this.

      Its priceless.
      Right wing, anti assimilation, anti Jewish mixed marriages, Pro Israel,Palestine state denying Supremest pulls rug out from under the Dersh and his call for Jews to support him.

      Aint no honor (or loyalty) among thieves when you get right down to splitting up the

      link to

      Defending Alan Dershowitz Is Not a Jewish Issue

  • Yes, Virginia, there is a liberal Zionist
    • '' I’m still waiting for an English translation of 200 Years. It’s been translated in Europe, but not in USA. The Russian novelist author is not an unknown for tackling political history; he’s received some big awards for his excellence. - ---citizen

      Some of Solzhenitsyn translated to English here:
      link to

      I read some translated chapters on the ethnopolitics site several years ago when they were the only ones translating it but is now defunct.
      Amazing writer and book, very very very detailed the history and events.
      There seems to be a effort to wipe it from the net so you have to hunt long and hard for it.

    • Judaism is Zionism- Zionism is Judaism
      Yes it is-- No its not.
      Anyone can find 1000s of articles by Jews and Rabbis claiming it is and claiming it isn't.
      And all of them on both sides quoting this and that from the Old Testament to prove it.
      So its crystal clear that Judaism is Zionism for some of them and for others it is not.
      Or ...iow, there are two kinds of Judaism.
      Both claiming to be the real Judaism.
      That's all there is to the Judaism-Zionism argument.
      It's up to the Jews to settle it or not settle it.

      The only thing for Non Jews to be concerned with is dismantling the Zionist/Israeli fifth column in US government policies.

    • Yea....they need to define 'universalistic" also by something other than just bible verses.
      People into this babble throw everything into the pot like liberalism, enlightenment, blah blah.

      Give me examples of how this universalism *was practiced* in Judaism or Christianity for that matter.

    • I don't see many Jews here, religious or secular, who have a true factual understanding of Jewish history.
      I think that is probably because they get their information from Jewish sources who write 'only' about the Jewish view of history and/or Judaism.
      People should go to' world history ' historians and authors who don't focus strictly on the Jews ..or iow those that don' t have a ethic or religious dog in the hunt of history.... for a better understanding of the Jew's history/events.

  • Caroline Glick melts down with European diplomats
    • About Glick.
      Many moons ago when I was first getting into the Isr issue I read one of her columns in the JP . I cant remember the content now but I emailed her about it. I was polite because at that time I wasn't yet fully anti Israel and didn't know what I was dealing with in Zionist.
      In my mail I said something about Israel losing the sympathy of the world by maintaining their occupation of Palestine.
      Anyway she mailed me back and told me to stuff my sympathy and Israel didn't want the gd sympathy of anti semites...LOL
      She's a extreme hater. That's all there is to her.

  • We're all anti-American now
    • I love my country, I HATE MY GOVERNMENT.

      Been telling ya and telling ya......our government and its Elite-dom Shadow government is 90% rotten to the core.
      And they aren't going to reform themselves.
      So people better start thinking about how to get rid of them in a rigged dual monarchy system.
      And you cant do it by being 'respectful' of the son of a bitches.
      Take out the garbage.

  • Are pro-Israel groups afraid of the US public?
    • oldgeezer
      December 9, 2014, 3:13 pm

      They fear that the truth will be known

      While I agree that most Americans are mostly consumed with their own personal and local interest and have to be hit with a 2 x 4 to draw their attention to issues they don't see directly affecting their own lives-----I also believe that the majority of people everywhere have a belief in 'fairness' , fair treatment.
      "If' the public were to ever learn the real Israel story and all the details Israel would be toast in the USA.
      Particularly if the public's learning the true story was precipitated by some outrageous Israeli action that blew back on the US.
      I have no doubt that Israel will provide that 'learning ' event for the US public eventually.

  • Saban confronts Bennett: 'Are you willing to cut commercial ties with Europe?'
    • CigarGod
      December 9, 2014, 5:32 pm

      Bad behavior by Israeli Jews, is a threat to Jews worldwide. Bad behavior by dual-citizenship Jews is a threat to other Jews worldwide. Bad behavior by any Jew is a threat to other Jews. I am one of three Jews in a little western town of about 1400. That is just about the ratio of 7 billion non-Jews to 13 million Jews. History repeats its self…and I don’t like the odds.''>>>>

      LOL. If you want a non Jew's opinion I doubt you are in any danger.
      My theory on Jews living where there isnt a huge block of Jews is that not having enough Jews to form strictly or mostly Jewish social groups or political groups and etc. they incorporate into the communities in whatever social or political sides they prefer as individuals. Therefore however else they practice or express their Jewish identity is not a concern or anything of note to the non Jewish community.

    • oldgeezer
      December 8, 2014, 6:53 pm

      There aren’t 40 other locations producing chips though as far as I’m aware and not all chip factories are equal

      Sorry oldgezzer i meant to say Microsoft, not Intel--- who does have 60 facilities around the world , some of them production and some of them research.
      I posted a complete run down on the IT companies re Israel from their own sites some while back but am too lazy to go hunt it up---you can find it thru my archive comments if you want.

      The Israeli gov site list 250 foreign companies that have outsourced some of their operations to Israel===an insignificant number for a large country but significant for country Israel's size.

      HOWEVER if one can believe what they read in Forbes, Bloomberg, Economist, Financial Times and industry journals,etc. multinationals are pulling back some from outsourcing because cost ( in cheaper labor, etc) which drew them abroad are now increasing. Now that US and other outsourcing has floated some countries boats the boats aren't as cheap as they once were.

      I noticed this yesterday when looking for the latest info on Israel IT----

      UST-Global-logoDecember 8, 2014 |

      The American information-technology company UST-Global has plans to establish an R&D center in Israel that will train engineers in cyber security, according to a report in “TheMarker.” The statement was reportedly made on Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett’s Facebook page after the cabinet member met with UST CEO Sajan Pillai. UST hopes that the R&D center will train engineers from the peripheral cities in Israel, as well as Hassidic individuals, to become professionals in cyber security in a period of 90 days. Over an allotted period of time, the company hopes to train 10,000 new employees in the cyber security sector, who will staff a potential subsidiary in the South of Israel, making UST the largest foreign employer in Israeli high tech.''

      It may or may not be true, one never knows with Israeli announcements.

      The point about the Isr economy is that it only has a few ways it can go.
      40% + of its economy is dependent on exports. Of those slightly more to Europe than US and elsewhere. And it is dependent on imports for raw materials for much of its manufacturing. 70% of all investment in Isr companies and venture capital comes from foreign investors.
      These are figures from Israel's own economic development office.

      Which makes Bennetts statements all the more insane---he's speaking on Israel's economy as an Israeli leader and he doesn't even understand what Israel economy is based on?

      Sanctions on Israel and its curtains for their economy. Much worse than sanctions on a country like Iran who had oil to sell and therefore a lot of countries who were dependent on Iran crude got 'waivers' exempting them from the sanction enforcement.

    • '' read his remarks differently. He may be saying instead that if Europeans quit buying Israeli products, then the products they do buy elsewhere may not work because of inferior design or quality. It’s not that Israeli-made chips will stop working, but that chips made anywhere else are inadequate for Europe’s needs''..ckg

      Humm.....that doesn't work either.
      Israel's 'chip' industry is 90% owned by Apple, Intel, Microsoft and other foreign high tech ownership to the tune of adding 10 billion a year to the Israel economy.
      They all have 'manufacting plants' and facilities in many other countries besides Israel---Intel for example has over 40 other country locations.
      I am pretty sure that the same "quality control" is enforced in all their plant locations...not just in Israel.

      On the bright side ---if Israel ever did get sanctions put on it and these IT companies needed to make up for the stoppage of Israeli production out of the country -- it would be a good jobs boom in other countries where they have have manufacturing facilities.

    • @ Walid

      I am not sure what you are saying. Are you saying that they included some kind of self destruct device in their 'gizmos"?

      If so that's sort of far fetched.

      We've been over the myths that Israel invented everything from cherry tomatoes and irrigation to cell phones to computer and phone chips and is the only place in the world to get them.

      So this time I will just kill the heart stent myth. There are *60* manufactures of heart stents in the world outside of Israel and the US. As far as I can tell from the list Israel has only *one* manufacture of heart stents.
      Of the 4 billion world wide market in heart stents --the US has 2 billion of the market. Abbot labs and Johnson and Johnson being the majors.
      link to

      The actual scariest thing about the Israelis is their stupidity that comes from their hubris and narcissism .
      People this stupid are quite capable of using nukes and because of their hubristic and narcissism thinking that they could get away with it without any repercussions to themselves.

      And before the trolls show up to claim that Jews or Israelis invented the metal heart stent--nope, it was Julio Palmaz in 1985.
      And it was a not Jewish or Israeli German surgeon in Switzerland, Andreas Gruentzig, who did the first angioplasty--with a balloon device in 1977 even before then.

  • A point by point response to Alan Dershowitz’s 'Ten Reasons Why The BDS Movement Is Immoral'
    • His points are comical is my only comment.
      Glad someone has the patience to address them, I don't.
      I am done with their silly pilpul.

  • Mamdani's 'holistic' challenge: Anti-Zionists must persuade Jews they can only be safe by dismantling the Jewish state
  • Rep. Israel endorses speech saying Europe failed Jewish people in 40s and is 'failing us again today'
    • '' And as for ‘failing’ Jews in the 1940’s, yes Europe stood by and never fought Hitler, losing millions of their own citizens in the process. What an utter dork. Still trying to trade on your pernicious myths and lie "........justicewillprevail


  • AIPAC seeks to blow up negotiations between Iran and US
    • @ Peter Feld

      Ditto. Exactly.

    • I wouldnt take Frank's 'survey' as absolutely accurate or to say Americans would support a attack or war with Iran.

      A lot of 'polls' are now used to try and 'make opinion' by purporting to show what majority opinion is so others will 'go along with' the majority.
      Its a new kind of 'lobbying' .

  • It's always been a holy war
    • I am sure Hughes your heart is in the right place.

      '' But it had religious symbolism as well – are words really needed to confirm that?

      Speak only for yourself on what it you.
      Attacking the rabbis while they were praying symbolized nothing to me but the attackers thinking they wouldn't be armed or expecting it and therefore easier targets.

    • '' The well-known risk is that you invite seven devils into your own mind. -"".......Hughes

      I think what irritates me most about most 'religiously moral' is that they seem most concerned about the 'moral risk' to 'themselves' for one thing.
      I've never been able to get one of those types who say violence is 'always' wrong when dealing with others violence to answer me on what is 'most moral'.
      Refraining from violence against those who use it on other people while continuing to urge peace and pray about it in the face of all 'rational' evidence that that is not going to work or happen----or using violence to end violence against innocents.

    • '' The murder of rabbis in a synagogue is not just a taking of lives but the making of a theological point – really, that Judaism, not just Zionism, is evil, indeed demonic. This is quite contrary to our view that real, authentic Judaism is a well that lies too deep for political taint and that when recruited to support Zionism it has always become inauthentic. I fear that it is the emergence of something new or at least something more starkly terrifying than it used to be - ....... Hughes

      I fear that those of you obsessed with religion and who have made 'theology' their life's cause, job or hobby, and see and inject religion into e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g will make things even worse than they are.

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