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  • 'Like the NRA, AIPAC sows fear in the halls of Congress' -- Dem consultant
    • "Can you imagine an ad about the special relationship featuring bin Laden’s comments about Palestine?"

      Sure, easily. Just make one, and let it go viral.

  • 'Secret' London conference seeks to link BDS to... terrorism
  • The Jewish community must not embrace Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    • @ DaBakr

      You are very wrong. I guess you weren't among the tens of thousands at Dam Square, right ánd left, after Van Gogh was murdered. There is no link between the left and the maniacs that threatened Van Gogh or Hirsi Ali.

      There was also no link between the left and the lies of Hirsi Ali. She brought them up herself, in an interview with a prominent medium. She added that she was aware she was risking her citizenship and her membership of parliament. Four days later she resigned herself and announced she was going to the AEI.

      She went to the AEI to work for them, not because they offered protection. They did not. That's why the Dutch sent along a bunch of agents, for a period of 12 months. After this year Hirsi Ali returned to Holland, where she has permanent protection.

      And so your guesses about our government are no more than that: wild guesses. And FYI, Ali used to be a popular speaker in the left-wing circuit. She was a popular member of the social-democrat PvdA (Labour), but changed over to the Liberals (VVD) in 2002 when the anti-islam meme became popular.

      Listen DaBakr. Holland went through a shock. Rightests misused that in the same way you do. That brought a lot of harm to our society, that we are still recovering from. An open society is vulnerable, in case you don't know. The last thing we need is your antique baseless crap. The matter is too important for us. Do you understand that?

    • @ Daniel

      [Did she [with all those lies] endanger the applications/entrances/acceptance of women who’re real victims of all this madness?]

      Holland became a lot strickter than it was in this period of time, that is a fact. But her lies didn't play a role in accepting others; they brought down the government, though.

      No, VVD is not like the LDP. Wilders left the VVD to radicalize, starting his Group Wilders and later the PVV (Freedom Party) that now cooperates with LePen.

      @ DaBakr

      [She spoke out and politicians on the left dug up some dirt on her finding descrepancies in her visa and threatened [again]and she was offered some form of ‘protection’ from AEI.]

      Are you kidding or just 'digging up some dirt'? Hirsi Ali started the ball rolling herself, by explaining she lied in an interview. 'The left' never played a role in this theatre.

    • @ Daniel Rich

      Oh boy – a lot to tell here.

      Most important is that Hirsi Ali came to the Netherlands in 1992, during the crisis in Somalia. Upon entrance shy lied about several facts. She claimed to flee Somalia, but in fact she lived in Kenia and Germany for 12 years. She also lied about here age and her name. Based on these lies she was granted Dutch citizenship in 1995. She lived here from 1992-2006 and 2007-2011 (about 2011 I am not certain).

      Hirsi Ali became a member of parliament. In an interview in 2006 she herself mentioned that she could loose that membership and her nationality because she had lied upon arrival. Days later she declared to leave parliament by Sep. 1, and to start working for the AEI. In the end she did not lose het citizenship, but I'm not sure if she still is Dutch (she is a US citizen since April 2013).

      She returned to Holland in Oct. 2007, because the Dutch stopped her protection in the US after a year. She was protected since the murder of Theo van Gogh (January 2005), with whom she made the film Submission. At some point, I believe in 2011, she returned to the US, (re)married and gave birth to a child.

      Hirsi Ali later explained her lies (upon entering Holland) by her fear to be tracked down by her husband or possible wrenchful family members. Later even she called herself an 'economic refugee', the prototype of a 'luck seeker', who preferred living in Holland to Germany or Kenia. Most recently she blamed 'extremist islam' for giving up her Dutch nationality.

      Hirsi Ali could claim a position in the Dutch political landscape because of the post-911 madness. She won respect on the left as a fighter for 'women rights', and on the right as 'anti-islam' propagandist. By all camps she was honored for picking up so fast, being the victim of a brutal conflict, coming straight from the batlle field.

      She still publishes in Holland, most recently a few days ago an Op'ed about the Brandeis matter. She is furious.

      BTW, she and Wilders were parliamentary collegues for the Liberal party VVD.

  • For Miliband, the road to 10 Downing Street runs through Jerusalem and Sderot
    • @ Krauss

      As a Jew I am not offended by Puppies' comments. I do not always agree with him, I would have chosen other words sometimes, but I can often understand his position.

      I actually like his quote about the majority ('great' would probably be more accurate than 'overwhelming') of Jews being supportive of major crimes. It's the painful truth, I'm afraid.

      There is a whole lot of effort in promoting the Israeli crimes as Jewish — committed for a vehicle called a 'Jewish state', for the benefit of the 'Jewish people', with a lot of 'Jewish pride' and 'Jewish rights' involved. Unfortunately this is supported (even today) by a great majority of Jews worldwide.

      So, now someone is asking 'us' (Jews) to step away from this complicity. You unpack a 'classic blood libel', but that doesn't answer the situation Puppies is referring to, and that certainly exists. As long as Israel's crimes are being marketed as 'Jewish', and as long as Jews themselves keep defending them as such, don't blame the ones that bring that up.

      BTW, Puppies brought up anti-Semitism as well. You choose to unpack his over-strong language, by calling him an anti-Semite. Puppies points at two possibilities: either anti-Semitism is directed against an ethnic group, or against a religion or cultural superstructure. So, exactly which one is at stake here? By reacting so strong, do you feel addressed as a people or a religion?

  • American Studies Association adds over 700 new members since Israel boycott call
    • Maybe you're not aware, but these Dutch companies were talking about human rights abuses. And today the UN confirmed that Palestine will join the requested int'l conventions, among them the Geneva Conventions. Israel calls that a nightmare, not for the reasons you state, but for the fact that it will end their colonial project, and that the country will be called to justice. If that means a 'threat' to you, you're in bad shape, mister.

    • Sure, same here. We all know that companies like Unilever, Royal Haskoning/DHV, Vitens and PGGM are in fact extremely left-wing, involved in a marketing-gig to increase their profits.

      Your nightmare is just starting, buddy.

  • 66 years ago today 42 members of my family were slaughtered in Deir Yassin
  • Six Palestinians killed in 24 hours by Israeli forces
    • What are we looking at? Is this a deliberate pattern to make the Palestinians burst into an uncontrolled intifadah, that will bring the 'peace talks' to an 'unfortunate but necessary' end?

  • BDS and the purveyors of Israel's democratic image
    • The Dutch withdrawal from the tender had nothing to do with a principal stand – unfortunately. But the wheels are grinding.

  • Do Americans want to know that Israel is waging war on Africans?
    • @ amigo
      Yes, eventually they will lock up the whole world. Actually, they've never been doing anything else, paralyzing the whole world in a state of complient silence.

  • Revealed: Right-wing group StandWithUs' strategy to combat Israel Apartheid Week
  • 'NYT' highlights AIPAC's first failure in 30 years, as de Blasio and Hillary jump on Iran bandwagon
  • Bill targeting academic groups that boycott Israel halted in New York Assembly
  • Kerry's framework according to Friedman and Indyk (Updated: Abbas Weighs In)
    • @ Yonah
      I have no idea about Ben Gurion. The lack of workers is the central story I have been told over and over again. People were promised jobs, houses, etc. if they were prepared to settle in Israel. Many did, others didn't. It's economically driven. No, I have no link. We never published any results, as we're only halfway.

      @ mcohen
      Modern times. BTW – as far as I know the pharaonic story is phantasy and never happened.

    • @ mcohen

      I guess the point Woody is making is that many Jews left the Arab countries of free will. Most of them were stimulated by Israel to go live (work) in that country, that lacked labour force.

      I have been involved in interviewing Jews in Egypt and Morocco about the actual happenings and their choices. Surely in Egypt Jews were forced out (others left long before that out of free will), but in Morocco that didn't happen. I was surprised to learn that Moroccan Jews who left for Israel return every two years to their original villages on vacation.

    • @ Obsidian
      'Didn’t the Arabs play a role in causing the Nakba?'

      No. You're welcome.

  • 'Without doubt, the biggest loser in this well publicized BDS campaign was SodaStream': Reactions to Johansson leaving Oxfam
  • Open Letter from NY Jews to Mayor de Blasio: 'AIPAC does not speak for us'
    • I think this is not so much about numbers. It's everyone's guess that there are lots of people who would sign on to this statement. It really starts with standing up. Others will follow, no doubt.

  • Far-right politician calls for moment of silence for Sharon at European Parliament. Parliament says 'no'
    • Well, and let's not forget that the PVV (Party for Freedom) is getting paid by the Israel Lobby. The weekly Vrij Nederland published a report on this 2-3 years ago. They reported cash money was trucked into the PVV-premises, which are located inside parliament. So it's my guess that Ms Stassen got a direct order.

      Great to see a Chech MEP stand up against it and speaking the truth. The Chechs are the most loyal friends Israel has left in Europe.

  • BDS: The best hope for a true peace
    • In the Netherlands a petition was launched by students/professors of several universities to put pressure on the ABP pension fund to divest from Israeli companies. Please support it if you agree (text in English), and help us to spread the word. Thanks!
      link to

      ABP is one of the largest pension funds in the world with an invested capital of 292 billion euro's. Also see Alex's post (and comments) on PGGM of January 8: link to

  • Poor showing among heads of state for the lonely funeral of Ariel Sharon
  • Israeli settlement exports from the Jordan Valley down $29 million in 2013 due to international boycott
    • @ Mike_Konrad
      'BDS will not work.'

      So what exactly is this article about?

    • @ oldgeezer
      'I have seen the same thing with a pre minced garlic product.'

      I guess we see the same thing happening to the state of Israel.

  • Dutch pension giant ditches Israeli banks over involvement with settlements
    • @ puppies

      WWII is a shameful history for the Netherlands. Sure, there were people that stood up. But most didn't. I guess the Netherlands were just like any other country, full of heroes, full of cowards.

      This hasn't gotten any better. When our government joined the Iraq War, where were the people to stop this insane action? Most of them found it 'terrebly complicated', and moved on with their lives. In Iraq over a million innocent people were killed. Our signature is on their death act. Terrebly complicated, indeed.

      And as Israels crimial actions continue, we're on the wrong side again, for decades.

    • Unless we bring our own. How is that, Citizen?

    • Ellen, in NL all news outlets are on top of it, but Van Nierop (correspondent of NRC Handelsblad) is a leading source.

      Next Thursday there will be a debate in parliament re. Vitens (and no doubt PGGM, or Royal Haskoning/DHV and Unilever before them).

      As for the stance of the Dutch government: It has been unchanged since many years. And yes, the UK has recently adopted a similar stance.

      As for your last question:
      link to

    • And here is Haaretz: 'Foreign Ministry summons Dutch ambassador after pension fund boycott'
      link to

    • Good idea. We're doing the same. The correct address:

      Mrs. E. Bos, CEO
      Kroostweg Noord 149
      3700 AC ZEIST
      The Netherlands

      Or use the e-mail-address Erasmus supplied. It would certainly help if folks drop them a line.

    • Page: 4
    • @ Ellen

      Here is a link, from the Dutch quality newspaper NRC (there is a tweet in English in the text): link to

      As for your comment, you are absolutely right. There is no chance that the government will interfere in business matters. But as PGGM crossed a line in as much that the company has cut ties with all companies involved in the occupation (even if their own business with them has nothing to do with it), Israel is freaking out.

      Another daily (Volkskrant) has its front page up on the matter (not online), stating that even the Israeli left (Adam Keller is commenting) is against the PGGM-decision. For them dealing with Israeli banks on matters outside the occupation is perfectly okay. The 'boycott' decision PGGM has taken is 'unfair', according to Keller. Can you imagine? I would love Mondoweiss to get in touch with him, and ask him to explain. Are these the people we are relying upon?

      The crux is what Harry Law mentioned above: 'The Dutch realised that “it would be impossible to create a firewall between its investments in Israeli banks and the banks’ activities in the territories”, and thus opted for boycott even of banks that only had “indirect” ties to settlements”'. See his link to

    • Israel now demands that the Dutch government takes a stance against divestment, that 'damages the bilateral relations'. Obviously a normal thing to do for regimes such as Israel (where banks can be forced by law to participate in high crime).

    • @ dimadok
      "Dutch may go and feel righteous somewhere else."

      How about your house?

    • “Most of the Dutch are anti-Islam”

      This is new for me too. We have Geert Wilders and his anti-islam PVV (party), but that's about it. And we have a million or so muslims who seem to be doing fine.

    • link to

      Here's the spokesman of Israeli Foreign Affairs (Palmor) on the Dutch news (video on the right). Above the video are three letters, all directed to the shareholders of Vitens: one by the mayor of Ramallah, one by the Israeli Embassy, and one by the Vitens management (Dutch).

    • Harry — according to the news ABP has been talking to the banks longtime, as to give them the chance to improve their practices. We all know this is not gonna happen. It sounds like ABP's decision is well underway.

      ABP would be the fourth large Dutch company to cut its ties with the occupation in just a few months.

      Both PGGM and ABP will probably divest from other companies as well.

    • "That may be true, but they have a very informed citizenry."

      Well, we should be glad that we have very outspoken business leaders, such as Burgmans and Polman (both Unilever). Vitens and PGGM proved that Unilever is not alone. These cases are the best proof that the protests against the occupation are becoming mainstream. The Israeli narrative has (finally) died.

    • Just on the Dutch news: ABP (Algemeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds), another huge pension fund, is telling the Israeli banks to disengage from the occupation, or they will divest from them as well.

  • Chilean soccer team puts Palestine front and center
  • As Kerry leaves Israel, Netanyahu announces 272 new settlement homes
    • Mondonut — You're off your anchors, sailor. On the table is the Arab Peace Initiative. Israel was given nine months to consider peace and open relations with the Arab world. The API is based on a 2SS, that guarantees a viable Palestinian state ánd a 'Jewish state'. Like it or not — but this is no 'nonsense'. After 65+ years Israel has to show it's true intentions.

  • Happy new year from Mondoweiss
  • Kerry wants to imprison West Bank with massive security fence along Jordanian border
    • @ JeffB
      'Israel is under no obligation to help a hostile government filled with hostile people not feel the consequences of their stupidity and mismanagement.'

      The blockade of Gaza has the status of an occupation under international law. So yes, Israel is fully responsible for the welfare of the Gazans, and is obliged to let them return to their homes in Jaffa and other places.

    • @ sibiriak
      'That Palestinian refugees would not, in any significant numbers, be returning to Israel, has long been a given, has it not?'

      No. The right of return for Palestinian refugees is beyond doubt, as pointed out by the Dutch Advisory Council on Int'l Affairs in its report 'Between Words and Deeds' (april 2013).

      I hope we agree on the fact that US Congress's resolution you mention has no legal status at all.

  • 'NYT' covers historic American boycott vote by quoting 3 Israelis attacking it
  • ASA members vote 2-1 for academic boycott of Israel
    • Hophmi,

      I remember very well how you guys treat academics of name and fame when they say no to an Israeli propaganda party. And that's just one example. Ask MJR.

      What will be regretted by many is the fact that they waited so long to step in. Your threat is telling, BTW.

    • How are you doing yourself, Hophmi? Any ignoring, lately?

  • Israel's real fear is BDS and 'delegitimization,' says Goldberg
    • Thanks, Kate.

    • So, now that these Zionists have had their speaking time, how about the ongoing delegitimization of the Palestinians in which they all take part? I notice that this point is absent from the debate once again, and I wish that 'our side' would bring it up with more strenth.

  • Protesters ask Target to drop Israeli settlement product SodaStream
    • Good news from the Dutch BDS Movement, as Vitens, one of Holland's leading water companies, yesterday ended cooperation with Mekorot, Israels national water company. Last August another prestigious Dutch company, Royal Haskoning/DHV, decided not to participate in a Jerusalem project.

      Slowly, but probably a lot faster from now on, the notion that companies should stay away from any project that might benefit the occupation is getting mainstream.

  • (Updated) Senator Chuck Schumer promises more Iran sanctions, vows to 'defeat' Arab world and Palestinians
    • @ Mayhem

      You sound like Schumer, who demanded that 'Iran must recognize Israel as a Jewish state' just two weeks ago. The poor chap mixed up Iran and Abbas. Like you mix op Israeli's and Jews.

      I call the Israeli people what they are: the Israeli people. Just like Abbas. Many of them are not Jewish, you know. BTW, once the one state solution comes along and the refugees return home, Jews will be a minority.

      As for a 'Jewish people' (I rather use community), I guess we can agree that half of that people live outside Israel. That's another reason why Abbas was right.

      But the most important reason to deny those ugly slogans is because they are meant to discriminate, ethnically cleanse and steal more land. As such, everybody should refrain from them.

    • Yep. And by repeating it over and over again, they have become the existential threat themselves.

  • The story behind the deal: Israel kept out of the loop as secret US/Iran meetings took place in Oman
    • @ Ellen

      Basically this has been the red line all along. The raison d'etre of the state. The excuse to rage and colonize Palestine. The Magic Bullit.

      Is it true? No, it's rediculous. Lieberman is responsible for the Israeli people, including a large chunk of non-Jews. Besides, the fact that Israel brands its crimes as 'Jewish', means a clear danger to Jews in general.

  • Iran & the Nuclear Question: Framing the debate, one picture (and one think tank) at a time
    • @ fnlevit

      What makes you think they do not have that right already? Please specify. What exactly is the difference between Iran and Saudi, and say European nations?

      And yes, countries like Egypt might use that very same right some day. But no, that does not set off a nuclear race at all. These are misleading connections.

    • Let it be noted that the intentional de-humanization is all yours. You just showed how it works. Get out of here with this filthy propaganda and lies!

    • @ fnlevit

      Arak again, right? You call that 'homework'? The 'plutonium producing reactor' as you call it, the IR40, is a standard heavy water reactor, that does not produce plutonium at all. To produce plutonium from the used reactor fuel (distract and enrich it), Iran will need a state of the art facility, which is not present in Arak or elsewhere in Iran, for which is has no capabilities, nor the intentions.

      And why the hell should Iran be questioned for its intentions, which it has always been very clear about? They differ in nothing from the Dutch nucleair program, and for decades no one questioned us. Strange, as we have plenty of gas. Stranger even, as we are the reason that Pakistan has a nucleair bomb. That should scare the devil out of you.

      Your homework sucks, fnlevit, as do your intentions. Look at Israel if you're interested in illegal plutonium production plants. Look at Holland if you want an outline of the Iranian program.

  • Ari Shavit's Zionist revival is a hit in New York
  • Crossing Qalandia checkpoint, day after day after day
  • Netanyahu's greatest fear: Linkage
    • Wow, Mike, that's really something. Does the Israeli public know all this? I mean, they're in for a huge amount of trouble if this is only half true.

  • Echoing Netanyahu, Ted Cruz slams Kerry and calls on Iran to recognize Israel as 'Jewish state'
    • Cruz wants Iran 'to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state'. What on earth does that have to do with the nuclear talks?

    • @ Ira

      Nothing wrong with being sceptical – we've seen stranger things. But let's celebrate the fact that even the slightest friction in Israels extreme agenda exposes Netanyahu as the warmaker he is, and creatse a chance to get the U.S. public informed.

      Apart from that, I believe we have seen strong signals that the White House is totally fed up with Israel's stubborn non-compliance, and is explaining the Israeli public that it's time to give in for the sake of their own security or face a third intifadah. I think that's the right argument at the right time coming from the right man. I hoped for it, but didn't expect it to happen.

    • @ Ira
      European News programs report that a deal is in sight. Kerry's interest is to create silence on the Iran-front to force Israel to take the talks with the Palestinians serious.

      It's interesting to see Netanyahu interfering in US politics openly. Here comes a great chance to show the American public the mechanics. I guess that's where our energy should go.

  • Palestinian-American student denied entry to Israel after being told, 'there is no such thing as Palestine'
    • “Palestinian-Americans: PA ID holders, as well as persons believed to have claim to a PA ID by virtue of ancestry, will be treated for immigration purposes as residents of the West Bank and Gaza, regardless of whether they also hold U.S. citizenship. Israeli authorities consider anyone who was born in the West Bank or Gaza or who has parents or grandparents who were born or lived in the West Bank or Gaza as having a claim to a PA ID.”

      Says the occupying power. Amazing that this can exist.

    • James, is that a question?

    • @ yrn

      You guys are laughable. One part tries to deny the sheer existence of 'Palestinans' at large, the other claims that Jordan is full of them.

      You know what? Israël is full of Europeans that were not even related to each other or their 'Jewish homeland'. Their homelands are here, in Europe, not the Middle East.

  • Settler colonialism -- and liberal Zionist denial
  • Natalie Portman and Woody Allen see anti-Semitism as pervasive
    • @ a blah chick
      'Also why haven’t Portman and Allen gone and lived in the Jewish state, or is that question impolite?'

      Maybe they prefer to suffer in the Diaspora. So far that worked out pretty well.

    • @ yrn
      'Many thought the same in 1925-30 in a Western Democratic Liberal normal community named Germany.'

      What exactly are you trying to say? Are you suggesting that a Western country could at any time declare anti-Semitism a state policy? Do you expect this to happen, and if yes, where?

      The reason for asking is that over here Jews feel perfectly safe. I personally know no one inside the community that feels threatened, now or in the future. Besides, cities like Berlin and Amsterdam are popular with Israeli's who chose to live there. Are they playing with their lives? I don't think so.

      It is wise to remember what happened in Germany. But the context matters, as your point happens to be extremely popular among those who wish to claim that Israel is such a much needed safe heaven for Jews.

      That's where the original message gets exploited. This is not about the well-being of Jews anymore, but about the well-being of Israel. The time that these ran parallel is long gone. There is no doubt that Jews outside Israel are safer than those inside Israel.

      The bizarre reality is that, if a risk for Jews around the world is in sight at all, this will no doubt be the result of Israeli behavior/policy.

  • Olmert is a 'patriot,' Adelson tells an American audience
    • I repeat that Israel is the biggest threat to Jewish wellbeing worldwide, and Adelson is its messenger. He puts the lives of Jews on the line by his agressive hatespeech. Who is supporting this outside the Chosen State and the US Congress?

  • 'Muslims, you want to kill 100 percent of the Jews' -- the wit 'n wisdom of Sheldon Adelson
    • @ yrn

      The fact that most of the world will think like that is what you should be afraid of. And I think Adelson and his likes are helping this case forward on the double. Mondoweiss is pocket money in this respect.

      As for your typo — it's Weiss. Mondo Weiss.

  • MJ Rosenberg owes Ali Abunimah an apology for false accusations of anti-Semitism
    • Well, that happened before in the margin of one of his own pieces on MW. He was asked to explain, but that didn't happen. Clearly MJ sees things most of us don't see.

  • What Comes Next: If the goal is to change U.S. policy, American Jewish opinion can't be ignored
    • Well said, Liz. Back to reality. Here's Yuval Diskin in Haaretz.

      link to

      Ex-Shin Bet head: Conditions ripe for Palestinian Arab Spring
      Yuval Diskin also says Israeli-Palestinian peace unlikely: 'It's clear that, considering the current political map, there is no chance the Israeli public will accept a peace agreement.'

      Former Shin Bet head Yuval Diskin said Monday that conditions were ripe for a "Palestinian" Arab Spring, amid rising dissatisfaction in the West Bank.

      “In the West Bank, immense tension and frustration among Palestinians is escalating, as they feel their land is being stolen from them," Diskin told a Finance Ministry conference, in remarks carried by Army Radio. "They are realizing that the state they aspire to achieve is growing more distant and understand that the economy is no longer something that they can take comfort in.”

      Diskin also said he does not believe the Israeli public is ready to reach a deal with the Palestinians. "It's clear that, considering the current political map, there is no chance the Israeli public will accept a peace agreement."

      Diskin also noted that Egypt and Jordan must take part in negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. "Egypt and Jordan should be involved in early stages, as it will give Abu Mazen legitimacy to make decisions. "

      One of the six former Shin Bet heads who appears in the Oscar-nominated Israeli documentary Gatekeepers, Diskin has come our sharply against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the past.

      Diskin paints a picture of recklessness in the government's highly sensitive security discussions. Among other things, Diskin, who served as Shin Bet chief from 2005 - 2011, enumerates alcohol consumption, cigar smoking and the fact that Netanyahu is "possessed" by Iran.

      "Netanyahu is scared, fickle and shirking responsibility," Diskin says in that interview. "There is a crisis of leadership here, a crisis of values and total contempt for the public. Maybe people will think I'm exaggerating, but I’m telling you: From close up it looks even worse."

  • And now for something completely different
  • Jews can't be 'a force for good' without Israel, says Jewish Federations report
    • Come on guys, a little serious please. I don't know who the people are that cooked up this blatant nonsense, but I wonder why anyone should take this as a serious effort. Any high school student would be ashamed for this rubbish.

  • NY panel featuring Adelson asks whether Jews can exist without Israel
    • 'Can the French survive without France?' – was the original question. I guess they can. But the point is hazy. Exactly what should survive?

      An example: in South-Africa, Brasil and the US you can find towns or large communities whose inhabitants still consider themselves Dutch after hundreds of years. Their shared history, culture and language are intact – even 'Dutcher than Dutch'. Would that do for an acceptable answer to the question?

      Another point is that Oleg just now added 'as a people'. What does that mean? Jews certainly didn't survive 'as a people' — on the contrary: they ceased to exist as such long ago. Nevertheless they survived as a religious or cultural group, among them all sorts of non-related Europeans, Arabs, Berbers, etc. Even Iranians.

      From that respect I wonder why anyone would question the survival of the French culture or heritage outside (or without) France. It already does — quite fundamentally even –, without the backing of the French state.

      But why bother discussing the French? The more interesting debate is if the state of Israel is a blessing or a risk for worldwide Jewry? I say it's a huge risk. Can Jews survive without a state of Israel? Perfectly. Can they survive with a state of Israel? Doubtful.

    • 'Orthodox Judaism requires a Temple in Jerusalem.'

      Stop it, please. This is all just too funny. I can guess the next scene in which they're being rolled out of town, smeared with tar and feathers, right? I can't wait.

    • Annie, no sorry's — I'm in your arms with laughter. This is the best joke of the 21st century, by far, no matter what has yet to come. I hope one of the MW-team will film it — so we can sell it to Comedy Central.

  • The young flee Israel because it is a 'failure' and 'xenophobic theocracy' -- 'Haaretz' columnist
    • @ Oleg

      Don't you know how Apartheid works? Your name suggests differently.

    • @ Oleg

      I don't read Hebrew, but I hope you understand Dutch, as last night exactly this item was shown on Dutch national tv. Indeed many Israeli are leaving the place, but more telling is the industry that (desperately!) takes care of people taking their places.

      So what we see is a huge influx of mainly Americans, triggered by free flights, movals, subsidized housing in the West Bank, sponsored jobs, etc. The new colonists of Palestine.

      link to (interviews in English).

  • Netanyahu's extrajudicial end-run, to imprison African asylum-seekers
    • “We cannot remain without tools at a time when we know that Israel is the only Western country that borders Africa,” said Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar yesterday, and in a post on Netanyahu’s Facebook page.

      Since when is Israël a 'Western country', and since when does it border Africa? Oh, it's on Netanyahu's Facebook page. That explains all.

  • Nakba in The New Yorker, BDS in Variety
    • Shavit: 'I will not damn the brigade commander and the military governor and the 3rd Battalion soldiers. On the contrary, if need be, I’ll stand by the damned, because I know that if not for them the State of Israel would not have been born. If not for them, I would not have been born. They did the filthy work that enables my people, my nation, my daughter, my sons, and me to live… There is no other home for us, and there was no other way.'

      This is truly disgusting. But at least we now know why the Palestinians were whiped off the map: to make way for criminal racists and their families.

      Thanks Pam, great post.

  • Israeli Jews must become 'indigenized' to the Arab world, Blumenthal tells Lustick
    • @ Hophmi
      'You know what’s fascist? Telling people that they have no right to exist in a space unless they become “indigenized.”'

      Yeah, right. Israel would of course never do such a thing.

      It's time to pack up, buddy, and go home. Indeed the zionist experiment has failed completely — unless you find it normal to keep people in cages. Apologize and go back to Europe, where you belong.

    • @ Pabelmont

      'And all the Jews who live in Israel who do NOT feel that way have caved-in (like the Republicans caved-in to the Tea Party in Congress 10/2013) and thrown out their humanity with the bath water.'

      They were thrown out of their communities as 'traitors', because they believed that the Palestinians ['Aghabs' in Eastern-European tongue] had rights, too. They were branded as 'wrong Jews' — 'wrong' in the sense that the nazi's were wrong.

  • Liberal Zionist Peratis comes out for BDS to shake up, and preserve, 'Jewish Israel'
    • @ Annie
      '...may share some, but do not share all, of our goals ...'

      Unfortunately this is not about sharing. She wants it all. Her goal is to rule out the RoR, that stands at the core of BDS and Palestinian rights. A message for Petakis: these rights are non-negociable.

      I share exactly nothing with US liberal zionists that propagate a 'Jewish state' on Palestinian land.


    • @ Shmuel

      This is not about keeping BDS 'pure', but about keeping it in line with its basic rules, as defined by the Palestinians themselves, including full RoR.

      I can't see why anyone – as per your suggestion – should work with this woman to realize the opposite. Do you expect any support for this from the Palestinians? I don't. I don't think they will skip the RoR from the BDS fundamentals because there is some movement within US liberal zionist circles. I'm sure they won't.

      If I may suggest: don't confuse the complex struggle of the US Jewish community with the Palestinian struggle.

      And BTW. The fact that the BDS Movement will not stand 'shoulder to shoulder' with Ms Petakis has nothing to do with a 'boycot'. There is just no common ground as long as she herself boycots the BDS fundamentals.

    • @ German lefty,

      Dear neighbour, I'm on your side. This 'Elite BDS à la Peratis' could create some positive effects, but its goal is deeply disgusting.

      BTW, I don't think your standpoint suffers from 'purity'. This is about the basic rules of BDS, brought forward by the Palestinian civil society, based on its established rights. Like you, I support these. Period.

    • @ Ritzl

      As for the BDS leadership, Omar Barghouti (as most Palestinians, as far as I can judge) has a clear vision, supported by int'l law: one state, full citizenship, RoR. That's what the Palestinians want, and nothing else matters. There is zero chance the BDS leadership will endorse or join the initiative by Peratis, and I'll support them in that decision.

      Like I mentioned above, this initiative is not about the Palestinians, but about securing a 'Jewish state' on their land. Peratis doesn't want to march with those who support the RoR. She is hostile toward this basic goal of BDS.

      What she is looking for is some special Jewish BDS. Good luck with that. I hope – and assume – she blows off the roof of the Jewish tent.

    • @ Woody
      'Exactly. She is basically saying that her organization doesn’t want REAL peace — peace with justice — it wants a zio peace, but one which doesn’t offend her precious sensitivities.'

      I think it's more than sensitivities. I think it's an inert sense of Apartheid. This is not about the right of Palestinians, this is about the future of this so-called 'Jewish state' — which is destroying the Palestinians.

    • @ German Lefty

      I guess Ms Peratis has chosen the words herself: 'We cannot march shoulder to shoulder with them' — meaning anyone who demands the RoR.

      That is vice versa: we cannot march shoulder to shoulder with her, since she denies, even combats, one of the principle grounds of BDS.

      But the fact she is not an ally doesn't mean she's not a useful idiot. There are all sorts of advantages to be gained by her move. At least she'll put BDS and the RoR on the radar in otherwise closed-off groups, surely she'll create damage in het own circles, and as pointed out by others she'll be effectively supporting certain goals of BDS.

      See it from a strategic point. The opponent starts looking for desperate compromises, that hurt it's very stability. It's a very clear sign – one in many – that the pressure is becoming too much.

      Will she be able to 'hijack' BDS and thus sink the original tool? No way. The BDS-steamer is at sea. But the iceberg is crumbling.

  • 'Disappearing Palestine' ads in Vancouver provoke vicious and hysterical response
  • The face of young Israel: Palestinians shouldn't be in the Knesset, or in relationships with Jews
    • @ OlegR

      It needn't be inevitable. It can change. There could be Israeli's that stand up and say 'Enough!'. That option is fully available, and would win massive support around the world. It might even bring peace – a value that has never landed at Ben Gurion so far. So may I suggest to use it?

    • @ German Lefty,

      I agree. Important notion. This is a hip, modern, Western, open, democratic IT-society (as they claim), in which a huge portion of the people is totally misinformed re. the conflict and the Palestinians. A conflict that is literally under their noses. Amazing, right?

      They don't give a damn, and – don't forget – they got away with it for 65 years.

    • Walid, thanks for your pov. As for the article you mention: there are no limits when it comes to weaving it all together into a comfortable narrative, does it? Exactly the reason why I brought it up. The way the kids in Phil's video address Palestinians in auto mode makes me shiver.

    • This talk about 'Arabs' bothers me a lot, when actually Palestinians are meant. When it comes to their rights to ther land, the Palestinians are Levantine. Their ancestors are Canaanites of origin, going back some 7,000 years.

      Calling them 'Arabs' suggests they are import, and might as well live in one of the other 'Arab' countries ('They have 20+ countries and 300 million brothers'). It also suggests that their rights, if any at all, are of a more recent date than those of the Jews — and thus useless and void.

      I realize the 'arabization' – culturally and religiously – that is in place among many Palestinians, that for this reason consider themselves Arab in those respects. There is no reason to confuse this with their Levantine roots.

      I think it's worthwhile to be more citical ourselves as to how Palestinians are addressed. And to challenge the 'Arab' narrative more directly.

  • There Are No Facts: Excerpt from Max Blumenthal's 'Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel'
  • NY panel to discuss failure of Israeli left in fight against racism
    • Okay, so a panel in NY discusses 'Arab-Israeli relations' in Israel/Palestine. I keep on wondering about the use of 'Arab', even though obviously talking about Palestinians. Why not discuss Palestinian-Israeli relations? Or even Levantine-Israeli relations?

  • de Blasio praises racist rabbi for 'wisdom, charity, sensitivity' (and J St gave him shoutout)
    • @ Hophmi

      I always thought you and Pamela had this 'special relation'. Isn't that valid in case of criticism?

      As for your question: the Jews Only sign wasn't put up by us, but by your own buddies. This whole project is about singling out Jews, in a more than vulgar way. That is a dangerous tactics. No complaints, please.

    • 'no one took his statements on Katrina or the Holocaust very seriously'

      However, 700,000 people attended his funeral. BTW, suppose it was an Iranian leader who made similar statements ..... no problem, right?

  • Netanyahu says Palestinians must recognize 'the Jewish state' for peace (and then says even that isn't enough)
  • Indyk tells US Jews to press 'your Israeli family' before two-state deal ends and 'downward spiral' begins
    • @ Seafoid
      'Cut off their foreign trade and they’ll roll over and beg.'

      We're working on it.

    • I think the signs are clear, and there will be many more to come: these nine months will be used by Israel to build, build and build. I think it was yesterday that Israel's Minister of Housing made a revealing statement from Ariel: we won't give up one square meter of the WB. Mind you, this is during negotiations.

      BTW, I thought Indyk was derailed by the Israeli's as head of negotiations. Wasn't the news that he had only been allowed to attend one out of six meetings?

  • 'The world doesn't get it' -- Highlights of Netanyahu's alienation tour
    • Sure, but the guy got away with it for decades. It's the only act he knows. And hey — see where it brought him. King David II. Rise and Fall, final act.

  • Thirty-five years after Israeli confiscation, a Palestinian village returns to its land
  • In Pew poll on American Jewish identity, 'caring about Israel' is way behind 'working for justice'
    • @ Hostage
      "So you should stop shreying gevault and worrying about the Jews disappearing. It’s all a bunch of mental masturbation."


    • @ yrn

      I live in the Netherlands, not the U.S., but I have watched 'Jewish identity' fade away here since the seventies. And you know what? Everybody is completely at ease with it.

      This is how we, as Jews, like to live here, each of us free in defining what being Jewish means. But most and for all we are Dutch. Unlike before there simply is no drive of putting 'being Jewish' upfront; it's private, and for many Jews not even important anymore.

      And you know what was the major factor in the ongoing change that took place within the community: the killing response to just the least bit of critisism, the fact that your Jewishness was again being used against you – this time by your own people: we were 'Wrong Jews'. Traitors. 'Worse than ...'.

      The show is over, yrn. What is left of this proud Jewish community is the fanatical, often religious core. The rest will find their own way, and more will follow, as this core will continue to claim 'Jewishness' for ever more radical behaviour. Zionism and Israel have dissolved the Jewish identity, and will continue to do so. It's a bizarre spectacle.

      Unless you are able to redirect this process, your mission is hopeless. It's not true that there are less Jews – their numbers increase and they're doing fine. They've just found a better way to deal with their Jewish identity. And they are proud of it.

  • Hillel director slams Birthright for refusing students' requests to meet Palestinians and see checkpoints
    • @ Ellen, German Lefty,

      She's on her way, obviously. And in the mean time, she's doing fine inside her community with talks like this. Even though we might think it's not good enough.

  • J Street leaders praise IDF, but audience cheers BDS
    • @ Theo: "If I remember correctly, we have laws that forbid americans to join foreign militaries or take government jobs."

      I bet you have. In the Netherlands citizens joining a foreign military lose their citizenship/nationality. I guess it's the same in the US.

    • @ Blaine

      I think you're a bit too dark in your reply, but agreed, it should be much more massive. Do you have a plan?

  • What if your friend had to die to preserve a Jewish state?
  • Netanyahu calls Iran's opening a 'smokescreen' 'on its path to the bomb'
  • Rouhani has 'American blood on his hands,' Emergency Committee for Israel says
    • The 'Emergency Committee for Israel' ... this is confusing. I thought Phil was heading that.

      @ Woody. People deny all sorts of things: humanity, equal rights, evolution, ... Denying that someone else did not deny the Holocaust is just a small step.

  • Holland's largest engineering firm pulls out of East Jerusalem project over international law concerns
    • Interesting to read the official statement by Royal Haskoning/DHV about leaving the Jerusalem project:
      link to

      That page also displays the mail-address of their pr-officer. May I suggest that folks send an email to thank them for their decision, and urge them to monitor their other projects in Israel carefully? It certainly helps if this reaches them from different countries.

    • @ agatharchides

      True. It's The Netherlands ('Nederland'). Holland is just a province – actually two: North and South Holland – within the country. Amsterdam is in North Holland, Rotterdam and The Hague are in South Holland. The fourth big city, Utrecht, is in the province of Utrecht. All four cities are in The Netherlands. There are twelve provinces in total: link to

      The importance of the word Holland is interwoven with the modern state and it's 'founders', the powerful Counts of Holland, operating from the castle that now houses the government in The Hague.

      It's a fact that many – probably most – Dutchmen will introduce themselves as coming from Holland, hence adding to the confusion, but profiting from the fact that everybody understands where you're from. Also promotion-wise the country has long been presented as Holland. And still is: The Heineken Holland House is a wellknown example.

      Among themselves the Dutch will never use the word Holland for their country: we live in 'Nederland', the 'Low Country', the land under sealevel. So what does the word Holland mean? Most probable is that it stems from 'Holtland', an old word for 'woodland', referring to the dense forrests that existed in the area.

  • A note from Roger Waters to Abe Foxman
  • Update: Netanyahu complains to Kerry of incitement and cites-- Mohammed Assaf's lyrics
    • Well, it's even worse. When he was four he didn't throw anything on the ground. That's what you get when you come from a 'culture of doing nothing'.

      Yet another example of great investigative journalism that is the privilege of the NYTimes.

    • Everyone knows our man Brian is actually delivering a powerful pledge for the One State Solution. Go Brian: 1S1P1V.

    • Here's Hoyer:
      Speaking during the AIPAC-affiliated trip, Hoyer said that there has been “too much teaching of violence, too much perpetration of violence, and too much teaching of prejudice.”

      Here's Nurit Peled-Elhanan:
      In "Palestine in Israeli School Books: Ideology and Propaganda in Education", which was released in the UK in April 2012, Nurit Peled-Elhanan describes the depiction of Arabs in Israeli schoolbooks as racist. She states that their only representation is as "refugees, primitive farmers and terrorists," claiming that in "hundreds and hundreds" of books, not one photograph depicted an Arab as a "normal person." (source: link to

    • Great snark, Dickerson. 'Verboten' is exactly right. Only Jews may long for their families, holy places or fatherland, right? Alles andere ist Verboten, verstehen Sie? Verboten. It's absolutely hysterical.

    • No, no, no ..... Netanyahu is the donkey. Never forget that, James. Kerry has got to suck on it or squeeze Netanya's balls. He's got to step up or he's out of the ballgame – so to say.

    • The linked article in JPost has lots of comments. Many are predictable, but how about this one:

      xi557xi • 5 hours ago
      Dear Palestinians,

      By now it will be clear to you that although we use the words 'peace' and 'solution' in terms which would appear generally acceptable, what these words really mean to us, the Zionists, can only be understood within the purview of our unmitigated success in ethnically cleansing you.

      We, after all, recognize in the depths of our most secular cabinet meetings that we have no 'right' to Palestine whatsoever beyond the terms of the Mandate. The religious comforts and historical continuity aspects are just slippy-slides for continued Jewish immigration. What we really mean to do is get rid of you and maintain a majority Jewish state. Thankfully, the world still is reeling from the horror of the Shoah and we do not make small use of this fact in manipulating opinion in our favor.

      In early Zionist literature you will note the conundrum faced over how to create a majority Jewish presence, hence state, in a majority Arab landscape. The program all along, I am sure it comes as no surprise, was ethnic cleansing. It was the only way we could ensure a Jewish majority, and we continue to implement this plan. The frightening thing, even we admit, is how blatantly we go about it as the world watches. The trick is, of course, claiming we are defending ourselves as we swallow you up and spit you out hour after hour.

      Aside from hiding our ethnic cleansing program under the hushed tones and screeching sympathies for victims of the Shoah, we also employ an army of scattered gorillas (i.e., American conservatives) to support our cause as brothers in Zionist-Christian delusion.

      Our recent decision to approve new settlement homes was not, as some of us will claim, a bureaucratic error, but rather a calculated measure intended to send the message to America that we only will allow them room to breathe when we remove our phallus from their mouth. American politicians don't read; they only watch television, and are therefore woefully unaware of what we get away with on the ground.

      So, we wish you the best of luck in being ethnically cleansed. Jordan is nice this time of year and the refugee camps are not so bad. Some of them even have clean water.

      Sincerely as always,
      Your friends in the Israeli Government

  • Oh those peaceful settlers 'tending trees'
  • McCain and Graham flipflop on aid to Egypt-- after AIPAC speaks up
    • Phil: 'You'd think they would be buffoons. But they're not.'

      That's a petty. If they were there might be a way forward. Get rid of the alfa males.

  • Video: NYC dabke dancers respond to ZviDance 'Israeli Dabke'
  • Turns out the dabke is an Israeli dance, according to The New York Times
    • Donald, I don't think Phil is saying that the NYT claims the dance 'originated' in Israel, but that it 'suddenly became an Israeli dance'. If you look at the three reports we can expect the next one to claim what you believe Phil is saying already.

      The heading for this soon to be published claim: Thanks to the Nakba we now dance the Debka.

  • John Kerry's peace process: Dead on arrival
    • @ mondonut

      You're wrong and you know it. Ask your Israeli friends if the are willing to abandon West Jerusalem for peace. No? So they don't want peace!

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