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  • Thanksgiving: The perfect holiday to ruin with politics
    • "When I was a little kid, I was unaware that I am the bastard child of colonisation, born into a reality in which I’ll spend my entire life combating the way the world views me based on propaganda like national sports mascots and tales of the first thanksgiving.

      As an adult, Thanksgiving is just more colonialist propaganda masquerading as history – and a day that represents hundreds of years of genocide, persecution and oppression of our people.


      I now see the historical subtext behind the holiday, and the way some Indigenous folks, including my family, have appropriated the day as a time to celebrate our life. On Thanksgiving, we aren’t celebrating the Mayflower landing in the New World or the systematic genocide that decimated Native populations. We’re enjoying a meal no different than any other meal in our house, but with a little extra food on the table that day. Lakota people don’t need a national holiday to come together as family to eat and give thanks.

      But I have a lot of respect for the Indigenous folks who refuse to observe the “holiday” in any way, shape or form.

      Because there are more than 560 federally-recognized tribes (and many more unrecognized) in the US alone, I can’t speak for all Indigenous people – their views on Thanksgiving are as varied as their cultures, languages, and traditions.

      My family getting together to eat and celebrate our lives on a day that represents the genocide of our ancestors and culture is, in its own way, a “fuck you” to colonialisation. America’s colonial project failed. We’re still here, and we’re keeping our ceremonies and traditions alive. We’re still speaking our languages. We’re living our culture. I’m alive and I know what it means to be Lakota. For that, I give thanks every day."

      The rest @ link to

    • No, they don't.

      Meanwhile, the Holy Land Five are in jail for providing help to Palestinians :

      "Dear family and friends, peace and blessings upon you.

      On 11/24/2008 a Texas Jury found me and my comrades in the HLF case guilty on all counts. We were immediately locked up in Federal custody. Here are my “Sarcastically Serious” thoughts on our sixth anniversary.

      All being said, no way that I deserve the cruel and unusual punishment of dying or, worse, losing my mind in prison. I’m far too good for this because actually I’m a nice guy who is loved by all and hated by none, was it not- of course -for my regrettable crime of feeding and clothing and loving some Palestinian children- displaced, starved, and sickly. But how could I have realized at the time that some of these seemingly harmless creatures were in reality terrorists-to-be who would later use their delicate body parts to attack Israeli Air- to- School laser guided missiles?"

      - See more at: link to

    • ugh.


      "Illicit money from Jews abroad threatens Israel, government warns
      Money-laundering expert: Illicit money from foreign Jews has spiked Israeli housing prices in recent years.

      The Israeli government has concluded that allowing money to come into the country from Jews who are residents of foreign countries but didn’t pay taxes there is detrimental to Israel's reputation and economy, said Paul Landes, head of the Israel Money Laundering and Terror Financing Prohibition Authority.

      “There are still some in Israel who see in a positive light money-laundering and illicit fund transfers by foreign residents,” said Landes, speaking at Tuesday's Sderot Conference for Society at Sapir College.

      The fact that Israel has become a tax shelter for Jews from around the world has become a source of irritation to Western nations, he added.

      Landes presented figures showing a significant uptick in the amount of illicit money entering Israel’s real estate market over the past several years. This has played a significant role in the country’s skyrocketing housing prices, according to the data. TheMarker reported on these figures in depth in Friday’s Hebrew edition.

      For their part, Landes stressed, Western nations are no longer willing to put up with Israel serving as a shelter for money being brought over illicitly by Jews who are foreign citizens.

      “When we’re considered a tax shelter, they start making accusations. The United States, France, Germany and Austria aren’t willing to put up with Israeli-enabled tax evasion any more. Israel has changed its approach when it comes to tax collection and has concluded that taking in money from foreign Jews who didn’t pay taxes in their home countries is causing major damage to Israel’s image and economy,” Landes said at the conference.

      “In the face of the tough stance taken by American banks and the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, Israeli banks are making sure their customers paid their [foreign] taxes so that they [the banks] won’t be charged major fines by the U.S. authorities, as recently happened with Bank Leumi, which was charged a 1-billion-shekel fine,” he added."

      link to

    • I had a conversation with someone last evening who vehemently denied climate change, and assigned any and all responsibility to God.

      Another one that believes in Inhofe:

      "Inhofe, former chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, does not believe that human activities cause climate change,[33] despite consensus of scientific opinion that Earth's climate is being affected by human activities.[34] In The Republican War on Science, Chris Mooney stated that Inhofe "politicizes and misuses the science of climate change".[35]

      Inhofe often repeats his claim that human influenced climate change is a hoax and impossible because "God's still up there" and it is "outrageous" and arrogant for people to believe human beings are "able to change what He is doing in the climate."[36]"


      They are tough nuts to crack.

    • Brilliant as usual, Katie. Those links are a treasure trove.

      I've made and kept a commitment to speak about Palestinians and Israel's latest outrages (they come fast and furious, as you know!) every single day to at least one person.

      Today is the perfect day to celebrate/remember indigenous people and make sure that they and their stories are seared into our conscience. In order to do that, some will have to locate that conscience. Today, in the aftermath of the grand jury debacle in Ferguson, it should be 'easier' to have these vital conversations. And even if you have smartphone/tablet addicts in the crowd who aren't 'listening', you can always turn them on to Mondoweiss and its many contributors!

      I hope that you have a good day.

  • #JusticeForMikeBrown: NFL star Reggie Bush connects Ferguson to Palestine
    • "BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- 10 Palestinian students returned to the West Bank this week from a tour of more than 40 colleges across the United States where they spoke about the challenges facing Palestinians in their quests to achieve their right to an education.

      The two-week tour, held from Nov. 10-20 under the banner "Building Unity, Wrecking Walls" as part of the Right to Education campaign at Birzeit University, was one of the first of its kind in recent memory.

      It was all the more striking for its insistence on discussing both Israeli obstacles against the Palestinian right to education as well as the challenges faced by youths of color in the United States.

      Coming amid mass protests across the United States against police brutality in the wake of the killing of Mike Brown, a black youth from the state of Missouri who was unarmed and posed little threat to police when they shot him, the tour emphasized the need not only to share Palestinians' experiences with Americans but also to "exchange information between Palestinians and US social movements fighting related issues of racism, colonialism, and attacks on education."

      Kristian Davis Bailey, a Stanford alumni and the US coordinator of the tour, told Ma'an that the tour "was designed to demonstrate that people and movements in the US also need the support of Palestinians, and for students from both locations to begin thinking about what ongoing relationships and joint struggle across borders might look like."

      He quoted one of the students on the tour, Mahmoud Doughlas, as telling him: "We tried to connect the dots between the struggles between the African American society and the Palestinians and we found this major solid ground that we share together -- it's that we are not allowed to narrate our own history."

      Indeed, for many of the Palestinian students the tour revealed a side of the US and its history that they scarcely knew existed. Bailey pointed out that the silencing of the voices in the United States shared many parallels with the struggles faced by Palestinian voices in reaching the global community.

      "Israel and its hasbara machine have worked very hard to define the narrative of Palestinians and to obscure the injustices of the occupation," he told Ma'an.

      "This tour allowed Palestinians to shatter those walls and present their own unfiltered narratives to American audiences. Once people hear what's actually happening, it becomes clear that pressure against these violations through BDS is the least we can do. Understanding the parallels and connections between Palestinians and peoples’ struggles in the US provides some inspiration for joint struggle for us to undertake together."

      The students' tour across the United States, which covered five regions, began at a vigil in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson for Mike Brown, where the 10 Palestinian students gathered to pay their respects and meet with local activists working against police brutality and the mass incarceration of black youths.

      Deema al-Saafin, a senior at Birzeit University who took part in the tour, said that her experience had shown her that the obstacles faced by Ferguson activists were surprisingly similar to those they experienced back home.

      "The Palestinian struggle is not a unique one and is part of the broader imperialist-colonialist struggle that many people worldwide are victims of. Thus Palestinians cannot resist alone, and local resistance should be paired with international resistance," she told Ma'an after returning to the West Bank."

      much more @ link to

    • "Officer Wilson was in a car, an SUV"

      Just like wannabe cop George Zimmerman...

    • "Johnson shines in Detroit's 34-17 win over Chicago"

      link to

    • No wonder the US voted against the anti- Nazi resolution.

      'Yikes' about covers it.

    • thanks for that.

    • Then there was this:

      "Just days after her 90th birthday, Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein was arrested Monday in St. Louis when she was part of a protest outside Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon’s office. Epstein was born in Germany and left in 1939 on a Kindertransport to England. Her parents died in Auschwitz. Epstein is a co-founder of the St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee and St. Louis branch of Jewish Voice for Peace. In 2011, she was part of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla and was a passenger on the U.S.-flagged ship, The Audacity of Hope. Over the years, she has made many solidarity trips to the West Bank. Epstein criticizes the police handling of protests in Ferguson. "It’s the same kind of violence that I’ve observed when I was in the Israeli-occupied Palestine," Epstein says. "I know what it feels like to be discriminated against, to be oppressed, and I can’t stand idly by when I see there are problems.""

      link to

    • It's a wonder, alright.

    • Count me in your prayer circle, Annie.

    • good point, seafoid.

    • Those are super Americans... thanks, Kay.

    • "Brown’s death was his own fault."

      Well, you certainly have 'distinguished' yourself!

    • Abu Rahma is beautiful. His pictures are as well. Thank you, Annie!

      This has EVERYTHING to do with ethnicity, Foxman.

      Reggie Bush has moved the mountain closer toward truth. People that were unfamiliar with the Palestinians' plight will become aware now.

      Go Reggie, GO!

  • Israel sent Palestinian Authority letter to 'stop incitement' over bus driver’s death
    • O/T, but related to legendary Israeli lies, aka how come I don't believe a word of this?

      "JERUSALEM (AFP) -- Israeli security services on Thursday claimed that they had thwarted a planned attack by the Palestinian group Hamas on Jerusalem's biggest football stadium, arresting 30 suspected militants commanded from Turkey.

      The 30 suspects, reportedly members of a West Bank-based network, were detained in September, domestic security service Shin Bet said after lifting a gag order on the operation.

      Aged 23 to 30, the Shin Bet said they were recruited from Jordan, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and Syria, by Hamas commanders based in Turkey.

      Their orders allegedly included attacking the Teddy Stadium home to the Beitar Jerusalem club, whose supporters are known for their racist and anti-Arab sentiments.

      Jerusalem's light railway, which links Jewish settlements in occupied Arab East Jerusalem to the Jewish city center, was also on a list of potential targets, Shin Bet said.

      No details were given on the types of attacks planned, or the fate of the suspects."

      link to

    • "“to stop such incitement and bring the genuine facts regarding the circumstances of death of the deceased, to the attention of the Palestinian public.” In Israel, incitement is a crime punishable with a prison sentence."

      If 'incitement is a crime punishable with a prison sentence in Israel', then many in the GoI, starting with Netanyahu, should be in prison.

      Their 'genuine facts' are never true. It's been proved over and over and over again that they lie.


      "As an act of goodwill and for the sake of transparency, Israel allowed the presence of a Palestinian pathologist as a representative on behalf of the family during the post mortem autopsy of the deceased, Mr. Yussef Hassan al Ramoni"

      Dripping with condescension.

      (Wasn't Abu Kabir the unholy place where Israelis performed illegal organ harvesting?)

  • Israeli occupation stoking 'holy war' in Jerusalem
    • "JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- The Israeli Supreme Court decided to freeze demolition orders against the homes of two East Jerusalem Palestinians suspected of killing five men in an attack on a Jerusalem synagogue until a verdict on the families' appeals are decided.

      The freeze comes as a surprise amid weeks of violence in Jerusalem, where Israeli authorities have insisted on carrying out numerous punitive home demolitions against the families of Palestinians thought to have carried out attacks on Israelis."

      link to

    • "IDF chief rabbi: 90% of Muslims don’t know Quran contents
      Rafi Peretz says most of Temple Mount is not holy to Islamic faith; Army says remarks were taken out of context

      IDF chief rabbi Rafi Peretz downplayed Muslim religious ties to Jerusalem, and said that the majority of the followers of the Quran know nothing of its contents, in comments brought to light Wednesday.

      According to a transcript of a lesson at the Otzem pre-military yeshiva, published on the Kipa website on Wednesday, the military rabbi said on November 3 that Jews were more well-versed in the Quran than Muslims."

      link to

      "Chief IDF Rabbi: Temple Mount not for Muslims
      Brig. Gen. Rafi Peretz questions Islamic religious significance of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

      Chief Military Rabbi Brig. Gen. Rafi Peretz recently said the Temple Mount has no religious significance to Muslims and questioned their affiliation to the site."

      link to

    • Netanyahu is pushing this 'religious war' just as he pushed his ridiculous "Hamas is ISIS meme". Yes, there are elements of a religious conflict as the GoI and its henchmen/women continue to insult and disrespect Muslims and Christians.

      I guess he thinks the rest of the world is stupid and blind to his lies and nefarious machinations. Sadly, it appears that the US government is playing willfully blind to Israeli incitement/provocation... we and they stoke the fires with our own very special brand of extremism.

      Thanks Jonathan.

  • When Hagee vilifies Obama as 'anti-Semitic,' Cruz and Dershowitz don't walk out
    • Here it is, Krauss:

      "Well the rightwing grassroots are conscious too. Texas Senator Ted Cruz got booed off a Washington stage last night after a Christian audience railed at him for lumping Hamas with ISIS and praising Israel for defending Christians (when it’s undermining Christian life in the occupied territories)."

      - See more at: link to

    • Do they have separate menus and kitchens in order to cater to everybody's particular 'tastes'?

      (btw, Ted Cruz was the keynote speaker...last year it was the Huckabee, iirc.)

    • "So let’s get this clear. The Israel lobby transcends political party."

      That has been abundantly clear forever. It transcends everything that is 'good' about America, endangers US national security, and corrupts our foreign policy. My voice is drowned out, as are millions of others.

      As for Hagee, he is actually preaching to a captive audience and is dangerous. Did he just incite against the POTUS?

      I posted this yesterday:

      "“NEW YORK — The Anti-Defamation League slammed the founder of Christians United for Israel Monday for calling US President Barack Obama “anti-Semitic.

      Hagee was airborne and unavailable for comment Monday, a spokesman said.”

      link to

      Hagee is usually “airborne”…….."

      link to

      As for all of the people that you mention in your article~~ I don't like any of them! btw, boycott Home Depot!

  • Nationalism vs imagination -- Beinart and Vilkomerson square off over two-state solution
    • Yes.

      (Beinart's doing what 'liberal Zionists' do~ they just can't admit that it's a hideous ideology)

    • "Israel, U.S. attempt to fend off Geneva summit on occupation
      Diplomats say the U.S., Canada and Australia are helping Israel and exerting pressure on Switzerland and other states to thwart the conference.

      Israel and the United States are trying to dissuade the nearly 200 states that are party to the Fourth Geneva Convention from convening a special session in mid-December to address conditions in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, Israeli and Western diplomats told Haaretz Wednesday."

      link to

      Oh, NO they don't. 4 against nearly 200? This special session must go forward.

    • perfect @ so many levels!

    • "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is determined to pass the controversial Jewish nation-state bill, he told the Knesset on Wednesday, saying that in Israel there is too much of a focus on individual civil rights at the expense of the rights of the Jewish state."

      link to

      Wonder what PB thinks about that!!!

    • Bingo, again!

      "I don’t see the point of Beinart. Israel is like a runway clown car at this stage and his triangulations, while perfectly formed, have no influence."

      I haven't seen the "point of Beinart" for a long while. Somehow, he still gets a platform and a following.

    • thanks, seafoid. He certainly spends an awful lot of time discussing other people and other countries~ perhaps to avoid the situation he was invited to speak about?

      Israel doesn't even have a constitution.....

    • In these remarks~ 'Occupation' is mentioned twice, once by Beinart and once by Vilkomerson. It's THE elephant in the room...

      But, Vilkomerson gets it, doesn't she?

      "I think one of the problems when we have this conversation where we say, I endorse two states– is that when we discuss two states, two states has become a code word for saying I support the status quo, or I support doing nothing, and the continuation of the occupation…

      From the president on down, people say– Bibi Netanyahu says, I support two states. What they really mean is, we want to keep things going the way they are. So how we distinguish between an actual conversation between what’s going to happen and what that means, and this sort of way that two states has become a litmus test that cuts off conversation is really very important."

      (It seems that Beinart is still under the illusion that Gaza is not occupied.)

      I appreciate your comment @ the end, Phil. It's a very good point.

  • Middle East Studies Association affirms members' right to boycott Israeli academic institutions (Updated)
    • "The Jewish Theological Seminary in New York has come out against Israel’s proposed nation-state bill, which would enshrine into law Israel’s status as Jewish state.

      In a written statement Wednesday, Arnold Eisen, chancellor of Conservative Jewry’s flagship seminary, said that JTS was “alarmed” by the Knesset’s consideration of the bill.

      “We hope that the State’s lawmakers will have the wisdom to affirm Israel’s character as a democratic Jewish State in a way that does not relegate Israeli Arabs and other minorities to second-class status,” Eisen said."

      link to

      Sorry, Eisen. The cat is out of the bag.

    • Ari Shavit has, too. In today's Haaretz. I don't agree with the uber Zionist, but he holds sway over a bunch of numbskulls.

      "Never has there been such a comprehensive, serious and profound offensive on Zionism.

      The Jewish nation-state law? This is an anti-Zionist law that shatters the complex, delicate, vital idea of a Jewish democratic state. When the Jewish element of our life is placed above the democratic one, they both vaporize. In the 21st century there’s no Jewish state that isn’t democratic, and in the Middle East there’s no democratic state that isn’t Jewish.
      But the band of fools who took over the 19th Knesset and 33rd government insists of blurring the contrast. In the most sensitive period of our history they are trying to turn us into an inseparable part of a tribal, nationalist, messianic, violent region.

      The new anti-Zionists who have taken over our government and Knesset are undermining Israel’s foundations, setting Jerusalem on fire and bringing disaster upon us."

      link to

      (it's a premium article, so I linked to TPP so people can read it...)

      All I can say is that it's probably best that Israel declares itself for what it isn't~ a democracy. This should dispel all of the lies that Israel has put forth with the support of USA.

    • It's a great article~ worthy of the time you labored on it.

    • PS: The logo is brilliant.

      Naji al-Ali's Handala lives on...

    • Page: 69
    • Thanks, Annie. I did a veritable whoop, holler, and jump for joy when I read of this yesterday. That it was passed by such a resounding margin is glorious.

      It is "huge"~ the Resolution is a thing of beauty. Thank you to Professor Salaita, and to all of the good people of MESA.

      "Blau notes “the debate over a boycott of Israel is gradually moving into the center of the academic sphere and is no longer on the margins.” "

      Blau's got that right!

  • Israeli bus driver runs over two Palestinians at Jenin checkpoint, killing one
    • "FYI: Israeli patient (ethnic-Jew) refuses to receive medical treatment from an Arab doctor. See hospital release form"

      link to

    • Video of the flooding in Gaza:

      link to

    • "A UN agency on Thursday declared a state of emergency in the Gaza Strip following two days of extreme weather and flooding.

      Hundreds of Gazans have been evacuated from their homes in the vicinity of the Sheikh Radwan district of Gaza City, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency declared on its website."

      link to

    • Apparently, Gaza is in further extremis with the horrible weather and thanks to the 'international community'.

      "One of many overflowing sewers in Al-Nafaq area of Gaza."

      link to

      Dan Cohen is indefatigable.

    • Must read article by Anat Saragusti, the director of B’Tselem USA, The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories.

      "Deadly whitewash: Israel’s culture of impunity in Palestinian deaths
      Without the stubborn insistence of Palestinians and human rights groups, Nadim Nawara and Mohammed Salameh’s killing by an Israeli soldier would have been just another routine, uninvestigated statistic."

      link to

    • whoops-- that did not work so well.

      try this:

      link to

    • Carlos Latuff's latest cartoon wrt Mike Brown is making the rounds in a big way. It is devastating:

      link to

      Brings to mind P/I...

    • "#Gaza today, no words needed. #PrayForGaza"

      link to

      Check out the pitiable Eid, no Thanksgiving, no heat, little electricity, no home, families slaughtered, and the suffering continues~~~ courtesy of Israel and the US and the UN.

      "“Don’t reward Israel for Gaza massacre.” That’s the message Palestinians are calling on people around the world to deliver to United Nations officials, urging them to end their complicity in Israel’s ongoing siege of Gaza."

      much more here: link to

    • The story is surreal, abc. I think the prosecutor in Ferguson was trained by Israel, too. His name is apt; McCulloch just took a chain saw into the grand jury and to justice.

      "JERUSALEM (AFP) -- Israel on Wednesday revoked the residency rights of the widow of a Palestinian who carried out a deadly attack on a Jerusalem synagogue, drawing condemnation from human rights groups.

      The move came after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced he would seek broad powers to rescind the residency and welfare rights of any Palestinian citizen of Israel or resident of annexed East Jerusalem if they or their relatives participated in unrest.

      "I have ordered the cancellation of Nadia Abu Jamal's permit to stay in Israel. Anyone who is involved in terror must take into account that there are likely to be implications for their family members too," Israeli Interior Minister Gilad Erdan said in a statement.
      Israeli rights group B'Tselem slammed the decision to revoke Abu Jamal's residency permit.

      "We object to this measure. It's abuse of a minister's authority and a form of collective punishment," spokeswoman Sarit Michaeli told AFP.

      "She isn't accused of any harm, and the revoking of her residency status will actually mean she will be banished from her home and thrown out of the city she lives in.

      "Residency and social benefits ... aren't gifts or favors the authorities bestow and can then take away. They're essential aspects of people's existence," Michaeli said.

      On Sunday, Israel revoked the residency of a Palestinian convicted of driving a suicide bomber to a Tel Aviv nightclub where he killed 21 people in 2001.

      Mahmud Nadi had served a 10 year prison sentence for his part in the bombing."

      link to

      So it has begun... bless B'Tselem.

    • "Anne Frank: Then and Now" should be interesting, to say the least.
      Talk about 'unintended consequences'...

      The world tilted just a bit more when Tzipi Livni advocates for justice, rule of law, and democracy...

      Thanks for bringing the Palestinian refugees of Lebanon into the discussion.

      Thank you for the picture, Kate. Noor Hassan Naim Salim, RIP.

  • Elizabeth Warren visits Netanyahu, even as he undermines US negotiations with Iran
    • and another, +1!

    • I think I have a right to ask a question. You are under no obligation to answer.

      Seems to me that you spend the bulk of your time here defending the indefensible policies and practices of the GoI and its fans.

      Yes, you do call people names. Are your '168 hours' up yet so that you can begin to try to make sense?

    • This comes as no surprise. All US Congress/Senate pay homage to Israel~ no matter what.

      What is disgusting is that instead of conferring with the US President and the State Department, they feel the need to be vetted by the King of Israel, and kiss his ring...and more.

    • So am I. Away from her.

      Unless and until she has something to say about Israel's violence, intransigence, and ethnocracy.

    • Oh yonah, stop it!!!

      All Netanyahu does is "seek(s) to undermine" the United States~ especially this President and his Secretary of State.

      Get Netanyahu to declare his nukes and sign the NPT ~ then you have a leg to stand on! btw, do you pledge your allegiance to the US first or not?

  • Efforts to suppress Palestinian activism on US campuses won't work
    • I never thought I would laugh so hard upon my return to this article...JeffB and ivri and hophmi are sooo funny!

    • Bravo! Thank you Durham County!

    • Total bs.

      Hate speech, too. Hyperbole much, DS? You sound quite fearful, and definitely fear mongering.

    • Seriously! Should also get out the mulling spices...

    • "Leading Mideast studies group allows members to support BDS

      Israeli academics present at Middle East Studies Association’s AGM in Washington call the move unprecedented and a game changer.

      The Middle East Studies Association approved a proposal on Monday adopting the rights of its members to support an academic boycott and end cooperation with Israeli academic institutions."

      link to

    • "The Jewish campus life organization Hillel came under fire in the Knesset on Monday from an unlikely direction: the Israeli right.

      MK Ayelet Shaked (Habayit Hayehudi) expressed deep concern that representatives of what she termed “post-Zionist groups” had been invited to addresses students at Hillel functions held on campuses around the United States, where they were influencing student opinion.

      “I have heard testimonies that the BDS [Boycott, Divest, Sanction] movement and the New Israel Fund have infiltrated some campuses, and this is happening under the supervision of Hillel and with the funding of Hillel,” Shaked told a session of the Knesset Committee for Aliyah, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs, which met to discuss growing anti-Israel sentiment on American college campuses. Participating in the session were Eric Fingerhut, the president of Hillel International, representative of the Israeli Hillel organization and students active in Israel advocacy groups.

      The participants at the Knesset session were shown excerpts from a new documentary that accuses Hillel, the largest Jewish campus life organization in the world, of providing a platform to groups that it claims demonize and delegitimize Israel.
      “Many kids who grow up in pro-Israel homes end up joining anti-Israel movements as a result of their influence,” he charged. As a graduate student at Berkeley, Nestel served as chairman of the Israeli Students’ Organization in North America. He has spent the past few years making this film.

      According to Hillel guidelines, organizations that “delegitimize” and “demonize” Israel are banned from participating in functions it sponsors. Nestel claimed, however, that Hillel violates its own guidelines.
      MK Dov Lipman (Yesh Atid) urged the Hillel director to be less “even-handed” and more “aggressively pro-active on Israel’s side.”

      Rebecca Caspi, director of the Israel office of the Jewish Federations of North America, noted that the number of anti-Israel incidents on American college campuses had increased “100 percent” this fall, as she praised the leaders of Hillel for promoting “a courageous discourse” about Israel."

      link to

      Some folks are shaking in their boots... heh.

    • Agreed. That poem shook me to my core~ Rafeef, another great and gifted Palestinian in the greatest tradition of great Palestinians. Teaching Life. Thank you for sharing this with me, seafoid.

      Israel has had a hasbara campaign for a long time now... they pay students to spread pro- Israel propaganda and talking points. There was a great article in Haaretz earlier this year about plans/methodology/training for the upcoming academic year on US campuses. (I can't find it in my bookmarks!)

      The Palestinian activists are not paid, afaik. They have something much more valuable/precious, though. Truth. A heaping helping of a dedication to justice and freedom boosts them and their cause, as well.

      They will prevail.

      Thanks, Scott.

  • The Minds of Others: An interview with Max Blumenthal
  • Like an unrequited lover, 'NYT' confesses itself heartbroken over Israel's (latest) betrayal of democracy
    • that's a great observation, ckg. thanks.

    • Exactly, Larry.

      That Talmudic saying is spot- on, as well.

    • I stand corrected! Sorry, lysias.

      "The Israeli Knesset has postponed to next week its vote on a controversial bill which would officially classify Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people."

      link to

    • Ben White:

      "The proposed 'Jewish nation-state' bill has prompted a huge amount of discussion and controversy within and outside of Israel.

      But missing in most of the international coverage is the extent to which Israel already defines itself as a Jewish state, and in so doing, institutionally and legally discriminates. Here are three key ways in which Israeli law has created an ethnocracy, not a democracy.
      It is absurd, as the New York paper put it, to suggest that "Israel's very existence...has been based on the ideal of democracy for all of its people." Palestinians have always been second-class citizens (at best), and Israel already defines itself as a 'Jewish state' rather than a state of all its citizens.

      So yes, the new wave of far-Right legislation signals something new – but let's not forget that what we are witnessing is an intensification of racial discrimination, not its emergence."

      link to

    • It just occurred to me that the NYT, lots of Israelis, and the State Department are more upset about this proposed 'nation-state' law than they were about the latest massacre of thousands of Palestinians this past summer, their survivors' continuing agony, and Netanyahu's incitement all over the OPT and Jerusalem.

    • Rivlin isn't happy either:

      "President Reuven Rivlin on Tuesday harshly criticized the 'Nationality Law' proposal that has shaken up the government, wondering "what is the point of the proposed law – Israel: The National State of the Jewish People?""

      link to

    • I actually howled with laughter at this headline:

      "Jewish-nation bill frays Israel's delicate social fabric"

      link to

      There's nothing at all 'delicate' about Israel.

    • that's good!

      Here's another:

      NYT to Israel: "I'm Your Puppet"

    • "NYT editorial slams Jewish 'nation-state' bill
      New York Times editorial deplores cabinet approval of the bill, claiming the law will have no useful effect."

      link to

      They're 'hurt'... and taking it much more seriously than it really is.

      I believe your take is infinitely closer to the truth, Phil.

  • Debunking Netanyahu's propaganda on Jerusalem
    • "In Jerusalem Home Demolitions, the Biblical Justice of Revenge

      The terrorists are dead, but Israeli authorities punish their families by destroying their houses. This is supposed to act as a deterrent, but may be an incitement."

      link to

    • "An 8-step plan to deal with the recent wave of terror and unrest in Israel was put forward by the leader of the Likud's Knesset chairman in the form of temporary legislation Wednesday, and it purportedly will allow Israel to crackdown on terrorists, their families and supporters.

      The plan, being spearheaded by MK Yariv Levin, who said he formulated the bill at the behest of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, will give the police and security establishment the tools it needs to create "real deterrence."

      From revoking the citizenship to baring the Palestinian flag in riots, the bill stipulates eight central moves:

      Israeli Arabs caught engaging or cooperating with terror will automatically lose their citizenship - or Palestinian Authority residency, in the case of Palestinians.

      After completing their prison term, terrorists will be deported from Israel.

      Those killed during their attempt to conduct a terror attack will not receive a funeral.

      The body of terrorists will not be transferred to their families, and will be buried in an unknown location, without ceremony and without future access for their families

      Terrorists' houses will be destroyed within 24-hours of the attack

      Masked stone throwers and those inciting for terror and violence participating in illegal protests in which firebombs or fireworks were thrown will be arrested and held in remand until the completion of legal procedures against them. The same measures will be taken against those who waved an 'enemy flag' during the protests, including the Palestinian flag. Anyone convicted at the end of their remand will lose their social welfare benefits and driving license for a 10 year period.

      Families of terrorists will lose their citizenship and will be deported to Gaza should they express support for their relative's deed. Support, according to the bill, can be expressed through public or social media.

      The bill also includes a clause that would close businesses and printing presses that print posters that support terror or terrorists.

      The bill further stipulates that a business can now request the police to inform them whether anyone of their employers has ever been held in relation to a security related offence and give them the right to fire such an employee."

      link to

      Since Israel and Israelis consider every Palestinian and Arab a "terrorist", anyone want to hazard a guess as to how this will be implemented???

    • "Danino: Mistake to allow Feiglin to visit Temple Mount
      Police commissioner slams attorney general for permitting radical right-wing elements to attempt to change 'status-quo' on holy site.

      Israel's chief of police, Commissioner Yohanan Danino, criticized Tuesday the Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein's decision to allow right-wing officials, including MK Moshe Feiglin, to visit the Temple Mount.

      "It was a mistake to allow him to visit the Temple Mount," he said at conference in Sderot. "We have seen and identified, since the last election, radical right-wing elements which have made a priority out of changing the status quo on the Temple Mount. To them we say – stay away from the Temple Mount."

      Responding to the wave of violence sweeping over Jerusalem, Danino said, "We have recommended indictments against families of terrorists who publicly incite to violence in interviews."

      He said it was Israel Police's duty to "assure we are safeguarding the rights of everyone. The incitement set fire to this area. There has been an unequivocal position by the Israeli government since 1967 that there is no intention to change the status quo.""

      link to

      Now for Feiglin:

      "MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud) responded to the police chief's objection to his Temple Mount visits in an interview with Ynet.

      "These are serious allegations for a public official. The concrete barrier approach is an escape from responsibility. The job of the Israeli government and the defense agencies is to maintain the peace and the Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount.""

      link to

    • Thanks, Micha.

      This primer should be easy enough for even the most compromised to read and understand. Here's hoping...

      "Do a mitzvah, end the occupation!"

      From your mouth to God's ear.

  • A handful of Wellesley students are trying to shut down discussion of Israel/Palestine
  • 'I feel whole and unbroken': Shukri Abu Baker on the 6th anniversary of the Holy Land Foundation decision
    • An essay unlike any other that I have read. Visceral, emotive, and so very sad while peppered with painful humor~ "Sarcastically Serious", indeed.

      Thank you, Shukri. I fervently hope that you will be home again soon~ back where you and your humanity belong, with your family and with your freedom restored.

      Peace and blessings upon you.

      (just an aside. many groups all over the western world raise money for the IOF and celebrate their actions... mostly here in the US. Recently:

      "Star-studded gala raises $33 million for IDF
      Saban-led Friends of the IDF fundraiser in Beverly Hills draws Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Streisand – and $9 million from Oracle founder.

      LOS ANGELES – Not one eye in the massive ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel stayed dry when Zur Goldin, the identical twin of a Givati officer killed during Operation Protective Edge, asked the 1,200 guests to stand for a moment of silence in honor of his brother and his fellow soldiers who fell in Gaza."

      link to

      why is this a- ok?)

  • Poster questioning Zionism makes her feel 'unsafe', Wellesley student says
    • "Another denial that antisemitism exists. From the confines of San Francisco."

      hophmi-- are you deliberately dull- witted? Annie said the absolute opposite. Now, you also attempt to denigrate a great American city... from which "confines" are you writing from?

    • thanks, Horizontal... I was sipping coffee.


    • A really wonderful comment, Dan. Thank you for it.

      I think that you are exactly correct when you write:

      'I am not aware of any other ideology in history, except perhaps that of the Confederate States of America, that takes/took umbrage at the effort to study/comprehend its history.'

    • What are you mumbling about now, yonah?

    • Pimping lies.

      Amazing that they're said/received with a straight face.

    • I'm sick of it, too.

      Amazingly delicate sensibilities for adherents of this vicious ideology, wouldn't you say?

    • "Peace through health care"

      a worthy endeavor...Palestinian hospitals bombed, supplies/$ withheld, checkpoints, special permits needed/denied, crossings closed, doctors prevented from entry, medics/ambulances targeted, etc.

      otoh, Israel has universal healthcare...

      It's going to take much more than a thesis. End the Occupation.

    • True, Annie.

      Sooner rather than later would be better for all.

    • good.

      thanks, Kay.

    • "Indeed, since most people don’t know what Zionism is, putting up a poster like that is a way of helping people to indulge in their hateful ignorance."

      No, hophmi. They are in college~ if they didn't know what it is, then they could take the opportunity to research it and come to their own conclusions. They could get educated. *gasp*

    • I thought the same thing.

      Good grief, she's a junior at Wellesley!!! What a baby.

      "As a pro-Palestinian, pro-Israel, Zionist, conscientious Jew, I have been put into the pro-Israel corner, which ignores my activist work to a different end."

      she sounds, confused.

      "“What does Zionism mean to you?” with lots of space for people to fill in answers. Within a week people had written “genocide,” “apartheid” and “murder” on the poster at the Boston-area college.""

      She does not want 'dialogue'. She wants universal acceptance and love. She can't handle the truth.

  • Rightwing flamethrowers see a US role in the battle for Jerusalem
  • 'Besides not having a job, everything’s great': Steven Salaita on his firing and what comes next
    • excellent points.

    • I wish him the very best of luck. This is one of those watershed moments~ Israel has run amok, and it's getting worse hour by hour. Nobody is holding them accountable at all. It's horrifying that the world looks on with morbid fascination and outright neglect of their duties as UN members and humans.

      "Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike."
      J. K. Rowling

      Thanks, Alex.

  • Palestinian youth hospitalized after being attacked by Israeli settlers in Jerusalem
    • "Noor was murdered tonight in Nablus; an Israeli bus driver ran him over.
      Will Netanyahu demolish the driver's house?"

      link to

      Have a look at this beautiful young man...

    • "NEW YORK — The Anti-Defamation League slammed the founder of Christians United for Israel Monday for calling US President Barack Obama “anti-Semitic.
      Hagee was airborne and unavailable for comment Monday, a spokesman said."

      link to

      Hagee is usually "airborne"........

    • "The international charity Save the Children has been engulfed by a furious backlash from staff after it presented Tony Blair with a “global legacy award” in New York last week – despite privately acknowledging that he is a controversial and divisive figure.

      Amid widespread criticism on social media, many of the charity’s staff have complained that the presentation of the award has discredited Save the Children (STC). An internal letter, which gathered almost 200 signatures – including senior regional staff – in the first six hours of dissemination, said the award was not only “morally reprehensible, but also endangers our credibility globally”, and called for it to be withdrawn.

      Accepting the award at the New York gala, Blair said: “From the beginning of humankind there has been brutality, conflict, intrigue, the destructive obsession with a narrow self-interest. But throughout all human history, never has been extinguished that relentless, unquenchable desire to do good. To act not only in self-interest and sometimes to even to act in defiance of it.” Protesters swiftly took to social media, led by MP and anti-war campaigner George Galloway, who tweeted: “Following the grotesque award to child-killer @TheBlairDoc Tony Blair by Save the Children all right thinking people should withdraw support.” He also demanded STC rescind the award.

      Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, tweeted a picture of Blair with the words: “As this man defends any dictator who’ll pay him, @SaveTheChildrenUK inexplicably gives him award.” Roth later corrected this to STC US.

      An online petition calling for STC to revoke the award said many saw Blair “as the cause of the deaths of countless children in the Middle East”. It had gathered more than 81,000 signatures by 1pm on Tuesday.

      According to an email sent last week by Krista Armstrong, the charity’s global media manager, to senior colleagues, STC has received a “high volume of complaints and negative reactions regarding the award”.

      The email acknowledged that Blair “is a hugely controversial and divisive figure in many parts of the world” and listed a number of questions that had been raised by STC staff, soliciting possible responses from her colleagues.

      The first question was: “Why would Save the Children chose (sic) to provide one of its most prestigious award – ‘a global legacy award’ to a man accused of being a war criminal?”"

      link to

    • “and meeting real live Israelis."

      really a very odd & almost puerile statement, imho. I couldn't find any mention of them meeting 'real live' Palestinians, either.

    • Right, Kay.

      (funny we posted at the same time! didja like the picture of Bennett gone mad?)

    • "Economics Minister and Habayit Hayehudi Minister Naftali Bennett slammed the U.S. State Department response to the Jewish nation-state bill, saying the U.S. shouldn't intervene in Israel's internal issues, as politicians from Israel's right also came out in criticism.

      "I say to the Americans that the affairs of the State of Israel - we will manage [ourselves]," Bennett told Army Radio, according to Israel National News.

      "At the end it is our problem," he said. "This is an internal issue and I think that no one has the right to intervene with it."

      The U.S. State Department said Monday evening that it expected Israel to "stick to its democratic principles," in its first response to the Jewish nation-state bill approved by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet a day earlier.

      "Israel is a Jewish and democratic state and all its citizens should enjoy equal rights. We expect Israel to stick to its democratic principles," the State Department said.

      Though Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the U.S. statement by assuring that Israel is a "model democracy," and that's how it will remain, other politicians on the Israeli right responded vehemently."

      link to

      "model democracy"? rotflmao.

      Can we have our money back now and give up our veto~~~ please?

    • "A delegation of Hollywood actors and industry professionals toured Israel last week with Faces of Israel, a partially government-funded organization that promotes Israel internationally.

      The group of mostly Asian-American actors and producers spent the week traveling the country, visiting museums and markets, touring Christian sites, and meeting real live Israelis.
      Faces of Israel was established last year and considers itself a nongovernmental public diplomacy firm that reaches out to influential people around the world, seeking to better acquaint them with Israel, said Chanan Elias, who directs the organization’s North American desk. The organization receives some funding from the Foreign Ministry and private donors and works closely with the Tourism Ministry.

      The organization is growing quickly, said Elias. It hosted 40 groups in its first year and “98.9% of the time, they walk away with a great impression,” he said.
      There’s something in the air here,” he said. “You can’t deny the violence, the wars that have been going on for thousands of years and that’s in the fiber of the people. But at the same time, it’s this extremely cosmopolitan place.”

      The delegation spent time in Tel Aviv and then up north, where they heard shelling in Syria from their perch on the Golan Heights, drank Merlot and Syrah vintages at boutique wineries, and saw the spot on the Galilee where Jesus walked on water. In Jerusalem, they spent time at Yad Vashem and the Israel Museum, before walking around the Mahane Yehuda market.
      “We’re minorities in the US, and I don’t feel that Jews are minorities but I realized they are, like me, once I came here,” said Lin, whose family is Taiwanese.

      Being in Israel creates a sense of familiarity and recognition, added Lee.

      “Now I have a filter with which to understand the news,” he said. “Before, I didn’t have one.”"

      link to

      Uh- huh. Mission accomplished.

    • oops-- I may have accidentally posted the article entirely... sorry.

    • Rivlin might just be the single sane person in the Israeli government:

      "Israel's president has cancelled the appearance of a local pop star at a high-profile public event following the star's release of a new song focusing on a fictional Arab who gets his kicks by stabbing Jews.

      The office of President Reuven Rivlin said Tuesday that it was cancelling its invitation for Amir Benayoun to perform at next week's event marking the expulsion and exile of Jews from Arab countries and Iran.

      The office said the sentiments expressed by Benayoun in the song "Ahmed Loves Israel" are "inconsistent with the responsibility required of the president's residence."

      The song tells of a fictional Arab named Ahmed who wants to "send to hell a Jew or two" despite his moderate appearance.

      Its release coincides with heightened tensions between Jews and Muslims in Jerusalem."

      link to

      PS-- David Wilder is a fan...

      link to

    • If so, then he is/was correct.

    • I suspect that you are correct, lysias.

      (I vote for Jim Webb~ then on to the WH 2016)

    • just a fyi from the article re: Iran talks:

      "The press tent here has been set up in front of the Coburg hotel, where the talks have been underway for the past week. The square is named after Theodor Herzl, the father of modern Zionism, which has been the source of some amusement and unease among the very many Iranian journalists inside."

      the theater of the absurd...

    • what is going on???

      First the talks with Iran have been extended.

      link to


      "The US defense secretary has been fired after less than two years in office as the White House re-orders a national security strategy upended by the Islamic State (Isis).

      Chuck Hagel, Barack Obama’s third Pentagon chief and a former Republican senator, will leave the Department of Defense just weeks after his spokesman said Hagel was looking forward to serving “for the remainder” of the Obama administration."

      link to

    • "Israel’s citizens consider Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the Messiah. The head of the Shin Bet security service can say over and over, until he is blue in the face, that ascending to the Temple Mount endangers Israeli interests, but the public has taken sides with Netanyahu. After all, what does the head of the Shin Bet know? Woe to the country where a leftist is one who takes sides with the Shin Bet chief.

      With the end of the bloody summer and this fall, in which the madness is self-evident, Netanyahu’s kingship is an accomplished fact. The head of the Shin Bet, which is no charitable organization, is the enemy of the people as well, because he insulted both the chief of staff and even Netanyahu by contradicting him. And in a place where fascism rears its head, there is no deity but the prime minister. He is all. In his body, in his name, in his spirit. There is none but him.


      So now we must tell the Israeli left wing – enlightened, sane, moderate and connected to reality as it is: Despite the great amount of support that you receive outside Israel, you do not realize where you are living. There will be no left-wing government in Israel because messianism has become the province of total secularists. Ofer Winter, the Givati Brigade’s 44-year-old commanding officer and happy grandfather of a granddaughter, is the ideal of the Third Israelite Kingdom. But if he should get into trouble and disagree with Netanyahu, his fate will be similar to that of the Shin Bet chief.

      Logic has gone bankrupt. There is no murder anymore, there is only “Jewish blood.” There is no individual or minority opinion any longer – there are the last flickers of wisdom in the Supreme Court at a time when a generation of judges who will no longer disqualify or appeal laws such as the “Prevention of Infiltration Law,” which goes against the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty, is growing stronger in the district courts. Israel’s left wing, fragmented and conflict-ridden as it is, exists – but it is increasingly becoming a community with no land. It is becoming a community in exile whose members write, paint, teach, study and live disconnected from the land.

      They cannot fulfill the Zionist dream because the land here has become sacred. On the other side, the praying society, in which those who have no “Jewish blood” do not possess equal rights according to its views and its laws, teaches the main principles of its faith in schools, and Minister Rabbi Shay Piron is its emissary. With the help of budgets amounting to 12.5 million shekels, which are found ex nihilo for every passing program, Piron is destroying education in Israel as Netanyahu, king of Israel, rubs his hands with glee.

      An amazing and bleak combination of a glacial personality with religious and nationalist zeal is making Netanyahu invincible. The leftists in Israel need to know: Leftism is a people without a land for a land with no hope."

      link to

    • "The indictment charges the officer with manslaughter"

      not.good.enough. This makes me sick, of course.

      Actually, the entire compilation is beyond belief. It does get worse...and worse. The settlers are more out of control than ever & the GoI is fine with that. Israel is a terrorist state.

      "972mag 23 Nov by Haggai Matar — An IDF medic was surprised to hear two new orders given by his superiors: only Jews are worthy of resuscitation, and that attackers who pose no threat should be shot dead"

      well, at least it's out in the open~ we all knew it, but there it is, in black and white.

      Thanks, Kate.

  • 'What is your religion?' question surprises two American visitors to the occupation
    • "Elizabeth Warren’s trip to Israel and other Middle East countries is likely more an indication of the senator’s fast rise within the Democratic Party than a sign that she is rethinking her political future, longtime Democratic observers of the Massachusetts senator said Monday.

      Warren is the lone lawmaker on the trip organized by the State Department and the Senate Banking Committee, of which she is a member. She will be meeting with officials from the Israeli and Jordanian governments, the Palestinian Authority, United Nations groups and USAID. Warren will also meet with troops from Massachusetts serving in the Middle East.

      The Jerusalem Post reported that Warren met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday.

      The senator’s Middle East trip, first reported by the Boston Globe, is her first trip abroad as a senator. And given the importance of U.S.-Israeli relations, it was bound to stoke speculation about a potential 2016 presidential bid. The liberal favorite has insisted that she is not running for president, but progressive activists are making a push to persuade her to run as an alternative to the likely Democratic front-runner, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

      Jim Manley, a Democratic strategist and former Reid spokesman, added that “there is no better way to start building your foreign policy résumé than going to Israel — as long as you manage to avoid missteps in that unforgiving part of the world.”

      Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen agreed traveling to Israel is “a prerequisite for any national politician” but agreed that too much shouldn’t be read into Warren’s intentions."

      Read more: link to

    • seems that it can be even worse:

      "One person's requirement for religious accommodation can seem all-too-much like discrimination to another.

      An El Al flight from New York to Tel Aviv last week encountered delays when several ultra-orthodox Jewish men refused to take their seats next to women over religious objections.

      Ultra-orthodox Judaism forbids physical contact between men and women unless they are first-degree relatives or married to one another. In an airplane with close quarters, maintaining such separation is not easy.

      As orthodox and secular Jewish passengers boarded the flight scheduled to arrive at Ben Gurion airport on the morning of Rosh Hashanah, the men began asking women seated next to them to move, sometimes even offering compensation for seat changes, Ynet News reports.

      One passenger, identified as Galit, was sitting next to her husband when an ultra-orthodox, or haredi, man asked her to move. But she refused to change seats, Galit told Ynet:

      "I ended up sitting next to a haredi man who jumped out of his seat the moment we had finished taking off and proceeded to stand in the aisle."

      Some of the haredi men spent much of the eleven-hour flight standing and praying in the aisle, which caused general commotion and made it difficult to reach the restroom, Galit said.

      The experience of Galit is not unique. Author Elana Maryles Sztokman wrote about a similar experience in a piece published on The Huffington Post:..."

      link to

    • Thank you, RoHa.

      Some judges and QCs in the UK wear wigs to this day, iirc.

    • good enough reason not to fly El Al.......among a host of others.

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