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  • After war, children in Gaza return to school
  • 'Stop$30Billion' coalition unveils new digital billboard in Albuquerque, NM
  • Five lessons from the struggle to reinstate Steven Salaita at the University of Illinois
    • Definitely creepy junk:

      "The Amcha Initiative, the Zionist organization that has repeatedly intimidated, spied on and harassed students and faculty, appears to be escalating its campaign by publishing what amounts to a target list of “anti-Israel” professors.

      Amcha says that the list is made up of “218 professors identifying themselves as Middle East scholars, who recently called for the academic boycott of Israel in a petition.”"

      more here: link to

  • Life after a massacre: The story of Ahmed and Mahmoud
    • Well said, Susie.

      Thank you Sarah. It is vitally important that every single tragic story be chronicled. None of this will or can ever be forgotten.

  • Israeli military demolishes West Bank dairy factory benefitting orphans despite court appeal
  • Ohio student leader who dropped bucket of blood for Gaza receives vicious death threats
  • Ted Cruz praises Israel and gets booed off stage at D.C. Christian conference
  • Speaking from an Israeli settlement, Mike Huckabee says 'there is not a teenage boy in America who is safe' from radical Islamists
    • Huckabee is a schmuck, a huckster and a liar.

      He could run for President of the US again. He could win. Scary and true.

  • ISIS and Israel allies against a Palestinian state
    • The nugget that nobody wants to talk about. 95-96% of Israelis approved of the massacre. Nobody in Britain's govt allied themselves with Galloway or Trevor Hogan.

      Total silence in favor of ethnic cleansing.

    • Thanks Jonathan.

      ISIS/ISIL/IS is the result of our own hegemonic actions in the region, imho.

      A total foreign policy failure. Hamas has nothing to do with ISIS, and Israel's attempt to link them will prove a failure thanks to articles like yours.

      Hamas is resistance to an odious Occupation and Terrorism writ large by the GoI that the US gov't supports unconditionally.

  • Freed by Gaza, Spiegelman calls Israel out as a batterer
    • It's not only sad, it's criminal.

    • Tragic that Richard "This is not an entirely trivial matter since government officials should not lie to grand juries, but neither should they be called to account for practicing the dark art of politics. As with sex or real estate, it is often best to keep the lights off" Cohen and Roger Cohen have no relationship.

      (wiki quote)

      Thanks for this.

  • The best U.S. 'strategy' to combat ISIS? Stop supporting religious states
  • Giving up on the system: Leading Israeli human rights groups reject army request to file investigations on crimes in Gaza
    • "Israel's chief military prosecutor has ordered criminal investigations into two of the most high-profile incidents in the recent Gaza war, the killing of four children in an Israeli air strike at Gaza's port and the shelling of a UN school in Beit Hanoun that left 15 people dead and scores more injured.

      They are among five cases being investigated for potential criminal misconduct, while dozens more are being considered for investigation.

      The beach killings on 16 July, which were witnessed by the Guardian, and the attack on the school on 24 July – while it was being used as a shelter for refugees – sparked widespread international controversy and calls from the UN and the US for a prompt investigation.

      While the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) admits it struck the port in two air strikes, a senior officer said on Wednesday it was still investigating the circumstances of the attack on the school.

      The announcement of the criminal inquiry by senior officers in the IDF's military attorney general's corps comes only 10 days after Israel and Hamas agreed a ceasefire to end 50 days of conflict that claimed more than 2,000 lives.

      The speed with which the military attorney general has launched the investigations is in marked contrast to the conflict between Hamas and Israel in 2008-09 – Operation Cast Lead. After that conflict Israel investigated 50 incidents, leading to three convictions............."

      link to

      not to be trusted-- not now, not ever.

    • I'm glad that you brought Eisner into the limelight again. The fetid rot goes to the top.

      "Critics say Israel is damaging its image abroad through excessive heavy-handedness. But Danny Danon, the deputy speaker of the Israeli parliament, wrote in Tuesday's Jerusalem Post: "The state of Israel is at war. This war is being fought on a completely different battlefield to the past, one in which the word de-legitimisation has replaced bullets, and provocative actions such as the flotilla have replaced tanks and fighter planes … Would we allow a suicide bomber into our country so that we could attempt a 'dialogue' with him?"

      The state, he said, must "implement a three-pronged approach to keeping these terrorists out of Israel: prevent, arrest and deport". He urged that Ias, the Danish activist, be arrested and deported immediately."

      link to


    • I hope and pray that this heralds the end to Israel's notorious impunity for crimes against humanity.

  • Guess who's invited to Open Hillel's first conference? Students for Justice in Palestine
  • Ohio student leader's dramatic act for Gaza
    • And so did Kent State.

      link to

      Neil Young hasn't seen the connection, but he made many shekels anyway and chooses to be blind. Shame on him.

    • Marzec speaks for me. She's speaking the truth and doing the work that a President ought to.

      (Is anyone else sick and tired of hearing about Jewish- only 'pain'? It has cut to the quick all reasonableness and discourse)

      "Your video marginalizes and isolates students. It makes Jewish parents want to bring their kids back home to the safety of the Jewish suburbs. It makes alumni want to pull their funding. It makes Jewish organizations call and demand that we do more. It makes people threaten, and when we don’t comply and do exactly what they say, they threaten some more. But I can’t do more. "

      Waaaaaah! Yo Danielle-- who is threatening whom?

  • Meeting Gaza in the West Bank
  • Israel's tunnels aim to Judaize Jerusalem and are approved by Supreme Court
    • The GoI besieges indigenous Palestinians from the sea, air, ground and underground.

      It's all genocidal. They occupy and destroy everything within their nasty grasp and beyond.

  • Three ways Palestinians can hold Israel accountable for Gaza war crimes
  • Toronto activists intensify campaign against SodaStream
    • Kudos and thanks to CAIA for your persistence and your great actions.

      It's exactly the sort of dedication that will make justice happen.

  • 'Washington Post' says there's no such thing as Palestine, 'NYT' runs Gaza whodunnit
    • Don't you just hate it that people are paid to lie, obfuscate, and spread propaganda?

      The owners of the NYT and Wapo seem to think that it is worth the big bucks. So does the GoI.

    • Thanks for the exposure, Phil. Without exposure of the kind that MW is doing, the lies go completely unchallenged.

      I just heard an ad by Dennis Miller on his show for some group called 'stop hamas now'. He said that they have 1 million signatures...

      The ad is horrible and extreme. I won't link to their site, but did find an article in Buzzfeed.

      link to

  • The real issues in the Salaita case: Palestine, neoliberalism, and the corporate university
  • Israel and the law -- the views of three international jurists
    • Worse than twisted.

      I read about this yesterday and still can't fathom this:

      "The suspects allegedly told the women they had to have sex with non-Jewish men “to save the Jewish people and expedite the redemption,” a police statement said."

      I wondered if the cult of Lehava knew about this.

      I then read this: "The Lehava anti-assimilation group led Judea and Samaria branch police in exposing an extremist Messianic cult that brain-washed Jewish women into taking drugs and having sex with Arab men in order to "bring the redemption." "

      link to

      What a loony bin.

      I wonder what will happen to these folks.

  • Three-sentence letter to the 'NYT' results in Yale chaplain's resignation
    • "Of course, there’s always been a baseline form of antisemitism in Europe and the US, and it would be there regardless of whether Israel existed or not."

      I do not think that this part of your comment is verifiable truth at this point.

    • First link didn't work.

      I know that he was an active activist and am grateful for his work and his voice.

      Did he preach it from his pulpit at Yale? It was only when his letter was published by the NYT and the resultant "outraged" voices objected, that he resigned.

    • Katz is a Yale alumnus and his letter is a travesty, imho. It's terrible and telling that the board sided with him and his "pain".

      Ironic that it was posted under another letter about "free speech".

    • What have we become when this cause for justice is treated with such vehement opposition as though it was an unforgivable sin? Perhaps it had to come to this.

      I've not heard that these good men preached their Palestinian activism from their pulpits. Professor Salaita spoke out on social media, not in his classroom. He lost his tenured position. Reverend Shipman wrote a letter in the NYT and the board felt it was too much for their delicate sensibilities. Rabbi Rosen had a rabble opposing him and his concern for Israel's victims. He's leaving.

      So while congregants and students have bonafide 1st amendment rights, these men do not-- not in their personal lives, either. I am cautiously optimistic that you are correct when you wrote:

      "I think good things will come of this. The resignation demonstrates the pattern of blacklisting/corruption in prestige institutions that is bound to crack at some point, and it opens up more space at the grassroots for free discussion of these important questions."

      A pattern of blacklisting/corruption that has long infected our government as well. I hope that these events are being observed from the halls of congress by the very people that purport to defend and uphold our Constitution.

      Meanwhile, I am glad to know that our ranks are filled with people of this caliber and character.

  • Police reportedly demand removal of monument to Mohammed Abu Khdeir
    • Didn't you hear? They stole 1000 acres in honor of the 3!

      A super-duper monument indeed-- all in violation of international law!

    • sorry for the grammar error ;((

    • A beautiful memorial for a beautiful child who was horrifically murdered by a mob government incited and hating Israelis.

      They beat his cousin mercilessly, they kidnapped many of his family, they violate their rights endlessly, they made the family turn their tshirts inside out, they postponed the trial of the murderers, and now they threaten to destroy the monument.

      The US does nothing. Please remind me why we have an ambassador over there? Why is this happening? Why do we tolerate/enable this?

    • Page: 56
  • Sign of the times, in a Brooklyn window
  • When 'NYT' reporter's son joined the Israeli army, he didn't want news to get out
  • Israel's Shock Doctrine
    • This is "shocking"

      "Israeli police say they have uncovered a messianic Jewish sect that prostituted women to "save Israel."

      In a statement Sunday, police said officers arrested four people on suspicion of coercing women into having sex with non-Jews and exploited them sexually by making them addicted to drugs and alcohol. The reasoning behind the plot was "to save the people of Israel and bring redemption nearer."

      Police say the four suspects, two men and two women, were part of a messianic sect. A four-month long investigation revealed they were brainwashing the women into believing they were helping the Jewish people by having sex with non-Jews while pocketing the money earned for themselves. The four included two from the West Bank settlement on Kiryat Arba."

      link to

  • Front-page 'NYT' piece on foreign influence on D.C. thinktanks leaves out Israel
  • Naomi Wolf to debate genocide charge against Israel with Shmuley Boteach
    • How I wish it would be Annie R. on the dais.

    • too funny!

      nice shtick he's got.

    • You've posted the wrong clip Declan.

    • Good article by Avi Shlaim:

      "Israel has a habit of justifying its actions in the occupied Palestinian territories, however illegal and indecent, in the name of security. But denying any security to the other side only perpetuates the conflict.

      Israel’s policy towards Gaza since the unilateral disengagement in 2005 has consisted of the systematic violations of international humanitarian law, duplicitous diplomacy and large doses of brute military force. With chilling cynicism, Israeli generals speak of their periodic incursions into Gaza as “mowing the lawn”. This policy has manifestly failed to procure the security that Israel’s citizens deserve. The writing is on the wall. A new and more constructive policy is desperately needed. Israeli politicians, however, are unlikely to be able to make any of the proposed moves without strong external pressure. This is where the international community comes in. It must begin to hold Israel to account in a way that it has so far shamefully failed to."

      link to

    • Thanks for posting that article Blownaway.

      Here's the link: link to

      I liked that he headlined 'hypocrisy'. I hope that somebody headlines an article with 'lies' soon.

    • Shmuley the tooly .

      It would be good to get him on video defending the indefensible genocide of Palestinians. At least the audience will have the privilege of one brain on stage.

      Interesting article by Jesse Rosenfeld:

      "GAZA CITY, Gaza—More than a month after The Daily Beast reported evidence suggesting Israeli soldiers carried out the summary execution of six men amid fierce combat in late July, there are no signs that the Israeli government is investigating the matter. It has declined to respond to repeated inquiries. The independent organizations Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, which the Israeli authorities have barred from Gaza, are unable to follow up in detail. And a United Nations investigation of abuses on both sides is barely under way.

      The Daily Beast has continued its own investigation, however. And the picture that’s emerging tends to confirm the story of a summary execution, on the one hand, while undermining subsequent reports by some in the international press who suggest the dead men, left to rot in the bathroom of a battered house, were merely innocent bystanders. Instead, they appear to have been hardened guerrilla fighters from Islamic Jihad who were trying to ambush Israeli soldiers when they themselves were caught, captured, herded into an abandoned bathroom and gunned down in an incident that, if confirmed, would be a war crime. .


      The fog of Israel’s 50-Day war in Gaza has only just begun to clear and while there is still much mystery shrouding the battle for Khuzaa, the more the record of those events takes shape, the more grim it appears."

      link to

  • Israeli officer tosses Palestinian shepherds from their land so settlers don't have to hear Arabic
    • More evidence of the ultimate goal of the Zionists-- they want the indigenous Palestinians gone.

    • I just remembered what this reminded me of:

      " Palestinian officials frequently condemn what they refer to as the “Judaization of Jerusalem” on the part of Israeli authorities, who they say engage in discriminatory policies that discriminate against Palestinian residents and seek to encourage their departure from the city. East Jerusalem has been occupied by Israel since 1967. Israeli authorities sometimes limit the Muslim call the prayer in other parts of the Palestinian territories, particularly in Hebron where Jewish settlers have taken over properties in the city center. Israeli forces forbade the Islamic call for prayer at the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron 49 times in the month of January because it “annoyed” Jewish settlers, according to an official from the Palestinian Authority ministry of endowments."

      link to

      and this:

      link to

      It's another nod to Israel's ethnic cleansing.

      And now the IOF says Palestinian shepherds cannot speak their language without 'offending' the illegal settlers, so they must leave the land they are legally grazing their flock on.

    • thank heavens for Ta'ayush.

      We are enabling some very horrible people. WHY?

  • Cycling4Gaza to stage Philly to DC trek in mid-September
    • Awesome!

      Check out the smiles. No matter what, there are always smiles and hope and diverse people working in solidarity for justice and with care for the Palestinians.

      (Love the shirts!)

  • Israel has three years to end the occupation -- Abbas
    • IPCC is an impressive organization.

      Thanks for your work with them.

    • Even worse news:

      "The new Palestinian unity government faced a new crisis on Sunday after President Mahmoud Abbas threatened to dissolve his alliance with Hamas if the Islamic militant group does not give up power in the Gaza Strip."

      much more lousy stuff here: link to

    • I had been trying not to criticize Abbas for a long time now, but have to agree with this being 'too much'! The proverbial last straw.

      Paging Dr. Mustafa Barghouti.

    • Good to read your work again, Allison.

      Kudos on Gareth Porter's inclusion of your reporting in his most recent article.

      link to

      Abbas should not be trusting us. At all. He needs to side with his people now more than ever and that includes Hamas.

      "So what should Israel do? The beginning of wisdom is to admit mistakes and stop adding fuel to the fire. First of all, Israel should end its relentless campaign to demonise the people of Gaza. Demonisation is the enemy of dialogue and a major cause of diplomatic deadlock. The assertion of Major General Giora Eiland that there is no such thing as “innocent civilians” in Gaza is simply absurd. Gazans are normal people and, like normal people anywhere in the world, they long to live in freedom and dignity on their land.

      Second, it is time to remove from Hamas the terrorist tag. This is a powerful weapon in the propaganda war but useless in the quest for peace. Hamas is indeed guilty of terrorism but it is also a legitimate political actor, having won a fair and free election in 2006. Netanyahu claims that Hamas is indistinguishable from the murderous fanatics who make up Isis. Hamas, however, is not a messianic jihadist movement but a local organisation with a pragmatic political leadership and limited aims.

      Third, Israel should transfer its confrontation with Hamas from the battlefield to the conference table. On 2 June Hamas and Fatah reached an accord and formed a national unity government which consists of technocrats without a single Hamas-affiliated member. This government accepts the Quartet’s three conditions to qualify as a negotiating partner: it recognises Israel, it respects all previous Palestinian agreements with Israel and it renounces violence. One of Netanyahu’s undeclared war aims was to disrupt this unity government so Israel could continue to divide and rule, but the government survived the baptism of fire"

      link to

      Abbas needs to do the very same thing wrt Hamas and Gaza.

  • The west is safer for Jews than Israel (duh)
    • Almost everybody knows 'Jewish history'. Most of us have been drenched in it.

      Makes it very difficult to make sense of the present.

    • Really good questions ritzl.

    • Interesting.

      I read this article in Haaretz about Rabbi Rosen, and it includes this:

      "“I gradually became a Palestine solidarity activist rather than liberal Zionist” ”
      In the wake of the Gaza war “a lot of rabbis are really concerned about speaking out about Israel-Palestine. There’s a kind of loyalty oath or litmus test that a lot of people feel,” Kleinbaum said.

      “Israel has always been the third rail for rabbis,” Rosen told Haaretz. “As a new generation of rabbis coming up who don’t necessarily share the assumptions about Israel that former generations did it’s becoming more difficult, absolutely.”"

      link to

  • Women dying in Egyptian and Israeli hospitals bring Gaza toll to 2154
    • Pixel-- I meant my comment in the spirit of empathy!

      Kate-- I am just so glad to see your work back on the front page!

    • Dear, dear Kate!

      Pixel-- I open Kate's compilations, I read, I do something else so I can absorb it without losing it, and then I can return. For me, it's one of the most important sources of facts available ANYWHERE.

    • Thought folks would be interested :

      "Exclusive: Israel's Video Justifying Destruction of a Gaza Hospital Was From 2009

      ....On July 17, the hospital was hit by a total of 15 rockets, according to Dr. Basman Alashi, Al Wafa's director. After the first few rockets, a phone call from the IDF "asked how much time do you need to evacuate?" he told Truthout. After the second and third floors were largely destroyed, the patients' rooms were filled with smoke and the hospital lost electricity, he gave the order to evacuate the hospital.

      An IDF spokesman told Allison Deger of Mondoweiss that Hamas rocket launches had come "from exactly near the hospital, 100 meters near." A slide show released by the IDF August 19 includes an aerial view of Al Wafa Hospital with two alleged rocket launching sites marked that are clearly much farther from the hospital than the 100 meters.

      Even if that IDF claim of 100 meters were accurate, however, it was more than sufficient to allow the IDF to hit the launch site with precision-guided munitions without damaging the hospital. Israeli air to ground missiles, especially those fired from drones, are known to be able to hit small targets without causing collateral damage to nearby buildings. An IDF video posted on August 9, for example, shows a missile destroying what is said to be a hidden rocket launch site without harming a mosque only a few meters away from the explosion.

      IDF spokesman Captain Eytan Buchman nevertheless blandly suggested that it was collateral damage from striking the launch site. He said the IDF was "left with no choice" but to "target the launcher with the most precise munitions capable of ensuring its destruction."...."

      much more of Gareth Porter's excellent investigation here:

      link to

    • Yes, thanks Kate.

      There was no condemnation at all. There are no repercussions.

      Gideon said it well:

      "Now it’s official: the settlements are a punishment. A collective one, of the sort considered a war crime under international law"

      We endorse Israeli war crimes, and commit them by proxy. We impose sanctions on other nations, never Israel. We and they create enemies. We both create mayhem. I was thinking of dusting off my antiwar outfit to go run madly thru the streets, but we are actively at war in Afghanistan and Iraq and eyeing Syria. It is thru our actions toward some and inaction toward our "allies" that we allowed ISIS to germinate and grow.

      Israel just killed a Lebanese civilian while remotely detonating a device that they planted in Lebanon.

      It's more than depraved.

  • Gaza 'fractured' Rabbi Rosen's spiritual home
    • Don't know why Mooser.

      The quote by Rosen in the Haaretz article that explains it best to me is:

      "I gradually became a Palestine solidarity activist rather than liberal Zionist” "

      (I've always thought that 'liberal Zionist' was an oxymoron, btw)

    • Bespeaks crisis.

      Also, more evidence of the destruction wrought by Zionism and its adherents. Putting Israel ahead of all else in your psyche is wholly bankrupt.

      gracie fr was kind enough to inform us of the terrible news that "Since the vigil, Bruce was pushed to resign his position as a Yale Chaplin by the Executive Council of the Board of Directors."

      link to

      I guess pro- justice Reverends and Rabbis are fair game...not to mention Professors.

  • Photo of six shoveling secretaries needs a caption
  • The proportion of Gaza's children who were killed should shock conscience of weapons-suppliers
    • Lookie here:

      "So the Washington Post can't decide what the occupation is"

    • Yes, and Israel knew it.

      It committed the massacre anyway, without conscience nor remorse.

      Used banned weapons, too. Targeted shelters and hospitals. Murdered civilians by sniper during ceasefires. Et cetera.

      All war crimes. All crimes against humanity. All provable.

    • Dr. Al- Masri.

      Yours is a very important article-- direct, factual and poses exactly the right questions. Over and over we heard US, UK and Israel exclaim that Israel has the "right to self defense". Self defense had NOTHING to do with this massacre. Over and over we heard that they do not target civilians and that they are so very moral-- the facts prove otherwise. Over and over, the sadistic Mark Regev claimed that no country in the world would accept having rockets fired at them and leaders in the US repeated his tripe! But apparently they can accept the Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people. Israeli lies were never countered by any US/EU government official-- and they still aren't. The blame, according to Israel/ US/EU, was assigned to the victims of their combined weaponry and propaganda-- the people of Palestine. There are quite a few reports that banned weapons were used by Israel in Gaza. Israel has prevented groups from entering Gaza to investigate. Thankfully this time, many witnessed the actions of the IOF and it is recorded. I pray that their impunity ends once and for all.

      Saher's (rip) entreaty to his mother : “Please mommy, hide me beside the baby in your tummy. I’m afraid of the missiles; they have become so many and everywhere. Hide me mommy please.” is searingly difficult to read and grasp. I can only imagine every mommy and daddy wanting to do the same for their babies...hide them from such evil and danger. There was nowhere safe run to, nowhere to hide, many people were blocked from leaving & living with ANY security, and they still are.

  • Untangling the Salaita case
  • It's 'bomb or bombing' in Iran inside of a year, Israeli leader tells US pol
  • Joan Rivers's Palestinian finale
  • Yasher Koach to Brant Rosen
    • That's what I thought and still think, Mooser

      Unfortunately nobody from the congregation who showed up on the first article will clarify anything wrt to the IPC other than denying any affiliation with Hakafa and their IPC.

      I'll just wait and see.

    • Yasher Koach to you, Katie Mertz.

      Congratulations on your engagement, and good luck in your pursuits.

      I feel sure that you will find your way.

  • Defending Apartheid: Then in South Africa, now in Palestine
  • 'NYT' headline implicating Hamas in teen killings is a lie
    • Silly question, especially since the IOF does it often with impunity.

    • I did read that Kay24.

      It came as no real surprise, nor did Cronin's revelations.

      All of our and our allies' hubris, hypocrisy, duplicity and hegemonic desire is and has been fomenting much anger/hurt/mayhem.

      Besides, making war on people is good for big business and the top 10%. Creating enemies is what we do.

      Peace and justice seems to be passé and boring to some.

    • Thanks Shmuel.

      It's too bad that more Israelis did not heed Misgav then.

      in other news:

      "The European Union has been cooperating furtively with Israel’s nuclear industry for at least six years.

      An internal document that I recently obtained states that an accord on “joint and cooperative initiatives relevant for the peaceful use of nuclear energy” was signed between the EU and Israel in 2008. “This is a discreet agreement that has not been given publicity,” the paper adds.

      The document (published below) was drawn up ahead of an October 2013 visit to Israel by Antonio Tajani, then Italy’s member of the European Commission.

      It is not hard to understand why the Union wishes to keep this cooperation “discreet.” The agreement was reached with Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission — the body that runs the Dimona reactor, where Israel’s nuclear weapons were developed.

      Israel introduced nuclear weapons to the Middle East and has refused to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). It has refused to permit international inspection of all its nuclear activities.

      In 2006, Ehud Olmert, then Israel’s prime minister, acknowledged that Israel possessed nuclear weapons. The US Defense Intelligence Agency estimated in 1999 that Israel had between 60 and 80 nuclear warheads.


      These facts put Israel in a very different category to Iran, supposedly a major threat to world peace.

      Unlike Israel, Iran has no nuclear weapons. The National Intelligence Council — a group advising the US president — expressed “high confidence” in 2007 that Iran had halted its weapons development program a few years earlier.

      Despite that explicit statement, both the EU and the US have slapped punitive sanctions on Iran (after some sanctions had been relaxed, America imposed new restrictions on business with Iran last week). The official narrative behind these sanctions is that everything must be done to stop Iran acquiring the bomb.

      Yet the European Union is happy to cooperate, with Israel, a nation that actually has the bomb. Is it any wonder that Brussels officials don’t want attention drawn to this hypocrisy?


      Israel is a nuclear-armed rogue state. I’m sure that many decent people would be horrified to learn that the EU is liaising with the very agencies that developed Israel’s nuclear weapons — even if this cooperation is “discreet.”"

      link to

    • not holding my breath on that one.

      the GoI & 'defense establishment' lied the whole way thru the entire thing.

      all the way as they stole the precious living breath of thousands.

      the question he poses only now are questions that Israelis should have been asking from the gitgo. they were certainly being asked here, there and everywhere else. it is Israel and the Israelis that owe many apologies to the Palestinian people. the apologies should be in the form of ending the Occupation, paying for the destruction, begging forgiveness, and giving back what they have stolen, etc.

    • Gentlemen-- thank you.

  • In an upstate NY field, Gaza resonates
  • 'I’m 100% certain we won’t receive justice in this racist court': Abu Khdeir family awaits justice that will likely never come
    • wow-- you're right! great recall, ActivistGal.

      I had scrubbed that from me brain.

    • Asher Weisgan (later committed suicide in prison) and Ami Popper (In February 1999 Popper's sentence was commuted from seven life terms to 40 years. Currently he is eligible for parole in 2023, after 33 years in prison.)


      So it looks like neither did or will serve out their sentences.

    • When I read on your twitter that they demanded that they turn their shirts inside- out, I was taken aback.

      Can't the court handle seeing the visage of the horribly murdered young man? Would it offend their delicate sensibilities? Could they drown out the shouts and voices of the protestors demanding justice? Did they blind themselves to all of the grieving eyes of the family in court?

      Cowards-- all of 'em.

    • Bless you Dan Cohen. I have been following you on twitter and credit you with much of the truth that has been told wrt Gaza and the Palestinian people. I, too, doubt that the father and family of Mohammed will see justice done. Prominent Israelis, both in and out of the GoI, incited this monstrous behavior.

      I don't know if you read this article about the Abu Khdeir family etc:

      link to

  • Brant Rosen's prophetic voice elevated him beyond the rabbinic politics of our day
    • LOLOL!

      from wiki:

      "Non-kosher animals and birds (based on Leviticus 11:3–8 and Deuteronomy 14:3–21): mammals require certain identifying characteristics (cloven hooves and being ruminants), while birds require a tradition that they can be consumed. Fish require scales and fins (thus excluding catfish, for instance). All invertebrates are non-kosher apart from certain types of locust, on which most communities lack a clear tradition. No reptiles or amphibians are kosher."

    • It is a great question for those who will have to answer it.

      sooner or later.

    • "Does it ever occur to them that Israel is not co-operating in this ethical-Zionism thingie they made up?"

      That is a great question.

    • Perhaps this will help:

      "Rabbi David A. Teutsch

      Director, Center for Jewish Ethics, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

      When I first became a leader of the Reconstructionist movement in 1980, several of the lay leaders lamented that it was the best-kept secret in the Jewish community. While the movement has grown fivefold in the intervening decades, it is still largely misunderstood by most American Jews. A recent article that appeared in Jewish Ideas Daily serves to perpetuate untruths about Reconstructionist Judaism.

      Written by Joseph Siev, the article makes two points that are totally incorrect. The first is his assertion that while Reconstructionism has long been allied with Zionism, that is no longer true. In truth, the Reconstructionist movement has been strongly Zionist from its inception through the present moment. Following its founder Mordecai Kaplan, Reconstructionists have understood that a key to Zionism is ethical nationhood -- a commitment to justice for every person regardless of ethnicity or religion. In his book "A New Zionism," Kaplan argued that open and dynamic democracy, adequate resources devoted to ensuring that society's have-nots live in dignity and the ardent pursuit of peace are elements of ethical nationhood. At a time when the settlements on the West Bank being expanded by the government of Israel are one of the impediments to peace, Reconstructionists envision a Zionism built upon standards of ethical nationhood.

      Siev's evidence for the alleged loss of Zionist fervor within my movement is the fact that some Reconstructionist rabbis are affiliated with Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), which calls for, among other things, a boycott on goods from the West Bank. The reality that these rabbis represent a small faction within the Reconstructionist rabbinate is a detail Siev did not bother to include; perhaps he did not investigate enough to be aware of it.


      link to

      It's from 2011, but you are correct.

    • She's amazing!

      Rabbi Rosen should do as she says.

    • "I gradually became a Palestine solidarity activist rather than liberal Zionist” "

      "........Rosen’s personal pro-Palestine activism began in 2008, during Operation Cast Lead. “I was very open and public about my anguish about outrages being committed. After that I went down a different road. I gradually became a Palestine solidarity activist rather than liberal Zionist,” Rosen told Haaretz in an interview.

      He began publishing his thoughts on two blogs, “Shalom Rav,” which contains his thoughts on Israel/Palestine and “Yedid Nefesh,” which is devoted to his poetry, much of it also focused on Israel/Palestine. A poem on the latter blog, written during the war, is titled “Psalm 80: The Strangled Vine.” It begins: “how long will
/this people be wrathful,/
this nation that feasts
/on the tears of its own trauma
/so that it might strike out
/again and again
/against enemies real and imagined?”

      In 2012 he co-authored a Passover haggadah for JVP, which includes his piece on “the 10 plagues of the occupation.”

      “My activism has become a very important part of my own rabbinate and conscience,” Rosen told Haaretz. A few years ago the synagogue’s board of directors asked him to keep his personal activism separate from his work as the congregation’s rabbi. “At JRC Brant did a good job of being apolitical from the bimah,” said David Tabak, the synagogue’s president, in an interview.

      Rosen’s personal tipping point came in May, when congregants from about 25 member households sent a letter to the entire congregation saying that his pro-Palestine activism was interfering with his work as their rabbi.

      A congregant told the Chicago Tribune this week that "Rabbi Rosen's public and extreme political views divided the congregation when he should have brought the congregation together for respectful discussion.”

      Rosen heard about the planned letter “when it was brewing,” he said. “It took me by surprise,” he told Haaretz. There was a board meeting about it open to the entire congregation, where some angry congregants aired their views. The board acknowledged the concerns but stood by Rosen, saying as long as he was fulfilling his professional duties they had no reason to censure him.

      The war in Gaza this summer only heightened things further, Tabak said. “Obviously the situation in Gaza just accentuated all those emotions. Ultimately it brought a lot of simmering issues to the fore.”

      Rabbi Arthur Waskow, a veteran leader of the progressive Jewish community, said that he was pushed out of several organizations for his pro-peace views over the years, including a teaching position at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in 1989 after he was critical of the Israeli government’s response to the first Intifada. “I’ve learned over the years that even a minority in a congregation if it’s angry enough can push for silence or wobbliness on the part of leaders like rabbis,” said Waskow, the founder and director of the Shalom Center, and a co-founder of Aleph: Alliance for Jewish Renewal, in an interview.

      At the Evanston synagogue “the upset has continued despite everyone’s best intentions, said Rosen. “I’m starting to see fissures and it’s affecting my own wellbeing too.” He has faced many sleepless nights and jokingly offered to send a reporter his therapist’s notes. “I don’t think it’s fair to JRC or to me for me to continue, which is why I made the decision to resign,” he said. “It’s very hard to know, as a rabbi, that I’m hurting members of my own congregation.”

      Between 10 and 20 households have left the congregation as a result of his pro-Palestine work over the years though there has been a recent uptick, Rosen said, and a few others have also joined because of it.

      In the wake of the Gaza war “a lot of rabbis are really concerned about speaking out about Israel-Palestine. There’s a kind of loyalty oath or litmus test that a lot of people feel,” Kleinbaum said.

      “Israel has always been the third rail for rabbis,” Rosen told Haaretz. “As a new generation of rabbis coming up who don’t necessarily share the assumptions about Israel that former generations did it’s becoming more difficult, absolutely.”

      link to

    • Thanks Marc.

      "A Lamentation for Gaza" is breathtaking. Brant Rosen speaks the truth that many do not want to acknowledge.

      He has a huge fellowship that can only grow.

  • As protest over Gaza grew, so did attacks on speech supporting Palestinian freedom
  • Hamas is ISIS for dummies
    • It is terrorism and espionage and could be construed as an act of war.

      ho hum.

    • I heard an interview on 'Fresh Air' today with Charlie Savage about ISIS & orange jumpsuits:

      "GROSS: Both of the journalists who were beheaded by ISIS were dressed in orange, like the orange uniforms the prisoners in Gitmo have to wear. What has Gitmo come to symbolize to Islamist groups?

      SAVAGE: Well, it's less to Islamic groups I think, than to the Muslim world in general, as well as to non-Muslims but who are sort of civil liberties-minded people. I think for a long time Guantanamo has been a symbol of early post-9/11 Bush administration war on terror policies, in which prisoners were held without trial - who are still of course being held without trial today - but were also tortured. And the early photographs out of Guantanamo, which were actually not even taken by reporter or journalist, but were taken by the military and distributed, of those first prisoners arriving at Camp X-ray and lining up, kneeling before the fences in their bright orange prison garb have become sort of iconic images of a very aggressive response in the handling of prisoners taken in the war on terror under the Bush administration. Guantanamo continues to remain open, despite President Obama's efforts to close it. Most of the prisoners actually don't wear orange anymore, only those who disobey the rules. But I think the image around the world remains that orange jumpsuits equals Guantanamo. Guantanamo Orange is even a phrase you hear sometimes. You see protesters wearing orange jumpsuits and I think that ISIS was trying to exploit those sentiments when it dressed the two journalists in orange before beheading them."

      link to

      And yes, it looks an awful lot like Abu Ghraib. Haven't seen all the pictures of prisoners in Bagram, Gitmo, or any of the other black holes that we and our allies have disappeared people to.

    • good point.

      And Israel's kidnap, release , kidnap again program is despicable-- a program of "promises", "negotiations" in bad faith all couched in ginormous lies..

      Everything we touch in the region gets worse, never better. The one good thing we are doing (with Iran)is being undermined by our "ally" every. single. baby. step. of. the. way.

      (PS-- tired of the endless eulogy to JR tonight)

    • Making an enemy out of Assad was Hillary's and McCain & Chumps goal...

      Arming and meeting with "rebels" to Assad is/was insane.

    • Still not entirely sure how much our actions (indirect and direct) gave rise to ISIS, but I do know that we are not innocent.

      Making an enemy out of Assad was stupid, stupid, stupid. Invading Iraq was s, s, s as well. Afghanistan was s, s, s too.

      Hamas is the only group resisting Occupation and all of the other junk being thrown by Israel, imho.

      There is no comparison between Hamas and ISIS. NONE.

      P. Cockburn has something to say about ISIS, and I have to agree with much he says in the excerpt from his new book. Especially this:

      "How the US Helped ISIS Grow Into a Monster


      "Ignoring the Roles of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan

      The key decisions that enabled al-Qa'ida to survive, and later to expand, were made in the hours immediately after 9/11. Almost every significant element in the project to crash planes into the Twin Towers and other iconic American buildings led back to Saudi Arabia. Bin Laden was a member of the Saudi elite, and his father had been a close associate of the Saudi monarch. Citing a CIA report from 2002, the official 9/11 report says that al-Qa'ida relied for its financing on "a variety of donors and fundraisers, primarily in the Gulf countries and particularly in Saudi Arabia."

      The report's investigators repeatedly found their access limited or denied when seeking information in Saudi Arabia. Yet President George W. Bush apparently never even considered holding the Saudis responsible for what happened. An exit of senior Saudis, including bin Laden relatives, from the US was facilitated by the US government in the days after 9/11. Most significant, 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission Report about the relationship between the attackers and Saudi Arabia were cut and never published, despite a promise by President Obama to do so, on the grounds of national security.

      In 2009, eight years after 9/11, a cable from the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, revealed by WikiLeaks, complained that donors in Saudi Arabia constituted the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide. But despite this private admission, the US and Western Europeans continued to remain indifferent to Saudi preachers whose message, spread to millions by satellite TV, YouTube, and Twitter, called for the killing of the Shia as heretics. These calls came as al-Qa'ida bombs were slaughtering people in Shia neighborhoods in Iraq. A sub-headline in another State Department cable in the same year reads: "Saudi Arabia: Anti-Shi'ism as Foreign Policy?" Now, five years later, Saudi-supported groups have a record of extreme sectarianism against non-Sunni Muslims.

      Pakistan, or rather Pakistani military intelligence in the shape of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), was the other parent of al-Qa'ida, the Taliban, and jihadi movements in general. When the Taliban was disintegrating under the weight of US bombing in 2001, its forces in northern Afghanistan were trapped by anti-Taliban forces. Before they surrendered, hundreds of ISI members, military trainers, and advisers were hastily evacuated by air. Despite the clearest evidence of ISI's sponsorship of the Taliban and jihadis in general, Washington refused to confront Pakistan, and thereby opened the way for the resurgence of the Taliban after 2003, which neither the US nor NATO has been able to reverse.

      The "war on terror" has failed because it did not target the jihadi movement as a whole and, above all, was not aimed at Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, the two countries that fostered jihadism as a creed and a movement. The US did not do so because these countries were important American allies whom it did not want to offend. Saudi Arabia is an enormous market for American arms, and the Saudis have cultivated, and on occasion purchased, influential members of the American political establishment. Pakistan is a nuclear power with a population of 180 million and a military with close links to the Pentagon."

      link to

      Wonder what he has to say about Israel/US relationship wrt the entire mess in his new book.

  • Tzipi Livni's vacation nightmare
    • 'This crime of hers should bar any return.'

      @ the very least!

      And the same for Zvi Mazel whose heinous actions Philip Munger mentioned above.

      No free pass.

    • It's not delusion. It's psychziopathy.

      (as for a vacation, slaughtering and massacring is hard work... she couldn't just have gone to the Gaza beach which is soaked with the blood of children, now could she? the refreshment stand got blown up, I hear...)

      Were her Shin Bet bodyguards taking the pic of the vandal?

    • good point Shmuel.

    • Needs to be arrested and tossed out of the country, Israeli diplomatic 'impunity' be dammed!

    • I have read about it on Max's twitter. Nary a peep from US MSM.

    • It's not small, amigo. You informed him with facts. He said he would pass it on.

      It matters.

      I hope you find an Occupation- free shed!

    • "We must act anywhere in the world to make it clear who here is the terrorist, and who is the state defending its citizens from terror”

      So she acts with vandalism? Analogous to shooting the messenger.

      Fitting for Cast Lead Tzipi. Plundering, massacring, stealing, kidnapping, vandalizing and terrorism is what the INJustice Minister is all about.

  • After 'Operation Protective Edge': Self-healing in Gaza
    • "A ground-breaking international collaboration between Gaza’s Theatre for Everybody and London’s Az Theatre, which includes live links between the two theater companies, will see its first public showing in London on 14 September.

      The project, which has already seen a year of creative work in Gaza, aims to “create a unique Arabic stage adaptation of Tolstoy’s War and Peace.” The launch, which takes place at the Rich Mix multicultural arts space in East London, will also include specially-commissioned new works by British- and Iraqi-origin playwrights Haifa Zangana, Caryl Churchill and Hassan Abdulrazzak, as well as music and an exhibition of Palestinian art from Gaza curated by Arts Canteen.

      The event will also feature a live link to the “work-in-progress” in Gaza. This part of the program has been threatened by the ongoing attacks on Gaza by the Israeli military, which led Theatre for Everybody’s Hossam Madhoun, writing on 20 August, to fear that: “Yesterday we were almost sure that war ended, at the last hour everything collapsed, war continues!”

      However, with the partial downturn in the Israeli raids and an ongoing ceasefire agreed on 26 August, it is hoped that the link will go ahead. Madhoun has stated that: “I believe in our work on War and Peace more now than at any time before”.

      Madhoun and Theatre for Everybody’s painful journal through the July-August onslaught, which left over 2,000 Palestinians dead, can be traced through a series of moving blog posts on the Az Theatre website.


      A press release from the company elaborated further, saying that “The companies in Gaza and London believe the epic framework of Tolstoy’s great romantic, philosophical novel can open up contemporary and historic events and shed new light on the nature of conflict, individual destiny and what peace can be.”"

      link to

    • What a beautiful comment, Eva. A wonderful testimony to your grandmother as well.

      There were great people in my family who endured WW2 and transmitted the same to me and my generation...I hope the next generation will remember, too.

    • Sarah you remind me again to be ever grateful for my life and the lives of those that I love.

      You remind me that I have to work even harder for justice and peace for the Palestinian people, and to never forget what has been done with our terrible and enormous contribution to your suffering and pain.

      Your strength and your experience leave me truly humbled.

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