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  • Israel seizes 1000 acres from 5 Palestinian villages to build new settlement in response to teens' abduction
    • More shocking news about Israeli illegality:

      "Palestinian Legislative Council member Khalida Jarrar is resisting an Israeli occupation order to banish her from her home in Ramallah in the occupied West Bank to the district of Jericho for six months.

      Jarrar has set up a protest camp at the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) — the Palestinian Authority legislature — in Ramallah where she will remain until the order is lifted. “It is the occupation who must leave our homeland,” she has said.

      Jarrar refused to sign the military order “to put her under special monitoring” that was handed to her by an Israeli occupation officer at her home in the early hours of 20 August.

      Jarrar is a senior member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and a board member of Addameer Prisoner Support. Forced transfers are prohibited under international law.

      In an interview with Wattan TV (below in Arabic with English subtitles), Jarrar said she refused to sign the military order as a matter of principle.

      “You are an occupation that is killing my Palestinian people, you practice mass arrests, you demolish homes, you kidnap people from their homes, and you deport them, you must leave my home,” she said of the Israelis.........."

      more here: link to

    • Super article by the wonderful Joe Catron @ EI:

      "One week after a ceasefire halting an Israeli military offensive against the Gaza Strip, tens of thousands of Palestinians remain displaced, sheltered in United Nations schools and other facilities.

      On Sunday, 58,071 people still lived in 36 UN schools across the coastal enclave, according to Chris Gunness, spokesperson for UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestine refugees.

      With 15,670 housing units damaged, including 2,276 completely destroyed, and up to 500,000 Palestinians displaced over the 51-day onslaught, the number staying with extended families, in temporary rentals and at government and informal shelters is probably higher.

      An estimated 108,000 Palestinians will need long-term solutions because their homes were too severely damaged to inhabit or destroyed altogether, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA).

      The crisis is compounded by the fact that there was already a deficit of 71,000 housing units for Gaza’s nearly 1.8 million residents even prior to the Israeli attack, UN OCHA estimates.

      And with reconstruction yet to begin, and likely to prove difficult due to ongoing Israeli restrictions on the importation of building materials, displaced Palestinians face uncertain futures."

      much more here: link to

    • an egocentric & pompous zionist.

      Is there any other kind?

    • Yep.

      and what does the US do?

      "Huge new Israeli settlement in West Bank condemned by US and UK
      British foreign secretary urges Israel to reverse decision to seize 990 acres of Palestinian land near Gvaot to create new city

      .....Settlers and their supporters in the Israeli government have long sought to build on the land around Gvaot, currently the site of a small settlement. They claim there is an Israeli consensus that in any future peace deal, the settlements around Gush Etzion would be annexed to Israel.

      That position is rejected by Palestinians and many in the international community, including the US. "We have long made clear our opposition to continued settlement activity," the US official told Reuters on Sunday night.

      "This announcement, like every other settlement announcement Israel makes, is counterproductive to Israel's stated goal of a negotiated two-state solution with the Palestinians. "We urge the government of Israel to reverse this decision," the official said.

      Hammond used even stronger language on Monday, saying the decision threatened to damage Israel's standing in the international community. "Our position on settlements is clear," Hammond said. "They are illegal under international law, present an obstacle to peace and take us further away from a two-state solution at a time when negotiations to achieve this objective urgently need to be resumed.""

      link to

      I don't think that was anything approaching condemnation.

    • "standard Israeli deterrence measure"

      For heaven's sake!!!

      Collective punishment, thievery, massacres, mass kidnappings, flouting of all international laws, targeting civilians, war crimes are all ok with you because it's Israel's 'standard'.

      You'll justify anything for dear Israel.

    • I can't improve on Annie's response to your comment.

      I am not mollified.

    • Questions: Who killed the 3 boys? Will we ever be told the truth?

      Answers: Who knows? A resounding NO.

  • Alvin Rosenfeld's Holocaust complaint
    • Fantastic article by Professor Shalom Goldman via Professor Juan Cole's blog:

      "......Linked to the nurturing of this cheering squad mentality was a deeply cynical exploitation of the Holocaust. In this mindset, Israeli military power is the only appropriate response to that tragedy, and any criticism of that power is tantamount to “Holocaust denial.” For decades, concern about this exploitation of the Holocaust and the nationalization of Judaism have been expressed by thinkers of all stripes, most forcefully by Israelis themselves.

      In late 1967 the philosopher and scientist Y. Leibowitz , an Orthodox Jew, wrote that: “Shortly after the Six Day war, when most of the Israeli public (and a good part of Jewry in the Diaspora) were overcome by the intoxication of national pride, military arrogance, and fantasies of the glory of messianic deliverance, I expressed, both orally and in writing, my concern lest the great victory that led to the conquest (or ‘liberation’) of the entire territory of the historical Eretz Israel (with the addition of the Sinai peninsula) prove in the course of history to have been the event initiating the process of the decline and fall of the state of Israel. At the time these words evoked much anger.”

      In the United States, among Jewish leaders and Evangelical Christian Zionists, these words evoked more than anger; they evoked rage—and the eventual censorship of any view opposed to calls to place Israel at the center of Jewish life.

      This attempt at censorship extended to the writings of Israeli military commanders as well. A decade after Leibowitz’s warnings about “the intoxication of national pride,” General Yehoshafat Harkabi, former head of military intelligence warned his countrymen that Israeli policies toward the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza, will in the long run, be self-defeating. “The settlements,” he wrote in 1984, “are an obstacle to peace, and they are a military liability, not an asset.” For Harkabi, the ability to change course through self-criticism, and not sheer military might, was the key to Israel’s political and military survival.

      “Of course,” Harkabi wrote, “we are not wholly responsible for the worsening of our political-military situation. But self-criticism is essential if we are to overcome a tendency to self-righteousness, a tendency which results from Jewish approaches to history, from our historical experience, and from the ‘ethos’ of self-righteousness as promoted by Prime Minister Begin. In my opinion, there is no greater threat to our survival than this ethos of self-righteousness. It renders us blind and unable to understand our situation—and it gives legitimacy to bad national leadership.”

      Yes, Prime Minister Begin promoted this self-righteous ethos, but he was an amateur compared to his ideological successor Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu, son of an American college professor and master of the American conservative political idiom, has made the strengthening of “Israel-centered Judaism” a key element of his world view, one that resonates deeply with American Jewish officialdom.


      The result of these developments in both the U.S. and Israel is that in our time, Judaism, in all of its magnificent complexity and subtlety, has been reduced to supporting “team Israel”—whatever its policies or methods."

      More @ link to

    • Where does the donkey fit in?

    • "Holding up the Holocaust as the banner against injustice – toward Jews – and everyone else. Is the “everyone else” the real beef Holocaust Complainers have against Jews of Conscience and people of conscience around the world?"

      Good question.

      Norman said it best and wrote about it too:

      "The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering"

  • Richard Cohen says he married Israel and has been faithful during ups and downs
    • LOL!

      (it's easier to get liquified slop suitable for the toothless under the door anyway)

    • Mooser-- he's working on it.

    • thanks tree!

      I just had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Reverend Shipman who told me that the STAND WITH GAZA Benefit Concert for the Ahli Hospital has moved to Bethesda Lutheran Church @ 305 Saint Ronan St., New Haven CT @ 830 pm tonight.

      He wanted to encourage attendance...

      What a wonderful gentleman.

    • "Is this romanticizing of Jews and or Zionism a effort to distract from the ‘current’ horrors of Zionism and Israel?"

      I think so.

      "The book has been blurbed by Christiane Amanpour, Barbara Walters (who sort of punted: “Is Israel good for the Jews? I don’t know. But this book is.”), Mort Zuckerman, Lesley Stahl (“brilliant and epic”), and Gay Talese (it’s not European colonialism, the drowning found a life raft)."

      Ah, the faithful and friends. I don't know why, but it made me think of this:

    • Max is the obvious choice. Thanks Phil.

  • I see five bears
  • Judaism's hijacking by Zionists drives 70% of secular Jews to marry non-Jews-- Koppman at Huffpo
    • Enchanting and real.

      Thanks Dickerson!

    • "You know, L-O-V-E."

      Onanism kind of "L-O-V-E" is what the ideology of Zionism is all about...

    • When one's worldview is entirely tainted and infected by an ideology that's what you get, ritzl. No introspection nor admission of wrong, only projection and clinging to the past.

      Being selfish in the extreme and brutally punishing humans that have nothing to do with the Holocaust is not holy, it's wrong.

    • "But Koppman’s article doesn’t say anything about ethnic cleansing."

      True. My guess is that HUGE crime is not one that everyone is willing to accept yet.

      It would open a huge can of shrimp.

    • Charming, Jackdaw.

      Father Brown will now uncover Israel's innumerable crimes and ask that you and every Zioraeli turn themselves in for their sins.

      NB-- you have to ask for forgiveness in order to get forgiveness.

      Watch this little clip by Bialik where she's lip synching and pretending about the glory of love...

      link to


    • Page: 54
    • It's definitely crisis crunch writ large. It will impact US politics (I pray) and it will impact the crisis that will follow between secular and evangelical Christians when it hits the boiling point

      A new classification could very well be in order tout de suite.

      Which reminds me. Mr. Koppman will face push back, but I will always remember this:

      “The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.”

      ― George Orwell

      It's a hard slog ahead, but it is worth it.

    • LOLOL, amigo.

    • WHAT/who/when Mooser? I can't find anything on the cancellation.

    • Great comment!

      Among my NY/CT friends, most don't read the NYT for news at all anymore. They read the Sunday Times for the 'other' good bits.

      This guy is refreshingly cogent and obviously in a state of personal harmony on this topic, unlike so many "liberal (insert moniker-- Zionists, etc)" that are still struggling or conflicted........

      I hope this helps some of the torn- in- two folks come out!

  • The checkpoint is burning
    • kev-- I've really enjoyed reading your posts.

      thanks very much.

    • JeffB-- what do you have to say about this?

      "Ben-Ari noted that former Prime Minister Golda Meir, "a prime minister of the Labor party, a representative of the left, etc. - when she spoke about assimilation she said...'whoever marries and assimilates joins the six million (Jews murdered in the Holocaust). She saw in what's happening here a continuation of the work of (Nazi Leader Adolf) Hitler.""

      link to

    • "That’s crossing the line into very unfair."


      tell it to the Judge. Any judge.

    • There's more? Oy gevalt.

      Moderators must have much forbearance and hip waders-- others need not apply. I am grateful to all of you.

    • Great comment Annie!


      "Most people never stick their hand into a lawn mower. Most people who have done it once don’t feel the need to do it again. It is not inevitable that the Palestinians will lose all their fingers, then their hand, then chop off chunks of their arm so as to “punish” the lawnmower for the last time. That’s a choice they are making and one they don’t have to keep making. But not one the lawnmower can do anything about"

      I really want you to know that I really am sickened by your entire comments lately, but this one sent me reeling...your analogy using a lawnmower is thoroughly despicable.


      "I want the Palestinians to become willing to join Israeli society as full members and enjoy the fruits of Israeli democracy."

      There is no "Israeli democracy"! Who wants to "join" the society that massacres/kidnaps/terrorizes their sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, grands, etc???

      Stop pretending that you care one iota for the Palestinian people. You are a first rate poseur.

    • JeffB-- Nice that you're not trying to disguise yourself anymore!

      Let it all hang out, just like the state you worship does.

      At least you know that the capital of Israel is Tel Aviv, NOT Jerusalem.

    • Thieving, lying, killing........yep, that's the GoI-- the ones who never wanted Peace.

      "The GoI doesn’t support the 1967 boundaries and acts consistent with that belief."

      You sound so happy with that! The GoI is acting against all law, and you crow about it.


    • Oh, and JeffB-- please tell me what the GoI was thinking when they authorized 1472 illegal & new settlement units in the WB while they were simultaneously massacring people in Gaza?

      You can read all about that, more crimes in Hebron, and many other crimes by Israel and Israelis right here:

      link to

    • 'there', not 'their'!

      (miss that old edit button...)

      Writing about 1970 and 1986 is really counterproductive in view of Israel's atrocious actions in 2008/9, 2012, 2014 and every single day in between.

    • "You can either resist occupation or you can accept and work with the government to have normal and a normal economy. You can’t have both. The Israelis have decided they are keeping the Jewish quarter of Hebron. They are going to do whatever it takes to keep the Jewish quarter."

      JeffB-- you are really as demented as Netanyahu and all the rightwingers. There will be resistance, as long as their is Occupation and Apartheid. No human will lie down and take it.

      If your dream was to come true, it will have to be ONE STATE with freedom, equal rights, and everything that a democracy entails.

      Deal with it.

    • Great article, Badia Dwaik-- thank you!

  • As world watched Gaza, Israel announced 1472 new settlements in West Bank
    • Salmon's article is great! Thanks seafoid.

    • "The latest instalment of the six-part film series Rebel Architecture opens with architect Eyal Weizman approaching one of the watchtowers along the separation wall that runs through the West Bank. An Israeli soldier shouts down, audible but invisible in the turret room: “Don’t come any closer!”

      Weizman shouts back in response: “Why? Is this place only yours? It’s everybody’s place. Is that tube your home? It’s not even your home, and you’re sitting in that tube telling me what to do.”


      In the kitchen of his east London home, feeding me home-pickled cucumbers and endless cups of coffee, he says the most obvious and contentious aspect of what he calls the “architecture of occupation” is the system of Israeli settlements. Perched on West Bank hilltops, they are strategically positioned, according to Weizman, so that they look out over the Palestinian valleys and towns below, in order “to dominate”.

      Each of the uniformly suburban-looking houses – all with mandatory red roofs so that on flyovers the Israeli army know not to target them – is “itself like an optical instrument,” he tells me. “When it is laid in rings around the hilltops, it is like a suburban-scale optical device that can survey the entire territory around it.” Around them, “settler only” roads operate as borders, connecting settlements with each other but splitting valleys in two, separating Palestinian farms, towns and cities from each other.

      The second intifada, as well as fighting in Iraqi and Afghan cities in the early 2000s, showed him how war was migrating to the city. He used to work with the Palestinian ministry of planning, and was escorted by a bodyguard and forced to keep a keffiyeh on the bonnet of his car while driving around the West Bank. He now has his practice on “the other side of the wall”, in Beit Sahour, the West Bank town just outside of Bethlehem, where he co-runs the Decolonising Architecture Art Residency (Daar) with Palestinian architect Sandi Hilal and Italian architect Alessandro Petti, when he is not in London.

      Another technique, used in Sejarah during the current conflict, is to drive armed carriers into buildings, often family homes, creating holes in the walls through which to deploy soldiers. The soldiers “immediately get saturated inside the buildings themselves … moving, because it’s so dense, between the one house and the other. Like worms moving inside apples.”

      In this manner, architects can become “archaeologists of the present”, piecing together how things unfolded – which building was destroyed by artillery, which by tank fire, which by bulldozers. Weizman now leads the Forensic Architecture team at Goldsmiths, University of London – a unique project that provides “architectural evidence” for international prosecution teams, political organisations, NGOs and the UN. Their investigations include drone strikes, violence by state security forces on the Ixil Maya people in Guatemala and the use of white phosphorous in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead. They’ve also looked at Israel’s tactic of “knock on roof” warnings, which has been used extensively in the most recent conflict in Gaza.


      For Weizman, though, it’s not all about architecture as a means of occupation, or as evidence of a crime. “It can open an arena of speculation on possible futures for Palestine that cannot yet be achieved; a kind of thinking laboratory.” While much of his work focuses on the dystopias created by architecture, he also imagines architectural solutions for a “shared future”. In this future, he imagines how settlements might be turned into Palestinian public institutions, and military bases into nature parks for migratory birds.

      “Doesn’t he look ridiculous inside his pipe house?” Weizman says in the film after the encounter with the soldier. “Like, being the king of the hill, inside his tube.” Back in London, rocking in a chair by his kitchen window, he tries to sum up his feelings about the situation. “It’s a political commitment to all people – I won’t even say ‘both’, like there’s only Israelis and Palestinians. They are incredibly complex and multilayered societies, and I have so much love for this land and for the people that live there.”"

      Thoroughly fascinating article and project.

      link to

    • "Israel has been presented with a hefty bill for 50 days of war in Gaza, as the prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, moved to slash government spending by 2% this year to offset the $2.52 bn (£1.51bn) cost of the conflict.

      With only the Israeli military and domestic intelligence agency Shin Bet exempt from the sharp spending reductions, the area to be hit hardest emerged as the Israeli education system, with critics – including members of Netanyahu's cabinet – predicting that the poorest Israelis will feel the brunt of the cuts.

      Among those protesting was the welfare minister, Meir Cohen, who insisted there was no more fat in his budget to trim.

      "From whom will we take? From those who have nothing to put in their children's sandwiches for school?" he complained on Israeli army radio.

      Amid estimates by some economic observers that the war may have cost Israel a decline of 0.5% in its growth in GDP, Netanyahu defended the stringent across-the-board cuts before a cabinet meeting in the country's south on Sunday, insisting: "Security comes first."

      The proposed emergency budget reductions, amounting to about $561m, will help fund a sharp hike in the budget of Israel's armed forces and Shin Bet amid estimates that the latest round of fighting in Gaza cost Israel $50m for each day of the war.


      The disclosure of the scope and potential impact of the proposed cuts came as Israel announced on Sunday a land appropriation in the occupied West Bank that an anti-settlement group termed the biggest in 30 years and a Palestinian official said would cause only more friction after the Gaza war.

      Four hundred hectares (988 acres) in the Etzion settlement bloc near Bethlehem were declared "state land, on the instructions of the political echelon" by the military-run civil administration.

      Israel Radio said the step was taken in response to the kidnapping and killing of three Jewish teenagers by Hamas militants in the area in June. The notice published by the military gave no reason for the decision."

      link to

      So is the US going to pay the bill for this massacre and enable the theft of Palestinian land?

    • Gideon Levy:

      "The IDF’s real face
      In civilian life, anyone suspected of manslaughter or murder is immediately arrested, with an investigation coming later. In the IDF the opposite is true.

      ...............None of those killed were endangering soldiers’ lives, none of them were armed or deserved to die.

      The fighting in Gaza loosened all restraint. Under its umbrella soldiers permitted themselves to use live fire in order to disperse demonstrations, settle scores with people throwing stones or Molotov cocktails – including children – and punish anyone demonstrating against the war. Perhaps these soldiers were envious of their comrades fighting in Gaza, perhaps they were frustrated at being far from the real action – in any event they were confident that no harm would befall them, not while in Gaza there was almost a massacre taking place, with the nation’s heart going out to its fighting men.

      No one stopped them, no one was arrested or prosecuted. “The Military Police is investigating” has become code for the IDF spokesman in his automatic responses, a code which blurs and conceals, until the files gather dust and are forgotten. In civilian life, anyone suspected of manslaughter or murder is immediately arrested, with an investigation coming later. In the IDF the opposite is true. First comes an investigation, usually leading nowhere, even when the circumstances are straightforward. There is no question of arresting anyone, even when the incident cries out to the heavens, as in the case of the shooting at Al-Fawar. The soldier who killed the boy is apparently continuing with his life as usual.

      These are routine practices associated with the occupation. There is no comparison to the numbers in Gaza, but this routine exposes the true face of the IDF, the way it regularly conducts itself with regard to Palestinians, and especially its persistent disregard for their lives and deaths. There was no war being waged on the West Bank – soldiers were not facing battalions of Izz-ad-Din al-Qassam fighters, nor were they up against attack tunnels, rockets, sharpshooters or explosive devices. Yet see how they killed and maimed, using live fire against demonstrating youths and even children; how they cut short the life of a soccer player who a few weeks earlier had been promised a brilliant career by Sepp Blatter, the president of FIFA; or the lives of a 10-year-old refugee boy and a social worker innocent of any crime.

      The crimes committed in the West Bank will not be investigated by any international tribunal – there is no need to prepare excuses, write reports or enlist lawyers. But it is precisely these smaller incidents – after all, what are 20 deaths in contrast to the hundredfold larger numbers in Gaza? – that should worry us. There was no war here, hardly any acts of terror, only angry demonstrations by those who were understandably driven to distraction by the fate of their brethren in Gaza. Note how they were treated by IDF soldiers.

      This is the behavior of the nation’s army, its soldiers now lauded by all. One can respect and cherish the people’s love for its soldiers, but one should remember what these soldiers do as part of their routine military service, day in, day out, year after year. "

      link to

    • good catch! of course you are correct, talknic.

    • I am glad that your compilation is prominently featured, Kate!

      So Israeli crimes continue apace, despite the ceasefire. Everybody in the OPT was targeted by Israel.

      How in the world does any 'civilized' country or person support them?

  • Coming to a campus near you: ADL recruits student politicians for Israel trips
    • I did see a photo of Masterson wearing an IOF tshirt...won't post it cause I can't verify it.

      He looked possessed in the photo, as well as in others...

    • Thanks conceredhuman.

      In related news, the US slapped more sanctions on Iran Friday, never mind that David Cohen says it's just 'enforcement':

      "US sanctions against Iran will hinder talks over the country's nuclear programme, the Iranian foreign ministry has warned. The comments came as Iran's president, Hassan Rouhani, said the country should "resist" the measures.

      On Friday, the US imposed sanctions on more than 25 businesses, banks and individuals it suspected of working to expand Iran's nuclear programme, support terrorism and help Iran evade existing sanctions.

      The measures bar Americans from engaging in transactions with any of the designated parties, freeze their assets and block their property under US jurisdiction.

      Iran's foreign ministry spokesman Marzieh Afkham said the new sanctions would jeopardise a nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, the official IRNA news agency reported on Saturday.

      "These actions have a negative and non-constructive impact on the trend of the talks. The Islamic Republic of Iran rejects any unilateral and self-serving interpretation of last year's Geneva deal," she said. "Iran strongly believes that the sanctions are against commitments made by the United States under the Geneva deal."

      Rouhani also attacked the sanctions, saying they were an "invasion of the Iranian nation". He said: "We should resist the invasion and put the invaders in their place. We should not allow the continuation and repetition of the invasion.""

      link to

      Incredibly stupid move. Cui bono? Certainly not us nor the Iranians.

    • I stopped watching anything 'funny' during this last massacre-- life felt distinctly awful! That was the first Colbert I've watched this summer.

      It's good that we can all slumber a bit now... and laugh. Isn't it odd that there is never a shortage of tears? Sometimes I wonder why the well never seems to dry up.

    • Wrong clip above-- whoops! Here's the one:

      link to

    • I watched the Colbert Report the other night and laughed myself silly.

      Here's the clip with reference to the really funny stuff at the end, including 'President Netanputu'. (I wish I could clip the clip, but the video is ca. 6 minutes total)

      link to

    • Very interesting proposition, lyn.

      From the ADL website:

      "The Anti-Defamation League was founded in 1913 "to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all." Now the nation's premier civil rights/human relations agency, ADL fights anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, defends democratic ideals and protects civil rights for all."

      link to

    • And thru us, the lives of Palestinians have been f/u for DECADES!

    • ugh, ugh, ugh.

      I hope Masterson gets the book thrown at him-- all of the "books"!

    • I call it the Arab Defamation League, and have so for a very long time.

    • They promised to do this!

      "Conflict on campus || U.S. students ramp up BDS movement in wake of Gaza war
      Operation Protective Edge triggers growth of anti-Israel student groups - including Jewish members; Pro-Israel groups counter movement by boosting leadership training."

      link to

  • Being Palestinian got me barred from visiting Palestine
    • The IOF is by definition and by action a HOSTILE ARMY.

      Please provide links for your INSANE claim that 'The population of Area-C mostly wants the presence of the IDF. It is a friendly not a hostile army to the inhabitants. The local authorities want the IDF. Ergo no occupation.'

    • Shmuel-- I think there are very many all around the world that are angry. sad and keeping company with you.

      I know I am.

      Sometimes you just have to hug yourself to make sure that you are not alone.

    • {{{Annie, moderators}}}

    • I have to share this beautiful story, for Amanda & Basilio and so many others:

      "Palestinians are sentenced to sadness
      Yousef M. Aljamal

      I always wanted to meet my mother’s West Bank family who I had not seen for more than a dozen years. Israel’s policies of separation imposed on the Palestinians in Gaza, where my father was born and where I grew up, and the West Bank, where my mother was born, made it impossible.

      It took my mother 12 years to get a permit to visit her family in the West Bank.

      She was only allowed to go because her eldest brother was dying in hospital, a condition that didn’t apply to the rest of the family. No first-degree relative dying means no permit and thus more forced separation.

      Our family has never been able to gather in one place. Even when my mother went to the West Bank, she could not see all her brothers and sisters. Each time, someone would be missing, someone would be displaced elsewhere.

      Studying in Malaysia and having had my application for an Egyptian visa to go back to Gaza declined, I recently decided to go to Jordan instead. There I could see my relatives in Jordan and my West Bank family, who were supposed to gather to attend my cousin’s wedding.

      But as Gaza was being bombed, and I suffered a grievous loss, it was hardly a celebration.

      The writer (left) with his friend Ayman Shokor who was killed in an Israeli attack in Gaza.


      “Keep me updated, I will be waiting for you at the arrival hall,” my cousin Ahmed said to me before I took off. “Don’t come on time, I expect some delay,” I replied. I was right. I was held for an hour before I was allowed in to Jordan.

      I had some expired paperwork to enter Jordan that I wanted to renew, but I was told by the Jordanian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur that I didn’t need a visa to get into Jordan, despite my repeated reminders to them that I live in Gaza. I was finally allowed in, to my delight.

      “An hour is nothing,” I said to myself.


      Now, for a fact, Ayman has gone, and his smile will be remembered forever. Days after he was killed, his younger brother’s wife gave birth to his first baby boy and they named him after Ayman.

      Another Ayman X, just like my youngest brother Omar, named after his dead older brother, also killed by Israel and who he had never seen.

      The happiness of the wedding was never felt, for Palestinians are sentenced to sadness, the sadness of loss, the sadness of having a family in Gaza which was under constant airstrikes for 51 days by Israel. It is the sadness of Ayman’s grieving mother who lost her son, who had her sweet heart torn out by Israel.

      A very beautiful wedding took place. A very beautiful friend was lost, once and forever."

      more heartbreak here:

      link to

    • I am glad that you got in, Basilio.

      With all due respect, I could give a fig whether the Palestinian American was 'educated' or not.

      Key word is that they are Americans. I have to believe that it is not only people of Palestinian descent but also those that have any Arab/Iranian/etc roots that they deem unsuitable are blocked from entry.

    • It is nice to "see" you again Shmuel.

    • "Detroit— During a speech at the annual convention for the Islamic Society of North America on Saturday, former President Jimmy Carter said peace between Jews and Muslims in the Middle East is a dream he still prays can be achieved.

      “You can’t bring peace to the Middle East without justice and human rights for the Palestinians,” Carter told a packed hall at Cobo Center. “When my prayers are answered and we have peace in that Holy Land then the Israelis and all their neighbors will be blessed to live in peace and prosperity.”

      Carter spoke mainly about preventing violence against women and girls, encouraging all present to fight for equal rights for both sexes.

      “One thing that all men can do is to be sure that you treat your wife as you would like to be treated yourself,” Carter said, amid cheers. “My hope is all Christians, all Muslims, all people of other faiths, even those who don’t have one, will join in this crusade to end the plight of our wives, our sisters, our daughters.”

      He spoke at length about prostitution, rape on college campuses, female genital mutilation and parents in some countries strangling their daughters because they want to have sons. The audience of men, women and children were rapt and responded with applause when he quoted verses from the Quran and the Bible illustrating the equality of the sexes.

      “Men and women are created equally from one soul,” Carter said. “If you were taught by your parents or you believe you’re superior to your wife just because you’re a man, Allah says your wrong.”........"

      link to

    • "After a while, it will get out that NO Arab is being allowed in; and Israel will be embarrassed."

      It's already happened and Israel never gets "embarrassed"!

      "I love Israel, and the Palestinians here are to blame."

      Oh, "the Palestinians here", there and everywhere are to blame for Israel's horrible policies?

      "Yes, this will mean large scale refusal at first. Suck it up."

      There is and has been "large scale refusal" for a long time.

      Your final directive is appalling.

    • Entry into a Israel or the OPT granted to any American (or Europeans) because of their religious background and denied to another American because of their REAL roots in the land is so completely insane.

      See why apartheid and the declaration of a 'Democratic Jewish State for Jews only' does. not. work. and should never receive our support?

      It's a twisted mentality that thinks that this is about anything other than IsrBS.

    • good one, MH976.

      Really good one.

    • " Maybe Israel just didn’t want to deal with another faux victim in waiting."

      What a terrible, rotten, and depraved thing to say.

      Sounds to me from your entire comment that you don't know what you are talking about-- or you are defending Israeli bs.

    • A really well told account of Israeli brutality and excess.

      So the folks that were 'explaining away' the Israelis treatment of Dina Shehadeh, another American, are sure to come out and explain this treatment, too...

      "T. wanders back to our side, now with a grey sweatshirt on over the Bedouin-via-China dress she bought in Petra. “I think they’re going to deny our entry.”

      I am staring down at a spot on the tile floor, a speck missed by the Black man who pushed the cleaning machine around us earlier. I know how Israel treats its African asylum seekers, and it doesn’t escape my notice that the white, European Israelis hold positions of relative power while every Black person I see has been cleaning

      is very moving, but what is most horrendous is that you and the others were denied entry because of your heritage. To add further insult to your injury, then you are "Banned. From my own homeland. For five years."

      Every American should read this. Every Congressperson should hear yours and others testimony. Israel should be severely sanctioned by our nation.

      Thanks Amanda.

  • Countdown to the next round in Gaza
    • Thanks, Sycamores!

    • It is pornographic-- in the worst way imaginable.

    • "In one of the most decisive, shocking incidents of a brutal war, NRG reports (Hebrew) that the IDF killed three of its own soldiers after it feared they’d been captured by Hamas fighters. The incident was one in which Lt. Goldin was captured (possibly after he’d already been killed) and two of his comrades were killed.

      ....(report translated)

      It’s important to note that nowhere in this report does it say that the Hamas fighters killed the three IDF soldiers who died during this skirmish (though it does say the cell may’ve fled into the tunnel with Goldin’s body). The entire premise is that the IDF killed them as a result of the massive amount of fire it used after the Hannibal Directive was declared. This fact has never been reported in the Israeli media. Until now, it was only suspected that Goldin had died as a result of deliberate fire from his own comrades.

      What’s equally interesting is that Rappoport at no time makes much of this dramatic finding. Instead, he focuses on blaming the Gaza division commander for refusing to allow the Givati tank force to destroy houses in which his troops suspected tunnels, due to a ceasefire. The report seeks to blame him for not being aggressive enough and not being willing to violate the ceasefire even if it meant protecting his men.

      It’s standard for Israeli media to focus on dereliction of duty in refusing the use of maximum force, rather than on a far more troubling fact that Israeli soldiers killed their own during this operation."

      link to

    • From the ICC Chief Prosecutor yesterday:

      "Fatou Bensouda: the truth about the ICC and Gaza

      Under the laws of the Hague court, my office can only investigate alleged war crimes in Palestine if it grants us jurisdiction in its territory. It has not done so

      Has the international criminal court avoided opening an investigation into alleged war crimes in Gaza due to political pressure, as suggested in an article published in the Guardian earlier this week? The answer is an unequivocal “no”. As prosecutor of the ICC, I reject any suggestion of this in the strongest terms.

      When an objective observer navigates clear of the hype surrounding this issue, the simple truth is that my office has never been in a position to open such an investigation due to lack of jurisdiction. We have always, clearly and publicly, stated the reasons why this is so.

      The Rome statute, the ICC’s founding treaty, is open to participation by states. The prosecutor can only investigate and prosecute crimes committed on the territory or by the nationals of states that have joined the ICC statute or which have otherwise accepted the jurisdiction of the ICC through an ad hoc declaration to that effect pursuant to article 12-3 of the statute.

      This means that the alleged crimes committed in Palestine are beyond the legal reach of the ICC, despite the arguments of some legal scholars that fundamental jurisdictional rules can be made subject to a liberal and selective interpretation of the Rome statute. They appear to advocate that as the object and purpose of the ICC is to end impunity for mass crimes, the court ought to intervene, even where clear jurisdictional parameters have not been met. This is neither good law nor does it make for responsible judicial action.

      The Palestinian Authority sought to accept the jurisdiction of the ICC in 2009. My office carefully considered all of the legal arguments put forth and concluded in April 2012, after three years of thorough analysis and public consultations, that Palestine’s status at the UN as “observer entity” was crucial – since entry into the Rome statute system is through the UN secretary general, who acts as treaty depositary. Palestine’s status at the UN at that time meant it could not sign up to the Rome statute. The former ICC prosecutor concluded that as Palestine could not join the statute, it could also not lodge an article 12-3 declaration bringing itself under the ambit of the treaty, as it had sought to do.

      In November 2012, Palestine’s status was upgraded by the UN general assembly to “non-member observer state” through the adoption of resolution 67/19. My office examined the legal implications of this development and concluded that while this change did not retroactively validate the previously invalid 2009 declaration, Palestine could now join the Rome statute............"

      more here: link to

      Paging Hostage! Pretty please.

    • Lucky you amigo! He's fantastic and oh so right.

      Another pro- Palestinian activist was attacked:

      "Respect MP George Galloway suffered a suspected broken jaw when he was attacked in the street as he posed for pictures with members of the public.

      He was assaulted, said his spokesman, in Notting Hill, London, by a man who shouted a remark about the Holocaust before punching the MP.

      Mr Galloway was taken to St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, for treatment to his jaw, severe bruising to his head, and for a suspected broken rib. He was described by his spokesman as being in “a pretty bad way”.

      "George was posing for pictures with people and this guy just attacked him, leapt on him and started punching him,” the spokesman said.

      "It appears to be connected with his comments about Israel because the guy was shouting about the Holocaust.”"

      link to

    • Go ahead with the party! The Palestinians are right here:

      'Max Blumenthal @MaxBlumenthal · 7h

      Dancing at post-war children's festival in Deir Al-Balah today: link to'

      link to

    • From the department of very interrresting.....

      "During Operation Protective Edge, seven Israeli civilians were killed as a result of rockets fired from Gaza. Now, Israeli police plan on opening murder investigations (Hebrew) into each of these deaths. The purpose would be to prepare for possible war crimes charges against those militants responsible for killing Israeli civilians. The clear intent is to warn Hamas that joining the International Criminal Court, as it’s agreed to do should the PA apply for membership, is a two-edged sword that could swing back and hit the Islamist group itself.

      There are two ways of looking at this development: the first is that it takes an amazing amount of chutzpah to investigate killings of seven Israeli civilians as war crimes when the IDF killed 1,700 (out of a total of 2,100 dead) civilians in Gaza during the war. That’s 200 times more civilian dead than Hamas caused.

      The second way of looking at this is that Israel is cooking its own goose by investigating the deaths as war crimes. Once Israel accepts the premise that the killing of its own civilian citizens are war crimes it must perforce accept that the killing of Gaza civilians is also a war crime. I don’t know if anyone in Israel bothered to consider this fact. But whether they did or not, I hope they do open such investigations. I’ve always said that there were war crimes committed by both sides of this conflict."

      link to

      (his math is a bit off, but his point is well- taken...)

    • eternal sunshine of the ziomind.........

    • "I don’t think the Gazans have anything to celebrate at this point in time. The future is in a fog and for the damage from iceberg number three to be two thousand dead and tens of thousands homeless i think it is frankly stupid to celebrate. If they were sure of the better future, fine. but with two thousand dead I would not celebrate and I think enough of the Gazans to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that only the zealots are celebrating."

      You still running that poor old meme into the ground, yonah?

      Over the past few days, you have altered it a bit. Before you said that THEY were being forced to celebrate b/c Hamas told them to. You've switched from 'stalwarts' to 'zealots'.

      Today you are handing out your advice like you are their Bubbe Yonah.

      Thank goodness they don't need/want your advice on how they should feel or behave. You're not short of chutzpah. Like most enraptured Zionists, you have an excess of it.

    • @ Mooser @ 1242-- rotflmao!

      Seriously good news about the fish and the fisherman. The fisherman had lost their livelihood and some of them their lives.

      Meanwhile, the Palestinians were on a terribly protein deficient diet, courtesy of the cruel GoI.

      Mother Nature is quite pleased for her beautiful children.

    • Great comment amigo!

      We also need to do what Trevor said:

      "We must target our politicians’ ‘cowardice’ in the face of war crimes –Trevor Hogan’s impassioned speech in Dublin "

      link to

    • " The only question is when that next spasm of violence breaks out."

      If history is any guide at all, the 'spasm' will begin with Israel. Therefore, Palestinians need to re-arm, and we need to stay busy and vigilant.

      "Si vis pacem, para bellum." is true and it is the only sane thing that the Palestinians must do for their very survival.

    • Peter Beinart thinks he has the answer...

      "The next step for liberal Zionists after Gaza: a Freedom Summer with Palestinians
      In an era of direct action, supporters of the two-state solution must start putting their bodies on the line.

      It’s time for American Jews who support Israel but oppose the occupation to commit to large-scale, direct action of our own. And the most important place to do so is in the West Bank. Palestinians in villages like Bil’in and Nabi Saleh have been protesting, unarmed, for years against the theft of their land. But their efforts receive little attention in American Jewish circles or in the American press. Few American Jews have any idea that under the military law that governs Palestinians in the West Bank, Israel routinely criminalizes freedom of speech and assembly. Or that peaceful protesters can be held in detention for years without trial.

      But if thousands of American Jews joined those protests, American Jews would know. Protesters would return home with videos to show their synagogues; hawkish parents would be appalled by the treatment meted out to their children. And the American media, which covers Jews far more intensively than it covers Palestinians, would follow. The model would be Freedom Summer, Robert Moses’ campaign to bring white college students to help register voters in Mississippi in 1964, and thus draw the nation’s eyes to oppression that garnered little media attention when practiced only against blacks.

      Such an effort would not be simple. The call for Jewish volunteers would have to come from Palestinian activists themselves. There’s a risk that some protesters would throw stones. Even if American Jews came to support a two state solution, some of the people marching with them would not.

      But even if protesters differed on their ultimate goal, the core message—that it is fundamentally unjust to deny people the basic rights that their neighbors enjoy because of their religion or ethnicity—might reach American Jews, and Americans overall, in a way it never has. By facilitating a human connection between Palestinians and Jews—the kind of connection Palestinians rarely make with settlers or soldiers--such a movement would also combat anti-Semitism. It would create the right kind of pressure on Israel: not military pressure but moral pressure, the kind of moral pressure that Washington still refuses to deploy.

      As the Gaza War has shown yet again, Palestinians often remain invisible to American Jews except as killers and haters. And it is because their humanity remains invisible that we so easily justify their oppression. Perhaps if we placed ourselves among them, we might be able to see them as we see ourselves. And in the wake of a war that has brought only misery and destruction, those of us who still believe in a democratic Israel living alongside a democratic Palestine might create a beachhead of hope."

      link to

      (he also celebrates J Street in the article. and I dearly love this: "There’s a risk that some protesters would throw stones")

      I personally feel that BDS and continued activism is the way forward. we can't let up-- now least of all. everybody who cares about justice for the Palestinian people need to make sure that their elected leaders hear about it!

  • The end of 'Operation Protective Edge'
  • Thirteen arrested as protesters tell Senators Menendez and Booker: 'No more blank check for Israel's crimes'
  • Occupied Religion
    • Abbott trots this stunner out:

      "Indigenous leaders have reacted angrily to Tony Abbott’s assertion that white settlement was the defining moment in Australian history.

      The prime minister made the comment in Canberra on Friday at the launch of a project on the 100 defining moments in Australian history at the National Museum of Australia.

      “The arrival of the first fleet was the defining moment in the history of this continent. Let me repeat that, it was the defining moment in the history of this continent,” he said. “It was the moment this continent became part of the modern world.”

      His remarks drew a prompt reaction from Warren Mundine, the chairman of Abbott’s Indigenous advisory panel.

      “Well it was a defining moment, there’s no argument about that. It was also a disastrous defining moment for Indigenous people,” Mundine told the ABC."

      link to

      Yes, the same Abbott who supports the Occupation of the Palestinians.

    • I was happy to read that President Carter will be the keynote speaker at that conference. Happy to read of YWCA conference in Palestine and the reading list-- I hope that it will be well attended.

      I very much appreciate this article, Professor Ellis.

      What we are getting here at MW are real testimonies from the victims of Israel's war crimes, and calls to action as well. We cannot go back to the status quo, nor can we ever forget.

  • In Gaza, Palestinians celebrate resistance and credit it with 'victory'
    • " Israel`s reluctance to hit too many civilians."

      What 'reluctance'???

      I'll never understand some folks' willingness to walk and talk while being deliberately blind.

    • It boggles the mind of honest people everywhere. Hamas did not "launch this war".

      Explicit in this kind of propaganda by Israel- firsters are more threats to a truly brave people.

    • From Max yesterday's twitter:

      "Max Blumenthal @MaxBlumenthal · Aug 28

      ICRC volunteer just showed me video of a dying child in Khuza'a asking for water, his intestines fully exposed. "We saw far worse," he says.

      I am not sure what to do with so many of the photos or videos I've seen from Gaza. They are horrific, yet the crimes demand exposure.

      ICRC volunteer tells me he evacuated an 80-yr-old woman who hid for 12 days in Khuza'a in a chicken coop and lived off of bird feed."

      link to

    • yonah- when you finish interviewing "average Gazans" in Gaza, please run back and tell us what 'they' think!

      Absent your investigative journalism, we are better served with the reporting from Gaza and this fact-based journalism from Yousef Alhelou, who 'is a freelance journalist based in Gaza City' !

      Thanks in advance-- do try to stop with your latest meme. It's been ineffective here. I am sure that other sites will welcome you to their choir.

    • Congratulations to the Palestinians for your bravery, your steadfastness in the face of such an assault, your spirit, your strength and your hope. Your cause is just.

      It is truly humbling to share this earth with the Palestinian people.

      End the Occupation & long live Palestine and all of her people!

      Thank you for this article Yousef Alhelou-- it's wonderful.

  • This war was not a war, it was a massacre
    • ;(((((

      Simply beautiful.

    • Anshel Pfeffer:

      "Israeli leaders are rarely popular once the fighting ends. Binyamin Netanyahu is no exception

      The aftermath of a conflict often cuts the careers of prime ministers short. In Netanyahu’s case, though, there is no alternative

      ........The majority of Israelis feel their army acted with restraint and that the blame for civilian casualties lies squarely with Hamas which launched its rockets from heavily built-up areas. They do blame Netanyahu, however, for not using the military might at his disposal to achieve either the toppling of the Hamas government in Gaza or extracting firm commitments to dismantle its rocket arsenal. As Israelis see it, life in much of their country was brought to a standstill for seven weeks, residents of the kibbutzim around Gaza were forced to flee and 71 soldiers and civilians were killed for no gain. Now they’re back where it all started, with no guarantee that another round won’t take place very soon. They see no one else to blame for that except the prime minister. He had their support while the fighting was ongoing – now that he failed to deliver any tangible result, he has lost it.

      This doesn’t spell political demise for him quite yet. The ray of light for Netanyahu in the polls is that there is still no alternative on the horizon to his premiership. In the Haaretz poll 42% of Israelis still see him as the most suitable candidate for the job. His closest rival, Labor’s lacklustre leader Yitzhak Herzog, polled only 12%, while his challengers from the far-right, Avigdor Lieberman and Naftali Bennett, each received 11% and are deemed as too extreme by three-quarters of the electorate.

      Most Israelis don’t love or revere Netanyahu and are deeply disappointed with the outcome of his war. If there was on the horizon a leader they felt was competent enough to replace him, he or she would have a good chance in the next elections. But for now there is no one."

      link to

      The "majority of Israelis" appear to be more than a bit 'sad' to see any respite in the most recent genocidal assault on Palestinians.

    • American-- your link doesn't appear to work, but I had read the article & it's nothing short of an indictment.

      "‘The only possible reason for doing that is to kill a lot of people in as short a period of time as possible … It’s not mowing the lawn. It’s removing the topsoil.’

      a senior U.S. military officer"

      "Senior U.S. officers who are familiar with the battle and Israeli artillery operations, which are modeled on U.S. doctrine, assessed that, given that rate of artillery fire into Shujaiya, IDF commanders were not precisely targeting Palestinian military formations as much as laying down an indiscriminate barrage aimed at cratering the neighborhood. The cratering operation was designed to collapse the Hamas tunnels discovered when IDF ground units came under fire in the neighborhood. Initially, said the senior Pentagon officer, Israel’s artillery used “suppressing fire to protect their forward units but then poured in everything they had, in a kind of walking barrage. Suppressing fire is perfectly defensible. A walking barrage isn’t.”

      That the Israelis explained the civilian casualty toll by saying the neighborhood’s noncombatant population had been ordered to stay in their homes and were used as human shields by Hamas reinforced the belief among some senior U.S. officers that artillery fire into Shujaiya was indiscriminate.

      “Listen, we know what it’s like to kill civilians in war,” said the senior U.S. officer. “Hell, we even put it on the front pages. We call it collateral damage. We absolutely try to minimize it, because we know it turns people against you. Killing civilians is a sure prescription for defeat. But that’s not what the IDF did in Shujaiya on July 21. Human shields? C’mon, just own up to it.”"

      link to

    • Another important account that demonstrates the depraved & criminal acts of the state of Israel.

      While it's painfully true that "Nothing is more expensive than losing your family, your friends, your neighbors or anyone you used to be with.", the Palestinian people have their honor and are due justice, freedom, and life without Occupation and Israeli terror in their own land. We owe them that.

      Thanks to Mohammed and Justin.

  • The Palestinian message to Israel: Deal with us justly. Or disappear
  • Elizabeth Warren says killing Palestinian civilians is 'the last thing Israel wants'
    • Or someone could have had this quote handy, read it to her and asked her if she agreed with it:

      "...Au contraire: the morality of war (yes, there is such a thing) is founded on the assumption that there are wars in this world, and that war is not the normal state of things, and that in wars the enemy is usually an entire people, including its elderly and its women, its cities and its villages, its property and its infrastructure.

      Behind every terrorist stand dozens of men and women, without whom he could not engage in terrorism. They are all enemy combatants, and their blood shall be on all their heads. Now this also includes the mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons, nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there.”"

      link to

    • Aha! I see that you were already on top of this Philip! Terrific.

      (Did not mean to preempt anything)

      Another one bites the dust.

  • Yale Protestant chaplain says Americans must curb Israel so as to curb anti-Semitism
    • So Rev Shipman can do some real education among the American people.

      a good and necessary service.

    • Firesign was great! I still giggle when I think of it.

      One of my favorites:

    • What else is there to do, richb?

      "It is a tale
      Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
      Signifying nothing.”

      ― William Shakespeare, Macbeth

    • From 'The Forward', a professor's ranting and ravings:

      'Moral Emptiness of Holocaust Survivors Who Took on Israel
      The True Face Behind a New York Times Ad'

      By Alvin H. Rosenfeld
      Published August 28, 2014.

      link to

      A thoroughly despicable smear for those that wish to read it.

      (My bet? He'll keep his job.)

    • Well done and written, Philip!

      Reverend Shipman's letter is so simply elegant and "eloquent" and, of course, correct. He's certainly true to his faith-- I knew about this from other Episcopalian friends who are very proud of his words and are in agreement.

      I did not get this from his letter, though: "So Shipman is saying that American Jews have a responsibility to curb Israel’s war crimes because this is feeding anti-Semitism."

      There are many other "patrons" of Israel than American Jews.....

      In other news befitting this section of "US Politics", I found this via the Cape Cod Times:

      "......But when the man in the green Hawaiian shirt stood up, Warren went from voicing her support for those local causes to defending her vote to send $225 million to Israel in its ongoing conflict with Hamas.

      "We are disagreeing with Israel using their guns against innocents. It's true in Ferguson, Missouri, and it's true in Israel," said Harwich resident John Bangert, who identified himself as a Warren supporter but said the $225 million could have been spent on infrastructure or helping immigrants fleeing Central America.

      "The vote was wrong, I believe," he added, drawing applause from several in the crowd.

      Warren told Bangert she appreciated his comments, but "we're going to have to agree to disagree on this one."

      "I think the vote was right, and I'll tell you why I think the vote was right," she said. "America has a very special relationship with Israel. Israel lives in a very dangerous part of the world, and a part of the world where there aren't many liberal democracies and democracies that are controlled by the rule of law. And we very much need an ally in that part of the world."

      Warren said Hamas has attacked Israel "indiscriminately," but with the Iron Dome defense system, the missiles have "not had the terrorist effect Hamas hoped for." When pressed by another member of the crowd about civilian casualties from Israel's attacks, Warren said she believes those casualties are the "last thing Israel wants."

      "But when Hamas puts its rocket launchers next to hospitals, next to schools, they're using their civilian population to protect their military assets. And I believe Israel has a right, at that point, to defend itself," Warren said, drawing applause.

      Noreen Thompsen, of Eastham, proposed that Israel should be prevented from building any more settlements as a condition of future U.S. funding, but Warren said, "I think there's a question of whether we should go that far.....""

      link to

      (apologies if already posted!)

  • Chancellor Wise, why not accept the scholarly inquiry of your colleagues over the politicized judgment of Salaita's critics?
  • 'NYT' continues using discredited figures suggesting parity between Israeli and Palestinian attacks -- Updated
    • "Update: After I sent three emails, including the link to this article, to New York Times editors and reporters about this issue Tuesday, and had a brief email exchange with Jodi Rudoren late Tuesday afternoon, I found that today’s article was updated late Tuesday evening to read in a more appropriate manner"

      GREAT work, Patrick! Kudos!

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