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  • Israeli racism takes center stage at Manhattan JCC
  • 'Everything Hillary Clinton will do will always be for Israel' -- Saban warns the Republicans
  • On Palestinian Prisoner Day stand in solidarity for the freedom of all indigenous peoples
    • I noticed that you left out the US. The US has much culpability as well as far as being a settler colonial state, and it currently has the largest prison population in the world, iirc. Most are incarcerated for nonviolent offenses.

      Haaretz published a piece today:

      "Palestinians clash with IDF during Prisoners Day demonstrations

      More than 6,000 Palestinians currently in Israeli jails, including some 450 serving indeterminate sentences under administrative detention provisions.

      ...Prisoners Day is marked every year in solidarity with the more than 6,000 Palestinians currently in Israeli jails.

      Fourteen Palestinian members of parliament and 20 journalists are among those detained and over 450 Palestinians are being held without trial for indeterminate periods under administrative detention provisions. ..."

      link to

      It's really unconscionable.

      Here's DAM's "A Letter From a Prison Cell:

    • Huge thanks for this searingly honest piece, Ahmad.

      "..The right of indigenous peoples is the right to self-determination; meaning freedom from an incarcerating existence. In the case of the Palestinians, international law’s solution is perpetuating the incarceration through the statehood bid; a solution that resembles an open air prison for Palestinians disturbed by the state of Israel as a settler colonial state — yet a prison recognized by international law. Therefore, Prisoner’s Day is a day to recognize freedom; a concept the international law regime is inept at comprehending."


      I read this woefully sad article by Gideon Levy and Alex Levac earlier today:

      "Help came too late for Jafar Awad in Israeli jail

      Suffering from a rare disease while serving time in an Israeli prison, months went by before Awad was hospitalized and given a diagnosis. To no avail. After his funeral, soldiers shot and killed his cousin.

      It’s a jarring poster of death: Jafar Awad is lying unconscious in a Hebron hospital, a breathing tube thrust into his mouth, while his close friend and cousin, Ziyyad Awad, is leaning over his bed. Within 12 hours both young men in the picture will be dead.

      Jafar died last Friday before dawn; 12 hours later, Ziyyad was shot to death by Israel Defense Forces soldiers, on his way back from the funeral. Jafar languished in an Israeli prison, apparently suffering from a rare disease, until his release. His death provoked rage in his hometown of Beit Umar, near Hebron, where the general sentiment is that Jafar did not get proper medical treatment during his incarceration. Now the town is mourning for two of its sons: Jafar, a 22-year-old student, and Ziyyad, 28, who was married and had two children.

      A cold wind lashed the mourners’ tent, which was deserted when we arrived one morning this week. Soon, however, young people from the town showed up to clean and organize the huge tent and the adjacent meeting hall, to the sounds of songs of lamentation for the dead. There was a palpably fraught atmosphere, with the pounding of drums heard via loudspeakers, the gusts of wind, the photographs of the town’s martyrs on the walls, and the dozens of grim-faced men who gathered and sat in the rows of chairs.

      Ibrahim Awad, Jafar’s father, was there, too. He’s 44, a physical education teacher. When Jafar, his firstborn, came into the world, he was in prison. His son was brought for him to see for the first time, through the bars that separate visitors from inmates, when the baby was a month old. It wasn’t until four years later, when he was released, that Ibrahim was able to hug the boy. ...

      ...Alongside the picture in the mourners tent of Ziyyad bending over Jafar is another photo. It shows Jafar in the Hebron hospital holding a note he wrote, a kind of last testament: “I, released prisoner Jafar Awad, say to the world: Free all the sick prisoners.”"

      link to

      There are many thousands of Palestinian innocents, including children, who are being kidnapped and incarcerated by the GoI.

  • Understanding the Jewish National Home
    • You have a point, Avigail.

      Thank you.

      wrt Southampton U's conference:

      "A group of 13 Jewish academics in the U.K. has slammed the recent cancellation of a controversial conference on Israel's right to exist, saying that the move by the University of Southampton was against academic freedoms and "intellectually lazy."

      The conference, entitled, "International Law and the State of Israel: Legitimacy, Responsibility and Exceptionalism," would have taken place this weekend. It aimed "to explore the relatedness of the suffering and injustice in Palestine to the foundation and protection of a state of such nature," according to its website.

      A letter in Friday's Jewish Chronicle signed by the academics condemned "the pressure that has been brought to bear, in our names, on the University of Southampton," which led to the cancellation. They added that they were "deeply concerned by reports that organizations, including the Board of Deputies and Jewish Leadership Council, pressured the University to limit debate."

      Critics denounced the confernce as one-sided and anti-Semitic, and a petition opposing it, sponsored by the United Kingdom Zionist Federation, garnered over 6,400 signatures. It was also condemned by the Jewish Board of Deputies, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles and several members of parliament. The University of Southampton pulled the plug on the three-day event citing health and safety concerns. ..."

      link to

      This conversation is overdue.

    • hophmi~ Zionist actions speak loud and clear.

      And, there you have it.

    • I've known the history, but have rarely read such an impressive and clear piece. Thank you, David.

      It's no small wonder that Southampton University and the High Court refused to allow the conference that was to have begun today:

      "International Law and the State of Israel: Legitimacy, Responsibility and Exceptionalism"

      link to

      I wonder what 2015 will bring for justice, peace, respect, and freedom for the Palestinians in and out of Palestine. This tragedy must end. A return to the "table" will be, I fear, a return to the abhorrent status quo. I believe that only sanctions, the withholding of monies and weapons, and an end to the UN veto wrt Israel is the only way forward. An end to the complicity and enabling by the West of Israel's long criminal history is the starting point.

  • 'NPR' does two-parter honoring right of return for Chagos islanders expelled 40 years ago
    • This is really good news for the displaced and mistreated Chagossians!

      But, NPR and all those that are so concerned are obviously PEP.

      Where's their conscience? My guess is that the US military base is not growing by leaps and bounds, and that the Chagossian people will be allowed to return and hopefully (at least partially) compensated for their forced exile.

      On the other hand, Israel keeps soliciting Jewish folks to come and displace more Palestinians. Hey Mr. Siegel, I've got another "most shameful chapter" for you to consider on your next edition of "All Things Considered"! It's actually more than a "chapter", it's an ongoing and serial nightmare.


  • What to do when a hate group shows up outside your mosque
    • Thanks, Imraan. I've been following you and Dan Cohen on this (and other) despicable turn of events.

      Interfaith support is helpful, but until and unless the government at the local, state, and federal level start to take this seriously and recognize their responsibility in inciting Islamophobia, I fear that it will continue to grow.

      My guess is that Foxman and his inaptly named ADL hasn't bothered to comment, except to further exacerbate and contribute to Islamophobia.

  • Jewish and Palestinian women are segregated in Israeli maternity wards -- Chomsky
    • Many thanks, ResistDe4iAm.

      wow. A very impressive compendium.

    • I know that this very good article is about racism in Israeli hospitals, but what happens to Palestinian children and families when they are finally born?

      DCI- Palestine has just come out with a report that will chill your soul. I read it yesterday:

      link to

      Rania Khalek has done it justice @ EI:

      "Israel deliberately targeted children in Gaza last summer, according to a new report by Defence for Children International-Palestine (DCI-Palestine).

      Of the 2,220 Palestinians killed during Israel’s 51-day bombing campaign, at least 1,492 were civilians, including at least 547 children.

      A total of 535 of those children were killed as a direct result of Israeli attacks. Moreover, 68 percent of children Israel killed in Gaza were under the age of twelve, according to the report.

      An additional 3,374 children were injured, including over 1,000 who have been left with lifelong disabilities, many of which require medical care that is inaccessible in Gaza due to a crushing Israeli siege that has yet to be lifted. Another 373,000 children are suffering from deep trauma and require desperately needed psychosocial support that is severely lacking in the Gaza Strip.

      Nowhere was safe for children

      As a matter of policy, Israel deliberately and indiscriminately targeted the very spaces where children are supposed to feel most secure. Such acts violate international law and amount to war crimes, according to the report.

      Children were crushed to death while they sheltered in their homes, dismembered as they slept in their beds and torn to pieces as they played in their yards. At least eighteen children were killed by Israeli attacks targeting schools. For the children of Gaza, nowhere was safe from Israeli violence.

      Equally as haunting as where children were killed is the assortment of weapons Israel deployed against them. ..."

      link to

      And yesterday, there was a rather depressing presentation by Nadia Ben-Youssef and Brad Parker @ Palestine Center, The Jerusalem Fund:

      "Accountability for Gaza: Updates on Domestic and International Legal Efforts"

      link to

    • What/why/how on earth? I guess asking for a boycott is out of the question, eh?

      (thanks for the link to Jon Stewart's take- down of Cheney, Kay)

    • LOLOL, abc!

    • +1, abc!

      Interesting little article I recalled from a couple of years ago is somewhat related:

      "Jewish women can't volunteer at night - to avoid 'contact with Arabs'

      The Israeli government succumbs to pressure by racist and anti-miscegenation organizations, banning Jewish women from volunteering in hospitals at night, when they might be more likely to encounter Arab workers and doctors.

      Young Israeli women volunteering at hospitals in Israel as part of their national service (an alternative to serving in the Israel Defense Forces) will no longer be allowed to do night shifts in order to avoid any contact with Arabs, Channel 10 reported Wednesday (Hebrew).

      The director of Israel’s National Service Administration, Sar-Shalom Jerbi, issued a directive two weeks ago banning any volunteer shifts past 9:00 p.m.: “We reached the decision based on concern for our volunteers, and Minister [Naftali] Bennett gave his blessing.”

      According to the report, the decision was made following a pressure campaign waged by religious Zionist rabbis, among them notorious Kiryat Arba Rabbi Dov Lior (arrested in 2011 for incitement against Arabs and for legitimizing the killing of non-Jews in war time) and the radical Israeli anti-miscegenation organization Lehava. They began the campaign over the last year after hearing reports of “intimate relations” between some of the Palestinian-Arab doctors and the Israeli Jewish volunteers.

      The decision was not sharp enough for Lehava, however, according to a statement issued by its director: “Unfortunately, this is too narrow and too late a step. National service should be terminated anywhere there are goyim [non-Jews].”..."

      link to

  • Love letter to a Zionist: NYU project seeks to bridge Israel divide within Jewish families
  • The Second Coming of Holocaust remembrance
    • "Why was Palestinian suffering forgotten on Holocaust Remembrance Day?

      What, exactly, was remembered during Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day this week?

      Not the victims of Israel’s latest slaughter in Gaza, where more than 2,200 civilians were killed less than a year ago. In the propagandistic world of “Holocaust memory” only Jews can be victims, so mainstream media marginalize the hundreds of Jewish Holocaust survivors and their descendants who publicly condemned “the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza” (their words). Instead, a leading Israeli newspaper informed us this week that “adult children of Holocaust survivors in Israel tend to be more anxious than their peers…about the Iranian nuclear threat” — even though Iran has no nuclear weapons and has never attacked Israel.

      The erasure of Palestinian suffering from public memory is a particularly ironic aspect of “Holocaust remembrance.” Amid pleas for the preservation of Holocaust history, mainstream media still avoid any reference to the public comments of a senior Israeli officer who, during the second intifada, urged the Israeli military to analyze and internalize the lessons of how the German army fought in the Warsaw Ghetto.

      A similarly selective silence surrounds the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Several governments represented at an Auschwitz commemoration in January sent troops into that slaughter, so eerily reminiscent of Germany’s criminal invasion of Poland in 1939. “People forget what Auschwitz was,” said Halina Birenbaum, who was in the notorious death camp as a child, “and that terrifies me, because I know to what kind of hell it leads.”

      We should be doubly terrified, it seems to me, when such an event is used to promote precisely that kind of forgetfulness, at least where Arab deaths are concerned.

      The Israeli writer Boaz Evron warned years ago that “Holocaust awareness” is now “an official, propagandistic indoctrination…the real aim of which is not at all an understanding of the past, but a manipulation of the present.” Anyone doubting these words need only listen as world “leaders” emphasize the sort of wrongs whose memories they want to preserve — while noting the atrocities they ignore. ...

      That it has infected so much contemporary Jewish discourse only proves that Israel’s memorials of the Nazi genocide serve no decent purpose. Until we are prepared to turn its lessons inward — where all moral lessons belong first and foremost — it would be far more respectful to the victims if we could simply resolve, in the words of Norman Finkelstein, “to preserve their memory, learn from their suffering and let them, finally, rest in peace.”"

      link to

      Read the whole thing. Lesher is spot- on.

      And this is also included:

      "...But nowhere in her column did Lipstadt even mention Ukraine, the one country in Europe — probably in the world — where a political movement linked to genocidal anti-Semitism really has made a comeback.

      If anti-Semitism had been her real subject, Lipstadt could hardly have missed a target so obvious. But the neo-Nazis in Ukraine are supported by the United States and haven’t been condemned by Israel, so — well, enough said."

    • Never really mentioned are the homosexuals, people with disabilities, political dissidents, 3 million Poles that were not Jewish, communists, millions of Soviet POWs, Slavs, and Roma that were victims, too.

      11 million precious lives were savagely taken~ including ca. 6 million Jews. Right now, the state of Israel is continuing their savage Occupation and ethic cleansing of the Palestinian people. Right now, survivors of the Holocaust who live in Israel are living in substandard conditions. I agree with Mr. Finkelstein~ it's become an industry, not a lesson.

      “I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” -- Elie Wiesel

      When did anyone hear Wiesel speak out for the Palestinians?

      "Wiesel lauds settlers for ‘strengthening the Jewish presence in Jerusalem’ — and expelling Palestinians" - See more at: link to

      It's time for many to have a look in the mirror. Thanks, Marc.

  • On the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israel demolished the homes of Palestinian citizens of Israel 15 minutes from Tel Aviv
    • omg.

      "Supreme Court rules: Israel can confiscate Palestinian property in Jerusalem

      The justices said the controversial Absentee Property Law is applicable in East Jerusalem, but warned it should be used only rarely, and with explicit approval of the attorney general.

      Only a day after the High Court of Justice upheld most of the sections of the “Anti-Boycott Law,” the justices of the Supreme Court approved the use of another controversial law: The application of the Absentee Property Law to assets in East Jerusalem. The practical effect of the ruling is that it allows the state to take control of property in East Jerusalem whose owners live in the West Bank or Gaza.

      However, the expanded seven-justice panel, headed by former Supreme Court president Asher Grunis and present President Miriam Naor, did warn that the application of the law to East Jerusalem presents many problems and it must be used in only the “rarest of rare cases.” Grunis even went as far as to say that the “literal” use of the law for Palestinians who reside in the West Bank could bring about its application to Jewish settlers who own property within Israel proper, enabling the state to take over their property as well. ..."

      link to

    • A masterpiece of an essay.

      Thank you, Udi.

  • Just like the Nazis, Iran 'plans to exterminate six million Jews' -- Netanyahu
    • "I’ve never travelled much.........."

      That much is clear, 'Scandipope'. You've said that before:

      "...I don't travel much in neither Jewish nor Zionist circles.

      But among regular folks who may keep up on the news but aren't overtly partisan, the consensus in both Europe as well as in North America, certainly seems to be that Israel is there to stay...."

      - See more at: link to

    • "Iraqi Jews reject ‘cynical manipulation’ of their history by Israel, Zionists, writer Almog Behar tells EI

      ...The statement went on to demand an investigation of Israel’s complicity in the departure of Iraqi Jews from their homeland including in terrorist acts against Jews:

      We demand the establishment of an investigative committee to examine:

      1) If and by what means negotiations were carried out in 1950 between Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri as-Said, and if Ben-Gurion informed as-Said that he is authorized to take possession of the property and assets of Iraqi Jewry if he agreed to send them to Israel;

      2) who ordered the bombing of the Masouda Shem-Tov synagogue in Baghdad, and if the Israeli Mossad and/or its operatives were involved. If it is determined that Ben-Gurion did, in fact, carry out negotiations over the fate of Iraqi Jewish property and assets in 1950, and directed the Mossad to bomb the community’s synagogue in order to hasten our flight from Iraq, we will file a suit in an international court demanding half of the sum total of compensation for our refugee status from the Iraqi government and half from the Israeli government. ...

      ...Zionist role in flight of Jews from Iraq

      The role of Israel and Zionist undercover agents in helping precipitate the departure of Jews from Iraq has long been suspected.

      Naiem Giladi, an Iraqi Jew who joined the Zionist underground as a young man in Iraq and later came to regret his role in fostering the departure of some 125,000 Jews from Iraq, wrote that, “Zionist propagandists still maintain that the bombs in Iraq were set off by anti-Jewish Iraqis who wanted Jews out of their country.” But “the terrible truth,” Giladi said, “is that the grenades that killed and maimed Iraqi Jews and damaged their property were thrown by Zionist Jews.”..."

      link to

    • "Because you hate the United States more than you hate Iran? Because you think your Judaism requires you to support Iran?"

      hophmi~ I don't think I'm alone when I write that I think that your statements, demands, and questions are beneath contempt.

    • +1, Memphis!

      To your point:

      "Iran's Jewish community in Esfahan: We 'feel at home'

      ...Sion Mahgrefte is the head of the Jewish community in Esfahan. He declined to comment directly on political matters, especially in the current heated environment, but he did say that the members of his community felt very much at home in Iran.

      "Israel and Iran are countries," he said. "And we consider ourselves Iranian Jews, not Israeli Jews. So the hostilities between Israel and Iran do not affect us."

      There is even a Jewish representative in Iran's parliament. And aside from the vibrant Jewish community in Esfahan -- there are 13 synagogues in the city -- there are also several Orthodox Cathedrals representing a sizable Christian community. ..."

      link to

    • Somehow I knew that Nir Hasson's graphic and Carlstrom's translation would land here at MW. It's powerful.

      Netanyahu has only one meme, and it's wearing terribly thin. When will the American people recognize that they're being played?

      You rightly ask: "And we let this man anywhere near our foreign policy?"

      He and Israel have more than one "army". They are legion.

  • When it comes to untrustworthiness, the U.S. trumps Iran
    • Thanks for this, Eoin.

      Not only does the US trump almost any other country on untrustworthiness, it also trumps almost every other one with its concomitant hypocrisy.

      As does its "ally", Israel.

  • From SJP to JVP to Open Hillel, the joint struggle is transforming the campus debate
    • Thanks for this, Donna.

      I hope these young folks and their actions wrt the joint struggle can "move" some older folks and inspire those younger than themselves.

      People in the Chicago area are lucky to have this opportunity:

      "Chicago's Palestine Film Festival line up announced

      The Chicago Palestine Film Festival, the world's longest running Palestinian film festival, announced its 2015 line-up. This year's festival will be held from April 18-30 at the Gene Siskel Film Center and will feature award-winning films such as Eyes of a Thief by Najwa Najjar. "

      link leads to film schedule, descriptions, links to film websites and trailers, too!

      link to

  • New Episcopal Church group calls for divestment from Israeli occupation, in recognition of the new political landscape in Israel and Palestine
    • +1, Rodneywatts.

    • Thanks Marnie.

      They're scared because they're guilty. As Gideon Levy said the other day, Israel will not change from within.

      "“Change will have to come here. In Israel– is a lost case, forget about it. Israeli society has surrounded itself with shields, with walls, not just physical walls but also mental walls.”" - See more at: link to

      From Haaretz:

      "In his minority opinion, Danziger wrote that the law undermines free expression to an unreasonable extent.

      “I believe that the call for a boycott is consistent with the purposes of free expression,” he wrote. “A boycott expresses disgust with the boycotted behavior. It displays a lack of desire to support and finance behaviors that the boycotter feels are unworthy… and in the Israeli political reality, calls for boycotts of the State of Israel are heard from only one side of the political map. … The law thus creates discrimination based on one’s position.”

      The petitions against the law were filed by several human rights and minority rights organizations, including the Association for Civil Rights in Israel. “The law imposes a ‘price tag’ on legitimate political expression and harms public debate, on those very issues that are most urgent and controversial,” the petitioners have said.

      Gaby Lasky, a lawyer who represented petitioner Gush Shalom in the case, also said the court was silencing the left.

      “This is a regrettable decision with far-reaching ramifications; the High Court justices are changing Israeli constitutional law as we have known it to date and put the interests of perpetuating the settlement enterprise over all the state’s citizens’ basic right to freedom of expression,” said Lasky. “In essence, the Supreme Court has been swept up by the concept of the anti-democratic right, and has approved legislation that silences one side of the political map.”"

      link to

      Not a "democracy" at all.

    • Thanks sawah.


    • Superbly done!

      Welcome bognajpierw. I look forward to reading more from you.

    • Thank you, Sycamores!

    • Good work. Thank you.

      It saddens me that I read too many times in this piece that there's something "new", and a "new political landscape". The old "political landscape" has been a charade, a cruel joke, and an entire industry devoted to continuing the grinding Occupation and all that it entails. There's nothing "new" in the landscape of Israeli Occupation of the Palestinian people or the ongoing Nakba.

      There is, perhaps, a new (and terribly belated) awakening to the injustice that we are complicit in.

      As pabelmont says:

      "Israel is a State, not a Religion."

      The state- sponsored, unrelenting violence and crimes that Israel has wrought upon the Palestinians of Palestine must be condemned and acted upon, unequivocally and forever.

  • No Palestinians need apply to program on 'Palestinian issue' at Center for American 'Progress'
  • Washington gets a glimpse of Gaza
  • Obama got Senate to reject 'two of Netanyahu's demands' on Iran (but the 'NYT' won't touch that angle)
    • Thanks for linking that, marc b.

      From the link to MoA:

      "Neither has NBC's Richard Engel come clean on this nor have the NYT or HuffPo really dug out the back story.

      "That back story would reveal that "western" secret services, with the help of para-government organizations and some paid Syrian "revolutionaries", created false stories and videos about the "bad Assad regime". That back story would show that "western" journalists from outlets like NBC, the NYT and HuffPo willing took part in and propagandized those scams even when they were obvious lies."

      Never mind that Engel's 'reporting' in general has become increasingly biased and abysmal.

    • I found this @ Taxi's place:

      "How the Israel Lobby Took Control of U.S. Foreign Policy – Red Ice Radio/Youtube and Public Opinion..."

      Hop over and have a listen. It's well worth your time: link to

      It's with Jeff Gates and Henrik Palmgren.

      ('Organized crime, the syndicate, massive manipulation and displacement of facts, 'the Washington consensus', master myth-makers, sophisticated storytellers, fractals and aggregates'... kaboom!)

    • I've never seen Jeanne Shaheen as nervous/uncomfortable as when I watched her last night wrt Iran.

      She bounced back when Matthews moved on to Cuba.

      link to

  • After torching Palestinian cafe and painting 'Revenge' on its door, 4 Israeli teens get community service
    • Collective punishment:

      "Soldiers from the Israel Border Police last week blocked all entrances and exits from the West Bank village of Hizmeg as punishment for local incidents of stone-throwing. In addition, the IDF placed a large sign in the Palestinian village, north of Jerusalem, calling for residents to provide information about those "disturbing the peace."

      The IDF spokesperson did not deny that the sign had been placed, but argued that the military does not use methods of collective punishment.

      Last Monday, after several incidents of stone-throwing by local youths and children, Border Police forces closed all entrances and exits from the village. A sign placed at the village's eastern entrance reads as follows: "To the area's residents: Only a few are responsible for disturbing the peace - because of them, this barrier was placed. You must not cooperate with them! Stop these actions that harm your lives. For the sake of your well-being and the restoration of peace and security to your area, send any pieces of information on those who disturb the peace and on their activities in the area. Call: 072-258-7990 or e-mail: .......... Abu Salam, Commander, Israel Defense Forces."

      The IDF symbol appears at the bottom of the sign, and the dialed phone number leads to an English voicemail.

      The sign was documented by Israeli activist Tamar Fleischman.

      "The residents told me the sign was put there the day before. When the police saw me filming, they folded it up and placed in in their Jeep. I'm aware that collective punishment is practiced, it all exists, but I never saw it so intentional and open."..."

      link to

      Anyone know this "Abu Salam, Commander, Israel Defense Forces.”???

    • "JERUSALEM (AFP) -- Vandals have smashed gravestones at a Maronite Christian cemetery in a village near Israel's northern border with Lebanon, Israeli police said on Wednesday.

      Police opened an investigation after receiving a report about damage to a number of graves at the Christian cemetery in Kufr Birim, spokeswoman Luba Samri said, indicating that the tombstones were "broken and displaced."

      Kufr Birim is a derelict Palestinian village whose inhabitants were evicted by Israeli forces 1948 six months after Israel was established and never allowed to return. The village was almost totally razed by the Israeli army in 1953.

      Last year, Lebanese patriarch of the Maronite church Beshara Rai paid a historic trip to the Holy Land during which he visited Kufr Birim, pledging to help the displaced villagers return.

      There are some 11,400 Maronite Catholics living in Israel.

      The police did not say who was behind the attack, but recent years have shown a spate of hate crimes targeting Christian churches and cemeteries, with the perpetrators believed to be Jewish extremists.

      On Tuesday, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin met with church leaders in Jerusalem's Old City, pledging to crack down on religiously inspired hate crime.

      So-called "price-tag" attacks are often carried out by Israeli extremists against the Israeli military and Palestinian property, Muslim and Christian alike, in retribution for perceived action against the Jewish-only settlement enterprise throughout the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

      Following price-tag attacks on Vatican-owned offices in occupied East Jerusalem in May 2014, Israeli Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch said the government planned to begin using administrative detention against suspected extremists, but has since only given one 30-month prison sentence. ..."

      link to


      “In photos: “Parkour is my oxygen”

      Feeling free is the best thing about parkour. Everything is closed here for us. In Gaza, with or without war, the situation is so bad. Parkour is my oxygen,” says a smiling 18-year-old Hamza Shalan. A first-year university student, two of his brothers have been killed — one during Israel’s assault in 2008 and the other in 2011. ..."

      link to

      Thanks, Kate ;-{

      Here's an anthem I revisit often:

  • Pro-Israel group concedes that Tel Aviv bikinis can't match 'justice' as sirensong to brightest young Jews
    • They're better off talking about bikinis and drip irrigation.

      "Start talking about justice, our identity, and our historic aspirations."

      Can't do the history part well without looking at the present and future. That's just the same old shtick that we've been subject to forever.

      Zionists don't do justice or peace.

  • Obama's long & passionate Monday with Saban, Foxman, Hoenlein and other Jewish leaders demonstrates power of Israel lobby
    • Please make available your Aunt's recipes, mooser.

      (I am a fan of chopped liver and gefilte fish with fresh horseradish)

    • "The Iranian president has said Tehran would not accept a comprehensive nuclear deal with major powers if all sanctions imposed on Tehran were not lifted, state television has reported.

      “If there is no end to sanctions, there will not be an agreement,” Hassan Rouhani said in a televised speech on Wednesday. “The end of these negotiations and a signed deal must include a declaration of cancelling the oppressive sanctions on the great nation of Iran.”

      Iran wants sanctions that include nuclear-related UN resolutions as well as US and EU nuclear-related economic sanctions to be lifted immediately. The US says sanctions against Iran will be removed gradually.

      In what was seen as a setback for Barack Obama, the US president agreed on Tuesday that Congress should have the power to review any deal with Iran, backing down to pressure from Republicans and some in his own party.

      The move blocks Obama’s ability to waive many US sanctions on Tehran while Congress reviews the deal. It also allows Congress a final vote on whether to lift sanctions imposed by US legislators.

      Rouhani said this was an internal issue for Washington. “What the US Senate, Congress and others say is not our problem. We want mutual respect … We are in talks with the major powers and not with the Congress,” Rouhani said, adding that Iran wanted to end its isolation by having “constructive interaction with the world and not confrontation”.

      The Israeli intelligence minister, Yuval Steinitz, said on Wednesday that his country was pleased with the Congress deal. Israel was critical of a preliminary accord reached between Iran and world powers on 2 April, saying it would not prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons. ..."

      link to

      Iran should not back down from its entirely rational position. jmo.

    • Man the portholes and have the ipecac handy! (better bring your bikini, too!)

      "JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel is pleased at a compromise deal on Iran achieved between the United States Congress and the administration of President Barack Obama, Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz said on Wednesday.

      In what was seen as a setback for Obama, the U.S. president agreed on Tuesday that Congress should have the power to review a nuclear deal with Iran, reluctantly giving in to pressure from Republicans and some in his own party over the barbed issue.

      "We are certainly happy this morning. This is an achievement for Israeli policy," Steinitz told Israel Radio, citing a March 3 speech by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Congress in which he argued against a then-emerging framework agreement with Tehran on curbing its nuclear program.

      Steinitz said the compromise bill would be "a very important element in preventing a bad deal", or at least in improving the April 2 blueprint that world powers charted with Iran. ..."

      link to

    • "They view Netanyahu as someone who stands up and protects his country unlike our current president."

      How is Mr. Obama not stand[ing] up and protect[ing] the US?

    • More coverage of this gag- worthy event

      "Obama, in 'therapeutic' meetings with U.S. Jewish leaders, stresses how much he cares
      Jewish leaders expected U.S. president to sell them hard on the Iran deal. Instead, he offered a softer pitch on how deeply he cares for Israel and the Jewish people."

      link to

      Just raise the Israeli flag over the White House and on Capitol Hill and be done with it.

    • +1, Giles!

      shalom~ most folks here know the facts.

    • Thanks for bringing that clip here, jaspeace2day.

      RIP, Shulamit Aloni.

    • Great points, amigo.

      SG~ maybe they were just floating your boat.

  • From AIPAC to JVP: The political evolution of Seth Morrison
    • Kudos Alex.

      Many thanks for the audio and video links, too.

      Indoctrination is the cornerstone of Zionism. It's nice to see and hear the deprogramming.

      (I like Morrison's tricolor tie! ;-) His revelations about the 53 people is welcome.

  • Baptism of Kardashian/West daughter moves celebrity press to place Jerusalem to Israel
  • Marco Rubio and AIPAC allied in effort to insert poison pill into Iran deal
    • Here's Haim Saban giving Clinton his stamp of approval:

      "...Consistently, her stance on political issues related to the Middle East conflict has defined her as a true friend of Israel. Nonetheless, whenever it was required, Clinton spared no criticism – sometimes sharply – for Netanyahu. “Her relationship with Netanyahu has had its ups and downs and I think they will work out fine when she will be the next president of the United States,” said Saban. “She will be a great president the US, for Israel in particular and the world in general. After 8 years as a presidential adviser, she was very successful, and the long years of working in the Senate, there is no candidate that can come close to the level of skills and experience. “...

      ...Saban uses this story as an illustration of an additional trait of the candidate that is essential for a commander in chief: “That’s her. She’s got self-control. She’s got guts.”

      Saban, funds the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution think tank in Washington DC. He called Clinton a staunch friend of Israel and said that she shares Israel’s goal of preventing a nuclear Iran, even if she disagrees with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the tactics. “They’ll get along fine,” he asserted.

      He is holding a fundraiser for Hillary on May 6th."

      link to

    • "The Rubio 'doctrine': it's either him or the 'global chaos' of Obama and Clinton

      For months, Marco Rubio has positioned himself as the defense hawk rising from the Republican rubble – a John McCain for the millennial set.

      The junior senator from Florida has taken his position on the powerful Foreign Relations Committee to remind the world that he would re-open the prison at Guantánamo Bay, defend the NSA’s dragnet surveillance and “stand up” against North Korea.

      Rubio has adopted the “Obama-Clinton foreign policy” line used by Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz and raised them an Ayatollah. Anything less than the “Rubio doctrine”, he says, would be “chaos”.

      The highly public ramp-up of his borderless credentials has built to this moment: a self-made politician is now, at 43 years old, attempting a long-shot bid to secure his party’s nomination for president as a veteran of global affairs. ..."

      link to

      Run away!

    • "Can Senate Democrats save Obama's nuclear deal with Iran?

      Replacement of hawkish critic Bob Menendez on foreign relations committee may make it less likely Congress is able to derail nuclear talks

      ...In particular, Democrats want to use the so-called “mark-up” session scheduled for Tuesday afternoon to remove language requiring Obama to certify that Iran has not supported terrorism before allowing the deal – a clause supporters say would prove almost impossible to comply with – and water down Congress’s ability to delay the temporary lifting of sanctions.

      “Our hope – we are not there yet – is that Senator Corker and I would introduce a managers’ amendment that would incorporate certain agreed changes that would make this bill, I hope, accomplish its two principal purposes but without the language that could be offensive to the president and the strength of his negotiations,” added Cardin.

      Corker was also in positive mood on Monday evening after weekend talks aimed at crafting a compromise among more moderate figures in both parties.

      “We are moving in a very positive direction, and we’ve worked through some issues that I think have given me a lot of hope ... I think that this weekend has been very productive,” he told reporters.

      But the mark-up session remains likely to be one of the tensest committee meetings for many months, with more than 50 amendments proffered, some of which would almost certainly scupper the talks if adopted.

      Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia is seeking to secure compensation for American hostages from Iran before allowing the deal, while Senator Marco Rubio, who declared his presidential ambitions on Monday night, has been pushing for an agreement from Iran to recognise Israel."

      link to

      Congress is an embarrassment. The headline is ridiculous. This is not only "Obama's deal"! There were other folks at the table...

      I know it's a wild stretch of the imagination, but if this was a (white) Republican President who had made this deal, what would Congress have done?

    • No. Yes. Of course.

      Look how Israel treats their biggest benefactors for a hint on how they view the rest of the world. Pshaw!

      (a reminder:

      "Israel holding over $250m it owes Iran for oil in secret account

      A secret government bank account holds funds Israel owes Iran for oil it received before the 1979 revolution. Israel refuses to reveal who has been depositing money into and withdrawing money from the account."

      Israel’s most mysterious bank account has been managed for 30 years in the Bank of Israel. It contains money that Israeli bodies owe to National Iranian Oil Co. for crude oil supplied before the Islamic revolution in January 1979. ...")

      link to


      Meanwhile it withholds Palestinian millions as punishment, and cuts power to the OPT because they can't pay their electric bill...

    • I keep telling folks, JWalters. Thanks for linking that.

      I've been advocating for Jim since before he left the dysfunctional Congress.

      (That's after I worked my tush off for him to win that Senate seat! A seat, I'm unhappy to say, is now occupied by Tim Kaine...) A recent article from AC:

      "James Webb, War Novelist

      The former senator's literary work displays his noninterventionist past and appealing populism.

      ...James Webb is hardly a pacifist, but next to Hillary Clinton he is a virtual Smedley Butler: the peace candidate, a sharp critic of our Middle Eastern entanglements and their architects.

      The tired old categories need a reset. Webb, who praises the “Southern redneck” as “the greatest inhibitor of the plans of the activist Left and the cultural Marxists for a new kind of society,” will be the most powerful voice in his party for drug-law and prison reform, an end to promiscuous military interventions, and closing the chasm between the plutocracy and the rest of us.

      Echoing the Populists of the 1890s, especially those who sought a biracial coalition against the exploiters and the imperialists, Webb denies that “America should be governed by a club of insiders who manipulate public opinion in order to serve the interests of hidden elites who hold the reins of power.”

      Nothing he writes can be mistaken for a Martin O’Malley tweet or Heritage Foundation issue paper.

      It is impossible to read Webb and conclude that he has anything but loathing for the Fortunate Sons—the Jeb Bushes and Mitt Romneys—and the epicene polemicists who do their masters’ bidding. If Webb gets anywhere near the White House, these un-American snipers will deploy, but Jim Webb has faced weaponry more potent than the chicken hawks’ pea-shooters—and he lived to tell the tale."

      link to

    • What does Hillary say? Not that I really expect anything different...

      Who and what are these people running for?

  • Before prayers finished Friday, Israeli military began firing teargas canisters and rubber-coated bullets
    • I 'm waiting with anticipation to read what FIFA has to say!

      "The coach of Israel’s Beitar Jerusalem football team has said that he won’t bring on an Arab player out of respect for his club’s racist fans.

      “I don’t think it’s the right time. It would cause tensions and create much greater damage,” Guy Levi told Israel’s 102FM radio, according to Ynet.

      Levi said that he didn’t think there were any Palestinian citizens of Israel who would play for his team.

      “Even if there were a player who fit in professionally, I would not bring him in,” Levi said, “because it would create unnecessary tensions.”

      While racism is endemic in Israeli football, Beitar is particularly notorious for the violence and hatred of its fans who have habitually rampaged in the streets chanting “Death to the Arabs” and anti-Muslim slurs.

      Asked if he didn’t think bringing in an Arab player would help change the racist culture of the fans, Levi replied: “Let the education minister change the culture and not ask us to change the culture of a people that is centuries old.”

      Levi said his job was to “coach the team, not to educate anyone.”

      He then praised the club’s fans, which he called by their nickname “La Familia”: “I met La Familia recently, excellent people and fantastic fans. I respect the people who support my team.”

      Six Israelis arrested for last summer’s abduction and lynching of Palestinian teenager Muhammad Abu Khudair in eastern occupied Jerusalem were all reportedly members of “La Familia,” and would therefore have regularly been exposed to racist incitement. ..."

      link to

    • "Former Blackwater guards sentenced for massacre of unarmed Iraqi civilians

      Three former employees of the US private military contractor once known as Blackwater were sentenced to 30 years in prison on Monday and a fourth received a life sentence, closing a sordid chapter of the Iraq conflict relating to the 2007 Nisour Square massacre in Baghdad.

      Judge Royce Lamberth denied a request by the defense for leniency in sentencing on Monday, and, as expected, his sentences followed the 30-year mandatory sentence guidelines for the crimes.

      The four, who were part of a tactical support team called “Raven 23”, opened fire on a crowd of unarmed civilians from an armoured convoy with machine-guns and grenade launchers in September 2007.

      Slatten was sentenced to life; Slough, Liberty and Heard got 30 years each.

      “In killing and maiming unarmed civilians, these defendants acted unreasonably and without justification,” the US attorney’s office said in a statement. “In combination, the sheer amount of unnecessary human loss and suffering attributable to the defendants’ criminal conduct on September 16, 2007, is staggering.”

      The massacre left 14 civilians dead and at least 17 wounded. “None of the victims was an insurgent, or posed any threat to the Raven 23 convoy,” the government said, in a sentencing memorandum filed to the court on 8 April. ..."

      link to

      See, Israel~ that's how you do it! The US still has much work to do. They should be looking at the tippy- top, as well.

      (And these were mercenaries, not "guards".)

    • "An investigation by the Israel Defense Forces Givati Brigade of the events of August 1, 2014 in Rafah in the Gaza Strip, which has been dubbed “Black Friday,” has concluded that the infantry brigade's commando unit were sent to conduct searches “in an area that had not been captured and a sector that was not secured.”

      The brigade commander, Col. Ofer Winter, wrote in the summary that “as opposed to the clear-cut fighting during the course of the Operation Protective Edte – here, as a brigade, we managed to confuse the fighters and to confront them with an unreasonable situation.”

      The report of the probe, which was publicized Tuesday on Army Radio, relates to the deaths of dozens of Palestinians, most of them civilians, during IDF efforts to rescue abducted 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin during the war in the Strip last summer. According to the investigation, the use of fire in the battle was proportionate, and it succeeded to prevent the squad of Palestinian kidnappers from fleeing the area. The report also describes the activity of the Givati forces in the minutes following the abduction, which, according to the brigade, was “very fast, and was carried out skillfully and quietly.”

      According to the report, the timetable was as follows: At 9:06 A.M. there was a volley of fire aimed at the commando unit, led by Maj. Benaya Sarel, his radio operator Staff Sgt. Liel Gidoni and 2nd Lt. Goldin. After half an hour, there was an announcement on the two-way radio of a decision to initiate the so-called Hannibal Procedure – a protocol that calls for the massive use of force in an effort to rescue a captured soldier, even at risk to his life. In the time that passed until the actual onset of the Hannibal Procedure, the forces located the entrance to the tunnel through which Goldin had been dragged away. ...

      ...The military investigation also determined that an estimated 800 artillery shells and 260 mortars were fired by the IDF during the battle in Rafah. Moreover, combat planes bombed about 20 targets during the course of the fighting, and combat helicopters bombed 14 additional targets. The investigation found that 41 people were killed as a result of the fire. The IDF claims that 12 of them were terrorists, 13 were civilians (innocent bystanders), and the rest were described as being “of fighting age” but not as terrorists.

      The probe also determined that the use of fire in the battle was proportionate and meant to prevent the kidnappers from fleeing. The issue of proportionality in the use of fire is central to the incident, which is also being examined at present by Military Advocate General Maj. Gen. Danny Efroni, before deciding whether there is a basis for opening a criminal investigation.

      To date the MAG has ordered 19 Military Police investigations of incidents during the 2014 Gaza operation – two of them, involving suspicions of looting, have already been terminated due to lack of evidence. At the same time, another investigation ended with the decision that there is cause to bring indictments against Golani soldiers for incidents of looting in the Shujaiyeh neighborhood, subject to a hearing.

      For their part, commanders in the Givati Brigade – as well as GOC Southern Command Brig. Gen. Sami Turgeman – claim there is no reason for opening a similar MP investigation of the "Black Friday" battle in Rafah.

      “If there is someone who committed a crime – and I said this to the MAG, too – like rape, looting and such – I’m in favor of investigating him, and I also want to serve as the judge,” said Turgeman recently. But, he added, “we don’t need investigations of judgments made in the heat of combat. That would have a destructive influence in the future.”

      Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon also expressed strong opposition to a criminal investigation of the Rafah incident. ..."

      link to

      Nothing to see here, folks. "We still have the most moral army in the world" says Israel!

      For those more interested in truth and not addicted to Ziocaine, here's Max Blumenthal:

      "The Hannibal Directive: How Israel Killed Its Own Troops and Massacred Palestinians to Prevent Soldier's Capture"

      link to

      @ The Russell Tribunal

      link to


      "Gaza school attack denounced as 'criminal act' by UN chief"

      link to

    • "Soldier charged with forcing Palestinian to give him a ride
      IDF soldier allegedly pointed weapon at man, told him to drive him to settlement; tribunal jails suspect pending trial

      The IDF’s Military Advocate General charged a soldier with threatening a Palestinian man to drive him to a West Bank settlement at gunpoint, Haaretz reported Monday.

      According to the charge sheet, the armed Israeli soldier forced a Palestinian man at gunpoint to give him a ride to the settlement of Yitzhar at the end of last month.

      The accused’s name was not published in the Israeli media.

      The 19-year-old resident of the Palestinian village of Madama told police after the incident that the soldier signaled him to stop as he was leaving his chicken coops near Road 60 in the northern West Bank, believing the soldier was conducting a routine inspection. Th Golani brigade soldier, was attempting to leave his military post in an isolated area of the Samaria region, where Israeli vehicles rarely travel, and entered the vehicle and demanded the driver take him to Yitzhar.

      “The complainant started driving according to the soldier’s instructions,” the MAG said in a statement. “The soldier didn’t cease his actions even after he saw the Palestinian was full of fear, and silenced him when he made calls for help at passersby.

      “The incident ended only after the driver drove the car off the road, dumped it into a ditched and fled the scene running,” the statement said.

      The soldier also abandoned the crash site, and hitchhiked with a bus that was transporting soldiers to a nearby base. ..."

      more @ link to

      (thanks to Dan Cohen)

      Isn't that kidnapping/hijacking and terrorism?

    • The above from Haaretz was only another article to add to Kate's "Strike in Kafr Kanna after night of clashes"
      From the gentle Father of the Kittens to this, via Dan Cohen and Lara Aburamadan:

      "A Palestinian girl standing in front of Banksy cat drawing on her destroyed house wall in Bait Hanoun, #GazaStrip."

      link to


    • You're both welcome. ;-(

      via Dr. Dabour~ the picture @ the link is pretty clear:

      "12 April 2015. A young Israeli boy walks around the occupied city of Hebron fully armed despite the military escort."

      link to


      "For first time in years, Israeli authorities raze house in Galilee Arab town

      ...The demolished house belonged to Tarak Khatib, and was located inside his family’s olive grove, Khatib said. Shortly after midnight on Sunday, hundreds of police arrived unannounced and surrounded the house. They blocked roads leading to the house, removed the family and some of their belongings, then destroyed the house, said Khatib.

      Hundreds of local residents came to the site that night, with police using tear gas to keep them away from the house. After removing the debris, the residents started rebuilding the house with the local council’s support.

      Khatib admitted to Haaretz that his house was built illegally, without permits, two years ago, and lay outside the residential zone in the town’s master plan. But he pointed out that the government’s refusal to expand this zone in Kafr Kana’s master plan left him with no choice but to build his home illegally.

      “I need a roof over the heads of my five children and I had nowhere to build,” he said. “For two years I’ve been in a battle to prevent the demolition and to start the process of getting a permit, but the government insisted on demolishing.”

      The head of the local council, Majhad Awawdeh, said: “It is private property, which is the natural continuation of the houses in the neighborhood.” The house is a few hundred meters from the neighboring homes. ..."

      link to

    • Kate, here's a video by HRW "Dangerous Child Labor on West Bank Farms

      Published on Apr 13, 2015
      Israeli settlement farms in the West Bank are using Palestinian child labor to grow, harvest, and pack agricultural produce, much of it for export. The farms pay the children low wages and subject them to dangerous working conditions in violation of international standards."

      (Palestinians speak, as does Bill Van Esveld )

    • I dunno.

      I do hope that they would occupy themselves with ending their Occupation, abuse, terrorism, incarcerating, thieving, and killing of the Palestinian people. That should keep some folks plenty busy.

      On a related topic:

      "Nearly half of Israelis think another Holocaust is possible

      Study released ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day also finds that 25% of survivors buy less medication and 30% buy less food because of financial worries."

      link to

      and an update on the illegal settler spy IOFer:

      "IDF soldier charged with espionage after allegedly leaking intel to settlers

      The military prosecutor says most of the indictment is based on Ya’akov Sela’s confession of passing on information to friends in the Bat Ayin settlement."

      link to

    • I wanted to share one headline that gives me the willies:

      "Annual Nazi-hunting report downgrades U.S., commends Germany

      The world's predominant Nazi-hunting group took the United States to task over its failure to prosecute a member of a notorious Nazi unit who lived quietly in Minnesota for decades in its annual report released Monday.

      The Simon Wiesenthal Center report lowered its ranking of the U.S.'s Nazi-hunting efforts from A to B. It was the first time the U.S. has been ranked so low. ..."

      link to

      Meanwhile, there is zero accountability for the daily crimes against Palestinians. Nor has there been since the beginning of this ongoing Nakba.

    • Thank goodness for capsules!

      Thank you for the gorgeous video of the Father of the Kittens~ reminiscent of "all creatures, great and small", and of the commonplace kindness and generosity of Palestinians. It's some of the most beautiful footage of Al- Aqsa that I have seen in a long while! He is also so gentle and so loving~ he actually reminds me of my Grandfathers. Alyateema has captured a living gem.

      Thank you to the teenager who wrote "A message to Obama from a Palestinian teenager". This teen is a leader. It reminds me of Mads Gilbert's entreaty to President Obama:

      '...Mr. Obama – do you have a heart? I invite you – spend one night – just one night – with us in Shifa. Disguised as a cleaner, maybe. I am convinced, 100%, it would change history. Nobody with a heart AND power could ever walk away from a night in Shifa without being determined to end the slaughter of the Palestinian people. But the heartless and merciless have done their calculations and planned another “dahyia” onslaught on Gaza. The rivers of blood will keep running the coming night. I can hear they have tuned their instruments of death. Please. Do what you can. This, THIS cannot continue.' - See more at: link to

      I have read and spread many of the stories included in today's compilation, Kate. It is excruciating! What is so clear is that Israelis have NO respect for anything/anyone Palestinian or Palestine, and it's getting worse.

      Thank you.

  • Gunter Grass became 'persona non grata' for 2012 poem exposing Israeli nuclear hypocrisy
    • RIP to a magnificent author.

      His work and brilliance live on. Thanks, Phil.

      His/our greatest triumph will be when his great poem,"What Must Be Said", is actually heard and understood.

  • The most massive child abuse in the world
    • Found this horror via Max B's twitter:

      "‘Gaza Is a Tomb’
      In the rubble of the Gaza Strip, the militias are once again arming up, training men and women, and preparing for the inevitable war with Israel.

      ...Basic services have also collapsed, adding more hardships for residents. Electricity is scarce: Most Gaza residents are surviving on just three to six hours of power a day. The water in the taps is salty, because seawater from the Mediterranean has infiltrated the sole coastal aquifer — according to the AIDA report, 95 percent of the territory’s water supply is unfit for human consumption. And because the sewage plants aren’t functioning properly, thousands of cubic meters of waste are openly flowing onto the beaches.

      The damage is not just physical. Over 400,000 children — who are suffering the cumulative effects of multiple wars — are thought to have severe shellshock, and many of them are heavily medicated. But money for such care is scarce: UNICEF’s Gaza director, Pernille Ironside, told Foreign Policy that the organization was 70 percent unfunded, meaning it was only able to provide essential psychosocial support to one-fifth of the affected children.

      “There is a $68 million funding gap for our two-year emergency response program,” she said.

      One of the worst cases of post-traumatic stress in the strip is Montasser Abu Bakr, 12, who last July saw four young boys from his family — including his 10-year-old brother — blown to pieces by an Israeli naval shell on a Gaza beach. Eight months later, he is struggling with powerful antipsychotic drugs after attempting suicide. During the interview with him and his family, he screamed continuously, hid under his bed, attacked his parents, and sometimes went mute.

      “The drugs drive me crazy, I don’t know what to do,” he said, breaking into sobs. “Every day, I’m like a piece of wood, I can’t sleep, my hands are clenched in a fist.”...

      ...“We also watch the roads, protecting the men as they move,” said Om Adam, 40, the wife of a senior Nasser Salahuddin commander and one of the oldest of the female fighters.

      Om Adam, whose own son lost all but one of his limbs during the 2008-2009 war, said that despite the horrific devastation of war for much of the population, Gaza residents see armed resistance as one of the only ways to take control of their lives.

      “Gaza is a tomb; we are dead anyway,” she said, helping her injured son out of his wheelchair. “Either you die pointlessly and slowly, or quickly with purpose.”"

      link to

      No excuses disguised as 'reasons', please.

      There are none.

    • Thanks, lonely rico.

      This endless nightmare for the Palestinians~ the deliberate, ongoing Nakba~ has got to end!

      We have to make sure that it does.

    • Thanks, Doctor Alice. I really feel the bile rising and the fury mounting.

      This is the fault of Israel and the complicit West. The almost unimaginable suffering of these innocents is due to this ongoing joint exercise in inhumanity.

      Tramadol addiction? Who thought that up? Your telling of it sent shivers across my did this from Kate's compilation today:

      "The rising tide of suicide in Gaza — the suffering of a people manifest MER 8 Apr by Ariana Love — There has been an alarming increase of suicide attempts in the Gaza Strip in response to Israel’s gruesome assault on the Palestinian population this summer. The terrifying trauma and devastating loss, left every man, woman and child with intense feelings of despair and hopelessness. Many are seen walking the streets, in a stupor, avoiding each other’s gaze or mumbling to themselves. Complaints of poverty fill the air and the memories of Genocide are stuck in the brains of everyone. Gaza’s medical and police reports reveal there are 30 to 40 suicide attempts each month. For a 1.8 million population, this is an alarming number, which is anticipated to increase. Dr. Ayman Sahbani head of the reception department at Shifa Medical Complex said they see people eating large doses of medications, poisons such as rat poison and pesticides, cutting themselves, jumping from heights or shooting, burning or hanging. Many of them have been saved at the final moments, while others did not survive. .." - See more at: link to

      This letter to Mr. Obama is worth everyone's time:

      "A message to Obama from a Palestinian teenager
      ...hildren my age and much younger are regularly arrested, interrogated and beaten by Israeli police, and violently attacked by settlers". - See more at: link to

      There is no Palestinian child that is safe from Israeli abuse or violence.

      Thanks again for this, and for all that you do. It was good to see you talking @ the conference on Friday.

  • There is no better way than boycott
    • "Dozens of aid agencies have called for international sanctions on Israel over its continued illegal blockade of the occupied Gaza Strip and the fact that six months after its deadly and devastating assault, there has been virtually no reconstruction in the territory.

      The report, “Charting a New Course: Overcoming the stalemate in Gaza,” signed by 46 international nongovernmental organizations working in Palestine, says that Israel must lift the blockade and allow free movement between the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip or face punitive consequences.

      “The blockade constitutes collective punishment; it is imposed in violation of [international humanitarian law] and, according to the UN, may entail the commission of war crimes,” the report says. “The international community should promptly develop a common response to the government of Israel if immediate progress is not made to lift the blockade.”

      It also names the deadbeat states – including Turkey, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia – that have failed to deliver on the reconstruction aid they promised for Gaza.

      The report’s signatories, including Oxfam, Save the Children, KinderUSA, Medical Aid for Palestinians, The Carter Center, Norwegian People’s Aid and Médecins du Monde Switzerland, also call for a suspension of arms transfers to Israel and revocation of arms export licenses. ..."

      much more @ link to

    • +1, Sycamores!

      Thank you.

    • +1, amigo.

      Robert~ you've written a spectacular letter that really does address all of the "historical, political and moral flaws in [BDBJ's] arguments". It's really telling that so many of the organization's arguments are straight out of the hasbara handbook. Your piece will prove useful in combating those memes. I hope that you don't mind if I borrow some bits!

      Thank you.

  • Walaa Ghussein on the power (and vulnerability) of Palestinian journalists
    • Annie and Walaa~ thank you.

      All of the oral/written/pictorial history and current events of the ongoing Nakba and of Palestinians is invaluable, irreplaceable, and much needed.

      When Walaa says " a journalist needs to protect himself\herself in order to stay alive to tell the stories of others," it's, of course, true.

      What is also true is that the IOF targets them, and so do the PTB of the MSM. Remember how they tried to silence Ayman Mohyeldin and others who reported the truth last summer...

  • 'United States of Israel' has compromised U.S. 'sovereignty' on Iran policy -- Gideon Levy in D.C.
    • hophmi~ Rabin was a Labor Zionist.

      I'm sure that his children will be glad that you are rewriting history and his bio.

      (I wonder if his ghost is shaking his fist at you right now, too!)

    • Israel Shahak (RIP). An amazing man that I have watched, read and learned from.

      Thanks, Frankie.

    • I 'see' a resemblance to De Niro, but I hear Atticus Finch and Jefferson "Jeff" Smith.

      All in all, I see/hear Gideon Levy. Unique in this and his world. A man for all time.

      There are other brave Israeli people of conscience. Amira Hass comes to mind. ;-)

    • You're a lucky man, rensanceman!

      The short breaks appeared to be chock- full of lively and earnest conversation..I very much wish that I could have been there. I am grateful that I was able to watch it, and that I have it saved so that I can share it with others.

    • ritzl~ the amount of bs in that article is breathtaking!

      They mention the 'terra' tunnels~ not used for terror, but for sustaining life and lives with food, emergency egress, etc. during the siege of Gaza.
      And they write: "Israeli intelligence reportedly knew and warned about the Hamas tunnels long before they were used but Israeli politicians chose not to act." So Israeli intelligence did not act on 'terra' tunnels b/c the pols chose not to protect their people from a threat that was no threat! Always with this blaming the victim meme.

      Then we come to: "To make matters worse, Gaza does not have a large and modern sewage treatment plant in operation." Why? Could it be the result of bombing the S@@@ out of Gaza over and over and over? Could it be because the Palestinians of Gaza have no reconstruction supplies permitted n and no positive change allowed? Could it be because they are being genocided? I could go on and on, but anyone with critical reading and thinking skills can do this!

      Earl Blumenauer was an ok guy in my book wrt the environment and America... until today, when he rode his bicycle roughshod over the truth, and magically made Israel into the good guys.

      Finally, the always deflective fearmongering tactic:

      "What happens if thousands of Gazans rush the Israeli and Egyptian fences, pleading for water to survive?"

      Ah, yes.

    • It is emblematic of the huge problem that still exists in US MSM~ including CSPAN. There was an almost complete and successful blackout of this enormously important conference.

      (I only found out about it on Thursday through good fortune and connections, and was so grateful when you linked to it, Citizen! I was taken aback by the presentations. It was groundbreaking, hence the hysteria from those that wish it never happened or that the truth is revealed!)

    • "funny" that you should mention stolen water, ritzl!

      Because these two guys, Earl Blumenauer and Gidon Bromberg, fail to mention that at all!

      "To avoid a regional crisis, give Gaza more clean water

      ...The good news is that progress on the water issue has already begun. Days before the election, the Israeli government announced that it would double the amount of water it sells to Gaza, from 5 to 10 million cubic meters annually. This is positive momentum that we must build on, because while it is an important step, the quantity is insufficient to prevent a humanitarian disaster for both Gaza and the region.

      Without rapid action, the drinking water beneath Gaza - or the lack thereof - poses a threat to the region as severe as the one posed by tunnels dug by Hamas from Gaza into Israel. That is because the Coastal Aquifer – the only domestic source of drinking water for the 1.8 million Palestinians in Gaza – may collapse as soon as 2016, according to the United Nations.

      Like the cities of Los Angeles or Tel Aviv, Gaza cannot currently meet its water needs from within its boundaries. This is compounded by the fact that Gaza’s population is rapidly increasing and now consumes three times the amount of water that is annually added from rainfall into the Coastal Aquifer. Due to the massive amount of water withdrawn from the aquifer over the past several decades, the salty Mediterranean Sea contaminates the drinking water at an ever-increasing pace.

      A 2012 UN report concluded that 90% of water in the Coastal Aquifer is too salty for drinking purposes. Now this figure is estimated to be 95%, and by the end of 2016, the entire aquifer will be unusable. Unless action is taken by 2020, the destruction will be irreversible.

      To make matters worse, Gaza does not have a large and modern sewage treatment plant in operation. The sewage from almost 2 million residents further pollutes the groundwater and is creating the risk of outbreaks of pandemic diseases such as cholera and typhoid, as 90,000 cubic meters of raw sewage flows into the Mediterranean every day, as noted in the UN report.

      Israeli intelligence reportedly knew and warned about the Hamas tunnels long before they were used but Israeli politicians chose not to act. Environmental and water experts have been warning for many years of the eminent collapse of Gaza’s Coastal Aquifer, but politicians on both sides have failed to respond meaningfully. While we don’t want to minimize Israel’s important move to authorize additional water for Gaza, it doesn’t prevent the region’s looming water crisis.

      All of us have to ask ourselves: What happens if thousands of Gazans rush the Israeli and Egyptian fences, pleading for water to survive? Will a water crisis broaden the appeal of Hamas’ malice in Gaza, precipitating greater violence in the future? The recent events in neighboring Syria offer some clues. Severe droughts played a key role in driving people from farms and villages, sparking the initial uprisings and the resulting downward spiral.

      Such dire outcomes could be avoided if additional measures are employed immediately. With its existing infrastructure, Israel has the potential to double the quantity of water supplied to Gaza overnight, from the 10 million cubic meters currently promised, to 20 million cubic meters a year. A wastewater treatment plant recently built under World Bank management in north Gaza could reduce by one-third the amount of untreated wastewater that pollutes both groundwater and Palestinian and Israeli beaches. All it would take is an additional three megawatts of power from Israel, according to our sources at the World Bank.

      All of us – U.S. Congress, the Obama administration, the newly elected Israeli government, the Palestinian Authority and civic organizations – must play a constructive role starting now, because the clock is ticking. It is clearly in Israel’s interest to facilitate public-private partnerships that will lead to greater energy independence for Gaza and assist the Palestinian Water Authority. Help and collaboration from the international community could enable the construction of a large desalination plant and related infrastructure in Gaza to fully meet the population's needs. Strengthening the Palestinian Authority by increasing the water supply in Gaza weakens Hamas and highlights its inability to provide public services.

      The situation is quite complex, and it is a challenging time for those seeking to achieve progress and solutions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Taking action on water and sanitation, however, is a critical step that everyone should support, benefiting Israelis and Palestinians alike."

      link to

      Note that Gaza has "boundaries", but Israel has no borders...

      Also note that Israel is the 'good guy' by announcing that it will " "double" the amount of stolen Palestinian water that Gazans can buy...

      Then there is the little fact that Gaza is flooding again.

      Dr. Dabour:

      "Our spring has been abducted; all clues point towards winter as the main suspect."

      link to


      "Flooding hits Gaza Strip following heavy rain

      GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Heavy rain has flooded low-lying areas across the Gaza Strip, including Khazaa and Beit Hanoun where thousands of Gazans displaced by the Israeli offensive last summer are living in caravans.

      Civil Defense spokesman Muhammad al-Midana told Ma'an that a number of homes in the neighborhood of Kunz Street and Shabia Street in Gaza City had been flooded, and that the Civil Defense had removed swamped cars inside the city and the northern Gaza Strip.

      He also said that Civil Defense crews evacuated a school when water levels rose sharply in the surrounding area, putting the school at risk of flooding. "

      link to

    • Oh, lookie here. Inciting, lying. and marching in lockstep:

      "Habayit Hayehudi MK Yinon Magal criticized on Sunday what he termed "the extreme left" and blasted columns of Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy, saying they are "like a bacteria that harms the brain."

      ... Magal – former editor-in-chief of the Israeli news portal Walla – wrote: "Now that it has finished inciting Europe against Israel, the Israeli extreme left is working to do the same in the U.S. The people who invented a people, who decided [those people] need a state (on Israeli land, of course), encourage boycotts against the Zionist state, hatched false accusations, falsely determined that there is apartheid here, pushed condemnations of Israel, flew around the world to slander us at every conference on the globe (great job) … are now intent on damaging our relationship with the U.S."

      According to Magal, "one must read Gideon Levy's latest columns published by Haaretz to understand how far the madness has come. Like a bacteria that targets the brain." Magal attached a photograph of Levy's article (Hebrew) from April 9. The article also ran in English.

      "These columns are translated into English every day and are read in capitals around the world," added Magal. "It's hard to gauge the damage that this milieu did and does to Israel. Actually, you can see our situation diplomatically and in terms of security. The extreme Israeli left has a lot of responsibility for it."

      link to

      Big fail, Magal. An epic failure of hasbara.

      (stay safe Gideon Levy!)

    • SG- Levy makes it clear why and how he contributed to Haaretz' drop in readership. It's because many Israelis HATE the truth. Since you're defending part of DS' comment, how about this part:

      'he would be rotting in a prison cell decorated with Hamas and ISIS flags."?

      Lastly, have you listened to his speech?

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