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  • Videos: Brave Tamimi women of Nabi Saleh take down Israeli soldier assaulting injured child
  • God is on Israel's side, but not the United States, says Israel's new U.N. ambassador
    • "I had to rub my eyes:

      “Israeli diplomat in Berlin: Maintaining German guilt about Holocaust helps Israel

      A spokeswoman for the Israeli embassy in Berlin recently told Israeli journalists it was in the country’s interest to maintain German guilt about the Holocaust, and that it isn’t seeking full normalization of relations between the governments.

      Embassy spokeswoman Adi Farjon made the comments in a closed briefing session with journalists at the embassy.

      “We were all in shock,” said a female journalist present at the briefing. “The spokeswoman clearly said it was an Israeli interest to maintain German guilt feelings. She even said that without them, we’d be just another country as far as they’re concerned.”

      Others present at the event confirmed the journalist’s account.

      Some added that the Israeli ambassador himself, Yakov Hadas-Handelsman, was present for some of the briefing, as were other embassy workers who don’t speak Hebrew. …

      …“I don’t remember saying that,” Farjon told Haaretz in response. “I can’t vouch for any particular quote, she added. “It was an off-the-record conversation, a briefing talk. The way I speak with Israeli journalists is a little different. These things aren’t intended to get out. I can’t reveal the principles I work by. For example, I don’t say who I go to in order to get good stories out here, or who I pay for things like that.”

      A spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem said Farjon’s comments had been taken out of context. “These are tendentious quotes … from an off-the-record briefing for Israeli reporters who were visiting Berlin. At this briefing, there was an open and critical discussion in which the invited Israeli journalists took an active part, and it’s regrettable that someone decided to violate the rules of journalistic ethics and take selected statements out of their broader context and distort them in a way that alters their meaning.””

      link to

      - See more at: link to

    • "“Like all families, sometimes there are going to be disagreements,” Obama said in a webcast for Jewish Americans. “And sometimes people get angrier about disagreements in families than with folks that aren’t family.”

      “I would suggest that in terms of the tone of this debate everybody keep in mind that we’re all pro-Israel..."

      link to

      Why a webcast for Jewish Americans only? Why not an American Christian, Roman Catholic, Wiccan, Atheist, Muslim, Hindu, Native American religion(s), Voodoo, Buddhist, etc. and a Jewish one? Let all Americans be addressed.

      How is the USA a democracy when the President of the US addresses ~ or <2% of the population? Millions protested the Vietnam, Afghan, and Iraq wars. Nobody, especially the sitting Presidents, acknowledged these Americans who tried to stop them from doing insane things that caused horrible deaths to millions then and mayhem right now.

      We're not all "family" and we're not all "pro-Israel".

      I am pro justice and peace. Israel is not, and never has been.

      Long live Palestine and every Palestinian. Wake up.

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  • Calling Herzog and liberal Zionism ‘racist,’ Gideon Levy instigates a reckoning
    • "You’re all good, Bornajoo. Imho."

      Absolutely agree, ritzl.

      "Not kosher, in my book, and not welcome as a comment under this article."

      It is the mods who decide. Bornajoo is a valued commenter here @ MW and elsewhere. His voice matters~ a lot.

    • I've been following this "no-holds-barred intramural war" closely. I quoted part of Levy's response from this morning and wrote that:

      "Happily, Herzog is also exposing his own face~ it’s really no better than Netanyahu’s. Which just goes to show that there is no such thing as a leftist or liberal Zionist." - See more at: link to

      I credit Gideon Levy with bringing this and many other truths to the fore. Apparently Rambo Herzog is content to let it all hang out. It's a good thing, imho. If Rambo is "center left" and the leader of the "opposition", Israel is in deep doo- doo and destined to fall further into a mire of its own design.

      I've always maintained that "liberal Zionist/Zionism" is an oxymoron.

  • Abbas’s resignation from PLO could mean consolidation of power, ouster of rival
  • Israel's destruction of Mamilla cemetery part of effort to remove Palestine from Jerusalem
    • "JERUSALEM (AP) — Ultra-nationalist Israelis took over a four-story building in the heart of an Arab neighborhood in east Jerusalem on Thursday, raising fears of fresh violence in the tense area.

      A small group of activists from the Ateret Cohanim settler organization moved into the rundown white stone building. It was the latest in a wave of settler advances since nationalist Jews began buying up properties in densely populated Palestinian areas two decades ago.

      The building is located in Silwan, a rundown neighborhood that is home to several hundred Jewish residents and some 50,000 Palestinians. Israeli soldiers were guarding the latest wave of settlers.

      "I have 11 people inside the house, where should I go?" said Jawaf Abu Sneineh, the only Palestinian resident who has still refused to vacate the building. He said he already paid the year's rent.

      Abu Sneineh said his children were afraid of the Jewish settlers suddenly living above them. ..."

      link to

      "Israeli soldiers were guarding the latest wave of settlers."

      They always do. Nir Barkat and the IOF are laughing.

    • "A few ancient tombstones are relegated into the lower part, covered by grass and trash. It’s not easy to estimate how many gravestones were located there but, according to an investigation by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, at least 1,500 tombs were removed by bulldozers and the human remains just thrown away. ...

      ... Actually the name ‘Mamilla’ originates from that: in ancient Arabic it means ‘water of God’ or ‘benefit from God’. Do you see? They are not just uprooting the gravestone, but also the history of Jerusalem”."

      Absolute and obscene desecration sponsored by the GoI. Where is the outrage? Why hasn't UNESCO intervened? It it because a nightclub and a museum of tolerance (laughing myself silly at the chutzpah and irony of it!) are more important than the true history of Jerusalem and the gravesites of revered ancestors? I'm sickened that the US consulate is also occupying this hallowed ground.

      BDS must apply to Israel and not just the illegal settlements. It's past time for formal sanctions from governments all over the world, starting with the US.

      Thanks for this very dismaying article, Pablo Castellani and Chiara Cruciati.

  • A year after Shipman lost his Yale job for speaking out on Israel's actions, some Jews say the same thing
  • Israel bars African asylum seekers from entering Tel Aviv after court forces government to release detainees
    • "Israel Changes Criteria: Most Eritrean or Sudanese Can Be Detained at Holot

      Former criteria stipulated that any Sudanese citizen that entered Israel before December 2011 (in place of May 2011 before that) could be detained; and likewise for Eritreans who crossed the border before July 2011 (formerly May 2009).

      The Population, Immigration and Border Authority has altered its criteria and will now be able to summon any Eritrean or Sudanese citizen to the Holot detention facility, Haaretz has learned Thursday, regardless of how much time they’ve been in Israel. The decision comes after a court ruling freed over 1,000 asylum seekers who spent more than a year at the detention facility.

      Until now, the authority determined that only asylum seekers who have been in Israel for long periods of time could be taken to the facility. However, beginning at the end of the month, the government will be able to limit the freedom and movement of any Eritrean or Sudanese citizen, excluding asylum seekers who have already spent over a year at Holot. ..."

      read more: link to

      The Occupation/Prison/Apartheid state.

    • A most cruel, racist, and evil action. Israel is breaking international law and humanitarian law all the time. They are party to the Convention on Refugees, but apparently they don't give a darn. Why should they? Nobody every holds them accountable. This is criminal, imho. The inciting mayor of Arad was only following the lead of the GoI. The word "infiltrators" is repugnant, btw.

      "Published August 18, 2015

      Exclusive: Despite dangers, Israel sending asylum seekers to home countries

      For the first time, new statistics reveal that nearly 4,600 Sudanese and 1,000 Eritreans were sent back to their countries of origin, possibly against international law. Israel’s Interior Ministry claims they are returning ‘voluntarily.’ A +972 Magazine exclusive.

      By Oren Ziv

      Israel has been sending thousands of African asylum seekers back to their home countries as part of a plan for “voluntary return.” According to new statistics, which are being published here for the first time, most of the returnees have been sent back to their countries of origin — Sudan and Eritrea — rather than “third countries,” in accordance with Israel’s previously-announced arrangement, which would ostensibly ensure their safety.

      According to Interior Ministry numbers revealed following a freedom of information request by Dr. Gilad Liberman and Attorney Itay Mack, and were passed on to +972, 4,608 asylum seekers have been sent back to Sudan, while 1,059 have been sent back to Eritrea. Over 4,200 asylum seekers have been sent to third countries, of which 2,600 are Sudanese and Eritrean. The vast majority of Sudanese asylum seekers who have left Israel were returned to Sudan.

      The Sudanese government has committed genocide in Darfur, as well as political and ethnic persecution in other parts of the country. Eritrea is under the control of a tyrannical military regime, which forcefully enlists its citizens into the army for long periods of time or puts them in forced labor, while women are forced to serve as sex slaves for soldiers. Citizens from both Sudan and Eritrea are considered “protected groups” — a status that forbids the Israeli government from returning them to their home countries.

      In response to the findings, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) stated that while Sudanese and Eritrean citizens have the full right to voluntarily return to their country — their return is recognized only when the returnee has a valid visa and earns a living. “However, leaving the country is not an alternative to detention and — as a response to any denial of rights — does not count as voluntary, and could even be considered illegal deportation according to both Israeli and international law, which endangers the life and safety of the returnee.”

      In the past, UNHCR has said that “deporting Sudanese to Sudan constitutes a severe contravention of the [refugee] convention Israel has signed on to.”

      Due to the dangers facing asylum seekers in their homeland, not a single European country has deported them to Eritrea or Sudan. Even asylum seekers who are not granted refugee status can remain in those countries, pursuant to the policy of non-return, which is anchored in the 1951 Refugee Convention.

      Israel’s Administration of Population and Immigration has yet to respond to the above claims.

      Breaking their spirits

      Asylum seekers living in Israel are in constant threat of being jailed for long periods of time at the Holot detention center. Just a week ago, Israel’s High Court approved the latest version of the “anti-infiltration law,” which allows the state to imprison asylum seekers in Holot for a period of a year.

      According to President of the High Court Miriam Naor’s ruling, the state has no intention of “breaking the spirit” of the asylum seekers and does not encourage them to leave, while they are eligible for protection from deportation. In response to the High Court ruling, Minister Gilad Erdan published a Facebook status [Hebrew], which revealed the true intention of the law: to break the asylum seekers’ spirits so that they return to their home countries. “The 20 months in Holot detention center…(is intended) to create an incentive for them to return to their countries of origin.”

      “Many of the voluntary ‘returnees’ to their country of origin, who return despite the heavy risks entailed to their lives and freedom, are refugees whom Israel was able to break their spirits through detention and abuse,” says Mack. “Choosing their home country over a third country is not a confirmation that the asylum seeker feels that he or she is safe there.”..."

      much more @ link to

      Thanks for the article, Dan and David.

  • Gaza Ministry of Health: Hospitals on the verge of collapse
    • "Barenboim's Visit to Iran Would Harm Israel

      Culture Minister Miri Regev said Wednesday that if Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboim really plans to conduct the Berlin Philharmonic in Tehran he will undermine Israel’s efforts to block the Iranian nuclear deal and aid efforts to delegitimize Israel.

      Regev said on Facebook she planned to contact the Foreign Ministry and Germany’s culture ministry to make this point.

      Philharmonic sources have told German media that if the nuclear deal is finalized, the orchestra will accompany German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her first visit to the Islamic Republic.

      “This melody must be stopped. Barenboim promotes an anti-Israeli line and makes sure to bash [Israel] by using culture as a lever for his anti-Israel political views. This is an erroneous decision by Merkel,” Regev wrote.

      “Iran is a country that supports terror, stands behind Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and Hamas, and its leaders have blood on their hands. I think it would behoove Germany to cancel the appearance of the orchestra and its conductor. There’s no reason to celebrate; certainly not with an orchestra.”..."

      read more: link to

      Blah, blah, blah.

      "Culture minister"??? Who does she think she is to tell Angela Merkel or Daniel Barenboim what to do?

      (fyi, Mr. Barenboim has Argentine, Israeli, Spanish,and Palestinian citizenship according to wiki.)

    • "Hospitals on the verge of collapse"

      Continuing war crimes, unpunished and ignored.

      All of these reports, and there's still no fair action or justice for Palestinians by the international community. Nothing. Silence.

      What will it take? If not us, who? If not now, when?

      It's nearly mind- numbing and very definitely painful to read your reports, but to stop is to do a gross disservice to the Palestinian people. I won't be 'armed' with the truth, and that would be a disgrace. Thanks, Kate.

  • Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel clarifies position on campaign to cancel Matisyahu show
    • "planetchutzpah sans frontiere"

      heh. Hypocrisy Central. It's very like the US~ actually and unfortunately.

      Barenboim won't back down, and I don't think that Merkel will either. Miri "Sudanese refugees in the country "were a cancer in our body."" Regev has made another dumb move. But the biggest mistake was naming this horror "Culture Minister". As if...

      What's so amazing to me is that Barenboim has citizenship in 4 countries and Regev chose to write this:

      “Barenboim’s Visit to Iran Would Harm Israel

      "Culture Minister Miri Regev said Wednesday that if Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboim really plans to conduct the Berlin Philharmonic in Tehran he will undermine Israel’s efforts to block the Iranian nuclear deal and aid efforts to delegitimize Israel."

      - See more at: link to

      He's a man of the world and a polyglot. He's not an insane and insular Israeli.

  • One year later, Gaza is still in crisis
    • From Vice News, photos by Ezz Zanoun

      "In Photos: Life in Gaza a Year After the Ceasefire"

      link to

      The "ceasefire" that Israel has violated over and over again.

    • That's true, RHE.

      For some soulful music and profound thoughts/writing, here's Haidar Eid:

      "Gaza Blues: Hymns of love, death and resistance

      Here, at the mercy of time,
      on these foothills at sunset
      near ripped-up orchards stripped of their shadows,
      we do what prisoners do,
      we do what the unemployed do:
      we cultivate hope.
      — Mahmoud Darwish

      Pain can, surprisingly, bring out the best in people.

      When Israel committed one of its ugliest crimes in the Shujaiya neighborhood of Gaza City in July 2014 — the massacre of dozens of people — I became a different person.

      I felt a cocktail of mixed emotions: helplessness, horror, pain, loneliness, alienation, melancholy and resilience.

      Being an activist at that moment didn’t help me stop a US-made Israeli F16 from targeting Khuzaa, or another US-made weaponized vehicle from shelling the houses of Beit Hanoun. I felt like the long and dark nights were in cahoots with apartheid Israel — they were both against me.

      Local radio stations were constantly reporting breaking news, their reporters at the scenes of different massacres. My heart and mind struggled to absorb all the news at once. But this was news mixed with flesh and blood — that of my friends, my nieces, my nephews, my students, my colleagues, my own flesh and blood.

      So I started singing.

      “Take out the only weapon you have on this dark night and fight back while tears are rolling down your cheeks! You know that they are cheering on the other side of the barbed wires! They are having barbecues and drinking beer when a bomb falls on our children’s heads!”

      “Shujaiya! Shujaiya! Shujaiya!”

      “Khuzaa! Khuzaa! Khuzaa!”

      Soaked with tears

      In my hand was my weapon — a tiny mobile phone close to my mouth, my beard soaked with tears. Then the first child — a song — was born, a child baptized in blood. Hence the title, “Love in the Time of Genocide,” which I gave to the late Egyptian poet Abdel Rahim Mansour’s lyrics, written to commemorate the Denshawai massacre in Egypt committed by British soldiers in 1906 (listen). ..."

      Much more @ link to

    • "Petition to End Gaza Blockade Signed by Over 500,000 in One Day

      Online petition, launched by online activist group Avaaz and backed by some 30 other groups, calls on world leaders to pressure Israel into lifting restrictions on building materials. ...

      ... The petition is addressed to UN Special Coordinator Mladenov, U.S. President Barack Obama, French President Francois Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British PM James Cameron, Qatar's Sheikh Al Thani, EU FM Federica Mogherini, "and all other world leaders."

      According to Al Jazeera, the petition's organizers hope it would gain 1.8 million signatures, representing the population of the Strip. ..."

      read more: link to

      Petition here @ link to

      Israel should pay the total cost of rebuilding the Gaza that they repeatedly destroy, international protection should be given to Palestinians, and any money pledged to rebuild Gaza should be allocated to essential services.

    • "“It was easier during the war,” a young aid worker said to me at a café one evening. “During the war, they killed us instantly. Now they are killing us slowly.” "

      Israeli war crimes and cruelty never stop, and the unbearable suffering continues.

      Alice Rothchild has said that "This is a form of continuous PTSD (or as I like to say, it can’t be “post-traumatic stress disorder if it is not yet post.”" - See more at: link to

      "Too many Americans sat on their hands last summer while Israel used American weaponry to kill more than 2,000 people and destroy an entire territory’s infrastructure. How much longer will we remain silent?"

      That's the question I have asked myself every day for years, Robert. The voices of millions of human beings around the world were ignored again by the "leaders" last summer. They're still doing their best to ignore us today. We will be heard. 1S1P1V, BDS, Free Gaza, Free Palestine, and end the Occupation!

  • Etgar Keret sometimes worries about what's happening to Palestinians
    • Thanks for the review, Claire. You saved me both agony and money. I can't bear all of the ritual entitlement 24/7, 365.

      From wiki, I found this criticism of his work:

      "A review of Missing Kissinger by Todd McEwen describes Etgar Keret's locale as that of "male confusion, loneliness, blundering, bellowing and, above all, stasis. His narrator is trapped in an angry masculine wistfulness which is awful to behold in its masturbatory disconnection from the world's real possibilities and pleasures." Etgar is "not much of a stylist - you get the impression that he throws three or four of these stories off on the bus to work every morning," and his "wild, blackly inventive pieces...might have been dreamed up by a mad scientist rather than a writer."[11]"

      I hope that your review will be cited forthwith. Unfortunately, he's also the recipient of awards.

      link to

      In other news about the ritual violence of the GoI and IOF:

      "US lawmaker wants Israel military aid halted over Palestinian deaths

      Betty McCollum asks State Department to probe ‘brutal system of occupation that devalues and dehumanizes Palestinian children’

      A US congresswoman has asked the State Department to investigate whether the killing of two Palestinian teenagers by Israeli security forces last year would preclude Israel from receiving military aid under American law.

      In a letter to the State Department officials last week, Minnesota representative Betty McCollum said the deaths of Nadeem Siam Nawara and Mohammad Mahmoud Odeh in May 2014 demonstrated the “brutal system of occupation that devalues and dehumanizes Palestinian children.”

      The two Palestinian youths, aged 16 and 17, were killed during clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli troops outside the West Bank city of Ramallah during a May 2014 protest for Nakba Day, an annual commemoration of Palestinian displacement following the establishment of the State of Israel.

      “It is time for a strong and unequivocal statement of US commitment to the human rights of Palestinian children living under Israeli occupation,” McCollum wrote in the August 18 letter, which was released to the public on Monday.

      McCollum urged State Department officials to determine whether the killing of the teens was in violation of the Leahy Act, a US human rights law that prohibits the State and Defense departments from providing military assistance to foreign military units that violate human rights with impunity.

      In a surveillance video posted by the Palestine division of Defense for Children International, a global NGO, appears to show one teen being shot as he walked by a gas station after the clashes had subsided. The second Palestinian teen appears to have been shot shortly afterwards.

      The IDF initially maintained that only nonlethal dispersal methods were used by troops during the Nakba Day demonstration. A senior Defense Ministry official also told The Times of Israel at the time that the video of the incident had likely been doctored. ..."

      link to

      More please.

      (Thanks for the link and quote from Avigail Abarbanel, JLD. She's brilliant.)

  • Just as Dermer turned the White House into a diplomatic battlefield, Danon will do the same at the UN
    • Danon is the true face of Israel. Nu? This is what we've got now that Netanyahu was reelected and is continuing with inciting his masses with his own hysteria.

      Happily, Herzog is also exposing his own face~ it's really no better than Netanyahu's. Which just goes to show that there is no such thing as a leftist or liberal Zionist. Levy responds again:

      "Levy Responds to Herzog: Proud to Be Outside of Your Camp ...

      I thank Isaac Herzog for his businesslike reply Tuesday (“Levy’s one state is no vision of hope”) and for the opportunity to respond to the heart of the matter.

      I may be outside the camp, but I’m certainly not with Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel. We have nothing in common except the vast void between us; but to be honest, I don’t have much in common with Herzog, either. Ariel may want a single state between the river and the sea, but that state will never be democratic and egalitarian. The right wants the entire land, and at best is willing to let a nation with inferior rights live in it. The world calls that apartheid. Here in Israel we must fight this.

      Herzog isn’t so far from there. If you scrape off the layers of makeup, you’ll find within him the same nationalist foundation; the belief that in this land there is one nation with inborn privileges that exceed those of the other nation living here. It’s a refined nationalism, but no democrat can accept it, and the Palestinians will certainly not accept it.

      It starts with the Law of Return, which is for Jews alone; and winds through “security needs,” which are always only the security needs of the Jews, and ends with the demand that the Palestinian state be demilitarized; it all screams of privilege. Why should the Palestinian state be demilitarized? Is there such a state anywhere on Earth? It has no right to defend its citizens? Aren’t Palestinians’ lives put at risk every day by Israel? And what’s with the “Jordan Valley is the security border?”

      But the nationalism and near-racism expressed by Herzog, the loyal spokesman for the center-left, is far more obvious. What is this fear-mongering about the “danger of an Arab majority” if not racism? Where else do they issue such warnings against people who have been living in a place for generations? ...

      ... So the answer is yes – one man, one vote, for everyone except the violent racists from both peoples, who will be outlawed. There is no other kind of democracy. Every Jewish nationalist can vote, and every Palestinian nationalist can vote, with the hope that both will gradually become fewer in number.

      I have no idea what Herzog and his ilk mean when they talk about a “Jewish state,” other than its Jewish majority; it doesn’t matter what kind of Jews or how they act, so long as they are Jews. Any way you slice it, you get a nationalist state. Democratic? Of course it isn’t, by definition, nor is it just. If I had to choose between a “Jewish state” on a slippery slope toward becoming an apartheid state and a just state, I prefer the latter. I seek neither a Jewish majority nor an Arab majority, but a democratic majority. It’s doubtful whether today’s Jewish state still has such a majority.

      Herzog calls this “turning out the lights on the Zionist project.” But these lights were dimmed long ago, even with a Jewish majority. They were turned off when inspectors hunted down refugees in the cities of the Jewish state; they were turned off when the occupiers demolished flimsy homes leaving hundreds of people with nothing over their heads in the heat of August in the occupied Jordan Valley. What lights are left, exactly, if these are the policies – about which, incidentally, we’ve heard nary a protest from Herzog the Zionist.

      “What sane Israeli would choose to live in a state with an Arab majority?” asks Herzog, ripping off the mask once and for all. Well, a fifth of Israel’s population would prefer an Arab majority; they’re sane, but Herzog forgot about them. Even as a Jew, however, if I had to choose between a Jewish majority and a democratic majority, between a majority that supports racism and a majority that supports equality, it doesn’t matter what nationality they’re from, I would not hesitate to choose. Nor would Herzog hesitate; he will always prefer the Jews, and then he’ll call that democracy.

      This puts Herzog inside the camp and me outside it. I’m proud of that."

      read more: link to

  • Israeli begins construction of Jewish-only town on ruins of demolished Bedouin village
    • "Wonder if anyone managed to read all the way through it!"

      I did.

      All that I can think of is:

      I hope that you are feeling much better, Kate.

  • Racism is part of the landscape in the southern Israeli town of Dimona (Updated)
    • "This was not an isolated incident. “Death to Arabs” is painted across the street from the local bakery on an apartment building. Around the corner on another face of the building, a large advertisement for the realtor hangs, facing the street."

      So does this hate graffiti make swallowing a bagel or bialy easier? Does it improve and increase property values? Is it what proud Israelis want to teach their kids?

      It's sick on so many levels that it spells putrefaction of the soul(s).

      Thanks, Dan.

  • Omar Barghouti on Matisyahu: 'Perfectly reasonable to oppose performance by any bigot'
    • Well said, tree.

      "With his new rise in fame and his incredible voice..."

      @ Steve Grover~ Matisyahu's voice and rap are both mediocre at best. Your statement only proves your lack of reggae cred and taste in general.

      In other news:

      "University of Illinos Officers: Reinstate Prof. Who Lost Job Offer Over anti-Israel Tweets ...

      Executive officers at the University of Illinois have called for the reinstatement of a professor whose job offer was rescinded over his anti-Israel tweets.

      The 41 department heads, chairs and directors in an open letter published Sunday said Acting Chancellor Barbara Wilson and President Timothy Killeen should call for the reinstatement of Steven Salaita at the next board meeting, on Sept. 10, the Daily Illini student newspaper reported.

      Phyllis Wise resigned as chancellor about two weeks ago after being implicated in a scandal over hidden emails...

      Last summer, the university announced that Salaita would be joining the faculty. Wise revoked the appointment, however, after being made aware of Twitter posts by Salaita attacking Israel and its U.S. supporters in harsh language during Israel’s operation in Gaza last summer. The tweets appeared on Salaita’s personal account.
      Donors to the university reportedly had complained about the tweets and called on the university to rescind the appointment.

      Salaita has filed a lawsuit against the university, the board of trustees and several administrators claiming that they violated his constitutional rights, including to free speech and due process. He also is suing for breach of contract and intentional emotional distress. Salaita is seeking compensation and the job as a tenured professor in the American Indian studies department.

      He announced last month that he will serve as the Edward W. Said chair of American studies at the American University of Beirut.

      The American Association of University Professors voted in June to censure the University of Illinois, two months after releasing a report that found the university violated the principles of academic freedom and tenure in the Salaita case."

      read more: link to

      This is not going away.

  • Server Update: Posts & Comments on Hold
  • Nadler says his vote against Iraq war caused some to question his 'commitment to Israel'
    • aaargh!

      The reason to not invade Iraq should have been because of the hundreds of thousands of deaths (more to come) that resulted. Never mind that the US and its buddies chose to fall all the way from grace into the miasma of human rights abuses and war crimes where they still wallow like the feral animals they've proven to be.

      What fool doesn't remember that Saddam and Iraq were friends of the West once? The US and others armed him in his blistering war on Iran. It was a defacto US war on Iran then, too. What ignoramus doesn't remember the foul coup of 1953 and who engineered it?

      "United States support for Iraq during the Iran–Iraq War, against post-revolutionary Iran, included several billion dollars' worth of economic aid, the sale of dual-use technology, non-U.S. origin weaponry, military intelligence, Special Operations training, and direct involvement in warfare against Iran.[3][4]

      Support from the U.S. for Iraq was not a secret and was frequently discussed in open session of the Senate and House of Representatives. On June 9, 1992, Ted Koppel reported on ABC's Nightline that the "Reagan/Bush administrations permitted—and frequently encouraged—the flow of money, agricultural credits, dual-use technology, chemicals, and weapons to Iraq."[5]"

      link to

      "The 1953 Iranian coup d'état, known in Iran as the 28 Mordad coup, was the overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran Mohammad Mosaddegh on 19 August 1953, orchestrated by the United Kingdom (under the name "Operation Boot") and the United States (under the name TPAJAX Project).[3][4][5][6]"

      link to

      I have nothing but admiration for the fortitude and grace of the Iranian people, Rouhani and Zarif.

      It's akin to the same admiration that I have for the Palestinian people who desperately need a new President and "leader" and finally~ JUSTICE and peace and dignity and freedom from the odious and wicked Occupier. Abbas could have done very well, but Israel with its co- conspirators has gone way too far and he is not up to the good fight anymore.

    • +1, pabelmont!

      I posted something yesterday that George Mitchell said at a town hall mtg with Angus King and Nick Burns in Maine:

      "He also addressed critics who note that Israel, a longtime ally of the U.S., opposes the deal.

      “It’s our national self interest that should dictate our decision,” he said. “We should decide – taking all of our commitments to our friends in account – is this the best thing for the United States of America? If that standard is applied, a fairly objective conclusion is inescapable: This agreement is in our national interest.”"

      - See more at: link to

  • Jimmy Carter says Netanyahu has turned his back on peace
    • "We really need a better class of hasbarist."

      Perhaps we do~ someone like Isaac Herzog. Most of the hasbarists are scared off by the level of discourse and truth that is omnipresent here @ MW.

      So here's Gideon Levy in response to Herzog:

      "Sorry to Bore You Isaac 'Rambo' Herzog, but I Won't Shut Up About Occupation ...

      Zionist Union leader Isaac Herzog has been complaining about my repertoire. For years I’ve been playing the same tune. Sure enough, you could say I’m a one-trick pony, as Herzog does.

      The penetrating diagnosis by the Zionist Union leader is that I have been “publishing the same article and the same text, twice and sometimes three times a week: ‘Occupation, occupation, occupation and once again occupation; only the Jews are to blame and only the Palestinians are right.’” That’s what he wrote in Haaretz last week.

      Herzog was responding to my criticism of a boast he made after meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas .... Herzog said he would be more extreme in fighting terror than Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

      I’m sorry I’ve been boring Rambo Herzog, the fighter of terror. Fortunately the Israeli press is full of writers who never mention the occupation, which in no way interests them. These people know that the Israelis are always right, always the victim, always the hero.

      The Palestinians, meanwhile, just want to throw us into the sea. These journalists sing the repertoire that Israeli propaganda has fed them; people who devotedly buy all its lies, whose consciences are always clean. They say “the picture is complicated” and know how to make readers feel good, as Herzog does.

      That’s most Israeli journalists. Herzog should limit his reading to them — I should have stopped pestering him long ago with this occupation stuff of mine. A groundbreaking statesman like Herzog, a leader with courageous ideas that break with convention, has no energy for trivial matters. I should have respected that.

      Still, just for the sake of unimportant factual accuracy, I should mention that unlike Herzog, I have also sifted through my share of ideas. We started together in the Labor Party, now Zionist Union’s senior partner. I arrived a few years before he did, when I still bought concepts such as “the Jordanian option,” “territorial compromise” and “functional compromise” — among the best sleight of hand of the generation of Herzog’s father, designed to solidify the occupation’s hold. (Sorry, that word slipped out).

      Then I favored the Oslo Accords, then the two-state solution. Then I thought the chance had been missed. I too didn’t believe in a boycott. Now I think it should be equal rights for everyone in a single democratic state, and there is no alternative — yes to a boycott. The short version.

      During this whole period, Herzog and his Labor Party have remained stuck, only changing their excuses. They want a “process.” Before this year’s election, Herzog talked about a five-year (!) process. After the election, it was at least two years. What will it be in the end?
      Now he has a new groundbreaking idea: The days are over in which you can go into a room with the Palestinians and come out hugging one another after signing a peace agreement. Is he hinting that peace was possible and his party missed the chance?

      As Herzog wrote, now that the Palestinians have dug tunnels “under dining rooms on kibbutzim” (where?), we need “a trailblazing diplomatic move, supported by the moderate countries in the region.”

      That’s Herzog and his party at their best: First we’ll make peace with the Sultanate of Oman and then with the Palestinians. But it will always be the other way around — if we end the occupation, the whole Persian Gulf will follow.

      And I really do write about the occupation all the time. I’ve been trying to report on its crimes for 30 years or so. It’s an obsession of sorts: A person is convinced that his country has a malignant disease and that no issue is more crucial.

      I’m sorry if that bores Herzog, but it’s a cruel reality for millions of people. It’s the reality that hasn’t changed, not the person writing about it. The Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza (and a handful of Israelis of conscience) are a lot more fed up with the occupation than Herzog is in his posh Tel Aviv neighborhood. Yes, he leads a huge political camp, as he took pains to mention twice, people who may not have voted for him but surely agree with him on one point: Enough with the nagging (about the occupation).

      So to the head of the Israeli left, I say thank you for bringing this to my attention. But I won’t stop."

      read more: link to

      Bless Gideon Levy. He gets it. Never, ever give up or in.

    • Herzog, who will you "talk" to now?

      "Abbas quits PLO leadership ahead of internal election"

      link to

    • I don't know where this belongs, but Isaac Herzog slams Levy here and tells the world how he would make peace/NOT.

      "Gideon Levy: The One-trick Pony of Israeli Journalism

      Opposition leader Isaac Herzog responds to criticism levelled against him by Haaretz's Gideon Levy, arguing that making peace also means fighting terror - not just accepting the Palestinian narrative hook, line and sinker.

      It’s always amusing to read Gideon Levy criticizing someone else for using cliches ("The left’s counter-terrorism unit," Haaretz, August 20). After all, Levy is the expert in the use of cliches. He has been singing For the same song for years, publishing the same article and the same text, twice and sometimes three times a week: "Occupation, occupation, occupation and once again occupation; only the Jews are to blame and only the Palestinians are right." Levy has been a one-trick pony since way back in the 1990s.

      My meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) this week lasted for an hour and 15 minutes. We sat privately and conducted a penetrating, detailed and in-depth conversation. Too much time has passed since an Israeli leader sat with Abu Mazen and spoke to him directly and at length. He is afraid of the unbridled terror. He is doing quite a lot to combat it, but is very concerned by the fact that we may be on the brink of a third intifada, and that it is liable to erupt on his watch. Under his responsibility. He is particularly concerned by the stagnation and by the lack of hope on the diplomatic front.

      I described my viewpoint to him; I explained that I want to take take my party back to the path of late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, which means a tough and uncompromising war against terror, and at the same time, a courageous diplomatic initiative. As I told Abu Mazen, in the war against terror I really am more extreme than Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. His policy of speaking to Hamas and isolating Abu Mazen will lead to Abu Mazen’s resignation and to Hamas taking control over Judea and Samaria. Hamastan five minutes from Kfar Sava. That’s not how to fight terror and its leaders....

      ...But people like Levy are stuck in the 1990s and fail to understand that it’s impossible today sit down around the negotiating table with the Palestinians and to emerge, locked in a brotherly embrace, moments later with a with full peace agreement that features a return to the 1967 lines and a division of Jerusalem. Levy writes as though he hasn’t been here in recent years. In a previous article he mocked me because my wife and I gave our blessings to the cadets in a pilots’ training course. Levy used to be a Zionist. I’m no longer sure that he is one. ...

      ...After Gaza fell into the hands of Hamas, and the State of Israel was attacked with missiles, and tunnels were dug under dining rooms on kibbutzim in the south, it’s no longer possible to continue talking only about a bilateral agreement with the Palestinians. We have to talk about a trailblazing diplomatic move, supported by the moderate countries in the region.

      Levy thinks that the Palestinians are always right. That the terror attacks against us are their natural right. That a boycott against the Jews is the imperative of the hour and that the time has come for U.S. President Barack Obama to impose the same kind of sanctions that he imposed on Iran on Israel. In effect Levy, like the messianic right, is leading to a state with an Arab majority between the Jordan and the Mediterranean. ..."

      read the rest : link to

      " Levy used to be a Zionist. I’m no longer sure that he is one. "

      As if that's a bad thing.

      Herzog is only another iteration of the status quo.

      Herzog finds the truth "amusing"~ that speaks volumes.

    • Have you read his book? I'll lend you mine.

      There was not even a whiff of anti- semitism in it. Is it anti- semitic to tell the truth?

  • Citing 'everlasting commitment' to Israel, 26 Jewish bigs come out for Iran deal
    • Thanks, Kay. I guess other Americans and folks can listen too.

      (This is getting beyond ridiculous, imho)

    • "77 Nuclear Non-proliferation Experts Come Out in Favor of Iran Deal
      Nuclear deal 'will be a net-plus for international nuclear nonproliferation efforts,' experts say.

      Over 70 leading nuclear non-proliferation specialists issued a joint statement on Tuesday explaining why the nuclear deal with Iran “is a strong, long-term, and verifiable agreement that will be a net-plus for international nuclear nonproliferation efforts.”

      The July 14 agreement “advances the security interests of the P5+1 nations (China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States), the European Union, their allies and partners in the Middle East, and the international community," the statement reads.

      The group includes former U.S. nuclear negotiators, former senior U.S. nonproliferation officials, a former director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), a former member of the UN Panel of Experts on Iran, and leading nuclear specialists from the United States and around the globe.

      Among those who signed the statement are the former director of the IAEA Hans Blix; former CIA agent Valerie Plame and her husband Joe Wilson, who were prominent opponents of the Iraq War; Thomas Pickering, a retired diplomat and former U.S. ambassador to Israel; senior fellows from the Council on Foreign Relations and the Brookings Institution; and several former United Nations disarmament officials.

      After listing the various measures detailed by the deal regarding the monitoring and inspections of Iran's nuclear facilities, the statement says it is "very likely that any future effort by Iran to pursue nuclear weapons, even a clandestine program, would be detected promptly, providing the opportunity to intervene decisively to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon."..."

      read more, including full statement : link to

      Game over, Netanyahu, AIPAC, etc & Repubs.

      I missed it, but Lobelog had an article about this on the 18th:

      link to

    • Chutzpah:

      "Israel Demands Publication of All Secret Agreements With Iran
      Follows AP report, denied by UN atomic energy agency, that Iranians would control inspections at alleged military nuclear site."

      read more: link to

      And then this insanity:

      "This Is the Deal Netanyahu Should Ask the U.S. for
      Rather than gamble Israel's security on the hope that Congress will reject the Iran deal, Israel's premier should insist on a NATO-style treaty."

      read more: link to

    • Thanks again, Phil.

      I was glad to hear that Angus King is for the Iran agreement. I did not see that he mentioned Israel in the Reuters article that I read, so I dug a bit deeper and this is what I found:

      "Angus King, George Mitchell say Iran accord is better than alternatives

      An overflow crowd turns out in Portland to hear a current senator, a former senator and former Ambassador Nicholas Burns talk about the deal that Republicans are trying to reject.

      U.S. Sen. Angus King said Wednesday that his support for a controversial deal designed to limit Iran’s nuclear program and prevent the longtime American antagonist from obtaining a nuclear weapon is the most difficult decision he’s made in nearly a decade of public service.

      However, King said, the alternatives – up to and including war – are far worse. While he was critical of President Barack Obama’s assertion that the choice was to either accept the deal or prepare for war, he said conflict was a real possibility.

      “If we bomb them … are they going to want to negotiate with us two or three years later?” King said. ...

      ... Mitchell said the president’s critics “tend to compare the deal to a perfect accord” when a perfect deal wasn’t possible.

      He also addressed critics who note that Israel, a longtime ally of the U.S., opposes the deal.

      “It’s our national self interest that should dictate our decision,” he said. “We should decide – taking all of our commitments to our friends in account – is this the best thing for the United States of America? If that standard is applied, a fairly objective conclusion is inescapable: This agreement is in our national interest.”"

      link to

      How refreshing, eh? Mitchell actually made the single most important point that every single American should hear, but they don't because AIPAC and Israel and are trying to suck all of the air out of the room. Kudos to King for having this forum! It's a good article. Nick Burns was the only weak link, imho. Maybe he was there to throw red meat to those growling for it.

      Thanks for the link to Chomsky. Of course he's right about both points that you cite... again. It's nice to hear truth. The article is a keeper.

  • Netanyahu Asks GOP Candidates: What kind of contortions will you do for Israel?
    • John Boehner is really orange, and he does indeed signify something darker...

      These characters' hue only match the Katie kitty's~ nothing to worry about, piotr!

    • OMG!

      Katie Miranda, you are a bona fide genius and talent! I really can't stop laughing... my belly hurts!

      I'm speechless.

  • 'There is no Jewish terror': Conspiracy theory that Palestinians committed Duma firebombing spreads among Israelis
    • Amira Hass:

      "Palestinian Witness Accounts Have Different Take on West Bank Stabbings

      Palestinian eyewitnesses say the stabber at the gas station on Route 443 was shot dead when he was sitting down 20 meters away from the soldiers.

      About a quarter-hour after Anas Taha stabbed Yehuda Ben-Moyal at the Khawaja gas station on Route 443 last week, soldiers killed him. They shot him from a distance of twenty meters as he was sitting on the ground, after they fired in the air twice and after he yelled “Allahu Akbar.” This, according to an eyewitness who spoke to Haaretz.

      It was the first of four incidents in 10 days in which, according to army and Border Police spokesmen, a Palestinian was shot after stabbing or otherwise assaulting an Israeli in the West Bank. Three of the four Palestinians were killed. Three of the four Israelis were soldiers stationed at checkpoints: a soldier at Beit Ghur (Beit Horon) on Route 443, between Modi’in and Jerusalem, and two Border Police officers at the Za’atra (Tapuah) junction, south of Nablus. What are called in Israel “atmosphere attacks,” carried out by lone attackers inspired by the tense mood in the West Bank, and not by an organized armed cell, are perceived very differently by Palestinians. As they see it, at any time a soldier at a checkpoint can decide that he is being attacked and can kill a Palestinian. Palestinians don’t buy the idea that teenagers are carrying out copycat stabbings of Israelis, especially soldiers. In their opinion, the soldiers are quick on the trigger because they are hysterical.

      On Monday Mohammed al-Atrash, a young man from Kufr A-Ra’i village, south of Jenin, was buried after being shot dead by a Border Police officer at the Za’atra checkpoint. According to Israeli reports, he had tried to stab another officer. After the funeral, relatives said there were witnesses who saw Atrash being removed from a taxi, that the officer had provoked him and that he didn’t even have a knife. A spokesman for security forces in the Palestinian Authority, Adnan Damiri, said the Palestinians were not presented with any evidence of stabbing attempts in the two incidents at Tapuah Junction. He added that the Israel Defense Forces both kills and investigates itself. ..."

      Much more @ : link to

      Wonder why the IOF doesn't have cameras...

    • Thank you, Kris.

      Levy just did another column about Allaan~ here's some of it:

      "Palestinian Hunger Striker Proves Israel Only Understands Force

      How ironic: only as Mohammed Allaan lay dying did he become strong enough to force the state to release him.

      ... It was not Allaan’s life that worried the state and most of its citizens – as far as they were concerned he could have died a long time ago, and with him all the administrative detainees – but rather the damage to Israel’s image and the danger that his death would spark a conflagration in the territories that kept the decision-makers up at night. The media discourse over Allaan, as he hovered between life and death, between moments of lucidity and eternal dementia: an almost diabolical discourse, without a shred of compassion, the slightest humanity, in the face of a man fighting almost to the death for the freedom to which he is entitled.

      On Thursday, Allaan’s fate was still unclear. His attorneys said that had been unable to communicate with him. They might never be able to. His fate may have been sealed. You can be sure, all you lawyers, Shin Bet agents, politicians and even journalists, public opinion in Israel does not take and never has taken an interest in his fate. For Israeli public opinion Allaan is a terrorist, a murderer with blood on his hands as the thugs of Ashkelon screamed – and to hell with the facts. To hell, too, with the moral image of a state who persists in jailing hundreds of people without trial and is prepared to let them out only when they become vegetables.

      Allaan’s fate – if he recovers after long suffering, if he needs chronic care forever or if he dies – will haunt Israel for a long time to come. And rightly so."

      read more: link to

    • Yes, the crazed extremist settlers do attack the IOF, and not only in Hebron.

      "... But he thought the Israeli authorities should ignore the Duma attack and focus on Hebron. “Instead of trying to investigate whether or not it was Arabs who did the attack, they [police] should come see the attacks on soldiers.”

      When I asked Rotem why he thinks Israeli politicians condemned the attack and promised to treat on Jewish terror the same as Palestinian terror, he told me it was for the purposes of hasbara. “They say it for the [outside] world,” he replied before adding, “The whole government has a tendency to the left.”

      Despite the promises of politicians like Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and Education Minister Naftali Bennett, the soldier told me they didn’t have any orders to increase attention to settlers."

      - See more at: link to

      In that context, it seems that he may not be talking about the crazed settlers of Hebron, especially since Rotem is in complete denial of Jewish terrorism.

      Maybe Dan can shed some light on this.

    • omg.

      "Honor killing"?

      Now that I've gotten that out of the way, this is an extremely valuable glimpse into the insular, supremacist, and narcissistic thinking of some Israelis. They really are a brainwashed lot, and seem incapable of any compassion for others or for any introspection/soul-searching.

      This morning I read Gideon Levy's latest column. It's an interview with Mohammed Allaan's father, Nasser a- Din Allaan. I think that this excerpt is pertinent:

      ... Nasser a-Din says he is not surprised by his son’s determination, but his physical endurance does amaze him. He didn’t think he would keep up the hunger strike so long. What will happen if he dies?

      “You have to ask [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu that question. He has to prepare for the consequences. Does he think he is acting logically? My son lost consciousness, not because he wanted to, but Netanyahu lost awareness willingly. If Mohammed dies, life will be nothing for me. If my son dies, justice will die. Humaneness will die. The conscience of the international community will disappear, and whatever response comes will not be the fault of the Palestinians. The international community, which did nothing to save Mohammed, will bear the responsibility. An intifada? Possibly. Or maybe something bigger than an intifada. Only God knows what will happen if Mohammed dies.

      “During Ramadan, we fast for part of the day, and it’s hard,” he continues. “Mohammed has been fasting for more than 60 days. I can’t stop thinking about him, especially not about that scene in Barzilai. I’m trying constantly to forget that picture, but it haunts me. I’m trying to treat myself, to forget Mohammed’s fate for a moment and relax. But it’s not working.

      “I want to speak to the Israeli people in religious terms, from the viewpoint of the Koran and the Torah. We are all human beings, flesh and blood. If a Jew were in Mohammed’s place, I would treat him like a human being. But the religious Jews have lost the principles of the Torah. The Torah students know the truth but have fallen silent. They read the Torah every day and they are silent. If the true Jews and the true Muslims would meet, there would be no problems. Don’t believe the settlers who say they’re killing in the name of the Torah. The Torah says other things. The Israelis need to listen to the true words of the Torah, not to Netanyahu and his spokespeople. Netanyahu will lead his people to hell.”

      read more: link to

      "Despite the promises of politicians like Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and Education Minister Naftali Bennett, the soldier told me they didn’t have any orders to increase attention to settlers."

      I totally believe that~ the fact that nobody has been arrested is proof positive of that! It's also interesting that the Jewish stabber murderer @ the Pride parade and the Jewish hunters/murderers of Mohammed Abu Khdeir are considered "mentally unstable" and never really "terrorists"~ ergo Rotem denies there is "Jewish terror" because the Israeli system tells him so.

      Hebron is full of extremist and violent settlers that the IOF aids and abets, but Rotem is concerned about the "attacks on soldiers"! I did laugh with disgust, but this victim mentality and entitlement is simply so sick and ingrained. And if Rotem thinks that "the whole government has a tendency to the left", heaven help us and them!

      Israel could very well be a lost cause, and a dangerous one at that. I think I'll go read some more of Avigail Abarbanel's words...

      'A traumatized society is dangerous’
      link to

      "It’s time for American Jews to recognize they have been duped" - See more at: link to

      Thank you, Dan.

  • Churchill, Iran & 'Duck Dynasty': Mike Huckabee brings his presidential bid to the Israeli settlements
    • "Facing Iran, He Promised Israelis a Churchill. What We Got Was Wile E. Coyote

      From the rules for writing Road Runner cartoons: 'Rule 3: The Coyote could stop anytime – if he were not a fanatic (Repeat: A fanatic is one who redoubles his effort when he has forgotten his aim).'

      Last March, when Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the U.S. Congress at the height of his re-election campaign, pundits heard clear, and clearly intentional, echoes of Winston Churchill in the speech warning against the Iranian nuclear deal.

      "A Churchill for Our Times," read a title in the conservative National Review. Underscoring the parallel, a Washington Post headline noted that "Benjamin Netanyahu has now addressed Congress as many times as Winston Churchill."

      The Post piece was illustrated with a bronze bust of Churchill, head canted in a heroic pose of dour indomitability – House Speaker John Boehner's gift to the prime minister.

      Lest the comparison lay fallow...

      "It was an honor to meet with my friend @netanyahu while in Jerusalem," Huckabee tweeted.

      "He is a Churchill in a world full of Chamberlains."

      But something else happened last week that in many ways encapsulated just how much Netanyahu has fallen short of the legacy of the wartime British leader – and just how closely Netanyahu has grown to emulate the lame-ass style and ass-backward substance of another pugnacious figure of world renown, Wile E. Coyote:

      The government blew up a bridge.

      It wasn't so much the actual explosive event, the breathlessly anticlimactic demolition of central Tel Aviv's landmark eye-sore Maariv Bridge, that recalled with such startling fidelity the Warner Brothers cartoons in which an obsessive but fundamentally clueless Coyote revels in and ultimately misuses destructive technology to fail at one aggressively pursued, self-defeating, scorched-earth offensive after another.

      No, it was the ceremony which preceded it. Israelis by the droves who had woken at dawn to watch the demolition on live television, were treated to an empty podium – bare, that is, except for a last-century blasting detonator box and plunger straight out of the ACME Corporation mail-order catalogues so beloved of the Coyote.

      When Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz, one of the small handful of remaining Netanyahu loyalists within the Likud, finally showed up 20 minutes late to blow up the bridge – the first step toward a subway system itself eons in the delaying – his introductory remarks left little doubt as to what the Netanyahu legacy is really about.

      "This explosion symbolizes hope and renewal," Katz said. "From this day on, there will be no turning back."

      With the collapse of the bridge, Katz declared, in what functioned as a neat summary of the government's goals regarding the social democratic-based Israel of the past and the hard-right oriented Israel of the future, "This is a new history, which will replace the old history."

      For the uninitiated - and for those curious about what makes Netanyahu, er, tick - cartoon genius Chuck Jones once said he based the character of Wile E. Coyote in part on a section of Mark Twain's travel memoir Roughing It.

      In a long, vivid account, Twain describes the coyote's "despairing expression of forsakenness and misery … He has a general slinking expression all over. The coyote is a living, breathing allegory of Want. He is always hungry."

      "He is so spiritless and cowardly that even while his exposed teeth are pretending a threat, the rest of his face is apologizing for it."
      But Wile E. is not just any coyote, just as Benjamin N. is not just any politician. Both operate according to simple but strict rules, as the cartoon coyote's creator Chuck Jones suggested in a 1979 autobiography and a subsequent New York Museum of the Moving Image exhibition.

      Among the applicable commandments:

      "Rule 2: No outside force can harm the Coyote — only his own ineptitude or the failure of ACME products." 

      "Rule 3: The Coyote could stop anytime – if he were not a fanatic. (Repeat: 'A fanatic is one who redoubles his effort when he has forgotten his aim' – George Santayana)"

      "Rule 9: The Coyote is always more humiliated than harmed by his failures."

      Not that any of this should come as a surprise to us. True, he promised the Israeli voter to be a Churchill against Iran, and turned out to be Wile E. Coyote.

      But if we are surprised by any of this, we have only ourselves to blame. We watched him at the UN, year after year, did we not?

      After all, if it acts like a Wile E. Coyote, if it pictures an ACME bomb like a Wile E. Coyote, if it concentrates on just one enemy obsessively and endlessly like a Wile E. Coyote, then what is it?

      Is it the species of animal variously described in Looney Tunes Latin by names like Hardheadipus oedipus, or Nemesis ridiculii?

      To paraphrase the prime minister's answer to a similar question in the course of his milestone 2012 "nuclear duck" speech to AIPAC,
      "Well, it ain't a Churchill."

      read more: link to

      It's not a Gandhi, Mandela, or MLK. It's a blight on humanity.

      So is Huckabee and the rest of the 'pack' of coyotes.

    • Steven L. Spiegel is completely out of his mind! Netanyahu doesn't get to ASK for or INSIST on anything and the "deal" is done!

      "This Is the Deal Netanyahu Should Ask the U.S. for

      Rather than gamble Israel's security on the hope that Congress will reject the Iran deal, Israel's premier should insist on a NATO-style treaty.

      ... Obama is confident enough that the deal will deter Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons that he’s willing to make commitments to Israel and the Arab countries that feel threatened by the Iranians. In his speech on the Iran deal on August 5, he asserted, “We need to check the behavior that we are concerned about directly, by helping our allies in the region strengthen their own capabilities.” In addition to a possible increase in aid, his is administration is discussing other forms of military support for the Jewish state, including shipments of sophisticated offensive weaponry and arms stockpiles. This is a good start, but not enough, especially regarding support for the Israelis.

      Netanyahu may have gone too far in publicly challenging the current American administration on Iran, but, after all, he leads the only country that the current Iranian regime declares has no right to exist and should be eliminated. Even if the threat from Tehran remained conventional, the lifting of sanctions would likely enable a richer Iran to provide Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist groups with far more sophisticated arms, which Israel will have to counter. Since the U.S. made the Iran deal possible, it has an obligation to provide Israel with the necessary means to do this.

      In addition to arms promises, the Israelis need a NATO-style defense pact that clearly announces that a weapons-of-mass-destruction attack on Israel will be regarded as equivalent to an attack on the United States, whether or not the treaty mentions Iran by name. Such an accord would validate Obama's faith in the Iran deal, and committing to it would be easier for Obama than previous presidents because his record on military aid to Israel is unprecedented in U.S. history (despite the criticism he receives from many of Israel’s supporters).  ..."

      read more: link to

      (Steven L. Spiegel is a professor of political science and the director of the Center for Middle East Development at UCLA and a scholar at the Israel Policy Forum. )

      And who is going to be on the receiving end of " other forms of military support for the Jewish state, including shipments of sophisticated offensive weaponry and arms stockpiles"???

      No more aid, no more weapons, no more veto for Israel. NONE.

    • LOL! Perfect, RoHa.

      (I'll just go change my coffee- splattered shirt now.)

      I actually know some people that wouldn't question Huckabee's errors. Sad but true.

    • lol, CigarGod!

      (except the part about feeling "sorry for Bibi", of course!)

    • Thanks for profiling this horror show, Allison. He makes my skin positively crawl!

      I guess he'll have to go 'pray' about this next ~ maybe he can make his friend williebosshog 'get down' with him:

      "Britain will reopen its embassy in the Iranian capital Tehran this weekend nearly four years after demonstrators stormed the building, a UK diplomatic source said on Thursday.

      "The foreign secretary will travel to Iran to reopen our embassy there," the source told Reuters on condition of anonymity as the trip has not been formally announced.

      The embassy was closed in November 2011, after a mob of activists and hardliners stormed its buildings to protest U.S. sanctions on Iran. The protesters climbed the walls of the embassy, looted property and burned flags. ..."

      read more: link to

      (Great title, btw!)

  • End of lockstep US Jewish support for Israel is a triumph not a tragedy
    • That makes sense for them as far as their usual politics, imho.

      Now if they would only get out of the illegal settlements. They are PEP.

      In other news, it is confirmed now:

      "Britain’s foreign secretary, Philip Hammond, will formally reopen the UK embassy in Tehran on Sunday, nearly four years after it was shut down as a result of a mob attack.

      The Iranian embassy in London will be reopened at the same time, as part of a rapid warming of relations between Iran and the west following the agreement reached on 14 July on the future of the Iranian nuclear programme. Hammond’s Tehran trip, the first by a British foreign secretary in nearly 12 years, comes soon after visits from the French and Italian foreign ministers, Germany’s vice-chancellor, and the EU’s foreign policy chief.

      Hammond will be accompanied on his visit by a handful of British business leaders as well as the Foreign Office political director, Sir Simon Gass, who represented Britain in the marathon talks leading up to the July nuclear agreement. ..."

      link to

      Wouldn't the US look like certifiable fools if they choose to stand alone?

    • Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


    • I always do, ckg.

      For more on Herzog, here's Levy:

      link to

    • I really did think of your piece when I read Beinart's this morning, Annie!

      He came right out and said " it's not anti- semitic" and then he discussed the "tropes" ;-0

      You always are an inspiration.

      As an aside, I can only say that I don't think that any of this would have happened if Netanyahu and his cabal had not won. With Herzog, it would have been back to the insufferable status quo.

    • Thanks, Phil.

      I'm still reminded of your piece the other day:

      "As we’ve pointed out before, the politics of the Iran Deal have unfolded as a largely Jewish affair. Not a very democratic process!"- See more at: link to

      So is it finally ok to point out that it appears that Zionists of all stripes and locations have had, and still do have, an inordinate and unhealthy amount of influence on the US government, elected officials, and US foreign policy?

      Beinart, today:

      "Accusing Obama of anti-Semitism Enables AIPAC to Wield Power but Escape Scrutiny

      Saying that the lobby spends money to convince members of Congress to do things they would otherwise not do is not anti-Semitic: it’s the truth.

      ... Obama’s second supposed anti-Semitic “dog whistle” concerns money. Asked about the Iran fight by Jon Stewart, Obama said that, “If people are engaged, eventually the political system responds. Despite the money, despite the lobbyists, it still responds.” In so doing, argued Commentary’s Jonathan Tobin, Obama conjured “traditional anti-Semitic stereotypes” about Jewish money and power. His “vile tactics” constituted an anti-Semitic “smear.” 
      It’s true: For centuries, anti-Semites have accused Jews of using their money and power to shape government policy. It’s also true that in the United States in 2015, Jewish groups like AIPAC use their money and power to shape government policy. ..."

      read more: link to

      It's worth a read. I don't agree with some his historical assessments, but "IT'S" finally out there.

      "The tragedy was the lockstep support of Israel. But the Israel lobby is exposed and it is infighting. This will break up the Jewish Zionist consensus and also break up the US Establishment Zionist consensus. Gaza will thank us."

      I hope that Gaza and the rest of the Palestinians don't have to wait until they all sort things out. Because this welcome and overdue fight is not gonna be pretty, as Chemi Shalev intimated.

  • In memory of Ali Abu Afash
    • This is a beautiful tribute and remembrance to your very dear friend, Mohammed Fares Al Majdalawi.

      It sounds as though he was the very essence of Sumud. Remembering is all that we, as humans, can do to keep something of a loved one 'alive'. I remember hearing of his death.

      Israel has murdered and wounded so many Palestinian people and so many journalists, too. Thanks to you, we can all remember Ali Abu Afash again, this time with an important personal history and touch.

      Best of luck to you in your life and pursuits, Mohammed.

  • ‘The strategic implications of these demolitions are clear’: UN slams Israeli home demolitions and settlement expansion
    • Here's a different kind of story:

      "Why My Jewish-Israeli Son Speaks Mainly Arabic

      Even though neither my husband nor I understand it.

      My son’s three languages are all his mother-tongue languages. I have always spoken to him in English, my husband has always spoken to him in Hebrew, our eldest son has always spoken to him in a mixture of the two, and, well, this is where it might seem strange, but his caretakers at his daycare have always spoken to him in Arabic.

      Yes, I get it – it’s unusual. I get it – it’s not the done thing around here. If it were, our son would not be the only Jewish kid at a "mixed" Christian and Muslim, Arabic-speaking daycare, 10 minutes away from the heart of Tel Aviv. I will admit I surprised myself, too, when my husband and I decided to send him there from the early age of 5 months old (you can call it a social experiment of sorts). At this daycare, he would learn about and celebrate all the holidays, with all the accompanying customs and rituals, music and food, whether they be Hanukkah, Purim, Tu Bishvat, Independence Day, Easter, Christmas, or Ramadan. He would also be totally immersed in Arabic for approximately 50 hours per week for two years. ...

      ... We have been told off (oh yes, more than once), and our parenting techniques have been questioned. Sometimes, when people are so quick to jump to conclusions that we are “ruining the child,” “confusing him,” “giving him an identity crisis,” “delaying him developmentally,” or God forbid – for the non-dramatic among us –  “sending him straight to Hamas,” I just feel like shouting to these people, "Shalllllommmm, have you not noticed what region of the world we live in?" Arabic is only the fifth-most-spoken language in the entire world, with 295 million speakers worldwide, not to mention that it’s one of the six official languages of the United Nations. No, he is not learning Arabic so that it will help him in business in the ultra-globalized world of his future (although who knows?). It runs much, much deeper than that.

      For a country in which 21 percent of its population of 8.35 million is Arab, and in which Arabic is the second official language, adorning street signs and used by public institutions and government offices everywhere, I have always found it strange that so few Israelis speak Arabic. Rather, Arabs are expected to learn and understand Hebrew. For me, this screams of astounding self-imposed segregation. ...

      ...I honestly believe that knowing Arabic will help my son to better understand Israeli Arabs’ culture and social codes – and vice versa. Knowing the language of the other is the basis for understanding and mutual respect, which are sorely needed in the current situation in Israel. It’s not rocket science to realize that knowing the language and being able to communicate with different people can increase our sense of security and serve as a bridge between people, as well as narrowing social gaps. If we want our children – all the children of Israel – to respect others as equals, regardless of religion and race, we must recognize this: It all starts with dialogue."

      read more: link to

      Must click to view/listen to the adorable video of the tot!

    • Whoopee.

      For those who might be interested, Ali A. has a good article up with some 'interesting' information about this guy's pov.

      "It is not anti-Semitic to boycott Matisyahu"

      link to

      "It then comes down to a matter of conscience and judgment as to whether Miller’s vocal support for Israeli war crimes, his fundraising for the Israeli army, his performances for AIPAC and other anti-Palestinian organizations amount to “egregious individual complicity.”

      He defended the attack on the Mavi Marmara, too.

      To top it all off:

      " ... Palestine didn’t exist

      This wasn’t the only occasion Miller has used the platform he’s received as a musician to promote his anti-Palestinian views.

      In a 2012 interview with The Cornell Sun, he promoted the position, popular among Zionist extremists, that Palestinians and their country are a recent invention.

      “As far as I understand, there was never a country called Palestine,” he said. “Palestine was a creation that was created within Israel, as Israel had already come about.”

      “Palestine” is in fact the only name for the land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River that has historically been used by both Zionists and Palestinians.

      Miller’s claim moreover that Palestine was “created within Israel” after “Israel had already come about” amounts to Nakba denial – the erasure from history of the 1948 ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by Zionist militias.

      Miller is at least consistent. In 2011, he tweeted out a notorious video called “The Truth about the West Bank” featuring then Israeli deputy foreign minister Danny Ayalon denying that the territory is occupied and justifying Israel’s settlements that are illegal under international law. "

      Then there is this:

      "Is Miller boycottable?
      Let us be clear that if the only reason Miller had been asked to state a position on Palestine was that he was Jewish that would indeed be discriminatory and unacceptable.

      It is, however, Zionists and anti-Semites who insist that being Jewish and being Zionist are synonymous. This is a position long rejected by many Jews and of course by the Palestinian-led BDS movement.

      The vast majority of artists addressed by BDS campaigns in recent years have been neither Jewish nor Israeli.

      Nor are any of the firms that are most often the targets of divestment campaigns – such as Veolia, Hewlett-Packard, Boeing, Motorola, G4S, or Caterpillar – Israeli.

      This is because BDS is not a campaign against Israelis as such, but against Israel’s violations of Palestinian rights and complicity in those violations.

      Just because Miller is Jewish does not mean he cannot be held accountable for his high-profile support for Israeli policies against Palestinians.

      “Anchored in precepts of international law and universal human rights, the BDS movement, including PACBI, rejects on principle boycotts of individuals based on their identity (such as citizenship, race, gender, or religion) or opinion,” the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel states in its guidelines.

      PACBI says that its boycott aims not at individuals but at complicit institutions.

      But, it adds, “an individual artist/writer, Israeli or otherwise, cannot be exempt from being subject to ‘common sense’ boycotts (beyond the scope of the PACBI institutional boycott criteria) that conscientious citizens around the world may call for in response to what they widely perceive as egregious individual complicity in, responsibility for, or advocacy of violations of international law (such as war crimes or other grave human rights violations), racial violence, or racial slurs.”

      The same would apply to any non-Israeli, whether they are Jewish or not."

      One final excerpt:

      "Based on my reading of the PACBI guidelines and Miller’s public politics it is difficult to see why asking him to state a clear position against Israeli violations of Palestinian rights is in any way unreasonable.

      "This is a conclusion that can be reached not only by supporters of BDS, but also those on record opposing cultural boycott, such as Daniel Sieradski, the prominent American Jewish blogger who used to have Miller as a web-design client.

      “Matisyahu [Miller] wasn’t targeted because he’s Jewish. He was targeted because he’s a prominent pro-Israel figure who has publicly supported the IDF [Israeli army] and denied Palestinian identity,” Sieradski observes. “Every time he opens up his mouth about Palestine, he shoves his foot into it by spouting off some hasbara [propaganda] nonsense, and then reels it back and says, ‘But really I’m not political.’”

      Sieradski reveals more about Miller’s background: “His spiritual mentor, Ephraim Rosenstein, to whom he attributes his spiritual regrounding, lives in occupied Hebron, praised Baruch Goldstein after the Tomb of the Patriarchs massacre and raises money for an organization that provides legal aid to Israeli extremists charged with murdering Palestinians.”"

      I'll not listen to him. I'll stick with genuine reggae~ Marley, Tosh, Cliff, etc.

    • "More Than 8,000 African Refugees Who Left Israel Returned to Dangerous Countries

      Israel maintains that asylum seekers were leaving to 'safe' third countries, but report shows majority are returned to Sudan and Eritrea."

      link to

      What kind of place is the West supporting and funding and why???

    • Gideon Levy:

      "Only a Radical Change in Direction Can Prevent Next Intifada

      Apparently there is no chance that the left-center will be weaned of its way of doing things; let it ask itself: Why is there Palestinian terror, and what is Israel Defense Forces activity if not terror?

      Isaac Herzog returned from Ramallah loaded down with impressions, and hastened to write a nice composition, with good penmanship and without his parents’ help. “Don’t worry, don’t be afraid. Be daring,” was the title of the manifesto.

      The rest was even more embarrassing and childish (the only thing missing was “we returned home tired but happy,”). But within the sea of cliches, one sentence stood out: “We must prevent a third intifada. That means an uncompromising war against terror, and on that issue I’m even more extreme than [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu.”

      Aha, the “war against terror.” Herzog will be “more extreme than Netanyahu.” He will prevent a third intifada.

      Herzog owes an accounting for his cliches: What did he mean when he said that he would be even more extreme than Benjamin Netanyahu? Even more violent? Netanyahu is responsible for killing thousands of Palestinians in Gaza, and he will kill tens of thousands? During Netanyahu’s tenure there are 400 administrative detainees, and with Herzog there will be a thousand? Netanyahu is evicting thousands of people from their homes in the blazing sun, and Herzog will evict tens of thousands? Herzog roared on the way from Ramallah – who will not be afraid.

      That’s not what he meant, the spokespeople will explain. Herzog only wanted to say that he will be tough in the war against terror, because without that it’s impossible to win elections – and besides, he’s in favor of “the process,” after all. But terror will never be eliminated with force, and the left-center will never learn anything and never forget anything.

      The next intifada will not be prevented by means of anyone’s threats, including Herzog’s, but only through a radical change in direction...

      Herzog’s “process” certainly doesn’t fit that description. Cancelling administrative detentions, for example, would prevent terror more it can be prevented by elite army units. But Herzog and his friends have nothing to say about that. Is the Zionist Union in favor of administrative detention? Against? Again they are only looking for the strong man who will convince the Israelis that he will defeat terror and the Arabs in general, and once again they’re banging their heads against the wall.

      Apparently there is no chance that the left-center will be weaned of its way of doing things; let it ask itself: Why is there Palestinian terror, and what is Israel Defense Forces activity if not terror? It can’t let go of the old notion that it must convince the public that it will screw the Arabs the way the right does.

      If the leader of the opposition still thinks that a popular uprising is suppressed by force, that a “process” is sufficient to stop such an uprising, if he doesn’t propose a revolutionary change of values and perceptions – what do we need all this for? We’ve had more than enough of this species. ..."

      there's more @ : link to

      How come Levy always 'gets it'? Every time I read his columns, I know that he has the keys to peace, but nobody from within is really listening. If they were, he wouldn't ever need bodyguards...

    • Argh is about right.

      And here comes Feltman:

      "UN Criticizes Israel's Crackdown on Stone Throwers, Hunger Strikes

      New legislation imposing up to 20 years prison time for stone throwing, allowing force feeding of hunger-striking prisoners may worsen 'already-precarious human rights situation,' UN political affairs chief says.

      REUTERS - The United Nations said on Wednesday that Israel's decisions to impose up to 20 years prison for people throwing stones and to force-feed prisoners on hunger strike threatened to worsen an "already-precarious human rights situation." 

      UN political affairs chief Jeffrey Feltman also told the UN Security Council he was concerned about Israel's decision to extend the use of prolonged administrative detention and called for all detainees to be promptly charged or released. 

      Israel's security cabinet on Aug. 2 extended to its own citizens' so-called "administrative detention", a practice commonly applied to Palestinian militant suspects and condemned internationally. 

      The change laid bare authorities' frustration at failing to curb Jewish ultra-nationalist attacks and followed the lethal torching of a Palestinian home. 

      Feltman said that this attack and many others over the years, including against Israeli settlers, happened in the context of "a chronic lack of adequate law enforcement." 

      "Such violence is possible because of the environment created as a result of Israel's decades-long policy of illegal settlement activities," he said. 

      Palestinians seek a state in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem, lands Israel captured in 1967. Settlements that Israel has built on territory captured in 1967 are considered illegal under international law. 

      Last month, Israel's parliament imposed tougher penalties of up to 20 years prison for people throwing stones at vehicles and roads and authorized force-feeding of prisoners on hunger strike. 

      "Careful consideration should be placed on addressing the underlying human rights concerns which lead prisoners to such extreme protests, including prolonged administrative detention," Feltman said. 

      He said that the law on stone-throwing was "likely to affect children disproportionately." ...

      ... "The risk of escalation in Israel and Palestine is palpable," Feltman said. 

      "The past month has witnessed unconscionable crimes of hatred by extremist elements, reprehensible retaliatory violence, provocations at Jerusalem's holy sites, and a worrying increase in rockets launched from Gaza towards Israel," he said. 

      read more: link to

      He had to throw in about the few "rockets launched from Gaza towards Israel" that do NO damage, but made no mention of the IOF murders of young Palestinians, etc., etc., etc.

      Gotta be "fair and balanced", eh Jeffey? In the meantime, what are you going to do except express concern?

    • Update:

      "Israel's Supreme Court has frozen the administrative order for the detention of Palestinian prisoner Mohammed Allaan on Wednesday evening.

      According to the court ruling, Allaan would remain in the intensive care unit at the Barzilai Medical Center, and if it is discovered that he suffered irreversible damage, the administrative order would be revoked altogether.

      Allaan's condition has deteriorated on Wednesday, and doctors have decided to put him under full sedation again. His condition is currently stable.

      Allaan's relatives and friends will be able to visit him at the Barzilai Medical Center as a patient, rather than as a detainee, in accordance with regular hospital orders.

      The court's order does not release Allaan from administrative detention – it simply freezes the order for the period of his treatment. When his condition stabilizes, Allaan may petition authorities to be transferred to another hospital. The response to that will be at the discretion of the court.

      The Supreme Court's ruling is a compromise. On the one hand, the judges froze the order, fearing criticism against the Israeli judicial system should Allaan die while under administrative detention. On the other hand, the judges haven't revoked the order completely so as not to signal a surrender to the hunger strike. ..."

      read more: link to

      So, in other words, the uncivilized state has decided to do nothing concrete and humane other than cover their evil a$$.

    • Here's something cool that I found @ The Guardian this morning:

      "The playlist: Middle Eastern and north African – Checkpoint 303, Jerusalem in My Heart and more

      Today’s playlist features a shimmer of Israeli shoegaze, a collage of music in memory of a Palestinian village and a mix of LA-based Persian pop...

      ...Checkpoint 303 – The Iqrit Files (Palestine/Tunisia)
      People who bemoan the lack of politics in modern music clearly don’t listen to enough tracks made in the Middle East or north Africa. I’d go as far as to say it’s actually quite difficult to find music that isn’t political on one level or another produced in these vast territories. Above and beyond the concept of the personal as political, there are, perhaps unsurprisingly, more heavily politicised musicians in the Levant alone than it’s possible to keep track of. I first wrote about Checkpoint 303, the Tunisian/Palestinian Arab sound art collective, last June after they remixed a Pussy Riot track, and this year they’re back with a new album that tells the story of the brutal clearance of 400 Palestinian villages by Israeli forces 70 years ago, using the example of just one, Iqrit, which lies to the north of Galilee. The album is a thrilling and hard-hitting collage of tough Tackhead/Meat Beat Manifesto-style beats, field recordings of Palestinian singers and speech sourced from newsreels. ..."

      link to

      Worth a visit and some listening ;)

    • "Haaretz Editorial:

      “West Bank Demolitions Are Not Law Enforcement but Expulsions

      Since the beginning of the year Israel has demolished over 300 Palestinian structures – the purpose is clear: to pressure local Palestinians to leave the Israeli controlled Area C."

      link to

      As for the UN statement~ it's got to be more than that. Where's the action??? Does the US administration and Samantha Power agree to do something? "Grave concern"? No plan of action AGAIN? How many times has Israel broken international law now? Is anyone keeping count? Does anyone care?

      "Photos: Gaza’s forgotten residents AL-NUSIRAT, Gaza

      Gaza’s el-Wafa Center for Aged Care is home to tens of elderly Palestinian men and women, many of whom suffer from physical ailments and have no relatives left to care for them. The home, located in the central Gaza Strip, provides its residents with basic health services, meals and rehabilitative care. Caretakers at the centre, which offers its services free of charge, are paid by donors. The home aims to strengthen ties between its elderly residents and the broader community. Some of the centre’s residents suffer from degenerative diseases, while others have simply been left alone in life with nowhere else to turn."

      Such an important story! The orphaned elderly. One has to think that it's not because of neglect (as is so common in the West), but because it's Gaza~ the place that is massacred so frequently. And in these people are the stories, the memories, the experiences that are intrinsic to the history of the Palestinian people.

      Bless these donors and caregivers~ the center looks very nice, indeed.

      "PA. Iran discuss appointment of ambassador to Palestine"

      I'm looking forward to see Iran send an ambassador to Palestine! Woo- hoo!
      "Israeli opposition leader fears new Palestinian uprising "

      "Extended school day for Arab schools in East Jerusalem but only for boys"

      Sounds like another form of administrative detention to me.
      "US concerned over Israeli treatment of Arab-Americans"

      What brought THAT on? Could it have been the recent stories about George Khoury and Susan Abulhawa??

      Many thanks, Kate.

    • "MRI Shows Palestinian Hunger-striker Suffered Irreversible Damage

      Israel earlier Wednesday promised to release Mohammed Allaan if any permanent neurological damage was found.

      An MRI examination showed hunger striking Palestinian prisoner Mohammed Allaan has suffered irreversible neurological damage as a result of vitamin deficiency, medical officials said on Wednesday,hours after the state said he would be released if his medical condition deteriorates to an extent that renders him permanently incapacitated.

      It was not yet clear whether or when the state would carry out its promise to release the detainee. 

      State representative Attorney Yochi Gnessin said earlier Wednesday that "If it turns out that the detainee is in an irreversible and permanent medical cognitive situation that will not enable him to resume his activities, the state will announce that the arrest warrant will become void immediately."

      Health system officials confirmed that Allaan’s cognitive functioning took a turn for the worse Wednesday morning, which does not enable him to make decisions. Allaan, who has been on a hunger strike for over 60 days, was confused and his thinking is incoherent as of Wednesday morning, said the sources. His doctors still do not know whether this is a temporary situation, or will be long lasting - and he is being examined by a psychiatrist.

      According to the state's representative, Allaan's attorney tried to communicate with his client in his room for 17 minutes, but failed to elicit a response. The court discussion is set to resume soon, after the results of Allaan's cognitive test are received.

      Allaan's lawyers said earlier Wednesday that because of the deterioration of his medical condition, they were unable to speak with him about the Israeli government’s offer to release him from administrative detention  at the beginning of November. The head of the Palestinian Prisoners Society Kadora Fares said “in Allaan’s present condition the Israeli offer is no longer relevant.” Fares called for his immediate release.

      The deterioration in his medical condition started after his doctors took him off the inhalator and anesthesia on Tuesday. He was reported to be conscious and able to communicate, and in stable condition on Tuesday.  The doctors are uncertain as exactly why his medical condition has taken a turn for the worse. One possibility is that he suffered brain damage from a continued lack of Vitamin B1, which could cause neurological problems in the brain.

      Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said on Wednesday that he is "strictly opposed to all the proposals for the release of the terrorist Allaan." According to Erdan, "his release would be a prize for the hunger strike he initiated and may lead to mass hunger strikes among the security detainees, after they discover a new tool with which to extort the State of Israel." He added that "terrorism is fought with determination, and one doesn't go looking for compromises." 

      Allaan, a 33-year-old attorney from the village of Einabus in the West Bank, was put on administrative detention for six months in November 2014. The detention has since been extended. He was arrested after Israeli security services received information that he was allegedly involved in terrorist activities with Islamic Jihad operatives. Security officials said the intelligence, against Allaan, who has previously served time for enlisting suicide bombers and assisting wanted persons, was of considerable scope and "serious."

      Allaan has been on a hunger strike for over 60 days, in protest of his detention without trial and without being charged. ..."

      read more: link to

      What an awful and protracted tragedy that may now have lasting implications and a life of disability~ if he's allowed to survive. A young Palestinian attorney with a family who has suffered so much because of the whims of the evil Occupier.

      Erdan is an evil monster representing the evil that permeates the GoI. Why doesn't Erdan go find the real illegal Israeli squatter terrorists that burned an entire family???

  • Israeli forces uproot 15 ancient olive trees so as to confiscate more Christian-owned land near Bethlehem
    • I appreciate this piece~ especially this:

      "The world community and the Palestinian authority ignore the continuing massacre of land and people while occasionally making meaningless “statements”. In practice though, the Western governments support Israel and have close working ties with it (thus are co-conspirators in the crime in the legal sense). But I do want to focus on the Palestinian authority (PA) and will argue that it is the biggest enabler of the occupation today. "

      It's been going on forever, it seems. Here are only two examples from 2013:

      "12th July 2013
      Settlers from illegal colony of Itamar destroy 1,500 Palestinian olive trees"
      link to

      "Israel destroys over 1,000 olive trees in Hebron village
      APRIL 23, 2013"
      link to

      It's beyond any reason or rationale that everyone is standing idly by, averting their collective gaze, and is completely complicit in these horrendous crimes!

      Btw, I thought it was against some kind of Jewish 'law' to destroy fruit trees. It's miserably ironic that it keeps happening to these olive trees that have olive branches upon them, isn't it? An olive branch is symbolic of peace.

      "The term "to extend an olive branch" means to make an offer of peace or reconciliation. This term has Biblical origins, coming from the section of the Old Testament that deals with the flood; the sign that the flood is over is an olive branch brought back to the ark by a dove. Olive branches were also symbols of peace in Ancient Greece and Rome, and they continue to be used in various works of art that are meant to suggest peace, from murals to patches.

      Some people have suggested that the olive was a very deliberate and well-considered choice as a metaphor for peace, because olive trees famously take years to mature. War is typically very hard on the trees because people cannot take the time to nurture them and plant new ones. Therefore, the offer of an olive branch would suggest that someone is tired of war, whether it be an actual war or a falling out between friends.

      In Ancient Greek and Roman times, people would offer literal olive branches. In Rome, for example, defeated armies traditionally carried olive branches to indicate that they were surrendering, and the Greeks incorporated them into weddings and other ceremonies. In the modern era, the branch is usually metaphorical, rather than literal, not least because the plants can be a bit difficult to obtain."

      link to

      Israel has changed all that. Israelis just destroy.

  • Over 1,000 Black activists, scholars and artists sign statement supporting freedom and equality for Palestinian people
    • I'll just piggyback on your response to Danaa, Bornajoo.

      Can't improve on it. ;-))

      She's an original gem!

    • +1, gamal.

      Great questions. Looking forward to the answers.

    • Thanks, Annie. It didn't pop up for me, but I had seen it. Thank you for putting it up!

      The contrast could not be more stark between the 'sides' of the plage/beach.

      Thanks for your link to that extremely interesting article, lysias. From it:

      "By the time I got to the “Gaza” side of the divide,” a far larger crowd was dancing the traditional Palestinian dabke and singing liberation songs, while waving their flags and kuffiyeh scarves in the air. People were also chanting “Israel murderer” as four protesters stained themselves with fake blood and played dead while lying on the sand.

      Obscene gestures and insults against pro-Palestinians were returned from the Tel Aviv beach across the barricade, all within sight of Notre Dame Cathedral and the normally tranquil Île de la Cité.

      There were whoops of joy when a rubber dinghy appeared in the water festooned with the red, black, white and green of the Palestinian flag, but it was soon barged down river by a police patrol craft. Demonstrators on land were in turn dragged away unceremoniously, as officers made clear that even a traditional protest city like Paris would have to outlaw dissent while it was trying to promote Israel."

      Mayor Hildalgo's plan may have gone slightly awry, eh?

    • That photo~ YES! It's great and a wonderful counter- action to that stupid Tel Aviv on the Seine thing.

      I thought you meant the picture that went with the story...

      "omg! complete with checkpoints , i can’t stop laughing."

      Well, how better to corral some infiltrators!

    • What photo? I must be missing something, Annie...

      "no doubt their first line of offense will be to continue accusing BDS of anti-jewish racism"


    • Meanwhile in Israel, they're fighting over who should be in charge of fighting BDS!

      "Israeli Cabinet's Plan to Combat BDS Held Up by Defense Minister's Opposition

      Ya'alon objects to strategic affairs minister issuing orders to IDF intelligence staff, while Foreign Ministry fears losing further influence on policy."

      read more: link to

      Onward, good people of the world!

      1S1P1V! End the Occupation! End the siege on Gaza! BDS with gusto!

      Free Palestine!

    • "and when you write your dissertation — how will you portray yourself? as an a member of the discussion, the leader or merely an observer?"

      Thanks for bringing it up, Annie.

      I don't know why I resisted citing her bio finally, but I did.

      "I am a PhD student in Rhetoric, Writing, and Discourse Studies at Old Dominion University and am working on a dissertation analyzing the rhetoric of the BDS movement", - See more at: link to

      I'm all for educational endeavor, but I cannot shake the feeling that this PhD candidate is using MW as her lab. The patronizing and mocking attitude is distinctly unpleasant. I'm certainly not impressed with her own rhetoric.

      from Oxford:

      [ ˈretərik ]
      the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques.

    • I did, Annie!

      It's so terribly exciting and moving. I so appreciated that all of the info is available in Arabic, too.

      From the website link:

      "Below are some ideas and resources for taking next steps with this statement. Feel free to contact us for more information."

      I can see it growing by leaps and bounds. They're planning on it!

    • "I have to wonder how most of these black activists would feel about working with Weir or others who seek out white supremacist audiences?"

      One would have to accept your premise as fact in order to really wonder about that honestly or even ask that question.

      I do not.

      "Someday hopefully you guys will get it."

      That's sweeping condescension. Bye.

    • +10, Kris!!!

    • Outstanding article MW editors~ many thanks!

      This is such an awesome and palpable action and statement~ huge thanks to all of the "1,000 Black activists, scholars and artists" who worked together to build natural bridges and solidarity and call others to action! I absolutely LOVE the closing "Towards liberation".

      (earlier I linked to EI's article titled "Palestinian liberation is “key matter of our time,” say Black leaders"

      @ link to

  • Aftermath of Iran Deal: a divided lobby, but Biden's camp says he has 'Jews'
    • +1, pabelmont!

      (So very glad to see you!)

    • Great opinion piece by Noa Osterreicher:

      "In Bennett's Eyes, Diaspora Jewry Serves Israel and Only Israel ...

      This just in: Not all the Jews in the world want to live in Israel. I’m sorry if I’ve caused Diaspora Minister Naftali Bennett to choke on his omelet this morning or get some coffee up his nose.

      About eight million Jews live today in countries that are not Israel. There is no way of knowing how many of them would jump at the chance to move to the Jewish state – but Minister Bennett does not care. From his point of view, every Jew is a treasure, an asset that can be placed at any time on the local demographic scale, or at least used to promote the goals of the government of Israel.

      What are the government’s goals? Let’s not quibble. We’re here, you’re there – if you don’t come here, at least say good things about us there. As Jews, it is your obligation to speak in one voice. We’re not in the shtetl; the days of “two Jews, three opinions” are over. Don’t split hairs or ponder things over. If, at the age of eight days, you ran into a mohel, you’re ours – if you want to be, and especially if you don’t. With all due respect to your independent lives, for the Diaspora minister (and for the prime minister, as well) you’re just sleeper cells waiting for that phone call at 3 A.M., for the code word that will put you into operation. Red Sheet!, or Color Red, or Red Meat, the computer will decide.

      Take an example from Pollard – a man who didn’t forget what it is to be Jewish. His hairstyle might be outmoded, but his heart, his warm Jewish heart, continued to beat strongly, even behind bars. What have you done for the state? Did you give Benjamin Netanyahu a standing ovation at AIPAC? Did you donate a television room to an air force base? Nu, really, that’s what you call sacrifice? Where’s the sweat? Where’s the knife between your teeth?

      You met some shikse in college and decided that love was more important than any conversion? Big mistake. That’s why we expedited the establishment of an anonymous government corporation that will take care of people like you. Don’t worry, everything will be done pleasantly. But let’s be clear. Your Jewish foundation is being undermined and you’re reciting poetry at a Reform synagogue with a female cantor who used to be a man. What did you expect, for us to sit idly by? Forget it. We’ve all been drafted for life, and only death will release us from the ranks. You’re here for us, not the other way around.

      We don’t want to hear your opinion about a place where an ultra-Orthodox man comes to a Gay Pride parade, stabs marchers, and a month after he gets out of prison goes back to the same parade and stabs again – this time fatally. We don’t care what you think about Jews who burn a Palestinian baby and father to death.

      What are you mumbling there? You’re in pain? No problem, a little pure oil and everything will go smoothly.

      Get this into your heads: Israel needs Jews who are ready to go all the way ...

      There’s no point in whining or telling us how nicely you have been able to fit in. We know everything. How your kids are doing in Silicon Valley, and how your great-grandfather came from Odessa in 1889 and worked his fingers to the bone to make a living in a sweatshop. Get real. Your beautiful life with the garage and the basement is just a temporary safe haven. You won’t be able to run from us, Jews. As the poet said: With the tears of mothers, bereft of their children/And the blood of pure babies/With mortar we will join the bodies with the bricks/And raise up the building of our birthright."

      read more: link to

    • Yep.

      It's remarkable. I thought of Phil's quote when I linked to the article about the letter from 340 Rabbis to Congress yesterday...

    • +1, ritzl!

      Phil, you wrote something so accurate and memorable the other day:

      "As we’ve pointed out before, the politics of the Iran Deal have unfolded as a largely Jewish affair. Not a very democratic process! "

      link to

      This piece resonates of more of the same.

      (I wonder if Biden remains a staunch Roman Catholic Zionist Democrat...)

  • Leading Israeli journalist says Israel is an Apartheid state
    • Laurent~ perhaps you don't know amigo well enough.

      That was irony.

    • "just- there are laws on the books against Palestinians inside Israel proper. I certainly think the term legal discrimination is apt. I would not use the term apartheid to describe what goes on in Israel proper. There is a battle to be fought to improve the situation inside Israel. That battle is now going the wrong way."

      I fear that you'll choose never to see the truth, yonah. Too bad. You'll always be part of the problem and never part of the solution. The "battle" has always been "going the wrong way".

      Thanks to eljay, Mooser, diasp0ra for your comments.

      gamal~ you hit a home run and pierced my heart more than a little bit with Darwish's great poem.

    • Thanks, gracie fr. Always worth revisiting.

      wrt Apartheid and the struggle for freedom and equality and human rights:

      "Palestinian liberation is “key matter of our time,” say Black leaders

      More than 1,000 Black activists, artists, scholars, students and organizations have released this statement reaffirming their “solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and commitment to the liberation of Palestine’s land and people.”

      The list of signatories includes scholar-activists Angela Davis and Cornel West, political prisoners Mumia Abu-Jamal and Sundiata Acoli, rappers Talib Kweli, Boots Riley and Jasiri X and Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors. Forty organizations signed, including the Florida-based Dream Defenders and St. Louis-based Hands Up United and Tribe X, which were founded after the killings of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, respectively, as well as the 35-year-old Organization for Black Struggle in St. Louis. ...

      ... Israel’s injustice and cruelty toward Palestinians is not limited to Gaza and its problem is not with any particular Palestinian party. The oppression of Palestinians extends throughout the occupied territories, within Israel’s 1948 borders, and into neighboring countries. The Israeli occupation forces continue to kill protesters – including children – conduct night raids on civilians, hold hundreds of people under indefinite detention and demolish homes while expanding illegal Jewish-only settlements.

      Israeli politicians, including Benjamin Netanyahu, incite against Palestinian citizens within Israel’s recognized borders, where over 50 laws discriminate against non-Jewish people.

      Our support extends to those living under occupation and siege, Palestinian citizens of Israel and the 7 million Palestinian refugees exiled in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine. The refugees’ right to return to their homeland in present-day Israel is the most important aspect of justice for Palestinians.

      Palestinian liberation represents an inherent threat to Israeli settler colonialism and apartheid, an apparatus built and sustained on ethnic cleansing, land theft, and the denial of Palestinian humanity and sovereignty. While we acknowledge that the apartheid configuration in Israel/Palestine is unique from the United States (and South Africa), we continue to see connections between the situation of Palestinians and Black people.

      Israel’s widespread use of detention and imprisonment against Palestinians evokes the mass incarceration of Black people in the US, including the political imprisonment of our own revolutionaries.

      Soldiers, police, and courts justify lethal force against us and our children who pose no imminent threat. And while the US and Israel would continue to oppress us without collaborating with each other, we have witnessed police and soldiers from the two countries train side-by-side. ..."

      more @ link to

    • He did, Kris.

      "Kris, I’m not an official spokesperson, but based on the reactions to this outrage, and on precedents, Israel will provide long-term care. If it works out, I may pay a visit to Mr. Dawabshe in the hospital tomorrow." - See more at: link to

    • Great comment, bintbiba!!! Heck yeah!

    • "Mike Huckabee declares West Bank to be part of Israel during settlement visit

      Republican presidential candidate includes Judea and Samaria, biblical name for the West Bank, as part of ‘all of Israel’ during visit to discuss Iran nuclear deal"

      link to

      (PS~ bintbiba, my response to you above was meant to read "I don't know"!)

    • I don't bintbiba... ;) Sounds as though they are firmly ensconced in FL and in illegal settlements in Occupied Palestine.

      Anyway they're very much loved as a family by ZOA.

      I don't want to link to the site, but it's easily googled.

    • Condolences to Rocky. Happy day for your fishies. Terrible job for you, Annie. ;(

    • LOLOL, Annie! I dared not mention it myself, but I was laughing my head off when I first read it!

      (Apparently really big rich illegal settlers!)

    • While Burston decries the self- delegitimization of Israel, there's this:

      "Israel's Military Intelligence Monitoring Dozens of BDS Groups Around the World

      While the IDF is responsible for foreign groups, local groups supporting BDS are monitored by the Shin Bet.

      The Israel Defense Forces gathers information on foreign, left-wing organizations that are believed to be working to delegitimize Israel, Haaretz has learned.

      The Military Intelligence research division includes a department called “de-legitimization,” which was established as part of the lessons learned after the Mavi Marmara affair in 2010. As published in “Haaretz” in 2011, the department focuses on studying the activities of anti-Israeli groups operating overseas, including some that promote sanctions on Israel. ..."

      read more: link to

      My word~ there's panic afoot!

    • yonah, how do you actually describe what goes on inside Israel wrt Jewish Africans, Palestinian Israelis, and all "others"?

      What about all of the laws and practices that don't afford them equal rights?

      It's apartheid within Israel, too.

    • Thanks gingershot!

      bwahahaha. Excellent timing, Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry. It'll make Huckabee's visit with Netanyahu to demonize the Iran agreement so much more exciting and meaningful...

      "Who needs Iowa? Huckabee to hold fund-raiser in West Bank settlement

      While Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is on jury duty in New York, and Marco Rubio and John Kasich are stumping at the Iowa State Fair, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee will travel to Israel Tuesday and hold an afternoon fund-raiser in the West Bank settlement of Shiloh.

      The event – a rare one for US presidential candidates – was arranged by Miami-based Simon Falic, who with his brothers owns Duty Free Americas Inc., the largest duty-free operator in the US.

      Falic, who has financially supported a number of projects in the Shiloh area, is also a generous contributor to pro-Israel Republican and Democratic politicians. In addition, he has contributed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political campaigns.

      Huckabee is scheduled to meet Netanyahu during his brief visit. A spokesman for the prime minister said it is Netanyahu’s practice to meet with all the presidential contenders.

      Huckabee, who has come to Israel dozens of times over the years since his first visit in 1973 – many times leading church groups – last met Netanyahu in Jerusalem in February, just before the prime minister’s controversial address to Congress. ..."

      link to

    • You've identified the uneasy squirming that I've felt in my gut since first reading Burston's piece yesterday, Krauss.

      All of the blame for Israel's grotesque practices by some who have supposedly seen the light is attributed to Netanyahu et al, none of it is self- directed at all. What Israel is today has been a product of decades of planned and executed apartheid, ethnic cleansing, land theft, Occupation, ritual massacres, etc. I don't see one single iota of evidence that Burstein or some others have repudiated Zionism at all.

      So some folks are engaging in hand- wringing and ah, woe is us. His first line is evidence of that:

      "What I'm about to write will not come easily for me."

      All of the blame is conveniently placed on the PM who finally has become so drunk with power, thanks to the majority of Israelis and the astonishing continued support of the West, that everything that Israel has always been is exposed.

      While I think it's nice to read a column like that, I have to agree with you here:

      "...I wish we were past the phase of seeking validation from people who were never wedded to liberalism in the first place and whose “principles” hinge on which party is in power, not the underlying ideology."

      Thanks, Krauss.

    • Bradley's ziobubble has burst.

      It was a good column, had quite a few comments, and has probably generated much- needed discussion. How much? We'll see. Will more follow Burston's awakening, or will they cling even more tenaciously to this supremacist ideology as things crumble around them?

      Thanks, Ben.

      @ Bumblebye's

      "Has something changed, or are all the bbc’s top zionists on vacation at the same time?"

      I can only hope that it's the former!

  • Pittsburgh Jews say Obama will allow 'Second Holocaust' while Israel's ambassador openly lobbies Capitol Hill
    • lol, Marnie! Ditto.

      Mooser~ that is priceless!

    • "340 U.S. Rabbis Send Letter to Congress Supporting Iran Deal

      Rabbis express support due to their concern over 'the impression that the leadership of the American Jewish community is united in opposition to the agreement.'

      In a letter to Congress, 340 U.S. rabbis from the major streams of Judaism expressed support for the Iran nuclear deal.

      The letter sent Monday urges the House of Representatives and Senate to endorse the agreement, in which sanctions are lifted in exchange for restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program.

      Noting that “we are deeply concerned with the impression that the leadership of the American Jewish community is united in opposition to the agreement,” the letter states, “We, along with many other Jewish leaders, fully support this historic nuclear accord.”..."

      read more: link to

  • Skunk water for Palestinian protesters, not right-wing Jews, in roads near Mohammad Allan's hunger strike
    • Here's a few more quotes from Malcolm X:

      “Concerning non-violence: it is criminal to teach a man not to defend himself when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks.”

      "I am for violence if non-violence means we continue postponing a solution to the American black man's problem just to avoid violence."

      “We declare our right on this be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary.”

    • You're spot- on, Kris! Yep, CG.

      From an article 2 days ago:

      "Ex-Guantanamo Bay warden to Israel: Force-feed hunger-striker immediately

      Colonel Michael Bumgarner, who dealt with a mass hunger strike while he presided over the Guantanamo Bay detention center in 2006, says force-feeding is "a very simple ethical and moral issue."

      Bumgarner served as commander of the Joint Detention Group – the guard force at the Guantanamo Bay detention center used by the US to house dangerous terrorist suspects – from April 2005 through June 2006.

      He faced hunger strikes from dozens of prisoners during his tenure at the facility.

      He argued that if Israel does not force-feed Allan and prisoners like him, “You are going to have a constant breakdown within any of your institutional settings there.”

      On July 30, the Knesset passed into law the Prevention of Damage by Hunger Strikers bill, which gives authorities the right to forcefeed hunger-striking prisoners. The measure can only be applied if it is approved by the attorney-general and a president of a district court, and a doctor determines that the hunger strike, if continued, would cause irreparable damage to the prisoner or that his life is in danger.

      Bumgarner argued that the decision to force-feed should be made at a local level, by those immediately in charge of the prison, rather than by involving the courts and the attorney-general.

      “That decision-making should be pushed down and clearly it should be done as a matter of discipline within your facility. To me it’s a very simple ethical and moral issue. ...

      ...Bumgarner said that by not force-feeding prisoners, Israel would be allowing prisoners to dictate the policy of the prison.

      “That’s exactly what happened at Guantanamo and things got totally out of control. They thought they were influencing national decisions by their behavior... [Israel] should not allow this slippery slope of their behavior being regarded back and forth inside that prison.”

      link to

      Mind you that this unethical and immoral jackal is still roaming free in the US.

    • "Skunk water for Palestinian protesters, not right-wing Jews, in roads near Mohammad Allan’s hunger strike"

      Aha! I guessed this would be the case. I posted this earlier today, Allison:

      "wrt “Clashes outside hospital of hunger-striking Palestinian”

      I was following this on Allison Deger’s twitter. It sounded hellish, as usual. Ghattas was hit by Israel police thugs and sprayed with skunk water as was Zoabi and Allison and everybody else (except Lehava members and Baruch Marzel, I’m sure)"

      - See more at: link to

      Truly deplorable behavior all around by the combined forces of Israel ~ again. Perhaps the "Israeli bystanders" who got soaked with the putrid stuff will complain...

      Thanks for your coverage on twitter yesterday and for this full and excellent report, Allison. I hope that you and everyone else affected stay safe.

      As for Mr. Alaan~ I hope for his immediate release from 'administrative detention' and return to his family and health.

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