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  • 'New York Times' uncorks laughable Israeli propaganda
    • O/T

      "Eric Abetz attacks ABC reporter Sophie McNeill over Middle East reporting

      Mark Scott defends the Walkley award-winning correspondent, saying she is doing a ‘strong job’ and deserves to be judged on her work

      ABC correspondent Sophie McNeill was strongly defended by managing director Mark Scott on Monday night after coming under attack at a parliamentary committee for her reporting from the Middle East.

      Liberal senator Eric Abetz asked Scott why McNeill was appointed to the Middle East post when she had stated that she admired journalists John Pilger and Robert Fisk, who held strong anti-Israeli views and pro-Palestinian views.

      In a late-night Senate estimates committee hearing, Scott said McNeill was doing a “strong job” covering Syria, Gaza, Jerusalem and Syrian refugees in one of the most dangerous posts in the world where reporters needed “significant courage”.

      Abetz said: “I am just wondering what research was done into Ms McNeill’s attitude to matters [in the] Middle East before her appointment and whether it is appropriate to allow somebody in that position to allow their emotions to get into their reporting.”

      Scott said McNeill, who took up the post in February, was an accomplished journalist with an extensive history of reportage from the region and was appointed on merit.

      “I wasn’t involved but she was subjected to a rigorous appointment selection process and they did discuss at length her experience as a reporter in the Middle East,” Scott said.

      “She has lived in Jerusalem and Beirut, filed from Lebanon, Afghanistan, Gaza, Pakistan and Kurdistan for SBS.”

      Abetz then criticised McNeill’s description of an alleged young female Palestinian attacker in a story on 7.30 in October in which the reporter said: “Five days ago here at this checkpoint, Israeli soldiers say that this friendly, gifted student tried to stab them, so they shot her dead.”

      Scott said: “There has been a barrage of complaints from some sectors about Ms McNeill. She is a very talented young journalist; she is a journalist that has matured significantly in her career. We thought she was ready for this posting and I think she deserves to be judged on her work.”

      Scott said McNeill had reported both sides of the story and had filed from Jerusalem about the terror and the fear installed in civilians by Palestinian attacks and that she had attempted to “show the full breadth and range of this story”.

      “Fundamentally I think she was doing a good job under difficult circumstances under extraordinary scrutiny.”

      Scott said McNeill had twice been awarded young journalist of the year, won a Walkley for reporting in 2010 and had filed from all over the world.

      “This reporter is under more scrutiny that any other foreign correspondent filing from any part of the world in my experience at the ABC,” he said.

      “Some of her reporting of the refugee crisis has been absolutely outstanding and brought to bear insights into the horror and complexity.

      “Before this reporter set foot in the Middle East there was a campaign against her personally taking up that role. I am saying that she is a highly recognised and acclaimed reporter … she deserved that appointment and she needs to be judged on her work.”

      Last month an ABC spokeswoman defended McNeill from attack in the Australian Jewish News. “Sophie McNeill is a multi-award winning journalist who was sent to Jerusalem because of her excellent credentials in covering this region,” she told Guardian Australia. “She covers complex and contested stories and she and the ABC expect her reporting to be closely scrutinised. Any genuine complaints about her work would be dealt with through the usual editorial processes.”

      The Australian Jewish News has accused McNeill of having a “record of political activism in support of the Palestinian side of this conflict”.

      McNeill recently spoke about the personal toll of the post for the Correspondents Report: “In the space of one day I go from being worried about my family getting caught up in violence in Jerusalem by a Palestinian attacker, to then crossing over to the West Bank to face Israeli soldiers firing rubber bullets, tear gas and even live rounds as I film angry young Palestinians protesting [against] the Israeli occupation and the illegal Israeli settlements being built on their land.

      “I pause when my kids ask to go the park and wonder if the one near us is a possible target. I then hear the roar of Israeli airforce jets practising in the air over my house and I worry about Palestinian friends in Gaza and the hundreds of people I’ve met there over the years who’ve experienced the horror of air strikes and bombings by the Israeli air force.”..."

      link to

      Kudos to Sophie and ABC!!!

  • 'NYT' announces Rudoren's return to NY
    • Yeah, I read that gag- worthy article, too.

      'Occupation' appears once, and 'occupied' also appears once. 'Settlements' is mentioned 6 times, and "settlers" 4 times.

      However, the correct designation of ILLEGAL is never associated with 'settlements/settlers'~ perish the thought!

      Thanks for "I mean, what IS the world coming to when a soldier gal can’t enjoy a stress-free occupation?"

      (iirc, the IOF aren't really known for their high standards, morality, or bravery...)

  • Nerves/Gas at Rachel's Tomb
    • Thanks for this, Eitan.

      The "Holy Land" has been defiled by the Occupiers and those that wrongfully "gave" it to them and stole peace and justice from those that lived there. The very same bunch that still turn a wilfully blind eye to the atrocities and the ongoing Nakba that they fund and support.

  • Netanyahu: In wake of Paris attacks, world should condemn attacks against Israel
    • Thanks, Les.

      "Obama rules out Syria ground invasion in passionate defence of Isis strategy

      President responds angrily to mounting pressure to put ‘boots on the ground’ in wake of Paris attacks and warns against toll of repeated US interventions

      ... A major philosophical disagreement between Obama and his critics is over whether to treat Isis as a conventional state enemy or a terrorist network.

      “Our goals here have to be aggressive and leave no stone here, but also recognise this is not conventional warfare,” said the president. “We play into the Isil narrative when we act as if they are a state and we use routine military tactics that are designed to fight a state that is attacking another state. That’s not what’s going on here.”

      Obama also launched a savage attack on “shameful” Republican candidates and eastern European politicians who argued Muslim refugees must be kept out of Europe or the US, saying: “We do not have religious tests for our compassion.”

      Praising former president George W Bush for making it clear the US was not involved in a war against Islam, he implicitly contrasted those remarks with the president’s brother and current presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who has called for priority to be given to Middle East refugees who are Christian.

      “That’s shameful,” Obama declared. “That’s not American. That’s not who we are.” He added: “We do not have a religious test for people who are fleeing from persecution. It is very important that we do not close out hearts to those victims of such violence.

      “When I hear folks say that ‘maybe, well, we should just admit the Christians and not the Muslims’, I hear political leaders suggesting there would be a religious test for which a person fleeing from a war-torn country is admitted, when some of those folks themselves come from families who benefited from protection when they were fleeing political persecution – that’s shameful.”

      Praising German chancellor Angela Merkel for showing compassion and leadership on the issue of refugees, Obama urged the world to remember the biggest victims of violence in Syria by President Bashar al-Assad were Muslims.

      Speaking at a close of G20 press conference in southern Turkey, Obama said: “The people who are fleeing Syria are the most harmed by terrorism. They are the most vulnerable as a consequence of civil war and strife. They are parents. They are children. They are orphans and it is very important ... that we do not close our hearts to these victims of such violence and somehow start equating the issue of refugees with the issue of terrorism.”

      Saying “I will do what is required to keep America safe”, he said defeating Isis would always take time and there will be setbacks, adding Paris was “a terrible setback”.

      “There will be an intensification of the strategy that we put forward, but the strategy that we put forward is the strategy that ultimately is going to work,” Obama told reporters. “But ... it is going to take time.

      “It is not just my view, but the view of my closest military and civilian advisers, that [boots on the ground] would be a mistake,” the US president added. ..."

      link to

      Now if he could only tell Israel's right wing nuts, including the offensive PM off, once and for all.

      “His statements are not only fraudulent and politically coercive, they are symptomatic of political and moral bankruptcy.”

      More incitement from the lying PM.

      Hanan Ashrawi nails it again.

  • Israeli soldiers kill 2 Palestinians in Qalandia refugee camp raid
    • Good news:

      "Brazilian musician: I'll never go back to Israel

      South American composer and singer Caetano Veloso, who performed in Tel Aviv in July with fellow musician Gilberto Gil, publishes a three-page article on the 'occupation, segregation and violence' he witnessed in the West Bank during his visit.

      "I visited Israel to never go back there," Brazilian composer and singer Caetano Veloso, who performed in the Jewish state in July alongside fellow musician Gilberto Gil, writes in an article published in the Folha de Sao Paolo daily.

      In the three-page article, the 73-year-old esteemed musician talks about emotional moments he experienced during his recent visit to the Middle East. ..."

      link to

      He has lots o' fans. I hope they are all listening/reading.

    • Thanks, Kate. ;((

      Perhaps some bit of hope for some justice:

      "Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and six other former and current government officials are at risk of arrest if they enter Spain, following the issue of what is effectively an arrest warrant for the group by a Spanish judge.

      Spanish national court judge Jose de la Mata ordered the police and civil guard to notify him if Netanyahu or the other men enter the country, the Latin American Herald Tribune reports. That could result in the reopening of a case against them concerning the Gaza Freedom Flotilla attack of 2010.

      The other men named in the issue are former Defense Minister Ehud Barak, former Foreign Minister Avigdor Leiberman, former Minister of Strategic Affairs Moshe Ya’alon, former Interior Minister Eli Yishai, Knesset member Benny Begin and Vice Admiral Eliezer Marom, who was in charge of the attack. ..."

      link to

      Maybe Bensouda will pay attention. Or not.

  • Today's a day to grieve for Paris, not score political points
  • Three Palestinians, all 22, shot and killed by Israeli forces on Friday
    • Yep. Israeli business as usual.

      The Palestinian people have suffered many "Friday the 13ths", nearly every day of their lives. Yet the ptb still avert their eyes and continue to aid and abet the ongoing Nakba. These complicit enablers don't even bother to hold their noses as they dole out more weapons, money, and vetoes.

      Thanks to Kate, anyone in the entire world can be informed. It's telling that none of the vociferous voices for Israel ever show up on her compilations.

  • CAP runs deceptive article blaming settlement project on rightwing Christians
    • Speaking of "happy horseshit", here's some more:

      "Diaspora Jews offer a rare chance for hope in the Middle East

      ... This week came an admittedly small sign offering similar hope in a very different context. London’s City University published a new and comprehensive survey of British Jewish attitudes to Israel. Unsurprisingly, it found that Israel is central to Jewish lives: some 93% said it forms some part of their identity as Jews.

      That, incidentally, should be noted by those anti-Israel campaigners who insist there’s no connection between the two, that it’s perfectly possible to despise everything about Israel – the world’s only Jewish country – without showing any hostility to Jews. Jews themselves usually don’t see it, or experience it, that way. Most of them are bound up with Israel, one way or the other. As the great British Jewish novelist Howard Jacobson puts it, Jews see in Israel “a version of themselves”.

      Still, what was arresting about the survey was the level of criticism this same British Jewish community levels at Israeli government policy. Three-quarters regard expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank as a “major obstacle to peace”, with 68% admitting to feeling “a sense of despair” every time there’s a further expansion.

      Around half of those surveyed said they believe the Israeli government is “constantly creating obstacles to avoid engaging in peace negotiations”, with 73% clear that this approach is damaging Israel’s standing in the world.

      The research suggests that Jews are eminently capable of holding two views at the same time that are often – wrongly – held to be contradictory. They are capable of supporting Israel’s right to exist, taking pride in its achievements on the one hand – and lambasting Israeli policy on the other. ..."

      link to

      (The moderators on this gooey- eyed article by Freedland are furiously slashing away)

  • Israel gets to use violence. Palestinians don't. That's the rule
    • "Palestinian shot dead in Israeli undercover raid on West Bank hospital

      Israeli army says raid was attempt to detain Azzam al-Shalalda, a suspect in stabbing of an Israeli settler two weeks ago

      Israeli undercover forces have raided a hospital in the West Bank, shooting dead a Palestinian during an attempt to detain another man suspected of carrying out a stabbing, the Palestinian health ministry and doctors said.

      The Israeli army confirmed the raid and shooting but did not have details of the man’s condition. It said the raid on Thursday was carried out to detain Azzam al-Shalalda, 27, who was suspected of stabbing an Israeli settler two weeks ago in the West Bank.

      The director of Hebron’s al-Ahly hospital, Jehad Shawar, told Palestine radio 20-30 men arrived at the clinic in two minivans at about three o’clock in the morning. They entered with someone in a wheelchair pretending to be pregnant.

      CCTV footage from inside the hospital showed a large group of men armed with pistols and rifles, some with beards and others with keffiyeh scarves on their heads, walking through the corridors telling hospital workers to get out of the way.

      “They held the staff at gunpoint and stormed the room of Shalalda,” Shawar said.

      Shalalda’s brother Bilal, who was asleep in the room, said he was tied to the bed by the Israeli forces.

      A cousin, Abdallah, who was in the bathroom, was shot dead when he suddenly entered the room, Shawar said.

      “As his cousin exited the bathroom, which was inside the room, they fired five bullets, one bullet in the head, one in the chest and three in his body,” Shawar told the radio station.

      “They took Azzam and placed him in the wheelchair they brought the woman in and they exited the room preventing anyone from giving medical aid to the young man lying on the floor.”

      Palestinian health minister Jawad Awad accused Israeli security forces of “executing” Abdallah al-Shalalda, who he said was escorting a relative in the hospital.

      “The international community must intervene to protect our people from the Israeli killing machine,” he said.

      Israel’s Shin Bet domestic security agency issued a statement afterwards saying it “will not permit terror operatives to hide in any places of refuge”.

      Bilal al-Shalalda said: “As soon as they entered the room they tied me to the bed. (My cousin) was inside the bathroom and wanted to wash for prayer. As he was exiting the bathroom, one of the undercover men shouted at him to stop and they opened fire.

      “He remained on the ground bleeding and they hit my brother on his head and took him away.”

      The army said Azzam al-Shalalda carried out a stabbing in Gush Etzion in the West Bank last month. After stabbing an Israeli settler, he was shot by his victim but managed to escape.

      A military spokeswoman said he and his family, including the cousin, were known operatives of Hamas.

      Israel frequently carries out undercover operations in the occupied West Bank, with special forces who speak fluent Arabic dressed as locals. There was another raid on a hospital to detain a suspect last month. ..."

      link to

      What about this? Ho- hum, I guess.

  • Jewish American activists unfurl banner in support of BDS at the Western Wall
    • Woo- hoo!!! More, please.

      "European Commission Adopts Guidelines for Labeling Products From Israeli Settlements

      EU Ambassador to Israel Lars Faaborg-Andersen was summoned to the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem to be reprimanded over the decision.

      ... The decision adopted Wednesday is a result of three years of administrative work and discussion at the European Union institutions. During this time, the EU has repeatedly warned Israel over possible consequences of continued construction in the settlements. ..."

      read more: link to

      "Summoned" and "reprimanded"?

    • Nicely done! I'd love to see this action grow by leaps and bounds.

      More flagrant discriminaton:

      "UK decision to refuse Gaza medical experts from joining Kingston University conference condemned by campaigners ...

      A decision by Britain to refuse a group of Palestinian medical experts from Gaza permission to participate in an international conference at Kingston University on trauma in war zones has been condemned by campaigners.

      Three doctors and a nurse who work for the Ministry of Healthin Gaza, and were due to give presentations at the conference taking place this weekend, have had their visa requests refused by British authorities.

      In addition to the four mental health specialists refused entry, Dr Nahida Al-Arja, a psychologist from Bethlehem University, has had her visa application rejected.

      A letter by the UK Palestine Mental Health Network, co-organisers of the conference, published in the Independent, says: “It is beyond our comprehension how such an interference with intellectual and clinical discussion on such an important topic could be justified. This is a measure that further isolates clinicians from Gaza, already struggling under the impact of military assaults and siege,”

      It adds: “We urge the UK authorities to reverse this decision immediately, and to resolve to nurture, rather than undermine, urgently needed psycho-social support services for the people of Gaza.”

      And Dr Mohamed Altawil, director, Palestine Trauma Centre (PTC), and one of the conference’s co-organisers, said: “This refusal is completely unjustified and a direct abuse of basic human rights. Neither will it help peace and conflict resolution in the area.”

      He added: “The people from Gaza were being sponsored by the World Health Organization to come to the UK. The British consulate in Amman refused them because they thought if they arrived in London, they might not go back to Gaza. Another reason, they said that they do not have sufficient finances. They mentioned in the refusal that they do not have right to appeal.”

      In the case of Dr Al-Arja, it is understood that the forms were incomplete.

      David Harrold, chair of the PTC’s board of trustees, commented: “This is an international conference that has speakers from the UK, the US, Italy, Finland - and from Israel. The British authorities, by making this decision to exclude Palestinian psychologists from attending, are showing a prejudice and discrimination that the conference organisers have clearly avoided. They should reverse this shameful refusal of visas immediately.”

      The concerns were echoed by Tony Laurance, chief executive of Medical Aid for Palestinians, who said: “It is vital that Britain supports Palestinian clinicians in accessing this kind of training in view of their isolation and lack of training opportunities.” ..."

      more @ link to

      I guess hearing/seeing the truth is too much for their delicate sensibilities! Especially since they contributed to the massive trauma ...

  • All Israeli politics is local -- it's American
    • Less worse is better, Kris.

      It's not nearly good enough. It's only marginally better. You know this, I know.

  • Glen Weyl's agonizing journey to boycott the country he loves
    • Thanks, kalithea.

      I had to go and attend to something else and came back to read your comment.

      This is mine:

      All that I really see is that Weyl is only now getting to the point of understanding the injustice of his "favorite country"~ a country that he values more than his own. Even though:

      "E. (Eric) Glen Weyl is a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research New England. He is on leave as an Assistant Professor of Economics and Law at the University of Chicago. In 2016 he will move to Microsoft Research New York and will resign his position at Chicago to become a Visiting Senior Research Scholar and Lecturer at Yale University.

      Glen was born in San Francisco on May, 6 1985 and raised in the Bay Area before attending boarding school at Choate Rosemary Hall in Connecticut. He was valedictorian of Princeton University’s 2007 class, receiving an AB in economics, followed by an MA and PhD in 2008. He then spent three years as a Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows and three years at Chicago before joining Microsoft."

      link to

      A veritable cornucopia of opportunity at the best that his birth country has to offer~ it's wonderful that he had the talent(s) to avail himself of it. Yet, he loves Israel best. Funny, that. Or, not so funny.

      Was he blind to the 95% that cheered the latest massacre in Gaza, hoping that the other schmuck, Herzog, would win??? Hasn't it been predictable, nay certifiable, that this is how it would play out? Only one who is brainwashed by the fairy tale of Israel could gulp so willingly and thirstily from the cup of Ziomania. And to think that he's considered a "prodigy". Heaven help us if he's the sort of "emerging establishment" person that we have to look forward to!

      I'm glad that some are happy that this genius threw his half-hearted and back- tracking support behind BDS, but he's got a looong way to go.

      The road to justice is paved with honest action(s) and genuine desire to make right the myriad wrongs done to the Palestinians, beginning with deprogramming oneself and trying to do the same for others who are similarly afflicted.

  • 'The Palestinian body finally achieves the approving gaze of the settler'
    • Amira Hass:

      "Israel’s Violent Cowardice Faces Palestinian Bravery Untold ...

      When it comes to bravery and daring, the young Palestinian demonstrators are defeating the Israeli soldiers and Border Police. They are armed with agility and speed, kaffiyehs covering their faces. They are armed with stones and Molotov cocktails, while the soldiers — behind them military exercises — are armed with and protected by armored vehicles, drones, helmets, deadly weapons of various types and poisonous tear gas.

      Against the bravery of the young Palestinians, the cowardice of the Israeli soldiers is exposed. They have gotten used to feeling strong and heroic in their planes, tanks and armored jeeps, in their detention and interrogation rooms and observation towers with sophisticated equipment, in their late-night break-ins into houses and their pulling minors from their beds.

      Facing the kaffiyeh, stone and Molotov cocktail they are lost. Insulted. Then vengefulness erupts.

      You, Israeli reader, should liberate yourself a bit from the Israeli media diet that makes the situation so shallow; you should liberate yourself from the language of the masters of “civil disorders and riots.”

      Instead, watch the uncensored clips from the “battle” field: soldiers in jeeps running protesters over, a soldier spraying tear gas from point-blank range in the eyes of medics who come to evacuate the wounded. Soldiers setting on a store owner who brings in his wares while clashes are going on, and the soldiers kick him in an orgy of sadism.

      This violent cowardice of Israeli soldiers comes on the orders of the higher-ups — military and political. It’s part of obligatory service in an army whose main role is to defend the colonialist expansion.

      The bravery and daring of the Palestinians is against their will, forced on them as foreign rule has been forced on them. This courage is passed on by osmosis from generation to generation for as long as the reasons behind these traits have not been removed. And the adults look on in amazement at the young people: They have nearly forgotten they were once like them.

      No top officer or political leader, no emergency reserve call-up order can force the Palestinians to go out to the military checkpoints and separation barrier in the villages trying to preserve the tradition of the popular struggle for more than a decade and cultivate the bravery and daring. If the unpopular Palestinian leaders have done something smart, it’s their order that armed Palestinians should not be allowed to come close to the protest sites.

      The Palestinian demonstrators know they could be killed, arrested, tortured or put on a degrading show trial. But they are armed with justice. (And to be precise, not with “their” justice, postmodern and relativist, but justice. Period.)

      We won’t say thank you that the soldiers in the West Bank aren’t spraying the protesters with live bullets and killing 10 at once, as they killed the protesters in Gaza. We can assume they received orders to try not to kill demonstrators.

      It turns out that when the army wants to, it can operate without killing. Does this mean the soldiers and police received orders to kill anyone a few meters from them suspected of possessing a knife? Including a yeshiva student whom they mistake for an Arab?

      True, in contrast to the bravery and daring of the many protesters is the desperation of others. Without orders from above they run to their deaths, waving a knife, because in such situations it’s clear the Israeli soldiers are dying of fear, and their cowardice is deadly.
      Deadly by order? Because what is it to riddle a person with bullets who’s already lying wounded on the ground if not cowardice, murderousness, carrying out an order or all of them together?

      Journalist Mohammed Daraghmeh published a courageous article that speaks to the hearts of many and angers others. The title: “Don’t go out to die, Palestine needs you alive.” Daraghmeh calls on the young people, as he says he tells his own children, not to let the despair and emotion of revenge cause them to lose their heads — and lives.

      The politicians, he writes, fear losing their popularity, so they don’t dare come out publicly against the knife attacks. He calls on the intellectuals not to remain silent and not to fear; they should shout out against this contagious suicidal phenomenon and bring it to an end.

      He calls on all Palestinian leaders “from the extreme right to the extreme left” to say enough is enough, seize the opportunity and channel the national anger toward mass protest against the occupation — “protest without death, protest that is all about life, revolution, hope and change.” The world, he writes, does not accept the knifing and car-ramming attacks on civilians, just as it opposed the “martyr operations” — suicide attacks.

      He continues: “It is said: Did the nonviolent struggle bring an end to the occupation? And I will say: Has the armed and military struggle done this? Our cause is not local but international. The world has created the problem, and it is the one that will find the exit. But it will not do so if we keep silent [about the occupation], and it will not do so if we commit suicide. It will only do so if we preserve the human path of our national struggle.”

      And we should add: The humanity and courage of those fighting for freedom stand out against the cowardice and lack of humanity of those who have stolen it."

      read more: link to

    • As I said when I posted a link to this disgusting and honest photo this morning: "It speaks volumes".

      This is Israel.

      This is Zionism.

      This is JSIL.

      Thanks for the exposure.

  • When Palestinian 'protection' stands in the way of equality
  • Ghada Karmi comes to New York and DC
    • The Brigade was out in force. It's disgusting.

      Another beautiful and enormously talented human played in NY Friday night:

      "Roger Waters of Pink Floyd plays to a full house in NY despite Simon Wiesenthal Center call for boycott – Reddit

      Jews from all over the South Fork trekked to Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor on Friday night to protest the performance of anti-Israel musician Roger Waters.

      About 60 people stood in front of the theater with big signs that supported the state of Israel and called the Boycott Divestment Sanctions movement, or BDS, a hate crime. Mr. Waters is a big proponent of BDS, which aims to embargo Israeli exports to put economic and thus political pressure on the country.

      The Pink-Floyd co-founder performed at Bay Street as part of G.E. Smith’s “Portraits” concert series and sold out the entire venue. According to Executive Director of Bay Street Tracy Mitchell, people were even “begging” for tickets to the show.

      On Tuesday, Bay Street announced that it would refund tickets for those who no longer wanted to attend Mr. Waters’s show, reiterating that the theater is committed to the right to free speech but also respects the rights of Jews who were offended ...

      “This is just the beginning of what we are doing,” said Larry Zimmerman, an East Hampton resident, who was also handing out fliers to theater-goers. “We want a worldwide campaign to protest Roger Waters wherever he is.”

      The Simon Wiesenthal Center, an international Jewish human rights organization, called on New Yorkers to boycott Mr. Waters’s performance as he does Israel, and give him an empty theater.

      “We urge people who may have been unaware of his hate-filled boycott campaign and bought tickets for his performance, to vote with their feet and instead stand in solidarity—outside of the theater—with the innocent victims of terrorism in The Holy Land,” the release said on Tuesday."

      link to

      LOL! Wham. Such irony. Click on the link to see Latuff's great art.

      Btw, "The innocent victims of terrorism in The Holy Land" of Palestine are the Palestinians. Period. Full stop. Roger Waters and millions of good people all over the world do stand in solidarity with them!

      "“This is just the beginning of what we are doing,” said Larry Zimmerman, an East Hampton resident, who was also handing out fliers to theater-goers. “We want a worldwide campaign to protest Roger Waters wherever he is.”"

      That's some threat, Larry.

    • Thank you for this intro and information, Phil. I'll let folks know.

      Somewhat related to your piece, I found this article and link over at Taxi's site:

      "I’m Longing for Palestine While Living the American Dream

      My father was born in Palestine and raised in a refugee camp; I was born and raised in our national's capital. Who does that make me, exactly?

      ... The light skin and eyes I inherited from my maternal French-English genes, and from my Sittu Mariam (grandmother) on my father’s side, have made that part easy for me. I can seamlessly blend into a culturally white world, never being subjected to that split-second suspicion and judgment that so many Arab-Americans deal with daily. My complexion has afforded me a very privileged life here.

      And yet, this is the country where my Palestinian cousins with darker skin are given dirty looks on planes, and where presidential candidates casually suggest that Muslims shouldn’t be president. This is the country that gives $3.1 billion to Israel in military aid each year. This is the country that looked the other way when Israel sentenced my Palestinian cousin to nine years in prison for his role in a protest after the murder of 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir. They came to his house in the middle of the night and took him away based on an anonymous tip. At age 22, he will spend the rest of his youth in a cell.

      My father, as you may have gathered, was not born here. He was born in 1947, six miles from what is now the Israeli city of Jaffa, in what was then the small Palestinian village of Abbasiya. For generations, my family lived simply on that land and cared for it deeply; they were farmers, growing citrus and olives in the Mediterranean sun.

      In 1948, he and 750,000 other Palestinians were forcefully expelled from their homes in what Israel sees as its independence, and Palestinians call the “Nakba,” or catastrophe. My father spent his formative years in a refugee camp in the Jordan Valley. His feet are still rough and calloused from running around outside without shoes. He spent evenings listening to his elders wax poetic about home, still thinking they might one day return–​not knowing they would all one day die in foreign cities, never again having laid eyes on Palestine.

      Throughout my life, I’ve felt a constant longing emanating from my father, a sort of melancholy incompleteness. At some point his displacement became an essential part of my and my younger brother Layth’s identities. Perhaps we felt the tension of being Palestinian-American more acutely as time went on, and it presented us with a choice: hide that part of ourselves or wear it like a badge. So we embraced our Palestinian-ness—​and our ethnic names—​and never looked back. By now, we know what’s coming: unrest. And we brace ourselves for the status quo: American politicians will dismiss dead Palestinians as “terrorists,” while respectfully mourning each lost Israeli life. We live with the guilt that we are here, not there. The guilt that we can come and go as we please, while Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza are barricaded into their homes, neighborhoods, or cities. Israel is flanked by water, but many Palestinians will never see the sea. ..."

      link to

  • Majority of Palestinian citizens of Israel blame gov’t for violence, fear revenge attacks, limit their movements
    • You are still clinging to mama Meir and the countless other PMs of Israel with your rantings and ravings.

      You'll never want to understand anything. Nobody had to incite the Jews imprisoned in the Warsaw ghetto in order for them to rise up and try to defend their lives and gain their freedom and justice. Nobody excels in inciting like your party, your fellow inhuman majority, some of your rabbis, and your PM and his hand- picked disciples of the enablers in his gov't of their genocidal goals and incitement. (That includes the enablers all over the world who have not awakened to the Genocide happening before their eyes.) The only single thing that I believe from Netanyahu and Israel is that the status quo won't change. They mean to eradicate Palestinians from the land of Palestine. It's always been their and Israel's goal.

      The newer generations have their eyes wide open.

      So sad for you that you became the victimisers and not the victim. You've chosen to side with injustice.

      Palestine and Palestinians will be free. Sooner, rather than later.

      Ta. Too bad, so sad. Whinge, rant, and rail away.

  • 'No Israeli injuries' -- and another Palestinian alleged attacker is shot dead
    • Check out the linked photo, from Max B.'s twitter. It speaks volumes:

      ""[They] behave towards the Arabs w hostility...beat them shamefully w/o reason and even brag about it"
      -Ahad Ha'am "

      link to

    • Thank you, Kate. (I feel myself shaking with horror, rage, and helplessness.)

      "Israelis Who Are Lost to Democracy

      Israel is perpetrating horrors in the territories at a frequency and degree never seen before. Not that most Israelis seem to care.

      The Palestinians did not win (and presumably never will win), but Israel lost once again. The remnants of its humanity are being erased with frightening and unprecedented speed. Horrors are being perpetrated in the occupied territories at a frequency and degree never seen before.

      The stones or stabbings that could justify such crimes have not yet been created – and are greeted with a shrug of the shoulder by the Israeli public. Its exposure to the behavior of its soldiers and police officers is always mediated by the Israeli media, which can be counted upon to blur, polish and hide as much as possible. But social media sites spit out the images, horror after horror. One glance and you are embarrassed; one more and a sense of nausea mixed with anger overwhelms you.

      What didn’t happen this weekend (apart from the stabbings, which resulted in minor Israeli injuries): An 8-month-old Palestinian baby died, allegedly from inhaling tear gas at Beit Fajjar, south of Bethlehem. “We’ll fire tear gas at you until you die. Children, adults, old people, everyone, everything – we won’t leave a single one of you,” barked a Border Police officer into the speaker of his armored jeep in the Al-Aida refugee camp, in the name of all Israelis.

      A different Border Police jeep deliberately ran over a Palestinian who was throwing stones near Beit El. What happened next is difficult to watch: The badly injured Palestinian lies on the ground, Border Police troops kick him and rudely repel the Palestinian rescue teams before they can treat him.

      Another Border Police officer, in a different place, hits a gas mask-wearing journalist who dared to take pictures. Somewhere else, pepper spray is spritzed directly into the face of a photographer, who falls down, his face contorted ...

      Ahmed Manasra, the 13-year-old boy who allegedly stabbed two Israelis, wounding them seriously, was brought to a remand hearing in handcuffs. He is being charged with attempted murder, but prosecutors will try to drag out the proceedings for more than two months, until he turns 14. Then he will face decades in prison if convicted – and that is all but guaranteed. The demure prosecutor has promised to pursue “terrorists” of “any age.”

      Israel graciously deigned to return the bodies of seven Palestinians after a sickening delay that led to outbursts of rage in the territories. The bodies of assailants who were shot to death are stripped by soldiers and police officers in public, the images of their naked bodies shared on social media. The lust for demolishing the homes of terrorists – quickly and in large quantity – cannot be satisfied. A civilian, Mashiah Ben Ami, boasts that he fired no fewer than 15 bullets at a Palestinian who tried to stab him and tore his shirt.

      The debate over a shoot-to-kill policy, using live bullets, toward any person who stabs or wields a knife, regardless of dangerousness, has not even begun in Israel. It never will. Over 70 Palestinians have been killed in this manner since the beginning of the uprising.

      It is tumultuous, this uprising, and it’s the most predictable thing that ever happened here. It cannot be suppressed through the use of force, and the soldiers and policemen who face the raging crowd and try to do so can only be pitied.

      But when this wave diminishes, on hiatus until the next one, we will be left with the real disaster: Look at the soldiers, and especially the Border Police, observe their storm trooper-like barbaric behavior toward anyone in their path, and you’ll understand what awaits us and what character the country will have, if it doesn’t already have it.
      Those who maliciously run over a teenager and then viciously kick him; who threaten mass killing with gas and assault medical teams and journalists – knowing they won’t be punished and will only be praised – are citizens who are lost to democracy. They are kalgasim, as we say in Hebrew (“vicious invaders”). And those who cover for them, who look on with apathy and indifference – these are their partners. Full partners."

      read more: link to

      Few say it better than Gideon Levy. I'm using the word "kalgasim" from now on, too. They are "vicious invaders" and are fully partnered by the US.

  • Israeli police raid East J'lem hospital three days in a row, injure patients with rubber bullets
    • "Video: Israeli soldiers run over Palestinian, attack medics"

      link to

      30th October 2015

      Jerusalem (ICRC): The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is concerned about the difficulties faced by hospitals to provide medical and healthcare services in light of the current situation.

      A series of incidents over the past few days are impacting patient care and well-being, and hindering the ability of hospital medical staff to provide much-needed services.

      Makassed Hospital, which operates the largest Emergency Department in East Jerusalem, has witnessed repeated entry by the Israeli Security Services into its facility over the past days.

      “Tensions really escalated on Wednesday, when around 40 armed police entered Makassed’s hospital and disrupted medical services for over an hour. A number of our staff were unable to return to care for their patients, some of whom are in critical condition,” said Dr Rafiq Husseini, Makassed’s hospital CEO. “This is the first time ever this hospital has faced such a situation”, Dr Husseini continued. “It is becoming extremely difficult to run a hospital in such conditions.”

      The latest incident occurred yesterday. A stand-off between the hospital staff and security forces seeking to re-enter the hospital culminated with use of teargas and rubber bullets, with a patient and staff member injured.

      “I was there with an ICRC team’, said Christian Cardon, the ICRC’s Head of Mission in Jerusalem. ‘I immediately contacted the Israeli Security Forces, to contain and avert any further escalation.’

      Legitimate security measures during law enforcement operations must be adapted to ensure adequate access to medical care, and not disrupt medical services or have the effect of intimidating or threatening staff or patients.

      ‘We fully recognise the challenges faced by authorities given the current situation, but we call on them to ensure that health care providers such as the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS), as well as patients, can reach hospitals without unnecessary delays.’

      Healthcare personnel and facilities must be respected and protected at all times, and staff must be able to operate in a safe environment.

      Hospitals in East Jerusalem have received more than 370 injured persons since 1st October. The ICRC is working closely with hospitals throughout East Jerusalem during this crisis, and has been providing drugs and other medical supplies to Makassed Hospital, and to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the West Bank. It is also supporting the PRCS and the MDA in their response."

      link to

      The statement is sickeningly WEAK. The "authorities" are the GoI and the Occupation forces who trash international law every minute of every day!

      It's inexcusable and a WAR CRIME.

    • These are war crimes, committed by the fascist, apartheid and criminal Occupation state.

      (yoo- hoo, Fatou... what say you? Oh, wait. She's a big part of the problem!)

  • 'Why I am a Zionist'
    • Hasbara on steroids!

      Hey US taxpayer, this is what you help fund: Defending the indefensible and ILLEGAL settlements.

      "Israel Training Diplomats to Defend Settlements Is Nothing New

      Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely boasts that she has initiated a new course exposing them to right-wing views and Jewish content. Current and former diplomats say otherwise.

      Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) boasted to the media on Sunday of reforms she claims to have initiated in the training of the ministry’s diplomatic cadets which involve exposing them to lecturers with right-wing opinions, visits to settlements and lessons in Judaism. Conversations with young diplomats who finished their training a few years ago or with veterans who have been in the foreign ministry for over 30 years, however, reveal that in contrast to what Hotovely believes, she was not the first to institute these steps.

      In fact, former Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon enacted similar measures in February 2011, uttering almost identical phrases in the Knesset as she did in interviews to various radio stations and to the Yisrael Hayom daily newspaper on Sunday. Ayalon announced then that cadets and ambassador trainees would visit the Tombs of the Patriarchs in Hebron, receiving instruction from Jewish settlers in Hebron.

      “I view this as part of the education of Israeli representatives around the world, in order, among other reasons, to prevent apologetic stances in describing the situation, clarifying that we’re in Hebron, Judea and Samaria by right, not as a result of force,” Ayalon then told the news website YNET. ...

      ... In the official blog of the cadet course at the foreign ministry, in which cadets relate their experiences, there is an entry from May 23 2012, in which a cadet tells of the group's visit to the Temple Mount, providing photos as well. The cadets were guided by the head of the police force stationed there, who let them into the Al-Aqsa Mosque and into the site known as King Solomon’s stables.

      A senior diplomat said that that particular class of cadets met Dani Dayan, then head of the Yesha Council, at a café in the settlement of Barkan. Dayan met other cadets at a winery in the settlement of Psagot. Dayan has lectured in courses held by the foreign ministry for senior diplomats that are about to become ambassadors

      Gil Lainer, who served until recently as the consul for public affairs at the Israeli consulate in New York and who is now the Israel Institute of Technology’s spokesman, wrote on his Facebook page this morning that Hotovely’s claims of enacting a reform in the cadet course content are only spin. “If I remember correctly, the course I attended included lessons in Judaism and even an entire weekend devoted to the topic,” he wrote. “There were tours beyond the Green Line [the pre-1967 borders of Israel], meetings with right-wing people and even – wow – with Israeli Arabs (don’t tell anyone), as well as, obviously, tours of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. This, by the way, was in 1998.” Israel’s former ambassador to Angola Irit Savyon Vidergoren posted in response that her course in 1992 had been the same.

      The internal Facebook group at the foreign ministry had many responses as well. A senior serving diplomat said that her course in 1972 included weekends in the Etzion Bloc, much Jewish content and even, for men, practicing going up to read the Torah at a synagogue..."

      read more and weep

      @ link to

      Just who is the Inciter and how long have they been at it? I'm grateful for the revelation of the obvious.

    • Well said, rsmatesic.

      In other news:

      "Iran's Khamenei: Talks With U.S. on Regional Issues Are Meaningless

      Iran's supreme leader says blasts foreign intervention in Syria, says only elections can end civil war.

      AP - Iran's clerical supreme leader said that U.S. objectives in the Middle East were the opposite of Iran's and that negotiating with Washington on regional issues was meaningless.

      "The Americans are trying to impose their own interests, not resolve issues, 60 or 70 percent through negotiations and the rest through illegal actions. So what is the meaning of negotiating with them?" Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in an annual address to the Islamic Republic's top diplomats.

      Khamenei also said elections should be held in Syria to end the civil war there and criticized foreign powers that arm and fund Syrian opposition fighters, state television reported on Sunday. ..."

      read more: link to

      He's right.

    • "Total lack of respect."

      That's only your opinion, yonah. It's lame.

      I can unreservedly say that Zionism of any flavor or category deserves a "total lack of respect". In fact, it deserves much more than that.

    • "Bill Clinton, Rivlin to Speak at Rabin Memorial Rally in Tel Aviv

      Organizers say event will be apolitical, aim is to 'denounce violence and racism, strengthen a moderate center.'"

      read more: link to

      Uh- huh. pssst... there's nothing "moderate" nor "liberal" about Zionism, so just stop with the bs. (pass it on)

      Was Zionism ever about creating justice for all?

      Nope. It's an extremist and supremacist ideology. It inspires all of the folks that are quoted in Phil's piece, and the practice and praise of it is sickening to me.

      I do not respect them nor their ideology that values and treasures their lives and safety while endlessly extinguishing the lives, hopes, and resources of an entire population.

      "If some peoples pretend that history or geography gives them the right to subjugate other races, nations, or peoples, there can be no peace."

      Ludwig Von Mises

  • Video: Israeli military tells Palestinian refugee camp, 'We will gas you until you die'
    • As predicted:

      "Tear Gas Didn't Kill Palestinian Baby, Israeli Army Says

      IDF says no tear gas fired in vicinity of eight-month-old Mohammed Thawabta's home; relatives say baby suffered from birth defect, military source says.

      Tear gas fired by Israeli forces during clashes in the West Bank on Friday had no direct link to the death of a Palestinian baby, the Israel Defense Forces said on Saturday, rejecting Palestinian claims to the contrary. ..."

      read more: link to

      The ziolies keep coming like clockwork... "A Clockwork Orange".

      (Ever wonder what the effects of massive doses of tear gas are on people with birth or other "defects"? read this: "In memoriam of Hashem al-‘Azza" @ link to

  • In memoriam of Hashem al-'Azza
    • "Last I checked, attacking a hospital (let alone a neonatal intensive care unit) was a war crime. On the other hand we seem to be doing that kind of thing lately, so why not Israel?"

      Yes, the US and now KSA have done it recently. I think they are only following Israel's lead and penchant for doing the most horrific things and getting away with bloody murder over and over and over again...

      "The most painful part of this tour is the visit to Hisham’s friend, Hashem Azza, who not only cannot access his house from the main street, but also lives next to one of the most rabid anti-Palestinian settlers."

      Would that be the rabidly vicious Anat Cohen?

      RIP to this great man. Thanks for continuing to be a "truth teller", Dr. Rothchild.

  • Please Jo, call for equal rights and no more occupation
  • Israeli forces have killed 65 Palestinians this month, including 14 children
    • Welcome back, Kate. I missed you.

      The magnitude of Israeli brutality, criminality and ultraviolence is astonishing.

      Then there's this:

      "Report: Israel Air Force Strikes Hezbollah, Regime Facilities in Syria

      According to Syrian-opposition media, two facilities were attacked late Friday evening in the first Israeli strike in Syria since Russia joined conflict. ..."

      read more: link to

      Are they trying to stay relevant, or something?

      (Soulless sh*t stirrers...)

  • Palestinian Harry Potter fan challenges J. K. Rowling on BDS using lessons from Hogwarts
    • Bless you, Mia. Annie, too.

      There are many standing in solidarity with you and the truth.

      I was entirely captivated by your expression and your brilliance and your voice when I read it and shared it on Annie's thread. Your essence came shining through! Sadly, JK did not measure up.

      Here's her lame response:

      "K. Rowling Defends Decision to Oppose Cultural Boycott of Israel

      The Harry Potter author swished her wand, and deemed it 'riddikulus' that a cultural boycott would be an effective means to end the bloody conflict. ..."

      read more: link to

      You write so well, you know how to teach the world, and I admire you so much. I heard you loud and clear, and I also heard the longing for my fellow woman, man, child, and grandparents. Live free and safe.

      Take care and thank you. The truth will, and has to, morph into long overdue justice and freedom for you and yours.

      This I promise with every breath that I'm allowed to take. It's never too late to keep asking JK to morph or meld into a more sentient human! Look around at the disaster that everyone helped to create for and for what??? My deepest apologies for the anguish that everyone has caused and foisted upon the wondrous Palestinians of Palestine.

  • Video: Two prominent Israelis envision replacing Dome of the Rock with Jewish temple
    • "Do you have any idea what you are trying to do?"

      I'm uncomfortably curious, too.

      (In the words of US government spokespersons, it's certainly not helpful)

  • Executed: Dania Ersheid, 17, from Hebron
    • Unbelievable:

      "A class-action lawsuit against Facebook is accusing the social media platform of ignoring widespread Palestinian posts calling for violence against Jews.

      In the suit filed Monday in New York State Supreme Court in Brooklyn, the 20,000 Israeli plaintiffs claim the Facebook posts have inspired many recent terror attacks and that “Facebook’s algorithms and platform connects inciters to terrorists who are further encouraged to perpetrate stabbings and other violence attacks against Israelis.”...

      ...The lead plaintiff, Richard Lankin, 76, is in critical condition after having been shot and stabbed by Palestinian terrorists while riding on a crowded Jerusalem bus on Oct. 13. Two Israelis were killed and more than 20 were wounded in the attack.

      Three attorneys — Robert Tolchin of New York; Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, the director of the Shurat HaDin-Israel Law Center, and Asher Perlin of Fort Lauderdale, Florida — filed the suit.

      In a news release issued by her organization, Darshan-Leitner said, “Facebook wields tremendous power and this publicly traded company needs to utilize it in a way that ensures that Palestinian extremists who are calling to stab Israelis and glorifying the terrorist that do, are not permitted to do it on its platform.”..."

      read more: link to

  • Netanyahu: 'We need to control all of the territory for the foreseeable future'
    • "Israel Must Not Accept an Anti-democratic, Purely Jewish Jerusalem ...

      ... The prime minister’s latest idea is to set up a separation wall in the heart of Jerusalem. Benjamin Netanyahu’s aspiration, as reported Monday, is to rescind the residency rights of tens of thousands of Palestinians living in neighborhoods beyond the separation wall yet within the area annexed to Jerusalem.

      At first glance, Netanyahu would seem to deserve praise for recognizing the fact that Jerusalem can no longer pretend to be a unified city, and that it must be divided. This was meant to be a historic decision, full of far-reaching repercussions for the political process. However, Netanyahu has made clear again and again that he has no intention of adding any substance to his declared readiness for a two-state solution.

      The tactic of revoking Palestinian residency, if it happens at all as opposed to being just media spin, is meant to forge a reality that the right dreams about: a unified Jerusalem without Palestinian residents; annexed territory without an Arab population.

      The argument for the idea is that while residents of these neighborhoods enjoy all the rights of a resident, they do not fulfill their obligations. By “rights” it is probably meant the lack of municipal services, an unsupervised education system and frightful neglect of infrastructure in exchange for the right to receive payments from the National Insurance Institute, which have become the essence of Israeli generosity toward the state’s residents. By unfulfilled “obligations” Netanyahu means that many of the knife-wielding assailants have come from these neighborhoods, necessitating retaliatory action, lacking any legal basis, against a civilian population.

      But even if Netanyahu finds, or invents, the legal lacuna permitting him to revoke the collective residency rights of Palestinians in Jerusalem, the city will continue to be “stuck with” tens of thousands of Palestinians without rights. These residents won’t go anywhere. They will stay in their homes, or they will need work permits like residents of the territories.

      In the first years of the occupation and the annexation, Israel made an effort to convince East Jerusalem’s Palestinian residents to accept Israeli citizenship, and not just residency. The state understood back then that anyone seeking to annex East Jerusalem cannot give up on trying to win legitimacy from the world as well as the Palestinians. Legitimization would bring along with it, so the leadership hoped, international recognition of the city’s unification. Now, Netanyahu makes it clear, there is no such need.

      Jerusalem will not be a unified city, rather a purely Jewish city. Indeed, there will be Arabs in it, but they will lack basic human and civil rights. We must not agree to this dangerous and anti-democratic vision."

      read more: link to

    • Holy Moly, Kay24! That was quick.

      David Grossman has a piece up at The Guardian that might be of interest to some. Click on the link to see the picture, Please!:

      "We have been given a frightful glimpse into Netanyahu’s mind

      Our PM has masterfully mixed and stirred the true dangers facing Israel with the echoes of Holocaust trauma, creating a net to ensnare the majority of Israelis

      In the space of just a week, twin failures by Binyamin Netanyahu coalesced into a new menace: the one, a near monstrous failure – the matter of the mufti and Hitler; the other, a small and nearly comic stumble, surveying the Gaza border region through binoculars that still had their lens caps on.

      At once it became tangible: anyone, in Israel or abroad, could see the manner in which Netanyahu gazes, when all is said and done – only internally, only within himself. Anyone who listened to his speech about Hitler and the mufti – in which he essentially acquitted Hitler of hatching the notion of the Final Solution and laid the blame at the feet of the Arab leader Haj Amin al-Husseini – could discern, in a way that was naked of obstruction, the things that Netanyahu sees within himself: the virtually mechanical apparatus that enables him to erase the facts in order to change – with one quick cartwheel of the consciousness – the condition of occupation and oppression to one of persecution and victimhood.

      Revealed, too, was the manner in which he casts his victimhood on reality, like one who casts a dense and hermetic net that offers no way out, no escape, not even to Netanyahu himself. But this time, more so than in the past, it has become clear to what extent we, the citizens of Israel, are trapped, flailing, in this net of his.

      For many years now, ever since he embarked on his journey to the prime minister’s office, he has masterfully mixed and stirred the true dangers facing Israel with the echoes of Holocaust trauma. Skilfully, with sharp flashes of rhetoric and overwhelming powers of persuasion, he has learned how to ensnare the majority of the Israeli population within a labyrinth constructed of echoes and the true facts of reality.

      Israel is a country of refugees from a terrible disaster, a country battered by trauma. The trauma of Jewish history, the trauma of the Holocaust, and the traumas of frequent war. To a certain extent most of us are helpless in the face of the prime minister’s sophisticated manipulations. For many of us, too, it is hard to rationally discern the true dangers of today from echoes of the past that roar still in our ears. We give ourselves easily to those fears, at times even eagerly. This is not a surprise: they are etched into our collective and individual DNA, and naturally they leap to the surface with the first shadow of threat and danger. With the blink of an eye, those echoes of the past drown out the threats of the present, and we find ourselves “there” – even if the facts of our lives point towards a reality that is far more complex.

      I cannot probe the depths of Netanyahu’s soul. I do not know if he does what he does as a cynical manipulation or out of faith and deep conviction. It is entirely possible that what started as a manipulation metamorphosed, for him, into truth. ...

      ... But the internal apparatus of Netanyahu’s mind and consciousness – bared before all with his statement about the mufti and Hitler – tells us, in the most simple and frightful way, that the policies of the state of Israel, its character and its future, are being forged and determined, to the utmost extent, within the narrow and hermetic confines of the man and his covered and sealed field glasses. That is where we are trapped; that is where our future is being determined; and that is where we are being led, eyes wide shut."

      more @ link to

    • OK.

      The ball's in your court, Mr. Obama. Sanction Israel now! No more UN veto! No more money or military junk!

      One of Netanyahu's disciples went *squelch* today (h/t Mooser)

      "MK: Hotovely is a 'messianic nut' who should be fired

      MK Yoel Hasson demanded that PM Netanyahu fire Deputy FM Tzipi Hotovely - for wishing to see an Israeli flag on the Temple Mount.

      MK Yoel Hasson (Zionist Camp) demanded Monday that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu fire Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely “immediately, tonight,” over “messianic” comments she made that “could inflame the entire Middle East.”

      Hotovely's “sin,” as far as Hasson is concerned, was a comment she made in an interview on the Knesset Channel earlier Monday, in which she said that her “dream is to see the Israeli flag fly atop the Temple Mount. This is the holiest site in the world for Jews.”

      Indeed, the Temple Mount is so called because it was where the first two Temples, the Divinely-mandated houses of worship, were located. In addition, the Temple Mount, liberated by Israel in the 1967 Six Day War, is under Israeli sovereignty - meaning that hoisting an Israeli flag there should not be a problem.

      “Surely it would not be right to see an ISIS or Hamas flag flying there. To me that would be shameful,” Hotovely said. “We have to fly our flag. This is our capital and our holiest place.”

      “Hotovely is the perfect role model for irresponsibility," Hasson charged in response.

      "During a period when the overwhelming task should be to calm the situation and smooth over our relations with the Palestinians, she says things that could once again set off riots in Jerusalem, and especially on the Temple Mount. She should be fired immediately,” ..."

      link to

  • Dear Chief Rabbi, your sermon on Palestinian violence failed tests of moral and communal leadership
    • Well done, pabelmont.

      It's time for a dirge... and something much more akin to kindness and understanding.

      Please play it again.

  • 'Most-read' article at Washington Post calls Israel 'savage, unrepairable society'
    • You give me truth.

      For that (and more) thank you, Danaa.

    • "So they try to appeal to their peers’ sense of self preservation, try to convince them that it’s by doing the right thing that they will ensure their own survival."

      Thank you Lawrence. They're so transparent. Sorry, but I can barely stomach it anymore. How and why do they whine so when they have clandestine nukes and the most advanced weaponry in the region and use it on defenseless and Occupied people??? I just don't get it. Is it because what Israel has done is so heinous that they would decimate anyone who did it to them if they could? Is this ultimate example of projection? Is this why this guy only cares about his own? Why on earth do the Palestinians have to endure this violence?

      Thanks to Annie @ 2:40 pm, too. It literally jumped up and jabbed me between the eyes! Same old pain, too.

    • Interesting:

      "America is changing its mind on Israel: How Netanyahu is alienating his most essential ally

      The most recent flare-up in the Middle East reveals America's shifting political fault lines


      The current violence in Israel-Palestine—immediately following the debate about the Iran arms deal, which revealed growing fissures in American support of Israel–has brought the conflict into the foreground of U.S. political discourse. The absence of any serious mention of Israel-Palestine during the first Democratic presidential debate thus speaks volumes. It tells us that even as polls show more and more of the Democratic base shifting its support away from Israel, the leading candidates for the Democratic nomination are reluctant to talk about Israel. It will be interesting to see if they shift their stances at all in the next few months, given the stakes that are emerging. Recent polls have shown that Latinos, a critical constituency, are lending their sympathy to the Palestinians. They join the young, progressives, Blacks, and Asian Americans. This is not only the perception of supporters of Palestinian rights, this point of view is shared by advocates of Israel as well.

      Everything seems in play, and that calls for our attention. Here’s what is unfolding on the American political scene:

      To begin with, let’s look at the reactions of the U.S. State Department regarding the escalation of violence in Israel-Palestine. On October 13, Secretary of State John Kerry declared “What’s happening is that, unless we get going, a two-state solution could conceivably be stolen from everybody… And there’s been a massive increase in settlements over the course of the last years, and now you have this violence because there’s a frustration that is growing.”

      Upon being accused of laying the blame for the violence on the building of settlements, the State Department rushed to back off from the October 13 statement:

      “State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters that Kerry had not been ‘trying to affix… blame for the recent violence’ during a Tuesday evening address at Harvard University, when the secretary told his audience that ‘there’s been a massive increase in settlements over the course of the last years and there’s an increase in the violence because there’s this frustration that’s growing.’ The two ideas, Kirby suggested, were not meant to be interpreted causally.”

      Right. It’s hard to believe anyone bought that spin. What this flip-flop indicates is precisely the fluid state of our political discourse on Israel-Palestine.

      It is much more likely that Kerry knows exactly who is to blame for the violence, and his reaction to Benjamin Netanyahu’s bizarre and macabre statement that the blame for the Holocaust lay not with Adolf Hitler but with the Mufti of Jerusalem showed his growing impatience with the behavior of the Israeli government. Although he said after his October 22 meeting in Berlin with Netanyahu that he was “cautiously optimistic,” that feeble pronouncement, behooving a compassionate physician at the bedside of a terminal patient, was overshadowed by his statement in reaction to Netanyahu’s Holocaust thesis:

      We have to stop incitement, we have to stop the violence. And I think it’s critical… It is absolutely critical to end all incitement and all violence, and to find a road forward to build the possibility that is not there today for a larger process.

      And this time the State Department, instead of retreating, doubled down. John Kirby characterized Netanyahu’s comments as “inflammatory” and “factually incorrect” and contradicted by “scholarly evidence. ..."

      the rest @ link to

      Here's hoping for the alienation to continue and that decent people are finally fed the heck up. I still wonder about this:

      If a Republican or a Clinton had been President during these last years, would this "alienat[ion]" have occurred?

      I think not. No way. I think that Netanyahu is a bonafide racist and an extremist. He treated this administration, and the American people by extension, as was natural for him~ like dirt.

    • All BDS supporters in the area that can make it should show up. Everyone owes it (and more) to the Palestinians.

      And what is this with groups putting Israel first again on US election day?

      FIrst this:

      "First-Ever U.S. Presidential Candidates' Forum Held Abroad in Jerusalem, Israel, November 2-4, 2015

      US presidential candidates have been invited to participate in the first-ever US Presidential Candidates’ Forum held abroad, focusing on foreign and defense policy issues. From Jerusalem, Israel, each presidential candidate will have an opportunity to present their views on U.S. foreign policy, US-Israel relations, threats affecting US allies in Europe and Asia, the instability in the Middle East, terrorism, and solutions to increase the economic well-being and security of Americans in the US and abroad. ..."

      link to

      and now this at Temple Emanuel...

    • You quote this:

      "The cumulative effect of this recent mindless violence is hugely disturbing. We seem to be in a fast and alarming downward swirl into a savage, unrepairable society. There is only one way to respond to what’s happening in Israel today: We must stop the occupation."

      And you left this critical bit out:

      "Not for peace with the Palestinians or for their sake (though they have surely suffered at our hands for too long). Not for some vision of an idyllic Middle East — those arguments will never end, because neither side will ever budge, or ever be proved wrong by anything. No, we must stop the occupation for ourselves. So that we can look ourselves in the eyes. So that we can legitimately ask for, and receive, support from the world. So that we can return to being human."

      He shows regret and concern only for himself and his people. How does one "return to being human", anyway? The choice to act savagely has been made by the majority of Israelis and Israel itself for decades now.

      I'm glad that this was published, but boy oh boy does he have a long row to hoe. And what the heck does he mean by:

      "So that we can legitimately ask for, and receive, support from the world."?

      That's all they've ever had... sickeningly blind "support", billions of dollars, weapons, enabling, and the veto.

      Thanks, Phil.

  • Rightwing Zionist fanatics prompt NY official to denounce BDS
    • ;-)

      Thanks, Harry.

    • Shame on Feiner.

      Regan's and her fellow ziofanatics remind me of Neo-Nazis, KKK, Westboro churchgoers, and pro-life rabble- rousers.

      Yeah, they have free screech while trying to drown out those trying to speak and advocate for peace and equal rights. Have any of these American ziosupremacists taken a hard look at Israel today? It's not pretty and it's not a democracy. It says a lot about them that so many listen to their screed and obey. None of it's good.

      These folks are protecting what Assaf Gavron wrote about the Wapo today when he called out Israel and Israelis:

      "... Since the start of last year’s Gaza war, there have been several incidents of anti-leftist violence to go along with the attacks aimed at Palestinians: Left-wing protesters were assaulted at antiwar demonstrations in Tel Aviv and Haifa last summer, during the war; left-wing journalist Gideon Levy of Haaretz was accused of treason by a Knesset member, a crime that during wartime is punishable by death. He’s since hired bodyguards. The comedian Orna Banai lost an advertising job after an interview in which she expressed horror over Israeli actions against Palestinians. This month, people in Afula attacked an Arab correspondent for an Israeli TV network and his Jewish crew while they reported on a stabbing attack. A new bill in the Knesset encourages the thought police by turning away visitors to Israel who have supported the movement to boycott companies profiting from the occupation. On Friday, a masked Jewish settler attacked the president of leftist group Rabbis for Human Rights in a Palestinian olive grove in the West Bank. ..."

      He also wrote:

      "We seem to be in a fast and alarming downward swirl into a savage, unrepairable society."

      It's already there, Assaf. I hear that Omaha is pretty nice, though.

      link to

  • 'Come and see!' (and you will understand)
    • Thanks, John.

    • Thanks for all that you continue to do to expose the truth, Dr. Rev. Jeffrey DeYoe. I am still confounded by the reluctance of so many churches to join with you and others on your journey toward truth, justice, and peace.

      You're a lucky man to have experienced the beauty of Palestine and the Sumud and grace of Palestinians.

  • Video of brutal and wrongful arrest
    • btw, did everyone notice this from 10/22?

      "The Jerusalem Post today describes the killing of a man by two IDF soldiers after, the soldiers claim, he was acting erratically and tried to grab one of their guns. When he was fatally shot by the IDF, says the paper, he was “believed to be an Arab terrorist.” As it turns out, he was not an Arab Palestinian but rather an Israeli Jew. Upon learning this, the “terrorist” designation was officially and “immediately” rescinded:

      Only after the man was neutralized was it made clear that he was a Jew from Jerusalem, police concluded. …

      ZAKA rescue and recovery chairman Yehuda Meshi Zahav, who was at the scene, said he also initially thought the suspect was an Arab terrorist.

      “When I arrived with the ZAKA team at the site of the supposed terrorist attack, it seemed to be a ‘standard’ current terrorist attack, a stabbing attempt, and the terrorist was apprehended,” he said.

      “I wanted to cover the body in a black bag [reserved for terrorists]. After I was asked to take care of the body I saw that he was a Jew, and that it was mistake to speak of a terrorist. I immediately notified the police and we switched to a white ZAKA body bag.”..."

      link to

      Now for a video that will break the hearts of the good humans reading here. Via Yousef Munayyer's twitter:

      "Ahmad Dawabshe, lone survivor of Israeli settler arson, asks for his father from his hospital bed. :-("

      link to

    • It's so freaking awful. And to think that the doofuses think that surveillance cameras will help to curb the IOF and illegal settlers violence! Watch them mysteriously malfunction when the GoI state executioners commit their gruesome and regular executions and then leave their bullet- riddled victims exsanguinate while they watch and celebrate~ sometimes quietly, sometimes out loud, but always celebrating and calling for more.

    • Thanks, oldgeezer.


      "Four Suspects in Be'er Sheva Lynching, Two of Them Prison Staff, Released on Bail

      Channel 10 airs clip of mob, which thought victim was terrorist, screaming 'kill him.'

      Four men suspected of beating and kicking an Eritrean national after he was mistaken for a terrorist and shot dead in Be’er Sheva’s bus terminal earlier this week were released on bail Thursday. ..."

      read more: link to

      Jackdaw must be so proud of them. 2 are IPS prison officers. At least 2 others are IDF goons, according to this article @ link to

      Wonder if they and their families and friends have partied enough yet. Have they petitioned the goi to give them medals?

    • He was lying on the ground while they kicked, punched and hit him with their filthy weapon. Period. Where and how did you see him "resisting arrest"?

      Here's another execution for you, Jack:

      "BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli border police shot and killed a 17-year-old Palestinian girl near the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron in the southern occupied West Bank on Sunday, Palestinian and Israeli sources said.

      An Israeli police spokesperson said that the girl was shot dead after police officers allegedly saw "a knife in her hand." No Israelis were injured during the incident.

      A Palestinian woman who was in the area told Ma'an that she saw as "occupation soldiers covered a young Palestinian woman who was lying on the ground bleeding without giving her medical aid at all, before an ambulance arrived and took her."

      Another witness told Ma'an that he saw a schoolgirl with a schoolbag on her back trying to cross the Israeli checkpoint near the Ibrahimi mosque.

      "An Israeli soldier asked her to take the knife out of her bag, then he immediately fired gunshots into the air," the witness said. "Seconds later the schoolgirl was lying on the ground bleeding."..."

      link to

      You must be sooo proud.

    • You're right, of course.

      I can't bear the fact that the tourists were free to roam around while he was abused like that, and that the IOF thugs are free and paid to aim to kill and harass this Palestinian in his OWN land.

      No Palestinian anywhere needs more provocation nor incitement nor injustice. The Israeli and Zionist myths must be busted for the very lies that they are. I watched this video from Mehdi Hasan wrt Gaza:

      "Gaza is still occupied" - my latest 2-min, myth-busting #realitycheck on @ajupfront:
      link to
      #gaza #AJUpFront #occupation"

      link to

    • Here's another video, via Yousef Munayyer:

      "Look at brutality with which Israel police "stop & frisk" young Palestinian, rifle pointed at his face whole time"

      link to

      Look at the tourists passing by.

      Ho- hum, nothing to see here...move along.

    • The GoI is indeed an ongoing and enabled disgrace, oldgeezer.

      Here's another grotesque video:

      "VIDEO: Israeli Media Fails to Cover Up Extra-judicial Executions"

      link to

    • I saw this horrible attack by the grotesquely armed- to- the- teeth IOF on an unarmed Palestinian man earlier today.

      It makes me sick. They make me sick. What made me cry was the fear that was evident in this young man as he was going about his work, peering into the street. He was viciously beaten and arrested and incarcerated for being a peaceful Palestinian. For too long I have heard Israelis lament and shed crocodile tears that there is no Palestinian Gandhi. No Palestinian Gandhi could survive the brutal Israelis unless he or she is protected by the international community. As a matter of fact, no Israeli Gandhi could survive the vicious horde, either. It's simply a fact that Israel has never wanted peace with the Palestinians of Palestine.

      Thank you, Annie.

  • Two establishment Jews (Harvard and Microsoft) endorse boycott of Israel and 'single state' in Washington Post
    • Thanks so much for giving us the heads- up on the article, lysias.

      Shortly after I read it from your nod, Phil posted an article about it:

      link to

    • Not so very OT, kay24. The Neocon cabal enabled and continues to enable Netanyahu and his lies.

      Zakaria must enjoy the heady (less) fragrance of neocons, eau de mort and eau de kill.

      (Wolfowitz should be in shackles and without access to a comb! Instead he's given the mike on primetime TV infotainment shows.)

    • Yeah, abc.

      "The hearing, titled “Words Have Consequences: Palestinian Authority Incitement to Violence,” featured testimony from Elliott Abrams of the Council on Foreign Relations, Jonathan Schanzer of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, and David Makovsky, formerly of the State Department and now with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy."

      link to

      The same convicted Eliott (of Iran Contra and who knows what else!) that was married to the deceased Rachel.

      wrt to Rachel and in her own words:

      "Abrams was a board member of the Emergency Committee for Israel. A critic of liberal thinkers, she kept a politically oriented blog called Bad Rachel.

      In the 1970s, she spent three years working on Kibbutz Machanaynim in the Galilee.

      "Of the Palestinians who kidnapped Gilad Shalit, Abrams wrote:

      ...the slaughtering, death-worshiping, innocent-butchering, child-sacrificing savages who dip their hands in blood and use women — those who aren't strapping bombs to their own devils' spawn and sending them out to meet their seventy-two virgins by taking the lives of the school-bus-riding, heart-drawing, Transformer-doodling, homework-losing children of Others — and their offspring — those who haven't already been pimped out by their mothers to the murder god — as shields, hiding behind their burkas and cradles like the unmanned animals they are, and throw them not into your prisons, where they can bide until they're traded by the thousands for another child of Israel, but into the sea, to float there, food for sharks, stargazers, and whatever other oceanic carnivores God has put there for the purpose.[1]"

      link to

      Yep. The criminal who married that got to testify before Congress... again.

    • wtf?

      "First-Ever U.S. Presidential Candidates' Forum Held Abroad in Jerusalem, Israel, November 2-4, 2015

      Jerusalem Leaders Summit
      Inbal Jerusalem Hotel

      US presidential candidates have been invited to participate in the first-ever US Presidential Candidates' Forum held abroad, focusing on foreign and defense policy issues. From Jerusalem, Israel, each presidential candidate will have an opportunity to present their views on U.S. foreign policy, US-Israel relations, threats affecting US allies in Europe and Asia, the instability in the Middle East, terrorism, and solutions to increase the economic well-being and security of Americans in the US and abroad. ..."

      link to

      From a link in the article:

      "Family Research Council, International Leaders Summit and National Religious Broadcasters are co-hosting the first U.S. Presidential Candidate Forum to be held in the state of Israel and focused on issues of mutual interest and concerns as well as economic, foreign, defense and cultural policy."


      "The strategic educational Summit event co-hosted by The Heritage Foundation, International Leaders Summit, Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe (ADDE), National Religious Broadcasters and Family Research Council will focus on public policy issues addressing the rule of law, economic freedom and security. The audience for the summit will be international participants expected from the US, Israel, Europe and the greater Middle East.

      The co-organizers believe that the Summit event in Jerusalem, Israel, will provide a strategic platform for communicating with leading voices and key stakeholders about foreign policy, US-Israel relations, Europe-Israel relations, the present threats to the West, Israel, and our common civilization based on the foundation of the rule of law - protecting life, liberty and property."

      This is beyond the proverbial pale! They're trying to light another match in Jerusalem, among other things.

    • You can't make this up either:

      "According to reports in the Israeli press, planned talks between Israel and the US on a one-time, multi-billion dollar military aid package in “compensation” for US approval of the Iran nuclear deal remain on hold, with focus on a planned increase in annual military aid to Israel.

      The US currently sends Israel $3.1 billion annually in military aid, and the increase is expected to bump this up by roughly another billion dollars. Such plans tend toward 20-year timeframes, meaning the spending will add up to $20 billion more.

      US military aid by and large isn’t cash, but rather credits used to purchase weapons from certain well-connected US arms makers, meaning the aid program amounts to a subsidy for both the Israeli military and for major US manufacturers. ..."

      link to

      That's not counting all the other money that flows from the US private sector to Israel...

      (How this is not illegal is beyond me)

    • Thanks, Phil. It's an important piece that I quoted from and linked to earlier today. You're correct when you write:

      "I don’t believe that Palestinian solidarity activists will embrace this move, because it largely ignores their struggle; but for anyone who wants to transform the U.S. discourse and liberate the Jewish community from blindness, it’s welcome."


      "... But Jews count. We are the big liberals in American discourse, and an outsize presence in the establishment. Yousef Munayyer made the argument against settlement-only boycotts months ago and far more eloquently than these guys, but he’s just a Palestinian who can’t live in Israel, the place he was born, because his wife is a West Bank Palestinian.

      But I don’t make the rules, and those are the rules."

      Sad, that. PEP reigns~ how much longer do civilized people have to endure this hypocrisy???

      You write that "It’s vital that the Jewish community be liberated so that the American establishment can shift."

      I get that, but I'm at the end of my patience!

      I am far less concerned about the liberation of the American Jewish community who are under no siege nor Occupation nor forced exile than I am about the millions of Palestinian people who are. All the American Jewish and establishment communities need to do is OPEN their eyes and free their minds.

      This is what I wrote:

      "While I obviously don’t agree with all that these 2 profs have written, this article is well worth a read...

      ...Now for the day when they wake up and boycott Zionism…

      (psst, profs: “Zionists” and “progressive” don’t belong together in a sentence or anywhere else!)"

      - See more at: link to

  • Peace activist Rabbi Arik Ascherman attacked by knife-wielding settler in West Bank
    • Nope, they won't.

      Instead the US government will reward the Israelis for obstructing their rapprochement with Iran!

      (All while they further punish the Palestinians for simply daring to exist, resist, and survive.)

    • Heh. You're wasting your time, CG.

      (It's sort of like holding your stethoscope up to a Ziosupremacist's chest and hoping to hear something akin to a kind and just heartbeat.)

      "Blessed are the peacemakers"

      I remember reading that somewhere.... They are targeted. This rabbi was targeted just like Rabin was. Another peacemaker lost his life to the Occupiers last week:

      "Hebron resident and anti-occupation activist Hashem al-Azzeh died Wednesday after inhaling tear gas fired by Israeli forces.

      According to Palestinian media reports, al-Azzeh, who suffered from a heart condition, began feeling chest pains while in his home in the Israeli-controlled Tel Rumeida neighborhood of the occupied West Bank city.

      “There was no chance to get an ambulance there,” Hisham Sharabati, coordinator of the Hebron Defense Committee and a field worker for the Palestinian human rights organization Al-Haq, told The Electronic Intifada. Israeli forces do not allow Palestinian vehicles to drive on the streets near his home, which are reserved for Jewish motorists.

      Neighbors had to carry al-Azzeh down the hill to the nearest military checkpoint, where there were clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian youth.

      “There was tear gas there and the army kept them [al-Azzeh and his neighbors] for 10 minutes,” said Sharabati. “He had heart problems from before, but his situation deteriorated because the tear gas made it worse and then the checkpoint delay.”

      When al-Azzeh was eventually brought to a hospital, he was pronounced dead upon arrival. He leaves behind his wife Nisreen and four children, the oldest of whom is 16.

      Pregnant wife assaulted

      Al-Azzeh lived in a part of Hebron that was frequently attacked by Israeli settlers.

      “Hashem lived in a hilly area where the settlers’ homes are higher than his,” said Sharabati.

      Like all Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, the Tel Rumeida settlement is illegal under international law. But this particular enclave, comprised of stacks of trailers flanked by Israeli army checkpoints, houses some of the most fanatical and violent settlers in the West Bank.

      Al-Azzeh and his family endured sustained harassment from these extremists, including an attack in which settlers assaulted his nephew, then aged 9. The settlers forced a rock into the boy’s mouth to crush his teeth, al-Azzeh had said in a video recording: ...

      In another incident, al-Azzeh’s own teeth were smashed when settlers attacked his home, ransacking it and destroying the furniture. Al-Azzeh’s wife was assaulted by settlers twice while she was pregnant in her first and second trimesters. She miscarried both times.

      Fanatic settlers

      “Hashem had a big role in showing the world, showing the press, showing solidarity groups, showing any visitor the details of the harassment by the Israeli colonizers in the city of Hebron,” said Sharabati. “The settlers practice all these crimes in the presence of the Israeli army who do not do anything to stop them.”

      “Everybody who knew him loved him for his method of giving the point of view of the Palestinian residents of Tel Rumeida and Hebron who are suffering from the settlements,” said journalist and Hebron Defense Committee member Bassam Shweiki.

      “The settlers of Hebron are the most fanatic settlers in the West Bank,” he added.

      One of the Tel Rumeida settlement’s founding residents is the US-born Baruch Marzel, who has been arrested dozens of times by the Israeli authorities and whose criminal record includes acts of violence against Palestinians and Israeli police. Marzel has told The Times of Israel, “We need to remove from here all our enemies.”

      Graffiti spray-painted on the side of a Palestinian school near the al-Azzeh home reads “Gas the Arabs/JDL."...

      ... Harassed during harvest

      For al-Azzeh, simply remaining in his home was an act of resistance. While many of his immediate neighbors left as closures choked off virtually all economic activity in the area, he and his family stayed, often hosting international visitors and sharing his stories of struggle with them.

      This reporter witnessed a typical episode of Israeli repression three years ago during the olive harvest. It was the first time al-Azzeh had been able to harvest his olives in five years.

      Accompanied by a handful of International Solidarity Movement volunteers, al-Azzeh made relatively short work of his few trees as many of the olives had already been picked by the settlers.

      As the work was finishing, settlers barged into the small grove, claiming that not only were the olive trees theirs, but that the entire land had been given to them by God. When soldiers arrived on the scene, they separated the two groups and in the process arrested a volunteer and two Palestinians — one al-Azzeh’s next-door neighbor and the other a videographer for the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem.

      Even though an Israeli officer eventually acknowledged al-Azzeh’s ownership of the land, the officer ordered him and his supporters to leave the area for the rest of the day. Baruch Marzel stood among the settlers watching the scene unfold from above. ...

      ... Hashem al-Azzeh’s form of resistance was “social struggle,” according to Shweiki: “Struggle by words — by giving every moment of his time whenever possible to explain what’s happening.”

      “He was a simple man in his character, but he was solid,” Shweiki added. “He called for peace all over the world. He didn’t call for any violence. But he wanted to live in peace in his own land in his home.”"

      Read the whole thing @ link to

      Thanks for this article, Allison. I'm taken aback by Mohar's first statement, though:

      "“We are still in shock. We need to take time to think and reflect on it,” Rabbis for Human Rights spokesperson Yariv Mohar said to Mondoweiss."

      Why on earth are they "still in shock"??? He then goes on to explain that this is certainly not the first time! The time for thought and reflection is long past. I guess denial is an elemental ingredient of the majority Israeli's daily fare.

  • The effectiveness of the pro-Israel lobby to intimidate our press has reached new heights
    • and, via Ali Abunimah :

      "Just in time to aid Netanyahu's propaganda ISIS video appears threatening Israel and Jews link to"

      link to

      (uh- huh)

    • Vote them OUT:

      "U.S. House Panel Unanimously Votes to Condemn Palestinian Incitement

      The non-binding resolution urges President Mahmoud Abbas 'to discontinue all official incitement and exert influence to discourage anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement.'

      ... U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously called on Palestinians to end incitement against Israel.

      The non-binding resolution passed Thursday after a hearing on Palestinian incitement says “the Palestinian Authority has not fully lived up to its prior agreements with Israel to end incitement and should do more to prepare the Palestinian people for peace with Israel.”

      It “urges President [Mahmoud] Abbas and Palestinian Authority officials to discontinue all official incitement and exert influence to discourage anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement in Palestinian civil society.”

      The hearing was convened by committee chairman, Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif.

      “This wave of violence isn’t some random flare-up,” said Rep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., the top Democrat on the committee, at the hearing, “It’s the product of years and years of anti-Israel propaganda and indoctrination — some of which has been actively promoted by Palestinian Authority officials and institutions.”

      With tensions rising in Israel, and a spate of deadly Palestinian attacks on Israelis, each side has accused the other’s leaders of spurring incitement.

      The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is maintaining a list on its website of U.S. lawmakers condemning Palestinian incitement.

      One lawmaker speaking during the hearing, Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., excoriated Palestinian incitement but also lamented Israeli incitement, particularly related to the Temple Mount, also known as the Noble Sanctuary, the Jerusalem site holy to Muslims and Jews.

      “Back in the days of the Roman Empire, those zealots who claimed to be the most pro-Israel did enormous harm,” said Sherman, known for his closeness to the pro-Israel community, in remarks first noted by Americans for Peace Now in its weekly legislative roundup.

      “So now we see a few fringe Israeli leaders who want to disturb the status quo on the Temple Mount,” he said. “They, too, are harmful. They provide a pretext for those who incite terrorism in Israel and those who seek delegitimization abroad.”

      Separately, the State Department cut its economic aid to the Palestinian Authority from $370 million to $290 million annually, al-Monitor reported.

      What’s behind the cut is not clear, but the Middle East news website noted approbation from lawmakers, including Rep. Kay Granger, R-Texas, the chairwoman of the foreign operations subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee, who this week wrote Abbas with Her Democratic counterpart, Rep. Nita Lowey, D-N.Y., warning her that such a cut might be in the offing if the incitement is not ended."

      read more: link to

      And Israel is poised to get more than $4 billion for opposing this administration and peace with Iran!


      This is the stuff that makes up the nightmarish reality that the terrorized Palestinians are forced to bear!!!!! It's all fully funded and supported by the US of A.

  • JK Rowling stumps for Israel -- what would Harry Potter do?

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