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  • Two Palestinian teenagers killed by Israeli forces in West Bank clashes
    • Thanks, ckg.

      I've found this from "Ibrahim Fraihat (also known as Ibrahim Sharqieh) is a Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy at the Brookings Doha Center and Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University in Qatar. ..."

      "... The U.S. government must translate its official position of considering Israeli settlements illegal into action. In addition to the moral and humanitarian factors raised by incidents such as the fire-bombing of the Dawabsheh family, settler terrorism negatively impacts American interests. Specifically, it damages the United States' image globally and undermines its credibility as a trusted mediator in the Middle East. Because Washington has repeatedly thwarted U.N. Security Council proposals to stop the settlement project in Palestine, the United States is viewed as being "guilty by association." Furthermore, the continued expansion of Israeli settlements is in fact perpetuating the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, thus thwarting American efforts to resolve it and stabilize the Middle East.

      Beyond the politics, however, the United States should be directly involved since there is a large number of Americans living in Israeli settlements. A recent study by Oxford University, published by Haaretz, estimates that there are roughly 60,000 American Jews living in the West Bank settlements. The New York Times published an important article this month on "Israeli Terrorists, Born in the U.S.A," that sheds light on the involvement of American citizens in settler terrorism, including the heinous Dawabsheh incident. According to the article, "several of the alleged instigators, currently being detained indefinitely, are not native-born Israelis--they have American roots." American Jews have certainly attacked Palestinians in the past. Baruch Goldstein, the physician that killed 29 Palestinians and wounded 125 in the 1994 Hebron massacre, was born and raised in Brooklyn. Since the official U.S. position on settlements is that they are illegal, the U.S. government should not continue to turn a blind eye to its citizens taking part in their existence, their expansion, and, even worse, their perpetration of terrorism.

      By the same token, there are thousands of American citizens living in the occupied Palestinian territories who are subject to arbitrary arrest, deportation, and other forms of humiliation by the Israeli army, in addition to settler terrorism. My American-Palestinian daughter's safety was at risk when we were caught up in the cross fire outside Nablus. She has had her share of tear gas, getting stuck at checkpoints, and being exposed to the Israeli army's live and rubber bullets.

      Washington should not pretend that the conflict and settlements are foreign issues. Its own citizens are being affected on both sides. Israel has shown it cannot be trusted to effectively handle settler terrorism and the United States should not leave the fate of its citizens in the hands of a foreign government. The United States should stop merely talking when it comes to the entire settlement project and immediately take action. Recognizing that the settlements are both illegal and a serious impediment to peace, the European Union has decided to place labels on Israeli goods made in settlements and is considering additional measures. If Washington is serious about countering terrorism, protecting its citizens, and resolving this conflict, it should quickly follow suit."

      link to


      "... Cabinet ministers Haim Katz and Yariv Levin, both Likud members, also addressed the protesters, stressing that the protest isn't against the prime minister. "We're here to strengthen the government to do the things we all believe in," Tourism Minister Levin said. Regarding the security cabinet meeting, Levin said that he hopes to hear it decides on further settlement construction, which he said will enable Israel "to beat terrorism in most Jewish way possible."

      Katz, the social affairs minister, called for a heavier hand against stone- and firebomb- throwing Palestinians, and also called for increased construction in the settlements. "Freezing construction encourages the villains. Freezing construction is understood as a weakness, and therefore we must start building kindergartens and schools, expand existing settlements and build new ones," he said.

      Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook page that he met Monday evening with Dagan and with Kiryat Arba head Malachi Levinger. His post said that he promised them that "the government is acting with determination and unprecedented measures to ensure the security of the settlers" in the West Bank.

      Likud lawmaker Oren Hazan also attended the protest. "We give the prime minister all the support he needs to fight terrorism and take operative steps to quell the intifada, restore security and the sense of security to Israeli citizens wherever they may be, and build across the country," he posted on Facebook."

      read more: link to


      "Netanyahu Asks Minister Shaked to Fast-track Demolition of Terrorists' Homes"

      read more: link to

      So, in predictable Netanyahu fashion, he pours gasoline on the fire that he and his foul and racist ministers provoked/incited/lit.

    • ditto, amigo.

      I'm always hoping that Congress and the White House read Kate's compilations regularly.

      Sadly, I'm sure that they have a very good idea of what's going on and they simply don't care...

  • Scenes from the Gaza fuel crisis
    • It's absolutely unbelievable that America doesn't object to this horrific siege and ongoing miserable situation.

      No matter what anyone says, Gaza is fully occupied and strangled by Israel 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year X decades.

      Thanks, Dan.

  • Jerusalem at a breaking point
    • So how many of the violent Israeli mob terrorists were arrested?

      (The waqf and Abdullah needs to get their collective arses in gear~ long ago! It's utterly shameful and criminal that these provocations and grossly disrespectful actions are allowed to continue!)

      Thank you for this article, Omar.

  • Video of 18-year-old Palestinian chased by Jewish mob and killed by police shocks global audience
    • It's a difficult read. Thanks for sharing it here, lysias.

      From your link:

      "... This is Israel. Any of you who defend or support such a state thirsting for blood, watch this video and see what you are supporting. And do not seek to minimize this incident. Do not say it is the product of a hooligan mob unrepresenative of the rest of the country. This mob IS the country. The country has collapsed into brutality and murder. It is sickening.

      I say repeatedly after the murders of Israeli Jews that I oppose such violence by Palestinians. But no one should be fooled into having any sympathy for the settler enterprise. These people have stolen Palestine. They are thieves. They are usurpers. You cannot be innocent and be a settler. It does not mean you deserve to die in front of your children. But it means that you are guilty and your crimes cannot be swept away.

      As for the East Jerusalem attack, it occurred in the Old City’s Muslim Quarter. This is where the rabbis who were murdered lived. They lived there as part of Ateret Cohanim’s ethnic cleansing project, seeking to rid the Holy City of its Muslim population. Ateret Cohanim supports the rebuilding of the Third Temple. It supports the razing of the Haram al Sharif. In effect, it supports religious holy war.

      There people are not innocent. They are not civilians. They are warriors for the settler god. I did not use a capital “G” because they do not fight for any God I know or worship. They are idolators. They worship at the altar of hate. They worship a false god. As long as they rule Israel (and they do, believe me, they do) the nation is on the road to destruction.

      Who will stop this? When will the world step in and say enough to the insanity? How many dead will it take? 35,000 Palestinians have died since 1948 in wars with Israel. How long before another 35,000 die? Will the United Nations, EU and American presidents wait until we have another Rwanda or Sarajevo in the Holy Land? Do 800,000 have to die?"

      link to

  • 'Third intifada was launched,' Palestinian law student posted before carrying out fatal attack in Jerusalem
    • "'Let the People of Israel Enter the Gates and Kill Arabs'

      Racist violence has erupted following terrorist attacks in the past, but this time it seems that the Jewish mob which took to the streets was accepted by Jerusalemites with understanding, if not downright approval.

      Just like after every other terror attack in recent years, young Jews vented their anger with racist violence for several hours, attacking Arab passersby in Jerusalem on Saturday ...

      However, in contrast to previous incidents, this time it looked like a very big group and that Jewish residents of Jerusalem accepted their behavior with understanding, as part of the terror routine.

      Shortly after the terror attack, in which a Palestinian stabbed to death two Jews, hundreds of people, mostly youths, gathered at Zion Square, answering a call to demonstrate and demand revenge. Bentzi Gopstein, head of Lehava, and right-wing extremists Itamar Ben Gvir and Baruch Marzel were prominent, but they only seemed to be leading the event. In practice, this crowd had no leader but was fueled by a feeling of hate and the desire to take revenge.

      Among the demonstrators were Lehava activists, wearing black shirts, young ultra-Orthodox Jews, well-known local right-wing activists and many foreigners, speaking English and French, who joined the mob, and at least one Evangelist preacher, who called on the people of Israel to awaken. In contrast to the past, it looked like women took a significant part in inflaming passions.

      "We have to kill them all, including the Arab Druze in the army," explained one woman to her girlfriend.

      It started as a kind of protest of rage, with the familiar calls of "death to terrorists," "revenge" and "the people demand security." However, it quickly switched to the no-less familiar calls of "death to Arabs," "an Arab is a bastard, a Jew is a good soul" and other songs from the fairly limited racist repertoire of the far right in Jerusalem. Some of the organizers sought to lead the mob through Damascus Gate and the Muslim Quarter in the Old City to the site of the terror attack. The police was not about to let that happen and blocked their way between Zion Square and Jaffa Road.

      From there, gangs of youths ran amok looking for Arab victims. But Arab workers in central Jerusalem are used to such events, and the vast majority of them fled home before the rioting. Even on the light rail cars, that often serve the Arab population, there were no Arabs. The Jewish youths blocked the rail in the square and "interviewed" passengers to determine their identity.

      "Are you an Arab? Are you an Arab?" they called out to a passenger who was probably wise enough to smile without answering.

      "Leave him alone. He's a Jew," said one of the attackers, and they moved on to look for the next victim. The rest of the passengers responded apathetically and tried to look the other way. There were many drivers who honked in solidarity and vocally supported them. The cafes and restaurants along Jaffa Road were full of people watching the march of hatred passing back and forth.

      They found one victim in Mamila Mall, a kitchen worker at the Roladin café who had stepped out for a cigarette. They sprayed teargas in his face. A Palestinian taxi driver was attacked, and when he tried to flee he hit and lightly injured a pedestrian. Dozens of Jewish youths stormed the central Ben Yehuda Street looking for Arab workers. On Jaffa Road, policemen were forced to accompany a vehicle of municipal sanitation workers. At Zion Square, they massed around a circle of people participating in the "Medabrim Bakikar" dialogue group and threatened to assault a Palestinian woman.
      But these random victims did not sate their urge and after midnight there was a mass run toward Damascus Gate. They were stopped before the gate by police and pushed back with clubs toward the Musrara neighborhood.

      "Let the people of Israel enter the gates and kill Arabs," one of the youths shouted at the police. "Where were you at seven in the evening? Go beat up Arabs," a female demonstrator cried, referring to the terror attack earlier that night. Meanwhile, they ran back and forth, following false rumors of Arab passersby and undercover agents hiding among them with calls of death to Arabs.

      At 4 A.M., Fadi Alon, a 19-year-old resident of Isawiyya, arrived at the scene. According to the police, he was armed with a weapon and was planning to make an attack. He managed to stab one youth and injure him moderately before he fled and was shot to death by police, who were being egged on by the demonstrators.

      Alon's family asserts that he was caught up in the place by accident, when he went out for a jog and was only seeking to defend himself. His death has set off fears of violence in Isawiyya. There have been over 20 wounded in clashes between police and youths from the village. His father and uncle have been arrested by police."

      read more: link to

      This is what impunity for the myriad crimes that Israel is has become. The very wicked idea of supremacy/chosenness is what prompted this disaster.

  • Bon Jovi's Tel Aviv gig is upstaged by Roger Waters's incantation of Israeli victims, including Dawabshe boy
    • RIP:

      "Swedish Crime Novelist, pro-Palestinian Activist Mankell Dies

      Best known for his Inspector Wallander novels, Henning Mankell also participated in the infamous Mavi Marmara flotilla

      Swedish writer Henning Mankell, author of the Inspector Wallander novels, has died at the age of 67, his publisher said on Monday. The novelist had been suffering from cancer. He was also a vocal pro-Palestinian activist and participated in a now-infamous 2010 flotilla to Gaza ...

      Mankell gained a reputation as one of the main representatives of the so-called Nordic noir genre, exploring the darker side of Sweden and providing a counterpoint to the country's image as a relatively crime-free society. 

      "He passed away quietly last night in the wake of disease," publisher Leopard Forlag said on its website. 

      Mankell took part in the Mavi Marmara flotilla to Gaza in May 2010 and planned to join subsequent ones, though he was not present on the Marmara itself when Israeli commandos raided the vessel. In a press conference preceding one such flotilla, he defended its actions, saying they were not a declaration of war, but a declaration of peace.

      In an op-ed written for Haaretz after boats planning to embark to Gaza from Greece were mysteriously sabotaged, Mankell wrote: "My participation in last year's flotilla and my decision to join the upcoming flotilla are acts of solidarity with a single purpose: to try to participate in ending the illegal blockade of Gaza."

      "We will return with broader support and a bigger flotilla, and I promise that the Israeli regime won't have a quiet moment until this illegal blockade is broken… Even though our ships didn't move an inch, this is yet another failure for Israel. The regime's desperate fear increases the opposition against human rights violations in Gaza," he wrote."

      read more: link to

      {"Israelis Cannot Make the Gaza Reality Disappear
      I admit I overestimated the strength of Greece’s democracy. Or let me put it this way: I didn’t see how thin the varnish of what we call Israeli democracy really is."
      read more: link to}

    • Well done, Kris.

      (Wanna make a bet that Jon has no DNA from his "homeland" that has only been proclaimed since 1948? It was Palestine then, and it is Palestine now.)

    • You are moved to live in another person's land and treat them worse than slaves. ("I choose to live on land that is part of my people’s historic homeland"), yet you acknowledge that “For the most part I don’t read the Bible for historical accuracy. I read it –and other Jewish texts – for the great stories, for the fantastic cast of characters, for the human insights, for the moral dilemmas, for the quality of the prose and the poetry"?

      Seriously? Are you trying to be one of the "fantastic cast" in your horrible justification of present day genocide fable? I remember you lambasting a fellow traveler recently:

      "As I said, it saddens me that a person raised as a Jew rejects her heritage, and is left with nothing but hatred. You seem to have internalized anti-Jewish stereotypes ("full court Jewish establishment") and tropes ("murderous rampages of the henchmen of Mordecai against men women and children…"- totally false, read the Megillah.) I'm non-Orthodox, and left-wing, but I still find much I can relate to in the Passover story. The central theme is to remember : that we were slaves in Egypt , and were liberated, and the memory should be very up-close and personal – we should all consider ourselves as having been liberated from bondage. In the Bible itself we are told repeatedly to remember the oppression in Egypt for a purpose- so as not to do the same to others. In Exodus (22:20): And you shall not mistreat a stranger, nor shall you oppress him, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.And again: (Exodus 23:9): And you shall not oppress a stranger, for you know the feelings of the stranger, since you were strangers in the land of Egypt. Also in Deuteronomy (10:19): You shall love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt. We recite the plagues in unison, taking a drop of wine out of our cup with each one. Don Yitzhak Abarbenel (1437-1508) interpreted this custom as reflecting the idea that the joy in our salvation –as expressed in the full cup of wine- is reduced because of the sufferings of the Egyptian people, who are our fellow human beings. This point reminds me of the Midrash according to which God rebuked the angels for wanting to sing when the Egyptians were drowning in the Red Sea : "The works of my hands are drowning in the sea, and you wish to sing praises?!? "(Talmud Tractate Megillah 10b). In other words, Danaa, there's a lot to discuss and a lot to learn, while reaffirming and continuing our people's traditions and heritage. You can go to the gym any other day." - See more at: link to

      You're two sides of the same coin.

      Disingenuous to the end.

    • @ Jon's "For the most part I don’t read the Bible for historical accuracy. I read it –and other Jewish texts – for the great stories, for the fantastic cast of characters, for the human insights, for the moral dilemmas, for the quality of the prose and the poetry.

      For example, the story of the Exodus from Egypt, for which there’s no real historical or archaeological evidence. Yet it’s a great story, a nation of slaves emerging from bondage to freedom, an inspiration for oppressed people for centuries. That’s why so many Jews, including non-orthodox, conduct Passover seders and retell the story every year."

      - See more at: link to

      You're living a supremacist fairy tale and teaching it to kids. You want a "story"?

      Here's reality:

      "Israel intends to legalize five West Bank outposts containing settlers who committed violence against Palestinians" - See more at: link to

      and here:

      "Eid in the rubble"
      link to

      and here:

      "Al-Aqsa mosque belongs to Muslims’ is rallying cry for widespread protest" - See more at: link to

      and here:

      "Facing Reality: Jewish terrorism is no longer limited to just a few bad seeds" - See more at: link to

      and here:

      "Celebrating Eid al-Adha in Gaza"
      link to

      and here:

      "Wanted: The killer of Hadeel al-Hashlamoun"
      link to

      Et Cetera Ad Nauseam................

    • And yet you choose to live on land belonging to someone else.

      Go figure.

      As for Roger Waters~ bs, Jon. Bon Jovi is "pop". Fade away. Roger Waters is a man for all time and for all seasons. A real human being.

      Your shtick is boring and oh, so wrong. I'm sad that you claim to be a "teacher".

  • Israel intends to legalize five West Bank outposts containing settlers who committed violence against Palestinians
    • How much more can the Israelis/GoI/illegal settlers incite and how much more can the Palestinians take? It truly appears that the Israelis are doing their best to provoke a 3rd Intifada or reason to decimate the already decimated and destroyed Gaza. This they will do in order to try and garner the insane and criminal support that they are so addicted to.

      "Two Israeli men killed in stabbing attack in Jerusalem's old city
      Woman and child in serious condition after attack by 19-year-old Palestinian, who was shot dead by police officer"

      link to

      "Report: Jordan king shuns Netanyahu 'until further notice'
      King Abdullah, allegedly fuming over Israel's 'provocative' demeanor on Temple Mount, has said relationship with Israel is at risk.

      King Abdullah refuses to speak to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu until further notice, the London-based Arab newspaper Rai Al-Youm reported on Wednesday...

      The report said that the reason for the king's could shoulder is the recent violence on Temple Mount.

      The London-based Arab newspaper Al Quds Al Arabi also reported that the Jordanian Foreign Ministry has rejected messages from Jerusalem, which it called "misleading."

      Last year, during similar unrest in Jerusalem's Holy Basin, Jordan recalled its ambassador to Israel after expressing its grave dismay to the Israeli ambassador.

      According to Rai Al-Youm, Jordan has decided to change tactics and now lobbies forcefully for a UN Security Council resolution rebuking Israel's conduct.

      King Abdullah has stepped up its rhetoric recently, saying after a meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron that unless Israel changes course, its bilateral relations with Jordan will be damaged.

      The message was echoed by the holder of the Palestinian portfolio in the Jordanian Foreign Ministry, who told the Hamas-affiliated newspaper Al-Risala that unless Israel changes its ways, they will take increased diplomatic steps against it. He didn't rule out expelling the Israeli ambassador.

      Earlier this week, King Abdullah met with Arab-Israeli lawmakers and vehemently condemned Israel.

      "Al-Aqsa Mosque is for Muslim worship only," he said, and rejected the idea of sharing it with other religions.

      Israel's "provocative" policy of "Judaizing" Jerusalem's holy places will bear grave consequences for the entire region, he added.

      Also on Thursday, a senior Jordanian official told the London-based Arab newspaper Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed that Jordan had stopped importing Israeli goods, chief among them potatoes, citing "defects" to the crops."

      link to

      Why is Abdullah so quiescent? Not taking phone calls and boycotting potatoes is nothing. Expelling the ambassador doesn't mean squat. Initiate SANCTIONS.

      Why isn't anyone doing ANYTHING to stop Israel? The world prostrates itself in the face of Israeli intransigence, criminality, and terrorism.

      Thanks, Kate.

  • Iran Deal coalition breaks apart, and J Street looks more and more like AIPAC
    • Double ditto, Mooser.

      Thanks for that. I happen to believe that both Grover and “A4tech” are Zio- supremacists.

      (Sorry to say that I think that some few in JVP are as well. As for AIPAC and J Street...'nuff said)

    • I think that he's bathing in the Manischewitz and the stolan Golan wine regularly.

      So, Grover: Which University did you attend? Any? Rabbi Brant Rosen is a beautiful and authentic Jewish human being.

      As for Gomer Pyle:

  • The refreshing bluntness of Ayelet Shaked
    • "Firstly the quote that he attributes to Ayelet Shaked are not her words. She had merely referenced the text of an unpublished article by the late Israeli writer Uri Elitzur that referred to Palestinian children as “little snakes."

      Uh- huh. Sure. Righto.


    • Page: 120
    • Here's a horde of Shakeds:

      "Far-right Activists Chant 'Death to Arabs,' Assault Passersby in Jerusalem After Terror Attack"

      video here: link to

      They're all over Palestine.

      "'Significant Progress' Made in Probe Into West Bank Shooting That Killed Israeli Couple

      Dozens of Palestinians wounded in clashes with Israeli security forces in West Bank amid Shin Bet arrest raids."

      read more: link to

      Funny that they couldn't make ANY progress in their "probe" of the terrorists who torched the Dawabshe family and their home.

  • How can a 'New York Times' reader possibly know what is truly happening in Israel/Palestine?
    • That video is always welcome!

      (Sadly, there's even more faces to add...)

    • The NYT is completely complicit in Israeli/US crimes against Palestinian humanity.

      Their readers will know the truth about Palestine and Israel when they begin to allow the scales to fall from their eyes and realize that this pretentious fish wrap and status symbol of a rag belongs in the millions of trash cans around the world. It's home to a very special branch of Hasbara Central.

      Readers of the NYT will know the truth when pigs fly.

      Thanks, James.

  • After 22 years it's time to stop pretending about the peace process
    • There's no such place as "Judah".

    • I hope your hope, pabelmont.

    • "Interestingly enough, the level of violence and casualties in the conflict have also somewhat reduced within the same time frame"

      A most interesting reply, a4tech. The murders, maiming, imprisonment, casualties, and terrorizing of Palestinians continues~ unchecked, unpunished, and unabated. To me it seems that only Jewish Israeli lives matter in the general scheme of things. I'm not sure that you and I mean the same thing when we write of "educated" Americans. Yes, the media are terribly to blame for the lack of coverage of the Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity 24/7/365 X decades. There's no truth that's readily available to the masses of people that simply swallow the poison without reading the label. Many folks are incurious and remain bereft of historical and geopolitical knowledge. Hell, millions willingly succumb to the Hasbara brigade and CUFI.

    • "Am I too naive to hope that we live in a world where the rule of law is paramount?"

      I used to think that I was too naive, Harry. I still hold out hope, but it has been largely replaced by horror at the lack of honesty and will. The only thing that still astonishes me is the resilience of Palestinians. Sumud. It's a miracle and a wonder and a sure sign that their cause is JUST and right and good.

      Nobody who purports to uphold the rule of law seems to want to tackle the elephant in the room. This travesty of justice began long ago when some people put their signature on a piece of paper and gave a voice vote that declared that the Palestinian peoples' land somehow became the land of others. Not one of those people nor the states that they represented had the right to appropriate the land of the rightful owners. iirc, nobody that did that has ever stood up for the rightful owners of the land. Israel has stomped on every rule of law on the books. Israel has stomped on every Palestinian since before Day 1.

      Fatou Bensouda (the Prosecutor) is as devoted to the rule of law as her mentor (Ocampo) was. Not at all, in other words~ she's PEP, and then some. Do you honestly think that the US or Israel will be moved by some weak mutterings from her court or its legendary delays? I do not. She needs to be removed and replaced by someone who values justice. Besides, neither the US nor Israel have ratified their membership in the ICC. It's not difficult to see why, imho. They're both guilty of crimes, and in the matter of Palestine, they are co- conspirators. They want no part of it.

      My only real hope is that an increasingly educated and exposed American public will force the issue. When that happens, then things will change for the brutalized Palestinians.

      Yep, it's up to voters and activists.

  • 'NYT' preaches to Palestinians about launching 'intifadas'
    • They'll have to get in line behind many US Presidents and Congresses and DoDs. There's been a dedicated US criminal complicity and propaganda machine at work for decades.

      Its tentacles are everywhere and they've been omnipresent.

  • To condemn, or not to condemn
    • "Is an Israeli's Blood Redder Than a Palestinian's? ...

      On the road to Elon Moreh, near the Beit Furik junction, Naama and Eitam Henkin were murdered in their car on Thursday night, in front of their children. It was a shocking crime.

      On the road to Elon Moreh, near the Beit Furik junction, Ahmed Khatatbeh was shot to death in his car a few days earlier. That too was a shocking crime. Everyone bleeds red. Revenge murder is never justified, but the context cannot be ignored. Both sides kill innocents, and not in equal proportions. The blood of the Henkins does not cry out louder than that of Khatatbeh. A young deaf man with a hardscrabble life, he was eliminated by soldiers with three shots from behind and a few more into his car, at the Beit Furik checkpoint late at night ...

      The deserted road to Elon Moreh invites outrage from it's starting point, near the Hawara checkpoint: The signs point only to settlements, Itamar and Elon Moreh. The Palestinian towns of Beit Furik and Beit Dajan — much older and larger than the settlements — go unmentioned, as if they don’t exist. It’s the same with most road signs in the West Bank, in the covert and institutionalized apartheid, which discriminates between one person and another, between one community and another.

      The Henkins were murdered a few hundred meters from where the soldiers killed Khatatbeh. He was returning from Nablus, after buying clothes for the Id al-Adha holiday. Born deaf, he died in silence. They shot at his car, perhaps because he didn’t hear their calls to stop. They also prevented an ambulance from removing him for about an hour, and the doctors at Rafidia Hospital said it might have been possible to save his life, had he been admitted earlier. His father doesn’t even know that his son was killed. Deaf as well, he lost touch with reality a few years ago due to a stroke. I saw him last week, lying motionless in bed, staring at posters of his son.

      In a statement, the Spokesman’s Unit of the Israel Defense Forces said his son was killed because he posed “a clear and present danger” to civilian passersby. As far as is known, there were no civilians at the Beit Furik checkpoint at the time. So the army’s concern for their welfare is puzzling, as is the killing of the young man, who had never been arrested and who was shot even after he was already wounded, without a reasonable explanation.

      Khatatbeh died quietly. No one in Israel showed any interest in his death, which was hardly mentioned. The headlines didn’t scream, battalions weren’t rushed to the scene, villages were not surrounded and cut off.

      This is also what happened when the Dawabsheh family was set on fire in its sleep. Thousands of soldiers did not raid nearby settlement outposts, it did not occur to anyone to block access to settlements, to build a new Palestinian outpost in their memory, to block roads and to raid house after house, as they did in Beit Furik over the weekend.

      The message is clear: Palestinian blood is cheap. Killing the Dawabshehs may have caused shock waves in Israel, but the security forces acted as they usually do in such cases, and the results speaks for themselves.

      Hadeel al-Hashlamoun was also killed for no reason. The chain of events leading to the scandalous killing of the doctor’s daughter from Hebron, who was shot 10 times, was reported in Haaretz on Friday by Amira Hass. In the eyes of the IDF she was a terrorist and in the eyes of most Israelis she deserved to die. The soldier who killed her was heard saying “Thank God!” Her killing must also be remembered now.

      This is the time, when so many Israelis are mourning the Henkins, to mention the Palestinian victims, whose killings were also heinous and also left behind orphans and mourning. More than 20 Palestinian civilians have been killed by IDF soldiers since the beginning of this relatively quiet year, almost all of them for no reason. Their blood must also cry out — their killing is part of the motive for spilling the blood of Na’ama and Eitam Henkin, whom we should hope only God will avenge. Actually, it’s better if he doesn’t."

      read more: link to

      {"Ahmed Khatatbeh Didn't Hear the Gunfire That Killed Him

      Why did soldiers fire at a deaf man who arrived at a West Bank checkpoint late at night, and prevent his evacuation by ambulance for an hour?"
      read more: link to}

    • "Annie @ 1:17–Thank you very much, Annie."

      It is a great comment, indeed. Thank you, Kris and Annie.

      This is IT, in a nutshell:

      "why is the left even being asked to condemn this action? because if we don’t we “accept that you are led by primitive tribalism rather than principles.” please!!! i’ll not be dragged into this requirement to condemn. because there is none. i’m not morally bound to condemn the oppressed when their choice of resistance doesn’t align with my personal morals or belief system. that’s absurd."


    • "The difference between Israel and Palestine is when an Israeli kills a civilian he or she is brought to justice."

      LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Maybe, only if a Jewish Israeli kills another Jewish Israeli. Otherwise, you're full of rubbish, bs, and lies. Go peddle your stuff somewhere else.

      See here:

      "Israelis gather on hillsides to watch and cheer as military drops bombs on Gaza
      People drink, snack and pose for selfies against a background of explosions as Palestinian death toll mounts in ongoing offensive"

      link to

      "Bombing of Gaza children gives me “orgasm”: Israelis celebrate slaughter on Facebook"

      link to

      etc, ad nauseam.

      Maybe you're lost. This is Mondoweiss.

    • "They were in a car with their children. The fact that he holds a rank in the military isn’t enough to make him a combatant. "

      What??? Were his wife and children his own personal protection/aka human shields?

      "The victims are Rabbi Eitam Henkin and Naama Henkin, residents of the community of Neria. They were murdered by terrorists who opened fire towards their vehicle as they were driving between Itamar and Elon Moreh, and were murdered in front of their four children.

      Rabbi Eitam's parents, who made aliyah from the United States, are Rabbanit Chana Henkin, founder of the Nishmat Institute for Advanced Jewish Studies for Women in Jerusalem and Rabbi Yehuda Henkin, known posek (halakhic decisor) and author of the four volume set of responsa, Bnai Banim."

      link to

      As a rabbi, did he take part in the last massacre of and in Gaza? Is he a member of Breaking the Silence?

      Check this out:

      "Israel security forces carried out searches and arrests across the Nablus area of the West Bank in a pre-dawn operation Saturday, as the hunt continued for the killers of an Israeli couple on Thursday.

      Eitam and Naama Henkin, both in their 30s, were shot dead Thursday night as they were driving in the West Bank with their four young children. The children were unhurt in the deadly terror attack.

      Palestinian police said the troops “arrested eight people and conducted searches, entering properties by force and causing damage.”

      According to the Palestinian news agency Ma’an, “heavily armed” troops carried out the operation, which Palestinian security forces said involved Israeli intelligence and more than 40 IDF vehicles.

      Several people were wounded during the raids when local residents clashed with IDF soldiers, Ma’an said. One man was in serious condition after he was shot in the chest by live fire, the agency reported. At least four other people were hospitalized for their injuries while many others suffered from the effects of tear gas.

      Palestinians protesting against the raid in Nablus hurled stones at soldiers, who responded with rubber bullets, tear gas and live ammunition, the Palestinian sources said.

      The Palestinian Red Crescent said, “10 people were wounded by live rounds to the legs or stomach,” and “four others were wounded in beatings” by security forces.

      Ma’an quoted Palestinian security forces as saying that the IDF raided the home of a man named Noud ad-Din Abu Hashya in the Askar refugee camp in Nablus. Hashya is believed to have been involved in the attack that killed the Henkins, Palestinian security sources told the agency.

      According to the report, IDF troops gave Hashya’s family a notice for a demolition order on their home, which is expected to be carried out next week. ..."

      link to

      Nice injustice system you got there.

      Q; Where are the terrorist murderers of the Dawabshe family and have their illegal homes on stolen land been demolished yet?

      A: They're under the protection of the GoI and will be richly rewarded when all of the 'dust settles'.

    • "West Bank tensions surge in night of 'price tag' attacks

      IDF sends 4 extra battalions to control 'very serious' situation in West Bank; Palestinians attacked in revenge for shooting attack on Henkin family."

      more @ link to

    • Well said, Annie.

      There is no parity at all. Israel is an Occupation, Apartheid and a thieving state replete with illegal squatters and criminal IOFers/police who carry out violence against the Palestinians every. single. day.

      See this:

      "Arab MK to Be Questioned Over Taunts of Jews at Temple Mount ...

      Police have summoned MK Jamal Zahalka (Joint Arab List) to appear for questioning early next week over his verbal attacks on Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount on Tuesday.

      In a videotaped confrontation, Zahalka shouted at the group of Jewish visitors: “Go away, go home, you’re not wanted. Crazy criminals. This is ours, this is my home. Racist fascists.”

      The MK’s visit to the Mount followed days of tension that have included repeated clashes between police and Muslim rioters. Despite these tensions, non-Muslims have continued visiting the site; on Tuesday there were 729 non-Muslim visitors, of whom 592 were foreign tourists and the rest Israelis.

      “The police were quick to publicize the summons for questioning and its purpose even before I received it,” Zahalka said about the police summons on Wednesday.

      “The summons doesn’t say what the purpose of the investigation is, but according to the media reports, it’s about what happened at Al-Aqsa Mosque yesterday. If so, this is a political investigation and the police force is acting like a political police force that’s riding the wave of incitement against me.”

      This wave, he charged, was being led by politicians including Miri Regev, Anat Berko and Yuli Edelstein (all of Likud), Avigdor Lieberman (Yisrael Beiteinu), Uri Ariel (Habayit Hayehudi) and Itzik Shmuli (Labor).

      “The police know that I’ve received hundreds of threats but they haven’t lifted a finger. In contrast, they hastened to summon me for investigation even though they know there’s no point to it,” Zahalka said.

      “Everything I said at Al-Aqsa to the extremists who invaded it and the police who protected them, I’ve said at the Knesset podium hundreds of times. We won’t let the mosque be harmed and we won’t let it be divided.”

      As Zahalka put it, “I urge the Israeli government not to undermine the status quo, and if it tries to, it will bear full responsibility for the huge conflagration and bloodshed. The lunatics in the government and on the extreme right must not be allowed to drag the inhabitants of this country and the region into more disasters.”

      Zahalka was speaking a day after clashes in East Jerusalem continued. Police said four Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount had been detained, three for violating the rules governing such visits and one for assaulting a policeman. A Muslim woman was also detained on the Mount, for trying to attack a policeman.

      In the Old City, police arrested three Palestinians for assaulting a policeman and disturbing the peace. Two of the three were women.
      Late Tuesday night, police arrested 13 East Jerusalem residents, five of them minors, on suspicion of disturbing the peace and rioting. Altogether, 174 people had been arrested for disturbing the peace since Rosh Hashanah eve on September 13; of these, 69 were minors."

      ead more: link to

      Unbelievable, eh?

  • Netanyahu's 44 seconds of silence at UN are being widely mocked -- 'pathetic,' 'creepy'
    • Samantha's photo in your link is stunning. I think she was listening to Boteach crooning directives in her ear way back then.

      I'm hoping that she didn't dissolve into tears because she wasn't allowed to grovel, applaud, and appear before her master and commander yesterday. Perhaps she'll avail herself of some grief counseling, courtesy of her federal health plan.

      heh heh heh. Did the wind just change direction? Or was it the tilt of the earth? Perhaps it was the eclipse of the moon, after all.

    • "Israeli politician heckles Jordanian foreign minister at UN

      Nasser Judeh was forced to abandon his speech to respond to incendiary remarks made by Tzipi Hotovely

      Israel’s rightwing deputy foreign minister heckled Jordan’s foreign minister in a breach of diplomatic protocol during a speech at the UN over the issue of mounting tension around Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque.

      According to sources widely quoted in the Israeli media, Tzipi Hotovely – Israel’s most senior diplomat – made a series of incendiary remarks during a meeting of donor countries to the Palestinian Authority, which took place on the sidelines of the UN general assembly.

      After Hotovely made her speech, she reportedly referred to how Jews who ascended to the Temple Mount – known to Muslims as the Haram al-Sharif and part of the wider site on which al-Aqsa stands – during the holiday of Sukkot were “blessed”, before launching into criticism of “Palestinian incitement”.

      According to reports, Hotovely said: “The conflict will be resolved when the basic values of the Palestinian Authority change. As long as Palestinian children dream of becoming engineers ‘to blow up Jews,’ none of these economic efforts will achieve their goal.”

      She also criticised the address to the UN made by the Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, accusing him of incitement on the issue of the Temple Mount when he spoke of Israelis defiling the al-Aqsa Mosque with their boots.

      Replying to Hotovely, Jordan ’s foreign minister, Nasser Judeh, abandoned his own speech. “I have a written address but I don’t plan to give it because I can’t not respond to what we’ve heard from the Israeli representative,” he said, according to Israeli daily Haaretz.

      Referring to recent clashes at the religious site, Judeh said that when Israeli soldiers enter al-Aqsa with boots on it offends the 1.5 billion Muslims all over the world.

      Sources said Hotovely had to be called to order as she interrupted Judeh during his address. According to the Jerusalem Post, she accused Judeh of “distorting history” and of following in the footsteps of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in denying the existence of a Jewish temple at the holy site.

      The heated exchange is just one of a number of events concerning al-Aqsa that have led to increasing diplomatic tensions between the two countries. Recent footage showing Israeli security forces entering the mosque, which is overseen by the Waqf – a religious institution under Jordan’s control – was widely circulated several weeks ago. Hotovely’s remarks also followed Netanyahu’s own recriminatory speech to the UN on Thursday, in which hedenounced delegates for being “obsessively hostile” to Israel.

      Hotovely, who is Israel’s most senior diplomat in the absence of a foreign minister – a post retained by Binyamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, – is no stranger to controversy. In a recent interview, she insisted that the prospect of Israel handing over parts of the West Bank to the Palestinians was not “even on the list of options we’re offering”.

      The issue of violence around the issue of al-Aqsa was raised in speeches to the UN general assembly this week by Abbas, Netanyahu and King Abdullah of Jordan in a separate speech. ..."

      link to

      She's running a close second to Netanyahu for disgusting and uncivilized behavior in Israel and at the UN.

    • Dr. Ashrawi wrote the truth very eloquently.

      It should be shouted from the highest mountains to all of the people of the world.

      The Occupying and Inciting PM has never been anything but a liar, a thief, and a brutal murderer/terrorist. It's one of the great mysteries and disappointments of my life that anyone gives him or the people who voted for him the time of day, much less the US congress giving him standing ovations, the US gov't giving them taxpayers' money, the world giving him a stage, the President and the VP giving him phone and face time, and the eternal UN veto always backing him up, etc.

      Thanks, Misterioso. (sorry for repeating myself!)

    • She wrote the truth.

      It should be shouted from the highest mountains to all of the people of the world.

    • Mika Brzezinski just showed the silent sneer/snarl~ she declared it "very effective".

      So there. Nanny nanny poo poo... !

    • And here's the US' MO:

      "The U.S. said overnight Friday it "strongly condemns the terrorist attack that took place late Thursday evening in the West Bank." State Department spokesman John Kirby said: "We extend our condolences to the victims’ family. We urge all sides to maintain calm, avoid escalating tensions in the wake of this tragedy, and work together to bring the perpetrators to justice.""

      read more: link to

      Uh- huh. What about the arsonist/murderers of the Dawabshe family that are being protected by Israel? What words do you have for Hadil's death by execution and her family's pain and loss?

      "Parents of slain Palestinian teen say Israeli forces planted knife" - See more at: link to

      How about these two youths who were murdered?

      "Denial is an important and often underemphasized dimension of Israel’s violence toward Palestinians. The Forensic Architecture team explains how the Nakba day killing of 17-year-old Nadeem Nawara and 16-year-old Mohammad Abu Daher in 2014 is a microcosm of how Israel denies historical crimes and daily incidents equally. The Nakba day massacre was denied, just like the Nakba of 1948 it was commemorating." - See more at: link to

      How about all of the murders of Palestinians??? How about Salem Shemaly?

      "Video: A beautiful brother went looking for his family in the death zone (Updated)" - See more at: link to

      You can read the Israeli response @ the link, too. All blame from them goes to Abbas for his "incitement". Never mind that the elected PM of Israel is the inciter and hater in chief. There's a reason that some folks never comment on Kate's compilations. I still wish that US leaders would visit her place and face the truth. I'm sure that it's too much to expect them to comment~ even 'Hasbara Central' doesn't.


  • UK activists target radio station's 'Win a trip to Israel' contest
    • Rodneywatts~ happy, happy belated birthday!

    • "Roger Waters to Jon Bon Jovi: “You stand shoulder to shoulder with the settler who burned the baby”

      Salon exclusive: "The dead can’t remind you of the crimes you’ve ignored," writes Waters, challenging Tel Aviv show

      Letter to the pop group Bon Jovi:

      Dear Jon Bon Jovi, David Bryan, and Tico Torres,

      Often in the past I have written detailed, and sometimes even persuasive, letters to colleagues in the music business, encouraging them not to give succor to the Israeli government’s apartheid policies by performing in Israel. Having read Jon’s comments last week in Yedioth Ahronoth, I won’t waste my time drawing parallels with Apartheid South Africa and the moral stand that so many artists took then and that thousands are taking now in the face of decades of Israeli oppression of Palestinians.

      So the die is cast, you are determined to proceed with your gig in Tel Aviv on October 3. You are making your stand.

      You stand shoulder to shoulder

      With the settler who burned the baby

      With the bulldozer driver who crushed Rachel Corrie

      With the soldier who shot the soccer player’s feet to bits

      With the sailor who shelled the boys on the beach

      With the sniper who killed the kid in the green shirt

      And the one who emptied his clip into the 13-year-old girl

      And the Minister of Justice who called for genocide

      You had a chance to stand

      On the side of justice

      With the pilot who refused to bomb refugee camps

      With the teenager who chose eight prison terms over army service

      With the prisoner who fasted for 266 days until freedom

      With the doctor banned from entry for saving lives

      With the farmer who was cut down marching to the wall

      With the legless child growing up in the rubble

      And the 550 others who won’t grow up at all

      Because of the missiles and tank shells and bullets we sent ..."

      link to

    • via David Sheen's twitter:

      "Israeli airline pulls Palestinian citizens of Israel off plane, say max of 4 may fly together link to … "

      link to

    • "U.S. Finds Kuwait Airline Discriminates Against Israelis

      By refusing to transport an Israeli citizen, U.S. says the airline had violated a different federal law; airline explains that it's against the law in Kuwait to do business with any Israelis.

      AP — In a challenge to boycotts of Israel, the U.S. government has found that Kuwait Airways unlawfully discriminated against a passenger traveling on an Israeli passport by refusing to sell him a ticket for a New York to London flight.

      Eldad Gatt, an Israeli citizen, complained to the Department of Transportation that in 2013 he was unable to buy a ticket from John F. Kennedy Airport to London Heathrow Airport through Kuwait Airways because the airline's online booking system prevented him from selecting Israel as his passport-issuing country.

      The department investigated and initially rejected Gatt's discrimination complaint, according to a statement and letter provided by transportation officials. But when Gatt appealed the department's decision, the case was reopened and the department ultimately concluded that the airline had violated a different federal law than the one initially cited by Gatt.

      "We considered Mr. Gatt's claim upon an alternative ground ... which holds that an 'air carrier or foreign air carrier may not subject a person, place, port, or type of traffic in foreign air transportation to unreasonable discrimination,'" Blane Workie, DOT's assistant general counsel for enforcement said in a letter to the airline.

      By refusing to transport Israeli citizens to and from the U.S. and a third country that accepts Israeli citizens, in this case the United Kingdom, the airline is in violation of the law, the letter said. "We expect (Kuwait Airways) to sell tickets to and transport Israeli citizens between the U.S. and any third country where they are allowed to disembark based on the laws of that country," Workie said.

      Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said the case is a warning that "any airline that wishes to operate in the U.S. should know that we will not tolerate discrimination of any kind in our skies."..."

      read more: link to

      Hey America, does Israel/Ben Gurion/El Al discriminate against some people?

    • Great article, Annie. Great action by LVAC!

      Terrible idea by "Magic 105.4". (I wonder what would happen if a Muslim wins the "prize"... will they be allowed in to the Apartheid and Occupation state by the thugs at BGA? Will they be allowed free movement to travel in the Occupied Palestine?)


      "Billionaire Haim Saban Quits anti-BDS Joint Initiative With Adelson

      Though he gave no reason for pull out, Jewish activists say Saban didn't like Adelson's push to the right in initiative meant to counter anti-Israel efforts at U.S. campuses.

      It was supposed to serve as the ultimate proof that the love of Israel
      can bridge even the deepest political divide.

      It included Sheldon Adelson, the Republican Party’s mega-funder and, in some eyes, its kingmaker, and Haim Saban, a close ally and top donor of Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton, joining forces and putting aside politics to fight together against attempts to isolate Israel.

      “When it comes to Israel, we are absolutely on the same page,” Saban declared, sitting next to a smiling Adelson in a joint TV interview. “When it comes to this, there is no light between us at all.”

      Three months later, this bipartisan idyllic picture is all but shattered.
      Saban, quietly and unannounced, has pulled out of the major anti-BDS initiative he helped launch with Adelson and has also minimized his role in an Israeli-American organization where both billionaires had been deeply involved. No reason was given for the move, but Jewish activists involved in these initiatives say that at the end of the day it was politics that drove apart the two magnates.

      “He didn’t like that Adelson was pushing the group towards funding right-wing groups that are only speaking in a right-wing echo chamber — and not towards pushing a message that would actually change hearts and minds,” said an official with a Jewish organization involved in the initiative to counter the movement on college campuses to boycott, divest from and sanction Israel.

      A spokesman for the Los Angeles-based entertainment billionaire said in a statement that “Haim Saban is focused on a range of philanthropic activities to promote pro-Israel advocacy and tackle efforts to delegitimize Israel.” Among these activities is the Saban Leadership Seminar, which has trained nearly 10,000 pro-Israel student leaders. “In the near term,” the statement continued, “Mr. Saban is also concentrating on the Friends of the IDF and the Saban Forum, both of which have major events in the next few months.”
      Saban declined to address questions from the Forward directly.

      Born in Egypt and raised in Israel, Saban made his fortune in Hollywood as a children’s cartoon entrepreneur. He has since expanded his business empire and has become a household name in Democratic politics, thanks to his persistent support for the Clintons. Through the years, Saban has contributed an estimated $30 million to their political campaigns and has become a close friend of the ultimate power couple. The Clintons are frequent guests at his annual Saban Forum, which meets in Washington to discuss U.S.-Israel relations.

      Saban is a major donor of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and of Friends of the Israel Defense Forces. Until recently, he was the key funder of the Israeli American Council, which was founded to organize Israeli expatriates living in the United States.

      Saban’s involvement in the IAC forged his first major partnership with Adelson, the Las Vegas casino mogul who in recent years has established his standing as one of the Republican Party’s single largest donors. A couple of years ago, Adelson began funding IAC (which was initially named the Israel Leadership Council), and alongside Saban he helped relaunch the group as a national organization.

      Last November, at the conclusion of the group’s first national conference, held in Washington, Adelson and Saban shared the stage for an hour-long discussion that revealed similar hawkish views regarding Israel and the Middle East and a fair amount of personal amity.

      This bipartisan partnership was taken to a new level when the two businessmen, alongside Israeli-American real estate developer Adam Milstein, joined forces in the June launch of an ambitious effort to counter BDS efforts on college campuses, dubbed at the time the Campus Maccabees. ..."

      lots more @ link to

  • Eid in the rubble
    • Dan and Nidal~ thank you.

      I pray that tomorrow is a better day for the beautiful people of Palestine...

      I also pray for better and joyous and safer and liberated future Eid Al-Fitr(s) and Eid Al-Adha(s) than the Eids these last 7 decades. I wish for every day to be filled with peace and justice and a return of their lands and their resources.

  • Who running for president is not 'friends' with Benjamin Netanyahu?
    • Thanks, Katie. Well done!

      While Lil' Deb is not running for President, did anyone else see this very good piece from Peter Beinart?

      "Why Is the Chair of the Democratic Party Accusing Marco Rubio of anti-Semitism?

      Because she won't challenge his policies toward Israel.

      If you want to understand what’s wrong with the way the Democratic Party treats Jews and Israel, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, is a good place to start.

      On September 22, a Dallas plutocrat named Harlan Crow held a fundraiser for Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio. Crow collects historical artifacts. He owns a helmet worn by Dwight Eisenhower, a silver mug designed by Paul Revere, a copy of the first U.S. census signed by Thomas Jefferson, a cannonball from the Battle of Gettysburg, statues of various deposed communist dictators and lots of other expensive historical stuff. He also owns two paintings by Adolf Hitler, some of the Fuhrer’s tableware and a signed copy of Mein Kampf. Wasserman Schultz pounced. “Today,” she declared, “as the sun is setting for Yom Kippur – the Jewish Day of Atonement and the most holy day on the Jewish calendar – Senator Marco Rubio will hold a fundraiser in a home that features two paintings by Adolf Hitler, a signed copy of Hitler’s autobiography, Mein Kampf, and a cabinet full of place settings and linens used by the Nazi leader… An event at a home with items like these is appalling at any time of the year. Adding insult to injury, Rubio is holding this event on the eve of the holiest day of the Jewish calendar… There’s really no excuse for such a gross act of disrespect.” 

      There’s really no excuse for such a brain-dead slander. No one, including Wasserman Schultz, has offered any evidence that Crow is an anti-Semite. He’s a rich guy who buys historical objects, some of them associated with famous good guys and some with notorious bad guys. And what’s wrong with owning Mein Kampf anyway? If Wasserman Schultz hasn’t read it, she should. It’s a good case study in how individuals, and whole societies, can descend into racist madness. 

      As for Wasserman Schultz’s suggestion that Rubio compounded the offense by attending the fundraiser on Yom Kippur, it’s absurd. Rubio didn’t do anything anti-Semitic. ...

      Why is Wasserman Schultz uttering such idiocies? To fill the void left by what she won’t say. Rubio has declared that as president, he would not be bound by the Iran deal. He’s also said he would not try to create a Palestinian state. He’s called U.S. President Barack Obama’s criticism of Israeli settlement construction “deplorable.” This is hardly surprising given that his most important home-state patron is a man who has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the settlement of Ariel.  

      If Wasserman Schultz wants to convince Jews to vote for Democrats, and not Rubio, she should explain why Rubio’s views are bad for America and Israel. But she hasn’t. In fact, when it comes to Mideast policy, Wasserman Schultz generally hews to the safest, most clichéd, most AIPAC-friendly talking points possible. This June, when the Palestinian Authority sued Israel at the International Criminal Court, she said, “this kind of unilateral action further undermines efforts to reignite direct negotiations” and could lead to the “suspension of all economic aid to the PA.”

      But what’s “unilateral” about appealing to the ICC, an international body with 123 member nations?  In fact, the only reason the Palestinians joined the ICC was because the General Assembly of the United Nations voted to make them a non-member observer state by a vote of 138 to 9. That’s a lot less unilateral than Israel’s ongoing subsidies for settlement construction in the West Bank. Yet Wasserman Schultz has never suggested suspending aid to Israel in response to that? Nor, as far as I’m aware, has she suggested that anything Israel has done – even putting diplomacy with the Palestinians in the hands of a man who opposes a Palestinian state – might undermine “direct negotiations.”

      On Iran, Wasserman Schultz is almost as timid. Last year, she refused to support a House resolution urging Obama to “give diplomacy” with Iran “a chance.” In August, she reportedly blocked the Democratic National Committee from considering a resolution endorsing the Iran deal. In September, she finally came out for the deal — as head of the DNC, it would have been virtually impossible not to — but only once it was clear the agreement would pass.

      Some other Jewish Democrats – Senator Diane Feinstein, for instance, and Congressman Sander Levin – argued early, and forcefully, for the agreement. But despite having been chosen as DNC head in part to help Obama woo Jews, Wasserman Schultz almost never forcefully defends his Middle East policies. To the contrary, she generally minimizes her party’s differences with the GOP on Middle East policy while slamming Republicans on domestic issues. And she looks for opportunities to cry anti-Semitism. Politico even reported that when Obama aides considered dumping her as party chair in 2013, Wasserman Schultz threatened to call the White House anti-Semitic. 

      Rubio is an articulate spokesperson for the view that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deserves complete freedom of action, backed by American weaponry, money and diplomatic cover, and that the Palestinians don’t deserve basic rights. Democrats deserve spokespeople able, and willing, to explain why he’s wrong. They need spokespeople willing to say that being pro-Israel doesn’t mean being pro-Ariel, and that the party of Lyndon Johnson and John Lewis believes Palestinians deserve civil rights too. 

      Instead, as party chair the Democrats have Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who thinks that when it comes to Jews, Marco Rubio’s problem is that he raised money at the house of a guy who owns Hitler’s napkins. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad."

      read more: link to

      She needs to be "dumped", y'all.

  • Israeli soldiers can't win war for 'Israel's survival' without American friends fighting with computers and checkbooks
    • Me too, lonely rico. Me too.

      I just read this about the IOF:

      "One Mother's Fight to Address the Needs of Struggling Israeli Soldiers

      The IDF is one of Israeli society's biggest problems today, says Shifra Shahar, head of an NGO devoted to helping poverty-stricken soldiers.

      Too many Israeli soldiers have to desert in order to work for a living — of the 22,000 soldiers jailed every year, 20,000 are imprisoned for this reason, says Shifra Shahar, chief executive of A Warm Home for Every Soldier.

      “About 1.5 million Israelis fly abroad several times a year, but opposite them are 1.5 million Israelis who don’t have anything to eat. We receive hundreds of calls a week. Sometimes commanders approach us because they feel they have no solution," Shahar says.
      "I’ve seen very difficult things in my seven years in this business. So many lives are miserable, with debts and frozen accounts; they don’t even have a few shekels to spend on the holiday.”

      Shahar says poor soldiers seek donations like store vouchers and warm meals; many of them are of Ethiopian or Russian origin, or come from single-parent homes or poor neighborhoods in the country's outskirts.

      “Many of these soldiers’ parents are working people. Some of them have children who fight in the army but can't live in dignity. Every IDF unit, including commandos, has too high a rate of poor soldiers who have great needs that the army can't address."

      It started seven years ago when her oldest son was a young platoon commander in a company-commander course at the Engineering Corps.

      Her son was shocked on the first Shabbat — some soldiers requested to stay on base; he realized they had nowhere to go. He visited a soldier living not far from his family in Jerusalem and discovered he lived in the kitchen with his grandmother and slept on a mattress on the floor.

      "I started checking how to help him, and it grabbed me. Later, a lone soldier in the course whose father was in jail asked to leave the course because he had nowhere to go on Shabbat," Shahar says.

      "My son realized that the kid was talented — sure enough, he later became an officer. So my son found him an adoptive family through another soldier in the platoon. He still lives with them and is now out of the army and studying at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.”

      Shahar met the mother of that family at the ceremony ending the course, and they established the nonprofit group together. A Warm Home for Every Soldier’s first goal was to find an adoptive family for every lone soldier who wanted one, and to help soldiers hungry on weekends.

      We give financial help to soldiers’ families and treat wounded lone soldiers," she says. "A wounded or ill lone soldier who needs long-term recovery is sometimes expelled from the system without any accompaniment or financial support. Our involvement is really critical at this stage because we make sure he's released from the IDF only after financial assistance is arranged."

      How much is he supposed to receive?

      “About 5,000 shekels ($1,272) per month. They receive this stipend from the Defense Ministry. If it’s not arranged before release, they hit the street wounded and sick, without an apartment or ability to work. It’s a systemic failure, but if they turn to us in time we manage to fix it.

      "It’s one of the great disgraces. Officers of the wounded call me because they know they’re lost without our help. There were lone soldiers wounded in Operation Protective Edge [the 2014 Gaza war] who had nowhere to go because their rent wasn’t paid, so they stayed in hospitals.”

      Poor combat soldiers

      Many lone soldiers arrive with a sense of mission and financial support from their families; it's just that the family is far away and there's a need to ensure that the soldiers are comfortable in Israel. But you're describing a much more difficult situation.

      “True, there are outstanding people who move to Israel and serve in significant positions. There was a lone soldier from Connecticut who a day after his release came to our office with his mother and offered to help fundraising abroad in appreciation of our help. But these kind of people are few.

      "Out of 6,300 lone soldiers, about a third are from abroad. The rest are Israeli — orphans, former ultra-Orthodox, soldiers from broken families who are drafted by the Compulsory Service Law. In general, lone soldiers are also an economic burden. Sometimes they suffer language difficulties and they're a big challenge for the army.” ...

      ...No air conditioning in August

      You're really angry at the IDF.

      "I don’t have many good words to say about the manpower directorate as an organization. I really love the soldiers and I chose the tough fight to battle the unreasonable bureaucracy and the corruption in the IDF. It can’t be that we're an army with a country attached.

      "But they sometimes get angry with me. For example, a few weeks ago when I discovered that there were no air conditioners in all IDF apartments for lone soldiers, nearly 600 lone soldiers suffered in the terrible heat we had in August and had no one to turn to.

      "First I wrote letters, but when they were ignored, as I expected, I went to the media, so they got angry. They have half a million shekels for a goodbye party for the chief of staff but don’t have half a million shekels for air conditioners for lone soldiers. ...

      ... "That’s how it is. The one who doesn't care much about the soldiers’ low salaries or air conditioners in their apartments also sends soldiers in broken armored personal carriers to Shujaiyeh. That’s how they act in their missions as well. Chaos reigns and egos are inflated.

      "Our only luck is that the enemy is worse than us, and we also, thank God have supervision from above. You really think we’re here thanks to the IDF? Both my sons are combat soldiers, and I'm for everyone being fighters, and I know we need a strong army. But the IDF, as it is now, is one of Israeli society’s biggest problems today.”..."

      read more: link to

      Boo- hoo- hoo. Cry me a river. That last paragraph made me shout out loud and it was preceded by other invective. All that donated money raised by the hasbara brigade, Haim Saban, and other foreign or dual lunatics, etc. and this is the result? All with 3+++++ billion a year from US taxpayers? Really???

      It's past time to cut them off. Sanctions are in order. BDS. Cut the cord!

      Do you remember August? How about May? Remember this report from Dan Cohen?

      "... Two-year-old Ahmad Najjar scooted on his rear end across the dirt in front of the shipping container he and his family live in the Gaza farming village of Khuza’a. Unable to walk because of a genetic condition and lacking a wheelchair, Ahmad resorts to dragging himself by his hands. His grandmother, who also can not walk and is blind, sat and wailed inside the container in sweltering heat. “I’m so hot! God help me,” she moaned while rocking back and forth. The Najjar family’s stately home in Khuza’a was one of 100,000 homes damaged or destroyed during Israel’s war on Gaza in 2014 that killed more than 2200 Palestinians, most of whom were civilians. Eight months after the final ceasefire reconstruction in Gaza has not begun, and the Najjar family is is forced to live in a donated shipping container just across the street from the four-meter-high mound of rubble that used to be their home.

      Ahmad’s father Youssef Najjar, 46, mostly blind and afflicted with nerve damage, stood over his mother and broke into tears. “In this caravan, our life is all about suffering,” he sighed.

      Seventy-four other families, mostly from the larger Najjar family live in the caravan as well. Makeshift pathways have been cleared through the rubble, and the biggest chunks were piled up to form a massive hill where a tent sits on top and overlooks the grey moonscape of destruction. In the distance one can see Khuza’a’s farmland and Israeli towns across the border, as well as intermittent Israeli pillboxes equipped with remote-control machine guns aiming into Khuza’a.

      With their lives hanging by threads, the families living in the caravan are among the most vulnerable Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip. Every day is a crisis, and each season brings new difficulties which the residents are ill-equipped to confront.

      I first met the Najjar family during a severe winter storm in January. The day before my visit, their container was flooded with rainwater and sewage nearly a meter high. Unable to walk, Ahmad was trapped inside and nearly drowned before being rescued. The day after my visit, heavy rains again flooded the caravans.

      Throughout the winter, the uninsulated containers were iceboxes. In freezing temperatures with heavy rains and hail, families had no choice than to build fires in the containers in order to stay warm. “At night, I can’t get warm with eight blankets,” Youssef Najjar told me in January.

      Now as summer approaches, the Mediterranean heat is turning the poorly ventilated containers into sweltering boxes. The caravans are unsanitary and cramped — sometimes with a dozen people per container — and makeshift additions built from wood and scrap metal have been attached. “We used to live in a big house and we suffered from the heat,” Youssef Najjar said. “But that doesn’t compare to what we live through now.”..."

      - See more at: link to

      What A/C, what clean water, what shelter, what electricity?

      What did the IOF and GoI and the world do here????? What have they done since to alleviate the suffering of the people of Gaza? How many ceasefire violations is the IOF responsible for? How many more dead are there?

  • Anti-WASP tropes in the 'NYT'
  • Wanted: The killer of Hadeel al-Hashlamoun
    • Read and watch this horror from David Sheen:

      "Video: Temple movement rabbi proselytizes for genocide

      While his public statements of compassion for marginalized groups have earned Pope Francis the respect of many, the Holy See’s diplomatic recognition of the Palestinian Authority as the “state of Palestine” in June ignited the fury of rabbis with links to the Israeli government, army and academia.

      On 9 September, a group calling itself the “Nascent Sanhedrin” (a reconstituted council of Jewish sages) held court in Jerusalem and accused the pontiff and other world leaders of crimes against the Jewish people.

      Speaking to a crowd of about 40 men and a handful of women at the Diaspora Yeshiva seminary in the Old City of Jerusalem, the leaders of the Sanhedrin gave a series of speeches excoriating Pope Francis, US President Barack Obama, the European Union, the United Nations and other international bodies for not supporting Israel’s claims to “exclusive patrimony” over all of historic Palestine.

      For three hours, the rabbis oscillated between accusing world leaders of plotting genocide against the Jewish people, and themselves calling for Jews to commit genocide against Muslims, Christians and other non-Jews.

      The most extreme statements of the afternoon came from the head of this Sanhedrin, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, who claimed that according to the 12th century Jewish sage Maimonides, the Jewish people are commanded to kill non-Jewish people who do not agree to abandon Christianity and Islam and be governed by Jewish law.

      Advocating genocide

      This writer was present and recorded the Sanhedrin’s proceedings, including a call by Ariel for genocide against non-Jews (listen by playing the video at the top of this page).

      “This is what the Torah commanded us,” he explained, “‘When thou drawest nigh unto a city to fight against it, then proclaim peace unto it’ [Deuteronomy 20:10]. What is meant by ‘peace’? Maimonides says that they must agree to follow the seven Noahide laws … Meaning, you ask them, ‘Do you follow the seven laws? If so, we will allow you to live.’ If not, you kill all of their males, by sword. You only leave the women.

      “How do you leave them? They must all agree to follow the seven laws. And that is how you impose the Seven Laws on that city. We will conquer Iraq, Turkey. We will get to Iran, too. We will impose the seven Noahide laws on all of these places.

      “You say, ‘I call upon you in peace.’ If they raise the flag [of surrender] and say, ‘From now on there is no more Christianity, no more Islam,’ the mosques and the Christian spires and their crosses come down, ‘from now on we follow the seven Noahide laws.’”

      Ariel went on to suggest that Jewish people should also kill US President Barack Obama.

      “Therefore Maimonides says that if you see a person in the street who does not follow the Seven Laws — this is what he says — if we have the might, you have to kill him. If you catch Obama on the street, and you know that he does not follow the Seven Laws, etc.”

      A man in the audience interjected: “You are commanded to kill him.”

      Ariel responds: “Sorry?”

      The man repeats: “You are commanded to kill him, and the sooner the better.”

      Ariel responds in the affirmative: “This is why we have Maimonides. If someone threatens you, to ruin you, to kill you, you kill him first.”

      Ariel’s comments on Obama followed the reading of a long list of charges against Obama, the Pope and other world leaders, including “theft and conspiracy to conduct theft of the Land of Israel from the People of Israel” and “bloodshed, murder and standing idly by the blood of others” which “threatens the very existence of Israel, if not the total genocide of the People of Israel.”

      The Sanhedrin claims the “Land of Israel” as “from the Euphrates to the Nile.” This would mean Israeli occupation of parts of Syria, Iraq, Egypt and the whole of the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip and Jordan, and probably parts of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Kuwait. ...

      ...Ariel himself also serves as head of the Temple Institute, a group that aims to destroy Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque (the third-holiest site in Islam) and replace it with a Jewish temple.

      According to a May 2013 report published by the Israeli group Ir Amim, the Temple Institute is directly funded by the Israeli government to the tune of hundreds of thousands of shekels annually.

      Jewish control of holy site

      The movement to wrest control of the compound from Islamic authorities and augment Jewish religious activities on the site has received support from numerous Israeli government lawmakers, including ruling Likud party ministers Yisrael Katz and Miri Regev, as well as secretary-general of the opposition Labor party Yehiel “Hilik” Bar.

      After the home of a Palestinian family in the West Bank village of Duma was firebombed in July, burning to death the family’s father and mother and their 18-month-old baby, the Sanhedrin rabbis issued a statement of support for the Jewish extremists that Israel put under administrative detention in the wake of the attack (they were not charged with any crime).

      The statement reads: “You are blessed for being caught while engaged in your relentless and uncompromising struggle for the sake of the conquest and inheritance of Israel.”

      The 9 September session of the Sanhedrin adjourned without any definitive decision on the charges against the Pope, Obama and other world leaders for alleged crimes against the Jewish people. The group announced that the court would reconvene and the trial would resume in Jerusalem on 7 October.

      Meanwhile, its head rabbi almost certainly continues to receive financial support from Netanyahu’s government to help fulfill his dominionist aspirations."

      More from David Sheen's revelations about #JSIL's demonic genociders @ link to

    • Thank you, Kate.

      Shaul Hanuka's poster is good.

      (The IOF will very likely reward the murderers)

  • For the 'New York Times,' #PalestinianLivesDoNotMatter
    • Thanks for your research, Annie.

      Hey Yonah, is "Amir" a "Jewish name"?

      Why, yes it is! (It's also used by other folks):

      "Amir (also spelled Ameer or Emir, Arabic: أمير‎, Persian: أمير‎‎, Hebrew: אמיר‎, pronounced [aːmˈiːr]) is a masculine name with two meanings, one is Arabic/Hebraic origin derived from the three letters AMR which means 'to give orders' or a "Prince". The title Emir in Arabic, which is essentially the same word as Amir, therefore means: "one who gives orders". It also means summit of a tree in Hebrew; and other one in Persian is pronounced in the same way but it has a different meaning, it consists of two parts; "A" which means "Un" and "mir" which is the root of the verb "Mordan مُرَدن" ( to die ), so Amir in Persian means the one who [his sprit and his memory] will never die.[citation needed]"

      link to

    • Thanks for sharing that, James.

      "Anna agustovsky is not a Jewish name, but some kind of a concocted Russian name."

      That's a truly asinine comment, Yonah. What's makes a name a "Jewish name", anyway? Her name is Anna Agustovsky~ capital "A", first and last.

  • Palestinian shot by Israeli forces near Nablus last week dies from injuries
    • An amazing read, PeaceThroughJustice.

      Many thanks for sharing Graeber's observations and deep insights.

    • "Israeli soldiers assaulted two journalists working for AFP during a West Bank demonstration, the French news agency said late Friday.

      Following the report, the officer commanding the force, a deputy company commander in the infantry Givati Brigade, would be suspended from operational duty. A spokesman for the Israeli army said that "The IDF sees the incident as grave, and in contradiction of its code of ethics and professional standards." He added that a full investigation was underway. ..."

      read more: link to

      A "suspension" for the IOF 'officer'. Big whoopee. Israel and the IOF have no discernable "code of ethics".

    • fyi:

      "Israeli Army Denies Shooting Palestinian Girl With Rubber Bullets

      Indiscriminate rubber-bullet fire wounded daughter of Nablus police chief, Palestinians say; IDF says girl was wounded by stones thrown by Palestinian protesters.

      A 7-year-old Palestinian girl and her father were wounded Friday in clashes between Palestinians and Israel Defense Forces soldiers...

      According to Murad Ashtawi, one of the organizers of the weekly demonstrations in the village, the girl was standing in her window and was injured in the head when soldiers who surrounded the house “fired in every direction.” According to Ashtawi, the girl’s father, Col. Abd el-Latif a-Kadumi, the commander of the Palestinian police in Nablus, was shot in the head attempting to evacuate his daughter from the scene in his car.

      The Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported that the girl was struck by a rubber-coated steel bullet aimed directly at her by the soldiers.

      The girl and her father were taken to Rafadiyah Hospital in Nablus with moderate injuries and their condition is described as stable. According to Ma’an, the soldiers raided the village and set up a number of ambushes in order to prevent the weekly demonstration.
      The IDF Spokesperson's Unit said: "A preliminary investigation showed the girl was wounded by stones thrown by the villagers, during a violent disruption against IDF soldiers. The IDF regrets the girl was injured."

      The IDF also said that "any other report is a false report which aims to slander the forces working to keep law and order in the area." 

      read more: link to

      uh- huh.

    • "On the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, it is traditional for Muslims to slaughter an animal, usually a sheep, and share the meat with the poor and needy. This year, however, the residents of Gaza have been unable to afford to buy animals for the Eid sacrifice due to the severe shortages hitting the Strip. The current shortage is a result of restrictions imposed by Australia on exporting animals directly to Gaza. A photographer in Gaza, Mohamed Asad, for Middle East Monitor explained that the restrictions by Australia were “in protest at the way the animals are treated” in Gaza. “This is the reason for the severe shortage of animals in Gazan markets,” he added. Israeli animal traders imported animals to channel to the Gaza Strip to help with the restrictions however authorities in Gaza refused to allow it as the livestock as it was infected with foot-and-mouth disease. ..."

      I guess that Australia is a- ok with the way that Israel treats Palestinians in Gaza... And Israel wanted to infect the animals of Gaza, too. How very kind.

      Meanwhile, an illegal settler massacred/maimed 60 lambs belonging to Palestinians... I guess his/her prayers of 'atonement' were a joke or perhaps only a promise to do more evil.

      Thanks, Kate.

  • Israel's UN amb. called for annexing West Bank, tries to delete evidence
    • Sounds exactly right to me, Kay24.

    • "Jews Throw Stones Too, but Arabs Get Harsher Sentences

      In verdicts over recent years, Arabs are much more likely to get prison sentences that approach or exceed a year."

      read more: link to

      I'm quite sure that all Palestinians have slept better after reading this partial truth/NOT! The facts are that the GoI, the IOF, and the IOPolice are allowed to shoot to kill and/or incarcerate for up to 20 years any Palestinian for being a David (and exercising their rights to resist) among and amidst the foul and violent Occupying Goliaths belonging to, and revered by, Israel.


    • "Double standards, one rule for all – except Palestinians

      On the 28th of August, Mahmoud Tamimi was arrested in Nabi Saleh during the weekly non violent demonstration. Every Friday, just after the prayer, the residents demonstrate against the expansion of the illegal settlement of Halamish which has continuously confiscated Palestinian land as well as the only water source of the village: ‘Ain al-Qaws.

      During the Friday march towards the expropriated lands the residents were stopped by Israeli forces using excessive brutality, shooting tear gas, rubber coated steel bullets, live ammunition and sound grenades against civilians. Additionally, demonstrators are often arrested and beaten up.

      On the 28th of August, in the course of the demonstration I, as a foreigner, was arrested by Israeli forces together with the 19-year old Palestinian Mahmoud Tamimi.

      Both of us have been brutally beaten by the soldiers with punches, kicks and the butts of their guns. Both of us were arrested and secluded for 6 hours, kept blindfolded and handcuffed in a small room in a military base.

      Afterwards, we were taken to the police station based in the illegal settlement of Ben Yamin and, at that point, our paths were divided: he was brought to the military prison of Ofer and I was brought to “Ramle” near Tel Aviv.

      Within a few days, my predicament was positively solved: I was acquitted from the charges of throwing stones and other objects, and returned to be a free citizen. Regarding Mahmoud, although the charges were exactly the same, because he’s Palestinian, the situation is completely different: in fact Mahmoud is still under arrest in Ofer military prison and is waiting to attend his first hearing, to be held on the 28th of October, that is 60 days after his arrest. In my case, the first hearing took place the day after my arrest.

      Mahmoud is now under threat of a penalty of a minimum of 7 months which, under the practice of military law and consequently administrative detention used on the Palestinians of the West Bank, this sentence can be arbitrarily renewed for additional 6 month periods of imprisonment.

      The absolute asymmetry of treatment endured by me and Mahmoud is a blatant demonstration of the discriminatory laws applied by Israel for over 40 years towards the Palestinians. According to the International law, the application of military laws in occupied territories is completely illegitimate.

      Mahmoud will be accused by military personnel covering the role of persecutors and will be judged by some other military personnel covering also the role of judges. He doesn’t have the right to be tried in front of a civilian court, although Mahmoud is a civilian – and not a soldier. All of this because he’s a Palestinian.

      Even if the evidence does not indicate his guilt, just the fact that he’s in a military court with both the prosecutor and the judge from the military, will most likely result in a guilty verdict. The procedures in military court are not about establishing the truth, the possibility of establishing a defense is extremely slim, justice simply isn’t done in a military court. It’s about punishment, punishment to weaken the Palestinian resistance to an illegal occupation, even if this resistance is non-violent.

      Within this system, it must be said, settlers from illegal settlements in the West Bank are judged in front of civilian courts, not military courts – just because they have a different status: they are not Palestinians.

      In my case, hard evidence would be required to bring charges against me, for Mahmoud in contrast, as a Palestinian, no evidence is required at all. All the trial is only based on the statement of 18-year old soldiers. ..."

      More @ link to

      Thank heavens for the good people of ISM.

    • "Israel Will Never Hand Over Parts of the West Bank, Says Deputy FM Hotovely

      Deputy foreign minister also says EU labeling of produce from the West Bank would be tantamount to a boycott of Israel.

      Handing over parts of the West Bank to the Palestinians is not "even on the list of options we’re offering the Palestinians,” Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely ...

      While professing to support the creation of a Palestinian state in principle, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu never said evacuating the West Bank was an option, Hotovely averred. The interview with her was published on the Times of Israel.

      In the absence of a permanent foreign minister – the post is held by Netanyahu – Hotovely functions as Israel's top diplomat. 

      Hotovely also said that any European country that introduces the labelling of settlement products will be regarded as supporting a boycott of Israel and will remove itself from playing a significant role in the Middle East conflict. She described labelling as a "red line" for Israel and threatened to downgrade Israel's economic ties with countries that implement it.

      The European Parliament passed a motion earlier this month supporting the labelling of products from Israeli settlements in the occupied territories. The EU Commission is expected to decide on the issue next month.

      Hotovely added that Israel had mapped the European capitals which Israel believed could be persuaded not to implement EU labelling guidelines and would be embarking on a diplomatic campaign to lobby them.

      “Europe is Israel’s number one trade partner," she said. “They, too, have something to lose.”

      “Our concern is that once you put a label on Judea and Samaria, you put a label on Israel,” she said, referring to the West Bank. “We see it as a boycott of Israel for all intents and purposes. We view it as a slippery slope. It’s simply a sweeping disqualification of Israel.”"

      read more: link to

      Please, EU~ stand tall in the face of these threats from just another Zio- supremacist.

      Please, world~ sanction and boycott and divest from Israel.

      *"Hotovely practises Orthodox Judaism and is a self-described "religious rightwinger".[1]

      Hotovely rejects Palestinian statehood aspirations, supporting a Greater Israel spanning over the entire land of current Israel along with the Palestinian territories.[12] She later reiterated her hardline position in a speech to Israeli diplomats on 22 May 2015, rejecting criticism from the international community regarding the West Bank settlement policies and saying that Israel has tried too hard to appease the world and must stand up for itself. She has also stated that she will make every effort to achieve global recognition for West Bank settlements (a move which is widely opposed by the international community), as well as asserting that Israel owes no apologies for its policies in the Holy Land towards the Palestinians. She justified her position as she referenced religious texts to back her belief that Judea and Samaria belongs to the Jewish people.[13]"

      link to

    • "Palestinians Excluded From Israel Police Map of Southern West Bank

      According to the map, which hangs in the Kiryat Arba-Hebron police station, the population of the region is 81,000, 99.6 percent of whom are Jewish.

      The map of the Hebron region used by the Israel Police excludes all the Palestinian villages and communities in the area, other than the three big cities, and omits written data about the Palestinian population.

      In the map's segmentation of the terrain between "built-up" and "open" areas, the populated Palestinian areas are included under "open."

      The map was published in 2014 by the police's planning division and bears the signature of division head Maj. Gen. Danny Chen. The Hebron sector in the Judea and Samaria police district covers the southern West Bank (up to and including Bethlehem) but not the Judean Desert.

      The map, a photograph of which is in the possession of Haaretz, is framed and hangs on the wall in the patrol room of the Kiryat Arba-Hebron police station. It consists of a large information board, in the center of which is the map.

      Only the cities of Bethlehem, Halhul and Hebron appear on the map, alongside Israeli settlements (but excluding unauthorized outposts.)

      The other Palestinian cities, towns, villages, shepherding communities – together numbering more than 200 localities – don't appear. Areas A, B and C as defined by the Oslo Accords are color coded. The police don't operate in Area A, but are authorized to operate in areas B and C, in other words to enter the dozens of villages and communities in those areas. They are also authorized to detain, arrest and issue traffic tickets to any Palestinian travelling the roads in Area C.

      The information section of the map puts the "number of residents" at 82,000. An asterisk points to a note that reads "Irrespective of the Palestinian population." The religious segmentation of the area is given as 99.6 percent Jews and 0.4 percent others. ...

      ... The Israel Police responded: "We stress forcefully that the Israel Police operates professionally and equally with no connection to the identity of the citizens. Maps are a tool that provides visual representation for the officers and policemen and in no way encompasses a position, type of action or attitude to the population for which the force in the sector is responsible. ..."

      There's more, including pics @ link to

      Disgusting thieves and criminals.

  • Amnesty: Killing of Hadeel al-Hashlamoun was 'extrajudicial execution'
    • Thanks very much for your 'live blogging', Kay24.

      I am sorry that I missed it.

    • "How did I just know that Israeli Jews would defile the mosque with their filthy (i.e., have been worn outside, maybe even stepping in dog poop) shoes?"

      Because if the shoe fits...

      "(Please note, Mayhem, shoes or feet can be considered “filthy” independently of whether they are Jewish.)"

      Exactly. It's disrespectful and "filthy".

      Thanks again, Kris.

    • Thanks for that, Kris.

      (Perhaps Mayhem prefers his Zio- bubble and carefully nurtured faux- paranoia to the facts.)

    • Mayhem, you probably need to revisit your dear leader's comments. You can also visit your Knesset supremacists' comments, too.

      But for real excitement and stirrings of what makes Zionists like you tick, read this:

      "Video: Temple movement rabbi proselytizes for genocide"

      link to

    • "Fire at Sakhnin Dog Shelter Kills 2 Dogs, Wounds 13; Arson Suspected
      A fire broke out at a dog shelter in the Israeli-Arab city of Sakhnin on Sunday night, killing two dogs and wounding 13 others, in what the shelter's operators say was a case of arson. 

      Fire services arrived at the scene and rescued three dogs trapped in their cages. The dogs were taken to receive medical care.

      Officials at the Let the Animals Live association, which operates the shelter, said they suspect the incident was a "horrific crime." 

      "This isn't the first time the dog shelter suffered from harassments, vandalism, breakings in and defacement," an official at the association said. 

      Let the Animals Live's CEO Yael Arkin urged the public to assist the shelter: "I call on everyone to come tomorrow to Kfar Ruth and take a dog – even temporarily – to enable us to make room and treat the dogs who went through a terrible trauma tonight.""  

      read more: link to

      I love animals a lot.

      It strikes me (again) that Israelis care more for stray dogs than they do living, breathing Palestinians and other "others". Would they shoot a dog numerous times like they shot this young lady? Would they drag the dying dog through the dirt? Do they care as much about the fiendish terror that was visited by their own kind upon the innocent and helpless Dawabshe family as they do the unfortunate and helpless dogs at the Let the Animals Live shelter?

      Which made me think of Allison's article here:

      "A Jew’s dead dog has more rights than a Bedouin in the Negev" - See more at: link to

      Which made me think of the many Israeli desecrations and deliberate and planned destruction of Palestinian cemeteries:

      "Israel’s destruction of Mamilla cemetery part of effort to remove Palestine from Jerusalem" - See more at: link to

    • A beautiful Palestinian with what appears to be a diploma and posies. Her past, present, and future was eliminated by many armed Occupier thugs and many bullets. It was a gang killing, not unlike a gang rape. The Occupiers stole her most precious thing~ her life.

      Her face, along with too many others, will fill my memory place.

      Thanks, Froggy.

    • I think you're spot- on, Ossinev. It's an engineered and deliberate tragedy that we're witnessing~ the dehumanization of billions of people.

      Even when the West expresses "concern", they really don't mean it, do they? It's clear that the Israelis have been given a free pass to genocide Palestinians with impunity and rewarded with even more money, the UN veto, and terrible weapons to 'field- test' on the indigenous Palestinians in their own land.

      (Welcome to Mondoweiss, Ossinev)

    • It certainly does add to the gruesome aspects of this crime, Ossinev.

      More gruesome is that it is SOP for the IOF, and it is supported by many Israelis and their supporters all over this planet. No regret, no remorse, no accountability~ ever. The most gruesome thing, of course, is that she is dead. Her body was riddled with bullets in her chest, her abdomen, and her legs and she was left to exsanguinate in agony by the bestial IOF and the bestial illegal squatters who nonchalantly watched her life pouring from her and did nothing to help. She was dragged through the dirt and only finally then endured surgeries (too late) and succumbed to those evildoers' bullet wounds.

      (Question: Has anyone heard ANY leader in 'the West' condemn this latest state sanctioned execution?)

    • Amira Hass:

      "East Jerusalem Residents Feel They Have Nothing Left to Lose

      Even when they don’t agree with stone throwing, Palestinians in East Jerusalem say their existence is constantly under threat.

      Rami received Israeli citizenship two years ago. He is a student in his mid-20s, born and living in East Jerusalem. Repulsed by the stone throwing, he has undergone a conscious and self-chosen “Israelization” since high school.

      Rami (not his real name) reached the conclusion that he wouldn’t get ahead in life without learning Hebrew, becoming familiar with Israeli culture and even befriending Jews, and pursuing studies and work opportunities through Israeli institutions. He submitted two citizenship applications to the Interior Ministry, which rejected him both times. Only after paying a lawyer a decent sum of money that put him in debt was he granted citizenship.

      It is not Israeli patriotism that motivated Rami to become a citizen. Like most Jerusalem Palestinians who have managed to receive Israeli citizenship or have pursued it, he did it to be able to study and stay abroad without fear of not being permitted to return to his city and home. “Our existence in Jerusalem is constantly threatened,” says Rami, who calls himself a Jerusalem Arab rather than Palestinian.

      Variations of this theme arise in every conversation with East Jerusalem residents, especially during the current, publicized confrontations between police and youths. Morning, noon and night, every Palestinian in Jerusalem lives and breathes the Israeli desire, which they perceive in the state’s policies, for them all to abandon the city and move abroad or to Ramallah. As residents but not citizens, they are subject to Israeli entry laws – as if they had asked to move there and not been annexed. Extended residence outside the city – for studies, work or living in the West Bank – puts them at risk of losing their Jerusalem residency status and expulsion, with the High Court's approval.

      The continuous Israeli threat to their existence in the city is an Archimedean point for understanding the situation in East Jerusalem, even though there are those – like psychologist Rana Nashashibi, Dr. Muhammad Jadallah and Nasser Kos of the Palestinian Prisoners’ club – who say that anyone who wanted to and could leave has already done so. That’s it. The 303,000 Palestinians living in East Jerusalem (75 percent of them under the poverty line) won’t leave, despite all the pressure and oppression.

      In many respects, Muhammad (he asked us not to disclose his full name) is the opposite of Rami, though they are of the same age. He did throw stones, got wounded, was caught, arrested and banned from al-Aqsa for one year. His home is some 50 meters from one of the gates to Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount). In contrast to Rami, Muhammad doubts the Jewish connection to the place. ...

      ... “East Jerusalem closes at five. If we want to go out a little, it’s impossible in the western part of the city. It isn’t safe to be there after eight or nine at night. Right-wingers hunt and chase anyone they identify as an Arab, and during the day any Border policeman can detain you and humiliate you,” says Muhammad. “So we go to Ramallah and Bethlehem.”...

      ...Nasser Kos recalls a 12-year-old boy who returned from school to find his home demolished. “He cried ‘revenge’ so the whole world would hear him and then he went to throw a firebomb,” Kos says. “Today he is 18 and still in jail.” Even someone who does not agree with his deed understands him. Even Rami understands the stone-throwers.

      Kos says he became active in Fatah 30 years ago so his children would live better. He never imagined their lives would have no personal or political horizon for improvement and change.

      “The child sees his mother beaten, the old man on the way to Al-Aqsa struck by a policeman,” says Kos. “He can’t bear it. He vents his anger.” So, children and youths who throw stones come to represent the general population.

      “We all feel we have reached the end of our ability to suffer the methodical official attacks against us in Jerusalem,” says Nashashibi. “Israel has succeeded in turning the difficulties of life into a daily matter for every Jerusalem resident. Every conversation begins with ‘you heard the shooting, I was choking from gas, I couldn’t reach the Old City, I got a traffic fine over nothing, a city clerk spoke to me rudely, the child dropped out because the level is low and there’s no money for a private school, the city isn’t fixing the sewage.’”

      She is convinced that “if we weren’t all so deeply frustrated, we would all go into the street.” Adults have practical considerations that prevent them from expressing their constant rage, or as Nashashibi puts it: “The children and youths aren’t restrained by the conclusions and fear of the adults that there is no benefit, that everything was already tried and nothing has changed.”
      Will Israel’s new policy of suppressing demonstrations and harsher punishments have an impact?

      “Death does not deter,” says Kos. “I am talking to you and I am dead. I die while living. We die every day. So we have nothing to lose. Therefore, the youths are prepared to die.”"

      read more: link to

      Filthy and criminal Occupiers and Occupation, endorsed by the US and far too many in power who have way too much $$$ and weapons to give to the pariah state.

    • "The case also highlights a problem for which the Palestinian authorities are responsible. Hadeel did not understand Hebrew. In all of occupied Palestine, inside or out of the green line, all Palestinian children should be, and should have been, taught to speak and read Hebrew for their own protection."

      It's not completely safe for all Palestinians to speak Hebrew. Remember this, JennieS?

      "Why did Israel target and kill Hebrew speakers in Gaza?

      ... At a talk of his in London last week that I attended, and at his testimony to the Russell Tribunal on Palestine recently, Blumenthal recounted some of the stories Palestinian eyewitnesses had told him. You can watch a video of his talk at the Russell Tribunal here, or read the transcript of his prepared remarks here.

      According to several different eyewitnesses he spoke to, offering corroborating accounts of different incidents, it seems that Israeli soldiers were executing a new practice during this latest Gaza war. As Max puts it: "wanton targeting of Palestinian civilians who spoke Hebrew".

      One example: "In Khuza'a just east of Khan Younis, multiple witnesses described soldiers gathering locals in the centre of town as they occupied the area on July 23, then asking if anyone spoke Hebrew. When a 54-year-old man stepped forward to answer in the affirmative, they shot him in the heart."

      While Arabic is Palestinians' first language, many Palestinians speak at least some Hebrew, especially those who regularly come into contact with Israelis. In Gaza, sealed off from the world for so long, there are far less Hebrew speakers than in the West Bank, and certainly far less than in Jerusalem. But some of the older generation, who still had permits to travel into Israel for work, do speak the language. And many Palestinian prisoners learn the language while in jail.

      This targeting is a new phenomenon, to my knowledge. I have never heard of it happening in any sort of systematic way before. Dena Shunra, an Israel expert I asked about this concurred on that.

      Why would Israeli soldiers do this? Surely they would find Hebrew-to-Arabic translation useful in issuing orders to Palestinians in their custody.

      These are preliminary reports coming out of Gaza that warrant further examination and analysis. But we can start to surmise some possible explanations.

      It could have been a wanton act of control, something to keep people in line and afraid. If there were no way for Palestinians to know what the soldiers were planning, they would have been able to keep them guessing for longer.

      The idea that occurred to me, however, is one with longer-reaching implications. Over the last few years, with more and more boycott initiatives targeting the state of Israel, and more and more legal cases for war crimes and other acts of oppression against the Palestinians being carried forward in international venues, Israel has become more conscious of its international image.

      Such cases almost always draw on Palestinian eyewitness testimonies. That is why the Russell Tribunal, for example, invited Palestinians to testify at its various hearings. Israel has been known to block Palestinian activists from travelling abroad for just such activism, or for punishing them afterwards.

      Could it be that Israel was killing Hebrew speakers in Gaza to stop more detailed understanding of Israeli soldiers' war crimes in the Strip?

      For now, we simply don't know, but with the emergence of further testimonies over time, the picture may become clearer."

      link to

  • Mental health in Gaza: a subterranean malaise
  • 'NYT' piece on stonethrowing leaves out 'occupation'
    • The more I read of events (that the US MSM seems confused and mystified by), the more I feel/know that a huge and necessary shift in US foreign policy in the ME/Levant has occurred. The balance of power just went upside- down & inside- out.

      Rapprochement with Iran was the catalyst, imho.

      (Thankfully, Israel and the myriad warmongers did NOT win this time around. I don't think that a SOP false flag op will be tolerated, either.)

    • Yep. It's a whole new ball game, Kay24.

      More from the Summit of and for the extremist loonies of America:

      "Values Voter Summit: cheers for Boehner exit and boos for Trump

      A group that acts as the lead weight on the US political scale showed support for Ted Cruz and offered Mike Huckabee several standing ovations

      ... Rubio wasn’t the favourite here, of course. Nor was Donald Trump, who was booed for the first time in this campaign. These people are more for Ted Cruz – the Texas senator won the summit’s 2016 straw poll, in which the absent Florida governor Jeb Bush received just five votes, only two more than the socialist Bernie Sanders – or Mike Huckabee. When he spoke, the former Arkansas governor was greeted with several standing ovations.

      But in his well-received, if not adored, speech, Rubio got to announce that the Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, had said he would step down. The audience was made up of Republicans, but the news got a huge cheer. ...

      That was not an oddity. The crowd at the VVS are right-of-the-right, capital-C conservatives. Many could be described as being to the right of Ghengis Khan, except that Khan would probably strike them as not sufficiently supportive of Israel. They hated Boehner. They made his life hell. This segment of American conservatism was the ideological root of several planned coups against him.

      At the Omni, no one had a good word to say about the soon-to-be-former speaker. They saw him as practically treasonous, for failing to stand up to the Obama administration on the issues they hold most dear, especially and most lately Planned Parenthood, over which Boehner was unwilling to push the government to yet another shutdown.

      For the Values Voters, that was a Boehner-killer.

      That was a red-meat moment, a roar of rightwing joy. Otherwise, soothing Frank Sinatra piped into the Omni’s subterranean corridors, where young volunteers held signs directing punters.

      An exhibition hall held booths from groups like the Liberty Institute, the Family Research Council and Evangelism Explosion International, Christians United for Israel and the One Nation Under God Foundation.

      Anti-gay marriage groups with names like God’s Original Design Ministry and Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays sat next to those promoting abstinence and stalls piled with books with names like God Bless America and Rebound.

      As in a Las Vegas casino, in the artificial lighting, it was easy to lose track of the time.

      Among the pressure groups were the candidates: Kay Daly, looking to unseat a more moderate Republican in North Carolina’s second district, showed the Guardian her latest campaign ad. It featured her firing a shotgun.

      Female attendees presented a certain look. Vivid blue, cream or mauve dresses; kitten heels; ubiquitous pearls; Sarah Palin blonde streaks and bangs.

      The men, meanwhile, fell largely into two categories. The party operators were sharp-suited and cheap-shod, with ties in TV-friendly block colours. Some sported bowties.

      Rarer were the Duck Dynasty-types – with unkempt beards, weathered faces and gnarled hiking-sticks, their jungle camouflage jackets, covered in patches proclaiming support for Israel and the second amendment, clashing with the sumptuous pink carpeting.

      Outside the hotel, Jeff Smith stood on a street corner with a 6ft poster of a bloody, aborted foetus, bearing the legend “MURDER”. He had driven from Wichita, Kansas in a borrowed van. He didn’t have a ticket to the event – he hadn’t been inside – but he had come, he said, to reach out to the “small proportion of people who support the message”.

      Inside, with the halls temporarily empty over lunch, Christopher Inman was throwing a toy aeroplane around the cavernous corridor. A Texan from Dallas, he is the president of the Amerival Group. His company is like an investment firm for projects that project conservative values: freedom, faith, family and free enterprise.

      For him, none of the candidates who came to kiss the conservative ring had all those qualities.

      “[Mike] Huckabee touched on faith. Ted Cruz touched on family,” he said. “Donald Trump touched on free enterprise. I think [former senator Rick] Santorum touched on freedoms.”

      He grinned.

      “I’d love to see all of them combined.”"

      link to

    • "Ted Cruz Threatens to Kill the Ayatollah

      Senator Cruz was full of swagger this morning, promising to investigate Planned Parenthood, abolish Common Core, and kill the leader of Iran if he doesn’t tear up the deal.

      Ted Cruz does not like the Iran deal.

      That’s an understatement.

      In front of a crowd of religious voters on Friday morning, Senator Ted Cruz had some pretty extreme things to say about the Iran nuclear deal, namely, he threatened to kill Iran’s leader if he didn’t give up plans for a nuclear program.

      “If the ayatollah doesn’t understand that, we may have to help introduce him to the 72 virgins,” Cruz said at the annual Values Voters summit, adding that he would rip the Iran nuclear deal “to shreds” on his first day in office. ...

      ... Earlier in the speech, Cruz referred to President Obama as “the world’s most powerful communist” and that he should be incarcerated. He also suggested the Democratic debates be held at the Leavenworth prison, which has recently been scouted as a potential transfer point for those detained at Guantanamo.

      “If they can project a rainbow on the White House, maybe they can put bars on the windows,” Cruz said.

      Among Cruz’s other vows: rescinding whatever he considered to be illegal and unconstitutional executive actions, including a compete repeal of ObamaCare, demanding the Department of Justice investigate Planned Parenthood, and telling the Department of Education, which he says “should be abolished,” that Common Core, which details what students should know at the end of each grade, ends immediately.

      The crowd cheered throughout."

      link to

      Hello, DOJ and Secret Service? Is there anybody out there?

    • No doubt at all, James. They should rename the rag.

      Neither do any of the Presidential hopefuls:

      "Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush unveiled his Jewish support team on Friday, vowing to “confront anti-Semitism wherever it exists” and “restore our alliances around the world, especially with the brave and democratic State of Israel.”

      Dubbed the "National Jewish Leadership Committee," the group consists of 71 prominent members of the United States Jewish community, among them former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey and Sam Olens, Attorney General of the state of Georgia.

      The new team gathered for a pre-launch dinner on Thursday at the home of Glenda and Ronnie Krongold in Miami Beach and held its first meeting on Friday morning.

      “When I launched my campaign, I was proud to count some long-time friends as my supporters," Bush said in a statement posted on his website "They have been with me since my earliest days in Florida, and we have shared great memories together.
      "Among them include members of the Jewish community who have welcomed me into their homes for Passover Seder, taken me as a travel companion to Israel and worked with me on issues of shared concern, such as religious freedom, school choice and economic opportunity. Having their support has meant so much, and we are looking to build that team.”

      The purpose of the group is to raise funds and support for Bush's campaign within the American Jewish community.

      Bush has reportedly been met with skepticism from some major Jewish donors because of the inclusion of former Secretary of State James Baker in his inner circle. Baker is widely seen as a critic of Israel and spoke earlier this year at a convention of J Street, a progressive Jewish lobby that is anathema to many Republicans.

      “I am privileged to know Jeb Bush," Cheryl Halpern, a major GOP donor and former national chairman of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), said in a statement. "I am certain that Jeb will not only be a staunch defender of America and American values, but will also be a 'Shomer Yisrael,' a guardian of the special relationship with the State of Israel as well.”..."

      read more: link to


      "Jeb Bush Jewish Leadership Committee

      Yitz Applbaum, Scott Arogeti, Harold Beznos, Joshua Bolten, Eric Cantor, David Carmen, Adam J. Chill, Renee Evans, Steve Friedman, David Gemunder, Sander Gerber, Ron Gidwitz, Doniel Ginsberg, Ken Goldberg, Sherry Goldberg, Adam Goldman, Al Goldstein, Michael J. Granoff, Yudi Gross, Reuven Hahn, Cheryl Halpern, William H. Heyman, David A. Javdan, Mark Kaplan, Autumn Karlinsky, Fred Karlinsky, Jeremy Katz, Joia Kazam, Joshua Kazam, Jay Kislak, Jonathan Kislak, Fara Klein, George Klein, Glenda Krongold, Ronald Krongold, S. Randy Lampert, Michael Lebovitz, Jay Lefkowitz, Leora Levy, Steven M. Levy, Ken Lipper, Jason Lyons, Ethan A. Marcovici, Bernie Marcus, Larry Medvinsky, David A. Metzner, Michael Mukasey, Sam Olens, Morgan Ortagus, Jeffrey Rosch, Thane Rosenbaum, Jason J. Rosenberg, David Schulman, Brian Schwartz, Betty Sembler, Brett Sembler, Mel Sembler, Michael Sevi, Florence Shapiro, Ned L. Siegel, Stephanie M. Siegel, Barry Silverman, Jeffrey Silverman, Scott Singer, Keith Sonderling, Gordon D. Sondland, Marc I. Stern, Jay Stieber, Eric Tanenblatt, Barry Volpert, Jonathan R. Weinberger, Alex Weiss, Anat Zeidman, Fred Zeidman, Jay Zeidman."

      link to

    • This headline is rather unusual in that it is pretty darn accurate. Finally.

      "Israeli soldiers attack journalists on West Bank"

      Peter Beaumont's article goes on:

      "Video shows AFP staff walking towards a demonstration in village of Beit Furik before being attacked and having their equipment smashed

      A dramatic video has emerged showing Israeli soldiers make an unprovoked assault on two journalists working for Agence France-Presse during a demonstration on the West Bank.

      According to AFP’s bureau chief, Thomas Cox, the two men – Andrea Bernardi, an Italian videographer working for the organisation, and Abbas Momani – had arrived in the village of Beit Furik near Nablus on Friday to cover a demonstration that followed the funeral of a Palestinian who had died after being shot by Israeli security forces a week ago.

      The video – shot by a Palmedia camera crew from the demonstrators’ side – shows the two men walking down the road towards the protest before having their equipment seized and smashed. During the encounter, which is under investigation by the Israeli army, Bernardi was punched in the neck and face by a soldier.

      “They had passed the first checkpoint of the border police with their press cards without problem. Andrea paused to check his camera settings and as he was doing so a soldier immediately arrived and told him to stop filming and pushed his camera. He then took the camera and smashed it.

      “They thought these are crazy young soldiers so, as you see on the video, they left. But the soldiers came and at this moment took the stills camera and took everything in the photographer’s pocket – batteries, memory cards. Andrea then came back to recover his destroyed camera. At this point a soldier jumped on him and put a pistol on his face and attacked him.”..."

      More @ link to

      It's the second time in a week that cameras and Palmedia came to rescue and preserve the truth and expose the criminal IOF. As we all know, the IOF and the GoI are consummate and inveterate liars.

    • Thank you, ckg.

      "Israeli Soldiers Filmed Attacking Two AFP Journalists During West Bank Demonstration ...

      Israeli soldiers assaulted two journalists working for AFP during a West Bank demonstration, the French news agency said late Friday.
      According to AFP, Italian video journalist Andrea Bernardi suffered bruised ribs and an injury to his eye after soldiers threw him to the ground, where he was held down while a knee was compressed against his chest until he managed to show his press card.

      The soldiers also reportedly pointed their weapons at him and his colleague, Palestinian photographer Abbas Momani, bothof (sic) whom were wearing body armor marked "Press." 

      The soldiers destroyed and seized the journalists' equipment, but the incident at Beit Furik, near Nablus, was filmed and posted online by the Palmedia camera crew.
      AFP protested to the Israeli military over the incident and said it intends to file an official complaint.

      "Disciplinary measures will be taken," IDF Spokesperson Lt. Col. Peter Lerner told the agency, adding that "the highest levels of command are aware of the incident."

      In April, two IDF soldiers captured on video assaulting two photographers, one from AFP and the other from the ActiveStills photography collaborative, at a demonstration in the Palestinian West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, near Ramallah, were sentenced in disciplinary proceedings, in which footage from one of the news photographers was used. 

      One of the officers was sent to military prison for 14 days while the other was confined to base for 30 days."

      read more: link to

      That sort of "disciplinary measures" is only evidence of more impunity. They love their IOF and give them free reign to murder and maim ANYONE who is not of their tribe.

      (They also really, really hate the truth.)

  • Israel approves sniper fire and 4 year mandatory prison sentences against stone throwers
    • "Palestinian Kids Already Pay Price for Stone-throwing

      The Israeli army killed and wounded Palestinian children suspected of throwing stones even before the rules of engagement were revised. Some were crippled for life.

      Atta Sabah is sitting on the balcony of his house and releasing his pigeons. His 18 birds, of different kinds, constitute most of his world. They flutter skyward and cruise back to his outstretched hand. He is familiar with the habits of each of them; they are his best friends, maybe his only friends.

      Atta is a smiling, neat boy of 14 whose parents are now building him an elevator at home with 40,000 shekels ($10,000) that they don’t have. Since the summer of 2013 their son has been wheelchair-bound, with both legs paralyzed. Atta says he only threw stones at Israel Defense Forces soldiers once – but that was four weeks before the soldiers shot him, leaving him crippled for life. At the time he was shot, he says, all he was trying to do was retrieve his schoolbag and hadn’t thrown even one stone.

      Just before IDF and Israel Police snipers start picking off every child who’s a suspect – in Jerusalem, the West Bank and among the Negev Bedouin, too – they might do well to meet Atta and a few other victims of the previous, supposedly moderate, policy. Atta was paralyzed well before the onset of the new rules of engagement, which allow snipers – including those in the ranks of the Jerusalem police – to shoot anyone who throws stones. There are many other children and teenagers like Atta, yet the stone throwing has not stopped. Nor will it.

      The Sabah family’s home is located in the heart of Jalazun, a Gaza-like refugee camp in the West Bank, with narrow alleys through which raw sewage runs openly and where the garbage piles up, uncollected. There are 15,000 people crowded into this camp of 256 dunams (63 acres), situated on the slopes below Ramallah, with the houses of the Beit El settlement spreading across the hilltops opposite.

      About 30 inhabitants of this militant camp have been killed since the end of the second intifada, five of them – including three children – in the past year alone, which was supposedly a quiet period.

      Approximately 100 residents have been wounded since 2014, 60 of them children and teenagers, according to unofficial data collected by UNWRA. Thirty were left with disabilities, six of them in serious condition. Nearly half the camp’s young people (42 percent) are unemployed. In short, this is a refugee camp that has nothing to offer, least of all hope. A place where – however hackneyed it may be to say this – throwing a stone is sometimes the only way for the despairing young people to vent their anger and frustration. Most of those acts target the fence around Beit El, which is only 200 meters from the camp, and the main road.

      The last of the youngsters killed in the camp, as of this writing, is Laith Khaladi, who was 15 when he was shot on July 31 after he threw a bottle of paint and a firebomb at the concrete wall of an IDF guard tower in protest of the burning of the Dawabsheh family in Duma. We visited Jalazun after his death (“The Duma flames died down, but the death toll keeps rising,” August 7). Nothing has changed since then. In fact, nothing has changed since Atta Sabah was shot on May 20, 2013.

      Atta’s mother, Itimad Yassin, relates that the day before the incident, her son was involved in a fight at the camp’s school. One of the boys threw Atta’s bag into an area behind the schoolyard, which is just 200 meters from the Beit El fence. This, it turns out, is a killing zone, in which residents of the camp are shot if they enter. Atta was in seventh grade at the time. On that day a few schoolchildren routinely threw stones at soldiers and at the fence.

      We go upstairs to Atta’s tidy room. He is sitting in his wheelchair, staring outside. The pigeons are fluttering about on the balcony. Covering his bed is a colorful Tom & Jerry blanket with the bitterly ironic inscription, “Luky [sic] to you.” But the day after his bag was thrown over the fence, luck was not with Atta.

      He tried to retrieve the bag immediately, but a soldier told him he would get it back only if Atta ordered the other boys to stop throwing stones. Atta tried to explain to the soldier that the stone throwers were bigger boys and there was no chance they would listen to him. Then there will be no bag, the IDF soldier decreed. When he got home, without the bag, his mother tried to comfort him; the school year was almost over and he didn’t really need it anymore. She would buy him a new bag for the coming year.

      The next day, before one of Atta’s final exams, a friend told him that the bag was still lying there, in the no-man’s-land behind the school. He decided to try and get it. After the exam, Atta went to the grocery store next to the school to buy a soft drink. His hope was that a soldier would appear at the guard post by the fence, whom he could ask for the bag.

      Atta stood there, sipping his drink. There was no stone throwing going on just then, he says.

      “Suddenly I found myself falling,” he told us this week. “I didn’t understand what was going on. I didn’t hear a shot. I told my friend Mohammed to take me away from there, but he thought I was joking. Finally he picked me up, and just then two soldiers camouflaged with leaves came out from behind the olive trees.”

      Mohammed ran for his life, leaving the wounded Atta behind. Adults quickly appeared and bundled Atta into a private car. He was driven to the hospital in El Bireh and from there taken by ambulance to the government hospital in Ramallah, where he passed out. He awoke in Hadassah Medical Center in Ein Karem, Jerusalem. A bullet had entered his stomach and struck his spine. The soldiers in the ambush had shot him with live ammunition.

      After 19 days in the intensive care and children’s units in Hadassah, Atta spent another three months in Reut, a rehabilitation hospital in Tel Aviv. He returned to school and then spent the next summer vacation back in Reut. Thanks to the rehabilitation process, Atta is now able to stand on his legs and take a few hesitant steps using a walker. But no more than that. He’s in 10th grade but had to leave his school due to accessibility problems; he now attends a different school in the town of Bir Zeit. His mother drives him there in the morning and his father picks him up afterward. His dream is to be a veterinarian.

      What does Atta have to say to children who continue to throw stones? “I believe that they have to go on struggling, but I don’t think stones will return our land or our freedom. Nothing will liberate our country, only God.” A sad smile flits across his lips.

      In the upper section of the camp’s narrow alleys, after dodging water pouring off balconies and passing numberless old commemorative posters of the Jalazun’s martyrs – all of whom are remembered by B’Tselem researcher Iyad Halad, who is accompanying us – we arrive at the home of 17-year-old Amir Fayez. He was wounded here half a year ago, in February, on a day of heavy snow. The soldiers did not suspect him of throwing a stone but rather a snowball. Fayez says that children and teenagers threw snowballs at the soldiers, one of whom shot him in the knee from short range. He’s undergone rehabilitation, but has not returned to his job selling merchandise in the Ramallah mall, as he cannot stand up for long. ...

      “Stiffening the punishment will not change anything,” she says. “There is no way to stop the stone throwing. These are children of the camp. They live under constant pressure and they want to release that pressure. How will they do that? They have nothing in the camp besides the stones.

      “If I have six or seven children, let’s say, I cannot feed them or educate them,” she continues. “Look at me. He’s been at home for six months. Look at the scar on his leg. He has nowhere to go. I am his mother, and I am in despair.” Another of Fariha’s sons, Mahmoud, was also shot in the leg this year and sentenced to five months in prison for throwing stones, a sentence he is now serving. Her eldest son, Aamar, now 23, was shot with rubber-coated metal bullets when he was 13, also in the wake of stone throwing. He was incarcerated for two months as a boy.

      A few days after Amir was hurt, a friend of his, Malek Raunama, was wounded in an incident involving stone throwing. He’s 17, and one of his legs is now paralyzed. We wanted to visit him this week, too, but he’s in hospital awaiting another operation."

      read more: link to

      One day, these myriad and endless crimes by Israeli criminals will be fully exposed, and all those that enabled it will also be held accountable. It can't happen soon enough.

      One day, we'll read headlines like this wrt PALESTINIANS:

      "British Museum Apologizes for Calling Jews Who Fought Nazis 'Terrorists'

      The Imperial War Museum label members of the British-led Jewish Brigade as terrorists on their website, before apologizing 'unreservedly'."

      read more: link to

      Soon. Please. 1S1P1V.

  • Remi Kanazi will be a poet for as long as the western media is on coffee break
    • Well said, yourstruly.

      Thank you for this superb interview, Phil.

      Remi's got the right stuff. What an eloquent and genuine man he is.
      He's thoughtful, inspiring, and spot- on, too.

  • Syrian and Palestinian refugees can be helped by better representation on TV and in film
    • "Nothing good in Arab world. Not the food not the dress,not the culture until sold worn or promoted by a Jewish person."

      Exactly, traintosiberia. It's sickening.

      I loved hearing that music on Friday. The three Yemeni Jewish sisters, A-WA, must turn every Zionist on their heads! Or not.

    • Awesome, indeed!

      (Nice blast from the past, too.)

    • Marjoun and her Flying Headscarf made it!

      $101,016 with 6 hours to go..... congratulations, Susan and all of your supporters!

    • I'm more than a bit taken aback by your comments, Krauss.

      So sorry to read them and discover the reek of xenophobia, bigotry, and a strong waft of Islamophobia.

      "A lot of girls are at risk of forced prostitution and rape, often from men who have medieval views on women’s rights."

      A lot of "girls" from lots of places "are at risk of forced prostitution and rape". Disgustingly, it has always been the case. "Girls" from Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, etc. are "at risk". Blame the sex- traffickers, the customers, and the criminals who engage in it.

      Oh and btw, have a look at Liverpool:

      "Eastern European prostitutes outnumbering Scouse women on streets - claim Merseyside sex workers

      The Human Trafficking Foundation said the true scale of the problem was “unquantifiable” amid claims women are being trafficked

      The number of Eastern European prostitutes is outnumbering their Scouse counterparts - according to Liverpool street sex workers

      Around half of Merseyside-based escorts advertising on one adult website come from Poland, Romania, Hungary and the Baltic countries.

      While many of those are working independently, with free choice, one city sex worker claimed some are being coerced against their will into prostitution.

      The woman, who wished not to be identified, said: “In Liverpool, it is half foreigners, half Scousers.

      “Some of the foreign girls do want to do what they do, others have no choice. ....

      ...In 2010, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) estimated 30,000 women in off-street prostitution, such as brothels, saunas and escorting.

      They said 17,000 were non-UK citizens, with 2,600 trafficked and 9,600 possibly trafficked.

      But the true scale is simply unknown.

      One leading charity today told how women had been lured to England on the promise of a better life – only to end up forced into prostitution.

      The Human Trafficking Foundation said the true scale of the problem was “unquantifiable”.

      The charity said: “Women lured here by promises of a better life end up imprisoned in brothels. This is slavery.

      “It is not just brothels, but massage parlours, saunas, spas and private houses.

      “Sex trafficking is especially profitable, as human beings are recyclable. They can be sold and re-sold. Some women switch to become traffickers themselves, recruiting their replacements and so winning their freedom. ..."

      link to

      You don't have to add "medieval" to the mix, either.

      Many thanks to Susan Youssef. I wish her resounding success with this great project and in all her future endeavors. It's so necessary to counter the damnable 'official' propaganda and narrative with the truth, and is very much appreciated by this writer.

  • Being in exile from oneself
    • Thanks, Professor Marder~ you always shine a bright light in dark places and make me think again! It's enriching to read your thoughts.

      Here's an interesting article from Ofri Ilany:

      "Justifying War Crimes in the Name of Judaism

      In contemporary Israel, the idea of the universal mission of the Jewish people has morphed into something else – and all in the name of the Jews’ supposed moral supremacy.

      ... Negative moral role

      What is the situation of the universal mission of Jews today, as the Hebrew new year gets under way? Surely it has never been worse. For reasons of its own, for instance, Israel is today one of the most vociferous opponents to the idea of extending the authority of the International Court of Justice in the Hague. It is therefore playing a negative moral role: preventing the spread of international law.

      In addition, Israel is one of the world’s largest arms dealers. And the percentage of thos seeking asylum here who have been granted legal refugee status in the country is one of the lowest in the world. In general, in the eyes of local politicians, international problems are a matter for “the world” to deal with – meaning every country other than Israel. MK Yair Lapid (head of Yesh Atid) expressed this approach well when he recently declared: “The refugee crisis is a European matter, there is no reason for us to be part of it.”

      More than ever before, Israel is scornfully rejecting the demand of the international community that it act according to universal principles. Yet the vision of the Jewish people’s universal mission is thriving in contemporary Israel. It is espoused vigorously in settler circles, who believe that the Jewish people and the State of Israel are entrusted with a special mission vis-a-vis the rest of humanity. They ground this approach in the doctrine of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Hacohen Kook (1865-1935), who contended that it is the Jews’ purpose to bring salvation to every person on the face of the earth.

      In a similar vein, Rabbi Dov Lior, the former rabbi of the Kiryat Arba settlement in the West Bank, frequently declares that the obligation of the Jewish people is “to stand out in terms of leadership, morality, faith, integrity, love of justice” and so forth. That notion did not prevent Lior from developing a doctrine of his own in regard to the laws of war. During last summer’s Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip, he declared: “In all wars, the nation that is attacked is permitted to fight back forcefully against the nation from which the attackers came.” His conclusion: Israel has the right to raze Gaza to the ground.

      How can that perception be reconciled with the idea of a universal moral mission? The approach of the Israeli right is based on the presupposition that the Jews are the world’s most moral people. Precisely because of that, they are permitted to dissociate themselves from every conventional moral criterion. National-religious rabbis explain, for example, that the relationship between Israel and the rest of humanity is like the relationship between the brain and the rest of the human body. Israel must on no account take into consideration the opinion of the gentiles, certainly not where moral issues are concerned, these rabbis say.

      In this manner, the idea of the Jews’ universalist mission has morphed into sweeping justification for war crimes. It’s not surprising that some are urging Israel to discard the idea of such a mission once and for all. “No, we are not a special nation – we haven’t been for a long time. Nor are we chosen, certainly not above other nations,” Gideon Levy wrote in Haaretz a few years ago. And yet the left, too – and actually its most radical wing – also harbors a perception of the Jewish people’s moral exceptionalism. Otherwise it’s hard to explain why left-wing Jews in Israel and elsewhere are so shocked by their nation’s moral deterioration. Many claim that original, traditional Judaism carries a universal message of morality that was vitiated by Zionism – and that, they argue, is one of the great crimes of the occupation. For example, renowned linguist and political commentator Noam Chomsky, one of Israel’s fiercest critics, says that his political critique is based on the morality of the prophets of Israel, who in his view fought injustice and other wrongs that marred their society.

      Manifestly, then, the belief in the Jewish people’s universal mission is espoused across the whole political spectrum. It is shared by right and left, religious and secular people, Zionists and anti-Zionists. It’s hard to escape it. The story of a small nation that has educated all of humanity from the dawn of history down to our own day is too powerful for us to agree to discard it. It affords meaning to Jewish existence and the fears that are part of that existence. It’s an idea that makes it great to be a Jew. There are some who want to set aside the idea of Jewish singularity, but this perception gets in the way of their doing that – one reason being that non-Jews, too, believe that the Jews are the most special nation in the world."

      read more: link to

  • Teenager's killing brings toll of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces this year to 25
    • Thanks, Kate.

      "... Israel Defense Forces said the teenager was shot Tuesday morning after trying to stab an Israeli soldier. "Forces responded with fire at the attacker & identified hit," the IDF said. ...

      ... She was identified as Hadil al-Hashlamoun, 17 or 18 years old, WAFA said, citing the International Middle East Media Center, which talked to her father. The father said she was a first-year student at Hebron University.

      The media center said the father is Dr. Salaheddin Hashlamon, head of the anesthesia department of the Al-Ahli Hospital in Hebron and the hospital's former director, WAFA reported.

      No Israeli soldiers were injured, WAFA said. ..."

      link to

      a "hit".

      She was intentionally murdered by more than one murderer and by many bullets. That's what the IOF does: premediated murder of Palestinians. All of it. It's their creed~ just ask Ofer Winter.

      link to

      Seems that they hoped to leave her long enough to exsanguinate and suffer in agony while still alive. Failing that, they then dragged her through the dirt in order to die later after multiple surgeries and more agony...

      Criminal scum.

  • The Obama administration needs to own up to the quagmire in Syria
    • More on KSA and the US:

      "U.S. Judge Throws Out 9/11 Victims' Case Against Saudi Arabia

      Sovereign immunity prevents damage claims by families of nearly 3,000 people killed in the attacks to move forward.

      REUTERS - A U.S. judge on Tuesday dismissed claims against Saudi Arabia by families of victims of the September 11, 2001, attacks, who accused the country of providing material support to Al-Qaida. 

      U.S. District Judge George Daniels in Manhattan said Saudi Arabia had sovereign immunity from damage claims by families of nearly 3,000 people killed in the attacks, and from insurers that covered losses suffered by building owners and businesses. 

      "The allegations in the complaint alone do not provide this court with a basis to assert jurisdiction over defendants," Daniels wrote. 

      The victims had sought to supplement their case with new allegations to avoid that result, including based on testimony they secured from Zacarias Moussaoui, a former Al-Qaida operative imprisoned for his role in the attacks. 

      Daniels said even if he allowed the plaintiffs to assert those new claims, doing so would be "futile, however, because the additional allegations do not strip defendants of sovereign immunity." 

      Lawyers for the plaintiffs said they would appeal. Sean Carter, one the lawyers, said he believed the ruling was also the consequence of the U.S. government's decision to keep classified evidence that could be favorable to their cause.

      "Obviously, we respectfully disagree with Judge Daniels' ruling," he said

      A lawyer for Saudi Arabia declined comment.
      The ruling came just over 14 years after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, in which airliners hijacked by Al-Qaida militants brought death and destruction upon the United States. 

      Most of the 19 attackers were Saudi nationals who hijacked planes and flew them into the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon near Washington, D.C., and into a field in Pennsylvania after passengers revolted. 

      The case against Saudi Arabia has had a complicated history, with trial judges including Daniels twice before ruling that Saudi Arabia was entitled to immunity under the federal Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. 

      But in 2013, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York revived the lawsuit, in light of a 2011 decision that allowed similar claims to proceed against Afghanistan. ..."

      read more: link to

      So Afghanistan and the Palestine Authority can be held responsible for stuff, but KSA and Israel are immune.

      "New York jury finds Palestinian Authority liable for “terrorism”"

      link to

      Neat, eh?

    • My, my:

      "Saudi Arabia says there is 'no future' for Assad in Syria

      Foreign minister Adel Al-Jubeir says there are no circumstances where Bashar al-Assad can remain in power – whether that exit is through politics or by force

      Saudi Arabia has called on Bashar al-Assad to give up power or be removed by force, raising the global stakes at a time when the Russians are shipping troops and military hardware to Syria in an effort to prop up its beleaguered leader.

      The threat was made on Tuesday by Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, Adel Al-Jubeir.

      “There is no future for Assad in Syria,” Jubeir told journalists at the UN general assembly. “There are two options for a settlement in Syria. One option is a political process where there would be a transitional council. The other option is a military option, which also would end with the removal of Bashar al-Assad from power.”

      “This could be a more lengthy process and a more destructive process but the choice is entirely that of Bashar al-Assad.” The foreign minister did not specify how Assad would be forcibly removed, but pointed out that Saudi Arabia is already backing “moderate rebels” in the civil war.

      The Saudi intervention fuelled an already heated row at the UN over Syria’s future, where the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, issued a forthright defence of the Syrian regime, describing it as fighting a lonely and “valiant” battle against Islamic State extremists. ..."

      link to

      Oh yeah? All the while KSA and its "allies" are bombing Yemen. Everyone's singing from the same old rotten hymnbook and crowing about being the bestest at killing... I guess this was bound to happen when rapprochement with Iran happened. Now Assad is the prime target~ again, but it's really Iran.


      (Kerry's expression is grave in the accompanying photo...)

    • Here's an interesting article from Gary Leupp:

      "Hagel’s Syria Memo"

      link to

      Then there's this from 'The Emergency Committee for Israel'


      link to

      Their campaign to demonize Hagel because he wanted to engage Syria (and Iran) made me support him as SecDef even more. Just have a peek at it...

    • Kathleen~ you have it right, imho. I don't think he was ever part of the “Assad has to go” cabal.

      Hagel was critical of US 'policy and strategy' on Syria. Hagel was right to be.

      Hagel is no longer SecDef. That pretty much says it all, eh?

    • Simon Jenkins:

      "Putin is right. Everyone knows Putin is right, that the only way forward in Syria, if not to eternal slaughter, is via the established government of Bashar al-Assad and his Lebanese and Iranian allies.

      That is the realpolitik. That is what pragmatism dictates. In the secure west, foreign policy has long been a branch of domestic politics, with added sermonising. “What to do”, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, even Ukraine, has been dictated not by what might work but what looks good. The megaphone is mightier than the brain. ...

      ... The true nature of the west’s commitment in Syria was revealed in Barack Obama’s remark to the UN that “because alternatives are surely worse” is no reason to support tyrants. In other words, American feelgood is more important than Syrian lives. That cosy maxim has guided western policy in the region for over a decade. It has been a disaster. If we have nothing more intelligent to say on Syria, we should listen to Putin. He has."

      link to

    • Here's Roth's latest bashing of Bashar:

      "Before we negotiate with Assad, he has to stop the atrocities against Syrian civilians

      he need to negotiate with leaders as unsavoury as Syria’s Bashar al-Assad is an unfortunate reality of diplomacy. But western leaders should be careful not to confuse that necessity with the idea promoted by Russia that the Syrian crisis can be resolved only if Assad stays in power. Nor should they believe that Assad’s ongoing rule is the only way to prevent the collapse of the Syrian state and protect Syria’s diverse communities.

      Vladimir Putin has long sought to portray Assad as a bulwark against the self-declared Islamic State. But far from a stabilising factor or a solution to the Isis threat to basic rights, Assad is a major reason for the rise of extremist groups in Syria. In the early days of Syria’s uprising, between July and October 2011, Assad released from prison a number of jihadists who had fought in Iraq, many of whom went on to play leading roles in militant Islamist groups. These releases were part of broader amnesties, but Assad kept in prison those who backed the peaceful uprising.

      These releases helped to change the complexion of the Syrian rebellion from one with largely democratic aims, to one dominated by jihadists. That transformation has enabled Assad to refocus the narrative from his vicious rule to his claimed indispensability in the fight against Isis.

      Once Isis became a significant force following its takeover of Raqqa in 2013, Assad’s military largely avoided confronting it. Conflict between the two has increased since the summer of 2014, but for many critical months, Assad largely left Isis alone, allowing it to consolidate its “caliphate”. Instead, Assad focused his firepower on other elements of the armed opposition.

      Ending Assad’s systematic attacks on civilians is key to any realistic strategy for containing Isis

      Most important, Assad’s atrocities have been a recruitment bonanza for Isis and other extremist groups. The Syrian war has been so extraordinarily ugly because Assad has chosen to fight it not by simply targeting opposing combatants – the essence of wars fought in compliance with the Geneva Conventions – but by conducting indiscriminate attacks against civilians in opposition-held territory. His tools have ranged from denying civilians food and medical care to his notorious barrel bombs. The result has been the utter devastation of broad swaths of Ghouta, Aleppo, Idlib, Daraa and other areas held by the opposition. This warfare against civilians is a central reason for the flight of Syrian refugees, since it means that many can find no safe place within their country. ..."

      more @ link to

      Then there's this from Ian Black:

      "Syria crisis: where do the major countries stand?

      Some states, like the US and UK, are subtly shifting their positions, while others, such as Russia and Iran, are holding firm ..."

      link to

      Not so sure that "subtly" is the word to use...


      "Death toll from airstrike on Yemen wedding hits 131

      Saudi-led Arab coalition fighting Houthi rebels denies firing missiles at Red Sea village where wedding reception was being held

      ... Residents said on Monday that two missiles tore through tents in the Red Sea village of Al-Wahijah, near the port of Al-Mokha. A local man affiliated with the Houthis – the Shia rebel group who are fighting the coalition – was holding his wedding reception. ..."

      link to

    • Thanks very much for that information, Bandolero.

    • "Iran's Rohani: Defeating ISIS in Syria Is 'Top Priority,' Assad Can't Be Weakened

      Iran's President Hassan Rohani said on Sunday fighting radical militants like Islamic State in Syria is the top priority and if they are to be defeated then President Bashar Assad's government "can't be weakened."

      "This does not mean that the Syrian government does not need reform ... Of course it does," Rohani told an audience of U.S. think-tanks and journalists, but he added that the removal of his ally Assad would turn Syria into an extremist safe haven.

      Referring to air strikes by a U.S.-led coalition on Islamic State targets in Syria, Rohani said defeating the militants was "not feasible through air operations only." He said Russia "is ready to fight terrorism."

      The Iranian president met his French counterpart Francois Hollande earlier in New York, where Hollande reportedly told him that Iran can be a facilitator in a political solution in Syria but Assad cannot be part of it.

      "Iran is a player (in the region), but also a facilitator," said a French official, speaking on condition of anonymity. "(Hollande) said that the question of Assad could not be offered as an answer." 

      The meeting, the first between the two leaders since a nuclear deal was reached in July between six global powers and Iran, was aimed to help prepare a scheduled state visit by Iranian President Hassan Rohani to France in mid-November to boost business and political relations. 

      Despite a long history of commercial, political and social links with Iran - in the 1970s late revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei lived in exile near Paris - France took one of the hardest lines of the six powers negotiating the landmark nuclear accord. 

      The official said the two presidents had discussed the situation in Yemen, Lebanon as well as Syria, adding that while Hollande had offered his condolences to Rohani over the Haj tragedy, he cautioned that the incident should not add to tension between Shi'ite-dominated Iran and its Sunni rival Saudi Arabia. 

      "What Rohani wanted was to show that Franco-Iran relations have restarted bilaterally at a high-level after the nuclear deal and so that in Paris we can talk in-depth about the other subjects." ..."

      read more: link to

      Hollande and others still demonstrate incredible hubris, arrogance, and unmitigated Western colonialism and imperialistic gall.

      It makes me sick.

    • @ oldgeezer @ 7:31:

      Thanks for that.

      (And thank you for bringing the facts to the table as usual, Annie. I admire your stamina and patience.)

    • "Israel Fires at Syria Army in Response to Mortar Fire ...

      Israel fired artillery shells at two targets in Syria on Sunday evening after two Syrian mortar shells landed in Israeli territory in the past two days, the IDF said.

      One mortar shell landed earlier on Sunday in an open area in the northern Golan Heights, after another round hit the same area on Saturday. They caused no damage or injuries.

      The two rounds, the Israeli army said, were likely errant fire from the fighting between regime and rebel forces close to the border.

      The targets of the Israeli strike were two army posts in the central Golan Heights on the Syrian side of the border, the IDF Spokesperson's Unit said in a statement.

      The Israeli army said it holds the Syrian army responsible for the incident and that it "will not tolerate any attempt to breach the sovereignty of the State of Israel."

      Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said following the Israeli attack that Israel considers the errant fire from Syria as "crossing a red line." "The State of Israel has no intention of tolerating such incidents, and therefore the IDF attacked two Syrian army cannons this evening," Ya'alon said.

      "We see the Syrian regime and its military as responsible for what occurs in their territory," Ya'alon said, adding that Israel would act to prevent any attempt to harm the safety of its citizens. 

      Syrian President Bashar Assad's military has in recent days renewed his campaign against rebel forces near the town of Quneitra, located near the border with Israel. Last year rebel groups, including the Al-Qaida-affiliated Nusra Front took control of the area and cornered forces loyal to Assad to a bloc comprising some 10 percent of the border with Israel."

      read more: link to

      So many "red lines" and fulminating violence and threats from the Occupier.

    • "REUTERS - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday branded U.S. support for rebel forces in Syria as illegal and ineffective, saying U.S.-trained rebels were leaving to join Islamic State with weapons supplied by Washington. 

      In an interview with U.S. networks recorded ahead of a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama, Putin said Syrian President Bashar Assad deserved international support as he was fighting terrorist organizations. 

      Obama and Putin are scheduled to talk on Monday after Putin addresses the United Nations, although White House and Kremlin officials have disagreed on what the two leaders will discuss and even who initiated the meeting. 

      "In my opinion, provision of military support to illegal structures runs counter to the principles of modern international law and the United Nations Charter," he said in an excerpt of an interview with U.S. television networks CBS and PBS released by the Kremlin. 

      Russia has stepped up its military involvement in Syria in recent weeks, with U.S. officials accusing Moscow of sending combat aircraft, tanks and other equipment to help the Syrian army. ...

      ... Putin said Russia's support for the Assad government was based on the UN Charter. 

      "We have been providing assistance to legitimate government entities only," he said. "As of today it has taken the form of weapons supplies to the Syrian government, personnel training and humanitarian aid to the Syrian people." "

      read more: link to

      I had to read it twice:

      "Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday branded U.S. support for rebel forces in Syria as illegal and ineffective, saying U.S.-trained rebels were leaving to join Islamic State with weapons supplied by Washington."

      He's got a point, eh? Who screamed the loudest to arm the "rebels"? iirc, it was McCain and Graham and Hillary Clinton. Who started the chorus to get rid of Assad... Hillary Clinton and Co.

      The neocons at work and up to their old tricks~ neocons both in and out of the US government.

      {“In my opinion, provision of military support to illegal structures runs counter to the principles of modern international law and the United Nations Charter,” he said in an excerpt of an interview with U.S. television networks CBS and PBS released by the Kremlin."

      Listen up, USA and Occupation/ War Criminal Israel. He's talking about YOU.}

    • Julian Borger's article:

      "UN's 70th general assembly: the greatest political show on earth ...

      In geopolitics, this is the greatest show on earth. For the best part of a week, the world’s leaders – more than 150 of them – will mingle, bargain and argue over the state of the world at the UN general assembly in New York.

      For much of the proceedings, “show” is the operative word. When the presidents and prime ministers mount the green marble podium, there will be a strong element of theatre. They will be playing to different galleries, declaiming their positions to their peers in the chamber, but also to domestic audiences.

      The drama will be greater than ever this year, at the 70th session of the UN general assembly, known inside the institution by its acronym Unga (rhyming with hunger). Within the space of two hours on Monday morning, Presidents Barack Obama, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Hassan Rouhani and François Hollande will take their turn to speak. Each will try to anticipate and respond to the other, seeking rhetorical advantage and one-upmanship in their claims to global leadership. The global balance of power will be laid out in the open. ..."

      link to

      Nary a mention of Israel or Netanyahu.... not even a whimper.

    • You are a peach, Annie. Thank you.

    • ..." everything you said in that post can be said about Obama too, although I think Obama’s a lot worse for constantly putting on a peace-lover public face."

      That's bs, a4tech.

    • Sorry about cutting off your great comment in my post and not putting quotes around it, Annie. (I got distracted while posting... ;-)

    • I think he's also sitting in his stool, CG.

      (he's cornered alright~ it explains his abominable shoot to kill orders for only Palestinian stone- throwers and long prison sentences for those that are only maimed by the eager and bloodthirsty IOF 'sharpshooters')

    • "...and after netanyahu’s (and the lobbies) complete assault on that deal, why would the US even think about including israel in any deal they were trying to make w/russia and iran? so netanyahu knows this. he just wants to pretend he’s in the big leagues. like when he whined about not being in the P5+1. he wants to think israel is a world power. they aren't."

      Bingo, Annie.

      (lol to your 11:34 coup de grâce, too)

    • WOW, Bandolero.

      just wow.

  • Ad targeting Sen. Bennet says Iran wants to nuke the world's children
    • Nice, RoHa.

      In other Iran news:

      "Iran's Khamenei Slams Israel Over Al-Aqsa Unrest

      Iran's supreme leader described Israeli behavior towards Palestinians as the 'ultimate degree of ruthlessness and evil.'...

      ... In another passage in the statement, Khamenei appeared to blame Saudi authorities for a Sept. 11 crane collapse onto Mecca's Grand Mosque that killed 107 hajj pilgrims.

      "It's true those who passed away in this incident found salvation and rejoined God ... but this will not take the responsibility off the shoulders of those who should provide security for pilgrims," Khamenei said.

      The incident, which happened in a dust storm days before the annual hajj pilgrimage in the city, was embarrassing to the country's ruling Al Saud dynasty because it presents itself as the custodian of Islam's most sacred places.

      An initial Saudi government investigation into the incident found that Saudi Arabia's largest contractor, Saudi Binladin Group, had not secured it in accordance with its instruction manual." 

      read more: link to

  • Fasting for Palestine
    • "Israeli Forces Murder Female Student at Shuhada Street ...

      22nd September 2015 | International Solidarity Movement, Al-Khalil team | Hebron, occupied Palestine

      A Witness Recounts the Final Moments of 18-year-old Hadil Salah Hashlamoun’s Life.

      This morning in the Tel Rumeida section of al-Khalil (Hebron) the sound of multiple rounds of live ammunition screamed out from the Shuhada Street checkpoint 56.

      Standing at the checkpoint around 7:40 this morning, 34 year old Fawaz abu Aisheh ushered a few children from the scene where Israeli forces screamed in Hebrew at the terrified Hadil who was on her way to school. “They were screaming at her, ´Move back! Move Back!´ I knew she couldn´t understand so I intervened in Arabic and she listened to me immediately and I took her from the entrance to the exit of the checkpoint.”

      ... “I tried to talk with her, she was terrified. She knew nothing.” Fawaz pleaded with the soldiers, who were multiplying quickly, to allow him to take her away from the checkpoint, to explain to her what was happening, to de-escalate the situation. “She listened to me immediately when first I spoke with her, but they moved me away and continued to scream at her in Hebrew which she obviously didn´t understand.”

      The scene, plainly described by Fawaz, seemingly had any number of alternatives to close-range, rapid fire, kill shots into a Palestinian female teenager´s body. After the fact, Israeli forces claimed the woman had a knife on her person. Fawaz challenges this contention. “She was covered completely, there was no knife showing at any time. Even if she did have a knife he could have arrested her so easily. I was there… I could have talked to her, she cooperated with me in that very first moment. I asked her to move and she moved but after that I begged him to let me talk to her but they took me away from her and started pointing their weapons at me. After they shot her more and more soldiers arrived. There were still 3 or 4 kids a few meters from the checkpoint so I moved the kids away. ”

      As if the incident weren´t wholly disturbing in itself, beyond the shooting, Israeli soldiers were seen laughing, smiling and talking casually with one another as Hadil clung to life while rapidly losing blood to the concrete. Israeli settlers similarly stood in circles photographing Hadil. Fawaz noted that the Palestinian ambulance had arrived within five minutes to rush the dying girl to the hospital, yet Israeli forces blocked them from getting to her, choosing rather to let her bleed openly for forty minutes in the street until an Israeli ambulance arrived. In that agonizing period of time, an Israeli soldier was seen dragging the dying young woman by her feet.

      18-year-old Hadil Salah Hashlamoun died of her wounds only after arriving at a hospital in Jerusalem. The question of whether she would have lived had she been permitted the right to be treated immediately by the quickly arriving Palestinian ambulance rather than left to bleed out for an eternity of forty minutes may never be answered.

      If humanity, in any measure, exists within the occupying entity, it was shockingly absent today at the Shuhada Street checkpoint."

      link to

      Why bother 'fasting' if there's no repentence/atonement for the myriad crimes of the Occupation/Occupiers and their supporters?

    • That's interesting, John.

      Not so much here:

      "Israeli athletes pose nude in take on ESPN’s ‘The Body Issue’"

      link to

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