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  • Interview with Rela Mazali: The Israeli left, BDS, and the 'habit of hope'
    • CITIZEN- "I bet Bernie Sanders could add lots more meat to it...."

      Actions speak louder than words. Over at CounterPunch, Joshua Frank has reviewed some of Bernie Sanders dismal record in regards to militarism.

      "Even so, while Bernie may come across as sincere about class politics, make no mistake, he’s is a militarist that isn’t about to challenge U.S. supremacy. He supported the ugly war on Kosovo, the invasion of Afghanistan, funding for the endless Iraq disaster as well as the losing and misguided War on Terror. He voted in favor of Clinton’s 1996 Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, which expanded the federal death penalty and acted as the precursor to the PATRIOT Act.

      As for Israel, Bernie has been a hawkish advocate that would never halt the $3 billion the U.S. government sends to the country every year. Last summer he backed Israel’s murderous bombing of Gaza. He’s even had some nasty words about Palestine’s right to resist. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that several former members of Bernie’s staff have also been employed by AIPAC, including Israel apologists David Sirota and Joel Barkin. His is a disgusting record. Want to change in the U.S.’s meddling in the Middle East? Bernie isn’t your guy." (Joshua Frank) link to

  • Oren's criticism of US Jews earns his book five thumbs down: 'slinky,' 'self-aggrandizing,' 'twists reality'
    • KRAUSS- "I’m not sure if you use the term “diaspora Jews” ironically or not, but I nevertheless wonder how long it must take for people until they finally stop seeing themselves as a “diaspora”.

      Let us begin by noting that the concept of "Diaspora" is part of the social mythology of Classical (medieval) Judaism, Jewish Zionism, and any other Jewish group that chooses to see itself as separate from a non-Jewish host community. It is a community based belief in apartness which can continue as long as the Jewish elites are able to maintain this particular belief system. Truly assimilated Jews do not consider themselves to be a wandering Diaspora, however, may go along with the traditional usage. Jewish Zionism seeks to oppose complete assimilation of Jews into the host non-Jewish community and to maintain a distinct Jewish community (tribe).

  • UN report on Gaza war is 'tepid,' 'unserious' and exhibits 'anti-Muslim bigotry' -- Finkelstein
    • GILES- "Not The Lobby? If not The Lobby, then what?"

      From what I have gathered skimming some of these comments, your implicit definition of "The Lobby," a vague, ill-define entity, is overly broad. There is a strong pro-Israel bias among segments of domestic concentrations of power. The entire military-industrial complex for one. Additionally, many successful Jews have a strong Israel bias without actually being part of a specific lobby. In other words, to include huge segments of the imperial elite as part of an Israeli lobby is tantamount to saying that the imperial elites are part of the Lobby, hardly a useful definition. Also, the fact that Chomsky apparently perceives much of what you call The Lobby as part of domestic and transnational concentrations of power hardly seems a reason to cause ongoing anti-Chomsky, anti-Finkelstein, anti-etc. animus. No need to create villains where there are none.

  • 'A traumatized society is dangerous'
    • CATALAN- "One never hears of Norwegians rejecting the Norwegian label and seeking to be just another human being."

      One also never hears Norwegians complain that the entire non-Norwegian world is in the grip of eternal, irrational anti-Norwegianism, nor that Norwegian "peoplehood" is facing a dire existential threat. Perhaps this is why "kinship" among Norwegians may seem relatively muted.

  • Leading NY writer likens Edward Said to monster in a horror movie
    • MOOSER- "Shorter "irvi": "We run the US now, so watch out, Europe!"

      Considering the imperial destruction of the Ukraine, imperial support for the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, sanctions on Russia that hurt Germany at least as much, the financial rape of Greece, etc, Europe is going to undergo a very rough period.

    • PHIL- "The interchange seems to me to crystallize the risk that Jewish political life faces today: the alliance with Israel has made establishment organizations extremely conservative."

      "Conservative?" Are you praising by faint damn? Also, these establishment organizations strongly support militarism and the empire, not an insignificant fact. In fact, one of the consequences of American Zionism was to turn Marxist Jews into empire Jews.

  • Irish activists hit hard against 1st Irish dance competition in Israel
    • HOPHMI- "Australia isn't surrounded by two dozen dictatorships that hate it and that are willing to bankroll a campaign against it...."

      How can you debase yourself with a ludicrous statement like this? Surely you are aware that Israel has good relations with all of the Gulf monarchies with whom it is allied in a terror campaign against Syria? Name these "two dozen dictatorships that hate it and that are willing to bankroll a campaign against it."

  • Israeli President Reuven Rivlin calls for removal of Israeli flag
    • MOOSER- "Would you feel better if one of the stars on a field of blue was six-pointed?"

      Why only one? In view of the high percentage of billionaires who are Jewish and the disproportionate contribution to democracy via campaign contributions, anything less than 10 stars is an effront to meritocracy and reeks of anti-Semitism!

  • 'Six Jews sitting in the White House discussing the Palestinian state'
    • "They could not foresee a situation that I encountered regularly, which is, six Jews sitting in the White House, three Israelis and three American Jews, discussing the Palestinian state. It happens all the time. Very often the only non Jewish person in the room was the vice president or the president."

      Were Obama or Biden required to wear a Kippah?

  • Oren pushed Random House to hurry his book so American Jews will 'intercede' to stop Iran deal and save millions of Jews
    • So much emphasis on political theater! This is agitprop, the "good cop-bad cop" routine. Obama is a front man, a more articulate version of Reagan with, I suspect, rather limited input into decision making. These things are decided by our aggressive, militaristic deep state. Iran has been on the empire's hit list since at least 2003, and is currently under asymmetrical attack. Whether or not Israel is unleashed to directly attack Iran depends more on the unfolding of events in Syria and the Ukraine than on propogandistic tweets and books. It is not wise to place undo emphasis on public statements by political marketeers.

  • 'Obama coffee' is black and weak -- racist tweet from wife of Israel's vice premier
    • CATALAN- “...I am a white guy with some martial arts training and in excellent shape.”

      Jeez, has Mondo started a “personals” section? Well, good luck to you.

  • Israeli diplomats 'are not allowed to speak' on US campuses, but North Korean diplomats are, Israeli official says
    • “I think that North Korean diplomats, Iranian diplomats, Russian diplomats, and Israeli diplomats should be allowed to speak unimpeded on campus, and that university students should be able to hear what they have to say. The problem is that right now only the Israeli diplomats are not allowed to speak.”

      To be able to make a public statement such as this without fear of massive public ridicule strongly suggests that the speaker is supremely confident in his power to discourage the professional commentariat from stating the obvious.

  • State Dep't report on latest Gaza onslaught itemizes children's deaths for first time
    • W. JONES- "Nor does this make Weir’s national interest position necessarily wrong...."

      Of course it does! Furthermore, her "national interest perspective" isn't really a national interest perspective if the best interests of the citizenry is taken into account. Who defines the "national interests?" In common usage, "national interests" virtually always refers to the perceived interests of the dominant elites, usually at the expense of the 99%. Additionally, the rise of the American empire signaled the death of the American Republic. Empires serve corporations and oligarchs, the citizenry be damned. A true nationalist would oppose empire, therefore, these empire friendly "patriots" are really imperialists seeking to influence imperial policies to more closely align with their personal interests.

      This is not to say that on a few specific issues that there can't be a basis for working together, however, the fundamental critique of Israeli actions must be morality, justice and human rights, not that some of Israel's actions may increase the danger to American imperial storm troopers. Getting into debates about the best way to serve imperial interests is self-defeating and fundamentally immoral. We need to dismember the empire and neoliberal globalization. One of the things I like about Marc Ellis is that he is fundamentally morally ground, as we all should be. And this transcends differences in religious ideology.

      One point of clarification. Although I am not nationalistic in the patriotic sense, I support the nation-state at this point in time as defense against a corporate controlled global empire. There is no greater threat to life and liberty than the globalization of corporate/financial control, a new form of tyranny leading to a new dark ages and systemic collapse. I strongly suspect that Alison Weir would not agree with me on this. It certainly doesn't appear to be one of her priorities.

    • W. JONES- "I’m sure it was a mix and that not everyone who participated in attacking Greta was part of an organized effort."

      No, of course not. It was orchestrated by a relatively small group. The majority who went along probably had the best of intentions. Unfortunately, that is how shit happens.

      As for Alison Weir, I wasn't going to comment, however, from what little I know I would not lump her in with Greta, Pappe or the Corries. Her anti-Zionism has a strong nationalistic focus which leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Criticizing Israel and Zionism is more than justified, however, simultaneously ignoring the crimes of empire isn't. Council for the National Interest? Patriotism and Zionism are two sides of the same coin.

    • W. JONES- "Bu you could see it coming when Greta Berlin got her head ripped off."

      Yes, that is exactly what happened. I always felt that Greta was the victim of an organized power play, one which hurt the Free Gaza Movement which at one time seemed promising. It should never have happened.

  • Cycles of violence only begin when Palestinians kill Israelis
    • CATALAN- “That's exactly the language that Bulgarians use towards the gypsy and right wingers in the United States towards Mexicans.”

      Comparing the Mexicans who have come to the US to escape the ravages of NAFTA, the drug wars, and imperial neoliberalism with the Israeli Jewish usurper/occupiers is one of the most intellectually dishonest comments to appear on Mondoweiss. Have you no shame?

  • Charleston: Do Black and Palestinian lives matter?
    • MOOSER- "Ah yes, it wouldn’t be right to leave out the big effect the Jews-of-color community has on US politics."

      Not since Sammy Davis, Jr, at any rate. Not the most pious of Jews, however, he did take pride in his "Jewish jeans" imported from Israel. Moan, groan.

    • TOKYOBK- “Moreover, using Jew as a synonym for white is the reason why these really annoying things happen to those of us who share African American identity and the Jewish religion/culture/heritage.”

      I am somewhat sympathetic to your sensitivity on this issue, however, you need to clear up whether this is a significant issue as regards the article by Marc Ellis or if it is merely a personal problem for you. For example, I am under the impression that Jews make up a miniscule portion of the Black community and likewise Black Jews are a very small minority of the American Jewish community, and virtually nonexistent among the East Coast Jewish elite. Now, if I am wrong, then you have a point. Otherwise, you don't, personal pique notwithstanding.

      MARC ELLIS QUOTE- “Few Jews interact with African Americans out of the public glare, in their daily lives.”

      You dispute this? As a “Jew of color,” are you involved in the affairs of the Black community? Or do you consider yourself primarily a Jew who happens to be mixed race, focusing primarily on your Jewish identity and relative privilege which attaches itself to that identity? So instead of a person of privilege, you think of yourself as a victim twice over?

      Lighten up, Ben. For Marc Ellis to overemphasize the exception which proves the rule, he would thereby de-emphasize the rule and the importance of the reality he is discussing.

    • MARC ELLIS- "Keep Israel conceptual rather than real."

      For the secular religion known as Zionism to endure, real Israel must be replaced by a manufactured metaphysical Israel. To a degree, virtually all societies reject empirical reality in favor of cohesive mythology. Or they collapse.

  • Jewish community must 'welcome' anti-Zionist, pro-BDS Jews, Beinart says-- but Shavit says, Excommunicate them
    • JON S- "I had a grandfather, of blessed memory, whose main interest in life -aside from his family- was studying the Torah...."

      The Torah, not the Talmud?

    • PHIL- "The difference between the two men reflects differences over the definition of Judaism and what Jews owe to their community. Shavit described Judaism as support for Israel. Beinart described Judaism as an ancient and living religion that has often contained anti-Zionist strains."

      Very interesting article. When you say "what Jews owe their community," I assume you are referring to the JEWISH community? That is what both Beinart and Shavit are referring to. Both wish to see a perpetuation of Jewish solidarity in relation to the surrounding non-Jewish majority. Shavit sees support for a modified Zionism as a form of Martin Luther King chauvinism binding the community together. This would continue to emphasize the Holocaust and an exaggerated fear of anti-Semitism as motivational tools. Beinart appears to believe that Israeli based Zionism is losing its appeal and would like to see a return to Jewish solidarity based upon renewed religious observance of an updated Orthodox Judaism which he refers to as Modern Orthodox. Interesting.

      In regards to Shavit, as an Israeli, American Jewish support for Israel and Zionism is critical. As for his Martin Luther King Zionism, however, it is difficult to tell if he is merely trying to assuage his American audience or if he is serious. If serious, he is delusional. The Israeli religious Jews are not like Peter Beinart and his Modern Orthodox beliefs. These are ultra Orthodox fundamentalists who believe it is a sin to yield even one inch of the "redeemed" sacred soil of Israel. Furthermore, they truly believe that non-Jews in the land of Israel are foreigners to be tolerated at best. And they are growing in numbers and power. There is no way that Israel could liberalize Israeli society without precipitating massive social unrest. It is hard to believe that Shavit isn't aware of this, therefore, I have to assume that he is merely attempting to concoct a more liberal image for American Zionists to secure ongoing support in the short term.

      In regards to Beinart, his attempt to update Classical (medieval) Judaism into a more modern form as a basis for a return to religious based tribalism is an interesting idea. On one hand, he seems to realize that "Jewishness" based upon the sacralization of the Holocaust and exaggerated fears of anti-Semitism has a limited life based upon current reality. Good. Now, I don't think he is contemplating his Modern Orthodoxy as being simply another religion. His emphasis is on strong community ties and it is safe to assume his primary concern is Jewish kinship as a consequence of devote adherence to Jewish rituals. No doubt some would find that appealing, however, it seems to me doubtful that very many young Jews, particularly secular Jews, would find this "new" old time religion appealing. It should also be remembered that few Jews were attracted to Zionism prior to the Holocaust, hence, I don't see either of these alternatives as having a significant impact.

  • Netanyahu likens BDS to Nazi Germany
    • CATALAN- "I am not normalizing anything."

      Of course you are. Africans drowning off the coast of Italy, Mexicans braving the Arizona desert. Shit happens. Throw in the Palestinians, then shrug it all off and say only God knows. Nobody to blame, nothing to do, life goes on. What could be more normal than that? This is your attempt at a folksy version of whataboutery, even though you deny it. But then, you would say that wouldn't you?

      As for providing perspective, who are you kidding? There is a huge difference between providing perspective (which I try to do) and diverting attention (your forte). So, for example, I think most Mondoweissers would benefit from knowing the extent to which powerful Zionists lend support to the neo-Nazis in the Ukraine. Hardly consistent with the claim of fear of anti-Semitism, is it? Or the extent to which US/Israel support the Islamic State and other groupings of Islamic fundamentalists, even as they pretend to be threatened by these very groups. Even now, the empire is utilizing the Afghan Taliban to "set ablaze Central Asia in the fire of terrorism, separatism and extremism." link to

      Surely you are aware that to prioritize everything is to prioritize nothing? Ultimately, activists need to focus on one specific area. There are solidarity groups for the various victims of empire in Latin America, other groups focus on the environment, etc. Mondoweiss focuses on Israel/Palestine and related US foreign policy. As such, comments should be relevant to the focus of Mondoweiss. Of course, there may be occasional exceptions, however, when the exceptions become the rule, then the commenter becomes a troll. So, to provide "perspective" to an article or comment, you should show the relevance of your comment to the situation in Israel/Palestine or related US foreign policy. So, the relevance of the Mexicans braving the Arizona desert or the Africans drowning off the coast of Italy is that they are a direct consequence of US foreign policy, hardly your intended message.

      CATALAN- "What do you propose as an achievable alternative? Something that enough people throughout the world would subscribe to, that would end the cycle of greed and violence."

      I am profoundly pessimistic about the future. My only slim hope is that through discussion enough people can become aware of the functioning of the global political economy to make a difference. The key social dysfunction which must be addressed is how to contain the struggle for power and the consequences thereof. In modern capitalism, money is power and the financial system the key to social control at the macro level. As long as there are oligarchs and they control the financial system, there is little which can be done.

    • CATALAN- "Look at the Africans drowning from the coast of Italy. Or the Mexicans braving the Arizona desert. What are they running from? Well obviously something horrible."

      As a self professed man of the world, I am sure that you are aware that in both cases these unfortunate folk are trying to escape the consequences of imperial policy. Neoliberalism and the militarism that it requires has turned much of the Third World into hell holes policed by death squads. Mexican farmers were devastated by NAFTA while facing the violence of the US instigated drug wars. Most of Latin America is still reeling from US supported death squads. It is much the same in Africa with violence and instability following the destruction of Libya and imperial support for Islamic terrorists as imperial legionnaires of destruction and instability. As an American, you share in the blame, as do I. And, yes, there is considerable hypocrisy in citing imperial depredations as somehow mitigating Israeli depredations. You seem entirely too comfortable in attempting to normalize outrageous circumstances and behavior behind a veneer of relative reasonableness.

  • BDS could cost Israel $4.7 billion a year
    • HOPHMI- "That is just not true with the Palestinians...have killed thousands with suicide bombing...."

      This is an outrageous statement and you should be ashamed! The notion that the Palestinians have killed "thousands" of Israeli Jews through suicide bombings is ridiculous. Lets see some numbers and sources. And don't try to weasel out of this by lumping the Palestinians in with the Israeli supported Islamic State terrorists who have killed thousands of Israel's "enemies" with US/Israel/Turkey/ Saudi, etc. support.

  • Divestment with a bite
    • MARC ELLIS- "...declare Israel a rogue state, supported by an unjust, imperial, United States."

      An "unjust, imperial, United States?" Aye, there's the rub! The churches of empire openly confront the ugly reality of empire? Good luck on that! As long as Israel enjoys imperial support, the mainstream churches will continue to be mostly concerned with their portfolios while making moralistic noise from time to time.

  • Is BDS practicing a double standard with respect to Arab countries?
    • "Richard Cohen has a piece up at the Washington Post titled, “The ugly effort to boycott Israel,” accusing those leading the boycott movement of anti-semitism because they have a double standard, ignoring human rights abuses in Egypt, including genital mutilation."

      The double standard argument is stunning in its hypocrisy. Both the US and Israel have long opposed secular Arab regimes and supported Muslim fundamentalists as a means of preventing secular pan-Arabism. All of the loathsome regimes in the Middle East claimed to be worse than Israel are the ones that US/Israel support, including Egypt and Saudi Arabia. A strong case can be made that without US/Israel interference in Middle Eastern politics, most or all of these regimes would have been replaced by ones more responsive to the people. And in places where the US and/or Israel has intervened, women have suffered, from Afghanistan to Libya to Iraq. Perhaps the resolution of the injustice in Palestine will be the first step in the overall betterment of the entire Middle East. How hypocritical to point the finger at vassal states!

  • Obama's disgust for Netanyahu's 'stink' signals coming era of Jewish persecution in the U.S., says 'Tablet'
    • CATALAN- "Yup, these are the real problems in the good old United States. Now, if you have the misfortune of being born a female in the Gambia, you will have a 90 percent chance to be looking at FGM without anesthesia at the age of 12. If you survive this unimaginable torture, you may look forward to a life of having pain while urinating in a country with a monthly income of 50 dollars. Then again, a similar thing is likely to occur to you in Egypt, or most of the rest of North Africa. Read the gruesome details on Wikipeadia."

      Interesting how you happened to stumble upon this article in Wikipedia (no link?). I don't suppose that any of this is being provided to you to assist in whataboutery? Assuming the information is correct, it is indeed a sad situation. One can only wonder to what extent any of this has been influenced by Western imperialism and colonialism, which consciously seeks to keep the people backwards and subservient to Western business and geostrategic interests. Since you have been occupied with news of Africa, perhaps you have been unable to keep up with the local news, hence, as a service to you I quote and link an article I read today concerning Albuquerque.

      "According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Native Americans make up 0.8 percent of the population, but comprise nearly two percent of the victims of police violence, a rate greater than any other racial group. And while police kill young black men more than any other group, they kill Native Americans at a higher rate.

      Much of this violence happens in New Mexico, the state with the highest rate of police killing in the United States in 2014. And among New Mexico’s police departments, the Albuquerque Police Department has the highest rate of fatal police shootings, and one of the highest in the country. More than 20% of homicides in Albuquerque in 2014 were committed by police officers. Since 2010, Albuquerque cops have shot nearly 50 people, killing 28." (David Correia) link to

    • "...and there is a “Jew-eating shark” in that book too, “sometimes called caliph, sometimes called czar.” Jewish enemies are eternal, “there are no new characters in Jewish history.”

      There are no new characters in the myth-history of Jewish Zionism, a quasi-religious amalgam of blood and soil nationalism and Classical (medieval) Judaism. Perceiving itself threatened, it turns increasingly fundamentalist and irrational.

  • People behind BDS are also responsible for 9/11 attack, Israeli centrist tells NY synagogue
    • "This is not about policies, or about the settlements, or about the peace process, this is classic anti-semitism in a modern disguise."

      It is becoming clearer and clearer that the most important tenet of Judeo-Zionism is the unshakable belief in irrational and eternal Gentile anti-Semitism. Neither Zionism nor Israel as a Jewish state could long survive without this irrational belief in Gentile Jew-hatred.

  • Munayyer and Beinart's historic debate on the solution to the conflict
    • CATALAN- "What do I need to do better?"

      Move to New York? Become a member of a Zionist synogogue? Volunteer for AIPAC and/or the ADL? By the way, you are the only professed Zionist I have encountered that claims to not believe in eternal and irrational anti-Semitism. Why then are you a Zionist? It is irrational to declare fealty to an ideology/group which provides no benefits. Or are you holding out on us? Come on, you kosher cactus flower, spill the beans! (no need to count).

    • MOOSER- "It wasn't all beer and Beethoven."

      That's right. One needs to be aware of the conditions that give rise to and/or exacerbate racism rather than describe events such as anti-Semitism as irrational and endemic, an anti-intellectual viewpoint in my opinion. For example, some of the same Jewish Zionists who complain about anti-Semitism, such as Victoria Nuland and Bernard-Henri Levy are providing strong support to the Right Sector and Svaboda neo-Nazis in the Ukraine. Is this logically consistent with concerns over the rise of anti-Semtism in Europe? Or is it more consistent with Zionism's NEED for anti-Semitism to justify Israel as a Jewish state? Why am I infinitely more concerned over this support for these resurgent neo-Nazis than these Zionists or the state of Israel? Europe DOES have a recent bloody history, particularly Eastern Europe, always ripe for exploitation. This is extremely dangerous and immoral.

  • In the propaganda war, Israel will stop at nothing
    • DAN CROWTHER- "those guys are called trannys."

      Until recently, I had associated "tranny" (trannie?) with slang for transmission (4 speed tranny, etc). Ah, the good old days. Who could have predicted? Jeez, I hope nobody commandeers CVT (continuously variable transmission) to describe those who just can't make up their mind and settle down.

  • ‘Spring’ and Counterrevolution in Egypt: Four years of reflections
    • RICHARD FALK- "This process was accelerating, leading the lofty expectations, hopes, and dreams so prevalent in the period immediately following the overthrow of Mubarak to disappear."

      Those lofty expectations and hopes were totally unrealistic. As I indicated at the time, Egypt needed to import food which it could only pay for with either borrowed IMF money or money from a Gulf monarchy. In effect, Egypt was dependent upon outside forces for its survival, hence, its options were limited in the extreme. To make matters worse, Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood were stupid, allowing themselves to be held accountable for a situation beyond their ability to control. As a consequence, Egypt has resumed its role as an imperial vassal state, the Egyptian people in worse shape than before the vaunted Arab Spring. Additionally, the Arab Spring was used to justify the imperial intervention in Libya and continuing destabilization of targeted countries in the Middle East such Syria.

  • What I Was Told: Arabs hate Jews
    • TOKYOBK- "(though he also outright lied about a Jew’s responsibility to break the sabbath in order to save Jew or non-Jew – It is the responsibility to save a life above all other commandments)."

      You are going to have to defend this scurrilous accusation against Shahak. I assume that you are referring to the story on page one where Shahak relates the following: "I personally witnessed an ultra-religious Jew refuse to allow his phone to be used on the Sabbath in order to call an ambulance for a non-Jew who happened to have collapsed in his Jerusalem neighborhood. Instead of simply publishing the incident in the press, I asked for a meeting with the members of the Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem, which is composed of rabbis nominated by the state of Israel. I asked them whether such behavior was consistent with their interpretation of the Jewish religion. They answered that the Jew in question had behaved correctly, indeed piously, and backed their statement by referring me to a passage in an authoritative compendium of Talmudic laws, written in this century. I reported the incident to the main Hebrew daily, Haaretz, whose publication of the story caused a media scandal." (p1, Jewish History, Jewish Religion," Israel Shahak)

      Please indicate which part of Shahak's narrative is a lie. As for your contention that saving Gentile lives is above all other commandments, obviously the ultra-religious Jew in question and the Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem feel otherwise. Turning our attention to the real world, Israel's murderous actions toward the Palestinians and other Arabs indicates the real extent of Zionist concern for non-Jewish lives. But you are not fond of the facts on the ground, preferring instead to defend your narrative at all costs. A "scholar" who favors ideology over empirical reality.

    • TOKYOBK- "Keith, do you have other sources about Judaism other than Shahak?"

      Indirectly, "The Jewish Century" by Yuri Slezkine and "The invention of the Jewish people" by Shlomo Sand. But that isn't the point, is it? Israel Shahak is a scholar of high repute and utmost integrity, "Jewish History, Jewish Religion" a valuable resource. The introductions to the book by Gore Vidal, Edward Said and Norton Mezvinsky are exceptionally laudatory. Quoting Edward Said: "I have always known Shahak to be a prodigious historian, brilliant intellectual and polymath scholar, and political activist; but, as I suggested above I have come to realize his central 'hobby' has been the study of Judaism, of the rabbinical and Talmudic traditions, and of the scholarship on the subject. This book is therefore a powerful contribution to these things. It is no less than a succinct history of 'classical' as well as more recent Judaism, as those apply to an understanding of modern Israel." (pxi, Jewish History, etc) Since you are a historian, read the book and do your own research, then critique it rather than continuing to rely on innuendo about my sources. Oh, and take your Farrakhan strawman and stick him where the sun don't shine. Apparently, you can't make your point without referring to him or putting words in my mouth. How about some quotes of me engaging in "101 revisionism?" There is absolutely nothing "scholarly" about your Zionist distortions and misrepresentations.

      TOKYOBK- "However, part of the variables of the Jewish Holocaust were a long, long and irrational hatred of Jews."

      Your statement indicates that you are a staunch defender of the Zionist faith, nothing more. As a minimum, you will need to account for this "long, long and irrational hatred of Jews." Is it part of the Gentile genetic makeup? Or are we instructed in anti-Semitism? In view of current Jewish power and privilege, does this mean that Jewish success has come in spite of Gentile hostility? Does this indicate Jewish superiority? Why not just be honest and admit that your belief in irrational anti-Semitsm is such an integral part of who you are that you can't even conceive that it is an ideological construct designed to promote tribal solidarity.

      TOKYOBK- "Yes, Mooser is right that there is a context of religious wars that cannot be ignored. Brutality towards and hatred for Jews is exceptional even in that context."

      Got any numbers? Hard to believe that a "scholar" would consider simple repetition of talking points as empirical evidence. So how come this irrational Jew hatred seems to have miraculously disappeared? You are irritating me. There is something inherently dishonest about a person of privilege playing the victim card. Additionally, I provide quotes from serious intellectuals like Shahak and Finkelstein, and what do I get from you, the "scholar?" Bogus conflation with (Louis?) Farrakhan. Enough of this crap! Unless you can make a reasonably intelligent comment, much better than what I have seen so far, I am not going to respond any more. Frankly, I am disappointed in you.

    • TOKYOBK- "airman — endemic is an appropriate word to describe the pervasive trend of anti-semitism in Europe."

      As I have already indicated, describing incidents of anti-Semitism in Europe as "endemic" and constituting a "pervasive trend" is myth-history. Unless and until these incidents are placed into context in regards to what is going on in the surrounding Gentile communities, including the relationship between the Jews and the nobility versus the Jews and the serfs, and the rampant hostilities between disparate Gentile communities/polities, then there is no meaningful context to evaluate the relative level of anti-Jewish hostility and violence compared to anti-serf exploitation and violence versus the violence of warfare. Don't forget that European history is exceptionally bloody, one-third of Prussians killed in one of these wars. And while you claim to be aware of this, your phraseology implies otherwise.

      TOKYOBK- "It does not surprise me at all that your source on Judaism is Israel Shahak. His purpose is precisely what I said you were doing as well as to collapse Judaism and Zionism into one essential identity."

      Wrong! He maintains that Zionism is essentially a throwback to Classical Judaism, an attempt to nullify the enlightenment. Remember, Shahak was an Israeli writing about the Orthodox Judaism of Israel, not American Reform Judaism.

      TOKYOBK- "Jews as a group were not elites in Europe...."

      Israel Shahak: "...the social role of the Jews as an integral part of the upper classes. In many countries Jews were treated as potential nobles and, upon conversion, were able to immediately intermarry with the highest nobility. The nobility of 15th century Castile and Aragon or the aristocracy of 18th century Poland- to take the two cases where intermarriage with converted Jews was widespread - would hardly be likely to marry Spanish peasants or Polish serfs, no matter how much praise the gospel has for the poor." (p67, "Jewish History, Jewish Religion," Israel Shahak)

      TOKYOBK- "So, who has argued that there was unending antisemitism?"

      The whole article revolves around irrational Jewish belief in anti-Semitism. Perhaps you have noticed how some Mondoweiss commenters resort to the charge of anti-Semitism, yet you imply that this is not a pervasive belief among Zionist Jews? Perhaps a few quotes would help?

      “The world hates the Jews. The world always has and will continue to do so.” (David Mamet)

      "Two central dogmas underpin the Holocaust framework: (1) The Holocaust marks a categorically unique historical event; (2) The Holocaust marks the climax of an irrational, eternal Gentile hatred of Jews." (p41, "The Holocaust Industry," Norman Finkelstein)

      The claim of eternal anti-Semitism is a core justification for a Jewish state, yet you deny such a claim exists? Incredible! You also conveniently avoided answering one of my key questions. Do you dispute that Classical Judaism was anti-Gentile in its beliefs and practices?

      TOKYOBK- "Farrakhan also said that the Holocaust was a crime and I never implied you don’t think so as well. But what he further said is what you tend to imply (imo)."

      Trying to justify your cheap shot? I already said that I am unfamiliar with Farrakhan so that continuing to try to conflate me with him is intellectually dishonest. Please confine yourself to commenting on what I actually said rather than insinuating that Farrakhan speaks for me, or that I sound like Le Pen (Yonah), etc. As an aside, a lot of you Zionist Jews seem to spend an inordinate amount of time searching for anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic websites, etc. No wonder your view of Gentiles is so skewed. I leave with a final quote from (who else?) Israel Shahak.

      "Therefore, the real test facing both Israeli and diaspora Jews is the test of their self-criticism which must include the critique of the Jewish past. The most important part of such a critique must be detailed and honest confrontation of the Jewish attitude to non-Jews." (p103, "Jewish History, Jewish Religion," Israel Shahak)

    • TOKYOBK- "So do you believe that pogroms and lynchings of Jews endemic in European history (including for supposedly baking goyish blood in to Matzah) were rational?"

      So do you believe that overall Gentiles are intrinsically irrational Jew haters and murderers? Do you dispute that Classical Judaism was anti-Gentile in its beliefs and practices? Are you unaware that the logical acceptance of group ideology inevitably results in certain irrational beliefs, regardless of the group involved?

      TOKYOBK- "It seems your purpose is to reduce all anti-semitism to the logical result of separation and anti-Goyish bias."

      Not at all and strange that you would think so. My purpose is to point out that much of the Jewish version of never ending anti-Semitism is myth-history, not grounded in UNBIASED historical reality. The Jewish/Zionist version of events is little more than self-serving victimology. According to Israel Shahak, historically Jews were usually considered part of the ruling elite, incidents of anti-Jewish pogroms and suffering relatively less than the mass of Gentile peasants who they helped to abuse in service to the Gentile monarch. In fact, treating Gentiles as some sort of unified whole is irrational in the extreme.

      TOKYOBK- "This is the Farrakhan thesis: No one ever asks what the Jews did to Germany."

      No, this is a cheap shot, hardly worthy of someone professing to be a scholar. I am unfamiliar with Farrakhan or his thesis, although you seem to seek out those who confirm your bias. When have I ever said that the Holocaust was other than a dastardly deed? I might add that it was primarily non-Zionists and anti-Zionists who perished in the Holocaust and Zionists who established a working relationship with the Nazis and later exploited the Holocaust to establish a Jewish state secured by imperial power. You have permitted group solidarity to overrule your common sense.

    • YONAH FREDMAN- "Keith- Was Hitler’s antisemitism logical and rational?"

      Are you comparing all or most Gentiles to Hitler? Is that rational?

      YONAH FREDMAN- "But it seems it was just a footnote of history to you and Le Pen."

      Is comparing me to Le Pen logical and rational? What have I ever said that makes you think that I hate Jews? When I first began commenting on Mondoweiss, there were those who thought that I was overly fond of Noam Chomsky. Getting back to Hitler, was his hatred of the Slavs and Bolsheviks logical and rational? Is 20 plus million more than 6 million?

    • ESSREA CHERIN- "It was a part of what constituted the challenge of being Jewish in this day and age."

      Ah, the challenge of being part of the most privileged ethnic group in the US (world?). We should all be so "challenged."

      ESSREA CHERIN- "Jewish history is rife with Jews encountering irrational urges to eradicate or drive away...."

      The very concept of Gentile irrational Jew hatred is profoundly irrational. Somehow, I doubt that you think that eternal and irrational anti-Semitism is an irrational belief, or that believing Gentiles to be irrational Jew haters is a manifestation of irrational anti-Gentile bias. It is an essential component of Zionist thinking which has been strongly emphasized following the June 1967 war.

      ESSREA CHERIN- "...most indelible of these being in Nazi Germany."

      The notion of the Holocaust being the culmination of a long historical process is myth-history. Pre-enlightenment anti-Semitism was of a religious nature, Jews being defined as followers of the Judaic religion who maintained a separate presence within the surrounding Gentile communities. It was only during the enlightenment and the fragmentation of Jews into Orthodox, Conservative, Reformed and secular Jews that the concept of a Jewish race was born. Also, the notion that Gentiles constitute some sort of unified anti-Semitic entity is irrational. Historical conflict and warfare being what it was/is, strictly focusing on Jewish suffering to the exclusion of the overall historical circumstances is myopic and fallacious reasoning. Viewing World War II as little more than one big pogrom is perverse.

      Essrea, I am glad you had such a positive experience in your travels, however, I can't help wondering if the reception had been less friendly because of displeasure with US imperialism or Israeli Zionism, if you would have attributed that to "irrational" anti-Semitism rather than to an understandable reaction to ongoing abuse.

  • Goldberg predicts 'civil war' between American and Israeli Jews as Israel is 'defined as an apartheid state'
    • PABELMONT- "Not clearly anti-human-rights...."

      If Obama's support for neoliberalism isn't anti-human rights, what is? Throw in unprecedented prosecution of whistleblowers, drone assassinations and support for Ukrainian neo-Nazis and ISIS. These are depressing times! The only silver lining is the potential for a golden age of gallows humor! Ugh.

    • PHIL- "That’s an absurd analysis."

      Of course it is.

      PHIL- "Obama by inclination respects universal human rights...."

      That is an absurd comment. Apparently, you live in some sort of elite liberal bubble where the empirical record is totally ignored. This President's administration has been the greatest threat to world peace and the 99% we have yet seen, and he has 2 more years to do additional harm. As bad as the first 6 years were, I predict that these last 2 will be even worse. Much worse.

    • Page: 29
  • 'NYT' says blockade of Gaza is justified by need to defend Israel from tunnel attacks
    • DONALD- "They also “forgot” to mention the attacks on fishermen and farmers."

      Along with the attacks you mention, the blockade itself is a violation of the ceasefire agreement they signed with Hamas. This is an ongoing standard practice of Israel to openly violate these ceasefire agreements knowing that they can do so with impunity.

  • Saban and Adelson put aside presidential differences to save Israel in Las Vegas this weekend
    • "I know what to do in the United Nations, I know what to do in Geneva — now I need to build a base of power to deal with a trade union in Ireland or a church in Panama,” Mr. Rotem said."

      " a base of power...." As I continue to stress, Zionism is a power-seeking ideology. It cannot be understood in any other context.

  • 'New York Times' cites Palestinians as 'demographic' threat
    • ROHA- "But “death warrant” is a loaded term."

      Damn right it is, and intentionally so. This is an indication of propaganda. To call the granting of equal rights to Palestinians as a "death warrant" for the Jewish state indicates extreme bias. One could just as well refer to the Emancipation Proclamation as a "death warrant" for the US as conceived by our (slave owning) Founding Fathers. Do we?

    • SIBIRIAK- "The real argument being made, therefore, is that Zionism itself is racist, and that argument has by no means won the day yet."

      If by "won the day yet" you mean that it is not commonly accepted that Zionism is racist, then you are probably correct. However, I believe that Zionism most certainly is a racist doctrine, the writings of the early Eastern European Zionists contain numerous references to the uniqueness of "Jewish blood," etc., Eastern European Zionism's roots firmly planted in Blood and Soil nationalism. Furthermore, the whole concept of Jewish peoplehood as a birthright and unalterable birth reality, hence, a pseudo-racial identifier came about with the demise of Classical Judaism as the determining link defining Jewishness, hence, this invented racial determinant. Even now, Israel invests an inordinate amount of resources searching for "Jewish" genes to demonstrate a genetic/racial continuity of world Jewry. This is somewhat analogous to the Nazis use of Phrenology to demonstrate the uniqueness of the Aryan "race." And is there any doubt that the Zionists have established a racially based hierarchy in Israel?

  • Israeli propaganda dominates front page of 'New York Times' today
    • GILES- "Will it ever sink in for them that the hate is coming from them, not directed at them?"

      But Giles, there is a logic to irrationality when it serves to buttress group ideology and group solidarity, important components of group success.

  • Turning Lebanon into Gaza -- Israel's hole card against Iran deal?
    • PHIL- "Many observers have expressed concern that Israel could sabotage the Iran deal: fomenting a war with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, and soon...."

      The empire will likely initiate hostilities not only in Lebanon but in the Donbass region of the Ukraine, and perhaps confrontation with China as well as an Israeli attack on Iran. The empire is running amok and is pursuing total, global war to achieve its objectives. The empire of war and chaos. To reiterate the neocon credo:

      “If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely and we don’t try to piece together clever diplomacy, but just wage a total war… our children will sing great songs about us years from now.” (Michael Ledeen)

  • Red lines, shmed lines-- U.S. must buy Israel's compliance with Iran deal
    • DAN CROWTHER- "the U.S. has folded on Ukraine...."

      Don't hold your breath. We are nearing the culmination of imperial strategy to eliminate all potential rivals prior to a global restructuring. This is much too serious for Washington to just give up. Besides, funding Ukrainian proxies is relatively safe and cheap. The empire is on a rampage and won't quit until it ends one way or the other. Besides, Russia has other weaknesses for empire to exploit. A quote followed by a link.

      " Given all the action that’s unfolded in such a short period of time, it’s likely that the momentum will continue and more dramatic surprises will certainly await. Two of the most shocking events that could possibly happen by the end of the year would be the defection of Armenia and Belarus to the West and away from Russia. While it may sound like the realm of political fantasy to some, a closer examination of key statements and developments reveals that it’s uncomfortably not as far-fetched as one would initially like to think." (Andrew Kroybko) link to

  • Corey Robin revisits Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem
    • MOOSER- “And now you know the worst thing I ever did….”

      A rather extreme example of not keeping kosher, don't you think? Don't worry, your secret is safe with me!

    • NEGGY- "Keith, you know that Israel Shahak is accused of being an antisemite too, not for reasons related to Zionism at all, but because he libels Judaism as a religion."

      Of course Israel Shahak is accused of being an anti-Semite. That pretty much is the Zionist argument in a nut shell. Anyone who disagrees with or opposes Zionism is an anti-Semite. You posit Zionist Jews and anti-Semites and that is it. The notion that Israel Shahak hates Jews is ludicrous. And his analysis of Zionism as a throwback to the anti-Gentile chauvinism of Classical Judaism is right on the mark as your obvious hostility indicates. Furthermore, the Blood and Soil aspect of Israeli fascism is amply demonstrated by the historical record. Surely you are aware of Zionist overtures to the Third Reich pre-World War II? To help you out I provide a quote:

      "Consequently, the Zionists brought Baron Von MILDENSTEIN of the S.S. Security Service to Palestine for a six-month visit in support of Zionism. This visit led to a twelve part report by Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Propaganda, in Der Angriff (The Assault) in 1934 praising Zionism. Goebbels ordered a medallion struck with the Swastika on one side, and on the other, the Zionist Star of David. In May 1935, Reinhardt Heydrich, the chief of the S.S. Security Service, wrote an article in which he separated Jews into "two categories." The Jews he favored were the Zionists: "Our good wishes together with our official good will go with them." (p49, "The Hidden History of Zionism," Ralph Schoenman)

      Zionist collaboration with Fascism is well documented, as is the obvious current Zionist ideological rigidity. You have no argument worth making, hence, you continually resort to labeling and libeling. Anti-Semitism once referred to Jew hatred. Nowadays Zionists downplay Jew hatred (the "old" anti-Semitism) and are mostly concerned with labeling opposition to Zionism and Israeli actions as anti-Semitism as a means of squelching discussion and criticism. And that is exactly what you have done. Yet another example of the complete lack of intellectual and moral integrity of Zionists.

    • NEGGY- "You write like an anti-semite."

      You libel like a Zionist.

      NEGGY- "I don’t understand why people use the term “Zionist” when they are not referring to Israel at all. It can only mean “Jew” in this context."

      I am primarily concerned with American Jewish Zionists, less so Israeli Zionists, not Christian Zionist, nor non-Zionist Jews, nor anti-Zionist Jews. I am attempting to analyze Zionist ideology and Zionist organizational dynamics. This is a discussion which Zionists always try to squelch.

      NEGGY- Quotes Keith: “Zionism is the modern, secular equivalent of Classical Judaism.”

      How can that conclusion be construed as anti-Semitic? Prior to the enlightenment, virtually all Jews practiced a relatively consistent form of Judaism referred to as Classical Judaism. During the enlightenment, Jews splintered between Orthodoxy, Conservative and Reform Judaism, along with Secular Jews. Zionism functions to reunite the various groups into a unified whole in support of Israel. Giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are not a Zionist troll, you should read Israel Shahak and engage in some contemplation regarding your rigid and hostile attitude toward Gentiles. A couple of quotes from "Jewish History, Jewish Religion."

      "Historical Judaism and its two successors, Jewish Orthodoxy and Zionism, are both sworn enemies of the concept of the open society as applied to Israel." (p13) "The persistent attitudes of classical Judaism towards non-Jews strongly influence its followers, Orthodox Jews and those who can be regarded as its continuators, zionists." (p99, "Jewish History, Jewish Religion," Israel Shahak)

    • CATALAN- "Actually I am kind of a fan of Phillip Roth, especially American Pastoral and the Human Stain."

      American Pastoral? Human stain? Surely you jest! Philip Roth's greatest novel is easily "Portnoy's Complaint." It is my source of insight into the Jewish psyche! It is how I became convinced that you guys are just as warped as me! Enjoy the desert, you kosher cactus flower!

    • JUST- Disneyland as the epicenter of global power and high-stakes power-seeking? An interesting idea, to say the least. Now that you mention it, there was something odd about the place.

    • CATALAN- "Keith, seriously, you need to meet some regular Jews. We are not all bankers or Hasidim. There are some regular people. Quite a few intermarry and those they don’t mingle."

      What luck! Over on the "Crisis of the American Jewish community" thread, Hophmi made a comment which I find provides much enlightenment on this very topic. First, I will provide the quote, then deconstruct it to see what Hophmi can (inadvertently) teach us.

      HOPHMI- "As usual, there’s a central paradox in your analysis, JVP Jews by and large are just leftists who happen to be Jewish, and they are not the future of the Jewish community. They are radical assimilationists who, as every analysis shows, will by and large not perpetuate Judaism in any meaningful way in the next generation or two. So they don’t matter in the long run." link to

      Do you see it Catalan? The differentiation between those who "just happen to be Jewish" and those who are part of the Jewish community. Between those "radical assimilationists" versus those who "perpetuate Judaism" in a meaningful way. Perpetuate Judaism? The reform Jews of JVP don't perpetuate Judaism in a meaningful way, but atheist Zionists do? It should be obvious that Hophmi is hardly concerned with the religious practice of Judaism, rather, his concern is for the perpetuation of JEWISHNESS, that is Jewish tribal solidarity. That is the essence of Zionism. Of course, Hophmi lives in New York where such attitudes appear common. Unlike Albuquerque where you are free from tribal machinations. You are a lucky man, Catalan. Better to be a free man in Albuquerque than a Zionist cadre in New York!

    • CATALAN- "Keith, seriously, you need to meet some regular Jews."

      Most Jews which I have interacted with have been very nice. Hence, you can imagine how shocked I was when I first began commenting on Mondoweiss and was introduced to some power-seeking East Coast Ashkenazi who were absolutely vicious with charges of anti-Semitism. And while you may be a regular guy(?), Hophmi is not, charges of anti-Semitism and Jew hatred coming fast and furious. This is one reason that I am now more careful in differentiating between Jews in general and the East Coast power-seekers. Not that all Jews on the East Coast are power-seekers or that power-seeking is the exclusive domain of those on the East Coast, but that I detect a concentration of Zionist fundamentalism in the Washington/New York area, the epicenter of global power and high-stakes power-seeking.

      I continue to maintain that perceived anti-Semitism is the mother's milk of Zionism and that the main concentrations of Jewish Zionist power are inherently anti-Gentile, emphasizing Jewish uniqueness and Gentile irrational anti-Semitism. This is a form of manufactured peoplehood which defines an ideologically based community with shared goals and objectives. Likewise, if the Jewish community splits over Israel as Phil predicts, I predict that the Zionist Jews will have the preponderance of money, organization and power.

      Finally, let me emphasize that, like Israel Shahak, I view Zionism as a throwback to the role played by Classical Judaism, albeit in quasi secular form. I highly recommend "Jewish History, Jewish Religion," by Israel Shahak.

    • "Down-playing the role of anti-Semitism presents “a dire and existential threat to Jewish well-being,” says Deborah Lipstadt (according to Robin)."

      Perceived anti-Semitism is the mother's milk of Zionism. It is the ideological glue which defines, unites and motivates Jewish tribalism, keeping Zionist Jews psychologically separate from the surrounding Gentile communities. It is this Jewish kinship which is a key component of organized Jewish Zionist power-seeking and Jewish Zionist material success. Zionism is the modern, secular equivalent of Classical Judaism. Apparently Deborah Lipstadt feels that this tribal unity is essential to Jewish well-being (power) and that the lack of tribal feelings of kinship due to lack of fear of anti-Semitism would result in Jews simply becoming part of the surrounding Gentile community instead of psychologically remaining a people that chooses to regard Gentiles as irrational Jew-haters would constitute "a dire and existential threat to Jewish well-being." She is probably correct.

  • The crisis of the American Jewish community
    • PHIL- "The Jewish community will divide more and more clearly in the next year or so between Zionist Jews and non-Zionist ones."

      And if it does, it is the Zionists who will have the preponderance of money, organization and power.

  • Sam Harris and the dangers of false atheism
    • WALID- "Some major strings are being pulled by a master puppeteer."

      I provide a quote and a link which you may find interesting.

      "Looking at a map, one begins to see then that ISIS has received US support in each of the strategically significant areas where it has made important gains. When reports of US airdrops going to ISIS in the province of Salahuddin first emerged, it coincided with the group’s military success in Tikrit. Now we see Ramadi in the easternmost part of Anbar province has fallen within weeks of more reports emerging of US-supplied arms being destined for ISIS in the al-Baqdadi region of Anbar." (Eric Draitser)
      link to

    • It would appear that Sam Harris is basically an imperial apologist selling the "Clash of Civilizations" meme in slightly altered form.

  • Sheesh: A conservative response to the special relationship
    • TREE- UPI quote: "Israel’s defense industry could reap major contracts under a reported agreement by the Pentagon and Lockheed Martin to install Israeli-made electronic warfare systems in the F-35I, the designation of the Israeli versions of the JSF."

      Terrific. In addition to throwing money at the US MIC, this will further integrate Israel into the global military system making the Israeli economy increasingly dependent upon Pentagon funding. Perhaps this is why most Jewish Zionists are militaristic empire Jews?

    • PHIL- "...the most reasonable option thought to be an increase in the amount of F-35 fighter jets given to Israel."

      So, is Obama bribing Israel or throwing money at Lockheed Martin? Wasn't there a thread a little while back where Obama tried to give Israel additional F-35s and Netanyahu said no? And weren't there more than a few Mondoweiss commenters who claimed Netanyahu was throwing Lockheed Martin under the bus by turning down those planes? And now he is a spoiled child for accepting these planes? Let us be honest here, Obama spends an inordinate amount of time looking for ways to throw money at the MIC. Also, Obama may be increasing Israel's strike capacity for when the empire utilizes Israel to attack Iran, a real possibility.

  • US press blacks out Israeli defense minister's citation of 'Nagasaki and Hiroshima' as model for dealing with Iran
    • "I do remember the story of President Truman was asked, How do you feel after deciding to launch the nuclear bombs, Nagasaki and Hiroshima, causing at the end the fatalities of 200,000, casualties? And he said, When I heard from my officers the alternative is a long war with Japan, with potential fatalities of a couple of millions, I thought it is a moral decision."

      Now how many in the MSM would point out that the decision to Nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a war crime involving testing the weapons (uranium versus plutonium core, etc) and to let the Russians know that we had the bomb and were willing to use it on defenseless civilians even though it served no practical purpose. Truman was a liar. Virtually all of the top military commanders, including Eisenhower, opposed the decision. Japan was trying to surrender at the time. "Long war" my ass.

  • The U.S. is at last facing the neocon captivity
    • BREWER- "Do the damn numbers."

      Are you totally unfamiliar with the term "military Keynesianism?" The US is a militaristic society where the MIC significantly stimulates and directs the economy. What you call "cost" Boeing calls "profit." Perhaps that is why the US military spending is so astronomical. Just for laughs, why don't you calculate how much money the US loses by having about 1000 military bases, then let your congressional representative know that we can save a bundle by slashing military spending.

    • BREWER- "You are getting close but this: Iraq didn’t go as planned is not correct. Iraq has gone precisely as planned."

      Both the neocons and Big Oil wanted to rapidly secure Iraqi oil and quickly move on to the next countries on the neocon list (7 countries in 5 years, remember?). However, Iraqi resistance to the occupation and US oil plans was much stronger than anticipated, hence, there was a significant delay before the empire attacked Libya and Syria. It was this resistance which caused the empire to bring in John Negroponte and Col (ret) James Steele to implement the Salvadoran death squad option and to foment sectarian conflict. It was only after the US failed in its Iraqi occupation goals that the empire defaulted to the destroy it and leave it tactic, along with the use of al Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL as imperial proxy mercenaries. As for destroying Iraq, that was mostly accomplished in the first Gulf War and sanctions which followed.

    • DAN CROWTHER- "The Neocons believe in democracy? Laughable."

      I agree completely. Unfortunately, there are many Mondoweissers who eat this sort of thing up. By the way, welcome back stranger!

    • NEVADA NED- "My position is that, yes the Israel lobby (neoconseratives) was a factor, in the invasion of iraq in the Second Persian Gulf War."

      The danger in including the neocons (and myriad other pro-Israel groups) as part of an ill-defined Israel Lobby is that the impression is created that the neocons act at the behest of Israel. They do not. In fact, Israel was initially wary of the Iraq war, wanting the US to attack Iran instead, until the neocons sold them on the Iraq invasion as part of an overall plan which targeted Iran next. That the neocons are strongly pro-Israel is beyond doubt. That they represent and speak for Israel is a serious mistake. These guys are imperial warmongers. That the neocons have had a major influence on imperial policy is also obvious. That their writings have found a receptive audience among the imperial elites seems to be overlooked. I rather get the impression that many Mondoweissers have difficulty dealing with the complexity of imperial geostrategy preferring a simpler narrative. For them, focusing on a uniquely powerful Lobby which causes a semi-benevolent empire to do evil things fits the bill to a tee. For what it is worth, I have made your argument countless times in the past to no avail. It is easy to believe what is convenient to believe.

    • PHIL- "...but the Gulf war under GHWB was a war for oil, or for plainly identified national interests."

      Funny, I thought that Saddam still controlled the oil fields at the end of hostilities. Perhaps you can share with us how this was war for oil and in the national interest?

      PHIL- "I see no “national interest” in this war, but pure folly."

      As opposed to the Korean war? The Vietnamese war? The invasion of Panama? The destruction of Nicaragua? The Libya intervention? The Afghanistan intervention? The Syrian intervention? The Ukrainian intervention? Perhaps you can share with us your definition of "national interest?" For God sake Phil, imperial policy has nothing to do with some vaguely defined "national interest" and everything to do with elite power-seeking. "National interest" is just a label the elites put upon elite policy to make it appear that there is something in it for the non-elites.

      As for the first Gulf War, it was less about oil per se than about destroying Iraq as a potential Middle East power and competitor to the US and Israel. It's all about power. It's ALWAYS all about power.

    • PHIL- "Here are my two cents. We invaded Iraq because a powerful group of pro-Israel ideologues — the neoconservatives — who had mustered forces in Washington over the previous two decades and at last had come into the White House were able to sell a vision of transforming the Middle East that was pure wishful hokum but that they believed: that if Arab countries were converted by force into democracies, the people would embrace the change and would also accept Israel as a great neighbor."

      With all due respect, Phil, you live in a fantasy world. Only an idiot would believe that democratizing the Middle East would benefit militaristic, Zionist Israel. A quick glance at opinion polls of the Arab population would dispel that notion. Only the self-deluded would believe that the neocons believed that democratizing the Middle East would benefit Israel. These guys aren't that stupid. Ever heard of pretexts? The neocons were/are militarists and liars who sell militarism. You need to forget the BS and focus on the facts on the ground.

      No one thought that Iraq was a threat, and that includes Israel which wanted the US to go after Iran. The neocons talked Israel into supporting the Iraq war on the presumption that Iran would be next. Yes, the neocons were the driving force behind the Iraq war, but it involved empire and oil and a grandiose plan to destroy OPEC, something the oil companies opposed. Guess what, big oil won.

      Of course, Iraq didn't go as planned, hence, the ongoing destabilization of the Middle East has been delayed, but appears in full swing now. And who is responsible for that, the neocons or Obama? These guys may provide the pretexts for imperial policy but they don't set imperial policy. As for Iran, you continue to mistakenly talk about Iran only in reference to the Lobby. Iran, Russia and China are the three targets of an extraordinarly risky imperial gambit to weaken or destroy these three potential rivals to imperial hegemony during a brief window of opportunity prior to a global financial restructuring. The neocons are warmongering jerks but, make no mistake, the odious neocon militarism has become official imperial policy. It is no longer possible to separate Zionism and Israel from empire. And it is extremely misleading to pretend that you can. The problem is much bigger and more serious than Israel and Zionism viewed in isolation.

  • Siege on Gaza prevents children from receiving needed medical formula
    • We need to be aware that the ongoing siege of Gaza is in direct violation of the cease fire agreement that Israel made with Hamas, and which Israel, as usual, violates with impunity.

  • Yossi Beilin's back to the future confederation
    • MARC- Beilin quote: "...Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government may feel pressured to show a commitment to peace."

      Beilin's proposal is for Israel to, in effect, camouflage it's intransigence with a new/old distraction from the facts on the ground while going about its version of business as usual. Yet another excuse to preclude substantive action with the appearance of negotiations. One-state, two-state, bi-national state, what is the difference when Israel is committed to no-state? Talking about a one-state versus a two-state is a total waste of time. The focus needs to be on the here and now. End the siege of Gaza and other human rights violations, then talk. Hell, Israel wont even abide by the terms of the latest Gaza cease fire agreement. Just like the last one and the one before that. Israel is, once again, provoking the Gazans in the hope of inciting an ineffectual rocket attack which will provide a pretext for Israel's next round of "mowing the lawn" in Gaza. Mass murder as national support. That, and claiming victimhood.

  • 'So wait, the Nakba is…?': Listening to Israelis discuss the Nakba
    • DANAA- "It is a 'celebration' because hidden within the folds of the outward commemoration are the poison darts of a weaponized history. And poison darts are there to be wielded, and in the case of the Holocaust they are, as we all know."

      DANAA- "And this is why we will not only see no change in attitudes towards the nakba, but instead we'll see further hardening of the hearts, minds and souls. Until all that's left, after all this hardening are calcified residues of a once interesting people."

      You are very eloquent and remind me of Arundhati Roy. Mondoweiss would benefit from more frequent comments by Danaa.

    • CATALAN- "I don't feel that it is immoral for me to point out flaws in this country."

      I agree completely and encourage you to continue to do so. I would suggest, however, that your critique take into account the symbiotic relationship between the American empire and Israel, the militarism, the disregard for the rights of victims, etc. Also, the significant role of American Zionist Jews in shaping the goals, objectives and policy of empire and neoliberal globalization. I would think that elementary concern for intellectual and moral integrity would compel you to do so.

  • Adelson primary heats up -- fawning George Bush gives him a painting of his casino
  • It’s time to boycott Ben & Jerry’s
    • HOSTAGE- "I'm still the same size as the day I graduated from High School, i.e. 6 ft. 1 in., 165 pounds, and 32 in. waist."

      Yes, but how much can you bench press?

  • Settlers Supporting Settlers: Towards an explanation of the US/Israel relationship
    • CATALAN- "There are all kinds of things I like about Russia...."

      Then your comments are based primarily upon your Zionism and support for American imperialism? Fair enough.

      CATALAN- "The German empire at the beginning of the century was taking about encirclement too...."

      Totally irrelevant, however, lacking facts, switching topics is probably a wise move for a Zionist propagandist lacking in intellectual integrity.

      CATALAN- "Likewise, I cannot take seriously Russian claims of encirclement because they already control about one sixth of the world’s landmass."

      Are you saying that NATO is not expanding eastward in spite of previous assurances it wouldn't? Are you saying that the US has not built new bases throughout the region? Are you defending the American empire of bases and astronomical military budget? Most of Russia is thinly populated barren land, your "one sixth of the world’s landmass" comment yet another disingenuous red herring.

      CATALAN- "Putin is a modern day Mussolini, very affable, gets along with the Jews, and dreams of a new Rome."

      Ah, Putin bashing! What imperial propaganda piece is complete without it? Well this has fallen into your usual pattern hasn't it? You attempt to counter facts and common sense analysis with ad hominem attacks and spurious conflations. But, like the Energiser Bunny, you refuse to give up, hoping that if you throw enough shit against the wall some may stick or at least confuse the less well informed. So after all of this it is obvious that your criticism of the American people and American history in no way indicates opposition to the American empire which you shamelessly defend. Now that we have cleared that up beyond any doubt, I am done with this thread.

    • CATALAN- "I read both French and German newspapers, and these guys are all in accord on that topic."

      This little gem almost slipped right by me. So the French and German main stream media support the empire? What a shocker! Ever heard of Manufacturing Consent? And in spite of this massive propaganda, a recent Gallup poll indicated that people worldwide view the US as the greatest threat to peace. So cut the crap and stop apologizing for murder and mayhem!
      link to

    • CATALAN- "Your line of thought that Eastern Europeans are essentially fodder, a cushion, and exist only to make Russians feel safe is offensive."

      You find my criticism of imperial destabilization and warmongering offensive? You defend the Ukrainian coup and neo-nazi terrorists? You defend the use of NATO as an imperial out of area strike force? Has your Russophobia totally overwhelmed your reason and compassion? What is going on is reasonably clear to all except the willfully blind. The empire has set the world on fire in an attempt to secure complete global hegemony through chaos. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, etc., have all been more-or-less destroyed as the empire applies the Oded Yinon plan globally. Divide and destroy. Perpetual war. And you actually defend this madness? A couple of quotes and links from people who have an infinitely better grasp of reality than an imperial apologist like you.

      "Consistently, over the past year, polls conducted by major Western firms have revealed that the people of Crimea by overwhelming numbers prefer being part of Russia over Ukraine, an embarrassing reality that Forbes business magazine has now acknowledged." (Robert Parry)
      link to

      "Ukraine has nothing to do with sovereignty, democracy or (alleged) Russian aggression. That’s all propaganda. It’s about power. It’s about imperial expansion. It’s about spheres of influence. It’s about staving off irreversible economic decline. It’s all part of the smash-mouth, scorched earth, take-no-prisoners geopolitical world in which we live, not the fake Disneyworld created by the western media. The US State Department and CIA toppled the elected-government in Ukraine and ordered the new junta regime to launch a desperate war of annihilation against its own people in the East, because, well, because they felt they had no other option. Had Putin’s ambitious plan to create a free trade zone between Lisbon to Vladivostok gone forward, then where would that leave the United States? Out in the cold, that’s where." (Mike Whitney)
      link to

    • CATALAN- "Prussia was coveting France"

      WTF has Prussia got to do with anything I have said? Is it because Prussia sounds like Russia that you bring up this red herring? Are you this intellectually debased?

      CATALAN- "Do you buy the Russian delusions of encirclement?"

      What delusions? In spite of assurances to the contrary, NATO has expanded eastward and is encircling Russia. The empire, the American empire, the ONLY empire is attacking Russia for geostrategic reasons, risking nuclear war in the process.

      Needless to say, you have with typical lack of intellectual integrity ignored the fact that Israel is dependent upon the American empire and that Zionists, such as yourself, are shameless supporters of empire. Your attempt to shift the discussion onto past Soviet actions while ignoring current imperial depredations is typical Zionist apologetics. Your criticisms of US history and US society while simultaneously embracing the American empire is hypocrisy on steroids. You have no shame and your moderate tone when you employ it is nothing but a calculated ploy.

      Since you seem willfully ignorant of current reality in the Ukraine, allow me to provide a quote and link to John Pilger:

      "Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US has ringed Russia with military bases, nuclear warplanes and missiles as part of its Nato enlargement project. Reneging on a US promise to the Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev in 1990 that Nato would not expand "one inch to the east", Nato has all but taken over eastern Europe. In the former Soviet Caucasus, Nato's military build-up is the most extensive since the second world war.

      In February, the US mounted one of its proxy "colour" coups against the elected government of Ukraine; the shock troops were fascists. For the first time since 1945, a pro-Nazi, openly antisemitic party controls key areas of state power in a European capital. No western European leader has condemned this revival of fascism on the border of Russia. Some 30 million Russians died in the invasion of their country by Hitler's Nazis, who were supported by the infamous Ukrainian Insurgent Army (the UPA) which was responsible for numerous Jewish and Polish massacres. The Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists, of which the UPA was the military wing, inspires today's Svoboda party." (John Pilger)
      link to

    • CATALAN- "If you steal even more... then you can get yourself a seat on the security council and be one of the good guys."

      Yes, and how fortunate for Israel that Uncle Sam is on the security council to veto all of those "anti-Semitic" resolutions. Trying to have your cake and eat it too? American Zionist Jews have hardly been in the forefront of opposition to empire. Just the opposite, in fact. Look at what Norman Braman has to say: "We are the only world global power, we’re the only world global military power, we’re still the economic engine that is the standard of the world. If all those three fall, it’s a danger to the state of Israel." link to There it is. Uber Zionist Braman supports the empire as essential to Israel. This Zionist support for empire and militarism is standard, hence, I am a little surprised that you are highlighting the ugly reality of Israel's essential patron. Surprised but pleased. As an anti-imperialist, I welcome all criticism of the ugly reality and hypocrisy of empire, no matter how tainted the motivation. Keep at it Catalan, I'm loving it!

  • Rubio's biggest backer says U.S. must be 'global military power' so that we can sustain Israel
    • ROBERTHENRYELLER- "Braman’s memory of exclusion of Jews is not without historical substance, but it is myopic."

      I fully agree that Braman is myopic, but I also wonder just how much historical substance there is in Braman's myth-history. Please remember his words: “I remember all the fields in the United States that were closed to Jews...." Closed to Jews? "There were no Jews in the insurance industry...." None, from sea to shining sea? No Jews in insurance in Pittsburgh or Cleveland or Miami? Where does he get his numbers? "...there were a limited number of major Jewish law firms, and all the other major law firms had no Jews." No Jews in Gentile law firms in Miami, Las Vegas or Albuquerque? Although unstated, I assume Braman is referring to the New York financial elite. That Jews were excluded from the very pinnacles of power (unlike Blacks and Hispanics?). Of course, Jews did have access to power not enjoyed by some other minorities. As I recall, Jews were quite prominent in the Franklin Roosevelt administration. And Jewish success in Hollywood and California real estate suggests that they were hardly a beleaguered minority. So the WASP defense of their power and privilege is offensive primarily (only?) to the extent that it effects Jews? Does he mention any other group? Does he reference the relative status/opportunities of Jews to non-Jews, or is he only concerned with barriers to Jewish power-seeking?

      Let us fully consider the implications of his statement that "I’m convinced Israel changed all that. All the advantages that Jews have today, that generations have had since the establishment of Israel has been augmented by Israel… " Well, the obvious implication is that for the barriers to advancement to fall, a minority needs a state of its own. Perhaps he is right. Perhaps the Blacks need to make aliyah to New York and kick the natives out. The Hispanics get to take over Florida and say Hi/Bye to Braman. A preposterous notion, of course. Even to make the comparison would elicit charges of eternal and irrational anti-Semitism. The bottom line is that Zionism is a power-seeking ideology which is based upon a never ending struggle between Jews and Gentiles as a consequence of Gentile irrational Jew hatred. It is a fundamentalist mindset which disregards objective reality when it conflicts with group goals and objectives.

    • This is an interesting article on many levels. A first, obvious observation is that Norman Braman is almost completely Judeo-centric. EVERYTHING is evaluated from the perspective of Israel, Zionism and Jewishness, if it is evaluated at all. This is an extreme version of ideological fundamentalism totally impervious to fact or reason. He talks a lot about education, but his closed mind reflects massive indoctrination.

      BRAMAN- "I remember all the fields in the United States that were closed to Jews, that there were a limited number of major Jewish law firms, and all the other major law firms had no Jews. There were no Jews in the insurance industry, there were very few Jews in banking, there were very few Jews in investment banking other than Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and one or two others."

      How accurate is his memory? Where did he get all of this data? Was somebody counting noses? Is this lack of Jewish law firms the reason that, in spite of his emphasis on education, education, education, he settled for a BS in Business Admin from Temple University? Any areas where Jews perhaps had an advantage, such as Hollywood, the media, etc? After graduation he joined (Bronfman owned) Seagrams. Two years later, he founded Keystone Stores. Jeez, young and inexperienced, who bankrolled him? You don't suppose....? Bottom line, another billionaire victim of anti-Semitism who wafted skyward because of education and meritocracy.

      BRAMAN- "And the general lack of respect that existed for Jews. Jews in general always being thought– ‘Well Jews are smart, but they don’t fight back, they don’t do anything,’ and Israel changed all that. I’m convinced Israel changed all that. All the advantages that Jews have today, that generations have had since the establishment of Israel has been augmented by Israel…And I worry that that dedication to Israel and that understanding of how important Israel is to them just hasn’t penetrated."

      This statement virtually begs to be deconstructed. Anti-Semitism was a consequence of an image problem? Because they were too meek and " they don’t fight back?" And having a Jewish state brought respect? Perhaps it had more to do with the fact that pre-WWII, Jews had an image of anti-capitalist Marxists. Hitler continually referred to the "Judeo-Bolsheviks." The point being that pre-war, capitalist business men were fearful of this perceived threat to capitalism. Zionism, on the other hand, is based upon a variant of blood and soil nationalism. And Israeli militarism during and after the June 1967 war removed all doubt that Zionist Jews supported both militarism and empire. Of course, the Zionist state of Israel undoubtedly provides other services to American Jewish Zionists.

      The unstated reason for Israel and Zionism as the Key to Jewish Zionist success is that Israel provides the symbolic core of the Zionist ideology which acts as the unifier of Zionist Jews, a function once performed by Classical Judaism. Braman's intense tribal affinity is hard to miss. So too is his complete disregard for objective reality in regards to anything affecting Israel, Zionism or Jewish solidarity. Israel, Zionism and Jewish solidarity helped him get rich and he intends to defend and pass on this birthright.

  • 'NYT' and 'MSNBC' leave Marco Rubio backer's Israel agenda out of the story
    • On a closely related issue, is anyone familiar with the percent of Jewish billionaires who are Zionists? How closely related is support for Israel and Zionism to becoming a Jewish fat-cat? Any anti-Zionist Jewish billionaires out there?

    • JEFFB- "Pro-Israel views poll around 70%."

      Yes, Zionist influence within the doctrinal system in general and the media in particular is most impressive.

    • PHIL- "We don’t learn that Braman is Jewish– and that he believes that Israel’s creation revolutionized Jewish life in the west."

      This is exactly what I have been saying. American Jewish (particularly Jewish Zionist) success has been facilitated by organized Jewish Zionist solidarity. You can't really understand the phenomenal success of American Jews without reference to Israel and Zionism and the exploitation of Jewish victimhood. Likewise, you can't understand ongoing support for Israel and Zionism without taking account of Zionism's success in achieving Jewish access to the corridors of power. The Jewish Zionist cadres are genuinely fearful of the myth of eternal and irrational anti-Semitism whereas the elites are fearful that they will lose their competitive advantage. I end with a quote from the article you linked:

      "All the advantages that Jews have today, that generations have since the establishment of Israel has been augmented by Israel…" link to

  • Front-page attack in New York Times says BDS movement is driven by minorities' 'hostility toward Jews'
    • JEFFB- "Neo-Nazis are marginal figures with no political influence pretty much anywhere. Anti-Zionism, is the dominant ideology towards Jews on the planet. Both of them in practice if successful would implement the final solution."

      What can I say to a comment like this? It is pointless to recommend you get some therapy since you obviously have chosen to abandon rationality in favor of strict adherence to Zionist ideology. Once again you have come at me with a demented raving. The ultimate goal of BDS a new "final solution?" Do you have any idea how this sounds to normal people? In addition to the important three paragraphs of John Pilger which I quoted and linked, there is a lot of information on the internet for those who are interested in the reality of the imperial destabilization in the Ukraine. This includes The Saker blog. I see no point in continuing this discussion.

    • JEFFB- "So who is in this elite that the NYTimes speaks so?"

      The NYT coverage of events and its editorials reflect the perceived consensus view of the dominant organizations which shape policy. Since the Executive Branch of the government usually articulates this policy consensus, the NYT coverage and its editorials will reflect this. This is why there is so much Putin bashing in the NYT, and why they support all of these odious trade agreements. Also, military spending and intervention.

      Since you seem to be claiming that the NYT is the peoples paper, perhaps you can show some data indicating where the NYT reflects the popular view- on trade agreements or opposition to foreign interventions, for example - in opposition to elite policy? If the NYT consistently opposed the elite agenda, they wouldn't be in business. You do understand that the US is a capitalist country, don't you?

    • BORNAJOO- "One of the oldest and (formerly) most respected experts of that region is Professor Stephen Cohen...."

      I provide a link to a 15 minute talk by the good Professor for those interested.
      link to

    • CATALAN- "Even if the coup in Ukraine was bad and there are some bad guys there, that doesn’t justify taking territory by force."

      Not only are you an imperialist, you are also a shameless apologist for this imperial destabilization. The coup in the Ukraine was "bad?" Try illegal. The Kiev government is totally illegitimate and is funded and controlled by the empire. The only one taking territory by force is the empire utilizing its paramilitary, neo-nazi shock troops. The empire is directly responsible for this Western instigated civil war pitting the Ukrainian speaking western Ukraine against the Russian speaking eastern Ukraine with its deep ties to Russia. Crimea overwhelmingly voted to join Russia, as would any sane person under the threat of these Russophobic neo-nazis. The southeastern breakaway areas simply want to protect themselves from Kiev and empire. This whole gambit is an imperial attempt to force Russia to intervene so as to provide an excuse for ongoing warfare and chaos. Yet another chapter in the neocon inspired "long war" for global hegemony. The situation is clear enough for anyone with at least a little knowledge and an ounce of integrity. But apparently not to you Zionists for empire. Below is a quote and a link which mentions the Odessa massacre, the Kiev terrorist's version of Deir Yassin, which broke the back of non-violent resistance to the Kiev coup.

      "The first one was the fiery holocaust of Odessa, where the peaceful and carelessly unarmed demonstrating workers were suddenly attacked by regime’s thugs (the Ukrainian equivalent of Mubarak’s shabab) and corralled into the Trade Unions Headquarters. The building was set on fire, and the far-right pro-regime Black Guard positioned snipers to efficiently pick off would-be escapees. Some fifty, mainly elderly, Russian-speaking workers were burned alive or shot as they rushed for the windows and the doors. This dreadful event was turned into an occasion of merriment and joy by Ukrainian nationalists who referred to their slain compatriots as “fried beetles”. (It is being said that this auto-da-fé was organised by the shock troops of Jewish oligarch and strongman Kolomoysky, who coveted the port of Odessa. Despite his cuddly bear appearance, he is pugnacious and violent person, who offered ten thousand dollars for a captive Russian, dead or alive, and proposed a cool million dollars for the head of Mr Tsarev, a Member of Parliament from Donetsk.)" (Israel Shamir)
      link to

    • GILES, KAY- Did you guys read the whole article? If not, suggest you do. Strategic analysis is a different way of evaluating a situation based upon power dynamics. Why does Andrew Korybko feel that Israel is a reliable ally? Because Israel is totally dependent upon empire. If the Lobby was omnipotent, then Israel, with our help, would no longer be totally dependent. With their powerful military they could easily conquer a small petro-state and be independent. Additionally, Israel is dependent upon the American Jewish Diaspora for much of this ongoing support. Netanyahu, for example, gets over 90% of his campaign funding from American Jews and you better believe that Israeli policy reflects that. I provide another quote from another strategic analyst who you are probably familiar with to lend some support to Korybko's analysis.

      “Israel is dependent on the United States as no other country is on a friendly power…. Israel sees in intransigence the sole hope for preserving its dignity in a one-sided relationship. It feels instinctively that one admission of weakness, one concession granted without a struggle, will lead to an endless catalogue of demands…. And yet Israel’s obstinacy, maddening as it can be, serves the purpose of both our countries best. A subservient client would soon face an accumulation of ever-growing pressures. It would tempt Israel’s neighbors to escalate their demands. It would saddle us with the opprobrium for every deadlock.” (Henry Kissinger, quoted in “Straight Power Concepts in the Middle East” by Gregory Harms)

    • GILES- "Israel is of no strategic value whatsoever."

      It is not wise to put all of your eggs in the omnipotent Lobby basket. Powerful yes, all powerful no. Many strategic analysts feel differently from you. I quote one who is based in Russia and writes for The Saker, hardly an apologist for Israel.

      " Israel, unlike any other American allies, is directly dependent on the US for both its creation and existence, and is hence much more reliable as a long-term committed ally (both ideologically and politically) than any other country. The US needs Israel’s strategic location and regional military contracting services to keep Arab governments perpetually weak and divided, while Israel needs the US’ full-spectrum support to continue to exist, thus explaining the intensive depth of support that each entity has for the other." (Andrew Korybko) link to

    • HOPHMI- "Is that why you feel, like Fox News, that gentiles are being “demonized” by the Jews?"

      The Zionist post June 1967 dogma of “irrational, eternal Gentile hatred of Jews," (quoting Finkelstein) is most certainly a demonization of Gentiles. Dare I compare it to a blood libel? And we are not talking about Jews in general, we are talking about ZIONIST Jews. Mooser is right to hold you Zionist Jews to account for trying to hide behind the skirts of Judaism.

    • JEFFB- "Its funny in a post where you complaining about being considered along with anti-Semitic crackpots you raise an anti-Semitic crackpot theory about how the Jews are the ones secretly behind the Ukrainian / Russian war."

      That is a lot of misinformation to pack into that one sentence. My original comment was meant to show how you are more concerned with libeling BDS folks as neo-nazis than with Zionist support for the Ukrainian neo-nazis. In other words, you are much more concerned with BDS than with actual neo-nazis.

      JeffB- "That is besides the fact I have trouble calling a government neo-Nazi that is welcoming to Jews."

      Interesting perspective. If it is good for the Zionist Jews, then it is good by definition. The problem with Hitler was death of the 6 million Jews, the death of 55 million Gentiles of little concern. As for being "welcoming to Jews," surely you realize that the welcome wagon extends only so far as Jewish oligarchs and imperial neocons, such as Victoria Nuland. As for the non-Zionist Jews who may find themselves at the mercy of these thugs, they might have a different opinion. But if they are not Zionists, you don't really care. Let me provide one of many quotes I have on this, then I will comment further.

      "This reached its apogee in 2014 when the Obama administration splashed out $5 billion on a coup against the elected government. The shock troops were neo-Nazis known as the Right Sector and Svoboda. Their leaders include Oleh Tyahnybok, who has called for a purge of the "Moscow-Jewish mafia" and "other scum", including gays, feminists and those on the political left."

      "These fascists are now integrated into the Kiev coup government. The first deputy speaker of the Ukrainian parliament, Andriy Parubiy, a leader of the governing party, is co-founder of Svoboda. On February 14, Parubiy announced he was flying to Washington get "the USA to give us highly precise modern weaponry". If he succeeds, it will be seen as an act of war by Russia."

      "No western leader has spoken up about the revival of fascism in the heart of Europe - with the exception of Vladimir Putin, whose people lost 22 million to a Nazi invasion that came through the borderland of Ukraine. At the recent Munich Security Conference, Obama's Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, ranted abuse about European leaders for opposing the US arming of the Kiev regime. She referred to the German Defence Minister as "the minister for defeatism". It was Nuland who masterminded the coup in Kiev. The wife of Robert D. Kagan, a leading "neo-con" luminary and co-founder of the extreme right wing Project for a New American Century, she was foreign policy advisor to Dick Cheney." (John Pilger) link to

      JeffB- "Of course they do, they just use the word “Zionist”.

      Ah, the new anti-Semitism! Jew hatred is out, opposing political Zionism and Israeli actions are in! At least you are honest about Zionist power-seeking.

      JeffB- "When you start accusing Zionists of stuff that having nothing to with anti-Semitism I’ll buy there is a difference. Attack Zionists for being buffonish, not showering, sexually indiscriminate and lazy and then I’d buy it isn’t anti-Semitism. Attack Zionists for a secret evil conspiracy where they seduce good Christians into working against common morality and humanity and I ain’t buying it. Whether you use “Zionist” as a euphemism for Jew or not."

      What to say when confronted with a demented raving such as this? Instead, I'll leave you with a quote from one of your neocon Zionist cohorts.

      “If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely and we don’t try to piece together clever diplomacy, but just wage a total war… our children will sing great songs about us years from now.” (Michael Ledeen)

    • CATALAN- "It implies at least some support for the illegal confiscation of Crimea and the current attempt to seize south east Ukraine."

      So, in addition to being a Zionist, you are also an imperialist and support the empire's Ukrainian coup and war by proxy? And, yes, I support all resistance to empire's current militaristic madness which has the potential to escalate into nuclear war. First, a couple of quotes and links, then I'll resume comment.

      "Ukraine has nothing to do with sovereignty, democracy or (alleged) Russian aggression. That’s all propaganda. It’s about power. It’s about imperial expansion. It’s about spheres of influence. It’s about staving off irreversible economic decline. It’s all part of the smash-mouth, scorched earth, take-no-prisoners geopolitical world in which we live, not the fake Disneyworld created by the western media. The US State Department and CIA toppled the elected-government in Ukraine and ordered the new junta regime to launch a desperate war of annihilation against its own people in the East, because, well, because they felt they had no other option. Had Putin’s ambitious plan to create a free trade zone between Lisbon to Vladivostok gone forward, then where would that leave the United States? Out in the cold, that’s where." (Mike Whitney)
      link to

      "Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US has ringed Russia with military bases, nuclear warplanes and missiles as part of its Nato enlargement project. Reneging on a US promise to the Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev in 1990 that Nato would not expand "one inch to the east", Nato has all but taken over eastern Europe. In the former Soviet Caucasus, Nato's military build-up is the most extensive since the second world war.

      In February, the US mounted one of its proxy "colour" coups against the elected government of Ukraine; the shock troops were fascists. For the first time since 1945, a pro-Nazi, openly antisemitic party controls key areas of state power in a European capital. No western European leader has condemned this revival of fascism on the border of Russia. Some 30 million Russians died in the invasion of their country by Hitler's Nazis, who were supported by the infamous Ukrainian Insurgent Army (the UPA) which was responsible for numerous Jewish and Polish massacres. The Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists, of which the UPA was the military wing, inspires today's Svoboda party." (John Pilger)
      link to

      Catalan- "American lefties like you instinctively support Russia because it reminds them of the wonderful Soviets."

      As usual, you misjudge me. I am not a Marxist and, in fact, think that Marxism is the Left's Albatross. The USSR was ultimately bound to fail for reasons I don't care to explore in this comment. Having said that, the old Soviet Union, for all of its faults, at least provided a countervailing force to offset the empire. One consequence was the brief appearance of the non-aligned movement of Third World countries trying to escape the tentacles of empire. I'm fairly certain that without the USSR, the Cuban revolution would have been crushed in typical, murderous fashion. And as for ignorance of European history, surely you are aware that the Eastern part of what is now called the Ukraine, was for centuries part of Russia until Khrushchev for internal political reasons foolishly made it a part of the Ukraine? The failure to correct this historic mistake when the USSR broke up resulted in a Ukraine with two distinct halves which the empire has exploited for geostrategic reasons. And this is what you support? You claim that Svoboda and Right Sector are not neo-nazis, and you support them?

      The bottom line is that the empire, for geostrategic reasons, instigated a coup in Kiev and pushed for a Ukrainian civil war. The Ukraine is now yet another failed state as a consequence of this planned destabilization. To achieve its goals, empire required the ruthless commitment of Ukrainian neo-nazis, just as it relies upon ISIS/ISIL/IS to destabilize the Middle East. My original comment to JeffB was to contrast his conflation of BDS with the KKK and neo-nazis, while expressing little concern for US/Zionist supported Ukrainian neo-nazis. Both of you guys are typical Zionists insofar as your focus is exclusively on defending Israel and Zionism. Actual US/Zionist support for neo-nazis (or ISIS for that matter) doesn't seem to concern you.

    • IRISHMOSES- "To allow my paranoia to run to its logical conclusion, once these laws are passed, anyone who criticizes or has criticized Israel, becomes a antisemitic felon, whether post facto or ex."

      Hardly paranoid to recognize the rapid descent into overt fascism we are undergoing. Being the pessimist (realist?) that I am, would it be too much of a stretch to suggest that those who criticize Israel also criticize empire? Therefore, critics of empire could/would be prosecuted as anti-Semites as a means of silencing their anti-imperialism? In the immortal words of Lily Tomlin, "No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up!"

    • PHIL- One of your quotes: “Jewish students and their parents are intensely apprehensive and insecure about this movement,” said Mark Yudof, a former president of the University of California system. “I hear it all the time: Where can I send my kids that will be safe for them as Jews?”

      First a quote, then a comment.

      "It is a fact that American anti-Semitism currently is at a historic low by most essential yardsticks. Hostility towards Jews, as measured in opinion polls, has dropped to what some social scientists consider a virtual zero point....Government action against Jews, the staple of European anti-Semitism for centuries, is almost inconceivable in this country....By contrast, the percentage of Jews who tell pollsters that anti-Semitism is a "serious problem" in America nearly doubled during the course of the 1980s, from 45 percent in 1983 to almost 85 percent in 1990." (p6, "Jewish Power," J.J.Goldberg)

      Goldberg's analysis confirms Norman Finkelstein's thesis that following the June 1967 war "the memory of the Nazi extermination" came to serve- in Evron's words- "as a powerful tool in the hands of the Israeli leadership and Jews abroad." Two essential themes emerge: 1) Holocaust uniqueness and 2) "irrational, eternal Gentile hatred of Jews." He notes that "Neither of these dogmas figured at all in the public discourse before the June 1967 war...." (p41, "The Holocaust Industry," Norman Finkelstein)

      It seems fairly clear to me that we are dealing with Zionist manufactured sense of victimhood following the June 1967 war. This serves as a Jewish Zionist core ideological belief which has utility both as a means of achieving internal Jewish Zionist organizational cohesion and as an instrument of intimidation. The never ending cinematic tale of the Holocaust and eternal Jewish suffering is but one example of the establishment of this particular doctrinal point of reference and unassailable truth. In this regard, it should be noted that both the reclassification of anti-Semitism from Jew hatred to something which includes criticism of Israel and the anticipated blowback from this ongoing demonization of Gentiles is part of the Zionist strategy. After all, PERCEIVED anti-Semitism is the mother's milk of Zionism.

    • JEFFB- "Then BDS can comfortably say whatever mean stuff they want about Jews along with the KKK, Neo-Nazis, Christian Identity…"

      You are being your usual scurrilous, dishonest self. I am unaware that BDS says any "mean stuff" about Jews per se, they only give examples of the reprehensible behavior of ZIONIST Jews such as yourself. And the conflation of BDS with the KKK and neo-Nazis is shameful, at least for those capable of feeling the emotion. Speaking of neo-Nazis, how come Zionists such as Victoria Nuland and Bernard-Henri levy are such staunch and enthusiastic supporters of those murderous Ukrainian neo-Nazis? Zionists have never had a problem working with Fascists and outright Nazis if it furthered their objectives.

    • JEFFB- "The NYT sees itself as a mainstream paper representing mainstream American views."

      Nonsense! The NYT sees itself as the newspaper of record, the official spokesman of the elite. Their views are much more closely aligned with the Council on Foreign Relations than with main street. That is why the NYT supports all of these odious "trade" agreements which most folks wisely oppose.

      The very notion of the media and the doctrinal system being a sounding board for the citizenry is ludicrous. The media manufacture consent for elite policies. It could not be otherwise in our system.

    • DONALD- "If Keith is around, he could probably add details."

      The only additional observations I would make is to point out that first, South Africa was not as strategically important as Israel and the Middle East. Second, that the Palestinians do not have a large and sympathetic American constituency like the South African Blacks had. And last, but surely not least, is that South African whites did not enjoy the support of anything even remotely comparable to the Israel Lobby. When both parties are dependent upon one group for the bulk of their campaign funding, it is amazing the effect that this can have on policy and media reporting.

  • Netanyahu deputy charged with administering Palestinians says they are 'beasts, not human'
    • MOOSER- "Why don't you put the Holocaust on e-bay and sell it to the highest bidder."

      Too late, Ellie Wiesel already owns it and rents it out.

  • 'Most reactionary government in Israel's history' -- when will liberal Zionists hit bottom?
    • PHIL- "The big question going forward is what the liberal Zionists are prepared to do about Israeli intransigence."

      You mean other than wring their hands and make noise? Obviously nothing. Israel and Zionism are the driving force behind Zionist Jewish success, and until that changes liberal Zionists will continue to whine for their supper. A more interesting question is why China doesn't retaliate for Adelson's anti-Iranian efforts? One would think that Adelson's casinos in Macao would be a point of leverage.

    • HOPHMI- "In India, foreign-funded NGO’s have faced a far harsher environment, with far less attention. link to"

      You are correct. There is little difference between the Hindu Fascism of Israel's new friend Narendra Modi and the Zionism of Netanyahu's Israel.

  • Shit Israeli soldiers did in Gaza
    • CATALAN- "Witness the basic humanity shown towards their Hindu brethren."

      As I mentioned in a recent comment of mine, for the past 500 years, the "Christian" nations have been the most violent and bloody by far, hardly in a position to condemn "Muslim" violence. Of course, this violence is caused by the elite struggle for power and has little to do with specific religious ideology, although this religious ideology may provide a pretext for imperial power seeking. All empires are brutal, including ours. So, regardless of your motivations, reminding people of the consequences of Western imperialism is a good thing. Also, Israel is an integral part of empire and could not do what it is currently doing without imperial support. There are multiple reasons for this support, however, the Israel Lobby is a critical factor.

  • Netanyahu appoints Ayelet Shaked—who called for genocide of Palestinians—as Justice Minister in new government
    • CATALAN- " is an unbecoming and disrespectful way to address me, or anyone else. Respect."

      This from the guy who claimed that Peter Belmont's and Giles' hearts would be "warmed" by the murder of Jews in Thessaloniki! Respect?

  • Not a single Muslim is quoted in 'NYT' profile of Geller
    • JAMES NORTH- "Yet the piece, by Alan Feuer, is signally lacking in one respect; there are no Muslims in it."

      Why would you expect to find balance in media propaganda? Geller is but an extreme example of the "clash of civilizations" meme being pushed by our doctrinal system. If one were to objectively look at the past five hundred years, it would be fairly obvious that the "Christian" nations of Europe have far and away been the most violent and bloody. The media, however, isn't interested in that. Ever since WWII, the US has waged non-stop war against the entire Third World in order to achieve strategic objectives, a reality the media misrepresents in order to fulfill its propaganda function. The media is an integral part of empire and is a major part of the problem. Why continue with the pretense that this example of yours represents some sort of deviation from the norm?

  • A response to the 'Washington Post' blogger who calls me an anti-Semite
    • PHIL- "The heart of that post was a friend saying that Israel would not cease to abuse Palestinians until Jews forgave the anti-Semites the atrocities committed against Jews in Europe in the last century."

      I made a lot of comments on that thread, all of which in response to other commenters. I didn't bother on commenting on the article itself because I felt that the "forgiveness" issue was utter nonsense. There is no need for anybody to forgive anyone, nor would it do any good if they did. Putting aside whatever motivations may have inspired the original Zionists, Zionism currently is a power-seeking ideology which unites Jewish Zionists in similar fashion to what Classical Judaism did. Israel Shahak expresses similar thoughts. This Zionist solidarity is a significant (essential?) factor behind American Jewish Zionist success. As such, it will not be discarded easily. Also, support for a militarized Israel is consistent with support for an aggressive militant empire. And, yes, Zionist Jews are empire Jews. Your attempt to disentangle Israel from empire is a hopeless task, you fool only yourself and those others who ignore the reality of the imperial political economy. In case you haven't noticed, the empire has set the world on fire, making war on potential future competitors for power. The game is coming to climax with only Iran, Russia and China remaining to be subdued. Hard to be optimistic about any of this. Israel won't change as long as it has imperial support, which, in turn, strongly depends upon American Jewish Zionist support. This support is determined by power considerations, not forgiveness.

  • MSM's platform for Pamela Geller is equivalent to normalizing David Duke and Nazis
    • GILES- "I believe Duke’s focus these days is on the dangers of Zionism."

      Be real careful with this guy. My initial impression is that he fills a similar role to Lyndon LaRouche by mixing together facts which are mostly (70%?) true with some outlandish garbage which will be used by critics to discredit the mostly true stuff. If you can't hide it taint it. On Duke's website right now there is an article which reads "New Genetic Study Confirms Racial Basis of Judaism." He links to a science article which ostensibly backs up his claim. Of course it doesn't. I am not a geneticist and don't want to try and figure out what the significance of their study was, however, their conclusion that following the the last Glacial Maximum there was a migration from the Middle East into Europe has no religious significance whatever. This is pre-history. For gosh sake, all humans derive from a small breeding group somewhere in North Africa with successive migrations outward. So what? The point being is that this type of misrepresentation hardly speaks well for Duke's credibility.

    • CATALAN- "I think many of the writings of Giles about Jewish domination qualify as hate speech. Indeed, I think they are incitement to violence."

      This is just the sort of thing that a Zionist attack dog such as yourself would say. In effect, a de facto defense of Zionist extremist Geller posing as a defense of free speech while insinuating that you are in danger of "incitement to violence."

    • AMIGO- "Some 18,000,000 Americans are Muslims."

      As ckg indicates, 0.6% of 300 million is 1.8 million.

  • Gaza rules: Kill 2 Palestinian women on cellphones in an orchard so Israeli soldiers face zero risk
    • CKG- Your comment made me reflect upon the situation in the US where the killing of a police officer is cause for huge outpourings of sympathy and funeral parades even though statistically the average police officer is one of the safer occupations, much more safe than a clerk in a 7-11. On the other hand, the shooting of unarmed civilians (particularly Black) is ho-hum business as usual. Additionally, these shootings frequently involved shooting in volleys of multiple rounds, usually referred to as "spray and pray," a term carried over from overseas operations where our soldiers simply empty their magazines at the slightest provocation or perceived threat. In Seattle's King County, police shot an unarmed man 16 times as he reached for his wallet. Miraculously, he survived and sued. Police departments tend to favor ex-military and that, along with the militarization of the police, has resulted in the police becoming something of an occupying force, brutalizing Blacks now, others to follow as neoliberalism takes its toll. I have linked to both a story about the 16 shots and another where to a video showing a Black man armed with a knife confronting 6 police officers and one police dog. He appears to turn away and the officers open fire 46 times.
      link to

  • Palestine’s moment of truth for the International Criminal Court
    • PABELMONT- "We are dealing with psychopaths here...."

      One of the most difficult things for the average person to come to grips with is that most of our elites who struggle for power and care for little else are psychopaths of perhaps merely sociopaths. As such, our greatest threat and cause for concern comes not from foreign sources but rather from our own elites unto whom we are merely a means to an end or perhaps a threat. Pieces on a chessboard. Elite ambition may yet kill us all.

  • Spanish Jews resisted oppression in tunnels and, exiled, clutched their keys
    • The Birthright tours take young impressionable Jews to Auschwitz to indoctrinate them with a sense of eternal and irrational anti-Semitism, the mother's milk of Zionism. Max Blumenthal goes to Spain where the emphasis is on historical anti-Semitism. See the difference?

      For those interested in a more balanced account of Jewish life in Christian Spain, I, once again, recommend "Jewish History, Jewish Religion," by Israel Shahak. One brief quote: "Politically, the position of Jews in the Christian Spanish kingdoms was the highest ever attained by Jews in any country...before the 19th century. Many Jews served officially as Treasurers General to the kings of Castile, regional and general tax collectors, diplomats (representing their king in foreign courts, both Muslim and Christian, even outside Spain), courtiers and advisers to rulers and great noblemen." (p59-60) He also indicates that the Rabbis had considerable authority over the local Jewish population including capital punishment.

      And once again we seem to be drifting into the never ending narrative of anti-Semitism.

    • CATALAN- "The heart of Sepharadic culture in Europe was Thesalonikki. All Jews there were killed. That must warm your heart, a place emptied of Jews. The joy you and Giles must feel."

      I assume that you are referring to the Greek Jews who died in the Holocaust when Nazi Germany conquered Thessalonikki (Greece) and deported the local Jews to the camps? One can only wonder why you would make this comment other than to confuse the issue, implying universal anti-Semitism and ongoing pogroms everywhere, rather than part of World War II. And then you display your complete lack of moral and intellectual integrity by smearing Peter and Giles as Jew haters who relish the death of Jews. Based upon your comments I can only assume you think that there is "meritocracy" in Gentile hatred. Yet, you insist that as a hiring manager your decisions are bias free. Who could disagree?

  • David Horowitz to OSU: 'Jews didn't expel the Arabs in 1948' and 'the occupation is a huge lie'
    • " He tried to swell his credibility using his status as a former “Communist”...."

      Yes, a fundamentalist Stalinist as long as it presented a career opportunity. Once his power-seeking Marxism became a cropper, he effortlessly switched over to blood and soil Zionism and has profited ever since. Nowadays, there seems to be a market for repugnant right-wing extremism. No doubt his views will be useful to our own Mondo Zionists who seem always anxious to misrepresent reality in support of their Zionist ideology.

  • Two videos to challenge my liberal Zionist friends
    • DABAKR- "Did not it take almost 100 yrs after the Wounded Knee and ghost dancers before the actual history of the American conquest of the west was taught…"

      The educational system is part of the doctrinal system which establishes the social mythology conducive to the attainment of elite goals and objectives. The content of the social mythology is usually a contest between competing power centers. Stories are told if power wants them told and stories are not told if power doesn't want them told. Zionist power absolutely controlled the Israel/Palestine narrative until recently. The Nakba tale is only belatedly being told because modern telecommunications permitted the visualization of ongoing Israeli atrocities giving the lie to endless propaganda. To try to label this reality as a conspiracy theory is more Zionist apologetics.

      DaBakr- "the story of the expelled Palestinians was never “suppressed”.

      Of course it was. For how long has Israel lied that the Palestinians fled after Arab radio broadcasts told them to as a prelude to a massive Arab invasion? There is a reason that they call the new historians the new historians. And there is also a reason that only a re-Zionified Benny Morris remains.

    • ROHA- "I'm not talking about American schools. As far as I can tell, they don't teach anything."

      That is what is known as American exceptionalism!

  • Obama's role model to journalists -- Dorothy Thompson -- turned against Zionism and was silenced
    • IRISHMOSES- "Scurrilous, despicable, embarrassing? I've run out of adjectives."

      Gil, I stumbled upon your exchange with Jupiter belatedly. As the author of the post I assume that you felt the need to respond to his irrational comments. You have my sympathy. Has Mondoweiss abandoned moderation? How many demented ravings exceed the limit?

    • JACKDAW- "Totalitarian?"

      One has only to look at the jackboot conformity of the Mondo Zionists comments to see the truth of my characterization. It is impossible to discuss anything with you and your cohorts because you all employ the same paint by numbers denial of historical reality. Right now, Israel is once again violating the terms of its cease fire agreement with Hamas which you and your ilk defend. Or am I wrong about you personally? Do you condemn Israel's siege of Gaza and cease fire violations?

    • JON S- "Keith, In fact , the Nazis murdered the Zionist Jews, along with all the other Jews."

      No doubt there were Zionist Jews who were murdered, however, I stand by my statement that "...Nazi Germany treated the Zionist Jews much better than the non-Zionist Jews and, in fact, worked with the Zionists to facilitate Jewish emigration to Israel."

      I am not anxious to get into a detailed discussion of Zionist Jews' relations with the Nazis during WWII. That was a long time ago and serves no useful purpose. I only entered into this to respond to Hophmi's typical falsification of historical reality. I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and pretend that you are simply ignorant of this history. Suggest that you do a little reading on Dr Rudolph Kastner followed by "Zionism in the Age of Dictators," by Lenni Brenner. A good starting point might be "The Hidden History of Zionism," by Ralph Schoenman. The Zionist record before, during and after the Holocaust is a shameful one.

    • HOPHMI- "I think if you wrote today that there were Christians in Iraq who would gladly join ISIS if given the chance, you’d be accomplishing roughly the same thing – missing the damn point."

      Ah, feigned outrage! No, I am not missing the "damn point," you are. Or perhaps intentionally trying to misrepresent Dorothy Parker's point that there are plenty of Americans who would welcome fascism if it profited them. A very defensible position considering that WWII militarism ended the Great Depression and profited US business enormously. Following the war, the US adopted military Keyenesianism (a form of fascism) to guide and stimulate the economy. McCarthyism didn't reek of fascism? And how about pre-war Israel? You still claim ignorance of Yitsak Shamir's and Menachem Begin's early embrace of fascism? Of Betar and Mussolini? Read on.

      "Mussolini set up squadrons of the Revisionist Zionist youth movement, Betar, in black shirts in emulation of his own Fascist bands. When Menachem Begin became chief of Betar, he preferred the brown shirts of the Hitler gangs, a uniform Begin and Betar members wore to all meetings and rallies -- at which they greeted each other and opened and closed meetings with the fascist salute." (p48, The Hidden History of Zionism, Ralph Schoenman) And don't forget that both Shamir and Begin became Israeli Prime Ministers!

      Hophmi- "Noting that, like Hitler, she used the dual loyalty charge, is not the same thing as saying she’s the same as Hitler."

      Hypocrisy, thy name is Hophmi! Hannah Arendt warned that a Jewish state could result in issues involving dual loyalty. Funny, you chose to link Parker with Hitler instead of Arendt. By the way, you have heard of the sayanim haven't you? What other ethnic group has anything comparable?

      Hophmi, your argument never changes. Anyone who disagrees with you or Zionism or Israel is an anti-Semite who sounds like Hitler. Of course, that is the essence of totalitarian Zionism, isn't it?

    • HOPHMI- "It appears that Thompson harbored at least some antisemitic views. In August 1941, she claimed in Harpers that she knew "lots of Jews who are born Nazis and many others who would heil Hitler tomorrow morning if given a chance."

      Why is this anti-Semitic? Is it anti-Semitic to criticize any Jew or Jews regardless of their behavior? Do you think that she is lying about knowing Jews who fit her description? Are you so unaware of the racist statements of some of the early Zionists, including Jabotinsky? Have you read "Zionism in the Age of Dictators?"

      Hophmi- "She also accused Jews who supported Israel of dual loyalty, a charge Hitler had used."

      You are conflating her with Hitler because of this? Furthermore, I would like to see the quote of Hitler expressing opposition to Zionist support for Israel. As you should be aware, Nazi Germany treated the Zionist Jews much better than the non-Zionist Jews and, in fact, worked with the Zionists to facilitate Jewish emigration to Israel. Are you sure you want to discuss Nazi/Zionist collaboration? Your attempt to smear Dorothy as a crypto anti-Semite and link her to Hitler is yet another example of your complete lack of intellectual integrity.

    • GIL MAGUIRE- "This fascinating woman who deserves to be an icon of the feminist movement, is rarely, if ever, mentioned as an important female historical figure."

      Would it be politically incorrect of me to suggest that this may be a consequence of the bias of the East Coast leadership of the major feminist organization?

  • One rocket from Gaza outweighs 6 Israeli incursions and 67 attacks
    • As usual, Israel ignores another cease fire agreement which it expects Hamas to uphold. In view of the powerlessness of the Gazans, this seems like sadism to me.

  • Forgiving the anti-Semites
    • CATALAN- "Not that I expect any facts to sway you, but let this be clear to those who read these pages and perhaps may think that Jews are a clique who seek to network with each other."

      According to the Conference of the Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations: "The Conference of Presidents is at the forefront — working with the US Administration, Congress, opinion molders and international leaders — to increase understanding and support for Israel and to advance the interests of the American Jewish community."
      link to

      Organized Jewry most certainly seeks to advance Jewish Zionist interests. The intermarriage rate among primarily non-organized Jewry is basically irrelevant. That Zionist Jews should support their ideology and show favoritism to those who support Zionism is the essence of organized behavior. Organizational politics, networking and opportunistic ambition is the norm among the elites as they struggle for power. The very notion of some neutral omniscient invisible hand of meritocracy instead of a highly subjective awarding of power and favors to friends and allies is naive at best, but more likely self-serving propaganda. It is the mantra of Jewish Zionists who wish to foreclose all discussion of the success of Zionism as a power seeking ideology of the Jewish Zionists. An essential discussion, I might add, if one is to understand American Jewish support for Israel and Zionism.

    • ROHA- “Good for the Jews” seems to be their measure for everything."

      May I respectfully differ? Good for the ZIONIST Jews is their mantra. These Zionist Jews have a long history of throwing non-Zionist Jews under the bus in order to achieve their Zionist power-seeking objectives.

    • DABAKR- "B.Gates, Elon Musk, Buffet, Waltons, the Big Oil families, Big tobacco families, Big Pharma and Big Insurance Co.’s…..all non-Jewish billionaires...."

      You mean to tell me that Gentiles comprise over 50% of the power elite? Sounds like anti-Semitism to me! I certainly hope that you Zionists are attempting to correct this injustice!

      DaBakr- "The growth of Chinese, African and Indian billionaires has also put a little damper on the Zionists ‘plan’ to rule the earth."

      Well that certainly explains all of the shameless standing ovations that our congress gives to all of the Chinese and African leaders! And we are all only too aware of the awesome power of the American Indian Political Action Committee (AIPAC)! Sir/Madam, I admire your courage in speaking out about this. Anything I can do to help that doesn't involve spending money or taking action?

    • YONAH FREDMAN- "The marketplace rules America."

      Money rules America. Money is power, economic power in fluid form, the primary instrument of social control. The essence of capitalism is the monetization of power.

      Yonah- "Jews are prominent on Wall Street and at the Fed."

      Yes they are. Careful, Yonah, say that one more time and Hophmi may call you an anti-Semite.

      Yonah- "Would someone nonJewish at the Fed change the policy of the Fed?"

      Hard to say. My personal view is that Jewishness (however defined) probably has little to do with FED policy which seems designed to enrich all financiers at the expense of the 99%. Make no mistake, our financial system is a mess, primarily as a consequence of our PRIVATE, debt-based (bank credit) money system. The US based global empire relies primarily upon financial control backed-up by military power. A just and sustainable society is impossible without changes to the global financial system.

    • HOPHMI- "And that was completely accurate...."

      No it wasn't. Sticking to feature films only, since you belatedly decided to exclude documentaries, only in the 1980s were there significant (29) feature films on Vietnam. Moving forward we find that in the 1990s there were 10 American produced films on Vietnam, with another 10 in the 2000s, for a total of 20 films on this major event in US history. Not that there should have been more, mind you, but that interest is dwindling. In contrast, in the 1990s (50 years after the Holocaust!) there were 16 American produced Holocaust films, with an additional 15 in the 2000s for a total of 31 recent Holocaust films versus 20 Vietnam films. What does this tell us? That the doctrinal system of which Hollywood is an integral part wishes to continue to emphasize Jewish suffering and victimhood long after the historical Holocaust. The numbers from YOUR SOURCES provide strong statistical correlation for that conclusion, and for Phil's statement that: "Jews are disproportionately represented in media — the facts bear out such a belief, and ours is not a neutral presence; it helps explain all the Holocaust movies." (Phil)

      Furthermore, your obnoxious statement that: "I see no fact bearing out the argument that Jews are the reason that there are many Holocaust movies, and I detest the insinuation," (Hophmi) is utter tripe. You refuse once again to deal honestly with the numbers as contained in your links to en-Wikipedia's "List of Holocaust films," even going so far as to disagree with the inclusion of some of the films on the list you linked in support of your argument. You are unbelievable. Perhaps this is the first documented case of Holocaust film denial?

      Two final points. First, in telling the tale of WWII, the lack of empathy in American films for Russian suffering and for the historical reality of the Soviet military defeat of Nazi Germany stands in stark contrast to this ongoing telling of the Holocaust tale. The invisible 20 plus million versus the omnipresent 6 million. Second, I take it that your ongoing defense of Bosnian President Izetbegovich and Croatian President Tudjman and of the resurgent Ustahi represents the official Zionist position? As for my "extreme left" position, I am happy to be in the company of Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, Michael Parenti and others of principle who oppose both political Zionism and Imperialism. Funny how the two seem to go together.

    • HOPHMI- “No I didn’t. I said there were more American films made about Vietnam than about the Holocaust, and I was completely correct.”

      You refuse to even accurately own up to your own previous comment. You said that there were “far more” American movies about Vietnam than the Holocaust. Sticking with the narrative dramas, there were slightly more Vietnam dramas than Holocaust narratives, however, if we throw in documentaries then there were more Holocaust films than Vietnam films. And as I noted, the Vietnam films never showed the Vietnamese as victims of American aggression whereas Jews are always portrayed as victims in these never ending Holocaust flix, which you disingenuously suggest was due to popular demand not Jewish influence in Hollywood. And then you have the audacity to misrepresent the numbers I provided showing that there was an explosion of Holocaust movies in the 1990s which continued slightly reduced into the 2000s, for a total of 188 movies in those two decades versus 96 movies in the previous four decades. Please note that “20 or 30 years after the events they cover,” would be the 1960s and 1970s during which there were 41 Holocaust movies. And I'm getting these numbers from your sources!

      And then what? You talk about all of the Russian films on WWII as if this was relevant. And how many of these films were shown in the US? Promoted by Hollywood? You top it all off by referencing two films about the Jasenovac death camp, the first a Yugoslavian film short made in 1945. Are you claiming that this film was released in the US? The second a Spielberg film made for the Holocaust film archive, hardly a blockbuster.

      As for Jewish/Zionist support for the US/NATO Yugoslavia intervention, I am not talking about passivity, I am talking about active complicity. I am talking about the ADL, the American Jewish Committee and the American Jewish Congress took out newspaper advertisement and organized demonstrations demonizing the Serbs. The whole thing was orchestrated by Ruder Finn a PR firm. The director bragged about being able to overcome the anti-Semitism of both Croatian President Tudjman and Bosnian President Izetbegovich, as well as the history of Croatian/Muslim anti-Semitism and mass murder. This whole episode represents yet another example of Zionist collusion with imperial militarism. So, in addition to being a militant Zionist you are also a defender of imperial militarism. An empire Jew. Figures.

      As for Rudolph Kastner, I provide a quote and a link. “The Israeli government sued Gruenwald for libel on Kastner's behalf, resulting in a trial that lasted 18 months, and a ruling in 1955 that Kastner had, in the words of Judge Benjamin Halevy, "sold his soul to the devil".[4] By saving the Jews on the Kastner train, while failing to warn others that their "resettlement" was in fact deportation to the gas chambers, Kastner had sacrificed the mass of Jewry for a chosen few, the judge said.” link to

      Your entire comment was yet another attempt to misrepresent reality.

    • CATALAN- "Civilized people commemorate their dead."

      Do civilized people exploit a tragedy to justify murder and dispossession? Is your attempt to sound reasonable heartfelt or merely a veneer? The real deal or Hophmi lite? Time to cut the crap Catalan. Do you condemn Israel’s siege of Gaza and cease fire violations?

    • HOPHMI- "And you also assume that every Holocaust movie is about the Jews. Another of your ridiculous assumptions that betrays what a paranoid bigot you are."

      Trying to change the topic? I merely checked your sources and demonstrated that you misrepresented the data, rather typical for you. I also showed that the Holocaust theme became more popular with the passage of time and the rise in Jewish/Zionist power, which strongly suggests the exploitation of the Holocaust to create myth-history. I never suggested that ALL Holocaust films are about Jews (your disingenuous invention), however, I believe that the overwhelming majority are. Am I wrong? How many Holocaust films deal with the horrific losses of the former USSR in stopping and eventually defeating Hitler? How many Holocaust films depict the Jasenovac death camp in the former Yugoslavia where primarily Serbs, but also Jews and Roma were murdered? Please note that the camp was run by the Croats with logistical help from the Muslims, both groups allied with Hitler. And why, prior to US/NATOs Yugoslavia intervention, would US Zionist Jews depict the Serbs as the "new Nazis" while supporting the Jew killer Croats and Muslims? Finally, how many Holocaust films discuss Dr Rudolph Kastner and Israeli Zionists in helping in the slaughter of tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews in order to secure the release of about 600 high value Zionists? Since you cannot make a factual response, I expect either silence or more of your typical insults and feigned outrage. In writing about his pre-war meeting with Zionist representative Feivel Polkes in Palestine in 1937, Adolph Eichmann noted that had he been born a Jew he would have become a fanatical Zionist. Birds of a feather?

    • DANAA- Brilliant comment, spot on! Needless to say, the only effect it will have on Jon S, Hophmi, Catalan and the other loyal Zionist cadre is as a threat to their Zionist ambitions. Jewish Zionist solidarity is the name of their game, Zionism having replaced Judaism as the unifier of world Jewry even as Judaism gives way to veneration of the Holocaust. Their continual reliance on charges of anti-Semitism and tropes indicates a rigid ideological conformity and totalitarian mindset. They are defenders of the Zionist faith with a rigid, unshakable bias. Curiously, they see themselves as victims in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Or at least they pretend to.

    • HOPHMI- "No one has done as much as the Jewish community has to tell the story of the Holocaust...."

      Talk about understatements! And because of Jewish/Zionist dominance in Hollywood, we continue to drown in Holocaust flicks, the Zionist bread and butter narrative.

      Hophmi- "...including the stories of others persecuted and massacred by the Nazis, such as Roma and homosexuals, and the disabled."

      Ya, sure, you betcha! Hollywood just can't churn out enough pix on the Roma. Same with the news media. Lots of stories about Roma remembrance days. And hasn't all of the media just gone overboard reminding us about the suffering of the Russians during WWII, and about how the Soviet Union bore the brunt of the fight against Nazi Germany? Methinks I detect bias in the doctrinal system. Bias based upon power.

    • HOPHMI- "It is a very well-documented event in fairly recent human history. It’s natural that many films should be made about it."

      Using your links, I find it interesting that there are many more narratives and documentaries about the Holocaust now than soon after it occurred. So that in the 1950s there were a total of 8 narratives and documentaries about the Holocaust. In the 1960s there were 20, in the 1970s there were 21, things exploded in the 1980s with 47, then in the 1990s there were 102, declining to 86 in the 2000s. Seems to me to be a pretty close correlation to the rise in Jewish Zionist power.

      Hophmi- "You know what there are far more American movies about than the Holocaust? Vietnam. Wonder why. It must be the fault of the Jews."

      Creating more myth history? Beginning in the 1960s when Vietnam became more relevant, we find 52 American produced narratives on the Holocaust plus 60 documentaries for a total of 112 American produced Holocaust films. For the same period there were 69 American produced narratives on Vietnam plus 23 documentaries for a total of 92 American produced films on Vietnam. If we include foreign film makers, then the Holocaust wins 284 to 129. And how many of these Vietnam films are sympathetic to the Vietnamese? How many show the Vietnamese as victims? And yet you are going to continue to insist that this has nothing to do with Jewish Zionist power and to the sanctification of the Holocaust and never ending depiction of Jews as victims, the ideological core of Zionism.

    • KRIS- Thanks for bringing this up. Europe and the US have a long and exceptionally bloody history in regards to Third World peoples, yet few in the West acknowledge this or feel any responsibility for the consequences of colonialism, imperialism and neo-colonialism. Even now, most folks seem unaware of the consequences of neoliberal globalization or that US/Europe bear significant responsibility for the disasterous state of much of the planet.

  • UN: 'Not a single destroyed home has been rebuilt' in Gaza since Israeli war last summer
    • Well,well. Surprise, surprise. Once again Israel blatantly ignores its obligations under the cease fire agreement. And when Hamas finally retaliates, there will be another slaughter which will be blamed on Hamas by these Zionists of no conscience or morals. Gideon Levy agrees:

      "The next war will break out in the summer. Israel will give it another childish name and it will take place in Gaza. There’s already a plan to evacuate the communities along the Gaza Strip border.

      The commitment to negotiate lifting the blockade on Gaza – the only way to avoid the next war and the one after it – has also been broken. Nobody talks about it." (Gideon Levy)
      link to

  • Accusations of anti-Semitism roil Stanford campus as student coalition denies discrimination charges
    • HOPHMI- "Krauss has always been one of the honest antisemites here."

      Mondoweiss should charge you $1 for every time you call someone an anti-Semite. Put up or shut up.

  • Marking Memorial Day in Tel Aviv with Kahanists and Combatants for Peace
    • CATALAN- "What's the point of getting angry, say, over the recently made call here that I step away from the accounting profession because there are too many Jews in it and I am upsetting the balance of the universe?"

      Did someone literally say that or are you being your usual dishonest self? Interesting how you attempt to spin a legitimate question about the social distribution of power and privilege into an implied instance of anti-Semitism with you the victim.

      Actually, according to Hophmi, it was Ben-Gurion who said “But the real mischief of that statement lies rather in the second part of the sentence, denying us the privilege of being “hewers of wood and drawers of water”; we consider this as a great, true privilege. It was denied to us in many countries and many generations, when we were forced to live only in the cities, and in the cities we were confined to a limited number of occupations. We were forcibly divorced from work on the soil, and if there was an ideal, in addition to the love for our country, which animated the tens of thousands of Jewish youth who came to Palestine, it was the ideal of becoming hewers of wood and drawers of water, to do all kinds of hard physical work with their own hands, to live by the sweat of their brow.” - See more at: link to

      So Catalan, I don't want either you or Hophmi to think that we Gentiles are restricting you to the traditional Jewish professions and denying you the privilege of doing " all kinds of hard physical work." That is what Israel is all about and as a Zionist I am sure that you, like Ben-Gurion, long to see a more socially balanced choice of occupations for Jews so that they are not forced into such a narrow social role. That was a real concern of the early Zionists, you know. Seriously.

      On the other hand, perhaps you and Hophmi share a more feudal perspective.

  • In defense of Cornel West's prophetic voice
    • JOEMOWREY- "Sure, West has some wonderful things to say. But he rakes in an extraordinary income for the effort."

      I wouldn't be so quick to judge, Joe. First of all, his speaking fees are in line with his stature. Oliver North gets $20K-$50K, Newt Gingrich gets $60K-$70K, Sean Hannity gets over $100K, etc. I don't know how much in total speaking fees Cornell West gets, nor what he does with the money. Is he a major contributor to progressive organizations? I have no idea. Neither do I believe that "progressives" should take a vow of poverty to prove themselves. I don't think that zeroing in on his speaking fees exclusively to imply hypocrisy is helpful, particularly when he is being attacked for speaking out against Obama's abysmal record. He may have supported Obama initially, but when Obama failed to deliver, West spoke out. And that, in essence, is what he is being attacked for. Had he not been attacked, Marc Ellis would not have provided his personal perspective. Below is a quote and a link to Glen Ford at the "Black Agenda Report," a radical black website.

      "The true purpose of his elongated smear of Dr. West is to demonstrate to Hillary Clinton’s camp that Dyson remains a loyal Democratic Party operative who is available for service to the new regime." (Glen Ford)
      link to

  • Dead End
    • PETER FELD- "I think what Odeh did was respectful...."

      Respectful of the people who have their boot on the Palestinian neck? And why should the Palestinians lend their voice to the sanctification of the Holocaust, the appeal to which is used to justify Israel's actions? Odeh's ingratiating servility bespeaks of a symbiotic relationship with Zionism and the status quo. Do you really think that joining in Israel's exploitation of the Holocaust will pay dividends for the Palestinian struggle? I agree with Marc Ellis that "Such appeals become forms of enablement...."

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