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  • To condemn, or not to condemn
    • TOKYOBK- "...she makes Palestinians into unthinking, irresponsible automatons, rather than fully human agents with choices, however circumscribed by the terrible and criminal activity of illegal colonists."

      What breathtaking hypocrisy! Their choices "circumscribed?" My, what a euphemistic label to attach to the extremely limited ability to resist Israeli aggression and abuse. And it is not just the paramilitary settlers either. Check the body count. Time to "mow the lawn?" The biggest "choice" which you don't mention is Israel's choice to continue all of this which Israel could end tomorrow. End the blockade of Gaza. End the settlements. End the harassment. Tear down the wall. Stop treating Palestinians as little more than a demographic threat. Israel could unilaterally end it all. There is nothing the Palestinians can do to end it, and apparently nothing they can do to convince Israel (and American Zionists) to end it. But, Jeez, feel free to pontificate on the moral responsibility of the victims. Somehow, I get the feeling that if it was Jews in Gaza and Palestinians in Tel Aviv, you would see things differently.

    • TOKYOBK- "Human beings don't lose their moral agency even when victimised."

      Hey Ben, Noam Chomsky left a message for you.

      “There is, evidently, much satisfaction to be gained by careful inspection of those writhing under our boot, to see if they are behaving properly; when they are not, as is often the case, indignation is unconstrained.” (Noam Chomsky)

    • AVRAM MEITNER- ABOUT: "He also works on technologies supporting freedom of speech in Hong Kong."

      Avram, when you are done trying to destabilize China, perhaps you can go to Europe and support free speech by helping to get rid of all those laws which criminalize criticizing Israel and Zionism as anti-Semitism.

  • The anti-semitism charge is the canard
    • GERMAN LEFTY- "The issue isn’t native country vs. foreign country. The issue is justice vs. injustice."

      Excellent point very well said. Likewise, the Americans who stood in solidarity with the people of Nicaragua, El Salvador, etc against US instigated terror are to be commended. Sometimes we forget that. The issue isn't nationalism or patriotism, rather, it is about elementary moral principles.

    • PHIL- JJ Goldberg quote: "As the Jewish community’s representative bodies enter the swamp of Washington partisan politics...."

      Jewish power brokers have been in that swamp for a long, long time. The real change is that they have become so relatively powerful and visible.

      PHIL- "The other thing Goldberg addresses is the rift in the Jewish community...."

      That is to say, previously there had been no rifts, no visible differences among the Jewish elites interfering with Jewish solidarity? What other ethnic group can make this claim? What other ethnic group can label a Gentile an anti-Semite for making this claim?

      PHIL- "...people have a right to discuss influences on foreign policy."

      Indeed, there are few issues as critical as understanding the power relationships in our political economy. Power relationships, I might add, that are generally hidden from view, camouflaged by social mythology. Perhaps this is an opportunity to shine some light.

  • Israeli soldiers can't win war for 'Israel's survival' without American friends fighting with computers and checkbooks
    • PHIL- "The Israel Project is a neoconservative organization that threw itself into the fight against the Iran Deal, and lost."

      Don't get carried away with the illusion of an Obama 'victory'. Our actual relations with Iran are significantly determined by Obama's anti-Iranian, pro-Israel, Zionist appointees who remain in office. That he hasn't fired them says volumes about his real intentions. The sanctions against Iran are likely to get worse before they get better. A quote followed by a link:

      "Iranians believe that some trade between Iran and the west will no doubt occur in the coming months. Economists tend to agree. But it won’t amount to much anytime soon if AIPAC and its partner, the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Financial Assets Control (OFAC) succeed in their continuing their anti-Iran campaign which has been revered up since this summer’s Congressional vote in favor JCPA.

      Also engaged in keeping the pressure on Iranians is Adam Szubin, AIPAC supporter and former director of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) which enforces sanctions. Mr. Szubin has recently been appointed the U.S. Treasury’s acting Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. He has made plain this past month that pressure on Iran will intensify and those who fantasize about doing business with the Islamic Republic, with or without sanctions, will face more hurdles. The latter includes for example, that any foreign banks who knowingly or unknowingly engage in and transaction with any firm doing any business with Khatam al-Anbia (the Iranian construction company owned by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, or IRGC), they will be barred from U.S. markets." (Franklin Lamb) link to

  • Anti-WASP tropes in the 'NYT'
    • PEACETHROUGHJUSTICE- "I’m guessing the Phil Weiss we know today would not exist if he had married in."

      Most likely he would still be writing under the pseudonym "Alexander Portnoy."

  • Amnesty: Killing of Hadeel al-Hashlamoun was 'extrajudicial execution'
    • CATALAN- "Fundamentally, should a human being have a link in order to live somewhere?

      Who cares? The important consideration is that your comments form a link to Mondoweiss. For better or worse, you are one of us. Same with any Native American who so desires.

      CATALAN- "Are we taking about something metaphysical, legal, biological?"

      Both physical and metaphysical. Physical when you make the comment and metaphysical when a previous comment appears from the depths of your commenter file to haunt you.

  • Mental health in Gaza: a subterranean malaise
    • CITIZEN- "Yeah, all those US soldiers afflicted with PTSD has nothing to do with US foreign Policy, with them as the implementers."

      It probably wouldn't be as bad if the US policy wasn't so corrupt. A big scandal now is the US tolerance of Afghan War Lords sodomizing young boys on US military bases and the GIs powerless to stop it because they are our allies. The story appeared in the Seattle Times having originated in the NYT. Supporting democracy? Supporting those who "share our values?" Are things going from bad to worse or what? As Lily Tomlin says "No matter how cynical you become, it is never enough to keep up."

  • 'NYT' piece on stonethrowing leaves out 'occupation'
    • ANNIE-
      Some additional thoughts. In labeling more and more actions as 'anti-Semitic,' the initial effect is to psychologically apply the old definition to new categories. So that while criticism of Israel or analyzing Jewish/Zionist power hardly demonstrates 'Jew hatred,' attaching the anti-Semitic label to these new categories nonetheless conjures up the emotional response consistent with the old definition of 'Jew hatred.' It is the same as with the term 'Holocaust denial,' which now supposedly includes denigrating the Holocaust by comparing it to other instances of mass-murder. It is because of insanity such as this that the Zionists (and other Jews?) refer to Norman Finkelstein as a "Holocaust denier" in spite of his family history. These labels have consequences.

    • ANNIE-
      Thanks for the link. I guess that I didn't fully appreciate the importance of this when I read Ben Norton's account. Greenwald mentioning the Richard Blum/Dianne Feinstein connection brought me to my senses. I have begun to re-evaluate my opinion on anti-Semitism. Heretofore, I have downplayed the issue in view of the relatively low incidence of US anti-Semitism. Lately, I am beginning to focus more on the ideology of anti-Semitism as the core of Zionist organization and power. As such, it is a very important topic, one which we ignore at our own peril.

    • TOKYOBK- "And that is exactly why I am flippant and not “scholarly” with you, my friend."

      Has it come to this? You now stoop so low as to blame me for the poor quality of your comments? Not "scholarly?" What, have you got only two speeds, scholarly or dreck? If that is the case, then by all means bring on the scholarly! At the least, knock off the strawmen and proof by labeling.

      Additionally, it wouldn't hurt for you to provide some basis for your opinion at least occasionally. So your comment that "(there is no potential ban in the US against critiquing Israel or your favourite topic “Jewish Power”- you’re good so carry on)" is typical of your lack of substance. Why do you say there is no potential to mislabel anti-Zionist and anti-Israel critiques as anti-Semitism? They have such laws in Europe and are trying to get them enacted here. I have quoted and linked Glen Greenwald who, in turn has linked the State Department Zionist inspired definition of anti-Semitism. Do you intelligently respond to any of this? No, you simply dismiss it while proceeding to dishonestly assert that "Jewish Power" is my favorite topic. More ad hominem.

      You then engage in one of your favorite tactics, you quote me from a different thread which has no relevance to the topic at hand. Strange that you didn't comment on that thread where it would have been more appropriate. So that when I respond, you will have successfully thread jacked this thread and/or my comment calling attention to Greenwald's article. As for the quotes, no I am not a Talmudic scholar, however, I know just enough to know just enough to make reasoned judgments concerning Israel's treatment of the Palestinians. I further note that other than your typical ad hominem insults, you have never made a convincing counter argument. Your one attempt to appear scholarly as you attempted to defame Israel Shahak fell flat when it was easily demonstrated that you either hadn't read or couldn't comprehend your own source who, in effect, validated Shahak's analysis, even as he engaged in pilpul of the worst sort.

      Getting back to you being "flippant not scholarly" with me. What is the implication of this? That you are some heavyweight intellectual who is holding back? That when you falsely claimed that I promulgated "Jew lists" like the einsatzgruppen and that I am a "Jew Hobbyist," that this was your way of not offending me? Well, partner, you can stop holding back. If I am as ignorant as you claim, and you are as smart as you imply, then refuting me should be child's play for you. So, stop holding back. Go for it. All I ask is that you stop the ad hominem, stick to the topic and present the facts supported by references and/or reasoned argument.

    • HEY EVERYBODY- I just read something over at Znet which I feel is of great importance to Mondoweiss and Mondo commenters. Apparently, there is a push in the US to ban certain types of speech critical of Israel, Jewish power, etc. as anti-Semitic, similar to the laws in some European countries. Specifically, Glen Greenwald is reporting on this effort at the University of California system being pushed by Dianne Feinstein's multi-millionaire husband Richard Blum. This whole business is no joke. Many of the comments on Mondoweiss would qualify as "anti-Semitic" under the proposed rules which, I should add, would likely make BDS against the law. There is also a link to the current US State Department definition of anti-Semitism which includes such things as comparing Israeli behavior to the Nazis and denying Israel's right to exist, among others. If enacted, students violating these prohibitions would face suspension or expulsion. First California, then the rest of us? Further proof of our decline into a totalitarian state. A quote followed by a link.

      "One of the most dangerous threats to campus free speech has been emerging at the highest levels of the University of California system, the sprawling collection of 10 campuses which includes UCLA and UC Berkeley. The University’s governing Board of Regents, with the support of University President Janet Napolitano and egged on by the State’s legislature, has been attempting to adopt new speech codes that – in the name of combating “anti-Semitism” – would formally ban various forms of Israel criticism and anti-Israel activism."

      "The effort to formally re-define “anti-Semitism” to include certain criticisms of and activism against the Israeli government has been coordinated and deliberate. That history is laid out with ample evidence here by the non-profit group Palestine Legal; here by Ali Abunimah’s book, The Battle for Justice in Palestine, the relevant portion of which was published by The Intercept; and here by the writer and activist Ben White. In essence, this re-definition was first promulgated by Israeli lobbyists and academics, imposed with varying degrees of success on the EU, and then successfully imported into the Clinton-led State Department." (Glen Greenwald) link to

  • Pope Francis, American churches, and Palestinian rights
    • SIBIRIAK- "So there never was a “wandering” Jewish people."

      I think it is a little more complicated than that. In "The Jewish Century," Yuri Slezkine describes the medieval Jews as service nomads, those who remained apart from the surrounding host community and performed certain specialized functions. And while the actual amount of "wandering" may be in dispute (there were expulsions, etc), nonetheless the Jews were seen by both the host community and themselves as aliens.

    • CHU- "‘A moral one that respected all.’ I think that most Christians today would say this is the case, and why I said the institution of religion has fouled it up."

      Ah, yet another Mondoweisser who believes that words speak louder than actions! If we ignore the B.S. and simply add up the body counts and blood, then the folks who identify as Christians have brought more death and destruction to this planet than any other religion, period. The Third World still suffers from Euro-American war-making, to which we can now add the misery of neoliberal globalization. All of this so rather obvious that to provide details is somewhat of an insult to the intelligence of those aware of historical reality. Not that the Christian religion was the driving force behind all of this, the lust for power transcends the specific religious ideology. Yet, to focus on lofty rhetoric while ignoring base actions is hypocrisy. And then to try to separate "Christianity" from the religious institutions of Christianity is illogical. The bottom line is that based upon the historical brutality and war mongering of "Christians," it is ludicrous to claim some lofty Christian morality compared to other religions.

    • CHU- "This led to Christianity becoming a great universal religion and a moral one that respected all...."

      Surely you jest. History tells quite a different story.

  • Settlers gawk as Palestinian woman lies dying at checkpoint (Update)
    • YONIFALIC- "It describes sperm donation from soldiers in elite IDF units."

      When a soldier is caught red-handed, so to speak, it is wise for him to claim that he is merely doing his patriotic duty. Bravely defending against the demographic threat as it were.

  • The Obama administration needs to own up to the quagmire in Syria
  • Fasting for Palestine
    • BRYAN- "I can understand why the leaders wish to maintain power over a captive audience – but not why the followers wish to remain captives, unless the threats of excommunication are too horrible to bear."

      Indeed, during the Middle Ages the threat of excommunication was too horrible to bear. Back then there were no "secular" Jews. Being an atheist was a one way ticket to being executed. You were either medieval Jew or medieval Christian or perhaps medieval Muslim, and there was not a lot of movement between the communities. Nowadays, my impression is that very few Jews keep kosher. There seem to be other incentives to remain part of the "kinship" community. Not unattractive reasons either.

    • JON S- "As to a refutation of Dr. Shahak’s claims ,published shortly after they appeared, see here: link to"

      You should be ashamed of referencing this disgusting libel of human rights activist Israel Shahak. When the author begins his screed by comparing Shahak's article to a blood libel, then proceeds to drag in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Der Stuermer, you know that the author has gone off the deep end. His target even includes the dreaded secularists at the London Jewish Chronicle who made similar accusations.

      The author then claims (in 1966) that when challenged, Shahak recanted his story, hence, the whole episode a fabrication similar to the Protocols. I am unaware of any recantation. Did Haaretz run a retraction? One would have expected some newsworthy fallout from such an event, particularly in view of Zionist hostility to Shahak. Apparently, no one informed Shahak that he recanted. I read about this in "Jewish History, Jewish Religion," by Israel Shahak first published in 1994. Sounds like yet another Zionist lie to me, one of many.

      In order to evaluate this situation, perhaps we should make reference to actual empirical data, the facts on the ground, to verify the sanctity of non-Jewish life to the Zionist founders of Israel. What would the few survivors of Deir Yassin have to say? Remember, Deir Yassin was selected specifically because the residents had cooperated with the Yishuv, hence, would be an example to all of the Arabs, even those who thought they were on friendly terms with the Zionists. And the rest of the Nakba, designed to rid Eretz Yisrael of the modern Amalek (as the Palestinians are frequently referred to by IDF Rabbis), necessary to permit a Jewish state.

      How about the residents of the Sabra and Shatila? In 1982, the Israeli invaders of Lebanon violated the terms of the withdrawl of the Palestinian fighters by immediately surrounding these defenseless camps and sending in their Phalange mercenary killers who murdered hundreds if not thousands of old men, women and children in order to terrorize the Palestinians. When the world reacted in horror, Menachem Begin had the audacity to say that “Goyim kill goyim, and they blame the Jews.” Sabra and Shatila another example of Jewish suffering?

      How about the current treatment of the Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories?
      What does this tell us about the sanctity of Gentile life in Israeli Jewish religious thinking and practice? About Israeli Jews who run through streets shouting death to the Arabs? About settlers who attack Arabs to drive them away? About the periodic military assaults on the Gaza prison which are equated to mowing the lawn? Does the Israeli Rabbinate oppose these actions or support them? What does this tell us about Israeli Zionist (religious and secular) views regarding Gentiles in the Jewish state of Israel? What then does this tell us about the integrity of the Zionist apologists who continue to attack the reputation of Israeli human rights activist Israel Shahak? Or about Mondoweiss Zionist commenters who rely upon lies and labels, insults and screeds without end?

    • JON S- "The Talmud is not a legal codex...."

      No one is claiming that the Talmud has legal authority in a civilian court of law. The entire discussion revolved around the religious authority of the Talmud regarding the behavior of Orthodox Israeli Jews. For example, are the kosher dietary restrictions contained in the Talmud or not? Do Orthodox Israeli Jews normally adhere to the dietary restrictions or not? All you have done so far is to ignore my previous comment while reiterating your original evasive generalization. In other words, you cannot refute Shahak, yet you wish to appear to do so. Enough of this.

    • JON S- "Tokyobk is correct regarding the Talmud. It contains every opinion, and its opposite, every argument and counter-argument."

      How does this relate to "how Talmudic authority is applied by Orthodox Jews in Israel?" Are you suggesting that Israeli Orthodox Jews do not consider the Talmud authoritative regarding proper Jewish behavior? That it is just a somewhat interesting conversation piece with little relevance to Israeli Orthodox Jewish practice? Are you an Israeli Orthodox Jew?

      JON S- "Incidentally, for those referring to Dr. Shahak in the present tense- he died in 2001."

      Who is referring to Shahak in the present tense? Should we be saying "he of blessed memory" after each quote?

    • TOKYOBK- "And you are quoting Shahak to prove Shahak."

      I am quoting Shahak side by side with your linked "refutation" to show that when you deconstruct the language, your linked expert is, in fact, confirming Shahak's account.

      TOKYOBK- "You don’t understand how the Talmud works, clearly."

      Perhaps you can provide some authoritative source for how Talmudic authority is applied by Orthodox Jews in Israel which differs from what Shahak says. Even your linked source agrees with Shahak that the violation of the Sabbath to save a Gentile (or non-Orthodox) life is contingent upon the impact on Orthodox Jews in failing to do so. That "only the life of an observant Jew is more important than Shabbat." Does this not represent Talmudic teaching? Remember, you said that this was Shahak's weakest point. And you were wrong. Shahak is not saying that most American or Israeli Jews would not save a Gentile life on the Jewish Sabbath, of course they would. In fact, most American Jews are probably unaware of this particular Orthodox interpretation which most would likely find offensive. He is relaying one incident which prompted his research into Talmudic laws and how they affected Jewish attitudes and actions toward Gentiles. Talmudic laws, I should add, which are much, much more influential in Israel than the US. He is talking about ISRAEL.

      TOKYOBK- "But, carry on in your expertise and with your one source."

      Shahak is very concise and reliable in regards to the history of Judaism. However, when it comes to Jewish history in general and the impact of medieval Judaism on the Israeli Orthodox and Zionist ideology, Shahak is completely consistent with Zeev Sternhell, Nur Masalha, Yuri Slezkine, Benjamin Ginsberg and others. The only authors you have ever referred to are (Louis?) Farrakhan and Daniel Goldhagen, hardly reliable sources.

    • TOKYOBK- "Shahak, a chemist not a rabbi, is not the last word on Judaism by any means though is very popular with people who otherwise know little to nothing about Judaism and would like him to be just that."

      Yet another dishonest libeling of Israel Shahak? One could just as easily describe Noam Chomsky (Shahak's friend) as 'a linguist, not a historian or political scientist,' which would be true, but would miss the essential point that Chomsky's livelihood did not depend upon conformity to prevailing social mythology. To a degree, the same is true of Shahak, a professor of organic chemistry, who was freer than most to criticize Israeli society, although American Zionists did try to get him fired, their totalitarian mindsets on full display.

      TOKYOBK- "Shahak may have lied about the particular incident...."

      No, it is you who is lying. Let us begin by noting that Shahak is writing about the influence of Judaism in Israel. As you should be aware, Israel does not have significant (any?) Reform Jews. Religious Israeli Jews are by and large Orthodox Jews who take Judaism and Jewishness seriously (sound familiar?). Thanks for providing the link which confirms your dishonesty.

      In this hit-piece written after Shahak's death in 2001, the author states: "Attempts to verify Shahak's story have failed....," which, considering the source, indicates that he was unable to refute the story written in 1965. One would be excused for thinking that a story published in Haaretz in 1965, if false, would have been refuted in 1965, much to the chagrin of Haaretz. Shahak is a scholar of high moral and intellectual integrity and I cannot imagine him engaging in an elaborate hoax. You should be ashamed of yourself for suggesting otherwise.

      TOKYOBK- "...and he definitely lied about the ruling of the Chief Rabbinate."

      Shahak sought the opinion of the Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem, what ruling of the Chief Rabbinate are you talking about? More bait and switch? As to your link, what does it actually say?

      This explanation requires immediate qualification when it is noted that, at least theoretically, Shabbat may not be violated for a Gentile[6]. While the ruling that allows violating Shabbat to save the life of a Gentile has been generally accepted[7], it is for an ancillary reason and does not contradict the theoretical premise that Shabbat should not be violated to save a Gentile. Therefore, the reasoning behind pikuah nefesh must be amended to state that a Jewish life is more important than Shabbat.

      Interpreting the author's dissembling logic, we find that the Talmud teaches that the Sabbath not be violated to save the life of a Gentile EXCEPT if so doing would put the life of a Jew in danger. Throughout the Diaspora this would always have been the case, however, in Israel it no longer is and pious Orthodox Jews behave accordingly. Hardly a refutation of Shahak.

      But wait, the author is about to engage in unbelievable sophistry.

      While again, for an ancillary reason, Shabbat is violated[9], the common explanation for pikuah nefesh must be modified to state that only the life of an observant Jew is more important than Shabbat. This alone disproves Shahak’s inference. The permission to violate Shabbat is not dependent on race or religion because non-observant Jews are included with Gentiles.

      The logic is simple. Since Orthodox Jews treat non-observant Jews the same as Gentiles, this disproves that Orthodox Jews treat Gentiles differently from "Jews," merely that they treat Orthodox Jews differently from Gentiles and non-Orthodox Jews. Incredible! To me, this is a confirmation of what Shahak said, not a refutation as Tokyobk dishonestly asserts. Since the incident in question did not put the life of an Orthodox Jew in jeopardy by refusing the use of the telephone, the Orthodox Jew in question was technically correct in refusing the request. How does this differ from Shahak's version?

      They answered that the Jew in question had behaved correctly, indeed piously, and backed their statement by referring me to a passage in an authoritative compendium of Talmudic laws written in this century....They added such sanctimonious twaddle to the effect that if the consequence of such an act puts Jews in danger, the violation of the Sabbath is permitted for their sake. (p1, "Jewish Hisory, Jewish Religion," Israel Shahak)

      TOKYOBK- "The Talmud, which does indeed distinguish Jew and non-Jew in many passages,, is a dialogue of opinions not an instruction book."

      It should therefore be clearly understood that the source of authority for all of the practices of the classical (and present-day Orthodox) Judaism, the determining base of its legal structure, is the Talmud, or, to be precise, the so-called Babylonian Talmud; while the rest of the talmudic literature (including the so-called Jerusalem of Palestinian Talmud) acts as a supplementary authority. (p39, "Jewish History, Jewish Religion," Israel Shahak)

      Please recall that the Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem justified their opinion through reference to " an authoritative compendium of Talmudic laws written in this century." Why would they do that if the Talmud was " a dialogue of opinions not an instruction book"? Remember, we are discussing Orthodox Israeli Jews, not American Reform Jews.

      So, once again, Tokyobk engages in dishonest apologetics, libeling Israel Shahak in the process.

  • Bernie Sanders is 'radical' on economic policy but a pussycat for Israel
    • PHIL- "Five days ago, he gave an interview to Little Village, an alternative publication in Iowa, and endorsed continuing U.S. military aid to Israel...."

      His militarism extends well beyond Israel and lately includes support for Saudi aggression against Yemen, even calling for Saudi Arabia to become more involved in "fighting terrorism," a preposterous position for anyone except a hard core neocon militarist. A quote follows where Sanders encourages Saudi Arabia to "get their hands dirty."

      "Even worse, after the Saudis started bombing Yemen with U.S. government backing earlier this year, killing thousands and leading to what the UN is now calling a “humanitarian catastrophe,” and suffering that is “almost incomprehensible,” Sanders continued. In another interview, again with Wolf Blitzer in May, Sanders did correctly note that as a result of the Iraq invasion, “we’ve destabilized the region, we’ve given rise to Al-Qaeda, ISIS.” But then he actually called for more intervention: “What we need now, and this is not easy stuff, I think the President is trying, you need to bring together an international coalition, Wolf, led by the Muslim countries themselves! Saudi Arabia is the third largest military budget in the world, they’re going to have to get their hands dirty in this fight. We should be supporting, but at the end of the day this is [a] fight over what Islam is about, the soul of Islam, we should support those countries taking on ISIS.” (Sam Husseini) link to

  • A communal confession on Yom Kippur
    • ELISABETH- "You seem to think you know more about Judaism than me. Possible, but why the need to brag?"

      My knowledge of Judaism is relatively slight, one of my primary sources is "Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years," by Israel Shahak. Your comment struck me as both wrong and a tad presumptuous. I am unfamiliar with Emmanuel Levinas or how he relates to the historical core of Jewish religious teaching. As I said, my knowledge of Judaism is slight, however, I have seen enough references to Classical Judaism in the books I have read to believe that Zionism is, in fact, a throwback to the ideology of Classical Judaism, and which, in fact, permeates the essence of Zionist influenced Jewishness. Based upon your comment, I assume that Emmanuel Levinas espouses a highly moral version of Judaism as does our own Marc Ellis. And while I applaud Marc Ellis' prophetic vision, I doubt that he represents the real world attitudes and actions of the majority of those who self-identify as Jews. Had I known that you would take my little reference to Maimonides so personal, now accusing me of being a braggart, I wouldn't have bothered to post it.

    • MOOSER- "Should be easy to link to, a lot of it is probably on the web, these days."

      Please notice the quotation marks around “core of Jewish religious teaching." I was quoting Elisabeth who claimed that the Zionist ideology "Disgraced the very core of Jewish religious teaching." I was merely inquiring as to what she considered the very core of Jewish teaching. My reference to Maimonides was to highlight a legendary source of historical Jewish religious teaching as a point of departure to clarify Elisabeth's understanding. Your interest in this discussion seems little more than a snark. Am I wrong? Are you really interest in discussing real Jewish history and the various phases of Judaism and how they relate to Zionism?

    • MOOSER- "Uh-oh! Bad stuff, huh? Ol’ Mose lacks the broad, flexible outlook? Not a spreader of sweetness and light to all and sundry? Oh well, lay it on us, Keith."

      You are quite correct, he was not what we nowadays would consider a spreader of sweetness and light to all and sundry. He was what Joel Kovel describes as a "sainted medieval philosoper." He wrote a codification of Talmudic law in the 12th century which remains influential. His writings reflected the times. As such, he is a part of real history as opposed to the sugar coated myth-history. A serious problem arises when fundamentalist Zionists reach into the past and use Maimonaides' medieval philosophy as a guide for present day actions. Nothing wrong with Maimonaides per se, but it is wrong to ignore what he actually said about Gentiles and Jewish behavior towards Gentiles, and the influence it had on the history of Jewish religious teaching. As I have said in the past, I agree with Israel Shahak and Joel Kovel that Zionism is in many ways a throwback to the philosophy and attitudes of medieval (classical) Judaism.

    • ELISABETH- "Why do you ask me Keith?"

      I was just curious as to your knowledge of the "core of Jewish religious teaching” which you feel has been disgraced.

    • ELISABETH- "Disgraced the very core of Jewish religious teaching"

      Are you familiar with the teachings of Moses Maimonides, Judaism's most revered rabbinical scholar?

    • SIBIRIAK- "Conceptualizing the I/P conflict as the latest instance of “the trans-historic malfeasance of a monolithic community“— isn’t that, in essence, anti-Semitism (anti-Jewishness)?"

      Yes, indeed. It is Tokyobk's never ending construction of an anti-Semitic strawman which he then projects onto his fellow Mondoweiss commenters, frequently me. And while the comment doesn't reflect me at all, I am sure that Ben believes it to be true. Interestingly, the “the trans-historic malfeasance of a monolithic community," seems to be a clumsy, unintended way of describing the belief in eternal and irrational anti-Semitism. The historical (trans-historical?) malfeasance of the Jew-hating non-Jews? In any event, Ben seems incapable of constructing believable strawmen, but not from lack of trying. Perhaps he will come to the realization that it is not possible to maintain an image of erudition while slinging mud?

      As for why I personally don't make more comments on Marc Ellis' posts, it is because I rarely disagree and have nothing of substance to add. I consider Marc Ellis to be a highly principled and moral person and have said so in the past. I commented this time regarding Jewish myth-history which is, by and large, a potent ideological misrepresentation of actual events. I have in the past tended to downplay current anti-Semitism as an insignificant phenomenon, however, I have come to realize that the Mondoweiss obsession with anti-Semitism has little to do with actual anti-Semitism and everything to do with the ideology of anti-Semitism which underpins the modern concept of Jewishness. I conclude with a quote:

      “Yeshayahu Leibowitz, an observant Jew, said years ago that the Jewish religion had practically died 200 years ago, and that the only thing that unites all Jews now is the Holocaust.” (Uri Avnery).

    • MARC ELLIS- "Rabbi Rosen knows that the Jewish situation in the world has changed from powerlessness to power."

      This is myth-history. Throughout the last millennium, Jews have been relatively privileged and powerful. They were always above the peasants/serfs, the lowest of the low who formed the bulk of the Gentile population. They were the towns people. And some of the Jewish elites achieved great power. "By mid-century (19th), the entire European state system was dependent upon the international financial network dominated by the Rothchilds." (p18, "The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State," Benjamin Ginsberg) So to talk about historical Jewish powerlessness is to reinforce Jewish myth-history which depicts never ending victimhood and irrational anti-Semitism. In fact, surveys indicate that for most Jews the most essential part of Jewishness is remembering the Holocaust (victimhood). So while your intentions seem honorable enough, your reinforcement of the meme of eternal victimhood contributes to a group psychology inimical to your stated goals. The Jewish elite have been empire Jews for at least a millennium and are unlikely to be swayed by appeals to a mythical past.

  • Losing My Religion: A high holy days reflection
    • PABELMONT- "I don’t know if there is any evidence that he ever thought (or stopped thinking) of himself as a Jew."

      According to Reza Aslan, author of "ZEALOT: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazereth," Jesus always considered himself a Jew as were his apostles. The first Christians were exclusively Jewish. It was Paul (who was not actually an apostle and never met the living Jesus) who began preaching to Gentiles, which was frowned upon by the apostles and Jesus' brother James. Paul (Saul), however, eventually proved most successful.

  • Coulter's point is that Republicans pander on Israel to win donors, not voters
    • JLEWIS DICKERSON- "And, as far as I am concerned, a person who says or writes things like “those Black bastards” is a racist! ! !

      Yes, but she didn't say "those Jew bastards," did she? And the relevance of the Herzl quote? Don't misunderstand, I am not defending Coulter, a right wing jerk, I am trying to get at the source of your umbrage over "fucking Jews" versus "fucking EU" versus "fucking whatever." All are uncouth, yet you seem to zero in on "fucking Jews," without any clear explanation of why the use of the word "fucking" in relation to Jews, and apparently Jews alone, vexes you so. I am still unclear of what your definition/perception of anti-Semitism is. And your comment about "those Black bastards" is nothing but a diversion from the topic under discussion. If you don't want to intelligently discuss this issue, fine. Just say so. But enough of the bullshit.

    • JLEWISDICKERSON- "P.S. THIS is more a matter of being a “disgusting potty mouth”.

      Help me out, JLD, I am trying to figure out when something demeans a group in a vile way and promotes hatred versus relatively innocuous potty mouth. Had she said fuck the Germans, would that still have been relatively harmless potty mouth? How about if she accused Gentiles of eternal and irrational anti-Semitism?

    • JLEWIS DICKERSON- "It is anti-Semitic because it demeans Jews as a group (in a very crude, vile way). It promotes hatred of Jews."

      Do you see it as more offensive than Victoria Nuland's comment to fuck the EU? Is Nuland promoting hatred of Europeans?

    • JLEWISDICKERSON- "As far as I’m concerned, it constitutes anti-Semitisn per se! ! !"

      Does this one quote indicate Jew hatred? If not, how is it anti-Semitic?

    • PABELMONT- "As to Bernie (the best among an unattractive list)...."

      I take it that your list does not include any Third Party candidates?

  • Which nation spends more on its military: Iran or Israel?
    • " Iran’s military spending is a fraction of Saudi Arabia’s, and is far below even the spending of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Altogether, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states—Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE—outspend Iran on arms by a factor of eight, an imbalance that goes back decades. The CSIS observes further that “the Arab Gulf states have acquired and are acquiring some of the most advanced and effective weapons in the world [while] Iran has essentially been forced to live in the past, often relying on systems originally delivered at the time of the Shah”, which are virtually obsolete. The imbalance is, of course, even greater with Israel, which, along with the most advanced U.S. weaponry and its role as a virtual offshore military base of the global superpower, has a huge stock of nuclear weapons." (Noam Chomsky) link to

  • Long Island synagogue marks High Holidays with thanks to Israeli soldiers in Gaza war
    • FROGGY- "What the hell is a ‘Jew hobbyist’?"

      A label created by Tokyobk. You may want to go to his commenter profile and enter "Jew hobbyist" in the search function to get the definition in the master's own words.

    • MOOSER- “It feels right to me.”

      Does his contention that he could find “hundreds if not thousands of anti-Semitic statements” on Mondoweiss also feel right to you?

    • MOOSER- "Startling? What numbers are you comparing them to from which they are a “startling” difference?"

      Based upon your and M J's numbers, Jews are the least organized ethnic group around. Curious, how all of those philo-Semitic members of congress couldn't stop giving Netanyahu all of those standing ovations. No organization there! No power there! Certainly nothing we could discuss without you taking umbrage! No tribal solidarity for the Moose! Why, even to suggest such a thing is Jew hobbyism ,most vile!

    • Curious, I couldn't delete this comment which was misplaced and which I duplicated in the correct location

    • Page: 31
    • MOOSER- "Well, when we consider (per MJ Roseberg) that only about 18% of American Jews are affiliated with any Jewish organizations...."

      Is this the same M J Rosenberg who commented on Mondoweiss that "I could, if I wanted to, find hundreds if not thousands of anti-Semitic statements here." Then, when challenged, failed to provide even one example? link to

      Are you telling me that 82% of American Jews never set foot inside a synogogue? Got a link for M J's source for these startling numbers?

  • 'New Yorker' says anti-Zionism is 'firmly rooted' in British left, and it's anti-Semitic
    • CATALAN- "Better looks and sharper mind."

      Better looks and sharper mind? Are we talking the second coming, or what?

    • PHIL- "As for the casual equation of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, it’s just thick."

      Not long ago I would have agreed, now I am not so sure. I am slowly working my way toward the conclusion that there are two types of anti-Semitism. The classical definition involves hatred and/or bias against individuals who are Jews simply because the are Jews. Objectively, the levels of classical anti-Semitism are low relatively speaking. I am now beginning to think that when Zionists talk about anti-Semitism, they are not talking about classical anti-Semitism, rather, they are referring to attitudes and actions which pose a threat to the Jews as a people, that is to the exclusivist Jewish tribe and all of the advantages which tribal solidarity and kinship provide.

      “Yeshayahu Leibowitz, an observant Jew, said years ago that the Jewish religion had practically died 200 years ago, and that the only thing that unites all Jews now is the Holocaust.” (Uri Avnery)

      I think that this is more or less true. Zionism, exploiting the Holocaust, has replaced Judaism as the unifier of the Jews as a tribe/people/kinship network. It is this ideology of victimhood which unites the various strands of Jews, anti-Semitism being most anything which threatens this unity and/or group goal seeking. From this perspective, anything which threatens Jewish group power and influence is considered an existential threat to Jews and Jewishness. As such, there is a hyper-sensitivity to any criticism and/or opposition to Jews, Jewishness or Zionism. The very notion of an anti-Semitic "trope" is little more than a dismissive label. Has anyone ever written about an anti-Gentile trope? Or taken massive numbers of polls to measure Jewish attitudes towards Gentiles? Ultimately, it comes down to the anti-Semitic threat posed by assimilation, something which terrifies most Zionists.

      "Therefore, the real test facing both Israeli and diaspora Jews is the test of their self-criticism which must include the critique of the Jewish past. The most important part of such a critique must be detailed and honest confrontation of the Jewish attitude to non-Jews." (Israel Shahak)

    • CATALAN- "That’s why I would like my son to be a doctor, so that all groups get to be fairly represented in the media."

      Like father like son, they say. When will we have the pleasure of Catalan, Jr as a Mondo commenter? Did he inherit his father's good looks and sharp mind?

  • 80% unemployment for young women, $1000 GDP per capita -- inside the UN's 'Gaza uninhabitable' report
    • BANDOLERO- "However, I think it’s not a clever move by the 1% to copy Israeli practice and follow Israeli advice on repression."

      Whether you or I agree with the effectiveness of the tactic is a moot point. The essential point is whether or not the global 1% is going in this direction. I tend to agree with Halper that our society is being militarized with the police becoming an occupation force. These policies have very real consequences for people like you and me whether or not we feel that the are effective for the 1%. I wouldn't put too much emphasis on blowback. Following World War II, the U S has continuously intervened in the Third World spilling rivers of blood with little blowback or negative consequences. We are, after all, the only remaining superpower. Neither did the Roman empire suffer from putting too many cities to the sword. And in view of the interaction between US police and Israel, it would appear we are moving in that direction. I don't like it any more than you do, but I think we need to be aware of this activity which seems to me to be consistent with neoliberal globalization. A couple of additional quotes.

      In the U.S. Space Command’s Vision for 2020, they anticipate that "globalization of the world economy" will lead to "a widening between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’" with "deepening economic stagnation, political instability, and cultural alienation" leading to violence and unrest among the "have-nots."

      “According to a November 2008 report of the U.S. Army War College, the Pentagon and the U.S. intelligence establishment are preparing for what they see as a historic crisis of the existing order that could require the use of armed force to quell social struggles at home.” (“The Global Economic Crisis,” Michel Chossudovsky and Andrew Gavin Marshall, Editors, p259)

    • BANDOLERO- "The key question is: How many friends has Israel made herself with her “security strategy” in Gaza?"

      Empires and regional hegemons aren't interested in making friends among the subject population. The 1% is interested in developing techniques for controlling the 99% which inevitably become alienated as a consequence of neoliberal globalization. The book is Halper's attempt to answer why Israel is more influential than one would expect based upon other considerations. Halper's conclusion is that Israel is at the cutting edge of the invasive, coercive technology and techniques of control which will be common in the neo-feudal dystopia into which we are heading. Will these techniques be successful? Apparently the global elites think so.

      Let me re-quote two sentences to make a point: "Transnational corporations need secure corridors for the flow of capital and labour, he argues, as the much of the rest of the world turns into wastelands or slums....The concern is how to maintain a social order conducive to capitalism as great swaths of the globe are impoverished and migrants try to escape their desperate plight." These two sentences describing impoverishment and slums with hordes of refugees fleeing their desperate lives are what we are seeing now, and what we will see more of in the future dystopia into which the elites are taking us. This is a glimpse into a very dark future where Gaza is globalized. Where the opposition is destroyed, nations laid to waste.

    • Over at CounterPunch, Jonathan Cook has done a review of the new book by Jeff Halper called "War Against the People." This new book seems to me to be extremely relevant to the topic at hand as well as to the situation in the Middle East and, surprisingly, to the significant role Israel may play in one aspect of neoliberal globalization. Below I provide some excerpts with a link to the article which I highly recommend.

      Halper’s main conclusion is disturbing. Israel, he says, is globalising Palestine.

      After decades of controlling Palestinians under occupation, he notes, Israel is unrivalled in all these spheres. It uses the occupied territories as a giant laboratory for developing and testing new ideas, technology, tactics and weaponry.

      It is no coincidence, he believes, that the US is talking up global terror threats at the same time as wealth and power have de-territorialised, creating an archipelago of elite interests that stretch from parts of the US and Europe to Singapore and the Virgin Islands.

      Transnational corporations need secure corridors for the flow of capital and labour, he argues, as the much of the rest of the world turns into wastelands or slums.

      The concern is how to maintain a social order conducive to capitalism as great swaths of the globe are impoverished and migrants try to escape their desperate plight.

      This is where Israel has stepped in. The place where Israel has developed its ideas and tested them is the occupied territories, says Halper.

      The control of Gaza, for example, offers a blueprint for other states concerned about domestic surveillance, border security, urban warfare, migration threats, and much more.

      The Palestinians, in this sense, are an important resource for Israel. Without the occupied territories, Israel would be New Zealand. It would be a tourist destination, not a regional hegemon. (Jonathan Cook) link to

  • I am Israeli
    • DANAA- "And you are right about the process of peeling off the brainwashing layers being a long and oftentimes a painful one."

      The same is true for all citizens of empire, propaganda and myth-history all pervasive.

      “We live entangled in webs of endless deceit, often self-deceit, but with a little honest effort, it is possible to extricate ourselves from them. If we do, we will see a world that is rather different from the one presented to us by a remarkably effective ideological system, a world that is much uglier, often horrifying.” (Noam Chomsky)

  • 'NYT' openly counts Jewish politicians, and Obama and Clinton both reach out to Netanyahu
    • ECHINOCOCCUS- "Also, Kris should pay attention to the fact that every vote for either the Democratic or the Republican party is automatically a vote to support the Zionist occupation and genocide."

      Alas, many people refuse to vote Third Party or independent claiming that it is a wasted vote. They prefer to vote for elite rule rather than protest against business as usual by voting Third Party or independent. That is one reason why things are as bad as they are.

      ECHINOCOCCUS- "Blackagendareport," "Counterpunch" and "Jill Stein?" Three of my favorites! Unfortunately, the Counterpunch film critic, lproyect, doesn't seem to fit in.

  • Could Syria's revolution have been different?
    • BANDOLERO- "There exists a logical explanation how it's possible that protestors are unarmed and police have orders not to shoot but at the end of the day people got killed, peaceful demonstrators as well as police. Some guys just fire from afar on peaceful people as well as police to stir up the pot."

      This is how the "color revolution" destabilizations have evolved. Peaceful demonstrations are organized with Western NGO assistance along with armed, hard core Salafist or neo-Nazi thugs nearby to instigate violence, frequently with false flag atrocities, such as the sniper killings at the Maidan protests acknowledged to have been done by the neo-Nazis. The Western media will, of course, misrepresent events and the defenders of empire will have their quotes. With a little effort, it is possible to see through the propaganda, however, most just go along, particularly when it reinforces an existing bias.

    • LPROYECT- "Comparing Lincoln to Assad? The United States was a parliamentary democracy in 1860."

      Which enabled us to bestow the blessings of liberty upon the Black slaves and the Native American population. Curiously, the natives were unable to deal with all of that freedom and opportunity and seem to have mostly disappeared. Perhaps they were too dumbstruck by that shining city on the hill? By the way, I was unaware that the Syrian economy under Assad was dependent upon slavery. Perhaps it and the rest of the global economy soon will be as neoliberalism makes debt slaves of the 99%. Except, of course, for stalwarts of the doctrinal system such as yourself.

    • LPROYECT- "The ideological muck that appears in the comments section here is frightening."

      So sayeth an imperial ideologue camouflaged in lefty drag. A stealth neocon, as it were. A shameless imperial interventionist to the core. The empire has to destroy these countries to save them! Again and again and again. Tough to make a living when Marxism came a cropper. Best to jump on board the neoliberal bandwagon hoping that your lefty credentials prove useful as an imperial propagandist. Truth is irrelevant when you are desperate to secure your new niche.

    • LPROYECT- "It is really quite breathtaking to observe Bimbolero’s evasions. I offer documentation that Obama had no interest in regime change and he simply ignores what I wrote."

      Yes, yes, Louis, words speak louder than actions! Forget the Wikileaks disclosures, the history of overt and covert support for the Mujahadeen (which begot al Qaeda), the acknowledged funding and training of "moderate" Syrian "freedom fighters," the observed and reported infiltration of Syria by radical Islamists from Turkey, if the New York Times claims that "Mr. Obama made it clear to his aides that he did not envision an (overt) American military intervention," then that's that. I mean, who can imagine the President telling self-serving fibs? Or the NYT printing anything other than the unvarnished truth? Are you really hanging your hat on the second hand public PR statements of this shameless warmonger?

    • K RENNER- "ISIS doesn’t work for America."

      The Islamic State is an imperial asset which engages in terrorist operations. The only good parts of your incoherent and dishonest rant are your quotes of me. You don't really think that I will waste a lot of time responding to your garbage, do you?

    • LPROYECT- "It astonishes me to see such wild claims about the USA paying ISIS. This sort of conspiracy-mongering has infected the left like a gonorrhea strain resistant to antibiotics."

      Is it possible that you are this poorly informed? You are the Counterpunch movie critic, do you ever read the articles other than your own? If you did, then you would know that this is common knowledge and common sense as well. Perhaps you are unaware that the CIA recruited Osama bin Laden and created, funded and trained the Afghanistan Mujahadeen? Or that al Qaeda is an offshoot of the Mujahadeen? Or that ISIS/ISIL/IS is a rebranding of the al Qaeda franchise which the empire utilized in the destabilization of Libya? Where do you think that this 'new' group is getting its equipment and funding? No doubt, much of it comes from Saudi Arabia at the empire's request, but the US is in charge.

      Rather than perusing the Counterpunch archives (you should, however), I will rely on a few quotes I came upon today alone. Just how out of touch with reality are you, anyway?

      " For instance, there is no mention of the US’ long-standing effort (in co-ordination with Saudi Arabia) to encourage Islamic fundamentalism and sectarianism in Syria in order to weaken the Syrian Government at any cost (as revealed by WikiLeaks) and no mention of the CIA’s enormous Syria operation that has cost at least $1bn and trained and armed nearly 10,000 fighters sent to fight in Syria since the war began." (Louis Allday) link to

      "That was the training and beginning of the ISIS brand. It started as ISIL and then turned to ISIS and now for short IS. This was completed by design, it was created and the people who are part of the so called ISIS they were carefully selected, brought into the U.S. NATO base in Turkey, they were trained they were funnelled, and this is what they were told to do. They created a new brand and a new brand with purpose of replacing the old brand: Al Qaeda.

      Think about it, how does that happen? How can in two years some ferocious terror group get to form and they have all these guns all these bombs, and they have range rovers and they have jeeps, and they have all this sophisticated training, military and paramilitary training. They have two billion dollars plus. They have IT networks and they are the worlds scariest terror organization. That is the hallmark of Operation Gladio B. That is what they have been doing since the 1950’s and now with people getting likely to buy they types of brands and subscribe to these types of brands to them, they are being marketed to the consumers in the west. They are gobbling it up with the mainstream media about this ISIS. They even have uniform like looks with the special bandanas. They look like ninja turtles." (Sibel Edmonds) link to

      I conclude with an interview with Julian Assange where he reveals that a Wikileaks leaked cable from 2006 indicates US plans to destabilize Syria. It surely strain credulity to suggest that the CIA wouldn't provide the necessary funding to support these activities. link to

    • LPROYECT- "To start with, there was never any intention by Barack Obama to launch a “humanitarian intervention” in Syria...."

      No, the initial intent was regime change, however, failing that, the goal is now (rather obviously) to destroy Syria like Libya was destroyed, and Iraq was destroyed, and the Ukraine was destroyed. Why commit US combat troops when our paid terrorists (ISIS, et al), supported by special operation forces and the US, NATO, Israeli air forces, etc, can get the job done? What is going on now is so widespread and obvious that it takes talent to miss it. This is the neocon long war come to fruition.

      “If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely and we don’t try to piece together clever diplomacy, but just wage a total war… our children will sing great songs about us years from now.” (Michael Ledeen)

  • Buy tickets now! Only $360 to hear Elliott Abrams and Dennis Ross!
    • "Outside the land of Israel, there can be no doubt that Jews, faithful to the covenant between God and Abraham, are to stand apart from the nation in which they live. It is the very nature of being Jewish to be apart–except in Israel–from the rest of the population." (Elliott Abrams)

  • A guide to the worst refugee crisis since WWII
    • DONALD- "In some respects the two wars are like mirror images of each other."

      No they weren't. In both cases the conflicts were precipitated by US aggression. In Vietnam, the US scuttled the negotiated peace between the Vietnamese and the French which would have resulted in elections which would have predictably resulted in Ho Chi Minh's victory. In Afghanistan, the US unleashed a destabilization campaign which destroyed the peace. I am unaware that there would have been a civil war without US intervention. If you know otherwise, please provide some evidence. It is difficult for me to imagine that the local warlords and the recruited Arab Mujahadeen mercenaries enjoyed much popular support. As for atrocities, civil wars are ugly affairs, particularly when a superpower is calling the shots. As for equivalency of violence, surely you aren't claiming that Soviet firepower even remotely approached the US Vietnam bombing campaign? And while I neither approve nor excuse the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, I also believe that claiming a false equivalency between the USSR actions in Afghanistan and US imperial actions everywhere else constitutes whataboutery of an extremely dubious nature. If the US hadn't engaged in destabilization in Afghanistan, then it is highly unlikely that you would have a Soviet intervention to compare (erroneously, in my view) to Vietnam. Putting things in context and in perspective is not making excuses. However, bringing up Soviet actions in order to mitigate imperial wrongdoing is a form of excuse making.

      “There is, evidently, much satisfaction to be gained by careful inspection of those writhing under our boot, to see if they are behaving properly; when they are not, as is often the case, indignation is unconstrained.” (Noam Chomsky)

    • DONALD- "It seems a little weird to condemn Israel’s bombing of civilians in Gaza and then excuse the vastly greater scale of bombing the Soviets did in Afghanistan because the Soviets and their leftist Afghan allies were socially progressive when they weren’t torturing people to death and bombing villages into rubble."

      Did you read Bandolero's response to K Renner? If you did, you will note that the US destabilization began before the Soviets invaded, and in fact may have precipitated the invasion to protect an ally from being overthrown by outside forces. Had the US not unleashed the Mujahadeen terrorists, it is unlikely that the USSR would have invaded Afghanistan, hence, there would be no bombing (torturing?). Surely, the US bears considerable responsibility for the death and suffering of the Soviet invasion. Add to that the death and suffering of the American invasion and the US clearly emerges as the greater villain. Besides, as Americans we should be more critical of our own government's actions than the actions of those we cannot influence.

      As for "the vastly greater scale of bombing the Soviets did in Afghanistan " versus the bombing in Gaza, do you have any reliable data concerning Soviet atrocities in Afghanistan versus US atrocities in Afghanistan? Bombing helpless civilians in the Gaza prison is rather different from combating heavily armed and supported terrorists. I believe that this was the largest and most expensive CIA operation ever undertaken back then. Also, I don't think it is "excusing" Soviet actions to point out that these actions were, in fact, reactions to US aggression.

      I conclude by pointing out that if you are looking for examples of large scale bombing and atrocities, you should check out US military operations in Korea and Vietnam. We dropped more bombs on Vietnam than we dropped on Germany, Italy and Japan during World War II.

    • TOIVOS- "Ben Norton and his troll here, Renner, of course, ignore this important fact."

      It would be interesting to compare the status of refugees and undocumented workers in Russia versus Europe and the US. In the US, for example, undocumented workers fleeing the horrendous conditions in their countries caused by neoliberal globalization and imperial terror are treated rather poorly, particularly in view of the fact that their countries were more-or-less destroyed by the empire. It is no longer a case of divide and conquer, nowadays it has become divide and destroy. Third World countries are being destroyed intentionally for strategic reasons. Iraq, Libya, Ukraine and Syria are recent examples.

    • TOIVOS- "I certainly doubt that he has any sympathy for the Palestinian people, though he shows up here as “sympathetic”.

      I agree completely. While he claims to support the Palestinians, he quite obviously vigorously supports neocon (Zionist) warmongering directed at the neocon 'hit list' of countries targeted for destruction. Destruction which weakens the Palestinian position and works to Israel's strategic advantage. As for Assad, just how bad is he relatively speaking? Should he be more like el Sisi? Erdogan? The Saudi royal family? Netanyahu? And who in their right mind goes along with US/Israel, Turkish, Saudi support for the Islamic State (well documented, I might add)? Either K Renner is the very embodiment of hypocrisy on steroids or he is a shill (paid or not). My guess is the latter.

    • K BRENNER- "I personally don’t want you fouling it up with your presence."

      Spoken like a diehard imperialist and militarist.

    • ECHINOCOCCUS- "Exactly the list of US rapes in the last years, except for Ukraine."

      The empire of chaos has set the world on fire with its "long war" to destroy any and all opposition to imperial hegemony. The refugees are a consequence of imperial warmongering, K Renner's apologetics an affront to common decency. Citizens of empire need to accept some responsibility for what is happening instead of trying to justify this disaster. There is no such thing as a humanitarian intervention, and R2P is a pretext for war, nothing more.

  • The U.S. has responsibility for Syrian refugees because we started destructive wars
    • K BRENNER- "No better then the worst, most twisted Palestinian-haters in the pro-Israel camp, as far as I’m concerned."

      Credit where credit is due, you combine ignorance and arrogance in extraordinary proportions, along with an uncivil tongue. Perhaps you feel that the imperial powers that be will reward you for your faithful service? Surely you can't believe what you say, which is wildly over the top. The empire is on a rampage and you are cheering wildly. Hardly someone I will respond to in the future.

    • K RENNER- "...but the USA didn’t start the Syrian Civil war."

      Of course the empire is behind the destabilization of Syria, as is Israel, Saudi Arabia, et al. Back in 2001, Syria was one of seven countries targeted for regime change by the neocons, according to General Wesley Clark. There is enough information on the internet from reliable sources that this shouldn't be a surprise.

  • Pro-Israel Jews have 'inexcusable prejudice' against Obama -- Sandy Berger
    • MOOSER- “Naturally, you didn’t mean “peculiar”, Keith. Of course, you meant “particular”.

      No, I meant peculiar as in unusual. The transition from a pre-modern society to a modern society presented a rather unique situation in regards to traditional Jewish specialization in a pre-modern host society. Assimilation was one solution, maintaining Jewish separatism through Zionism was another. Or some combination of the two. The essence of the situation (dare I use that word?) was whether Jews would assimilate as individuals who happened to be Jewish, or would some or most Jews maintain a strong group identity with shared Jewish group objectives (support for Israel, Zionism, etc.). This constant emphasis on anti-Semitism is a manifestation of strong Jewish/Zionist cohesive identity, not a rational response to actual anti-Semitism which is relatively insignificant.

      I'm on the road now. When I get back I think that the question of the ideology of anti-Semitism may be a topic worth pursuing in more detail.

    • MOOSER- "Somebody seems awful eager to introduce antisemitic tropes into the conversation."

      Don't be so quick to label something an anti-Semitic trope. For example, "The Jewish Question" could be a legitimate attempt to deal with the issue of the peculiar problems associated with the transition of society from a pre-modern order in which Jews as a group engaged in specialized functions into a modern society in which the peasants gave way to farmers, factory workers, technical people, administrators, etc. What happens to the Jews? Do they assimilate throughout society or attempt to maintain Jewish group cohesion and specialization? The early Zionists were very concerned about this and wrote about it extensively, frequently sounding like anti-Semites in the process. The problem arises when someone attempts to attribute certain essential characteristics to individual Jews rather than analyzing the situation from the perspective of group ideology and group strategy. Unfortunately, in my opinion, Tokyobk is uniquely unqualified to perform an honest analysis due to his strong ideological bias. How else to explain the nasty and dishonest things he has said about a sweet guy like me?

  • Videos: Brave Tamimi women of Nabi Saleh take down Israeli soldier assaulting injured child
  • God is on Israel's side, but not the United States, says Israel's new U.N. ambassador
    • MOOSER- "...Danon seems to promulgate a classic antisemitic understanding of Judaism."

      Perhaps he identifies with some of the early Zionists, many of whose statements mirrored what is now claimed to be anti-Semitic tropes. Yet, have you ever heard Hophmi quote Ze'ev Jabotinsky as an example of blatant anti-Semitism?

    • DANON- “Compare the period of Nazi Germany to what is happening now in Iran and you will find many similarities...."

      If you change "Iran" to "Israel" the statement would be far more accurate, particularly in view of the Talmud thumping fundamentalist making the speech. It being understood that we are talking about pre-war Germany.

    • PABELMONT- "If American Jews cannot understand modern Hebrew...."

      Israel Shahak pointed this out years ago. Many of the Hebrew press put out an English version in which the articles are sanitized to protect Israel's image. For quite some time Shahak provided English translations for selected foreigners including Noam Chomsky and Jeffrey Blankfort. As our own Danaa has pointed out, if you don't speak/read Hebrew, you cannot fully grasp what is actually going on, which, in fact, is rather different from the idealized vision of American Jews.

  • Jewish community is Humpty Dumpty-- it won't come back together again, and shouldn't
    • TOKYOBK- "I responded with an accurate description of what went on at Eliezer, not your fantasy of Jews huddled around groaning about victimisation."

      I was ridiculing Hophmi's ludicrous assertion that Jews disagreeing in public left them vulnerable to folks like me somehow exploiting divisions amongst Jews. It was heavy handed ridicule. You responded that I flatter myself thinking you wouldn't invite me to Eliezer, yet another preposterous and irrelevant statement on your part where you make things up. As for exactly what you do at Eliezer where you take Jewishness seriously (Phil's words), I am simply parodying Hophmi's and your narrow focus on anti-Semitism and "Jew Hobbyists." Your latest comment, like virtually all of your comments, ignores the thread itself and the actual comments of others so that you can endlessly regurgitate your unchanging version of events. I need to break this off so I can leave on vacation. Why don't you invite Hophmi to Eliezer to discuss multiculturalism and outreach? Enough of this!

    • TOKYOBK- "Keith — you flatter yourself to think you are someone I would not have invited you to discuss anything, including anti-Semitism, were you around town."

      What are you talking about? As usual, your comment has nothing to do with anything I have said. You have, once again, resorted to your usual tactic of creating a strawman, putting words in my mouth so that you can attack the words you put in my mouth. You never quote what I actually say, rather, you continue to regurgitate the same ungrounded assertions that you have falsely attributed to me in the past. You don't seem to care who I really am or what I believe, preferring instead to create your own version of me which comports with and justifies your sick ideology. And by the way, do you not comprehend what the "reply" icon is for? If you want to comment on something I actually said, you click the icon and have at it. But you don't want to do that, do you? Instead, you make stand alone comments where you can construct your strawmen far away from my actual comments in the hope that someone will assume (incorrectly) that you are not simply making things up, which, of course, you are. You are one sick puppy. Perhaps you would care to share with our fellow Mondoweisers why you refuse to reply directly to me concerning my comments, instead creating free standing strawmen?

    • HOPHMI- "The way antisemites like you react is the reason Jews get uneasy when there are public disagreement."

      Anti-Semite? Keep talking like that and maybe Ben Karp will invite you to Eliezer where you and he can hobnob in plush surroundings, eat good food and enjoy fine wine (ask Phil), all the while basking in the reflective glow of shared victimhood. Secure behind solid walls and closed doors you can freely discuss anything at all, no need to feel uneasy that Keith might hear and take advantage. As if your aggressive arrogance had anything to do with victimhood.

      HOPHMI- "Vultures like you exist to exploit those divisions."

      Vultures? I had no idea you trembled at the thought of my awesome power to exploit divisions within the Jewish "community." An existential threat? Wow!

      Speaking of anti-Semitism (and what else do you do?), I think it is time for a realistic definition of actual anti-Semitism. "Thus ADL head Nathan Perlmuttetr maintained that the "real anti-Semitism" in American consisted of policy initiatives "corrosive of Jewish interests...." (p37, "The Holocaust Industry," Norman Finkelstein)

      Well Hophmi, you have certainly convinced me that any breach in totalitarian conformity within the Jewish community represents an existential threat to the Jewish people (as opposed to people who are Jews) Perhaps that is why some of the early Zionists gravitated to Fascism?

    • “We are on the verge of fratricide in the Jewish community, and it has to stop,” said Mr. Rosenbaum, who spoke of Jews’ spurning organizational meetings, and even religious services, simply to avoid discussing Iran."

      Yes, yes, individual Jews publicly disagreeing with each other is destroying tribal solidarity, only totalitarian conformity is acceptable in this "community."

    • For a break from the ludicrous political theater on the Iran deal, I provide a quote and link to an article at Counterpunch by Ismael Hossein-zadeh which discusses this from a more realistic perspective. I might add that one of the original seven countries on the neocon hit list is Lebanon which is now on the brink of collapse and is barely held together by Hizbollah. War and destruction everywhere, yet Bernie wants Saudi Arabia to become more involved. No joke.

      "The second misconception that the war party’s vehement opposition to the nuclear deal has created is that their ultimate goal vis-à-vis Iran is significantly different from that of the Obama administration and other proponents of the deal. In reality, however, the difference between the opponents and proponents of the deal is largely tactical; strategically, both factions pursue the same objective: regime change in Iran.

      While the advocates of the deal have in recent years switched their tactics from direct military intervention and regime change from without to soft-power methods of regime change from within, the opponents of the deal continue to insist that overwhelming military force and escalating economic strangulation are the more effective means of regime change in Tehran, that is, regime change from outside." (Ismael Hossein-zadeh) link to

  • Why did a Jewish Day School student cry hysterically when she learned about the Deir Yassin massacre?
    • HOPHMI- "Keith: Goldberg is not a sociologist. He’s a journalist. And journalists are not great with statistics. This is one example."

      You are telling me that a Jewish journalist isn't competent to read an opinion poll? What are you, some sort of Jew Hobbyist? Care to provide your analysis of competing poll data?

    • FROGGY- "The last time I was in Florida my oldest friend told me that he was convinced that at some point in future there would be a holocaust in the US and he would have to flee for his life. I couldn't believe I was hearing this. It's pathetic."

      As Jewish power has increased, so too has Jewish fears of anti-Semitism. I suspect that the two logically go together. After the Six Day War in 1967, the Holocaust Industry was launched to promote fear of anti-Semitism as a means of increasing Jewish tribal solidarity as a group power-seeking strategy. This primarily affects organized Jews who organize around Israel and other Jewish issues. One consequence is that remembrance of the Holocaust is much greater today than in the fifties and early sixties. Look at all of the Holocaust movies, museums, etc. Writing in 1996, J.J. Goldberg describes one aspect of this.

      "It is a fact that American anti-Semitism currently is at a historic low by most essential yardsticks. Hostility towards Jews, as measured by opinion polls, has dropped to what some social scientists consider a virtual zero point....Government action against Jews, the staple of European anti-Semitism for centuries, is almost inconceivable in this country....By contrast, the percentage of Jews who tell pollsters that anti-Semitism is a "serious problem" in America nearly doubled during the course of the 1980s, from 45 percent in 1983 to almost 85 percent in 1990." (p6, "Jewish Power," J.J. Goldberg)

    • HOPHMI- "Because a lot of these kids have grandparents who are Holocaust survivors...."

      That pretty much explains everything. Inherited suffering. And not just these kids. Jewish geniuses at Mount Sinai hospital have proved that victimhood can be inherited. I guess the Germans are going to be paying reparations forever. Think I am joking? A quote and link follows. Perhaps this phenomenon applies to Jews only and not to us lesser breeds.

      "Genetic changes stemming from the trauma suffered by Holocaust survivors are capable of being passed on to their children, the clearest sign yet that one person’s life experience can affect subsequent generations.

      The conclusion from a research team at New York’s Mount Sinai hospital led by Rachel Yehuda stems from the genetic study of 32 Jewish men and women who had either been interned in a Nazi concentration camp, witnessed or experienced torture or who had had to hide during the second world war." (The Guardian) link to

    • LYSIAS- "However, when a society is built on too many lies...."

      Absolutely correct! In all ideologically justified organizations there is a trade off between internal cohesion based upon myths and the ability of the organization to more or less perceive reality and respond accordingly. When a group perceives itself to be under attack, internal solidarity takes precedence, the wagons are circled and rationality goes out the door. Too little solidarity and the group fades away, too much irrationality and the group can't deal with a dynamic environment.

    • PHIL- "Zionism has made us stupider because we have to argue that black is white."

      Ah, but Phil, the very essence of ideology is the logic of irrationality. Without some degree of irrationality, there would be no uniqueness to the ideology, hence, no 'us' versus 'them' solidarity. Remember that these are Jewish day schools, not religious schools per se. They are attempting to create a sense of Jewishness based upon the Holocaust and Jewish victimhood with Israel a sort of symbolic totem. As such, the unvarnished truth would be counterproductive. It would be like public schools talking about the transnational corporate/financial empire enmeshing the 99% in debt servitude. Or all of the people the empire has killed or caused to be killed or impoverished for profit. Ain't gonna happen. Irrational mythology is the glue which binds groups together. BS makes the world go 'round.

  • 'A better relationship with Iran' is the deal's secret promise, but supporters can't say so
    • MOOSER- "Without Zionism, and all that goes with, we Jews would be sunk!"

      The primary beneficiaries of Zionism are, of course, the Jewish elites. As with all groups, it is the elites who determine policy and reap most of the benefits. There has been enough trickle down, however, to keep the majority of non-elite Jews content, dimly aware of a privileged status yet convinced of eternal victimhood, a conviction which only grows stronger as Jewish power increases and the Holocaust recedes. Witness the phenomenon of the tribal anti-Zionists.

    • MOOSER- "And I bet there isn’t a Zionist alive who wouldn’t whole-heartedly agree with you!"

      Actually, Mr. Smartypants, most Zionists would likely accuse me of anti-Semitic tropes for even suggesting such a thing. Just ask Hophmi. It is all explained by meritocracy and has nothing to do with kinship, Phil's anti-Semitic construct. In Hophmi's world, Zionism is a response to anti-Semitism, nothing more. Or at least that is what he claims.

    • DAN CROWTHER- "I want to ask a question here: does anyone here, after watching the “Iran debate” and “The Lobby’s” antics ever question the shibboleth that all of European “antisemitism” was irrational and based solely on a racist hatred?"

      I have long denigrated the very notion of irrational and eternal anti-Semitism. Furthermore, the very statement itself represents irrational Jewish anti-Gentile bias. And while we endlessly discuss anti-Semitism (an insignificant problem), how often do we examine Jewish attitudes towards Gentiles? Is not Jewish "kinship" a form of de facto discrimination against Gentiles? How else to explain the wildly disproportionate level of Jewish wealth and power except as a consequence (at least partially) of a form of ethnic gild system which produces birthright Mandarins? The rise of Zionist inspired Jewish tribal solidarity and unprecedented American Jewish success go hand in hand.

  • A year after Shipman lost his Yale job for speaking out on Israel's actions, some Jews say the same thing
    • TOKYOBK- "Keith, of course agrees (and Henry Ford and Martin Luther…) ."

      With the benefit of hindsight, I now realize that when I compared you to Hophmi, I was being unfair to Hophmi. I don't recall him doing anything this underhanded. On another thread you compare me to Louis Farrakhan (who I haven't read), then you lied about "Jew lists," conflating me with the Einsatzgruppen (which I need to spell check), and now it's Henry Ford and Martin Luther! And in cowardly fashion you make this comment to a third party rather than responding to my actual comment on a totally different thread. You a scholar? What a joke, you are totally lacking in intellectual integrity and common decency, attacking folks surreptitiously using strawmen.

      Now, do I thread jack to defend myself? I will only go so far as to state that I was responding to one aspect of Dan's comment only. I quote the first two sentences: "I have long denigrated the very notion of irrational and eternal anti-Semitism. Furthermore, the very statement itself represents irrational Jewish anti-Gentile bias." You want to debate the point? Go to the appropriate threat and address your comment to me. And none of your conflation, labeling and strawman tactics.

      I'm not done with you yet. Since you purport to be addressing the question of "essentializing," let us see what you have to say and see how it applies to my quote.

      TOKYOBK- "As if there is some particular Jewish essence, unchanging and unchangeable throughout all space and time."

      Now, change "Jewish essence" to "Gentile essence" and you have accurately described the notion of Gentile "irrational and eternal anti-Semitism." Furthermore, Jews who actually believe this nonsense are guilty of irrational Jewish anti-Gentile bias. Mind you, I am not saying that Jews necessarily believe this because they are Jews, rather, this is an acquired ideology which has been strongly emphasized beginning after the Six Day War as a means of promoting Jewish group solidarity, an ideology which you obviously embrace.

  • Israeli nukes are finally newsworthy-- as US gov't both releases and gags info
  • Videos: 'Vanity Fair' story about anti-Semitic pogrom in Paris is falling apart
    • MOOSER- "Annie, everybody needs a hobby."

      Mooser, are you suggesting that Tokyobk is a Goy Hobbyist?

    • ROHA- "French Jews only have the same rights as other Frenchmen. They should have more, extra-special, rights just for them."

      They don't? I would suggest that the French anti-Semitic speech and Holocaust denial laws are one example of special rights for those with power. Notice two things, first that the initial law was passed in 1990 well after the Holocaust, however, at a point when Jewish Zionists were emphasizing Holocaust obsession, and second that the definition of Holocaust denial is sufficiently flexible to be stretched to include a lot of behavior not normally thought of as Holocaust denial. Trivializing the Holocaust (by comparing it to other examples of mass-murder?) can be construed to be denial. Zionists continually refer to Norman Finkelstein as a Holocaust denier. Currently, Alain Soral and Dieudonne are experiencing legal persecution under French anti-Semitism laws. Notice also that actual Holocaust denial is a marginal phenomenon, the laws merely a pretext to go after those who dissent.

      What cannot be emphasized enough is that these laws are not the consequence of efforts to combat real anti-Semitism, rather, they are the logical instruments of intimidation used by the powerful to silence the weak. I finish with a quote:

      "Thus ADL head Nathan Perlmutter maintained that the 'real anti-Semitism' in America consisted of policy initiatives 'corrosive of Jewish interests,' such as affirmative action, cuts in the defense budget, and neo-isolationism, as well as opposition to nuclear power and even Electoral College reform." (p37, "The Holocaust Industry," Norman Finkelstein)

  • End of lockstep US Jewish support for Israel is a triumph not a tragedy
    • PIOTR- "Soros is not an angel, but one has to see differences between billionaires."

      Not an angel? My, you have a penchant for understatement. As far as the difference between billionaires, surely the currency speculators are the worst of the worst. They are financial pirates who use concentrated financial power to smash countries and destroy economies causing misery to the populace in order to secure their coerced plunder. And in the former Soviet Union, Soros was involved in the shock therapy which resulted in the most extreme example of de-industrialization and impoverishment of any advanced country during peacetime. The reduction in Russian life expectancy (since reversed under Putin) was also unprecedented resulting in millions of excess deaths from previous norms.

      Like the Robber Barons of old, Soros has given some of his ill gotten gains to liberal causes resulting in the transformation of this financial pirate into a liberal philanthropist. Lord Soros now wears the mantle of a liberal do-gooder in spite of his atrocious record.

    • KAY24- "He has favored liberal causes...."

      Color revolutions are liberal causes? The coup in the Ukraine is a liberal cause?

    • ROBERTHENRYELLER- "Soros spends his money on promoting democracy."

      Yes, he is a charter member of the imperial democracy promotion project.

  • Over 1,000 Black activists, scholars and artists sign statement supporting freedom and equality for Palestinian people
    • DABAKR- "as I expected. ralph schoenman (not necessarily a Jewish name-btw) is about as respected a ‘scholar’ as Donald Trump."

      The issue is Begin's actions, not Schoenman's credentials, which you shamelessly and unfairly belittle. Has Schoenman accurately described Begin or not? I am a little surprised that you are coming to Begin's defense in view of the fact that future Israeli Prime Ministers Begin (Irgun) and Shamir (LEHI) were NOTORIOUS fascist sympathizers and vicious terrorists. How notorious? When Begin visited the US in 1948, prominent American Jews including Albert Einstein and Hannah Arendt sent a letter to the New York Times highlighting Begin's unsavory past. Below is a quote and a link to the article. I encourage folks to follow the link and otherwise investigate the sordid history of Menachem Begin and Yitzak Shamir and then decide who is telling the truth. DaBakr's version of events is shameless Zionist apologetics, nothing more.

      "Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our times is the emergence in the newly created state of Israel of the “Freedom Party” (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties. It was formed out of the membership and following of the former Irgun Zvai Leumi, a terrorist, right-wing, chauvinist organization in Palestine.

      The current visit of Menachem Begin, leader of this party, to the United States is obviously calculated to give the impression of American support for his party in the coming Israeli elections, and to cement political ties with conservative Zionist elements in the United States. Several Americans of national repute have lent their names to welcome his visit. It is inconceivable that those who oppose fascism throughout the world, if correctly informed as to Mr. Begin’s political record and perspectives, could add their names and support to the movement he represents." (Hannah Arendt, Albert Einstein, et al) link to

    • YONAH FREDMAN- "But Begin and the IZL? Please explain."

      Shamir was Stern's successor in LEHI, Begin remained in the Irgun. Both had a fascistic orientation. Shamir attempted to form an alliance with Nazi Germany, Begin merely emulated them.

      "Mussolini set up squadrons of the Revisionist Zionist youth movement, Betar, in black shirts in emulation of his own Fascist bands. When Menachem Begin became chief of Betar, he preferred the brown shirts of the Hitler gangs, a uniform Begin and Betar members wore to all meetings and rallies -- at which they greeted each other and opened and closed meetings with the fascist salute." (p48, The Hidden History of Zionism, Ralph Schoenman)

    • JHITCHCOCK- "It may be be a warped, abused, and usually these days unfounded fear that is manipulated and indoctrinated by Israeli politicians and the lobby, etc. to maintain support for Israel."

      It is also used by Jewish tribalists of all stripes as a means of maintaining tribal solidarity and, as with JVP, a means to establish themselves as the arbiter of acceptable discourse via their ability to affix or remove the kosher seal of approval.

      JHITCHCOCK- "And there is a very real and not that distant history to back up this fear."

      Curiously, the farther the events recede the stronger this manufactured memory becomes. According to Norman Finkelstein, between World War II and the late 1960s, the Holocaust tended to be downplayed in American Jewish life as was anti-Semitism. It was only after the six day war that American Jewish Zionists "discovered" the Holocaust and emphasized it and anti-Semitism as motivational factors as they pursued their power-seeking agenda. This has resulted in the curious phenomenon that as anti-Semitism receded and Jews became increasingly powerful, so too did their fears of anti-Semitism increase. In other words, far from a serious threat to Jews, anti-Semitism is primarily used as a tool of intimidation against those that the (mostly Zionist) Jewish elite wish to attack. Jewish tribal anti-Zionists also use the charge of anti-Semitism as a club to beat down rivals.

      JHITCHCOCK- "Without recognizing this fear and addressing it more effectively, the struggle for Palestinian rights will be much harder....And I certainly don’t think Weir addresses it very well at all."

      In other words, if non-Jews don't sufficiently pander to induced Jewish tribal fears, then Jews, such as JVP, will withdraw their kosher seal of approval and support because Jewish tribalism outweighs their concern for Palestinian human rights. I hear you! Of course, you phrase it differently but the meaning (dare I sat threat?) is clear. Credit where credit is do, Jennifer, you have got some Chutzpah!

    • TOKYOBK- "You’re ignorant. Or, perhaps you believe that any Jewish engagement is necessarily exclusive....The club I founded was never Jews only."

      PHIL- "A year ago I met a scholar named Ben Karp who asked if I would come for Sabbath dinner at a Jewish society at Yale called Eliezer. Karp co-founded Eliezer 15 years ago. It is a members-only society that takes Jewishness and Judaism seriously, he said."

      So, Ben, is Phil a liar? Or is there a significant difference between a members-only Jewish society which takes Judaism and Jewishness seriously and a Jews only society?

    • HOPHMI- "Malcolm X, who found common cause with the American Nazi Party."

      Menachem Begin, who found common cause with the German Nazi Party.

  • Pittsburgh Jews say Obama will allow 'Second Holocaust' while Israel's ambassador openly lobbies Capitol Hill
    • HOPHMI- "...our tiny community...."

      Well, I suppose that is one way to describe the new nobility. One can almost imagine Lords Adelson and Saban huddled in fear lest folks like Phil destroy their conformity of thought and unity of purpose. Our tribe right or wrong, diversity of opinion and action an existential threat, the weak dividing and conquering the powerful, fear of Phil the logical response. Priceless!

    • PHIL- (Quoting the Jewish Federation of Chicago) "Jewish unity is a preeminent Jewish value, and we value it dearly."

      Ah, kinship, solidarity, my tribe right or wrong! Jewish unity not Zionist unity. The reality that dares not speak its name! And if spoken by the Goyim becomes a trope, prima facie evidence of anti-Semitism!

  • Kerry's stirring speech in Cuba was jammed with Iran echoes
    • PHIL- "It was truly inspiring."

      You are inspired by imperial hypocrisy? The empire is the champion of human rights and democracy which Cuba still lacks? We look to the future but the illegal embargo remains in place? Jeez, gimme a break!

  • Meeting Jimmy Carter
  • Radical talent Jowan Safadi's new song - 'To be an Arab'
    • MOOSER- "Only one way to find out. I bet if I put on a dress and fixed my hair they would go for me!"

      Ah, the intrepid researcher prepares to gather empirical data! Good on you, Moose!

  • Roundtable on the Palestinian solidarity movement and Alison Weir
    • DANAA- "Keith, this thread is hard to resist, isn’t it?"

      Yes, and it upsets me that we have spent so much time discussing anti-Semitism when actual anti-Semitism is so insignificant. I felt compelled to respond to Tokyobk because of his ongoing willful ignorance concerning the history of Zionism and Israel. This guy is supposed to be a "scholar" (Phil's words) with a PhD in history, yet he appears to have made little or no effort to gather any facts. He simply makes things up to satisfy his conclusions, preferring strawmen and straw scenarios to factual reality. Perhaps too much truth will upset the social harmony he enjoys at his Jewish society.

      As for JVP (Jewish Voice of Power?), this little hit piece on Weir was additional proof (If any was needed) that their main concern is utilizing inferred anti-Semitism to insinuate themselves as the arbiters of acceptable discourse in the BDS movement, the plight of the Palestinians subsumed under the power seeking activities of Jewish tribalists. They are like a wrecking ball smashing cooperative efforts which don't adhere to their agenda. What have they accomplished other than creating chaos and disharmony? Like I said at the start, it is all about power.

    • TOKYOBK- "However, the Jew Hobbyist will find the Jewish power element in any story and did so long before Israel."

      I wasn't going to comment on this thread again, however, I find your historical ignorance appalling. You are a historian? You have a problem with empirical data? Jewish power in the US literally exploded after the six day war in 1967 due to a variety of factors. In fact, it was only after World War II that Zionism became a significant force in organized Jewish life. Not to say that Jews didn't have influence, but the type of Jewish power we are discussing on Mondoweiss is a relatively recent phenomenon. In other words, prior to the formation of Israel there were no American "Jew Hobbyists," your disparaging label for those concerned with power relations in our current political economy. Also, prior to the six day war, there was little emphasis on the Holocaust and anti-Semitism. The current emphasis which you seem obsessed with is a manufactured awareness emphasized by Jewish elites to promote the tribal solidarity which serves their interests so well.

      No doubt you can conjure up some pre-World War II European "Jew Hobbyists" to satisfy your longing for evidence of eternal and irrational anti-Semitism. And since there is so little actual anti-Semitism currently in the US you resort to overemphasizing the statements of those of marginal influence, such as Ken O'keefe, who I was previously unaware of. You need to be more concerned with the impact of neoliberal globalization than with inconsequential anti-Semitism. Unless, of course, you imagine yourself one of those who will be favored by the emerging political economy. Ideological victimhood confers privileges?

    • SIBIRIAK- "But as this MW thread and debates elsewhere have revealed, there is a profound ideological dispute being played out in this affair that far overshadows the particular details of the complaints."

      I see it primarily as an yet another attempt to assert the power of a core group of what I refer to as tribal anti-Zionists. It isn't just Alison Weir or even Gilad Atzmon that ran afoul of JVP's attempt at controlling the discussion, it also includes Norman Finkelstein and Greta Berlin. Basically, if JVP doesn't like what you are doing/saying, they tell you to change and if you don't you are excommunicated. It is all dressed up as opposition to racism and for the good of the cause, but the reality is that JVP is using the anti-Semitism club to exert control of the BDS doctrinal system. These tribal anti-Zionists utilize the same appeals to eternal Jewish suffering and victimhood and the sanctity of the Holocaust that Zionists do, their anti-Zionism merely Zionism's echo, all utilized to achieve Jewish solidarity and exclusivity without the onus of Israeli actions. Am I wrong? Too many good people have been banished for this to be other than a conscious elimination of those who get in the way. I conclude by simply saying that this ongoing, never ending search for anti-Semites and anti-Semitism is a totally misplaced emphasis which, nonetheless, serves the purpose of those who employ this tactic.

    • MOOSER- "Oh, Keith” Mooser simpered, batting his eyelashes...."

      I think that living around Bremerton and those Navy boys is having an effect on you. Give my regards to Captain Jack.

    • DANAA- "And the biggest obstacle to redemption of the jewish people - in the US, the world or in Israel - is the jewish people."

      May I be so bold as to suggest an alternative interpretation? The biggest obstacle to the breakdown of Jewish tribalism is the relative success of Jewish tribalism. Zionism, the Holocaust, Israel and the belief in eternal and irrational anti-Semitism are the core beliefs of the modern Jewish tribe which has re-energized the Jewish tribalism of Classical Judaism in a modern, secular form. This is a key contributing factor in Jewish success and power accumulation and will not be abandoned lightly if at all. The very concept of "the Jewish people" as distinct from the Judaic religion is a manifestation of this manufactured tribalism. Interestingly, if Herzl was the father of Zionism then Hitler was the midwife to the birth of Israel. Without the Nazis and the Holocaust, I doubt that there would be a Jewish state and Zionism, never popular before the Holocaust, would likely be but a fading ideology and secular Jews would be merely secular.

    • MOOSER- "...if JVP is trying to censor or control her they have a heck of a task in front of them!."

      Having tried and failed to censor and control her, they have excommunicated her as an object lesson to those who remain as to what happens when you are a little too independent. For example, what happened to Greta Berlin when she refused to condemn Gilad Atzmon? And you better believe that being labeled an anti-Semite by JVP, even if by inference, will have an effect both upon her fund raising abilities and upon the reception her message receives. By the way, you seem a little too defensive on this issue, treating all references to organized Jewish power seeking as a personal attack on you. To repeat, the censorship and control primarily involves those who remain within the movement as to what happens when someone crosses the lines these tribalists have set up. That is what excommunication is all about.

    • ECHINOCOCCOUS- "But so what?

      In regards to Alison Weir's nationalism, I agree. However, I don't see this as much ado about nothing, rather, I see it as a deliberate attempt by JVP to exercise de facto censorship and control. Please notice that in addition to Alison Weir, Jennifer Hitchcock mentions Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir and Greta Berlin. Why? As a pointed reminder of what happens to those who defy JVP and the other Jewish chauvinists in the solidarity movement. Make no mistake, those other three have been branded as anti-Semites by these Jewish chauvinists. Try linking to Gilad Atzmon and see if your comment passes moderation. Several days ago I made a comment quoting The Saker in regards to the power of the Zionists in France. I provided a link. Within his comment, The Saker provided a video of Alain Soral and Dieudonne discussing their legal persecution under French anti-Semitism laws. My comment was rejected, I assume because of the Dieudonne video. Dieudonne has been labeled an anti-Semite, hence, neither he nor any link to him is acceptable on a "respectable" anti-Zionist website. Try linking to him or Gilad Atzmon too frequently and you just might get banned for anti-Semitism. So this labeling of Alison Weir is quite a serious thing, part of the Jewish tribalists attempt to exercise control over a specific segment of the doctrinal system.

    • JENNIFER HITCHCOCK- "But anyone who had done significant activist work in the Palestinian solidarity movement would have to admit that the movement does occasionally draw a few unsavory characters here and there, including people who come out of the woodwork online, to defend figures like Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir, Greta Berlin, and now Alison Weir."

      My, what an interesting statement. She conflates mysterious "unsavory characters" from the woodwork with Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir, Greta Berlin and Alison Weir, then she claims anyone who has done "significant activist work" would admit that she is right! Well that settles that! Although she doesn't call any of the four "unsavory," her meaning is obvious and frankly underhanded. More innuendo. Disagree? Obviously you are not a significant activist or an activist or significant.

      One can only wonder if there are any significant activists from Jewish Voice for Peace who monitor the membership for instances of Jewish chauvinism and anti-Gentile bias. If Lila Garrett from the Jewish Voice for Peace (Congressman Ted Lieu thread) is typical of the membership, then the JVP seems primarily concerned with promoting the myth-history of eternal Jewish victimhood and self-righteous tribal solidarity. As such, those who don't adequately defer to their worldview come under attack, their integrity impugned, the kosher seal of approval withdrawn. As I have said in the past, it is all about power. Jews frame the debate, Jews define what is acceptable or not and Jews administer the discipline.

      Lest anyone misunderstand, what little I know of Alison Weir left a bad taste in my mouth. She is too much the America Firster, not exactly my cup of tea. Gilad Atzmon has some good things to say and some silly things to say. Regrettably, he is intentionally provocative, I assume a form of self-promotion. Israel Shamir has done some excellent analyses of the Ukraine and imperial geostrategy. I have no idea how he made their shit list. Greta Berlin was wronged, pure and simple.

  • 'Bernie, what about justice 4 Palestine?'
    • PHIL- "At the later rally pictured, Sanders said he will be a crusading advocate for racial justice."

      Like the President, Bernie is a firm believer that words speak louder than actions. Tell the voters what they want to hear, then give the fat-cats what they demand. If elected, he would likely become known as the Jewish Barack Obama. Both are militarists and imperialists to the very marrow of their bones.

  • President Obama wants us to argue about the special relationship
    • DAVID DOPPLER- "In one stroke, he’d shatter the Likud-AIPAC-Neocon hold on America...etc"

      Perchance, are you telling us about a wondrous apparition provided by a magician? (Let us see if Mooser gets the reference)

  • Israeli Banks flipping out over looming European boycott
    • PABELMONT- In such matters, what is said in public is aimed at the public, for an effect, and what matters often stays secret."

      That is exactly correct and why it is a good idea not to place too much emphasis on the public statements of the elites or their representatives including the media.

  • Congressman Ted Lieu, are you really in bed with AIPAC?
    • MOOSER- "So did the Palestinians finally leave those poor Israelis alone?"

      Indeed, the Palestinians must be typical Jew-hating Goyim who irrationally failed to welcome peace loving Jews into their midst. What is an Ashkenazi to do? Move back to the Bronx? Wouldn't those Arabs be sorry then, losing such peaceful and accommodating neighbors! It would serve them right! Oh, how I would love to see their faces when all of the Zionists gave their 30 days notice to vacate! Don't go! What will we do now? Please take some olive trees as a going away present! Promise to write?

  • It's not bigoted to call out the Israel lobby over Iran Deal
    • ZIUSUDRA- "This won over accord saved the ME & Levant."

      Surely you jest, Dr. Pangloss? Funny, I thought that the entire region was in flames.

    • ANNIE- "...what many Americans consider to be, potentially, the greatest diplomatic feat in US foreign policy since Nixon’s ’72 trip to China...."

      What an absurd comment. The choice is between a truly rotten deal for Iran and the Iranian people and something even worse. This is a conflict between two sets of warmongers. Israel wants war against Iran now, Obama wants to increase hostilities aimed at Russia, even as he attacks Syria by air. This isn't a question of war or peace, it is a question of who we attack first. The empire is on a rampage and you are touting Obama's diplomacy? Jeez.

  • Defying Obama on Iran deal, Schumer cites Hamas
    • SIBIRIAK- "Some interesting posts on the TPP over at Naked Capitalism:"

      Thanks for the links. Always nice to have that sort of info available for future reference.

    • ABIERNO- "As regards restriction or regulation of toxic or predatory financial products, this is not prohibited anywhere I can locate."

      Holy she-it!!! You have access to the highly restricted TPP document? Most of the critics make reference to leaks of this document which even Congress has limited access to. So, are you a corporate flack? Besides, the actual meaning of the text will ultimately be decided by a small group of corporate lawyers so we should assume the worst, your assurances worthless.

      ABIERNO- "Neither you nor Ellen nor Senator Schumer, who summed up TTP as serving deep pocketed investors, have proposed alternatives."

      How about no TPP, TTIP, NAFTA, et al. All of these "trade" agreements are designed to lock in corporate rule and global financial control. This global matrix of interdependencies linked through the financial system will become the ultimate totalitarian dystopia. Plus, it is unsustainable. A sustainable society absolutely requires a maximum of local autonomy in order to transition from a hydrocarbon based society to a solar-hydrogen based society. The global corporate empire is headed in the wrong direction at warp speed. Neoliberal globalization is a consummate disaster that is getting worse at an accelerating rate. A couple of more quotes and links for those interested.

      "Corporations are elevated to the same status as national governments under “free trade” agreements, but if the Trans-Pacific Partnership is approved, corporations will be elevated above governments. New language inserted into the text of the TPP declares that, in certain circumstances, arbitrators hearing a suit by a corporation must assume the corporation’s claim is true." (Pete Dolack) link to

      "From what is known from the periodic leaks from the discussions, it appears proposals for TPP are heavy on permitting capital to freely and easily enter a country, for profits to be just as easily repatriated, for wholesale privatization of public enterprises, and for proposals to allow corporations to sue governments in global secret courts if national laws are passed that challenge any provision of the TPP — to name but the most corporate-friendly measures being proposed." (Jack Rasmus) link to

    • SIBIRIAK- "The point is, you are a despicable traitor to “your” President if you oppose Obama on the Iran deal, but you are a loyal dissenter if you oppose Obama on TPP/TTIP."

      Yes, I got your point and agree, however, I didn't want to join the discussion on what constitutes treason. As I am sure you are aware, the notion of disloyalty to a specific leader has rather interesting precedents. Prior to democracy, disloyalty to the monarch was considered treasonous. Nazi Germany revived the concept. Talk of "traitors to their Democratic President" has a certain Hitlerian flavor to it although I suspect that Unverified is primarily venting.

      With Abierno's subsequent comments, however, the situation becomes more interesting. Please note the fact that he is untroubled by the fact that the TPP would usurp the power of Congress to legislate important economic matters leaving resolution of disputes to the authority of a panel of appointed corporate lawyers (royal appointees?). And once we get rid of any semblance of democracy (Greece, for example), then perhaps loyalty will be directed to corporate CEO and empire? Those guilty of corporate treason will be fired and frozen out of the market economy and left to rot.

      Getting back to Abierno, notice that the settlement dispute procedures don't bother him because they appear in other odious trade deals and so far he approves of the decisions, "The U.S. has never lost an ISDS dispute." The U.S.? Let us be honest, the US battered some foreign country to the benefit of some US based corporation. Terrific. This is supposed to make me happy? NAFTA has been a disaster for the 99%, causing American job loss and decimating Mexican agriculture. Most of the legal and illegal aliens flooding the US are, in reality, refugees from Latin American countries we have more or less destroyed with neoliberal globalization. But that apparently is just fine with Abierno who seems to be more loyal to the American corporate/financial empire than to the republic. Yet, hardly treasonous.

      To summarize, the concept of treason and traitors are much abused in the public discourse and seem primarily a form of name calling unless done by the government as a form of social control.

    • ABIERNO- "The TPP and the TTIP are entirely different entities."

      They sure are, pal. These treaties have little to do with actual trade and everything to do with corporate rights and financial control. Your talking points about BRICS and SCO are propaganda. Curious that you would call folks traitors while defending "trade" agreements that destroy what little remains of the American republic. Assuming you actually believe what you said about the TPP, suggest you head over to CounterPunch website and search for Trans Pacific Partnership and educate yourself. A quote and a link (to CounterPunch)

      "The TPP would forbid countries from banning particularly risky financial products, such as the toxic derivatives that led to the $183 billion government bailout of AIG. It would prohibit policies to prevent banks from becoming “too big to fail,” and threaten the use of “firewalls” to prevent banks that keep our savings accounts from taking hedge-fund-style bets.

      The TPP would also restrict capital controls, an essential policy tool to counter destabilizing flows of speculative money. . . . And the deal would prohibit taxes on Wall Street speculation, such as the proposed Robin Hood Tax that would generate billions of dollars’ worth of revenue for social, health, or environmental causes." (Ellen Brown) link to

  • Following fatal settler attack, Israeli army raids Dawabshe family homes in the West Bank village of Duma
    • MOOSER- "...nobody owes us anything for being Jewish."

      That is because all of the proceeds have been dedicated to the Hophmi outreach fund to finance his efforts to teach tolerance to all of the Jew hating, Holocaust denying, mass murdering Gentiles, all 99% of them!

  • The day after 9/11, Kagan father-son duo said 'take the war' to Palestine
    • WHIZDOM- "Why hasn’t Ms. Nuland been fired from State?"

      Because she enjoys the full support of the President as she designs and implements imperial policy?

    • CIGARGOD- "So, at age 25, Frederick…with no military service I can find…is teaching military history at west point."

      How better to indoctrinate future military officers with neocon militarism? The whole neocon Kagan family is deeply imbedded in the corridors of military influence and power. Gen. David Petraeus seems to have been quite taken with them. Below is a quote and link to Robert Parry. Check out the picture of Petraeus and Kimberly Kagan. Now you don't suppose that Kimberly had undue influence with David, do you? Mossad involvement?

      "How tight Petraeus’s relationship was with two neocons in particular, Frederick and Kimberly Kagan, was explored in a Washington Post article by war correspondent Rajiv Chandrasekaran who described how Petraeus installed the husband-and-wife team in U.S. offices in Kabul, granted them top-secret clearances and let them berate military officers about war strategy." (Robert Parry) link to

      For additional reportage on the rest of the Kagans (Robert Kagan and Victoria Nuland):
      link to

  • 'I love Obama' 'You're infatuated' (The argument on the left)
    • DANAA- "Keith, it’s not like you to address points tangentially!"

      I had already made a couple of more lengthy comments and was pressed for time, hence, I needed to be brief. As a consequence, I sharpened up the comment which resulted in the tone being harsher than I would have liked and I apologize for that.

      DANAA- "Rather than get into pointless debates about what Obama “really” wants or wanted, the problem we have is with the presidency itself, and indeed with the entire election system."

      Unfortunately, many of the things you said such as "...much of the time Obama has little, if any choice." came across to me as making excuses for Obama. Then when you say "What little room he had to maneover he did on occasion use to try and do something good." sounds to me like you are, in fact, saying that Obama is trying to do good for the 99%, but is constrained by the power of the 1%. That may not be what you thought you were saying or what you now say you didn't say, but it sure sounded to me that it was what you were saying. Bear in mind that your comment pertains to Phil's never ending apologia for Obama. So, perhaps if we develop this a little more, our differences and agreements will become clearer.

      Let us begin by agreeing that imputing benevolent motivation to the President is totally without justification. Actions speak louder than words and I put my emphasis there. However, I think it fairly safe to assume that a major party candidate for President has been thoroughly vetted by the fat-cats and any candidate who shows the slightest tendency to support the 99% will be eliminated. In other words, Obama isn't being constrained by the 1%, rather he is the aggressive champion of the 1%. There is a difference. Absolute proof of Obama's loyalties came during the financial crisis. Instead of using the crisis to make needed changes to the system, he supported the bankers without even being pressured, even though the opportunity was there. Obama is an imperial president, period. The notion that he wants to do good but is constrained from doing so is nonsense. This is the type of liberal apologia which not only enables Obama to do terrible things, but which encourages the 1% to push for more rapid neoliberalism.

      Please don't misunderstand. I fully agree with you that currently the President is largely a figurehead in our corporate/oligarchic system. A major party candidate will always be. That is why I support Third Party candidates, even when they have no hope of winning. It is my little form of rebellion. The fact that Third Party candidates do so poorly says volumes about the American citizenry. As long as the fat-cats and politicians can take voter support for granted, they will continue to heap abuse upon abuse. What is to stop them? And as long as so-called lefties make excuses for Obama and provide support, things will only get worse at an accelerating rate. And attempting to spin Obama the warmonger as some sort of peace maker is mind boggling. As Glen Ford over at the Black Agenda Report says, Obama isn't the lesser evil, he is the more effective evil. He has been able to do terrible things that George Bush could only dream about.

      DANAA- "So, what is it we were disagreeing about, again?"

      Primarily some of the things you said in your first comment. I think that the President has more room to maneuver than you believe. Not to work miracles, mind you, but to get the ball rolling. Now we both agree that Obama wouldn't have been elected if he wasn't the kind of guy he is. That still doesn't mean that we should excuse him for being the kind of guy he is.

    • DANAA- "...the list goes on…better stop now) is, IMO, more a function of the truly minute space a president (any president) has to work in than any reflection on what Obama’s true inclinations are."

      Well, thank God I have you and Phil to tell me what "Obama's true inclinations are." Lacking your psychic ability, I have had to rely upon the actual actions of this administration. Based upon mere facts, I have concluded that Obama is an aggressive champion of the 1%, neoliberalism and warfare. He is an imperialist to the very marrow of his bones. It seems strange that there is such a dramatic disjuncture between Obama's inclinations and actions. But then, I am not known for my sensitivity. Nor my excuse making.

    • MARC-B-

      Welcome back, stranger! Seems some of the saner commenters are commenting less frequently leaving me the de facto odd man out.

      Speaking of delusions, I have toyed with the thought that Phil is actually playing devil's advocate in an attempt to elicit comments which it would be impolitic for him to say. One simply doesn't bite the hand that funds you. Since I am unaware of any actual evidence to back up this pleasant thought, it is but low probability wishful thinking. It still seems inconceivable to me that anyone could actually believe that Obama is moving to the left.

      Reading some of the other comments, there are still way too many folks looking for excuses to justify this unjustifiable administration. I find it interesting that there are some folks who would scoff at the notion that Eichmann was just following orders are now making essentially the same claim for Obama. Jeez, his hands are tied, no room to maneuver, he is just following orders! Oh sure, hold Bush and Cheney accountable for war crimes, but Obama is just following orders! Incredible! This failure to hold people accountable is one reason we are where we are. Masochists for Obama! Masochists for Hillary! Masochists for Bernie! This is why I have so little hope for the future. Thank God I'm retired and won't have to put up with all of the bullshit that the young folks will have to endure. I'm serious.

    • Lordy, lordy, anyone who suggests that Obama is moving the country to the left should get some therapy. By his appointments and actions, Obama has demonstrated that he is a neocon's neocon and a warmonger's warmonger. The neocon Nuland's Ukrainian coup and war risks nuclear war with Russia to advance the neocon goal of imperial hegemony. The temporary lull in anti-Iranian hostilities allows Obama to declare a no-fly zone over parts of Syria as the empire pursues the complete destruction of that poor country. And Obama's neoliberal credentials are impeccable, the TPP but the latest example of Obama leading the class war against the 99%. This administration is easily the worst in history, continuing a trend begun following World War II. But give Obama credit in one area, he is a consummate con man.

      On the positive side, at least your friend Michael Smith appears knowledgeable.

  • Leading US Jewish group opposes Iran deal, citing 'baseless hatred' of Jerusalem temple destruction 2000 years ago
    • ROHA- "...who have little or no understanding of logic or science."

      Is it your contention that the thousands of scientists who contributed to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are "Global Warming fanatics....who have little or no understanding of logic or science?" Interesting. Perhaps you should submit your CV detailing your superb understanding of logic and science. Be sure to include all of the peer reviewed articles you have published in the technical literature. Do you have the links for the rest of us ignoramuses so that we may be enlightened? If it isn't too much trouble. Until then, I am afraid that I will have to stick with common sense and the conclusion of the overwhelming majority of climate scientists. This is my one comment on this topic, I have already made my views known with MRW on another thread.

  • Understanding the Partition plan
    • DENIS- "But I thought the Nazis were supported by the Arabs...."

      It is a Zionist propaganda meme that the Arabs were Nazi sympathizers due to the association of the Mufti of Jerusalem with the Axis. The Mufti was of marginal influence. What is downplayed is the attempts by the Zionist revisionists to form alliances with both fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. Iconic uber Zionist Vladimir Jabotinsky was involved as well as future Israeli Prime Ministers Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir. Prior to World War II, Adolph Eichmann met with Haganah representative Feivel Polkes to discuss areas of mutual interest. Eichmann was impressed with Polkes and wrote that if he had been born a Jew he would have become a Zionist. These efforts never went anywhere but said a lot about those involved. And while Zionists like to overemphasize the Mufti, Zionist dealings with the Nazis are never mentioned.

  • Did the BBC cover up the anti-Semitism of Gaza's children?
    • TREE- “This attitude is why those who are Jewish bigots carp so much about anti-semitism.”

      Absolutely! Additionally, this attitude forms the basis of much of Jewish Zionist tribal solidarity. Us versus them. Furthermore, it is a potent weapon of intimidation to get Gentiles to defer to Jews. And while some Mondo commenters think that charges of anti-Semitism are losing their sting, those who depend upon Jewish campaign contributions take them very seriously. And Europe may be even worse with their Holocaust education requirements and laws against anti-Semitism.

      Additionally, Mondoweiss itself seems overly sensitive to comments which can conceivably be labeled as anti-Semitic. A comment I made to you on this thread yesterday quoted The Saker and linked to the article which included a video with Alain Soral and Dieudonne. The comment didn't pass moderation. The video involved the influence of the CRIF (French Zionists) on freedom of speech in France and the persecution of anyone the Zionists label as anti-Semitic. Apparently, being labeled anti-Semitic by French Zionists has considerable influence in the US and on Mondoweiss. Since I have not included the quotes nor the link, hopefully this comment will go through.

    • ROBERT COHEN- "To Jewish ears, mine included, the pejorative use of the word “Jews” conjures up enough historical baggage to fill the reclaim hall at Ben Gurion airport....Immediately I’m thinking: ‘Christ killers’, ‘blood libels’, ‘pogroms’ and the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’....Very soon I’m thinking: ‘Nazis’ and ‘gas chambers’."

      Oh really? And why are you so traumatized by the word "Jews?" How many pogroms, concentration camps, and gas chambers have you actually experienced? How long will Jews claim some sort of special victimhood? What purpose does your self-induced victimhood serve?

      ROBERT COHEN- "If this is the truth and the children of Gaza are cold hearted, old school, antisemites then they do not deserve the world’s sympathy."

      WOW!!! Hard to know how to respond to this. In the second half of the article you redeem yourself somewhat, but that still leaves the question of how you can still see yourself as a victim? The story in the Jewish Chronicale doesn't say this or even infer this. It is a very brief recap of the Jews versus Israelis issue, the word "anti-Semitism" doesn't appear. Even to bring up the issue of anti-Semitism in regards to these children strikes me as perverse. I leave the final words to Noam Chomsky.

      “There is, evidently, much satisfaction to be gained by careful inspection of those writhing under our boot, to see if they are behaving properly; when they are not, as is often the case, indignation is unconstrained.” (Noam Chomsky)

  • What about Palestinian academic freedom?
    • HOPHMI- "It is utterly, and completely, disingenuous and shameful for academics in North America to launch such campaigns, when they themselves teach at institutions that have failed to take positions against the involvement of the United States and Canada in wars abroad, and in the case of the United States, against violations of the rights of minority groups, immigrants, and international laws of wars."

      The same could be said of the boycott of Apartheid South Africa. Did/Do you disapprove of that as well?

      As for the lack of criticism and opposition to empire within academia, of course I agree that it is shameful. But that doesn't take away from this current principled attempt to correct an obvious wrong. It should be noted that all Canadians and Americans share in the responsibility to oppose their government's support of Israel and Israeli policies. Please feel free to aggressively oppose the empire. Most Zionists are staunch supporters of empire and US militarism, hence, empire Jews.

  • Morgan Freeman, Valerie Plame and Queen Noor say Iran deal will prevent nuclear war that will melt Jack Black's frisbee
    • TCHOUPITOULAS- "No one is better at understanding who their target audience is and knowing how to communicate with them than Hollywood industry pros."

      Yes, but what is the message that is being communicated? That Iran is seeking a nuclear arsenal which, without this treaty, could result in nuclear war? This is a backhanded demonization of Iran's capabilities and intentions which, in many ways, legitimizes Israel's propaganda. Additionally, it hides the very real threat to peace of US/Israel's very real nuclear arsenal as well as preparing the public for future propaganda concerning dire consequences should the US declare Iran in non-compliance at a future date for strategic reasons.

    • Exactly how little relation this has to Iran's nuclear program may become evident soon. Turkey is attacking the Kurds and the US is going to use airpower to help ISIS even as it claims to be attacking ISIS. How will Iran react what with the threat of the sanctions snapping back? The Iranian elites opted for neoliberal globalization instead of economic independence. This inevitably entails increased financial/economic control, although the Iranian 1% should do nicely. Compradors usually do. The empire is on a rampage and so far seems to be overwhelming all opposition. And don't hold your breath waiting for BRICS to save the day.

    • What a stupid,STUPID video!!! I can't believe that this is seen as good. For starters, it reinforces the propaganda meme that the problem is Iran's nuclear program rather than a soft-power assault on a regime not yet an imperial vassal. Why not a nuclear weapons free Middle East? Why not the elimination of nuclear weapons in accordance with the nuclear non-proliferation treaty? In the long run, trying to put your own spin on bullshit is a guaranteed looser. And why am I always the odd man out?

  • 'This is our Israel, this is for the Jews. No Palestinian should come to Israel': A Palestinian-American's story of being detained at Ben Gurion airport
    • GERMAN LEFTY- "More than three-quarters [of respondents] defined opposition to Israel’s existence as anti-Semitism.”

      Apparently the definition of the new anti-Semitism is anybody (but primarily a Gentile) doing anything which gets a Jew miffed.

  • In wake of January attacks, French Muslims have been demonized in manufactured 'clash of civilizations'
    • DOUBLESTANDARD- "...there is no comparing the level of enlightenment and sophistication of Western culture to any other civilization in the world."

      If one considers imperialism and mass murder as proof of enlightenment and sophistication, then undoubtedly we are number one! Of course, then there is the problem of how to deal with all of those trouble makers whose countries we have destroyed and subjugated. Endless war our gift to the world.

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