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  • Washington 'sits shiva' for the 2-state solution
    • HOPHMI- "Making a deal with a country that finances terrorism all over the Middle East, and is basically at war with US allies...."

      So nice of you to acknowledge that Saudi Arabia and the rest of the fundamentalist Gulf Monarchies are US/Israel allies to be defended. Middle East terrorism is overwhelmingly the consequence of US/Israel actions, including ISIS, all of which you defend as befits your status as self-selected empire Jew.

  • American Jews are taking back their power from Israel
    • MOOSER- Hophmi says: "And it is usually the self-haters who cause the worst damage to the Jewish community, precisely because of how small it is."

      Is he actually accusing Phil of being a traitor? One can only wonder how many Zionist lawyers on Wall Street favor brown shirts.

    • EVA SMAGACZ- "Consider reading how America is no longer a democracy 2014 paper by Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page."

      No longer a democracy? The link you provided indicates that there is empirical data to demonstrate that the US is a money driven, money controlled society. Where, exactly, does it show that the US was ever other than an elite controlled society?

    • SIBIRIAK- "So if a two-state solution is impossible due to Jewish Israeli opposition, then, a fortiori, a single-state solution is impossible as well."

      I agree that a single state of all Israeli citizens with equal justice, etc, is quite impossible at the present time and in the foreseeable future. This is why I think that arguing over one state versus two states is a waste of time. The near term goal should be to lift the siege of Gaza and fight for human rights. Right now, another Gaza assault is virtually inevitable as Israel, once again, violates the terms of the most recent cease fire, a recurring pattern. If you can't get the siege lifted, don't even bother talking about a one state solution.

    • PHIL- "In 1967, American Jews fell in love with Israel and made a solemn promise to protect the country through thick and thin."

      True enough, but why and how does this relate to taking back their power from Israel? Was not this alliance between Israel and American Jewish Zionists based in the US? Is not Israel primarily a quasi-metaphysical symbol of the secular religion known as Zionism? Is not Zionism the secular equivalent of Classical Judaism insofar as it is the ideological unifier of Zionist Jews? And as such, do not the American Jewish Zionist elites influence Israel at least as much as Israel influences them?

      I maintain that the notion of Israeli control over American Jewish Zionists is a serious misreading of the situation. The love affair between American Jews and Israel began after the 1967 war in which Israel destroyed Nasser and pan-Arabism, a huge service to empire which established Israel as a prime strategic asset, at least initially. It also established Zionist bonafides as reliable blood and soil nationalists as opposed to radical socialists and reformers. In no small measure, Zionism and Israel is the means by which the Zionist elites control organized American Jewry for the benefit of empire and themselves. Empire Jews, not Marxist radicals. It was primarily this fact which eliminated the barriers to Jewish penetration of the upper echelons of power. There is no power to take back because it was never given away. Now, American Jewish Zionists may come to abandon Israel as a unifying symbol, however, at this point in time Israeli actions largely reflect the wishes of American Jewish Zionist fat-cats like Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban and the Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations.

    • GILES- "Anybody else see a problem with the idea that the 98% plus of Americans who are not Jewish seem to have no say in American foreign policy in the Middle East?"

      Since the 99% have at best a negligible effect on foreign policy, there is no significant difference when it comes to the Middle East. And surely you are not suggesting that the majority of American Jews have a significant impact on US Middle East policy? As with most things, the elites determine policy based upon their perceived self-interest and manufacture consent through the doctrinal system. That is why Obama can get away with audaciously "declaring a national emergency with respect to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States posed by the situation in Venezuela."
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  • I want my country back
    • MOOSER- "Well, it has occurred to me, and I'm about the same age as Phil, that I was around to see the country get lost, but I'm not sure I'll live to see it taken back."

      Both you and Phil were alive during Shays Rebellion? Who knew?

    • PHIL- "I want my country back"

      For cry sakes, gimme a break! So much hysteria over this fundamentally inconsequential spat between Obama and Netanyahu. Unless you can show that a significant segment of the imperial elite are at odds with each other, then this is most likely a contrived distraction from the truly important events occurring, like the Ukraine and the TPP. Or possibly a jockeying for power among the various elites with Obama and Netanyahu as proxies. In any event, the MSM is mostly propaganda frequently designed to distract the unwary with infotainment. I don't read the NYT and I don't care what Jodi Rudoren says.

      As for the US relationship with Israel, Netanyahu's election changes little if anything. The same with Iran, the Ukraine, the TPP, climate change, the elimination of nukes, etc. At this stage of the game, Israel is an integral part of empire, something which you should write about. Below is a quote and a link to an article by William Greider which discusses the synergistic relationship between the US and Israel's militarism:

      " The US and Israel are more like a very sophisticated high-tech partnership that collaborates on the frontiers of physics and other sciences in order to yield the gee-whiz weaponry that now define modern warfare. Back in the 1980s, the two nations were sharing and cross-pollinating their defense research at a very advanced level." (William Greider)
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  • 'Do US Jews need a Jewish state for our safety?' debate begins in wake of Netanyahu victory
    • PHIL- "I don’t think Milbank’s attitude is risible; I think it flows from the Holocaust, from having half of European Jewry exterminated. But being the result of trauma 70 years ago, that attitude is deluded and anachronistic, and does not reflect our real American lives. But countless elite columnists and politicians hold those views."

      Do you really believe that Dana Milbank and Peter Beinart are suffering some sort of trauma regarding the Holocaust? Seriously? Do you also think that they are stupid? Israel needs the Diaspora more than the Diaspora needs Israel, except for the Jewish Zionist elite who profit from the group solidarity manufactured by Zionist ideology. Based upon your readings and observations, do you believe that either of these guys are truly living in fear of a future Holocaust? Are they afraid because of all the unarmed Jews who have been gunned down by racist police? Is the wildly disproportionate number of Jews incarcerated in our prison system their cause for concern? Is it the exclusion of Jews in government, business, finance and academia? Perhaps the unfavorable treatment of Jews in the media?

      Come on Phil, this talk of a potentially unsafe future is Zionist hasbara, perhaps believed by the faithful followers, but intended both to justify support for Israel and to imply de facto eternal, irrational anti-Semitism, the mother's milk of Zionism. This is an intrinsic part of Zionist ideology which has replaced Classical Judaism as the unifier of the Jews. And it has worked well, hasn't it? Who can deny that Jewish "kinship" (nice euphemism) has contributed to Jewish success? Not the only thing, but significant nonetheless. So, the new WASPs are fearful for their future? Afraid of a peasant revolt? I doubt it. They know that they have little to fear and, in fact, act rather fearlessly in their quest for power. Besides, Israel could hardly be a refuge, something for which it was never intended. No, they repeat their Zionist mantra because it has worked so well for them.

  • A response to Michael Douglas
    • IRISHMOSES- "If I was using “Jew” in a pejorative sense, e.g. “another Jewish banker”, it would have been anti-Semitic."

      Which one of those words indicates Jew hatred? In the absurdly successful Zionist propaganda, any criticism or discussion of Jewish power and/or privilege and/or tribalism is labeled a trope and equated with anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism, of course, is continually associated with pogroms and the Holocaust. The end result of all of this is to discourage discussion of the political economy insofar as Jewish Zionists oppose the discussion. Too many folks are following the Zionist framing of this issue. To me, anti-Semitism means Jew hatred, a form of racism. Racism and prejudice are not the same thing. And prejudice may in fact comport with experienced reality. When one thinks of Jews, does one think about janitors, bus drivers and factory labor? Of course there are Jewish janitors, bus drivers and factory workers, however, Jews are disproportionately represented in the professions such as doctors, lawyers and, yes, bankers. Recognition of that fact hardly indicates Jew hatred. Likewise, discussing the ramifications of a de facto economic caste system in the political economy is hardly illegitimate, nor a cause for worry concerning a new Holocaust. The danger lies in the suppression of discussion of the power relationships within our society. In view of the very low level of US anti-Semitism, the term "anti-Semitic" is overused and much abused. Of course, Jewish Zionists love the term for obvious reasons, however, too many anti-Zionists are giving de facto aid and comfort to highly successful Zionist propagandists.

    • TAXI- "I find the whole thing propagandistic and the timing of the release of this op=ed fishy-fingered."

      I agree. Doesn't it seem strange that this apparently isolated instance of a movie star's privileged son being upset over verbal insults results in an op-ed in the LA Times decrying anti-Semitism? As you say, "fishy-fingered."

    • GILES- "It speaks to the insanity of the Zionist culture that he views himself as a victim of society."

      Ah, but there is a method to the madness. No need to justify your power and privilege, nor feel pangs of guilt when you can claim victimhood and expect sympathy from the 99%! As for this unseemly, ongoing over-emphasis on negligible anti-Semitism, Norman Finkelstein had this response. In replying to a question about "What are your views on the state of Jews in Europe? Are they safe, and what do you think the future holds in store for them?" Norman replied: "In the face of so much ineffable suffering in the world today, I couldn’t care less about the “state of Jews in Europe”. Would any of these “suffering” Jews want to change places with a refugee from Gaza, or Africa or Syria or Afghanistan or Iraq? Enough with this solipsistic navel-gazing!"
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  • The historic night for the Arab List
    • CITIZEN- "PS: 90% of Bibi's campaign donations were given by American Jewish wealth--half of those donations were by a handful of superrich American Jews."

      What I found even more shocking is how little money was involved. One million shekels ($250,000)? Jeez, that is more in line with running for the Seattle City Council. No joke. If you are looking to buy influence, these Israeli politicians work cheap!

  • New York Times published piece about Netanyahu’s racism, then rewrote all of it
    • MOOSER- "After all, we are what we eat."

      Thanks for the straight line, however, I doubt that the vulgar punch line would pass moderation. Maybe next time.

  • Who can save Israel now?
    • HOPHMI- "The only thing it means is that when your population is being attacked by rockets, you'll favor your government doing what it can to stop the rocket attacks."

      You mean like honoring the terms of the previous cease fire?

  • Netanyahu won. Now what?
    • HOPHMI- "That’s why the first world leader to congratulate Netanyahu was the Prime Minister of India, with whom Israel is developing a close trade partnership."

      So, the first leader to congratulate Netanyahu was the anti-Muslim, Hindu fascist Modi? You think that this is a harbinger of things to come and take pride in it? Once again, Zionists working together with fascists. I'll just bet that you are a fan of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis too. Victorian Nuland is. So is Bernard-Henri Levy. Birds of a feather. Israel uber alles.

  • Sheldon Adelson is not the problem
    • JLEWISDICKERSON- "Personally, I’m in favor of changing Thanksgiving Day to ‘Oligarch Appreciation Day’! ! !"

      Not a bad idea! One of the problems we face is that our use of democratic vocabulary helps sustain the illusion of democracy. I think it would help if we altered our vocabulary to reflect actual social reality. For example, it seems obvious (to me at least) that the fat-cats are a form of capitalist nobility, hence, Lord Gates, Lord Buffet, Lord Adelson, etc. Since the larger corporations are more powerful than the individual oligarchs, they would be Great Lords. So, Great Lord Microsoft, Great Lord Google, Great Lord Goldman Sachs, etc. Perhaps due to organizational affiliations we would refer to Lesser Lord Dershowitz? This would more honestly reflect real power relationships now that we are headed toward neofeudalism. We have come full circle from an ideological based royalty to a capitalist nobility which derives its justification, power and privilege from money.

    • INTERESTED BYSTANDER- " I did say “Foreign Policy” magazine; I misspoke, the article appeared in Foreign Affairs."

      Oy vey, worse yet! Foreign Affairs is the magazine of the Council on Foreign Relations, the ultimate fat-cat think tank and power broker. These are the instigators and justifiers of imperial policy whose views and actions absolutely reflect the goals and objectives of the 1% as you are probably aware. This is your source of inspiration?

      Interested Bystander- "I don’t think the argument he’s making–that support for Israel is widespread and deep, far beyond the 1.8% of American Jews, or the 1%–is “laughable.”

      What is this, bait and switch? In the quote which you provided, he claims that US support for Israel "represents the power of public opinion to shape foreign policy." That isn't true. Foreign policy is shaped by elites to reflect their perceived interests. They then use the tremendous resources at their disposal to manufacture consent. To suggest that the elites calling the shots are responding to the will of the people is laughable the first time, somewhat perverse to keep insisting that US policy towards Israel is in response to popular sentiment, as if oil, geostrategy and the Lobby were insignificant factors. And as for popular support for Israel, in view of the distorted media message, what can we expect? We have been inundated with pro Israel propaganda since about 1967.

      Interested Bystander- "Hagee has 62 stations broadcasting to 150 million households it is claimed. 150 million viewers who take that kind of talk seriously. This is the reason Netanyahu gets 29 standing ovations in Congress...."

      Not only is Congress the loyal servant of the people, but they are under the influence of Pastor Hagee! Lobby? What Lobby? Campaign donations? What campaign donations? As for Netanyahu getting standing ovations prior to Adelson, the Israel Lobby has been around long before Adelson became notorious. As I indicated in my comment, Adelson is just one rich guy, the Lobby reflects the combined wealth and organization of a lot of rich guys. And, of course, you have the military-industrial complex, etc.

      Interested Bystander- "I have no views on whether he’s a nice guy, or not."

      Good Grief, Roland. Do you not even bother to read what you wrote? Remember saying this: "Fact is, Adelson is an American success story. He came from humble background and he built, and re-built his empire from the ground up. He has swagger, but he also has a twinkle. He has a strong and accomplished woman for his second wife. You’ve got to admire that." Sounds like praise to me!

      Interested Bystander- "How do we change the politics?"

      We are a money driven, money controlled society. Money is power, economic power in fluid form, the primary instrument of social control. In the long run, money overwhelms all opposition. Neoliberalism is global class war which the oligarchs and corporations have effectively won. We have traveled so far in the wrong direction that I personally have little hope of staving off disaster. The financial system is an unmitigated disaster. A private, debt-money based system that requires growth or privatization to avoid default. Wealth is wildly, excessively concentrated, the oligarchs and corporations a form of capitalist nobility. What little hope I have is directed toward Third Party candidates. Your opinion that very rich guys are just part of politics is part of the official mythology which you feel the need to promote, perhaps in an attempt to find employment within the doctrinal system which justifies an unjust system. So, Adelson by himself is but a part of the problem. THE SYSTEM IS THE PROBLEM!

    • ROLAND NIKLES- (quoting Mead) “In the United States,” says Mead, “a pro-Israel foreign policy does not represent the triumph of a small lobby over the public will. It represents the power of public opinion to shape foreign policy in the face of concerns by foreign policy professionals.”

      While you are quoting Mead, his views as expressed in an article in the 2008 issue of Foreign Policy Magazine appear to closely reflect your own. Foreign Policy magazine was founded by Samuel Huttington, it's current CEO is David Rothkopf, as such, its views represent the self-serving mythology of the 1%. The notion that imperial foreign and domestic policy reflect the will of the 99% is laughable. In case you haven't noticed, the global empire responds primarily to the perceived needs and desires of the transnational corporations, most significantly the financial institutions which have establish themselves as the guiding lights of empire. Support for Israel is based upon strategic considerations as well as the perceived interests of some very powerful oligarchs. Adelson is one of several Jewish Zionist billionaires who, along with other wealthy Zionists, form an extremely powerful Israel support network. This, along with other elite domestic support, accounts for the extraordinary degree of US support for Israel.

      I find it interesting that you seem to find Adelson so admirable. I personally find concentrated power to be socially dysfunctional and would love to see the tax laws changed to eliminate all oligarchs, and curb the corporations. You, like David Rothkopf, seem to be an apologist for the current political economy and for the fat-cats who are laying waste to the planet. So, yes, Adelson by himself does not dictate imperial policy. However, trying to paint the Founding Fathers as Zionists (pre Herzl, I might add) is a bit of a disingenuous stretch, don't you think? I mean, let us not put all of our eggs in the Walter Russell Mead basket. And US feelings of exceptionalism are not so freely shared with others, at least not prior to 1967.

  • Separating anti-Semitism from anti-Zionism
    • MHUGHES976- "I think of anti-Semitism as prejudice against at least some things characteristically Jewish...."

      I would suggest that when used by Zionists and other organized Jews, it has a much darker meaning. As used by these overlapping groups, anti-Semitism is tied in with Jew hatred, pogroms and the Holocaust. As such, anti-Semitism is widely believed by many Jews as an indicator of real danger. This becomes part of the siege mentality which Zionists seek to foster on Jews as a key component of group solidarity. Therefore, casual references to mild prejudice as anti-Semitism is likely to be misinterpreted. My own view is that real anti-Semitism is a relatively insignificant problem which is wildly overemphasized on Mondoweiss.

      Norman Finkelstein has, I think, a realistic assessment of the relative "danger" of anti-Semitism: “Jews are tapped into the networks of power and privilege,” he said. “You marry a Jew, it opens doors,” because Jews are “the richest ethnic group in the United States”. Maybe there was some little stigma, sometimes, directed at some Jews, but so what? It’s not nice, but it is “socially inconsequential”.
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  • UC Berkeley Israel group wants to ban imaginary word rhyming with intifada as 'triggering, terrifying'
    • HOPHMI- "Bears for Israel is being silly...."

      You consider the entire response to Din's use of #DINTIFADA to be silly? That this orchestrated hysteria and intimidation is just a big joke? That the death threats and vilification on the Stand With Us Facebook page are funny? Silly? No big deal?

      Hophmi: "Antisemitism on campus has Jews extra frightened right now...."

      Oh, the Brown Shirts are cowering in fear? This is typical Zionist intimidation which you are shamelessly trying to misrepresent. Your comment is a perfect example of you defending the Zionist tribe, facts be damned. You are one sick puppy.

  • The U.S. sells out a brave, democratic Muslim leader -- again (Updated on March 13)
    • JAMES NORTH- "Once again, some combination of cowardice and incompetence at the U.S. State Department is jeopardizing the freedom — and possibly the life — of a dynamic, progressive Muslim leader in the global south."

      Cowardice? Incompetence? The empire is at war with anyone and everyone in the Global South whose actions are not to the liking of the Western corporate/financial oligarchy. Dynamic, progressive Muslim leader? Clearly someone the empire desires eliminated. And surely you are aware of the reality, so why the liberal whining about good folks lacking courage and/or making mistakes? Why not just cut the crap and tell it like it is? Do you really think that the elites will be influenced by your entreaty that they take their own rationalizations and pretexts at face value and act accordingly?

  • Paris university reverses decision, allows Israeli apartheid event with Blumenthal
    • HOPHMI- "They mimic very old antisemitic tropes. And they are untrue. And until they are examined, and rejected, by the BDS movement that promotes them, I will continue to point out the similarity."

      First of all, I am unfamiliar with these so called anti-Semitic tropes used by the BDS movement. Any examples? Furthermore, any honest evaluation of the reality of these "tropes" will inevitably result in you accusing the commenter of anti-Semitism and/or Jew hatred and/or "mimic(ing) very old antisemitic tropes." By the way, care to comment on the use of these tropes by the early Zionists?

    • HOPHMI- "It is common on the far-left on sites like this...."

      Mondoweiss far left? Have you lost your mind? Mondoweiss is barely left of center, safely "liberal" in the perjorative sense of the term.

      Hophmi- "I have a problem with people who take that and suggest that not only are these elites in control of our country, which is ridiculous enough, but that they exercise that control not in the American interest, but in their own interest as Jews."

      While they are not a majority of the imperial elites, nonetheless, Jews are a significant and integral part of the elite oligarchy which runs things. If by "American interest(s)" you mean the best interests of the 99%, then few, if any, of the elites, neither Jew nor Gentile, works to promote the interests of the citizenry. In fact, neoliberal globalization is intended to weaken the 99% and solidify elite control in a form of neofeudalism. Virtually all of the elites pursue their own power-seeking interests. For Jews this would usually involve actions to reinforce tribal solidarity which provides a competitive advantage vis a vis non-Jewish elites.

      Hophmi- "You can't deal with this reality because it's too uncomfortable for most of you to think that you might have gone over to the dark side here."

      Dark side? The dark side is supporting warfare and empire. Supporting the ongoing massacre of Palestinians in Gaza is the dark side. Supporting imperial destabilization in the Ukraine is the dark side. Supporting the ongoing attempt to destabilize Venezuela is the dark side. Supporting US/Israel nuclear blackmail is the dark side. Supporting neoliberal globalization is the dark side. Are there any of these which you don't support?

    • HOPHMI- "...rather than contextualizing Jewish campaigns for in-marriage as simply an attempt by a very small people to preserve their religious traditions, it is presented as a belief in Jewish supremacy."

      Religious traditions? When a secular Jew (why still considered a "Jew"?) "intermarries" with a non-Jewish atheist, Rabbis are rightfully upset because this threatens their "religious traditions?" Two atheists marrying is a threat to Judaism? When the mostly atheist founders of the "Jewish State" founded Israel it was because they wished to preserve their religious traditions which they ridiculed in private?

      In your ongoing propaganda offensive, you bounce between Jews as followers of the Judaic religion, or Jews as a discreet ethnicity, or Jews as maintaining some sort of tradition, depending upon which characterization is more effective to make your point. Interestingly, Israel Shahak considered Zionism as a throwback to Classical Judaism as a unifier of world Jewry and a reaction to the enlightenment and assimilation which posed an existential threat to the tribal ideology. I agree. Zionist Jews seek to maintain Jewish tribal solidarity as a group strategy. Obviously, an effective one if power accumulation is the goal.

    • ANNIE- "keith, david duke didn’t say (unless i missed it) the bolded part: Jews use their networks to advance themselves and keep others down."

      No, Hophmi said it. He implied that it was, in effect, what both David Duke and Mondoweiss are saying. Part of the problem with Hophmi always referring to David Duke is that you have to rely on Hophmi's accuracy. That is part of the problem. To verify any of this would require reading David Duke, something I don't plan on doing, although Hophmi seems to be a big fan of the Duke. Doesn't it seem strange that Hophmi, TokyoBK, et al, seem to be so knowledgeable about David Duke and Stormfront, etc? Who reads this shit other than Zionists trolling for examples of anti-Semitism?

    • HOPHMI- "All points made here at Mondoweiss. Jews are tribal, and their support of Israel is tribal, and Jews use their networks to advance themselves and keep others down. Phil has claimed that he and many of his generation have benefited from such networking."

      If we are referring to organized Jewry, particularly East Coast Ashkenazi, then the statement, as quoted, is essentially true. The fact that David Duke may have said the same thing doesn't make it false. Additionally, your continued attempt to label what Phil and others say as something David Duke would say is a dishonest attempt to link Phil and others with David Duke. Frankly, I am not that familiar with David Duke, however, the quotes you selected seem fairly reasonable and hardly indicate anti-Semitism. Unless, of course, you have cherry-picked the more reasonable ones in the hopes of tarring Phil and Mondoweiss with other unseen quotes. Let us take one quote as an example:

      "Duke: "We have many, many Jewish organizations, very powerful organizations in this country working for what they consider to be the Jewish agenda or the Israeli agenda."

      You dispute this? What, exactly, do you think the mission of the Conference of the Major American Jewish Organizations is? Do you think that perhaps they may pursue a Jewish agenda? Support for Israel? Are you seriously denying the reality of the existence of powerful Jewish organizations? Or that their activities benefit Jews? That they support Israel? That they are politically active and that their membership is a significant source of campaign contributions? Are you suggesting that it is anti-Semitic to discuss the role of organized Jewry in the political economy? Can you even engage in any sort of discussion without charging anti-Semitism or labeling folks as David Duke? Let us be honest, you are basically a Zionist attack dog labeling people as anti-Semites for even discussing Jews and power. An Alan Dershowitz wannabe.

  • Netanyahu's consciousness-raising
    • DABAKR- "Once Pyongyang was ready to come out as a nuclear power, it threw out the nuclear inspectors, opened the sealed nuclear sites, vacated its signature on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and began testing nuclear bombs."

      North Korea and the US had negotiated certain agreements which the US then proceeded to actively sabotage. Then North Korea resumed its nuclear program, its main deterrent to a hostile empire intent upon global hegemony. Chomsky explains:

      "In September 2005, under pressure, the United States did agree to negotiations, and there was an outcome. September 2005, North Korea agreed to abandon -- quoting -- "all nuclear weapons and existing weapons programs" and to allow international inspection. That would be in return for international aid, mainly from the United States, and a non-aggression pledge from the US and an agreement that the two sides -- I'm quoting -- would "respect each other's sovereignty, exist peacefully together and take steps to normalize relations."

      Well, the United States, the Bush administration, had an instant reaction. It instantly renewed the threat of force. It froze North Korean funds in foreign banks. It disbanded the consortium that was supposed meet to provide North Korea with a light-water reactor. So North Korea returned to its weapons and missile development, carried out a weapons test, and confrontation escalated. Well, again, under international pressure and with its foreign policy collapsing, Washington returned to negotiations. That led to an agreement, which Washington is now scuttling." (Noam Chomsky)
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    • PHIL- "Jim Fallows is doing a smashing job at the Atlantic to counter Netanyahu’s hysteria."

      Jim Fallows: "I don’t know the best response to the Iranian threat, which I take seriously."

      "Smashing job"? For cry sakes, Phil, this is nothing but liberal propaganda. Serious threat? The only threat Iran poses is to US/Israel hegemony. How about a nuclear weapons free Middle East which Iran supports and the US and Israel oppose? How about the US take meaningful steps to eliminate nuclear weapons as required by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty rather than the planned upgrading of the US nuclear arsenal? Let us be honest, the primary threat for using nuclear weapons resides in the US with Israel close behind.

  • 'NYT' reports 'surge of hostile sentiment against Jews' nationwide -- on what basis?
    • TREE- Daily Bruin: "The undergraduate student government recently took down a YouTube video of a controversial council meeting after several council members received death threats and hate mail accusing them of being anti-Semitic."

      First of all, thank you for taking the time to research this and inform us of this aspect of the situation which most of us would otherwise be unaware of. This is raw intimidation by a group of Zionists who can be honestly described as Zionist Brown Shirts. This is organized harassment by those who whine about eternal victimhood. Who are the victims here? This is not an isolated incident. Both Israel Shahak and Noam Chomsky were harassed, Shahak enduring slurs along with attempts to get him fired, Chomsky receiving death threats. This is part of a pattern of intimidation which also serves the purpose of reinforcing Jewish tribalism. Targeted Jews will be propagandized about a rise in anti-Semitism, while Gentiles will react to blatant Jewish hostility. Perceived anti-Semitism is the mother's milk of Zionism, good relations between Jews and non-Jews an existential threat.

    • STEPHEN SHENFIELD- "Talk of a "surge" of anti-Semitism is a sort of magical spell by means of which they hope to conjure more anti-Semitism into existence."

      While these types of anti-Gentile recriminations by Zionists undoubtedly lead to increased anti-Semitism, their primary concern seems to be the creation of PERCEIVED anti-Semitism in the minds of the targeted population of Jews. Obviously some low level actual anti-Semitism makes this task easier, however, the perception is the key. Relatively safe and empowered Jews fearful of their non-Jewish neighbors and committed to PERCEIVED defensive action are a valuable resource to be utilized by Jewish Zionist elites.

    • HOPHMI- "Even in a situation as obvious as this you can't acknowledge the pervasiveness of antisemitism."

      Anti-Semitism as in Jew hatred? Jeez, Hophmi, I can almost feel your fear. Perhaps one day you will be able to flee your Wall Street Ghetto and make your way to Harlem where you will be free, free at last!

  • Do not let this opportunity for peace with Iran pass
  • Netanyahu speech was 'very dark day for American democracy' -- Matthews
    • MOOSER- "Phil, I would timidly venture, is being somewhat ironic."

      Phil ironic? Egads, the possibility never occurred to me. Perhaps I should have actually read the article before commenting on Stephen's comment. You know, Moose, if I have to actually read these articles before commenting it could be quite time consuming!

    • STEPHEN SHENFIELD- "Why does a compassionate person even have to acknowledge that there exists such a thing as a Jewish "collective psyche"?

      You raise an interesting point. To the degree a "collective psyche" (loosely defined) exists, it is a product of group ideology. The "Holocaust Religion" and the cult of victimhood are mechanisms of establishing internal cohesion among Zionist Jews which received great emphasis after the Six Day War in 1967. Somewhat similar to jingoistic patriotism in the US and the cultivation of irrational fear following 911. And while the phenomenon may exist as a part of group think, I am not sure what "compassion" has to do with our understanding of the manufacture of group solidarity.

  • Factchecking Netanyahu: An annotated guide to the Israeli P.M.'s speech to Congress
    • MOOSER- "I’d give field commanders tactical nuclear weapons, and tell them they are only for the direst of emergencies."

      As far as I know, American field commanders have that prerogative. Russians too. Presidential authority to use nukes applies to STRATEGIC weapons only. Tactical nukes (no more than 100 kilotons) can be introduced by a three star general. Unless we eliminate all nuclear weapons it is only a matter of time until the big one. We have come extremely close several times already, however, Russian caution saved the day. Obama, anti-nuke talk notwithstanding, is planning on upgrading the US nuclear arsenal in yet another US violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which requires all of the existing nuclear powers to make good-faith efforts to eliminate nuclear weapons while the US does just the opposite. And the hypocrisy regarding Iran which is in compliance with the treaty and supports a nuclear weapons free Middle East which existing nuclear powers US and Israel oppose. I am afraid that the sorrows of empire may soon include nuclear annihilation.

  • Netanyahu's speech and the American Jewish condition
    • TOKYOBK- “I like much of Phil's article but it is an invitation to the Vdare, occidental observer , and stormfront readers....”

      Ben, you fascinate me. As I recall, Phil met you at some Jewish social club at Columbia(?).
      You have a PhD in history, specializing in Asian(?) history. A putative “scholar” (Phil's words). You seem to be trying for some sort of scholarly evaluation of Mondoweiss articles/comments, yet your peer group bias comes through loud and clear. If you adopt Phil's perspective, you will be ostracized from from this group which forms a core of your identity. One consequence is that rather than objectively discussing the issues, you resort to name calling. Until I began commenting on Mondoweiss, I had never heard of stormfront until some East Coast Ashkenazi anti-Zionist implied that it was my inspiration. I had never heard of Vdare or occidental observer before your comment. Doesn't it strike you as odd that websites which 99% of Gentiles have never heard of are so popular with Jews? Seeking out confirmation of victimhood, are you?

      Tokyobk: “Jews are vastly over-represented by US population in the Ivy's (about 24%)...(Asians are also "over-represented").

      Thanks for the info. We gentiles usually find out about this from Jews who keep close track of this sort of thing. Gentiles doing likewise would be labeled anti-Semites extolling tropes, etc. So, Jews who are 2% of the population account for 24% of the Ivy student body? That is a 12X ratio to population. Are Asians also over-represented 12 to 1? I doubt it. Who cares? Anyone who is interested in a just society rather than a caste system. One problem in most societies is the lack of social mobility resulting in a lack of diversity. Unless you believe that various groups are significantly different biologically (I don't), then the perpetuation of an underclass and an elite class represents socially dysfunctional environmental factors. Yet, you, the scholar, seem less interested in examining this phenomenon than in justifying it.

      Getting back to the labeling and name calling. Perhaps you might consider educating us anti-Zionists on your version of historical reality, rather than dismissing us as anti-Semitic fans of stormfront. Surely you can conceive that we are merely misinformed rather than rabid Jew haters as Hophmi maintains. And you don't want to lumped together with Hophmi, do you? Research should be right up your alley. In addition to Joan Peters and Alan Dershowitz, you should also consult Israel Shahak, Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein and others, along with your own, unbiased research. The results may prove interesting.

    • KATHLEEN- "There have been wealthy and privileged people who operate out of sense of equanimity."

      Perhaps at the micro level, however, I am aware of virtually no member of the power elite that opposes empire, and that includes the so called philanthropists who engage in private social engineering so long as it does not threaten their power and privilege. Most of the elites are power hungry and ruthless. They wouldn't have succeeded if they weren't. But you are correct that the current level of abuse of power is extreme.

    • HOPHMI- "Those who believed in it most strongly were not European elites, but Eastern European peasants...."

      What Eastern European peasants? The Jews as a group were city folk and tradesmen, not peasants. Many Eastern European Jews may have been poor as a consequence of there being too many Jewish tradesmen for the peasant society to support, but nonetheless they were above the mass of Gentile peasants. As for your continual carping about anti-Semitism from those who try to discuss political economy vis a vis Jewish kinship, you may wish to review the writings of the early Zionists who saw the "Jewish problem" as one of imbalance between the Jews and the surrounding Gentile communities. That was one justification for the creation of Israel, to enable Jews to become more evenly dispersed throughout society rather than dominating certain historical niches. You are probably aware of this, but being a Zionist ideologue choose to ignore it while tossing about labels. A big fan of Father Coughlin, are you?

    • HOPHMI- "And while there are certainly some people who think this way (and who could blame them given the last 150 years of history)...."

      Based upon your parenthetical comment, it is clear that you are one of those people who "think this way."

  • Oxfam says Gaza reconstruction will take a century to complete due to Israeli blockade
    • WALID- “Maybe it should be re-named the Israeli-Egyptian blockade of Gaza.”

      Please, let us not ignore the elephant in the room. The blockade would not exist without US support, both US governmental support and US Jewish Zionist fat-cat support. If Netanyahu was, by some miracle, inclined to behave decently to the Palestinians and end the blockade, he could kiss 90% of his US Jewish support goodbye. American Jewish fat-cats have at least as much clout in Israel as they do in the US. Both are business-run societies.

    • MAYHEM- “And what about the Egyptian blockade?”

      Egypt, under el Sisi, is a US vassal state, as I am sure you are aware. Additionally, el Sisi is a loyal ally of Israel, something which you are probably also aware. The “Egyptian blockade” is part of the US/Israel blockade. As an aside, Israel has very good informal relations with all of the Gulf monarchies, including Saudi Arabia, and is a key player in keeping the Arab 99% powerless and subjugated by empire.

    • "Six months have passed since a ceasefire on 26 August 2014 ended over seven weeks of fighting between Israeli forces and Palestinians, however the Israeli-imposed blockade continues, the political process, along with the economy, are paralyzed, and living conditions have worsened.....A return to hostilities is inevitable if progress is not made and the root causes of conflict are not addressed, said the agencies."

      Well,well. Surprise, surprise. Once again Israel blatantly ignores its obligations under the cease fire agreement. And when Hamas finally retaliates, there will be another slaughter which will be blamed on Hamas by these Zionists of no conscience or morals. Gideon Levy agrees:

      "The next war will break out in the summer. Israel will give it another childish name and it will take place in Gaza. There’s already a plan to evacuate the communities along the Gaza Strip border.

      The commitment to negotiate lifting the blockade on Gaza – the only way to avoid the next war and the one after it – has also been broken. Nobody talks about it." (Gideon Levy)
      link to

  • 'Large group' of indigenous Indians are cleared to immigrate to Israel and convert to Judaism
    • WALID- "Another indication of who are ISIS’ pals."

      I am glad that you keep reminding people of this. Someone simply cannot understand what is happening if they believe all of the lies and pretexts. A more realistic assessment of ISIS (ISIL, etc) is as follows:

      Is there anyone sentient who still believes that the “terrorists” are the enemies of the empire? Is there anyone who still doesn’t see that the “terrorists” are the equivalent of the einsatzgruppen of the Hitlerite SS?" (Luciana Bohne)
      link to

  • Hate in the aftermath of Chapel Hill
    • WALID- "There was trouble with racism all last week in Seattle with the Hindu community."

      There was? Why wasn't I informed? I hadn't noticed anything in the Seattle Times which I just skim, so I went to the trusty web to see what this weeklong racism was all about. The only references I found involved some graffiti on a local Hindu Temple and school. On the school it had a swaztika with the words "Moslems get out." I don't know that I would attach too much significance to this. Graffiti happens.

  • White House suggests Israel is lying about Iran talks-- as Obama officials shun Netanyahu
    • JOEMOWREY- "Before we rejoice too much about this latest play on the part of the Obama administration...."

      Indeed, Joe, this may be yet again another "good cop, bad cop" performance. The notion that the Obama administration is not attempting to destabilize Iran is preposterous. Anytime the US wants to establish a nuclear weapons free Middle East, all it has to do is agree with the UN proposal which Iran supports, and then figure out how to get Israel to go along. Actually, the US has been in violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty for quite some time, upgrading its nuclear arsenal rather than eliminate nuclear weapons as the treaty requires and which human survival depends upon.

  • Dershowitz's comments are 'shockingly vicious and sexist,' says Harvard Law Record article
    • OLDGEEZER- "Regardless of the validity of the accusations dersh seems intent on destroying his own reputation as quickly as he can."

      Don't hold your breath. Dershowitz has been telling outrageous lies for most of his career and it hasn't hurt him a bit. He went so far on his Harvard website as to call Norman Finkelstein's mother a Kapo. I have included a link to Finkelstein discussing Dershowitz and his lies.
      link to

  • One-state 'fantasy is very dangerous' because it cannot tell us what the military looks like -- Manekin
    • LARRYDERFNER- "Mooser, you are a goddamn fucking idiot, and you should get run over by a bus."

      Larry, apparently you are unaware of the paucity of bus service on the Kitsap peninsula. Would you be willing to settle for a bicycle instead?

  • Closed-door debate on divestment by U of Toledo student gov't to include officials from Jewish Federation
    • PABELMONT- "What does prevail is the exercise of power and money-is-power...."

      The truly unique feature of capitalism is its ability to monetize power. The ramifications of this are significant.

  • Warriors for 'the ultimate truth' gather in New York
    • JEFF B- "Every sink in a restaurant has a cup for doing the netilat yadayim blessing. The bus schedule on Saturday is organized around when the 3rd star appears in the sky. For a women where ever you are on shabbat there will be candles to light. Well over 1/2 the restaurants are kosher. I have to carry a kippah at all times, in America twice a year needing one would be pushing it. etc…"

      Are you engaging in self-parody? If this be true, then I imagine that the "Jewish" Zionist Atheist founders of Israel must be rolling over in their graves! Except, of course, for those who were cremated, their ashes spread by the winds across the entire Middle East. The original Jews sans frontiers! (I put that in for Mooser)

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