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  • Kerry is off the Israel bandwagon
    • You just don't get it 'NormanF'. Israel is a liability, a demented ball and chain.

      Without the traitorous lobby to distort US foreign policy, Israel would have been jettisoned long ago.

    • You can see a copy in this Haaretz tweet:

      link to

      Try the link in the tweet for the article too, I'm not registered w/ Haaretz but the linked article isn't behind a paywall, at least not for me.

  • Destruction of Gaza's children is something 'every one of us must confront' -- Jon Snow
    • Call me a cynic but I don't find your concern for Gaza's Palestinians to be so convincing.

      Side with the baby killers if that pleases you, but spare us the crocodile tears and ridiculous lectures about 'humanity, dignity and freedom', which is about as far as you can get from zionist values.

  • In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza (Updated)
    • I tweeted you a document about that a maybe yesterday, but I didn't add much by way of explanation. Glad MW has picked up the story - important, going to read now.

      Walid & I had a chat about it on another thread:

      link to

    • Kay I don't think Israel much cares for the welfare of jews outside Israel; in fact the less secure they are, the better for Israel as they are more likely to make aliyah.

      Over a million Israeli jews are supposed to have left Israel in recent years and you can bet it's the cream of the crop who sense the impending madness and want out. There's been public campaigns designed to lure this group back but I couldn't say how successful it has been.

      A 2004 US demographic study shows jews are already a minority in mandate Palestine:

      link to

      Among sometimes-honest zionists we hear that if Israel doesn't withdraw from the OPTs and fast Israel will become an apartheid state. They mostly don't specify what would be the trigger but in the linked article above the ever awful Thomas Friedman says it it when jews are a minority ruling over a Palestinian majority. So - err, that would be now and for the last 10 years.

    • It must have been a decent size as Israel says it used a Patriot missile to shoot it down.

    • There's been several cases of Gazans downing small IDF drones- probably some reverse engineering going on there also.

      I saw on twitter a few days ago showed someone holding the smashed up remains of an Israeli drone - not sure if it crashed or was downed through.

    • Which is not to say that there isn't real anti-semitism in France, I'm sure there is. The pushing of aliyah makes me suspicious though.

      After NY Paris has one of the largest jewish populations* outside Israel. Baghdad's jewish population was the largest jewish one in the ME, to (false flag) attack it creates the idea that even big strong communities are in danger...

      *Also the tastiest falafel in the world, which I ate in a little jewish-owned restaurant in the 3rd arrondissement, with some arab muslim friends. A nice time was had by all :-)

    • I saw that article Annie:

      link to

      I looked into the photographer (Alain Azria) and he doesn't appear to be a professional. The Haaretz article above doesn't use any of his photos of the alleged event.

      Azria's name does turn up on a few photo credits, a couple of articles about anti-semitism in France, one on aliyah to Israel and one piece about Sharansky in France:

      Sharansky warns of ‘beginning of end’ as French Jews leave

      That article also claims jewish orgs like CRIF in France are encouraging jews to leave for Israel.

      False flag attacks (or fabricated reports) are eminently possible - Iraqi jews were scared into leaving by Mossad bombing them.

    • AFAIK A UN Protection force would mean UN troops (blue hats) on the ground in occupied Palestine to protect the rights of Palestinians.

      It's a nightmare scenario for Israel as it would significantly hamper their ability to torment Palestinians.

    • Check out Galloway before a US Senate sub-committee investigating the Food for Oil programme in Iraq, he is fierce. It's abt 45 minutes:

    • ckg~ above Shingo is quoting Pat Nguyen, not you.

    • The patient requires life support and the situation is deteriorating rapidly.

    • With most people now recognising that a two-state solution is impossible this question - heard many many times before - is becoming increasingly ridiculous.

      Israel had 47 years to end the occupation and they refused. Now the hasbara crowd are trying to turn a single state with equal rights for all into a Thought Crime.

      Too little too late buster.

  • Survivors of massacre in Khuza'a say Israeli forces used Palestinians as human shields
    • Can't believe the numbers of whole families Israel has wiped out, families of 20 and 30 people.

      It happened a bit in 2008/09 with the most well known being the al Samounis in Zeitoun. Now I must have heard 6-12 cases of whole large families just killed.

  • Claim that Hamas killed 3 teens is turning out to be the WMD of Gaza onslaught
  • Oren's charge that networks showcase Palestinian dead at behest of Hamas is 'obscene' -- Penhaul
    • Donald & tree - you can see a photo of an exposed tunnel in this article here:

      link to

      It's quite a thin skin, only an inch or two and all pre-cast panels, so the operation looks quite streamlined and economical. It's an interesting read, I recommend it.

      I think they've done a tremendous job with the tunnels and have dealt a real blow to the Israelis with them. At this stage about 1050 Palestinians have been killed and around 36 Israelis IDF by the resistance, with Hamas claiming more that the IDF had yet to admit to.

      Cast Lead it was 1400 and 6, basically a bloodbath and designed to restore the IDFs reputation and ego after their humiliation in Lebanon in 2006. I think the IDF will think twice before it ever attacks Gaza again, and we may yet see the blockade lifted. This would not have been possible without the tunnels.

    • Dahiya is exactly what I thought of as the pictures began to emerge from Shuja'iya today HarryLaw, it's unmistakeable.

      Disappointing that most journalists don't seem to have heard of it and aren't making the connection.

  • Fox's Hannity abuses Yousef Munayyer, says he has a 'thick head'
  • Controversial, illegal, and documented: Israeli military strategies in Gaza
    • Sure, handle is @LSal92 and a recent tweet which made me chuckle:

      link to

    • (Other thread closed)

      It's not your name Taxi it's the other person's bio & tweets: pro-resistance California girl living in southern Lebanon, there can't be so many of them! Or maybe I'd be surprised :-)

  • 'Israel is wrong by any moral standard' -- Robinson says, as US media pile up
    • I know Mooser but I like to give people the opportunity...

    • I thought the UN didn't know the origins of the rockets but you say "the UN has repeatedly admonished Hamas".

      Source pls.

      Also can you explain why, when Hamas kills about 10% civilians and Israel is killing 80% civilians, in vastly greater numbers (3 vs 600) you describe Hamas as a terrorist organisation but not the IDF?

  • Hamas mimics Hezbollah tactics, and no one will have stability till blockade is lifted
  • Israeli forces shell UN school where displaced Palestinians gathered, killing at least 9
  • Palestinians build tunnel to attack Israeli kindergarten, Netanyahu says
    • The longest to date is 3km so a bit under 2 miles.

      Interesting read on the tunnels:

      The new tunnels are far deeper and longer — up to 30 metres deep and three kilometres long, according to Israeli officials — and can feature air conditioning, electric power, concrete reinforcement and enough room for a person to walk standing upright.

      link to

  • Israel's 'defeat'
    • I've been wondering if there are tunnels in progress from Gaza to the West Bank? It's a long way - about 40km, but some of the tunnels into Israel have been 2km long or more.

  • Arab reporters come under attack from Israelis
    • Danon is so nuts.

      Imagine him as Prime Minister.

    • Walid I thought Dahlan was living in UAE? Did he relocate?

      I wouldn't be surprised if UAE were in bed w/ Israel, there was a lot of money flowing through Dubai pre-911 which got cleaned up but probably not without a lot of US intervention, and all that entails.

    • Much of Israel is in quiet mourning over an unthinkable possibility: That this horrible reality is the way things are going to be, off and on, forever.

      Of course it will!

      That's what happens in the real world: actions have consequences. Steal 78% of a country - antagonise the locals, steal the final 22% and really antagonise the locals.

      Predictable. Perhaps not if you believe you're a superior being.

    • Some European airlines are cancelling flights too (last para):

      link to

      More damage to Israel's economy - seafoid and Kay I thought the same also, that it might have been a deliberate ploy to increase pressure on Netanyahu.

      Qassam Brigade are now claiming to have killed 52 IDF.

      I don't think Netanyahu is enjoying this.

  • 'Telegenically Dead': Israel’s crumbling media war
  • ‘We have nothing left to lose. I would rather die with my family under the rubble of our house than have a humiliating truce’: Palestinian youth demand justice
  • Netanyahu's latest 'cartoon evidence': racist image identifying Muslims with terror
    • And chemical weapons.

    • That contrast between percentage of civilian casualties on each side cannot be underestimated in terms of disabling hasbara.

      If you listen to the IDF they relentlessly describe the resistance as terrorists but the numbers don't support that.

      Already there are reports in Israeli press that the IDF are surprised with Hamas' skill as fighters:

      One officer, a veteran of Gaza operations, who left the fighting area for a few hours, told Haaretz: "I've been to Shujaiyeh before, but I've never seen it – or Hamas – like this before. Their equipment and tactics are just like Hezbollah. Missile traps and IEDs everywhere – and they stay and fight instead of melting away like in the past."

      link to

      It's only a matter of time before that seeps into US coverage - combine it with the huge number of civilians killed by Israel and suddenly it's David & Goliath.

    • Page: 53
    • It's worth clicking on the link in the article (I'll include it again below) to see a larger version of the graphic.

      Note carefully:

      - Hamas terrorists like to stand behind civilians, even when said civilian is riding a bike.
      - Shuja'iya is covered in little boxes - which Hamas must have painted green to signify 'islamic terrorist infrastructure here'
      - the people of Shuja'iya are as tall as multi-story buildings - or buildings in that part of Gaza are little.

      link to

    • Thank you James, these cartoons are getting ridiculous.

      I have re-christened Israel's offensive in Gaza as Operation Looney Tunes.

  • Finally, Israel is alienating the US mainstream media
    • Sounds good I'll check it out later. NBC seem to be ahead of the pack here.

      I've been trying to give positive feedback by twitter for good honest pieces, let them know it's being seen, and being appreciated.

    • Oren is full of shit.

      This is what he's defending: mental cases.

      Tomer Siyonov, 22, a friend of the dead soldier, who finished his own compulsory army service two months ago, drew deeply on a cigarette as the eulogies were delivered. "Hamas killed my friend; we need to kill them – not just the Hamas militants but all the people in Gaza," he said.

      "What else should we do? Lose more friends? We don't have a choice – if we don't fight to the end, they will kill us."

      link to

    • It's not just Palestinians that want zionist atrocities exposed hophmi, it's everyone.

      The ugly little spartan state has worn out it's welcome.

      For an organisation that you say loves death Hamas seem to be doing pretty well, especially considering the limited resources they have. About 25 IDF and 2 civilians.

      By comparison the IDF are just on a stupid murderous rampage. Not a lot of courage required to push a button and rain down death from the sky is there? Not a lot of honour killing woman and children.

    • Yes just horrible, there's a whole article devoted to this now.

  • CNN headline: "100 people killed today in Israel, Gaza fighting"
    • Hmm the arabic Qassam twitter account, which doesn't say if it's official or not, is saying that 10 IDF were killed in a raid but doesn't mention any captures. Still no official denial from IDF about the previous soldier who was said to have been captured.

      Might be a different incident.

    • An unofficial Al Qassam Brigade twitter account (the official ones in Eng and Ar keep getting disabled by twitter) claimed just now to have captured more IDF:

      @Qassam_English: 18:00 Al-Qassam Brigades captured #Zionist soldiers near the College of Agriculture, east of Beit Hanoun
      #Resistance #Gaza #Hamas

      link to

  • Video: A beautiful brother went looking for his family in the death zone (Updated)
    • I don't think you have to sign in if the content's embedded in a page (like here) so I doubt that'll be too effective in slowing it.

    • No Dijinn, the tables are turning.

      Hamas have killed about 25 IDF now and 2 civilians.

      IDF have killed 500+ and at least 3/4 are civilians, and all of that's been broadcast to us in HD. A new horror each day. And the IDF and those ridiculous cartoons.

      Interesting Times are here.

    • And there's the young Palestinian journalist who was killed the first night of Shuja'iya, Khaled Hamed - wearing a press flack jacket:

      link to

      link to

    • I only checked the views seafoid b/c I read your comment on another thread when they were 126k, and I remembered seeing the ISM first send it out. It jumped 10k pretty fast.

      Hallelujah and praise the internet and citizen journalism.

      I just had a look at Annie's updated compilation of protest photos from around the world, huge.

    • Especially sad because he's there looking for his family AND they shot him during a cease fire.

      As of about 6 hours ago ISM didn't even know who he was, they tweeted out video stills asking if anybody knew to please contact them.

    • The video is going viral - it's been 9-10 hours since ISM first tweeted a link out to it and views are already at 136,000.

  • Massacre in Gaza: At least 60 killed in Shuja'iyeh, over 60,000 in UN shelters
    • No offense tree, I hope you like this, it's all done in the best possible taste!

    • It's a glitch in the blogging platform, if the user has an underscore in their name they don't get a profile page.

    • On Shalid II, first Walid damn you beat me I was going to say that!

      There will be no cease fire for a long time as long now as Hamas have an IDF soldier. Netanyahu is now in quagmire territory.

      Meanwhile the IDF have captured 18 Palestinian Gilad Shalits whose names I don't think we'll be seeing in the NYT any time soon.

    • They're in a serious state of denial seafoid, nursing a full-time ziocaine addiction.

      I was speaking w/ some young man on twitter about Israel's looming implosion and I pointed out Ayalet Shaked and what it means for a country when an MK says that and is lionised. All he had to say that she was "1 backbencher" then wanted to talk about the Hamas charter.

    • If they kill too many people in Gaza the world will force them to end the siege, that's the last thing Netanyahu could cope with.

    • I've heard they're running out of ammunition for Iron Dome and that Hamas are holding stocks of larger missiles as yet unused.

    • Brezinski is right and only late by 8 years – they were ready in 2006.

    • Terrorists kill civilians, legitimate fighters kill soldiers.

      The numbers don't lie. Proportionally, who are the terrorists again?

    • Six IDF died during Israel's attack on Gaza 2008/09 as a result of combat, there were a few more killed by the IDF in error.

      Just a few days in and they're at about 18 IDF killed now. Clearly Hamas learnt some lessons.

  • Video: Resistance activists down power line in West Bank
    • I wondered that too - probably a portable generator.

      The pole was good but a substation would take a lot more time and effort to fix.

  • Kristof says Stephen Hawking and American Studies Association support Hamas
  • Video: 'It's a hell of a pinpoint operation' -- John Kerry caught criticizing Israel on hot mic during Sunday news show
  • The heart of the problem with Israel: The mass expulsion of the Palestinian people
    • There was another incident I believe it was 1 or 2 days before, the synagogue president referred to it in passing at the end of his statement. I don't know anything about it sorry, except to say it obviously wasn't connected to the Palestine rally.

    • The Palestine rally started at Place de la Republique and made it's way south and concluded at the Bastille. I've previously linked to a full English translation of a statement made by a participant in that rally disputing there was any anti-semitic activity - she herself is Jewish and was marching in a larger group that I understand to be something like JVP. Check my archive search for the term "vert".

      In her account she mentions violent and provocative behaviour by a group of 4-5 JDL members which occurred near the Chemin Vert metro station, the second last stop on the line from Republique to Bastille. I will point out that Chemin Vert is fully 800m from the synagogue so it is the JDL that traveled to the rally in that case. There is also documented social media of the group stating their intentions to cause trouble.

      From another statement that was released by a participant when the rally was over people found the Bastille metro station closed and were directed to use Voltaire which is east of Bastille. The synagogue is on the very road that joins the two.

      I will include a link to a (google translate of an) interview with the president of the synagogue who criticises the JDL and talks about what happened [my emphasis]:

      The synagogue rue de la Roquette she really was "besieged"?

      The president of the synagogue of the Rue de la Roquette is very clear from the beginning, his goal was "to put things in their context and in their measure." And what follows is eloquent. "Not a single projectile on the synagogue." "At no time have we been in physical danger," he says. So where did this rumor come from? Serge Benhaïm think of a "confusion" between the events near a synagogue in Aulnay-sous-Bois , and those of the synagogue of the Rue de la Roquette.

      link to

  • Israel is in a pickle
    • Agreed dbroncos.

      The goal is the complete destruction of zionism in Israel.

      Zionists, no, of course not - zionism, yes. Either reduced to the status of the KKK or if Israel is permitted by the US to go far enough then we have, in zionism, the 21st centuries' equivalent of nazism.

      This will actually occur with limited input from Palestinians or people who support Palestine. It's just the internal logic of zionism playing itself out.

    • Rumours around that Iron Done - in addition to being not that effective after all - is running low on ammo and Hamas have as-yet-unused larger missiles still in reserve. At the same time IDF claim Hamas have depleted over 50% of their arsenal.

    • Crone TBH I don't know much about him but doing a quick search Phil has interviewed him before and published an article about it:

      link to

      Post the video, let's see what he has to say!

    • What else do you know about that Walid?

      A Bahraini paper published an article claiming from Snowden-leaked documents there was proof ISIS were created by US/Israel/UK...

      link to

      I've found it odd how quiet Israel has been about Syria over the past 2-3 years.

    • Oh my you are a precious flower if you think that Palikari.

    • Agreed Taxi! Seems like Hamas are determined this time that this isn't over until the siege is over. Interesting times!

      Waiting to see how many casualties they inflicted on Israel today, in addition to the two reported by the IDF so far, Hamas also claim an additional 6 from an ambush carried out in Israel.

      Al Qassam Brigade's arabic twitter account was suspended by obedient Twitter within the last 12 hours right after they published a photo of the 4wd after the ambush - you've probably seen it.

      Up a bit Walid says they are claiming 15 killed IDF today, a huge number if it's true.

      I guess with unemployment at 35-40% they had to do something in a Gaza for the past 5 years: tunnel to Egypt for supplies and build a network into Israel and if I were them all over the rest of Gaza too. If that has been done and they had adequate weapons urban warfare in Gaza city could become a nightmare for the IDF.

    • A new post would be good huge turnout in London and gay Paris looked like a scene from the occupied West Bank today with rubble all over the streets and the police choking the crown with tear gas. I'll tweet you some.

  • Gaza is a concentration camp, and it's an American delusion not to recognize that -- Weschler
    • I like that: Chomsky has gone squishy.

    • I have used the term "concentration camp" in the past, but not so often. In the last few weeks, watching Gaza and Israel closely, I have adopted it.

      'Largest open air prison in the world' just does not cut it. That phrase doesn't even begin to capture the toll the nearly-decade long siege has taken on the population in Gaza. And it does not account for dismissive and even gleeful reactions among many Israelis when they hear of another kill by the IDF.

      From the Oxford Dictionary [my emphasis]:

      concentration camp

      A place in which large numbers of people, especially political prisoners or members of persecuted minorities, are deliberately imprisoned in a relatively small area with inadequate facilities, sometimes to provide forced labour or to await mass execution. The term is most strongly associated with the several hundred camps established by the Nazis in Germany and occupied Europe 1933–45, among the most infamous being Dachau, Belsen, and Auschwitz

      Who will tell me that doesn't apply?

      Concentration camp is such a loaded term that even the Oxford Dictionary can't help but mention the nazi camps. And it is this association, when Gaza is described as a concentration camp, that irritates zionists. It reminds them of past suffering and it unequivocally, vividly, answers the question that we have all asked "how was it ever possible that the holocaust happened?"

  • Israeli police ransack Tariq Abu Khdeir family home and arrest relatives in apparent revenge raid
    • Over 1000 people have been arrested in recent weeks. The raid on the families home is pure intimidation.


  • NBC reverses; Mohyeldin to return to Gaza to cover 'Palestinian side of story'
    • Tear gas too Walid! I've been watching the photos via twitter.

      Meanwhile, you probably know - massive turnout in London today.

    • They'll demonstrate anyway.

      Interview with the synagogue's president:

      link to

      From a google translate of the interview [my emphasis]:

      The synagogue rue de la Roquette she really was "besieged"?

      The president of the synagogue of the Rue de la Roquette is very clear from the beginning, his goal was "to put things in their context and in their measure." And what follows is eloquent. "Not a single projectile on the synagogue." "At no time have we been in physical danger," he says. So where did this rumor come from? Serge Benhaïm think of a "confusion" between the events near a synagogue in Aulnay-sous-Bois , and those of the synagogue of the Rue de la Roquette.

  • Activists occupy UK govt office demanding end to arms trade with Israel
    • amigo ~ twitter 101

      Click on the text in Sycamores text that starts with
      And that will open up the image someone has included in a tweet.

      You don't have to join to look, and all other thing that look like links I think that's just how Mondoweiss' platform renders anything with a hashtag. Now click on this instead which is a tweet, not just the image part:

      link to

      You should see the text with the hashtags highlighted and the image below. If you click on a hashtag, say #GazaUnderAttack that will automatically open a search page showing tweets from around the world that include that hashtag. If you hear about a topic trending in twitter it means all at once lots of people have started using the same hashtag - for an event or breaking news for example. Twitter tracks it and have trending lists fir the world and by region.

      Yesterday when Ayman M got sent out of Gaza there was lots of unhappy people, Al Jazeera's The Stream did a story on the hashtag #LetAymanReport which trended for a while:

      link to

      So hashtags are one way to see stuff on twitter, the other is by following other people's accounts, for example Mondoweiss has an account by the name of (no surprises) @Mondoweiss. So if you join twitter you can then follow @Mondoweiss and all the MW tweets will appear on your feed (ie your twitter home page).

      There's other things too like public 'mentions' and private 'direct messages' for communicating with people (or companies or corrupt politicians!) one-on-one but no need to worry about those just yet.

      Have fun :-)

    • WONDERFUL thanks Sycamores.

    • Across the water Paris has banned a pro-Palestine rally planned for the weekend:

      link to

      Of all places! The French love a demonstration, i hope they rally anyway.

  • Mohyeldin's boss at NBC rallied 'Jewish passion' for Israel when 'it is physically threatened'
    • Absolutely Sean and I didn't mean to sound like I was criticising the moderators, not at all.

      I actually meant technically, as in software. If I were designing an interface I'd want a chronological feed from oldest to newest that covers the entire site. From what I understand - very little - at MW they sort by thread so sometimes comments on older articles get missed if busy.

    • It has happened to me also, can of worms.

      I don't think the moderation platform is as perfect as we might want. Don't take it personally.

      BTW I've enjoyed the clarity you bring in your comments.

    • NBC have reversed their decision on Ayman Mohyeldin and he's heading back to Gaza ASAP!

      He just tweeted;

      @AymanM: Thanks for all the support. Im returning to #Gaza to report. Proud of NBC's continued commitment to cover the #Palestinian side of the story

      link to

    • The Brits are protesting in their tens of thousands at the BBC over their terrible pro-Israel coverage of Gaza, and Paris has banned a pro-Palestine rally but they're going to protest anyway.

      I guess relocating journalists and deleting of tweets is America's version.

      I have to say that I think the Israel lobby in the different countries are DESPERATE right now (because the optics of Gaza are so bad) and have thus overplayed their hand, and it looks like there's going to be consequences at least in the UK and France. People are rising up to express their displeasure.

    • Michelle look at Democracy Now - I linked to a show a few comments above it's on 5 times a week same times lot and you can get it as a video or audio podcast too, or just look at their 'Past Shows' .

      Not perfect but pretty darn good, honest news. It absolutely blows corporate newstainment out of the water.

    • Does happen on a touchscreen for example that I accidentally press the SEND instead of CANCEL button then have to quickly copy contents & delete, if it wasn't finished or not sure if I want to say something or not.

      She must have been toying with the idea though.

    • You can get audio or video versions as a podcast which I do sometimes, but in this case Greenwald said on twitter he was about to go on the show so I watched the live stream.

    • Latest Democracy Now was great today, a well spoken doctor from El Wafa Hospital talking about the evacuation and shelling of the hospital, then Glenn Greenwald and Sharif Abdel Kouddous talking about what happened to Ayman Mohyeldin.

      It's the Friday July 18 episode, if anyone is reading this after that the episode can be seen in the "past shows" tab:

  • Israel destroys el-Wafa hospital as staff evacuates all patients
    • That's the sickness isn't it seafoid?

      They've loath the 6 million because they think they were weak, then hate Palestinians even more because they won't submit.

    • Many do hate Israel, because they have been taught to hate for generations.

      I'd like the Dershbag to relocate to Gaza so he can teach them all the way.

      Does he have kids? He should take them too, and they call all send happy thoughts to Israel as the bombs fall around them.

      He isn't 1/10 of the man Izzeldin Abuelaish is, Dershbag hates now and what have Palestinians ever done to him?

    • It's one PR bonanza after another for Israel isn't it?

      - "death to arabs" riots all over the country
      - young Palestinian man burnt alive by settlers
      - his American cousin beaten up on camera by Israeli cops
      - 10 people blown to smithereens as they watch the World Cup at a Gaza beach cafe
      - 18 members of the Al Batsh family killed all at once when Israel shelled their house
      - calls for genocide of Palestinians widespread on Israeli social media
      - killing of four young boys as they play soccer at the beach in front of hotel filled w/ international journos
      - deliberate destruction of El Wafa Hospital

      And that's just 2 weeks. Has the country finally passed the tipping point to all out psychosis?

      What next?

  • 'We are moving from Iron Dome to an iron fist': Israel launches ground invasion of Gaza
    • On Israeli TV Bennett said Hamas were "self-genociding".

    • Iron fist my arse (no that's not an invitation).

      Just imagine now those scaredy-cat big bullies in the IDF who've spent their time pushing people around in the OPTs. They had to delay for 10 days for the giant order of IDF diapers to be fulfilled.

  • 'Hamas... is putting their own people at risk' -- State Dep't on Israel killing 4 boys on Gaza beach
    • I hadn't thought of that seafoid, how evil.

    • Yes what? He's been absent for about 10 days now.

      *oh I see eljay :-(

      I wondered sometimes if Hostage was Norman F visiting, such encyclopaedic knowledge, just like Norman.

    • It's time everybody started calling out this "Israel has a right to defend itself" crap.

      YES, it does, and so does Gaza.

      Occupation = aggression. In this case occupation = collective punishment and multiple war crimes.

      Whatever Israel does to Gaza it is not in self defence, it is aggression designed to maintain the occupation.

  • The human rights community's consensus: Israel is committing war crimes in Gaza
    • About that IDF Spokesperson graphic in the middle of the story, after you read the tweet below please scroll up and look at the graphic again:

      Think seriously about what the Israeli Defense Forces are trying to accomplish w/ this chilling ad.

      link to

  • What would you do?
    • The power cut is just psyops American, they're only going in a short distance at this point. Bibi knows he can't go too far, too many ppl watching. Too many ppl outside the US that is.

      Lots of air assault though, that's all the cowardly ziobots are good at.

    • That's it, I meant to write "sit at the head of the table" #autocorrectFAIL

    • amigo I hate to tell you but I did hear a few days ago about some Palestinian Israelis being refused entry to a shelter because they weren't jewish.

    • Chu and American I think you're misinterpreting what JJ is saying.

      I don't know much about the situation in US but there is still a significant way to go in Australia.

    • The last several years??? I get your point but no need to exaggerate.

      What is your way forward or ideal outcome? Anti-native how?

      Can't countries like Au or NZ serve as a post-colonial model for Israel? The zios have fucked Palestinians so hard they're afraid it will end up like Algeria, the suitcase or the coffin. It doesn't have to.

      *To be clear I'm for a single state with equal rights, full right-of-return and all that stolen land that the JNF and a few other orgs are holding - something like 93% of the land west of the green line - to go back to it's rightful owners with financial compensation to be paid where not possible.

      I suppose that's a lot more radical that Au and NZ, we have native title in Au, but that is a function of Israel coming into existence when it did.

    • Have a look at this photo Mooser:

      link to

      At first I didn't believe it was caused by a rocket from Gaza, but I checked around and indeed it was, I saw other photos. It appears Hamas have gotten some bigger rockets than previously - the Qassams of old had little effect.

      Rumour has it also they've trained a lot with members of Hezbollah and may have anti-tank weapons.

      We're about to find out; ground invasion has just commenced.

    • @Jimmy

      Of course and the same for me in Australia, a settler colony with a dispossessed indigenous population.

      But none of the new world countries in 2014 are doing anything like what is being done to Palestinians today. Unfortunately for Israel it came along too late and what was acceptable 200 years ago was not in 1948, especially after WW2.

    • He had a twitter hashtag Q&A today using #AskDermer that was a spectacular failure, it was "hijacked by activists", or you could say We The People let him know in no uncertain terms that Israel's attack on Gaza was unacceptable.

      An Israeli Ambassador Tried To Hold A Chat Over Twitter, And It Turned Into A Disaster

      He was at the WH Iftar apparently because Israel has a Muslim population, he claimed on a network recently, but of course he was really there to situate the head of the table and keep Obama in line.

  • NBC reportedly orders Mohyeldin to leave Gaza -- after he criticized State Dep't
    • Thanks Inanna my bad, I read Glenn Greenwald's story wrong it is Engel's producer that doesn't.

    • Wolf is happy as long as there's a bomb shelter nearby he can report from, de rigeur for the embedded "journalist" - and you don't ever mention that panel he was on with Norman F in the 80s.

    • AJE lost some credibility after pushing the pro-rebel side in Syria so hard.

    • If you haven't seen it yet here is Ayman Mohyeldin on Andrea Mitchell's show not long after the killing at the beach:

      link to

      I'll bet this was the report that got him booted, too real, too vivid - too human.

      Richard Engel (AM's replacement) doesn't even speak Arabic, bet he won't be playing soccer with young lads in Gaza.

    • I hope that antagonises the French and they protest even more.

      The very idea of seeking to ban a pro-Palestine rally, it's incredible!

      The poms are out in the streets by the tens of thousand protesting the BBC's appalling coverage of a Gaza and now Paris tries to ban a rally? Don't the pro-Israel lobby groups realise they are dangerously close to overplaying their hand?

    • It's great to see thousands of Brits protesting at BBC House about their terribly biased coverage of the atrocities in Gaza, now what are you American folks going to do about NBC pulling Ayman M for too much truth-telling???

  • Israeli strike kills four Palestinian children playing soccer on Gaza beach
    • That shocked me too, I just wanted to scream that she could appear moved by AM's recounting of events and then 30 seconds later say stuff like that.

      It's inhuman.

    • Right you are Qualtrough, militarily.

      After I wrote that comment I thought I should have done a strike through Israel and written Zionism instead, but the edit period had passed.

      Israel will be brought to heel, finally, because Israel will delegitimise itself out of existence. That appeals to me, in that we're using Israel's own inertia to defeat it. All we need to do is keep telling the truth about the situation...

    • Jon Snow interviews Mark Regev about the beach killings:

      link to

      Snow is pretty good, not quite as white-hot outraged as his famous Cast Lead interview with Regev, but still worth 10 of any US broadcast journalist.

    • Israel is a monster that we must stop feeding slay.

    • Oh god that's awful.

      Demonstrates what I mentioned above, the calibre of weapon used was so large the bodies are mangled to pieces.

    • Ayman Mohyeldin witnessed the attack and says he was playing on the beach with the boys just half hour earlier. Andrea Mitchell even shaken by it, for a few moments anyway:

      link to

    • There are photos itself of the actual event (they could be vidoe still, I'm not sure). They are distant wide shots so not graphic. An example here:

      link to

      But there are truly horrible photos going around on twitter of the bodies. Whatever calibre weaponry was used it was big enough to just mash up the bodies.

      Evil fucks.

  • The trojan horse of liberal Zionism
    • Gee hophmi why don't you pop over to the thread about the 4 boys on the beach that Israel shot up today.

      Rationalise it for us. What's the hasbara spin? Explain please, the necessity of it all and why they are the terrorists not the IDF. Blame Hamas

      Or perhaps you can just fake some humanity and cry some crocodile tears.

      link to

  • Report: Hamas offers Israel 10 conditions for a 10 year truce
    • ...the beach and soccer field where massacre happened this afternoon is right next door to the hotel where all the international journalists are staying.

      Exactly, and here's Ayman Mohyeldin on MSNBC saying exactly that. Clips of people on the beach afterwards and then some gut-wrenching footage of the family at the hospital, AM says the entire scene unfolded in front of international media cameras.

      Even ice queen Andrea Mitchell was visibly shaken after he finished. The cow went on to say that Hamas were benefiting from this kind of emotional events and asked her 2nd guest that Israel could put with with this pressure.

      Still - the genie is out of the bottle more and more. All the stuff that Israel managed to keep the world from seeing in 2008/09 by making the international journalists is now on full display.

      link to

  • 10 Palestinian civilians killed in last 24 hours, bringing total to 158
    • Here's a link for the clip I'm about to watch it now myself:

      link to

    • [If that's true] now it's time for Abbas to go.

      ICC or bust.

      - - - - -

      There's a lot of tension with upper PA apparently and Abbas is the block. A good read from FP:

      The deep tensions at the very top of the Ramallah leadership were most obvious during a meeting Kerry held with lead Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat and Abbas several months prior to his February meeting with Netanyahu. During the meeting, as Kerry looked on in discomfort, Abbas turned on the sometimes long-winded Erekat.
      "Just shut up," Abbas shouted at him. "Can't you shut up? All you do is talk. Just shut up."
      Abbas then turned to Kerry. "Don't listen to him," he said. "You're negotiating with me."
      By early March, Abbas was facing off against several of his more outspoken senior Fatah leaders, according to one well-placed Fatah official. In one session in Abbas's office in Ramallah this year, Abbas turned on one of his critics, accusing him of being pro-Hamas. "How can you defend these people?" he shouted. "They are the ones who have embraced Iran. How do you think that looks?"
      His critic wheeled on him, said the Fatah official. "That's right. And we're the ones who have embraced Israel. How do you think that looks?" Abbas's critic stormed from the room, shouting at the Palestinian president over his shoulder. "And we've gotten nothing. Nothing."

      link to

      Also from the same article is some interesting infer about the EU's evolving attitude to BDS should the peace talks fail which they now have. Well worth a read.

  • Palestinian member of Knesset removed from meeting for saying, 'Your hands are covered with blood'
    • That's true Walid, and I was lucky enough to go to a talk when AA was in Melbourne to launch the Tribal Loyalties book a few years ago. I really like what she has to say.

    • I didn't necessarily mean for it to be uplifting Mndwss, you're right that AA is pessimistic about the risks involved.

      I thought it might be helpful for Daniel to hear what she had to say about activists being traumatised sometimes, seems Daniel is distressed. A little bit of knowledge can help sometimes – I hope it does here.

    • Time out for you Daniel. Don't lower yourself to their level!

      It's going to be a long campaign to end Israeli apartheid but we're making progress, and we have truth and justice and decency on our side. They resort to brute force because the zionist narrative – hasbara – has been exposed as a pack of lies. We don't need to.

      - - - - -

      I have something you might like. It's an interview with an ex-Israeli (she renounced her citizenship) psychotherapist by the name of Avigail Abarbanel that Hazde Kahan did for Tidings podcast.

      Abarbanel analyses Israel from the point of view of a psychotherapist as though Israel were her patient. It's interesting in itself, but she also goes into the secondary trauma that activists can get, feeling burnt out or powerless etc. It's a real thing. Have a listen ~ highly recommended.

      Blurb on the podcast:

      link to

      More interesting, the actual podcast (the link to it on the above page is broken). You can stream it from that page or download an mp3:

      link to

      - - - - -

      To your own sumud!

  • Violence outside Paris synagogue falsely attributed to anti-Semitism (Updated)
    • Photos hophmi, or video.

      Verifiable evidence, not shitty reporting based on JDL claims.

    • Sycamores ~ the good news is the video that shows the violent JDL has 270,000 views.

    • Synagogues and other Places of Worship can be targeted if they serve as a gathering point for militants according to the IDF...>/blockquote>

      Good point!

    • It’s not BS at all. A mob from the protest did surround a synagogue.

      I've seen no proof that occurred – and I've been looking. Do you have any?

    • A second gate! Well spotted tree!

      Sycamores I notice the orange across the street also.

      I'm not sure if there was any premeditated-ness (i don't think that's a word LOL) in the taping, most people have a smartphone with a camera these day.

      I contacted Sam Knight also BTW just to let him know. It's not a major thing really, but in terms of triggering a response from viewers (especially jewish viewers) it's going got have a greater emotional impact if the viewer is falsely told it's jews trapped in a synagogue. I wonder if Rosenberg knew it wasn't the synagogue when he started promoting the video as such?

    • Great!

      Thanks for looking into it Sycamores.

      Looking at Restaurant La Cappadoce in the video the blinds are different than what is shown on Google Street View so that imagery must be older. The name is the same and the gate pattern is unmistakable.

    • Yair Rosenberg says the video from the inside of a building was shot from inside the synagogue.

      I think he may be mistaken. The video shows a typically narrow Paris street with a footpath maybe 1-2 metres wide. Yet if you look at Google Street view the footpath in front of the synagogue is several metres wide and the facade of the synagogue is set back from the lot line by a few metres also.

      Link below to Google maps directly in front of the synagogue (click on street view when link opens):

      link to

      What do people think? It might be a back entrance I guess.

    • I came across this yesterday and spent some time looking at the video with Walid and working out what had happened and where events happened in Paris from the location in the Sibony statement.

      It might make it easier to interpret the video so will paste in here:

      I think that to the right in the video is the the pro-Israel gang of hoodlums that we see marching down and overturning garbage bins in the street and picking up chairs and other fixtures on their way to confront the opposing side. These hoodlums had the police anti-riot squad at their backs that did not budge until the opposing side (presumably the pro-Gaza gang) charged the pro-Israel gang that ran behind the police line and that’s when the police stepped in and took on the pro-Gaza gang.


      Thanks Walid ~ I looked at Street View in G Maps to orient myself and watched again, I can see you’re right.

      The synagogue is at 84 Rue de la Roquette and the video is shot from on high above the corner of Rue de la Roquette and Rue Popincourt.

      As the camera pans right at about 4:15, where that large crowd is, that’s directly in front of the synagogue. The statement above says 4-5 JDL but there are several hundred and at least a few dozen involved in the melee.

      Back to the statement and the lady mentions the 4-5 JDL on Boulevard Beaumarchais near Chemin Vert metro stop which is about 850m away from the synagogue. So if JDL were there at Chemin Vert they must have been chased back by the Palestine crowd after their provocations.

      I wonder if footage will emerge of the Palestine crowd beating on the door of the synagogue – as the reporting has it – I suspect not. As the video opens the Palestine crew are in retreat from the synagogue so we don’t know what happened before that. We can say it’s the JDL who smashed up the cafe furniture.

    • I've got a link to a full English translation of the letter to the editor penned by Michèle Sibony, it's here:

      link to

      It's a good read so will post it in full. She writes nicely how after a week of looking at the horror in Gaza at home alone it was nice to be among a crowd of people all together to work against it:

      An open letter to the editor in chief of Rue 89, Mathieu Deslandes, for his coverage of the July 13 protest.


      Having read your treatment of the protest this afternoon and having been there, I wish to share what I experienced. The demonstration in support of Gaza, which was held this afternoon, was GREAT.

      Almost 15,000 people turned out, 8,000 according to the police; a diverse young crowd with many women and men. On Line 4, the Métro was filled with youth determined and happy to find an outlet to express their support and solidarity with “Courageous Gaza” – as one of the Arabic slogans put it – and their anger at the organized disinformation scandal. And I admit that I was also carried away with emotion at the Métro stop, plunging into this patchwork crowd, which came, as I, to say “stop the massacre.” In one second, I stopped feeling alone, as I had in the past week before screens, radios and newspapers.

      I joined the small procession of the French Jewish Union for Peace, in an appriopriate place behind the BDS France faction, and saw a number of moving scenes: one of our supporters, a pretty redheaded woman who has actively campaigned with others for the rights of foreigners in France – was so attracted to the FJUP badge that she wore it and stopped for those who wanted to take a photograph and embrace. Madame, you can't know well enough what you have done, it's so important that you were there. You are a symbol of peace. This is not a story about religion. It is not about Jews and Muslims.

      I neither saw nor heard a word against Jews, not a poster, not a slogan, nothing. And I surveyed the demonstration several times, in my usual search for friends and to gauge the crowd. But you, the Rue 89 “journalist” – we must really find another name for people who pretend to do this beautiful profession in such a manner – saw and heard what you needed to see and hear. You bring evidence, targeted and calibrated, curiously making charges because we know the defendants are here, do we not? I loved the one that alleged “death to Askhenazis!!” This had to have been a Sephardic group of infiltrators. Oh excuse me, the same people were yelling “Allahu Akbar.” There (and this is easy), beware, the word is out: it was a religious procession, where people cried “Allahu Akbar” and “La ilaha'illa allah.” A woman who was a bit shy asked me to translate...of course, Madame, with pleasure: God is Great and there is no God but God – the profession of monotheistic faith is a real crime in this country. Sometimes I want to translate: death to fascists, but I restrain myself. Bloody hell [ED: Bon Sang, literally: good blood] (another religious expression, you know. It's the blood of Christ to which this alludes) brainwashing works in this country. If people of faith need to refer to their faith to protest a crime does this absolve the criminal? Is this unbearable? Is it dangerous? Muslim friends explained to me the idea, in Islam, that one must not submit to anyone but God, who will liberate mankind from all other subjugation. Is this not a wonderful idea? That men and women, often crushed and dominated by detestable human powers should only submit to God? I find it touching and beautiful. It's an affirmation of freedom from under insubordination.

      Yes, of course there were, as you reported (we must really find another word for it) slogans: Hamas resistance, Jihad resistance, I would have loved to have added a PFLP Resistance. But is this not true? They resist every day and with laughable means against a strong and violent army that has besieged their cities and camps (two-thirds of the population of Gaza are refugees., chased out of their homes in 1948, and still hunted today) for seven years. For seven years, the bombardments have killed their families. The army has occupied and stolen their lands, and they refuse to submit. They're fighting for liberty, for national liberation, and the independence of Palestine. And even against eradication pure and simple, declared by Israel, for resisting this! Yes, Hamas and Jihad militants are resisting the occupation, as all Palestinian political groups are, and even if my heart is to the left, I respect them. Especially when the agenda is their dehumanization, their demonization, and their eradication at all cost. Wouldn't anyone – white Christians, atheists on the left, or the right wing limousine set – have a title as beautiful as resistance fighter? But who do you take yourself for? Do you believe you descended from Jupiter's head (another God, but a white one so it doesn't matter). Racist is no longer an insult in this country, but a norm infused today from the highest levels of state, and I can no longer use the term. You're a poor type, perhaps.

      And the best accusation for last: protest thugs tried to attack the Synagogue de la Roquette? And you cite, without flinching, a “testimony of the JDL.” Here is the announcement of the assembly you mention, called by the JDL in support of Israel before the Synagogue de la Roquette, with the eloquent title “Keep Calm and Kill Hamas.” Curiously, when a rally for war crimes takes place in front of or inside a Synagogue, the injection of religion in politics does not shock you, nor does it even register. It requires no commentary from you. It is sufficient to insinuate that the demonstration was antisemitic, that you need for your cause: silence about crimes in Gaza, of which you say nothing.

      So I'll tell you what I saw, me, a poor Jewish infidel (there is no God but God) at this protest: on the Boulevard Beaumarchais, right near the Chemin Vert metro stop, four or five JDL types perched on a bench, completely surrounded and protected by two rows of riot cops, throwing projectiles and insults at the crowd. Cops and officials begged the crowd to not lose its cool and respond to provocations – it's what they're waiting for. And, of course, as crowds dispersed, there were fights at the entrance of the Synagogue de la Roquette, as expected, I dare say.

      Above all, I also heard the crowd cry, from the Barbes to the Bastille:
      “French Media, tell the truth.”
      “The French people want the truth.”

      And I was proud today of those people there, my people.

      Michèle Sibony
      13 juillet 2014

  • Hamas has agreed to a ceasefire, says senior Palestinian official (Updated)
    • Israel had a golden opportunity after Hamas was elected in 2006 to just let things progress naturally. Simply being part of the electoral process - being in competition with Fateh for the vote of Palestinians - would have forced it to moderate some of it's unpleasantness to appeal to as wide a voter base as possible.

      Instead the US and Israel attempted that coup with Dahlan which went tits up and then Hamas are ruling Gaza by force instead of consent of the governed.

      Israel needs a bogeyman.

      Kay24 - do you think ISIS or IS now will attack Israel itself or just that some Palestinians in Gaza will start an IS faction there?

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