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  • 'Why this bullsh-t?' Video of Israeli navy flotilla takeover
    • Israel has a long history of piracy on international waters. During June, 1967, israeli planes and boats attacked our navy ship SS Liberty, killing 37 sailors and wounding about 170, although it was plain that it is an american intelligence ship! We made a mistake of overhearing how the generals of the IDF planned to attack Egypt and other arab lands.
      President Johnson did what all our other presidents do when Israel commits a crime against US properties and/or citizens, he stuck his head in the sand and ordered our planes, already in the air to help, back to their bases, living our citizens wide open for additional attacks, as the israelis returned several times to kill and maim a few more of our defensless sailors.

  • Does Israel have a toxic personality? Ask Michael Oren
    • So Obama did not get a permission from Netanyahoo before he made that famous Cairo speech? (Pity, but he never followed up on his plans).
      Did Israel contact our president during June 1967 before they attacked the US Navy ship SS Liberty, killing 74 sailors and wounding another 170 or so? Now, there was no better time for a US president to really get pissed- off with our best friend in the ME, however Johnson was already bought by zionist interests, as also was Adm. McCaine, who ordered our planes already in air to return to base and so allowed a massacre of our men.
      Adm. McCaine was the father of Sen. Bomb-Bomb McCaine, who just as faithfully serves the interests of the only democratic country in the ME.

  • From Germany, With Hypocrisy: Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier visits the Gaza Strip
    • It disturbes me very much, however I notice constantly how hypocratic the german political system is. When it comes to Israel, they rather just keep their tongue still and say nothing.
      On the other hand I know several cases, where high ranking politicians dared to criticise the doings of the IDF and consequently their careers were destroyed.

  • The U.S. is at last facing the neocon captivity
    • ....americans generally favour military action....

      It is correct, this nation is so brainwashed, that if an arab or chinese say they do not like Coca Cola, it is immediately ranked as an anti US treath and requires a "defensive" military action.
      We are kept in constant fear since WWII. Remember the McCarthy witchhunt, seeing communist agents in everyone who liked red meat! How many innocent peoples` career was destroyed with senseless charges?
      Now we have the "islamic terror", they are all over and ready to invade the USA. The FBI produce cases, where they first instigate unbalanced persons, then later arrest them for planning terrorist acts. The greatest nation in this world has the pants full since decades, because our politicians and the MSM need it so for their plans.
      As far as the military/industrial takeover goes, it is true. The military orders expensive or useless items, (do you remember the $1,000 toilette seats for the Navy), in return retiring generals get a cushy jobs with one of the defense contractors. To be able to produce more and more planes, tanks and artillery, the old ones must be destroyed, therefore we need wars after wars. Since 1945 how many years did we have without a military conflict? I remember none.

  • Night of horror at Ben Gurion airport for two French music students
    • In my long life I have visited over 60 countries, many of them dictatorships, however I have never seen anything like what is contstantly reported from the Tel Aviv airport. This article is just one of many illustrating the crude and inhuman treatment of arriving passengers who do not wear a kippa.
      You mention arab countries. I visited quite a few of them, even talked to jews living there who did not have complaints about their lives and would not move to Israel under any circumstances! Perhaps that is the best indication that something smells terrible in the state of Israel when jews would not want to live there!!!
      It seems you are the one who is very naive and brainwashed, through that pink coloured glasses of zionism you do not see what huge damages do you do to the jewish cultures, (thank you Mooser for the info). Eventually all jews all over the world will end up paying one way or another for the crimes commited by the state you so defend or do you think the arabs will forever stay put and allow you to usurp their land?

    • In the good old days when we had the Iron Curtain separating the west and the "liberated" east european countries, I crossed into communist countries many times, however nothing similar have I ever experienced or seen.
      It looks like Israel is turning into a bloody hysterical apartheid state, where anyone not jewish is immediately a suspect or even an enemy of the state.
      The germans did not do anything to stop the the takeover of their country by sick nationalists, the jews of this world should learn from that tragedy. Say good bye to zionism and go back to your traditional jewish culture, because when that brown stuff hits the fan in Israel, it will spoil all of you all over the world.

    • Lefty

      Your hope is hopeless, you should know that in Germany and France the press and TV are forbidden to write or say anything negative about that "only democracy in the ME"!

  • 'Celebration of ethnic cleansing is intolerable': Baltimore JVP crashes 'Israeli Independence Day' party
    • Jackdaw

      Could have been that the punchbowl was almost empty and they just tried to refresh the booze?

    • Somehow the US. belief that we are the chosen ones to lead this globe remind me of the sentiments of another nation who believed that they are "über alles"!!
      We are fooling ourselves, our nation is built from immigrants from approx. 150 nations, with many different cultures, religions and races, so how can we say that we are the chosen ones? We reflect the population of the earth, however there are other nations who are just as cosmopolitan as we are, namely Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc., who do not claim to be the top of the humanity.

  • Netanyahu played 'decisive' role in Senate bill aimed at stymieing Iran deal
    • Sen. Menendez is a traitor, among with many of our elected representatives, and I wish to live the day when all of them will be charged and sentenced.

      One must ask the question: which country is the superpower that wants to run this world and does the dog wag its tail or is it the other way around.

  • By busting up peace efforts, AIPAC may have burst its own bubble
    • Felipe

      I agree! Regardless who was in power in Israel since 1948 the land grabbing and the supression of the palestinians were the same. Only the song they sung had different melodies, the words were the same, Eretz Israel at all costs. Or Golda Meir, Perez and consequent labor politicians did not do the same as Netanyaho does now, just remember Gaza 2008.

  • Paris university reverses decision, allows Israeli apartheid event with Blumenthal
    • During my life I have met and also befriended many dutch people, I find them open minded and liberal. Hopefully the jews there also have the same human qualities and are dutch first, jews second and never zionists supporting that apartheid state called Israel.

  • Israeli voters not impressed by Netanyahu's speech to Congress
    • I couldn´t agree with you more, there are may examples of such false flag attacks.
      June, 1967, the attack on S.S. Liberty by unmarked israeli planes and boats, the attack in Egypt during 1953, several attacks on jews in Iraq and Iran during the 1950s to force them to immigrate to Israel, etc.
      Not to forget the many attacks by Mossad in foreign countries, including the USA!

  • The Emperor's Nuke Clothes
    • Annie, thanks for your comment.
      In Europe, here I mean the average people, not the politicians, this affair has a terrible smell to it and people wonder who runs the USA. There is many ways to skin a sheep and I am sure Obama could have, if he wanted to, through diplomatic channels let Netanyahu know that he is not welcome at this time. Are we the only superpower left that is trying to run the world, but is unable to put pressure on Israel?
      I agree with you, american jews must decide who are they and stop this madness.

      Kay24, I have never said that the WH is responsible for the invitation, however if Obama can instruct the russian president Putin to clear up this recent murder of a politician, (actually it is not our business or responsibility), then he should be able to put pressure on a tiny land that will not survive without US financial, diplomatic and military aid. However it takes guts and Obama has nothing to lose as his time comes to end, so why does he take this insult without a word of protest? Thinking of future lucrative speeking tours and publication, financed by jewish interests?

    • Why is he doing it?
      What a funny question or have you not noticed yet that this country is being governed from Israel? Now, this is another silly question, as we all know it!! If Obama had cojones then he could have stopped this charade.
      Although I have very little respect for politicians, any party or nation as I consider them to be nothing but prostitutes selling their services to the highest bidders, we may have the worst of them all. Ours are made with rubber backbones, they can bend with the prevailing wind in any direction, as matter of fact even backwards to pick up a few tossed bills or coins.
      You mentioned other nations, where I believe most politicians have a pride in their national heritage, although statemen became very rare and hard to find.

  • Al Jazeera publishes leaked intelligence files showing Netanyahu lied about Iranian nuclear threat
  • 'Haaretz' says Netanyahu could incite 'another political assassination' (as 'NYT' runs cutesy election coverage)
    • crone

      No, I ment exactly what I wrote! Non jewish journalists, if they dare to criticise Israel or zionism in general, are usually shot down with charges of anti-semitism. If more jews would pen anti-zionist articles, then the zionists must invent another way to shoot them down, as it is not easy to match or even surpass the power of the word "anti-semite"!!
      By the way, a few years ago I listened to an exchange of words between Gideon Levy and our own Dersh. Later I wrote an e-mail to Dersh, voicing my agreement of what Levy had said. Good old Dersh called me a wurm, an anti-semite, and I should crawl back under the stone where I came from. Just to illustrate my point above.

      On the other hand I agree with your assesment of our jounalists, since large corporations control the MSM they become simple mouthpieces and write and say what they are told to do!

    • We need more jewish journalists like Gideon Levy!!

  • Boteach and Israeli ambassador say everything from BDS to Abbas places Jews under threat
  • Closed-door debate on divestment by U of Toledo student gov't to include officials from Jewish Federation
  • Auschwitz revisited
    • As I watched the motion pictures taken 70 years ago, I got tears in my eyes, although have seen them many times before. Not even a vicious animal would do such things and anyone denying the holocaust must be an imbecile.
      It is true that Auschwitz and Treblinka were the main compounds where the nazis killed mostly jews, however they had hundreds of others all over occupied Europe, where the majority were not jews, but gypsies, christians and other religions and their numbers are much higher than the jewish lives destroyed.
      I would like to see only once that all dead will be equally mourned, not only the jewish ones, they all have the same value.

  • 'NYT' and Matthews warn that Netanyahu speech to Congress could lead US to war
    • "Obama ...... throwing every single Neocon and Neolib still in his government out...".

      If he does such thing, then he will not have much government left! They sit not only in the WH and in the different departments, but also in all other parts of his government, such as the Pentagon, NSA, FBI, in all the think tanks advising him, all the way down to the local administrations.
      I always advocated the following: as you cannot serve two lords at once, or some say you cannot dance in two weddings simultaniously, all those individuals in goverment jobs who have US/israeli citizenships must be fired immediately. Look at the example of the present israeli ambassador to the US, he is also a US citizen and previously advised the republican party in Washington. The previous ambassador was also an US citizen serving the State of Israel, and if I am correct Netanyahu also may have a US citizenship, he grew up in this country.
      Those double citizens and their supporters are nothing but a fifth collumn, their allegiance is not to the USA, but to the jewish state. Why do we allow that foreign agents run our government, congress and the most important parts of governing bodies?

      As far as the average Joe and Jane goes. This country is probably the worst educated in the western world, political discussions are forbidden in a gathering, because it may lead to a disagreement, the MSM lies to its readers. How can one expect a major movement from this people, when their only interests are where do I get a good hamburger and what comes on the TV this evening? Sure, there are a few acceptions, like the visitors to MW, however we cannot change anything until millions of americans wake up and notice that their country was stolen. Will it ever come and will we live that long?

    • "The fact is that traditional states like Iran will be among the last ....... using nuclear weapons"!

      How true! Iran is an old cultural state, going back nearly 3,000 years, and they did not attack another state during the past 200 years! Which other state can make the same statement, certainly none of the western world.

      Let them have a nuclear weapon or two, what will happen? To the north there is Russia, to the east Pakistan and India, south Israel and to the west GB, France and the USA, all having untold numbers of them. Who in his right mind would expect that Iran ever starts a nuclear conflict and face such an opposition? Noone, outside Netanyahu and a few of his cronies.
      The zionists are not really afraid of Iran using nuclear weapons, but they know that in such a case their freedom of willfully attacking arab or/oder muslim nations will come to an end, as Iran will not stand for it. Suddenly the zionist nuclear blackmail of the Samson project would lose all its angst, as both parties know that in a nuclear conflict there are no winners. Israel is small, two or three such missiles can wipe out the whole population, Iran is large and have a much better chance to survive such attacks.

      I say no state can tell another state what can they have and what not! None of the present nuclear nations have asked anyone´s permission to arm themselves, not even Israel, so we just have to let the leaders of Iran decide what they want. Nuclear weapons guaranteed an unprecedented length of peace in Europe and in the far east, perhaps that is what we need to bring peace to the ME.
      I may be wrong, nuclear proliferation means there is an increasing chance of an accidental start of war with such weapons, however we just cannot dictate our will forever to the largest power in the ME.

  • How a culture remembers its crimes is important: A review of 'American Sniper'
  • Obama won't meet Netanyahu during 'bizarre,' 'historic,' 'unprecedented' visit (Updated)
    • President Obama said many things during and before his terms, however kept very few of his promises! I will be pleased if he vetos anything coming out of congress what is not beneficial for our nation, however I certainly will not hold my breath. I simply do not trust any of the politicians and he belongs to that group of humans, so do not be surprised if he backs down again!

  • #JeSuisUnJuifBritannique
    • Keith

      "higher percentage of jews would be upset if family members married a Gentile".

      During my young days in Boston I witnessed the following two sad examples:

      1. A good friend, christian and brilliant pianist, fell in love with a jewish girl from an orthodox family. After her father found out that he is not jewish, he forbade her to see him again!!
      2. Two good friends, she irish, he jewish, lived together for decades, because both of their conservative families forbade such a marriage and they did not want to offend them.
      You also find this mentality with other religions or nationalities, italian girls must marry italians, irish only irish, catholic only catholic, chinese only chinese, etc., etc. In the USA, the so called melting spot for nationalities, that procedure is not working yet, different nationalities or religions live side by side, but mix very little, at least in the first or second generations. Even in New York City, there is a german town, a hungarian town, Chinatown, etc.

      By the way, my wife and I we are of different nationalities and religions, my christian brother married a jewish lady, we classify people as good or bad for their characters and deeds, nothing else matters.

    • Mooser, funny, however please do not invite me for a dinner when you serve such wines, not that I believe that you drink it.
      Good food requires good wine and we live only once.

    • And shortly before the attack on Charlie Hebdo three moshees were fire bombed in Paris. Do we see an organised provocation to incite twist between those two religions?
      Who would profit, Netanyahu? Remember the attacks on jews in Iran during the 1950s, commited by the Mossad to force them to immigrate to Israel?

      By the way, jewish rabbies rushed to those fires to offer their help, not a catholic priest showed up, as far as I know. Jews and moslems lived in relative peace side by side for many centuries, until the zionist showed up.

    • You find the same in all nations, this kind of mentality goes all the way down to neighbouring communities, both thinking the others are not so smart as we are.
      It is a sad human nature, we don´t like most anything about others, or how many neighbours really like eachother?

    • Yes, you find hypocracts in all religions, those who do not believe in God, but want to be sure just in case.
      John Hopkins University in Baltimore did a long research on a possible jewish gen, yet found none, meaning the so called jews come from many different groups of peoples and the only common dominator among them is the religion. For a so called jew, who is not religious, but insist that his son marries a jewish woman, who also may be an atheist, this wish is a hypocracy at the highest level.
      According to many there is no such thing as a jewish nation or race, just like there is no such thing as a catholic, islamic or buddhist race or nation, they are simply religions, its members come from different nations and races.
      My question is: can a person who comes from an atheist catholic family, he being also an atheist, can say that I am a catholic? The catholic church say NO!
      For me a religion has the same value as which club do you belong to, or do you prefer white wine or red wine. Personal choice, nothing else, and I would never chose my friends on the base of their choice of wine!

  • It's not the cartoons-- a contrarian perspective from a Muslim cartoonist
    • And our indecent and corrupt leaders, many of them from dictatorships and a neo-colonial country, use the death of those unfortunate people to show how united in their sorrow are.
      We all saw on TV and newspapers the line of them marching in front of supposedly hundreds of thousands of demonstrators. In the middle first Sarkozy, then in the very same place suddenly Netanyahu!
      Very impressive, however new photoes appeared in the internet showing that it is nothing but a bluff, a setup, as behind that group of politicians, their personal and guards THERE IS NOTHING; BUT EMPTY STREET AND SPACE!!!!

  • When blasphemy is bigotry: The need to recognise historical trauma when discussing Charlie Hebdo
    • I agree with Chloe in her assesment that what may be legal according to prevailing laws, may not be ethical on moral gounds, and ethics, (or true religion, if you prefer), is more important for a society than rigid laws.
      In my simple opinion ethics are the same as what religions usually try to install in us, without that superduper being in the sky and all that mambo-jumbo of rewards or punishments after death. I do to you what I wish you do to me is rule enough for a decent life.

    • Charlie Hebdo is on the right road to success! Their new sponsors invested millions to save the magazine and with a publication of 5 million copies this week it was a great investment, as on e-bay there are small fortunes offered for a copy of good old charlie.

      I agree with most of above and France can look ahead to the same curtailment of freedom as we in the USA experienced after 9/11. Germany already have a new anti-terror law, whatever it may mean, and I am sure other countries of the EU will follow the lead. Someone said once that "Democracy is lost on the ignorants" and I am curious how the french will react to any tightening on their rights. Americans did not complain at all, a nation of sheeple.

  • Why I am not Charlie
    • " Are christians worried about being herded into Progressive concentration camps?"

      During history it happened many times, although with less propaganda afterwards.
      Around 1914 the turks marched christian armeniens through the desert without sufficient water or food and so killed about 1.5 million of them.
      Russian communists sent a lot more christians into gulags without any cause, tens of millions died between 1917 and 1945.
      Even the nazis locked up christian priest, ministers and others who did not agree with their takeover as early as 1933, before they turned to the jews, and in those concentration camps there were also millions of christians.
      Not to forget the romans who loved to crucify the early christians, or the barbarians in Europe who had for them fine methods to die.
      As you see, no religion is safe when their enemies are in power.

    • I believe in freedom of speech, however I also believe in respect of others and good manners! My freedom of opinion and speech is limited to the point where it intrudes on the rights of others and is insulting to a great number of humans or a religion.
      The caricaturists of Charlie Hebda had ample warnings that what they do will eventually lead to violent reactions. Their offices were burned down during 2011 and several of them were since under police protection, yet they disregarded all signs of warning and now paid with their lives. This should also be a warning to all of us, the century of surpression and humiliation of arabs is coming to a screeching halt, they fight back.

      This hypocracy turns my stomuck! It is sad that over 20 people had to pay with their lives for what a few irresponsible journalist did, however we the west with Israel kill that many of them every day or two. Where is the outrage over those killings?

      We do not have to limit our observation to Charlie, the MSM does the same practically every single day with negative reports and remarks on the muslims. It seems there are only bad muslims and only a dead muslim is a good muslim. The same song we had for the american natives. Perhaps it is time we deal with that part of the world eye to eye and stop bombing their cities and do not support their dictators and despots. What is good for us should also be good for them!

  • The moral hysteria of Je suis charlie
    • If the following is known by the MW crowd? The son of ex-president Sarkozy married a rich young jewish heiress, one of the journalists at Hebdo wrote a satirical article about this event. The author was requested to withdraw it and to appologize, he refused with the words: " I would rather lose my balls"! (It would have been no great loss, as he was 80 years old already)!
      Consequently the magazine fired him!

      So much for the freedom of press at that publication.
      The present prime minister Vail, when he was the interior minister cancelled all shows of a french-arab comedians known for his anti-semitic jokes. So the great republic of France, the source of liberté, egualité and fraternité, have different versions for free speech and all these marches are organised hypocracy, great for the otherwise blank faced politicians of that country and the rest of Europe.

    • The EU has many serious problems, very high unemployement and the states have spent more money than they should, and what do their heads of government do ? They all march to Paris to join the flashmob celebrating the death of 20 human beings. I must wonder how many millions of euro does this "show of solidarity" costs and could it not be put to a better use?

      Newspapers and magazines overdo eachother with anti-moslem headlines, looking for a larger than normal sales, TV talk shows twist history to fit their stories and all of them warn of coming islamic terror without bothering to name the cause. The roots of this is the wars we fought on islamic lands, the killing of hundreds of thousands of their women and children, our support for their despots and dictators and the hopelessness of millions.

      To Charlie Hebda I must say the following: if you tease and torment a dog until it bites you, then you have no rights to call it a vicious dog! We radicalized the islamic world and they play this game not to our standards.

  • Don't let's go to the war of civilizations again
    • DoubleStandard

      I suggest you read the Talmud once more, it seems you missed the best parts about jewish violence. Like when Joshua conquered the land, he killed all inhabitants of those city-states, that means men, women and children, so he will not have to fight them again. Kind of reminds us of the wars in Gaza. Or Esther.

      Talmud also tells us that having sex with a 3 years old is not a sin, (boy or girl), goyims are here to serve the jews, in front of a jewish court always the jew must win, regardless who is right and killing a goy is also not a sin!
      I also must refute your observation of christianity. That religion was spread with utmost violence, millions had to die if not converted. Even today we have millions of christians killing eachother, (the irish civil war or the 50 million born again US evangelists), or in the past, (the 30 years war in Europe, etc.).
      I must admit jews had the least religious bloodlettings, however I base that on their relatively low numbers and on the facts that they never were in power during the past 2,000 years until Israel was established. Once in power they do exactly what the christians and moslems did for centuries, namely waging war after war. Perhaps if we want to have peace we must eliminate all three Abrahamic religions and send all their holy men to the gulags.

  • Is Abbas’ war crimes bid against Israel a big bluff?
    • "the PA is something other than a Quisling operation".

      Exactly my opinion, the PA is a group of paid comedians, Quislings to their nation, who sing and dance to the tune given to them by Israel and/or the USA. I have watched for years their tactics and could not detect any serious movement that would bring that nation an inch closed to their freedom!
      Israel made it impossible to have a two state solution, so the only way is a one state called Palestine where all have the same rights and the laws are not based on old antiquated religious books, but on modern democratic laws. Demographic developments will kill any dream of a jewish state, as the palestinians have a much higher rate of birth that eventually guarantee them a majority. At that time Israel will have either a South African type of society, where the jews depress the majority with military might, or comes the inevitable takeover of power by the arab majority. Not an Eretz Israel, not what Ben Gurion and consequent israeli leaders dreamed of, but hopefully a free and democratic Palestina.

  • Dershowitz story is also an Israel story
    • Now, this is really juicy!!!
      The Scotland Yard and the MI5 have their hands always full to cover up all the doings of the british royal family. The brits would do a great service to their country if they follow the french example and make that whole family a head shorter!

  • State Dep't threatens aid to Palestinians over ICC, but holds out no consequences for Israel's settlements
    • Holy moley, yes I miss Walther Matthau!

    • JWalters

      Thank you for pointing out where I may have heard above statement about the ME Section. It sounds almost word by word what I wrote, so it must be true!

      Good 50 years ago I worked with our military counterintelligence in Europe and my team captured two female communist spies from the east. Normally we interogated them and eventually turned them over to the germans, however not this time, because one of them was jewish. After a short interogation Mossad agent showed up and she was turned over to them and they all left for Israel. So as you see, it is not new that we buckle down to zionist interests, that woman may have ended up in the USA and spied on us.

    • I remember reading a report of a journalist years ago, who visited the State Department, section Middle East, that is covering countries like Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, etc.
      According to him there he saw only jewish employees, not one with an arabic name, the walls were covered with flags of Israel, pictures of israeli politicians and the Wailing Wall, signs to visit Israel, etc.
      Who with a sound mind believes that from that office a balanced policy toward those countries is practiced? They are a part of the israeli government, paid by us US taxpayers, who further every wish coming out Tel Aviv. (I refuse to name Jerusalem as the capital of Israel). We can expect a different and balanced policy toward those countries only when we remove all zionists, persons with israeli citizenship and paid off agents not only from the DoS, but all sections of the US government, intelligence services and the military.

  • Leading rabbi tells Arab ambassador not to 'shlep' Kerry's view of Palestine into discussion of religion and terrorism
    • Schleppen: a german verb, meaning to drag, haul, tow, carry and lug.
      I love those yidish words, like "gefillte fisch", it means stuffed fish.

    • seanmcbride

      "All three major streams of Abrahamic tradition - Judaism/Zionism, Christianity and Islam...."

      I presume here you mean religions, however Zionism is not a religion, but a political movement, and has little or nothing to do with Judaism, they use the religion to further their agenda! Most jewish zionist are atheists, and hang on, there are millions of christian zionists who will do everything to support the state of Israel, like the ca. 50 million american born again evangelicals waiting for the rapture. You find similar groups in other christian countries, if not in that number.
      Both the christians and the moslems used warfare and mass killings to expand their religions to the so called "non-believers", zionists do the same, but for land and natural resources, not for spreading the jewish faith. They want it now, not hereafter!

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  • 'Desperate' Senator Graham promises 'violent backlash' by Congress if Palestinians go to UN
    • "Wow, Israel dropped tons and tons of bombs on Gaza and managed to kill nobody!"

      Those were our latest smart bombs, especially produced for the most moral army of this word, the IDF! They can drop it from any height, the bombs are calculated to avoid hitting a building or a group of human beings, they are used only to scare, but not to maim or kill.
      We use the same bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan, however since our military does not qualify as a most moral army, they are calibrated to hit targets.
      Yes, we have a lot to learn in politics.

  • 'Israel is becoming an isolated ghetto,' says Amos Oz
    • One has to be really naive to believe that if labor will be elected there will be another israeli policy! If you look back all the way to 1948, the policies were always the same regardless who were in power. The rhetoric may differ, the deeds are similar, or who looked over the 2008 Gaza massaker, was she not Livni, the labor darling?

  • You're on a roll, Mr. President, so abstain from vetoing the Palestinian bid to the UN Security Council
    • I would be most surprised if the USA will not veto any resolution that is against any goals of zionism and a free Palestina certainly is not in the plans of Tel Aviv.
      Abstention is a cowardly way to sneak out of a responsibility, leaving decisions, right or wrong, to the others. They can later always say, I had nothing to do with it! If the USA politicians would ever look further out in the future than the tip of their noses, then they could see that a zionist Israel has not much of a future, so why support it until the very grave?
      My personal solution would be a single state Palestina, where all citizens could live with the same rights, free elections and the return of all NAKBA refugees. In the USA we also have a slowly changing picture of the population, the WASPs will be in a minority sooner or later, so the jews just have to be satisfied with a palestinian majority.

  • Obama took on the Cuba lobby-- when will he take on the Israel lobby?
    • According to information I have there were a secret negotiations between the USA and Cuba since a year, so Obama did not take any chances. I dare to say that well over 50% of the educated americans are tired of this constant hate against that poor nation and we know that with sanctions you will never accomplish anything. It did not work against Cuba, nor against Iraq, Iran or presently against Russia. It is a two edged sword, both parties will suffer and it just creates hate against our nation. The russians do not blame Putin, they blame the west, especially the USA, and right so.
      As far as the israeli lobby, there one should not expect much. His WH is full of zionists, his greatest donations came from GoldmanSachs, and in Chicago his first supporters were mostly jewish lawyers and businessmen. Even a dog will not bite the hand that feeds him and I sure he has great plans after 2016, such as publishing books, speaking invitations, etc.

  • Jordanian-Palestinian resolution to the UN Security Council gives US and Israel wiggle room
    • Jordan received a few million dollars from the USA and now throws smoke granades to confuse the issues. As I heard, France also decided to take a step backwards and lets the USA to issue their plans first, that means another watered down declaration without any meat to it.

      Israel is an occupier and war criminal and an oppressed nation doesn´t have to negotiate for its freedom, it can demand a withdrawal from all its territories. Israel wants to keep the choiciest real estate in exchange for worthless sand in the desert. What about the 500,000 aggressive settlers, who attack palestinians every day? They must leave, otherwise there is no chance for an independent Palestina, so when will they leave and where can they settle down? Palestina needs the return of its refugees, they must have the right to come home.
      Just a few of the many important subject.

      As long as there are no definate dates and agreements on such questions, this piece of paper has the same value as the one from Oslo and a few other ones. Israel can continue to ignore it, stay in the west bank and who can or will force them out? Israel must draw back from the west bank and other occupied areas in Syria and Lebanon in 2015, pushing this date further into the future only expands the suffering of those poor peoples.

  • As Kerry and UN press on occupation, Netanyahu sees a 'diplomatic assault'
    • This is the 99th, or 199th, act of the same show. The US government is flip-flopping between leaning on Israel and then getting scared of its own courage, if you can call it that.
      As long as the palestinians don´t get rid of their present quisling leaders Erekat and Abbas, who were bought a long time ago, nothing really changes in occupied Palestina.
      In less than two years we have elections again, the hopeful politicians are looking for financial support, they have offers, however before the elections they must visit Israel to pledge their support and to receive instructions! Does anyone seriously believe these people will have other policies toward Israel?

  • Why Israel's Jewish nationality bill is a big deal
    • I really enjoy this spirited and witty contest of words on jewish values and history, it reminds me of the following little story.
      Three men were positioned near an elephant, one front of him, one behind and one on the side, and were asked to report their impressions. They describe the same animal, they were all correct, but what a difference their stories made!
      Politics are the dirtiest business in this world, the mafia could learn a few things in Tel Aviv and Washington, or in London, Paris, etc. Give me a few speeches of a politician and by taking excerpts I can make him a national hero or a traitor to his land!
      Going back to Israel, it was half way democratic and had a social face until the two million soviet jews arrived, (a good third of them were not even jewish, but Israel needed the headcount, therefore welcomed), bringing with them the soviet system of occupation, surpression and arrogance. The results are what we see today, a small replica of the good old UdSSR!!!

  • Liberal Zionists seek to strip Naftali Bennett of freedom to travel in hope of saving two-state solution
    • Mooser

      As we know, Israel has no declared borders at this time, they still consider the ones God gave them, according to the Torah. He must have been the biggest real estate broker in the history of mankind!

  • Saban confronts Bennett: 'Are you willing to cut commercial ties with Europe?'
    • Hitler and his nazi crazies must be smiling in their graves, if such thing is possible in the here after. His work is now done by crazy zionist jews, who do everything to damage, and even destroy, the jewish values and civilisation.
      Bennett must be totally crazy! Europe supported up to now if not all, but most of the tactics of the various israeli regimes, however he must see the signs of a fast coming change. Sweden recoignised the state of Palestina, in France, with the highest jewish population, anti-semitic attacks and riots increased in numbers so much, that the government had to step in, although it is sworn to neutrality, same as the USA. In Germany a young man gets beaten up, because of his cappy and so further all over Europe. If it comes to another anti-semitic area, then the ones responsible for it are all sitting in Israel.

  • Rep. Israel endorses speech saying Europe failed Jewish people in 40s and is 'failing us again today'
    • Once, 2,000 years ago, there was one, however nowdays there is no such thing as the jewish nation. How can they say that, after 2,000 years of wandering, getting raped and killed, marrying other groups, having converts to judaism from such nations as the khasars, supposedly the biggest not hebrew origine percentage of jews today.
      Jewish nation was invented by the zionists to be able to claim Palestina as their "home land", given to them by not less than God itself. Since the greatest part of the zionists are atheists, it can be very confusing when they claim God as their benefactor, a figur that according to their beliefs do not exist.

  • British MPs call for concrete action to sanction Israel
    • When the first time I have seen that speach of Sir Kaufmann I was most impressed, because I can imagine how much pressure from the local zionist community he must withstand!
      If only we not jews could muster the same courage and face up to those congressmen and senators in Washington, who long forgot who in the first place sent them there.

    • DaBakr

      Most of my life I worked in the life insurance business and I am also a registered financial adviser and let me tell you the following; for such a small minority the jews sure have a large presence in those two businesses!

    • I stopped believing in that great father sitting on the clouds, little red ridinghood and the good in any politician a long time ago, therefore I say what the man from MO did: "you told me, now show it to me". In the USA, GB and Canada all politicians are controlled more or less by the zionist interest, so this may be just a shadow boxing for the crowd.
      Sweden recoignised Palestina, should GB do the same then I say bravo, but not before.

  • Israel has always been crazy
    • One of the problems Israel has is that it has just too many political parties in the Knesset and the government. An european system of any party not having at least 5% of the votes will not have seats in the parlament should work wonders on the political scene.
      Abbas is a bought and paid for quisling, he will never risk the 30 silver pieces by going against the interests of the occupiers and their bosses in Washington. Although his term as elected president of the palestinians expired 8 years ago, he is still fast in the saddle and will not risk a new election.

  • Amid fierce debate, members of German think tank take a stand on Gaza
    • My sympathy, Lefty. 90% of the germans are either born after WWII or were too young to be responsible for any deeds against the jews. What I find in this land is that the people doesn´t know what civil courage is, they complain at home or at the "stammtisch", but have no guts to stand up to their politicians. Other nations, like the italians, french or greeks have huge demonstrations to fight for their rights, have you ever seen one in Germany?
      In my opinion the jews at MW fight more for the rights of the palestinians than all the german press together. The politicians, forget them, just a critic of the zionist Israel may end their career, the Jewish Central Committee brings out and swings the huge holocaust hammer!

  • Rabbi slams 'militarization' in St. Louis but when it comes to Gaza-- the press 'loves underdog and suffering'
    • To follow up on rabbi Talve, probably the israelis and the Hamas got together before the bombing started to discuss how many dead and how much damage would fit the needs of Hamas.
      The main reason for Israel to hang on to Gaza is gas! Offshore there are huge deposits of natural gas und Israel wants to have all of it, without having to split with the people of Gaza, so I cannot see in the near future freedom for those poor people.

  • Israel got tank shell that killed 20 at UN school from US without Obama's approval -- WSJ bombshell
    • In Israel there are huge stock piles of US weapons of all kinds in case we have another major war in the ME, so it will not take a Houdini to get for the IDF what they need or want. I presume they all are under israeli control and the WH will never know if a few tons are removed. We are just a very sorry world power, Humpy-Dumpy without much brain!

  • Moshe Feiglin's vision of liberating Gaza by driving Palestinians into the Sinai --Updated
  • Crisis in Rafah: Palestinian civilians trapped trying to escape Israeli onslaught (Updated)
    • ezra
      What kind of truce is, wenn one party is allowed to continue with destroying the defenses of the other, the tunnels, while the second one must stand still? This was construed by zionist influenced individuals in Washington, to allow Israel unhindered access to its claimed aims. Came the truce plan from AIPAC or direct from Mossad?

  • 'We’re Like Toys for Them': Young Gazans speak about Operation Protective Edge
    • Following the events in Israel/Palestine one gets the impression that neither side really wants peace. Israeli settlers, about 600,000 of them now, will never except a return of the west bank to a palestinian state, radical elements with the palestinians trive on a war like situation. Arabs shout: " kill all jews". jews shout and write on the walls: "kill all arabs"! How can the world expect that these two ever settle in peace, meanwhile millions on both side suffer, the ones without power to stop this madness.
      Netanyahu and his compatriots doesn´t want peace and do everything to sabotage any move that could lead to it. We still do not know for sure who killed the three young israelis, the Hamas denies it, however burning alive a young palestinian in revenge is more than barbaric. One should remember the Lavon affair in 1954 or the attack on the SS Liberty in 1967 to realize that Israel will attack and kill even its closest friends and allies if it furthers its aims.
      In my opinion the only way we will ever have peace in the ME is when the west stops all support for Israel, political, military and financial and forces it to return to its borders of 1967, taking all settlers with him. Hamas is a brainchild of Israel, they promoted it to split the palestinian defenses against the colonial occupation and surpression, an old trick, divide and conquer. This organisation, under other political situation, would be called freedomfighters, like the french, italian, soviet or yugoslav partisans who fought the nazi invaders.

  • Is the U.S. quietly imposing travel sanctions on Israeli officials?
    • I know that MW wants to concentrate on the Israel/Palestina issue, however there are more urgent events in the world.

      The takeover of the government in Kiew by non-elected nazis and ultra right elements, they provide 3 ministers and the head prosecutor, should ring alarm bells in a jewish blog, and the annexation of the Krim by Russia is returning us to the days of the cold war, when a nervous idiot could have started a world war.
      With the sanctions of the USA and EU we are pouring oil on the already hot situation, and if we know Putin, he will not back off. Obama feels that his time is getting short and want to show how he can master a dangerous situation. The only problem is, the west miscalculate Putin, he will not budge an inch.
      Ukraine is not a member in the EU or NATO, so can we risk a serious confrontation by putting our noses into that affair? Historically speaking the Krim belongs to Russia since 1783, Sevastopol is their most important naval base since that date, so in the opinion of many educated person they should have the peninsula. After all, good 60-70% of the population are ethnic russians.

  • Netanyahu seems to put Hitler mustache on Angela Merkel
    • Being fortunate to be fluent both in english and german, I had to notice that the translator did differ from what Merkel said. It is very usual and it bothers me, because sometimes it leads to great misunderstandings.
      Merkel´s face talks a whole story, and I would like to warn Bibi, she is not a pushover like our great leaders in Washington are. She may just decide to take the last two submarines, that Germany gave to Israel, back with her.

  • Meet the Jewish students who are taking on the Jewish establishment
    • Thanks, Light, I am showing my age.
      During 1960 or 1961 I dated one lovely student from Vassar.

    • Could someone explain what is a "jewish identity"? Belonging to that religion? Since there is no such thing as a jewish nation, a jew from Poland have very little or nothing in common with one from Marocco, what other cathegory can be used? Benjamin Freeman, an american jew, accused during the 1960s other jews that they are to 80% nothing, but converted khasars. So if they have nothing else in common then it must be the religion!
      The problem is, that great number of them are not religious and have never seen the inside of a synagoge in their adult life. A catholic is not a catholic if he doesn´t belong to the church.
      Perhaps Krauss can enlighten us on this subject.

    • hophmi

      Do you think we also should have a catholic group, a methodist group, a baptist group, a moslem group, a hindu group and a hundred other such groups? In my opinion dislikes of jews may originate from the facts, that they always separate themselves from their fellow citizens and that may bother certain individuals or groups. Over the history of mankind we were though to dislike other nations or religions and very few can free themselves from that curse. Can you?

    • Excuse my ignorance, however I always though that Vassar is an all female college? In that case I wonder what Henry is doing there, or was there a change?

  • 'Haaretz' analyst says surging BDS movement may be contributing to falling shekel
    • Shach

      I used to read your comments in another blog and this one makes as much sense as most of them. Very little to me. You take all the ingredients from a cooking book and try to use them to make a single dish, however it just doesn´t work.

      Hungary never was part of the old SU, just to point out one mistake, however was occupied by them for 45 years. I let all others slide, no sense to list them. Apropos, I have 45 years experience to show people how to make $5,000 out of $10,000 in a short time, if you know what I mean?

  • After all that buildup-- SodaStream ad was flat
    • This comment is written with a grain of salt, because last time we owned an israeli stock was about 20 years ago and that investment turned out to be a bummer. The information on the stock was cooked and totally false.

      With that experience in mind, if the information on SodaStream is correct, then the stock is a buy at $35-36. The high during the past 12 months was around $76, also the stock lost over 50% in a short time, in my opinion mainly due to the BDS campaign against it. That will eventually go away and the stock has a possible gain of up to 50% in a year or two, however there are a lot of ifs.
      I would suggest it only to those who have a great faith in the future of Israel and want to participate in a small way. Others better stay with US stocks.

  • SodaStream flap educates Americans about the illegal settlement project
  • Rep. Grimm threatens to throw reporter off Rotunda balcony
    • And the fifth column inside the country grows and grows, we must wonder if any of our politicians is still without a zionist backing and obligation.
      All those traitors in Washington should read up on the history of WWII and what happened to the collaborators at the end of the war.
      History likes to repeat itself.

  • De Blasio's leftwing base is enraged by AIPAC moment
    • RoHa

      When will Australia become totally independent and shake off the british chains. As long as a foreign citizens, the queen, is the head of your state, you are not really free. The same goes for Canada and New Zealand.

    • Daniel

      History is always written by the victors and if you read the history of WWII from american or russian writers you will see great differences. The truth may lie someplace in the middle. On the other hand germans and a few other western historians write a much different story, not as pleasing to american and british readers.
      Once I read in a rather dependable source that what you see and read online, to 80% either totally or partially untrue, that means you have 4:1 chance to get and spread wrong information when quoting such sources.
      This is to back up your statement on history taught in schools.

  • 'I will not uproot a single Israeli' settler, Netanyahu says, and Washington Post backs him up
    • By the way, I did not read most of the articles you quoted, because my time is limited and I participate in several blogs in four different countries!!!
      Since for months MW deletes most of my comments, regardless how carefully written, it became to me less important to participate. I read one or two articles, but than move to someplace else where my comments are more appreciated.

    • Hallo Annie

      Thank you for a really long reply, I am sure I don´t deserve that much attention.

      I was not specifically referring to this article, but to the average tone of writings both by the MW stuff and the commentators. Please read the title carefully, to a person less educated than you are it sounds like:
      " and the WP backs him up!!!" Really, how dare they, however it may only be my impression? It seems there is another comment on this title.

      You have a lot of back patting in this blog, however a good political discussion lives from different views, it becomes boring if they all agree on everything. You can thank the israeli or zionist bloggers, who bring a lot of spice into the discussions, even if they are usually wrong and off their rockers. I personally don´t even count my remark as a critic, only an impression on me. If you write a blog you cannot have a very thin skin, because you will also have critic voiced, as usual in the press business, you should read a few other blogs and the comments they get.

      Your reaction is way overdone, if you tell everyone to go someplace else when they voice the slightest critic, then you may end up with very few people who sing the same song in a well organised chorus.

    • I find rather interesting that writers at MW constantly seem to be surprised by the facts that the NYT or the WP underwrite or support zionist goals both in Israel and at home.
      It is well known that both newspapers, among many others, are jewish owned and managed, and if you look at the names of most major journalists writing for them, they are also jewish.
      Would it be just as surprising if catholic journalists with names like Monteverdi or Puccini in Rome would support the politic of the Vatican?
      It is very difficult to go against ideas that was instalt into one of us from the very beginning of life, a few are able to break the chains, however most will never muster the strenght it takes to do it.

  • Canadian pols' pandering to Israel is even more clownish than US pols, but at least they do it on camera
    • Taxi

      I live in Europe since decades and find very little "love" of Israel if you contact the average person, a no issue is a more proper statement. The political cast hangs on, because they want the support of the financially well stocked jewish groups and associations, (see the USA), or in case of Germany and Austria, they are under the constant pressure or even blackmail by the ever present jewish central committe.
      Here we should not confuse Israel with the jews, as contrary to the ever ringing alarm of zionists over new anti-semitism, there is none to talk about. Sure, you may find a few individuals, however there is a much greater anti-islam phobia and that flame is fanned by jewish sources.

    • Harper was not in Israel as a private person, but as the ministerpresident of his country, therefore he certainly should control his private adoration. Religious sentimentalism should not be the tenor of his visit, but cool political talks, benefiting the country he represents.
      If Canada wants religious ties with Israel, they should send a bishop.

  • An open letter to Stephen Harper, agent of colonialism, injustice and hypocrisy
    • Simple reason: "the enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine"!

    • The movement of human beings from one place to another is as old as the history of this race, however there is a great difference between moving to a territory of another nation to live with them and perhaps become one of them or to subjugate them, steal their land and chase them from their thousand years old home!!
      Mr. Chabaan did the first version, the zionist colonists in Israel did the second, therefore your critic on him is unjust.

  • Jon Stewart plays 'Let's break a deal' with AIPAC
    • Jon Steward always ticles my funnybone and I find him funnnnnnny!
      In my opinion he reaches more people with his funny way to present a situation than a "non jew" who may just bore his listenners to death, therefore I welcome all jews who have the guts to displease Israel and its agents and vassals in the USA!

  • Europeans with 'no legitimate claim' to America wiped out indigenous people -- 'totally different' from Israel (Harris)
    • Right, Annie

      And just think the spriritual connection to the Vatican in Rome by all those roman catholics in Africa, South America and Asia, according to yonah they all could move to Rome and throw out the locals who lived there a few thousand years.
      Since great percentage of jews have ansolutly no genetic connection to the original hebrew tribes, some say as high as 80-90%, the israelis have just as much right to Palestina as those above mentioned catholics to Rome.

  • Scarlett Johansson watch: SodaStream stock plunges
    • Shalom, Hophmi

      "What is the sense to keep repeating irgun, irgun, irgun?"
      Exactly the same as repeating holocaust, holocaust, holocaust!
      Or Hitler, nazis, Hitler, nazis.
      To make a point!

  • Thug
    • Easy, he counted all of them!
      Yesterday I visited the local jewish community center, it has several hundred members, and did not hear one single negative remark about Sharon, but a lot of praise, so yrn may just be right with his assumption.

  • On House floor, Gohmert says Blumenthal is anti-Semitic Jew who'd welcome another Holocaust
    • Just tell the same to those people on the pacific islands whose lands are vanishing in the waters, or the ice bears who will be starving soon, not to discount the glaciers melting all over the world.
      Making such a statement about global warming is like saying water is not really wet! Just keep counting the ever growing number and strenth of hurricanes and tornadoes, watch the rising level of seas caused by the melting of snow and ice on both pols, and if you live long enough you will be convinced. In Greenland, where 30 years ago there was a 10 feet iceshelf, today they grow potatoes!! Naturally all those have nothing to to with the climate change!

    • Probably one of those born again christians who clutch in one hand their Bible while with the other shoot doctors who perform abortions on the needy.
      The Air Force Academy in Colorado is totally in the hands of such people, so we must be careful whom our pilots will bomb in the future. It is pitiful how our nation is sliding toward a control by fanatical religious groups.

  • Chilean soccer team puts Palestine front and center
    • Palestine identity before 1964?
      Just look at old 2,000 years old maps of the romans and greeks, you will see Palestine the same place it is today, a bit earlier than 1964.
      Since when do we have Israel on the map?

  • U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv shuts down after tens of thousands of Africans asylum seekers protest
    • So again, the US embassy had to shut down, it seems it becomes a regular procedure, not only in moslem lands, but now at our best friends, the shining democracy in the ME!
      Perhaps the palestinians watch this and grow cojones and join the fun, putting real pressure on Niniyahoo, ringing in the last round of this shameful farce we so dearly support.

      Allison, great job and keep it up!!

  • JNF on why blue box has no green line: 'This doesn’t say this is a map of Israel'
    • Lefty

      Ein gutes neues jahr wünsche ich!
      Yes, it is mindbogging how often in MW the discussion turns into hair splitting on rather unimportant subjects. It is a very good way to confuse the subject until people forget the real purpose of the discussion, you can observe it on major international debates, like the war in Syria or the Iran blockade.

  • What Would Jesus Do (on his birthday in Jerusalem)?
    • During my travels I have visited mosques in Istambul and Kaiouran, (it being the third holiest to the moslems), the world´s second largest synagoge in Budapest, St.Peter´s Dom and other old churches in Rome, Firenze, London, etc. Also pagodas and buddhist temples in Asia, to see the culture of those peoples.
      Jews visiting christian churches during Christmas should not raise any eyebrows at all.

    • In my opinion Jesus would say the following: Since I am only an invention I have no birthday, however I am ashamed of all those crimes done in my name!
      I am particularly ashamed of those churches, that although carry my and preach in my name, do not follow those commendments they supposedly live by. The oldest one, the roman catholic church, always prostituted itself to gain power and earthly fortunes, blessed the weapons used to kill other christians, preached hate against other christian churches and forbade marriages between different christians faithfuls.
      Where were all those christian churches when during WWII millions were massacred because of their faith, ethnicity, political belief, etc.?

      Coming from an orthodox catholic family I wonder how intelligent and well educated persons still can believe those fairy tales, myths and outright lies, and discuss the merits of the Torah or the Bible.
      Might as well do the same with the tales of the Grimm Brothers or Christian Andersen, among others, who also wrote beautiful stories, full of wisdom and kindness, where the good usually wins and the bad will be punished. In all religions I know of the bad and the aggressive wins, the good is usually sidelined and used for others to follow.

  • A Palestinian messenger
    • Walid

      I admire your faith in the impossible, but remember in real life there are no wonders!! Abbas is a pudgy butterball without any backbone and courage, he certainly will not risk losing the support of his present donors. The palestinians desperatly need a new set of politicians, however I do not see anyone on the horizon, they are all in israeli jails.

  • A Jewish Christmas message to the unsaved world
    • Walid

      I have read many times that without the catholic church the western humanity probably would be a century or more ahead of our standing today.
      A thousand years ago in today´s Spain and Portugal the arabs had a very high culture, mathematic, astronomy and medical sciences were the best in the world, arabs, christians and jews lived peacefully side by side, and countless precious books were written on those subjects. After the christians conquered and chased away the arabs, many of those books were either burned on the order of the Vatican or simply vanished in its vaults, sending the continent back to the dark middle ages.
      During the inquisition anyone who tried to speak up against the doctrine of Rome, were either burned or silenced with treaths, see Galileo.

      Why do we need an organised religion to do good, ethic and education will do just as well?! Looking at the 50 million or so born against christian and their preachers who get filthy rich on them makes anyone a non-believer. They shoot doctors who perform abortions. How many wars did we have on religious grounds, where the Vatican did not want to lose any of its influance or wanted to extend it? The Crusades, the 15, 30 and 100 years war in Europe, the subjugation of middle and south America, etc., etc. Religion always was a tool to subjugate the poor, scaring them to obediance. Priests, bishops, rabbies, mullahs, etc. enjoyed privilages from the rulers for keeping the masses in obediance, they did a better job than all the sercet police combined.

      Supposedly God is everywhere, so why must the believers go regularly to the church, synagoge or moshee, they could talk to him at home? They must come to pay an obolus to the clergy and be kept in line, this applies most to the wandering jews, who were kept in line 2,000 years long by their rabbies.

    • Prof. Ellis

      The christian religion is nothing, but a sect that distanced itself from the main judaism and grew into a huge religious community, and the same goes for the protestanism, methodists, etc., who did the same to the catholic church, they all are a piece of the same cake.

      You mention "anti-semitism" in Handel´s Messias and you are probably correct, the two churches are fighting eachother for almost 2,000 years. To be fair, you will not find too many synagoges where the rabbi have positive words for the christians.
      All you have to do is to read the Talmud and see what that, to you holly, book says about us goyims, I withhold the urge to quote any of it.

      Religions, all of them, did more bad than good to us humans, therefore desolving them would be a positive step toward a peaceful coexistance between us. Since there is no such thing as a jewish nation, not even a christian one, we should limit our faithfulness to the land where we are born in or are citizens of and remember that we all came from the same place a few hundred thousand years ago.

      Wishing you a great Holiday Season, whatever is your reason to celebrate it.

  • John Kerry's framework proposal sets the stage for the ‘Gazafication’ of the West Bank
    • Every dictator, occupier or colonial power always finds a few quislings who are willing and able to sell out the interests of their fellow citizens, and I always considered Abbas and his group in power to be just that! Quislings.

      Should they ever agree to such an infamour act of turning the WB into a swiss cheese type of territory, we certainly cannot speak of a state, then it is up to the people of Palestina to deal them the same award the people of norway did to their own Quisling. Ropes are better than bullets, as you can use them again, and again....
      Bullets are for the brave, ropes for traitors and criminals!

  • 'Foreign Policy' blames AIPAC for warmongering Iran bill, but Maddow won't tell you that
    • pabelmont

      You should not worry about a refusal from her, according to unreliable tongues she likes to be called cute, but only from her own genre.

  • It sure pays to support Israel!
    • OlegR

      We should also not forget that those charity organisations receive tax deductible donation, so all americans contribute to the huge salaries paid by them, by forfeiting on taxes due!!

  • After attending Mandela's memorial, Knesset member's blood rejected in gov't drive because she is African
  • Israel apologists attempted to discredit Mandela with false Israel apartheid quote
    • If Mandela did not accuse Israel of being an apartheid regime, then he should have done it!! It was true then and it is still true.
      Rest in peace Mr. Mandela, our own president could learn a lot from you.

  • Israeli ambassador's present to Obama -- settlement cufflinks!
    • Regardless how delicious the soup may be, there is always one who tries to find that proverbal hair in it!!

    • I have read several articles on the findings of ISRAELI scientists and archeologists, digging since good 30 years to find traces of jewish history, as described in the Torah and Talmud.

      They could not find any trace of the capital of David, who supposedly had a huge army of 30,000 soldiers! No trace at all and they conclude that the story of king David is just an invention.
      The original great temple was not in Jerusalem, but in a city north of it, ( I just cannot remember the name of it), and first it was destroyed by the invading assyrers, then later by an army led by the priest from Jerusalem to destroy any trace of that culture. Supposedly the temple in Jerusalem at that times was just a shack.

      The same scientists seriously doubted if there ever was a Moses, the crossing of the Read Sea, the egyptian slavery, etc. According to them the only real jews are the samatarians, about 1,500 of them still live in Israel, because their religion forbids a marriage to non jews. Others, who left the land, mixed with other nations or who are converts are not real jews!!! If we follow their reasoning, then there are only about 1,500 people in that area who can call themselves the children of the original tribe!

      I just noticed that alfa down below did a better job to comment on the jewish history.

  • Et tu, Bill?
    • piotr

      The USA is the only superpower on this globe, at least up to now, and the kind hand that feeds and protects you.
      Israel is a fly .... on the map, not the same class, mind you.

    • The threat with the suitcase bomb is simply ridiculous!
      After the collaps of the SU there are so many nuclear warheads gone missing, that if Iran wanted to hit the USA, they could long have purchased a couple of those.
      Netanyahu and the american zionists are grasping at the last straw to scare our nation. Pakistan is also ready to sell for the right offer.
      I seriously doubt that Iran would ever consider to nuke an US city, on the other hand I do not bet against an israeli false flag action to prove their point. Our security organisations, such as the CIA, NSA, FBI and great part of police are so infested with zionist agents that they would not stop such a crime, even if they had advance knowledge. It is a bummer when in a democratic land you cannot trust your own goverment and other organisations.

  • Netanyahu: Israel is 'by itself,' 'not bound by this agreement'
    • I wonder how did Canada and New Zealand get such a high score, they are always involved in the peace missions of the USA, see Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. All actors in such adventures should be scored equally.

  • David Cameron and liberal Zionist groups try to shore up support for Iran deal
    • Hollande has the worst rating of any french president since WWII and he grasps at straws, hoping for support from the jewish community.
      Nationalists are gaining support in France and Hollande will pay dearly for this new kissing friendship with Netanyahu. It is not wise to go against all other members of the UN SC and european EU partner states.

  • Did the U.S. undermine democracy in the Maldives because it wants to set up military bases there?
    • Hostage

      Thanks for your input, my information is a bit rusty, about 60 years old since high school days. History was and still is my hobby.

    • If we look into the history of Mesopotamia, we can see that there never was an independent country called Kuwait!
      After Turkey had to withdraw from arab lands at the end of WWI, GB established itself as the protector of the newly created land of Iraq.
      Soon the natives had enough of our stiff lipped friends and threw them out around 1926 or so. As a revenge GB gave that piece of land to the emir in Kuwait to cut Iraq off from the see, leaving them only the port of Basra.
      According to the history of Mesopotamia Iraq has all the rights to recover the lost territory called Kuwait, just like Ireland should demand No. Ireland back. Erin go brah, kick out the brits!

  • American Jews are 'endangered,' says Ari Shavit
    • piotr

      I like your reasoning! First you accuse RoHa not knowing the difference between Camembert and Brie, then you discover that there is none!!
      They both taste the same!

  • Another AIPAC man joins State Dep't negotiating team
    • Why fool around with underlings, invite Netanyahu to chair the team, this way we can be sure that we get an agreement that pleases Israel.
      American interests? Who cares, they are not important!

  • Why Israel wanted Arafat dead
    • Who did the actual poisoning?
      We should look at those swiss bank accounts and see which one had a very large deposit after Arafat´s death!

    • Although Arafat was far from being an honest person, supposedly he accumulated around 50 million dollars in swiss banks, money that was donated to his nation.
      However, he still wanted to fight for the freedom of the palestinians and that was not in the long range interests of Israel.

      They already had Abbas and his consorts on the line, a much more manageable group of politicians, who wanted power and money at any costs. We can see what did Abbas achieve during the past 9 years since he is the chief of the PA, nothing!! He allows Israel to take more and more land on the WB and East Jerusalem and do not bother to take the necessary steps at the UN to secure recoignation for his people. Those swiss accounts must be loaded with the loan of Judas and the funds stolen from his poor people.
      They could use this opportunity to put real pressure on the occupiers, however I personally doubt if they do anything such. They are bought and paid for already, Palestina needs a new set of top politicians!

  • Gwen Ifill, USA Today question Israel's influence in US politics-- even as David Gregory beats Netanyahu's drum
    • We have the problem of the tail wagging the dog!

      The world doesn´t need Israel to make a deal with Iran, so why bother?
      Our president and Kerry should represent the interests of the USA and not be Israel firster, it is beshaming that Kerry must consult Netanyahu at every turn of the negotiations. If we have an agreement and Netanyahu doesn´t like it, it is just though luck!

  • Netanyahu's greatest fear: Linkage
    • lysias

      Was it not Truman who said: talk softly, but carry a big stick?

      Nuclear weapons are not for use, they are deterrents to any possible attack. Israel may bomb iranian targets now, because Iran cannot match the power of the israeli weapons, however, if Iran has a few nuclear warheads it is a game changer. It takes only 2-3 nuclear missiles and Israel stops being a country, on the other hand Iran is huge, it can take a lot more hits.

      Since Iran did not attack any of its neighbours since three centuries, I trust them, and in my opinion they having a nuclear arsenal will have a positive effect on the ME. Isreal certainly will stopp its wars and settle with the palestinians.

  • 'NYT' review casts Dershowitz as lovable contrarian
    • Dersh loveable?

      A couple of years ago he did a TV debate with Mr. Levy of Haaretz, consequently I wrote him an e-mail voicing my approval of Mr. Levy.
      In return he called me an anti-semite, (and I always though Mr. Levy is also jewish!), and instructed me to crawl back under the stone where I came from.
      Yes, a pleasant and loveable individual.

  • Klug targeted by McCarthyite 'dossier'-- because he will speak on anti-Semitism in Berlin on Kristallnacht anniversary
    • GL

      I visit the local jewish center regularly and personally did not notice any fear of anti-semitism there. On the other hand I second your opinion of the Central Commity, they do not represent the local jews, but the interests of the State of Israel. It is time that new, more liberal, commity members are elected, as their support of zionism will not lead to better relations in this country, but will encourage what they fear the most, new anti-semitism.

    • If one considers a critic on Israel als anti-semitism, then MW must be an anti-semitic blog, what is far from the truth.
      The internet is full of blogs, from the very left to the very right, many of them are written by totally crazy individuals. As my comments represents only my own opinions, one should not judge it as the new trend of politics in Europe.
      If one wants to feel hated, there are blogs for every kind of hate to reassure your fear, as the Bible says "those who seek will find".

      As long as human beings live on this globe we will have dislikes or even hate, it is part of our lives. We must make sure that such feelings do not turn into aggressions and criminal acts, I personally am disgusted with obese people, yet I would never consider doing anything harmful to them.

      In my opinion all this new outcry about anti-semitism in Europe is just another zio propaganda.

  • What comes next: Why secularism fooled me into thinking the two-state solution was likely
    • Mike

      There is one more variation, none of the three listed religions are based on facts, but on supertitions and outright fairytales, invented by very smart individuals for a certain purpose.
      In that case none of those parties have a valid claim on the land, based on religious grounds, but the inhabitants with the longest history should have the right to live there. The palestinians are there for at least 3,000 years, without interuptions, the jews came after 2,000 years absent. In case of a legal fight a judge would not have much difficulty to decide to whom to award the land.

  • Video: Peaceful NYC protest of Israeli musician Idan Raichel met with racist response from fans
    • MY

      Yes, those nasty palestinians are shopping in jewish supermarkets and force the owners to make a large profit on them!
      Don´t forget, they are at home and you are a johnny-come-lately.

  • AIPAC's 'unlimited' funds are greatest obstacle to peace, former British foreign sec'y says
    • I am not german native, however live in Germany since several decades, have a german wife and her relatives to rely on.

      The german government must be under tremendous pressure or blackmail, perhaps both of them, to toe the faithful line of the zionists. If a politiker ever dares to criticise the israeli doings in Palestina, his career is ruined, even if he spoke the truth!
      The MSM is just as mumm as the american counterparts, reports of crimes commited by the IDF never appear in newspapers or TV news. Newspaper columns are very pro Israel, it seems the palestinians just do not exist!
      The people, aspecially the younger ones, have very little interest in politics, and according to my experience Israel is a non-issue to them.
      On the other hand the neo-nazis are growing in numbers every year, so do their demonstrations, however they are against anything foreign, beside anti-semitism they really favour bashing turks, africans and arabs.
      However, this is a pan-european problem, rightwing parties in France, the Neaderlands or even in GB are gaining support.

      Suma sumarum, in Germany there is no sign of any new anti-semitism, they are busy to make a few euros more. I personally wish the young would pay more attention to politics and what their politicians do.

    • hophmi

      There is a saying that " if you tighten the springs on an instrument too much, it eventually will break".
      That is what you zionists did for the last 68 years, putting on the pressure with the word "anti-semitic" if you did not like just about anything. The pressure cooker is about ready to explode, so watch it.
      Why don´t you go and plant a few olive trees for the palestinians and follow it up with a marching orders for those settlers. It may just save your skin.

    • pabelmont

      "why would one expect Israel to stop buying american arms...."

      Israel is not really buying any arms from us.
      First of all, we GIVE them newly developed arms to field test them for effectiveness on palestinian women and children. During the 1970s we gave them the F-16s, (or F-15s?), before our pilots could fly one of them.
      In addition they get a few billion cash every year to pay for those arms, so who is really paying the bill? Yes, we, the american taxpayers!
      I wish BMW or Mercedes would give me the cash and force me to spend it on their cars! I would do it with a huge smile on my face.

  • 'The Onion' uses the k-word
    • LeaNder

      I would like to break in at this point, as you are getting a bit too agressive on GL!
      First of all, I would like to ask you, if you saw on TV a report years ago, do you still remember where and when did you see it, or it just made so good impression on you that you still remember the subject, but not the date?
      During my 70+ years I have read and seen many thing that I did not forget, however the source may have slipped my mind!

      I don´t know where do you live and what kind of first hand experience do you have with the roma?
      Yesterday I quoted several documented cases here, a recent TV and statistical reports on the roma, however it was deleted.
      In my life I have seen and talked to many gypsies, or you may call them roma, and they certainly look different than other romanien citizens. I have several close friends of those.
      Can you see the difference between a pakistani- and a german-american?
      I think that answers your question.
      I would not dare to make comments on the different ethnicities in China, as I never been there. I feel here we have a lot of ideological comments from people who never saw a live gypsy and don´t know anything about their lifestyle. GL is right in many of her comments, if not all.

    • I just swallowed my coffee together with the cup!!!
      Now that is funny!!!

    • lefty

      The whole world could start complaining about such names as: hamburger, frankfurter, hungarian gulash, french toast, greek salat, etc., etc.
      On the other hand, I cannot see any problems with changing the name of a football club, after all it means nothing to a great part of this world and the fans would not like it less with another name.

      The gypsies came to Europe about 800 years ago and were always called gypsies!!
      I find it ridiculous that now we should call them "the Roma", although they have absolutely nothing to do with the romans or the Roman Empire, as they came from India.

      It is great that the world has no greater problems!!

  • What Comes Next: If the goal is to change U.S. policy, American Jewish opinion can't be ignored
    • And there are a lot more non-jews who also do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God!!
      Jesus was a jew, (if he ever lived as the Bible says), and if he did what he supposedly did, then we can say he was a prophet.
      He was made the son of god and elevated to diety during the 5th century at the Nicea convent. That convent also rewrote the Bible to fit the new catholic church, a process repeated several times since.

  • NY panel featuring Adelson asks whether Jews can exist without Israel
    • ziu dear

      They don´t serve = no wars
      do not work = no food
      Just leave them alone and they solve the problems they cause Israel
      themselves in a few years, (or how long can a human live without food)?

  • The young flee Israel because it is a 'failure' and 'xenophobic theocracy' -- 'Haaretz' columnist
    • OlegR

      In the Boston area, you know Harvard, MIT, BU, etc., supposedly there are 15,000 israeli citizens with very high education.
      Do you think they belong to "the best"? Or the ever growing number of settlers make up that cathegory? Did you destroy a few olive trees lately?

    • benedict

      One immigrates to a country and one emigrates from a country.
      Jews leaving Israel emigrate!

    • benedict

      Thanks for your link, however I am not jewish and do not read hebrew!
      My vocabulary is limited to meshuge, shmuck und gefillte fish!!
      On the other hand you should know that one bird doesn´t make a spring and that rule also applies here.

      As far as the israeli society goes, one must not visit that country, the bad news you can hear all over the world, even birds say it: chip, chip, chip.

    • OlegR

      The romans and greeks also had slaves working in their homes and fields,
      however they certainly did not have the same rights.
      Do those arab doctors have the same pay as jewish ones, can they become medical heads of sections or even the hospital?
      I personally doubt it.

    • OlegR

      Why is that when someone does not praise something that is done or said by a jew it immediately registers as anti-semitic or dislike to jews?
      I personally do not find anything negative in what Kathleen said.

      A few years ago I had the pleasure to listen to Beinard several times on LKL and other shows, he did not impress me either. Hot air can blow a baloon up, yet is is still pretty empty, not much substance.

    • It seems the last capital of the zionist history is being written and the finale is near.
      Will it be a peaceful andante departure or a very bloody crecendo?

  • Liberal senators Markey and Murray join AIPAC in fighting White House opening to Iran
    • It is well known that our representatives in the congress and senate lose their connection to those who elected them in a shortest time and start serving mannon.
      These two congresspersons just joined the ranks of those who already sold their souls to the highest bidder, in most cases the AIPAC and similar other groups or persons. They don´t serve their people anymore, but first comes their own interests, in second place is their party and after that they may just think what can they do for their country.

      A good example is the Speaker Boehner. Although he had enough bipartisan votes in the house to pass the necessary laws to lift this blockade of passing the new federal budget, he refuses to do it, because those 40 or so fanatical Tea Baggers who want to bring down the government, regardless of the costs. For him it is more important to keep his Speaker position that he surely would lose if he calls a vote.
      So never mind the hundreds of millions of dollars lost every week, the lost prestige of this once great land, the millions of federal employees not getting paid, he serves only himself and his own group of traitors.

      One could ask; the people who sent him to Washington, will they do it again? After this fiasco? If one looks at the history of how the voters keep sending the same persons back to DC, we can guess that he will have another turn to serve himself!!

  • What Comes Next: Even one state may not be enough
    • Lefty

      I think you should read the newspapers and watch the news on TV more often, it seems you do not have the faintest idea what is happening in your home.

      What about hat thai young man who was beaten to death by hulligans in Berlin, the trials were just a few weeks ago? Or that african beaten to death on the street? Or talking about Thüringen, those 3 neo-nazis who shot 10 years ago 10 turkish and greek businessmen in the west, but came from your lovely state and after the killing returned there? The 2 men are dead now, but the woman is on trial right now in Munich. What about all those neo-nazi marches in Thüringen and Sachsen, shouting anti-foreign slogans?

      Judging from your writings you are a highly educated person, your english is superb, so I guess you studied anglistic and could be a highschool or college english teacher. Am I correct? Being an intelligent person you should notice what is happening in easten Germany, it is not nice!
      I certainly have other idea of a "pretty safe place".

    • Lefty

      Although usually I agree with most of your comments, this time I must correct you on above statements.

      I live in Germany, too, and long enough to know german customs, the language and their attitudes toward immigrants.
      They are devided into two classes; 1. from other european countries and 2. anyplace else from the world. Even the class 1. is devided between north european immigrants, they are the best and south europeans, like italians, greeks, yugoslavians, they are not as good.

      Europeans can become germans in a couple generations, however not the ones from Turkey, arab lands, africans or asians. You mentioned Rösler, a vietnamese, who came as a small child, speaks perfect german, yet he never be accepted as a german, because he looks different. The same goes for all those turks, arabs, etc. who speak perfect german, carry a german passport, yet behind their back they are called demeaning names.

      You coming from east Germany should know that especially in those once communist states immigrants from outside Europe are chased, beaten to death, their houses are burned down and treated as undesireable elements.
      Suma sumarum, one can become a german citizen, may speak perfect german, yet, if he does not look european, he will never ever will be accepted by the general population as one of them.

  • The face of young Israel: Palestinians shouldn't be in the Knesset, or in relationships with Jews

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