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  • Aftermath of Iran Deal: a divided lobby, but Biden's camp says he has 'Jews'
    • It would be great if a new law could limit contributions to political parties to $5,000 per person or company per year! American presidential campaining ist the longest and far most expensive, with much less funding the parties could concentrate on the most important issues and stop all those insulting ads.
      The president should be elected by popular vote and that is it! We live in the 21st century, with instant communications, so do not need that theater imported from the 18th century, when a great part of the population could not read or write and travel was difficult.
      We could stop billionairs from buying our presidents, senators and congressmen, as they do now, as none of them would sell themselves for such a low amount. The power goes back to the people, as the Constitution so designed.

  • Pittsburgh Jews say Obama will allow 'Second Holocaust' while Israel's ambassador openly lobbies Capitol Hill
    • Should an american president or the congress have the courage to cancel US military, political and financial support to Israel, they would not survive more than two years. They are like a new born baby, it cries a lot and causes great problems for all around it, but could not survive three days without those great tits.

    • I would like to add the following:
      The State Department has a ME section, that serves about 5 million israelis. (jews), and around 200 million arabs, yet there is not a single person with arab background working there, only jews!!!
      The walls are decorated with israeli flags and Star of David, pictures from Israel and invitations to visit that country. One must wonder, what kind of balanced policy can that office provide?
      I am sure Hophmi finds it just right, after all we americans are there only to serve israeli interests.

  • Dear Freshmen Members of the House of Representatives
    • After reading above now I hope that Rev. Werner at home will continue to speak out the truth! Sundays in his sermon he should inform his congregation of the lies we hear from our politicians and MSM, and ask his people to fight against the zionist occupation and our support of it.

  • Photos: New Yorkers rally for, and against, Iran Deal outside Schumer office in midtown Manhattan
    • The Iran deal matches in importance the deal with the soviets about nuclear weapons and the deal with China, that brought them and us a greater prosperity. If you would discard everything made in China, probably you would have not much left.
      I personally have great beliefe in the average jew, they are always in the front lines when it comes to freedom and rights for all. During the 1960s jewish lawyers risked their lives in the south to support the quest of our dark skinned bothers for freedom and equality, guaranteed them by the Constitution and Bill of Richts, but denied by racist politicians and population. I personally experienced it during 1961 in Charleston, SC, when two US Army officers, one white, one black, could not go to downtown together to have a dinner without risking an arrest by the local sheriff. And that almost hundred years after the civil war and freeing the slaves in the greatest democracy in the world!!!!

  • It's not bigoted to call out the Israel lobby over Iran Deal
  • Senator Blumenthal-- do the right thing and support the president
    • I find it very interesting that nobody ever mentions the 150-200 nuclear warheads Israel illegally constructed and the facts that they do not allow an inspection of their nuclear facilities and they never signed any treaties concerning such weapons.
      One should ask, why can Israel do it and get away without any protest from the world community? Why nobody has the guts to ask this simple question?

  • Time Warner executive moonlights as speechwriter for Netanyahu
    • We should not forget what Pollard did! He sold or gave Israel supersensetive information that in return Israel gave to the soviets in payment for allowing soviet jews to immigrate to Israel. Up to now it doesn´t seem to be too bad. However, acting on that information the soviets could roll up a net of US agents and sympathisers in several countries, many of them ended up in jails or were eliminated.
      Pollard should have had a death sentence, like the Rosenbergs, he did a huge damage to his country, the USA.

  • 'Why this bullsh-t?' Video of Israeli navy flotilla takeover
    • Israel has a long history of piracy on international waters. During June, 1967, israeli planes and boats attacked our navy ship SS Liberty, killing 37 sailors and wounding about 170, although it was plain that it is an american intelligence ship! We made a mistake of overhearing how the generals of the IDF planned to attack Egypt and other arab lands.
      President Johnson did what all our other presidents do when Israel commits a crime against US properties and/or citizens, he stuck his head in the sand and ordered our planes, already in the air to help, back to their bases, living our citizens wide open for additional attacks, as the israelis returned several times to kill and maim a few more of our defensless sailors.

  • Does Israel have a toxic personality? Ask Michael Oren
    • So Obama did not get a permission from Netanyahoo before he made that famous Cairo speech? (Pity, but he never followed up on his plans).
      Did Israel contact our president during June 1967 before they attacked the US Navy ship SS Liberty, killing 74 sailors and wounding another 170 or so? Now, there was no better time for a US president to really get pissed- off with our best friend in the ME, however Johnson was already bought by zionist interests, as also was Adm. McCaine, who ordered our planes already in air to return to base and so allowed a massacre of our men.
      Adm. McCaine was the father of Sen. Bomb-Bomb McCaine, who just as faithfully serves the interests of the only democratic country in the ME.

  • From Germany, With Hypocrisy: Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier visits the Gaza Strip
    • It disturbes me very much, however I notice constantly how hypocratic the german political system is. When it comes to Israel, they rather just keep their tongue still and say nothing.
      On the other hand I know several cases, where high ranking politicians dared to criticise the doings of the IDF and consequently their careers were destroyed.

  • The U.S. is at last facing the neocon captivity
    • ....americans generally favour military action....

      It is correct, this nation is so brainwashed, that if an arab or chinese say they do not like Coca Cola, it is immediately ranked as an anti US treath and requires a "defensive" military action.
      We are kept in constant fear since WWII. Remember the McCarthy witchhunt, seeing communist agents in everyone who liked red meat! How many innocent peoples` career was destroyed with senseless charges?
      Now we have the "islamic terror", they are all over and ready to invade the USA. The FBI produce cases, where they first instigate unbalanced persons, then later arrest them for planning terrorist acts. The greatest nation in this world has the pants full since decades, because our politicians and the MSM need it so for their plans.
      As far as the military/industrial takeover goes, it is true. The military orders expensive or useless items, (do you remember the $1,000 toilette seats for the Navy), in return retiring generals get a cushy jobs with one of the defense contractors. To be able to produce more and more planes, tanks and artillery, the old ones must be destroyed, therefore we need wars after wars. Since 1945 how many years did we have without a military conflict? I remember none.

  • Night of horror at Ben Gurion airport for two French music students
    • In my long life I have visited over 60 countries, many of them dictatorships, however I have never seen anything like what is contstantly reported from the Tel Aviv airport. This article is just one of many illustrating the crude and inhuman treatment of arriving passengers who do not wear a kippa.
      You mention arab countries. I visited quite a few of them, even talked to jews living there who did not have complaints about their lives and would not move to Israel under any circumstances! Perhaps that is the best indication that something smells terrible in the state of Israel when jews would not want to live there!!!
      It seems you are the one who is very naive and brainwashed, through that pink coloured glasses of zionism you do not see what huge damages do you do to the jewish cultures, (thank you Mooser for the info). Eventually all jews all over the world will end up paying one way or another for the crimes commited by the state you so defend or do you think the arabs will forever stay put and allow you to usurp their land?

    • In the good old days when we had the Iron Curtain separating the west and the "liberated" east european countries, I crossed into communist countries many times, however nothing similar have I ever experienced or seen.
      It looks like Israel is turning into a bloody hysterical apartheid state, where anyone not jewish is immediately a suspect or even an enemy of the state.
      The germans did not do anything to stop the the takeover of their country by sick nationalists, the jews of this world should learn from that tragedy. Say good bye to zionism and go back to your traditional jewish culture, because when that brown stuff hits the fan in Israel, it will spoil all of you all over the world.

    • Lefty

      Your hope is hopeless, you should know that in Germany and France the press and TV are forbidden to write or say anything negative about that "only democracy in the ME"!

  • 'Celebration of ethnic cleansing is intolerable': Baltimore JVP crashes 'Israeli Independence Day' party
    • Jackdaw

      Could have been that the punchbowl was almost empty and they just tried to refresh the booze?

    • Somehow the US. belief that we are the chosen ones to lead this globe remind me of the sentiments of another nation who believed that they are "über alles"!!
      We are fooling ourselves, our nation is built from immigrants from approx. 150 nations, with many different cultures, religions and races, so how can we say that we are the chosen ones? We reflect the population of the earth, however there are other nations who are just as cosmopolitan as we are, namely Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc., who do not claim to be the top of the humanity.

  • Netanyahu played 'decisive' role in Senate bill aimed at stymieing Iran deal
    • Sen. Menendez is a traitor, among with many of our elected representatives, and I wish to live the day when all of them will be charged and sentenced.

      One must ask the question: which country is the superpower that wants to run this world and does the dog wag its tail or is it the other way around.

  • By busting up peace efforts, AIPAC may have burst its own bubble
    • Felipe

      I agree! Regardless who was in power in Israel since 1948 the land grabbing and the supression of the palestinians were the same. Only the song they sung had different melodies, the words were the same, Eretz Israel at all costs. Or Golda Meir, Perez and consequent labor politicians did not do the same as Netanyaho does now, just remember Gaza 2008.

  • Paris university reverses decision, allows Israeli apartheid event with Blumenthal
    • During my life I have met and also befriended many dutch people, I find them open minded and liberal. Hopefully the jews there also have the same human qualities and are dutch first, jews second and never zionists supporting that apartheid state called Israel.

  • Israeli voters not impressed by Netanyahu's speech to Congress
    • I couldn´t agree with you more, there are may examples of such false flag attacks.
      June, 1967, the attack on S.S. Liberty by unmarked israeli planes and boats, the attack in Egypt during 1953, several attacks on jews in Iraq and Iran during the 1950s to force them to immigrate to Israel, etc.
      Not to forget the many attacks by Mossad in foreign countries, including the USA!

  • The Emperor's Nuke Clothes
    • Annie, thanks for your comment.
      In Europe, here I mean the average people, not the politicians, this affair has a terrible smell to it and people wonder who runs the USA. There is many ways to skin a sheep and I am sure Obama could have, if he wanted to, through diplomatic channels let Netanyahu know that he is not welcome at this time. Are we the only superpower left that is trying to run the world, but is unable to put pressure on Israel?
      I agree with you, american jews must decide who are they and stop this madness.

      Kay24, I have never said that the WH is responsible for the invitation, however if Obama can instruct the russian president Putin to clear up this recent murder of a politician, (actually it is not our business or responsibility), then he should be able to put pressure on a tiny land that will not survive without US financial, diplomatic and military aid. However it takes guts and Obama has nothing to lose as his time comes to end, so why does he take this insult without a word of protest? Thinking of future lucrative speeking tours and publication, financed by jewish interests?

    • Why is he doing it?
      What a funny question or have you not noticed yet that this country is being governed from Israel? Now, this is another silly question, as we all know it!! If Obama had cojones then he could have stopped this charade.
      Although I have very little respect for politicians, any party or nation as I consider them to be nothing but prostitutes selling their services to the highest bidders, we may have the worst of them all. Ours are made with rubber backbones, they can bend with the prevailing wind in any direction, as matter of fact even backwards to pick up a few tossed bills or coins.
      You mentioned other nations, where I believe most politicians have a pride in their national heritage, although statemen became very rare and hard to find.

  • Al Jazeera publishes leaked intelligence files showing Netanyahu lied about Iranian nuclear threat
  • 'Haaretz' says Netanyahu could incite 'another political assassination' (as 'NYT' runs cutesy election coverage)
    • crone

      No, I ment exactly what I wrote! Non jewish journalists, if they dare to criticise Israel or zionism in general, are usually shot down with charges of anti-semitism. If more jews would pen anti-zionist articles, then the zionists must invent another way to shoot them down, as it is not easy to match or even surpass the power of the word "anti-semite"!!
      By the way, a few years ago I listened to an exchange of words between Gideon Levy and our own Dersh. Later I wrote an e-mail to Dersh, voicing my agreement of what Levy had said. Good old Dersh called me a wurm, an anti-semite, and I should crawl back under the stone where I came from. Just to illustrate my point above.

      On the other hand I agree with your assesment of our jounalists, since large corporations control the MSM they become simple mouthpieces and write and say what they are told to do!

    • We need more jewish journalists like Gideon Levy!!

  • Boteach and Israeli ambassador say everything from BDS to Abbas places Jews under threat
  • Closed-door debate on divestment by U of Toledo student gov't to include officials from Jewish Federation
  • Auschwitz revisited
    • As I watched the motion pictures taken 70 years ago, I got tears in my eyes, although have seen them many times before. Not even a vicious animal would do such things and anyone denying the holocaust must be an imbecile.
      It is true that Auschwitz and Treblinka were the main compounds where the nazis killed mostly jews, however they had hundreds of others all over occupied Europe, where the majority were not jews, but gypsies, christians and other religions and their numbers are much higher than the jewish lives destroyed.
      I would like to see only once that all dead will be equally mourned, not only the jewish ones, they all have the same value.

  • 'NYT' and Matthews warn that Netanyahu speech to Congress could lead US to war
    • "Obama ...... throwing every single Neocon and Neolib still in his government out...".

      If he does such thing, then he will not have much government left! They sit not only in the WH and in the different departments, but also in all other parts of his government, such as the Pentagon, NSA, FBI, in all the think tanks advising him, all the way down to the local administrations.
      I always advocated the following: as you cannot serve two lords at once, or some say you cannot dance in two weddings simultaniously, all those individuals in goverment jobs who have US/israeli citizenships must be fired immediately. Look at the example of the present israeli ambassador to the US, he is also a US citizen and previously advised the republican party in Washington. The previous ambassador was also an US citizen serving the State of Israel, and if I am correct Netanyahu also may have a US citizenship, he grew up in this country.
      Those double citizens and their supporters are nothing but a fifth collumn, their allegiance is not to the USA, but to the jewish state. Why do we allow that foreign agents run our government, congress and the most important parts of governing bodies?

      As far as the average Joe and Jane goes. This country is probably the worst educated in the western world, political discussions are forbidden in a gathering, because it may lead to a disagreement, the MSM lies to its readers. How can one expect a major movement from this people, when their only interests are where do I get a good hamburger and what comes on the TV this evening? Sure, there are a few acceptions, like the visitors to MW, however we cannot change anything until millions of americans wake up and notice that their country was stolen. Will it ever come and will we live that long?

    • "The fact is that traditional states like Iran will be among the last ....... using nuclear weapons"!

      How true! Iran is an old cultural state, going back nearly 3,000 years, and they did not attack another state during the past 200 years! Which other state can make the same statement, certainly none of the western world.

      Let them have a nuclear weapon or two, what will happen? To the north there is Russia, to the east Pakistan and India, south Israel and to the west GB, France and the USA, all having untold numbers of them. Who in his right mind would expect that Iran ever starts a nuclear conflict and face such an opposition? Noone, outside Netanyahu and a few of his cronies.
      The zionists are not really afraid of Iran using nuclear weapons, but they know that in such a case their freedom of willfully attacking arab or/oder muslim nations will come to an end, as Iran will not stand for it. Suddenly the zionist nuclear blackmail of the Samson project would lose all its angst, as both parties know that in a nuclear conflict there are no winners. Israel is small, two or three such missiles can wipe out the whole population, Iran is large and have a much better chance to survive such attacks.

      I say no state can tell another state what can they have and what not! None of the present nuclear nations have asked anyone´s permission to arm themselves, not even Israel, so we just have to let the leaders of Iran decide what they want. Nuclear weapons guaranteed an unprecedented length of peace in Europe and in the far east, perhaps that is what we need to bring peace to the ME.
      I may be wrong, nuclear proliferation means there is an increasing chance of an accidental start of war with such weapons, however we just cannot dictate our will forever to the largest power in the ME.

  • How a culture remembers its crimes is important: A review of 'American Sniper'
  • Obama won't meet Netanyahu during 'bizarre,' 'historic,' 'unprecedented' visit (Updated)
    • President Obama said many things during and before his terms, however kept very few of his promises! I will be pleased if he vetos anything coming out of congress what is not beneficial for our nation, however I certainly will not hold my breath. I simply do not trust any of the politicians and he belongs to that group of humans, so do not be surprised if he backs down again!

  • #JeSuisUnJuifBritannique
    • Keith

      "higher percentage of jews would be upset if family members married a Gentile".

      During my young days in Boston I witnessed the following two sad examples:

      1. A good friend, christian and brilliant pianist, fell in love with a jewish girl from an orthodox family. After her father found out that he is not jewish, he forbade her to see him again!!
      2. Two good friends, she irish, he jewish, lived together for decades, because both of their conservative families forbade such a marriage and they did not want to offend them.
      You also find this mentality with other religions or nationalities, italian girls must marry italians, irish only irish, catholic only catholic, chinese only chinese, etc., etc. In the USA, the so called melting spot for nationalities, that procedure is not working yet, different nationalities or religions live side by side, but mix very little, at least in the first or second generations. Even in New York City, there is a german town, a hungarian town, Chinatown, etc.

      By the way, my wife and I we are of different nationalities and religions, my christian brother married a jewish lady, we classify people as good or bad for their characters and deeds, nothing else matters.

    • Mooser, funny, however please do not invite me for a dinner when you serve such wines, not that I believe that you drink it.
      Good food requires good wine and we live only once.

    • And shortly before the attack on Charlie Hebdo three moshees were fire bombed in Paris. Do we see an organised provocation to incite twist between those two religions?
      Who would profit, Netanyahu? Remember the attacks on jews in Iran during the 1950s, commited by the Mossad to force them to immigrate to Israel?

      By the way, jewish rabbies rushed to those fires to offer their help, not a catholic priest showed up, as far as I know. Jews and moslems lived in relative peace side by side for many centuries, until the zionist showed up.

    • You find the same in all nations, this kind of mentality goes all the way down to neighbouring communities, both thinking the others are not so smart as we are.
      It is a sad human nature, we don´t like most anything about others, or how many neighbours really like eachother?

    • Yes, you find hypocracts in all religions, those who do not believe in God, but want to be sure just in case.
      John Hopkins University in Baltimore did a long research on a possible jewish gen, yet found none, meaning the so called jews come from many different groups of peoples and the only common dominator among them is the religion. For a so called jew, who is not religious, but insist that his son marries a jewish woman, who also may be an atheist, this wish is a hypocracy at the highest level.
      According to many there is no such thing as a jewish nation or race, just like there is no such thing as a catholic, islamic or buddhist race or nation, they are simply religions, its members come from different nations and races.
      My question is: can a person who comes from an atheist catholic family, he being also an atheist, can say that I am a catholic? The catholic church say NO!
      For me a religion has the same value as which club do you belong to, or do you prefer white wine or red wine. Personal choice, nothing else, and I would never chose my friends on the base of their choice of wine!

  • It's not the cartoons-- a contrarian perspective from a Muslim cartoonist
    • And our indecent and corrupt leaders, many of them from dictatorships and a neo-colonial country, use the death of those unfortunate people to show how united in their sorrow are.
      We all saw on TV and newspapers the line of them marching in front of supposedly hundreds of thousands of demonstrators. In the middle first Sarkozy, then in the very same place suddenly Netanyahu!
      Very impressive, however new photoes appeared in the internet showing that it is nothing but a bluff, a setup, as behind that group of politicians, their personal and guards THERE IS NOTHING; BUT EMPTY STREET AND SPACE!!!!

  • When blasphemy is bigotry: The need to recognise historical trauma when discussing Charlie Hebdo
    • I agree with Chloe in her assesment that what may be legal according to prevailing laws, may not be ethical on moral gounds, and ethics, (or true religion, if you prefer), is more important for a society than rigid laws.
      In my simple opinion ethics are the same as what religions usually try to install in us, without that superduper being in the sky and all that mambo-jumbo of rewards or punishments after death. I do to you what I wish you do to me is rule enough for a decent life.

    • Charlie Hebdo is on the right road to success! Their new sponsors invested millions to save the magazine and with a publication of 5 million copies this week it was a great investment, as on e-bay there are small fortunes offered for a copy of good old charlie.

      I agree with most of above and France can look ahead to the same curtailment of freedom as we in the USA experienced after 9/11. Germany already have a new anti-terror law, whatever it may mean, and I am sure other countries of the EU will follow the lead. Someone said once that "Democracy is lost on the ignorants" and I am curious how the french will react to any tightening on their rights. Americans did not complain at all, a nation of sheeple.

  • Why I am not Charlie
    • " Are christians worried about being herded into Progressive concentration camps?"

      During history it happened many times, although with less propaganda afterwards.
      Around 1914 the turks marched christian armeniens through the desert without sufficient water or food and so killed about 1.5 million of them.
      Russian communists sent a lot more christians into gulags without any cause, tens of millions died between 1917 and 1945.
      Even the nazis locked up christian priest, ministers and others who did not agree with their takeover as early as 1933, before they turned to the jews, and in those concentration camps there were also millions of christians.
      Not to forget the romans who loved to crucify the early christians, or the barbarians in Europe who had for them fine methods to die.
      As you see, no religion is safe when their enemies are in power.

    • I believe in freedom of speech, however I also believe in respect of others and good manners! My freedom of opinion and speech is limited to the point where it intrudes on the rights of others and is insulting to a great number of humans or a religion.
      The caricaturists of Charlie Hebda had ample warnings that what they do will eventually lead to violent reactions. Their offices were burned down during 2011 and several of them were since under police protection, yet they disregarded all signs of warning and now paid with their lives. This should also be a warning to all of us, the century of surpression and humiliation of arabs is coming to a screeching halt, they fight back.

      This hypocracy turns my stomuck! It is sad that over 20 people had to pay with their lives for what a few irresponsible journalist did, however we the west with Israel kill that many of them every day or two. Where is the outrage over those killings?

      We do not have to limit our observation to Charlie, the MSM does the same practically every single day with negative reports and remarks on the muslims. It seems there are only bad muslims and only a dead muslim is a good muslim. The same song we had for the american natives. Perhaps it is time we deal with that part of the world eye to eye and stop bombing their cities and do not support their dictators and despots. What is good for us should also be good for them!

  • The moral hysteria of Je suis charlie
    • If the following is known by the MW crowd? The son of ex-president Sarkozy married a rich young jewish heiress, one of the journalists at Hebdo wrote a satirical article about this event. The author was requested to withdraw it and to appologize, he refused with the words: " I would rather lose my balls"! (It would have been no great loss, as he was 80 years old already)!
      Consequently the magazine fired him!

      So much for the freedom of press at that publication.
      The present prime minister Vail, when he was the interior minister cancelled all shows of a french-arab comedians known for his anti-semitic jokes. So the great republic of France, the source of liberté, egualité and fraternité, have different versions for free speech and all these marches are organised hypocracy, great for the otherwise blank faced politicians of that country and the rest of Europe.

    • The EU has many serious problems, very high unemployement and the states have spent more money than they should, and what do their heads of government do ? They all march to Paris to join the flashmob celebrating the death of 20 human beings. I must wonder how many millions of euro does this "show of solidarity" costs and could it not be put to a better use?

      Newspapers and magazines overdo eachother with anti-moslem headlines, looking for a larger than normal sales, TV talk shows twist history to fit their stories and all of them warn of coming islamic terror without bothering to name the cause. The roots of this is the wars we fought on islamic lands, the killing of hundreds of thousands of their women and children, our support for their despots and dictators and the hopelessness of millions.

      To Charlie Hebda I must say the following: if you tease and torment a dog until it bites you, then you have no rights to call it a vicious dog! We radicalized the islamic world and they play this game not to our standards.

  • Don't let's go to the war of civilizations again
    • DoubleStandard

      I suggest you read the Talmud once more, it seems you missed the best parts about jewish violence. Like when Joshua conquered the land, he killed all inhabitants of those city-states, that means men, women and children, so he will not have to fight them again. Kind of reminds us of the wars in Gaza. Or Esther.

      Talmud also tells us that having sex with a 3 years old is not a sin, (boy or girl), goyims are here to serve the jews, in front of a jewish court always the jew must win, regardless who is right and killing a goy is also not a sin!
      I also must refute your observation of christianity. That religion was spread with utmost violence, millions had to die if not converted. Even today we have millions of christians killing eachother, (the irish civil war or the 50 million born again US evangelists), or in the past, (the 30 years war in Europe, etc.).
      I must admit jews had the least religious bloodlettings, however I base that on their relatively low numbers and on the facts that they never were in power during the past 2,000 years until Israel was established. Once in power they do exactly what the christians and moslems did for centuries, namely waging war after war. Perhaps if we want to have peace we must eliminate all three Abrahamic religions and send all their holy men to the gulags.

  • Is Abbas’ war crimes bid against Israel a big bluff?
    • "the PA is something other than a Quisling operation".

      Exactly my opinion, the PA is a group of paid comedians, Quislings to their nation, who sing and dance to the tune given to them by Israel and/or the USA. I have watched for years their tactics and could not detect any serious movement that would bring that nation an inch closed to their freedom!
      Israel made it impossible to have a two state solution, so the only way is a one state called Palestine where all have the same rights and the laws are not based on old antiquated religious books, but on modern democratic laws. Demographic developments will kill any dream of a jewish state, as the palestinians have a much higher rate of birth that eventually guarantee them a majority. At that time Israel will have either a South African type of society, where the jews depress the majority with military might, or comes the inevitable takeover of power by the arab majority. Not an Eretz Israel, not what Ben Gurion and consequent israeli leaders dreamed of, but hopefully a free and democratic Palestina.

  • Dershowitz story is also an Israel story
    • Now, this is really juicy!!!
      The Scotland Yard and the MI5 have their hands always full to cover up all the doings of the british royal family. The brits would do a great service to their country if they follow the french example and make that whole family a head shorter!

  • State Dep't threatens aid to Palestinians over ICC, but holds out no consequences for Israel's settlements
    • Holy moley, yes I miss Walther Matthau!

    • JWalters

      Thank you for pointing out where I may have heard above statement about the ME Section. It sounds almost word by word what I wrote, so it must be true!

      Good 50 years ago I worked with our military counterintelligence in Europe and my team captured two female communist spies from the east. Normally we interogated them and eventually turned them over to the germans, however not this time, because one of them was jewish. After a short interogation Mossad agent showed up and she was turned over to them and they all left for Israel. So as you see, it is not new that we buckle down to zionist interests, that woman may have ended up in the USA and spied on us.

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