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Please boycott us, Governor Cuomo

Paul Larudee on

The Association for Investment in Popular Action Committees writes to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declaring its support for BDS and asking to be included in the list of boycott-supporting organizations the state of New York will be creating following the governor’s executive order.

Palestinian Oscar nominee Basil Khalil comments on #OscarsSoWhite (Updated)

Dorgham Abusalim on

Palestinian director Basil Khalil, whose short film Ave Maria is nominated for an Oscar this year, cautioned that the Academy’s effort to diversify its membership could fall short of achieving the intended goals, “As a Palestinian who was brought up in Israel, I know all too well about discrimination. The solution starts from the bottom. Producers, agents, film executives need to hire a diverse range of actors in their films, production staff in their companies, and finance diverse films.”

Why my books are not published in Israel

Susan Abulhawa on

Palestinian author Susan Albulhawa shares a correspondence with an Israeli publisher where she explains why she won’t allow her books to be published in Israel: “How could I sell my novel rights to a people who have been destroying our society?”

The Titanic of the occupation — SodaStream (Update)

Annie Robbins on

SodaStream makes its seltzer devices under apartheid conditions in the occupied territories and has been the target of international boycott efforts. No wonder its stock, once at $64 is now at $22 and going nowhere fast.

‘Tip of the BDS iceberg’: Kuwait excludes Veolia from $750m contract

Palestinian BDS National Committee on
Anti-Veolia graffitti

The Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC) warmly welcomes the decision by the Kuwait City Municipality exclude the French company Veolia from a huge solid waste management contract, valued at $750 million, citing the BNC appeal to that affect. Basing its decision on Veolia’s complicity in Israeli projects that violate international law, the municipality also decided to exclude Veolia from “all future projects.”

Countdown to the next round in Gaza

Alex Kane on

The cease-fire that ended seven weeks of hell in Gaza is only two days old. But the countdown to the next round began as soon as the ink dried on the agreement between Israel and the Palestinian armed factions. The deep-rooted problems bedeviling the Palestinian people and Israel have not gone away. The only question is when that next spasm of violence breaks out.

40 Holocaust survivors condemn ‘massacre’ of Palestinians, call for BDS against Israel

Alex Kane on

A group of Holocaust survivors and descendants of those targeted by Nazi Germany have harshly criticized Israeli actions in Gaza and called for boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel. Following a letter from survivors of the Holocaust printed in the New York Times on Saturday, the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, which helped coordinate the […]

Chomsky and BDS

Tom Suarez on

Many people who have come to value the courageous and principled stands of Noam Chomsky regarding injustice and imperialism are surprised to learn of his opposition to most aspects of BDS. Precisely because of the stature and influence of this “father of modern linguistics”, it is especially important that his views be subject to the same […]

BDS’ big night: Loyola student government passes divestment, U. Mich votes it down

Alex Kane on

It was a big night for proponents of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement. Yesterday, by a 12-10 vote (with 9 abstentions), Loyola University’s student government passed a resolution for a second time that called on their school to divest from corporations involved with the Israeli occupation.  “One thing I want to say our senators: they […]

U. Mich student government move to table divestment resolution sparks uproar

Alex Kane on

The campus battle over Israel and the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement made a splash in Ann Arbor Tuesday night, as hundreds of students came out to call for the University of Michigan to divest from corporations profiting off the Israeli occupation.  But no vote was held, with the student government voting to indefinitely […]

Loyola University Chicago student union passes resolution to divest from Israeli occupation

Adam Horowitz on

The following press release was sent out by Loyola University Chicago Students for Justice in Palestine: On Tuesday March 18, 2014, Loyola University Chicago became the first Jesuit University in the United States to pass a student government resolution to divest from companies complicit in aiding the Israeli Occupation of Palestine. The Senate legislation calls […]

BDS and the purveyors of Israel’s democratic image

Shmuel Sermoneta-Gertel on

There is some debate regarding the extent to which boycott and divestment directly contributed to the fall of Apartheid in South Africa. I think there can be no doubt however, that a growing sense of isolation among white South Africans did play an important if not decisive role in bringing an end to minority rule […]

Why is the American elite scared of BDS?

Anonymous on

Since the American Studies Association (ASA) voted overwhelmingly to boycott Israeli academic institutions in December, more than one hundred and fifty U.S. University Presidents have come out in support of Israel and condemned the ASA’s vote. Some of these administrators, such as the Presidents of IU and Kenyon College, have withdrawn their institutional membership from […]

Congress is next battleground over boycott of Israel

Annie Robbins on

Migrating from the halls of state power to the federal level, the backlash against the American Studies Association’s (ASA) decision to boycott Israel continues. Legislation against the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement was introduced in the House of Representatives yesterday under this Orwellian name: the Protect Academic Freedom Act.  It seeks to bar federal funds from going […]

‘Haaretz’ analyst says surging BDS movement may be contributing to falling shekel

Annie Robbins on

Rafi Gozlan, the chief economist at Leader Capital Markets, one of Israel’s top investment banks, is speculating that the threat of boycott and sanctions against Israel, as well as the controversy surrounding Scarlett Johansson’s global ambassadorship for SodaStream, could have contributed to the weakening of the shekel. There’s no doubt about it, we’re moving to another level […]

SodaStream flap educates Americans about the illegal settlement project

Philip Weiss on

The good news is that the Scarlett Johansson Oxfam meltdown has educated Americans, somewhat, about Israel’s illegal settlement project. A few items… First, Keith Olbermann featured the story on ESPN II segment, “World’s Worst Persons in the sports world.” His focus was the contradiction between Johansson’s role as Oxfam’s global ambassador and her cluelessness re […]

Palestinians living near West Bank SodaStream factory urge Scarlett Johansson to end role with occupation profiteer

Annie Robbins on

A network of Palestinians living near the SodaStream factory in the illegal settlement of Ma’ale Adumim in Occupied Palestine, as well as Israeli and international grassroots activists who work with them, have issued a press release today calling on Scarlett Johansson to step down as SodaStream spokesperson. Press Release: Bab al Shams Village Council (in coalition with The Jahalin […]

New York Senate passes bill punishing ASA over Israel boycott

Alex Kane on

Legislation that targets the American Studies Association over its decision to boycott Israel passed its first test today: a vote in the New York Senate. The bill, introduced by Democratic Senator Jeff Klein, the co-leader of the body, passed by a vote of 56-4. The measure prohibits colleges and universities from spending taxpayer funds on […]

Palestinian civil society to Oxfam: ‘Match words with action’, break ties with Scarlett Johansson

Palestinian BDS National Committee on

Occupied Palestine– The Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC), the largest coalition in Palestinian civil society, including trade unions, political parties, popular committees and NGOs, calls on Oxfam to immediately sever ties with Hollywood actor Scarlett Johansson over her vocal support for illegal Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian territory.[1] SodaStream markets itself as […]

New York bill to punish ASA over Israel boycott picks up 48 supporters

Alex Kane on

A New York bill to cut off state funding to the American Studies Association over its Israel boycott has the support of 48 lawmakers.  That means that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who authored the bill, is just 28 members short of garnering a majority of the state assembly to back the legislation targeting the ASA. The […]

Legislative efforts to punish ASA over boycott of Israel pick up steam

Alex Kane on

The backlash against the American Studies Association’s (ASA) decision to boycott Israel has started to migrate from the ivory tower to the halls of state power. The most powerful state legislator in Albany, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, announced Friday that he plans to introduce a bill that would target the ASA. His bill would seek […]

Defending Zionism under the cloak of academic freedom

Robin D. G. Kelley on

In a widely circulated Los Angeles Times op ed piece, Wesleyan University president Michael S. Roth denounced the American Studies Association’s (ASA) resolution to support a boycott of Israeli academic institutions as “a repugnant attack on academic freedom.” Parroting near-identical responses by other American university presidents, Roth’s ill-informed, grossly distorted polemic took me by surprise. While […]

Indiana scholars say their school presidents are wrong on boycott

Philip Weiss on

This collective response by eight faculty from three Indiana campuses to attacks by the Indiana University and Purdue presidents on the American Studies Association vote for boycott went up yesterday on a Gannett site. We received permission to republish from a representative of the authors. Mitch Daniels, speaking as president of Purdue University, and Michael […]