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Why are Israeli children brainwashed to hate?

Jonathan Ofir on

In a recent video, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu slammed the new Hamas charter saying, “[Hamas] brainwashes kids inside suicide camps,” before throwing the document in a trash can. But Jonathan Ofir asks – what about the ways Israeli institutions are brainwashing children to hate Palestinians?

Political analyst: Upcoming Palestinian elections last chance to end internal divide

Isra Saleh El-Namy on

Fatah and Hamas reached consensus in July to hold municipal elections on October 8th. The agreement came about amid reconciliation efforts aimed at ending internal Palestinian political divisions. Hani el-Massri, Palestinian political analyst based in Gaza, believes this election cycle is the last best chance to settle the division.

Hamas is just as bad as ISIS and worse than Boko Haram — Israeli government propaganda

Allison Deger on

At the height of the Gaza onslaught in July, Netanyahu’s right-hand man met with a group of journalists in Jerusalem to equate Hamas with ISIS. The latest Israeli rhetoric is overheated: Both organizations seek to establish an Islamic caliphate, both “educate (read: brainwash) children to sanctify death and to die as a martyr (shahid) in jihad.” Oh and Hamas is global, but Boko Haram isn’t.

Countdown to the next round in Gaza

Alex Kane on

The cease-fire that ended seven weeks of hell in Gaza is only two days old. But the countdown to the next round began as soon as the ink dried on the agreement between Israel and the Palestinian armed factions. The deep-rooted problems bedeviling the Palestinian people and Israel have not gone away. The only question is when that next spasm of violence breaks out.

Air strikes and rocket fire resume as Gaza negotiations collapse

Allison Deger on

Hours before a ceasefire was set to expire between Israel and Hamas, negotiations in Cairo have collapsed and rockets and air strikes have resumed. A deal on the status of Gaza, or an extension of talks, was expected at midnight tonight. However the Israeli delegation in Egypt has been sent back to Tel Aviv. Above, a Palestinian woman sits on the remains of her destroyed house after returning to Beit Hanoun.

Who’s afraid of the Qassams?

Max Ajl on

One of the more remarkable yet less remarked upon moments of the recent Israeli massacre in Gaza came when the Qassam Brigades gave a press conference on 17 November. They had a message for the Israeli public: “It was your leadership,” they said, “that dragged you into this and into the shelters to score cheap political points.” What’s truly stunning is that the Qassam Brigades were making an open anti-government appeal to the people of Israel.

4 myths about the Israeli attack on Gaza

Pam Bailey on

As Israel continues to pound the Gaza Strip, and factions within the beleaguered territory retaliate as best they can, there are many myths and stereotypes dominating mainstream media coverage, and many conversations. Here are a few of the most common misunderstandings.

Tribute to a Palestinian ‘Gandhi’ — Mahmoud Abu Rahma of Al Mezan

Pam Bailey on

Mahmoud Abu Rahma, who was attacked last week The unrecognized heroes of Palestine are the human rights investigators.  Their job is to investigate and expose the atrocities committed against their people, no matter who the perpetrator — Israeli or Palestinian. Nine times out of 10, they are stymied, stonewalled at every step. Or — worse. […]

Arab Sources: Hamas on UN bid

Simone Daud on

Hamas has issued a statement today regarding Palestine’s UN bid. Its interest for me is in the way Hamas describes what it thinks is the Palestinian national consensus. It seems that Hamas’ only substantive objection to going to the UN is its own lack of involvement in the bid and the emphasis by Abbas that […]

Arrests of 100+ ‘Hamas agents’ in West Bank seem to be Israel’s latest effort to thwart Palestinian reconciliation

Paul Mutter on

Israeli security forces report that they have arrested at least 100 suspected members of Hamas and claim to have foiled multiple bombing and kidnapping plots. These actions would seem to indicate a severe setback for Hamas’s influence in the Occupied Territories and undermine prospects for reconciliation between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. With the UN […]

The three sacred words of US-Israeli rejectionism

timhaughton on

I have a confession. I love the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. I can, and often do, read it for hours. It is a treasure trove, home to some of the best propaganda on the planet. The MFA website is also home to the three sacred words. Words, which when uttered correctly, underpin decades […]

Bipartisanship at last: U.S. politicians line up to castigate Palestinian unity deal

Alex Kane on

In stark contrast to partisan wrangling over the budget and women’s rights, Democrats and Republicans are lining up to demand the cut-off of U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority as a response to the reported unity deal between Hamas and Fatah. Expect the Obama administration to take heed and agree with Congress–especially with the 2012 […]

Corporate media erase U.S. role in Hamas-Fatah split

Alex Kane on

In response to the youth of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank rising up on March 14 and 15 to call for Palestinian political unity, both the leaders of Fatah and Hamas pledged to enter into talks aimed at reconciliation. Most recently, President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah “met with senior Hamas officials to discuss […]

Is another ‘Cast Lead’ in the offing?

Alex Kane on

Are we witnessing the stirrings of a new, large-scale Israeli military operation? Haaretz today reports that “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed Wednesday that the Israel Defense Forces would continue to use ‘firm determination and assaults’ on Gaza…[Netanyahu said:] ‘It could take the form of exchanges of fire, it could continue for a particular length of […]

The Palestine Cables: Egyptian VP Suleiman, Israel’s favorite, wants ‘Gaza to go ‘hungry’ but not ‘starve”

Alex Kane on

The Israeli establishment is pleased to see that Omar Suleiman, the former head of Egypt’s intelligence services who was recently appointed to be Egypt’s first vice president, is angling to continue the Mubarak regime.  As reports circulate that Hosni Mubarak may step down tonight, examining Suleiman, Mubarak’s presumed successor, seems all the more important.  State […]

Only serious dissent on the Palestinian street will change the game: Former PLO negotiator Diana Buttu on the ‘Palestine Papers’ and the Egyptian uprising

Alex Kane on

The publication of nearly 1,700 leaked files by Al Jazeera on negotiations between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority has been largely overshadowed by the uprising in Egypt. But that doesn’t mean they don’t matter for the future of Israel/Palestine. I recently caught up with Diana Buttu, a former spokesperson for the Palestine Liberation […]

The Egyptian intifada and what it may mean for Israel/Palestine

Alex Kane on

The Egyptian uprising against the Mubarak regime is historic and important in its own right. But it may also lead to significant changes in the region that could be positive for the Palestinian cause. Israel is worried about a reliable ally being toppled next door. The Mubarak dictatorship is a core pillar of the U.S./Israeli […]

What does Israel’s non-defense of poor Sderot say about security and policy?

Philip Weiss on

Yossi Melman has revealed in Ha’aretz that the Iron Dome missile, developed at great expense and fanfare by Rafael Advanced Defence Systems, will not be used to protect the southern Israeli towns of Sderot and Ashkelon, the mission for which it was presumably developed. This in spite of a pledge by the Obama Administration to […]

UXOs: Did Israel deliberately arm Hamas?

Philip Weiss on

Israel’s war against Palestine is a graveyard of questions that died begging to be asked. The media report Israel’s actions accompanied by explanations that Israel itself supplies. The Palestinian family was thrown out of their home because they are not legal residents of East Jerusalem. The ambulance was bombed because it was transporting terrorists. Ten […]