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NY’s Center for Jewish History to host Ayelet ‘Little Snakes’ Shaked in conversation with Bret ‘Hiroshima’ Stephens

Philip Weiss on
Ayelet Shaked

Ayelet Shaked, Israel’s rightwing Justice Minister, posted a commentary calling Palestinian children “little snakes” that must be rubbed out with many other elements of Palestinian society; now she’s at NY’s Center for Jewish History, along with several other Zionists, Bret Stephens, Seth Siegel and Lawrence Summers. Where’s the opposing view?

Minnesota Congresswoman demands accountability for Nakba Day killings

Annie Robbins on
Rep. Betty McCollum

Minnesota Congressperson Rep. Betty McCollum has requested the State Department to investigate whether the killings of teens Nadeem Nawara and Mohammad Mahmoud Odeh Abu Daher, both killed during a Nakba Day protest in the occupied West Bank in 2014, constitute a violation of the Leahy Law on aid to human rights violators.

Jewish community is Humpty Dumpty– it won’t come back together again, and shouldn’t

Philip Weiss on
Shimon Peres and Steve Israel

Reps Steve Israel and Eliot Engel opposed President Obama on the Iran Deal, surely because of their concern for Israel; and they think there shouldn’t be divisions inside the Jewish community over their opposition? The divisions are real and important and go back to the Iraq war disaster, when liberal Zionists went along with neocons on a tragic policy

Tea Party and ZOA team up with Trump and Cruz to oppose Iran Deal

Adam Horowitz on

The Republican presidential clown rodeo will be making a stop in Washington DC as Congress gets set to debate the Iran Deal on September 9th. Sen. Ted Cruz and reality television star Donald Trump will appear at a D.C. rally organized by the Tea Party Patriots, the Center for Security Policy, and the Zionist Organization of America to oppose the deal.

‘NYT’ and Chris Matthews are frank about Jewish role in Iran Deal debate

Philip Weiss on
Sen. Gary Peters of Michigan

Why not outsource our foreign policy to the Knesset? Chris Matthews challenged a Republican opponent to the Iran deal, and when Jonathan Capehart said Chuck Schumer opposed the deal after study, Matthews said Schumer opposed it because he’s “going to defend the interests of Israel”

Beinart’s fear of ‘Israstine’

Philip Weiss on
Peter Beinart (Photo: New America Foundation/Flickr)

Peter Beinart says a one-state future in Israel and Palestine is utopian because the Jewish-Palestinian army of “Israstine” would soon descend into civil war. He should stop bringing up bogeymen and look at the Israeli army today, which institutionalizes racism worse than the U.S. army pre-1948.

Jimmy Carter says Netanyahu has turned his back on peace

Philip Weiss on
Jimmy Carter

“The government of Israel has no desire for a two-state solution, which is the policy of all the other nations in the world,” Jimmy Carter said today, when describing his greatest hope for the world, peace for Israel and its neighbors

A Tale of Two Beaches: Tel Aviv and Gaza

Irene Gendzier on
Gaza beach, 2006 (Photo: Wikimedia)

On July 25, 2015 The Washington Post carried an article by its Jerusalem correspondent, William Booth, on Israelis celebrating the one-year anniversary of Israel’s war on Gaza. Booth’s report was entitled, “A year after the Gaza war, good times are back on Tel Aviv’s beaches.” The next day, Palestinian journalist Mohammad Omer, published an article describing “The beach: Gaza’s one lifeline.” No more than 44 miles apart, the beaches described by Booth and Omer are world apart, yet they are inseparably and perversely linked.

Meeting Jimmy Carter

Marc H. Ellis on
Marc Ellis's book Toward a Jewish Theology of Liberation

The theologian Marc Ellis gave a sensational speech at the Carter Center in 1988, on the Palestinian uprising and the Jewish people. Friends fearing for his safety accompanied him from the hall. The next day he was seated across from Jimmy Carter and the president expressed anger at the Begin government for not following through on commitments at Camp David

Jimmy Carter has cancer

James M. Wall on
Jimmy Carter in the West Bank (Photo: Reuters)

James M. Wall reflects on his relationship with Jimmy Carter following the news that, at age 90, the former US president is fighting liver cancer. Wall writes: “Carter’s courageous truthfulness is interwoven with his stubbornness and his determination to see a larger picture as it unfolds. When he sees the truth, he follows it, regardless of the consequences.”

AIPAC spending estimated $40 million to oppose Iran Deal

Ben Norton on
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu speaking at the AIPAC 2015 Policy Conference (Image: Getty Images)

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is throwing mountains of money around in an attempt to derail the Iran nuclear deal. NPR says AIPAC will spend $20 million to $40 million to oppose the Iran deal, but that might be a conservative estimate.

Non-Jew dares to announce position on Iran Deal

Philip Weiss on
Louise McIntosh Slaughter

Jews certainly are dominating the discussion of the politics of the Iran Deal. Latest news has Sen Franken coming out for deal and 98 prominent Hollywood Jews supporting it.