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Hey Jews, listen up, Netanyahu is your leader!

Philip Weiss on
Netanyahu official portrait May 2015

The prime minister of Israel is “by design, the leader of the Jewish world,” the director-general of the Netanyahu’s office, American-born Eli Groner, said; he echoed Netanyahu’s comments to the UN General Assembly on leading the “Jewish People.”

‘NYT’ preaches to Palestinians about launching ‘intifadas’

Philip Weiss on
Tzipi Hotovely speaking at the 15th IDC Herzliya conference. (Erez Harodi/Osim Tsilum/IDC Herzilya)

When NYT editorial blames breakdown of peace process on Palestinians, it lumps “terrorism” and “intifadas” as though the act of rebellion against occupation is a crime. As for Israeli crimes, it covers Israeli massacres with the term “military clashes”

‘NYT’ reporters parrot Israeli claims re cherry tomato

Philip Weiss on
Netanyahu at the U.N., a variation by Dan Rice

Why are New York Times reporters committed to parroting Israeli propaganda re the cherry tomato when the newspaper can’t cover the “extrajudicial execution” by the country of an 18-year-old Palestinian woman at a checkpoint?

Who running for president is not ‘friends’ with Benjamin Netanyahu?

Katie Halper on
Mike Huckabee and Benjamin Netanyahu, best friends. (Image: Katie Halper)

Among most U.S. elected officials and politicians, pursuing Benjamin Netanyahu’s friendship– and bragging about their Bibi-buddy-bonafidas– is extremely trendy. Katie Halper runs down the candidates running for president in 2016 who claim to be best friends with Netanyahu.

The anti-semitism charge is the canard

Philip Weiss on
J.J. Goldberg

When Netanyahu, Michael Oren and Natan Sharansky all appeal to American Jews to defy their president in support of Israel, they’ve allowed people to broach the topic of dual loyalty– and JJ Goldberg at the Forward agrees

Anti-WASP tropes in the ‘NYT’

Philip Weiss on
Brenda Frazier

David Brooks goes in for stereotype against WASPs as inhibited while Marissa Rothkopf calls them “lockjaw” — casual prejudice in the New York Times that would never be tolerated against Jews

Pope Francis, American churches, and Palestinian rights

Grace Said and Joanna Springer on
Pope Francis touches the Separation Wall in the West Bank city of Bethlehem May 25, 2014.

Pope Francis’ September 2015 visit to the US will doubtless reinforce his reach to the new audiences he has attracted beyond the Catholic Church with his strong positions on such issues as the environment, poverty, migrants – and Palestinian rights to freedom and equality.

Church group condemns cancellation of Rev. Hagler’s ‘Ferguson to Palestine’ speech

Ben Norton on
Rev. Graylan Hagler hugging a member of Jewish Voice for Peace after a divestment resolution passed overwhelmingly at the United Church of Christ's 30th General Synod in June

Photo: UCC Palestine-Israel Network

The Steering Committee of the United Church of Christ Palestine-Israel Network strongly condemned the cancellation of Reverend Graylan Hagler’s “From Ferguson to Palestine” talk at the Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School in Rochester, NY after pro-Israel groups pressured the divinity school to cancel Rev. Hagler’s talk.

Department of Projectile Vomiting

Philip Weiss on
Netanyahu in Congress.

Sort of a step down from Congress– Netanyahu is coming as a hero to Washington again, speaking to the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute in November

Everyone’s kicking AIPAC now that it’s down

Philip Weiss on
Sen. Chuck Schumer (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

NPR, Bloomberg, and the New Yorker all run sharply critical pieces of the Israel lobby group AIPAC, a signal that its power is in eclipse. And The New Yorker calls out Chuck Schumer for his “extraordinary” identification as the “guardian” of Israel.

Rev. Graylan Hagler disinvited to speak on Palestine, sent death threats

Ben Norton on
Rev. Graylan Hagler speaking in support of healthcare reform in 2013

Photo: National Nurses United

Reverend Graylan Hagler, a veteran civil rights activist and outspoken supporter of Palestinian human rights, was invited by the Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School and Rochester, NY Friends of Sabeel Chapter to speak about Palestine on September 24. Mere days before he was going to travel to upper New York state for the talk, the divinity school disinvited Hagler following pressure from Christians United for Israel.

Bernie Sanders is ‘radical’ on economic policy but a pussycat for Israel

Philip Weiss on
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders calls for a political revolution and the break up of Wall Street banks, but when it comes to Israel he wants more military aid and blames the Palestinians equally for the conflict. He personifies the idea of PEP, progressive except Palestine, which is a key to the Israel lobby.

Berkeley human welfare commissioner fired for backing occupation divestment resolution

Ben Norton on
The Berkeley Human Welfare and Community Action Commission meeting on September 16

Photo: Rochelle Gause

A commissioner for the city of Berkeley, California was fired for supporting a resolution calling on the city to consider divesting from corporations that operate in the illegally occupied Palestinian territories. Cheryl Davila served on the Human Welfare and Community Action Commission (HWCAC) for over seven years, where she oversaw numerous human rights resolutions. In […]


Philip Weiss on
Paul Waldman

Washington Post columnist Paul Waldman wags finger at Republicans over Muslims, and says Jews empathized with blacks because we were outsiders. Tell that to the Palestinians. This is PEP personified: progressive except Palestine.

A communal confession on Yom Kippur

Marc H. Ellis on
Rabbi Brant Rosen

Rabbi Brant Rosen just published his congregation’s confession that will be prayed on Yom Kippur. Those on the political right and even those progressive Jews who continue to sit on the fence with regard to Israel and Jewish life in America, should take notice. Rabbi Rosen’s confession is wide-ranging. His title, “A Confession of Communal Complicity,” says it all. Unlike most rabbis during the High Holidays, Rabbi Rosen isn’t hiding behind a liturgy developed when Jews had little power. Rabbi Rosen knows that the Jewish situation in the world has changed from powerlessness to power. He isn’t pulling any religious or political punches.