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On eve of University of California honor, Bill Maher defends anti-Muslim hate speech in Vanity Fair interview

Jahan-Zaib H. Gilani on
Bill Maher with Ben Affleck and Sam Harris.

This weekend, UC-Berkeley honors its graduates and Bill Maher’s Anti-Muslimism, together. According to Maher the entire spectrum of American Muslims are at fault for matters outside of their control, involving people that they’ve never met. For actions that they don’t condone, by subcultures that are different from their own. For mentalities that they don’t share, by groups whose names they can’t even pronounce. All because they happen to fall under the same category of religious identity. Congratulations UC-Berkeley, this Saturday, December 20, you’ll be on the wrong side of history.

Memo to Sen. Warren: More young Dems want US to side with Palestine than Israel

Philip Weiss on
Sen. Elizabeth Warren

In recent days, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has offered herself as the great progressive hope of the Democratic Party but remains silence on the Israeli occupation. Well, here’s some encouragement to Warren to move left on the question. Shibley Telhami reports Democratic Party politicians are out of touch with their grass roots on Israel/Palestine. Women, African-Americans, Hispanics and young Dems all want the U.S. to show less favoritism to Israel than it does now.

A donkey/zebra’s story allows children to learn about Gaza

Philip Weiss on
The Story of Hurry, by Emma Williams and illustrated by Ibrahim Quraishi

How do you tell children about the atrocities of Gaza? Emma Williams, Ibrahim Quraishi and Jean Stein came up with the answer: a modern fable for children about the donkey who is painted to look like a zebra to entertain the besieged children in the strip.

Are pro-Israel groups afraid of the US public?

Philip Weiss on
Arieh King being interviewed on a radio show in Jerusalem. (Photo:

Arieh King wants Jerusalem for the Jews but when he comes to NY, the public can’t attend his speech. You have to apply for admission. Desperate times in the Israel lobby.

Promoting regime change in Iraq paved the way to regime change at the New Republic

Philip Weiss on

The regime change at the New Republic is continuing to command headlines and two storylines sympathetic to Chris Hughes are emerging. One is technocratic/neoliberal: He bought the goddamn magazine, what did they expect? The other is political: despite the New Republic’s claim to being a progressive leader, the old regime was not liberal; it was racist and neoconservative/rightwing Zionist. More evidence the Hughes putsch is epochal: it ends an era in which neoconservatism was fanned inside the liberal Democratic political community, out of concern for maintaining US support for the Jewish state.