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Sheldon Adelson bankrolls NBA player trip to Israel to fight BDS

Annie Robbins on
Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins, Omri Casspi get muddy in the Dead Sea /Photo: Sacramento Bee-Twitter

Israeli-born Sacramento Kings forward Omri Casspi and pro-Israel mega-donor Sheldon Adelson recently teamed up to recruit NBA stars for an anti-BDS promotional jaunt to Israel and Sports Illustrated is all over it, without mentioning the anti-BDS angle.

Time Warner executive moonlights as speechwriter for Netanyahu

Philip Weiss on
Gary Ginsberg- headshot Liz Sullivan      Newscorp.   News Corporation

Gary Ginsberg, a top executive at Time Warner, is a speechwriter for Benjamin Netanyahu in his free time. Ginsberg says Time Warner is fully aware of his service but has not disclosed it because he does so in his personal capacity as a friend of Netanyahu’s.

Huckabee plays the Iran Holocaust trump card

Marc H. Ellis on
Mike Huckabee (right) speaks with Likud's Danny Danon in territory Israel annexed into the Gush Etzion settlement bloc on Sunday, September 7, 2014. (Screenshot of a video by Israel National News)

Mike Huckabee invokes the Holocaust re Iran Deal: “This president’s foreign policy is the most feckless in American history… he will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven.”

‘NYT’ must think it has no Amish readers

Philip Weiss on
Jennifer Weiner

Novelist Jennifer Weiner makes fun of Amish people in the NYT, for using outhouses and not having TV. Casual prejudice– would it be tolerated toward any other minority group?

Scenes from a Sanders presidency

Katie Miranda on

Katie Miranda imagines what life will look like if Bernie Sanders is elected president. Some aspects of U.S. politics look radically different, others . . . not so much.

An inside look at the UCC vote to divest from the Israeli occupation

Mike Daly on
Members vote during the United Church of Christ General Synod 2015 in Cleveland. (Photo: United Church of Christ via Flickr)

Mike Daly interviews The Rev. Allie Perry about her experience as a delegate at the United Church of Christ General Synod, recently held in Cleveland, Ohio. Perry supported the resolution calling on the church to divest from the Israeli occupation which passed by an overwhelming margin of 508 to 124 with 38 abstentions. Perry says, “I hope people can see this as its own case study of how one, within one’s community, can organize to work on building the movement, until we get to a tipping point. I hope and pray and believe that that is happening.”

‘NYT’ discovers elephant in living room: ‘Pro-Israel billionaires’

James North and Philip Weiss on
New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez

Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson both want to bomb Iran and both support Sen. Robert Menendez’s defense fund. And even the New York Times states in a headline that “Pro-Israel billionaires” are backing Menendez. The elephant in the room is getting some attention

The challenge for Tzedek Chicago

Marc H. Ellis on
Brant Rosen, center, with Steering Committee co-chairs Mark Miller (left) and Susan Klonsky (right) at the Tzedek Chicago launch event, June 28, 2015 (photo: Lisa Kosowski)

Rabbi Brant Rosen’s new congregational venture Tzedek Chicago continues to make news. Writing in the Forward, Jonathan Paul Katz thinks that such a non-Zionist venture rooted in universal Jewish values might fill a gap in Jewish life. That said, the issue is much more profound than Katz is aware of.