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Guess who sent me this letter

Philip Weiss on
Letter Phil Weiss got June 25

“Your map of Israel is enclosed,” the New Israel Fund writes in a fundraising letter to American Jews. This gut-Zionist appeal by a progressive group shows the limits of action by liberal Zionist groups to address the roots of the conflict.

Leading NY writer likens Edward Said to monster in a horror movie

Philip Weiss on
Edward Said

Jonathan Rosen, novelist and editorial director of a leading line of Jewish books, describes Edward Said’s Orientalism, an iconic book for Arab-Americans, as a “monster” in academic and public life. Zionism is making American Jewish organizations very conservative indeed.

Cycles of violence only begin when Palestinians kill Israelis

Donald on
New York Times headquarters.

In reporting a Palestinian killing an Israeli on the West Bank, the NYT says it is reminiscent of last year’s teen killings, leaving out the fact that last year’s violence began with killings of Palestinian teens at Nakba Day demo

Dershowitz spills the beans: Supreme Court’s Jerusalem case impact on Iran deal

Annie Robbins on
Alan M. Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz says the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in the Jerusalem passport case is “dangerous” because it gives Obama power to “make a bad deal” with Iran, beyond the scrutiny of the Supreme Court. For some, obviously, that’s what this case was always about, and never about a little boy’s passport

The peace process is ‘a savior for war’ — Ari Shavit

Philip Weiss on
Ari Shavit

Ari Shavit’s realpolitik: the Israeli author says that Israel has been able to gain international immunity for using force against Palestinians on several occasions, from the 1940s to 2009, only because it was seen as sincerely pursuing peace. The failed Camp David peace process “was a failure for peace,” but a “savior for war.”

Once again, ‘NYT’ fails to tell its readers that many Jews support BDS

James North and Philip Weiss on

Who says the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign isn’t having an effect? Page 7 of the New York Times today is the Boycott Israel page. Though one article irresponsibly portrays BDS as a threat to Jews, leaving out the sizable support among Jews for the campaign