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Israeli racism takes center stage at Manhattan JCC

Philip Weiss on
Batya Kahana-Dror

When Batya Kahana-Dror tells a NY Jewish audience that she wants “maximal territory with minimal Arab citizens” inside Israeli borders, no one criticizes her. But when a woman in the audience calls on ending US aid to Israel, Rabbi Ayelet Cohen says that she’s being disrespectful.

Guilford College Hillel in North Carolina changes its name under legal threat in order to host civil rights veterans

Philip Weiss on
Hillel logo

You’d think that the legal threat against Guilford College Hillel for hosting civil rights veterans in North Carolina came from some old white desegregationists. Nope– it was threatened by Hillel International, the Jewish organization based in Washington, D.C., because the veterans were speaking out Thursday night for Palestinian human rights.

Hurt by the Israel lobby, Obama kisses it goodbye

Philip Weiss on
Obama and Friedman, from the NYT

In an interview with Tom Friedman of the New York Times, President Obama shows that he has won on foreign policy, speaking warmly of Iran and repeatedly referring to differences with Netanyahu in a kind of goodbye to the Israel lobby

‘NYT’ addresses pro-Israel donors’ influence over Congress

Philip Weiss on
Eric Lipton of the Times

The New York Times has finally done it: an honest piece about the Israel lobby’s financial influence over Congress, the Republican side of the aisle, anyway. Netanyahu’s influence among Republicans reflects the power of “a small group of wealthy donors.”