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November 2006


Philip Weiss on

And so the age of neoconservatism and visionary crusade comes to an end, with a whimper and a bang!

Outrage Over Avigdor, From Americans for Peace Now

Philip Weiss on

My last post said that Americans were too quiet about the ascension of Avigdor Lieberman. Lara Friedman, director of government relations for Americans for Peace Now, points out to me that APN has been vigorous in denouncing Lieberman’s expulsionist beliefs….

Progressive Israelis Are Agonized. Can the U.S. Help Them?

Philip Weiss on

Both the proof and the damage of the Israel lobby may be seen in a simple fact: In Israel, people can sharply criticize their government in the mainstream press; here the mainstream press excludes sharp criticism of Israel (because it…

A Political Science Prof Disputes Me Re: Military and Education

Philip Weiss on

Mike Desch, a political scientist at Texas A&M’s George [H.W.] Bush School, says I’m wrong about the military being less educated than American society as a whole: Indeed, it is more so. Take a look at the attached: The…

Get Kerry Some Ammo!

Philip Weiss on

John Kerry’s statement about education and military service may be a political liability to the power-lusting Dems, but journalists (most of whom vote Democratic) aren’t politicians, they’re the busy bees of the information age, and they should perform their jobs…

Baruch Spinoza Goes Into Rehab at Yivo Institute

Philip Weiss on

I’ve spent a lot of time critiquing an event at Yivo Institute last week, well I must praise the all-day conference Yivo put on Sunday, to mark the 350th anniversary of the excommunication of Baruch Spinoza by Jewish religious authorities…