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August 2009

How about, let’s stop deifying the nation-state

Jordan Halewi on

A few weeks back, fearing that this site would become irrelevant if all it did was criticize and not offer positive forward-thinking alternatives, Phil Weiss asked friends for some positive ideas about what to do in the Israel Palestine crisis. Jordan Halewi, a pseudonymous grad student, and former Zionist, files his blueprint. Life in fortress-Israel […]

‘Washington Post’ erases Palestinian population in Israel twice (Imagine if they tried this with blacks in U.S.)

Philip Weiss on

Huwaida Arraf, of the International Solidarity Movement, lately sent the following letter to the Washington Post following a report from Israel: Howard Schneider’s presentation of Israeli public opinion through the introduction of a poll conducted by Ephraim Yaar profoundly misleads readers. Professor Yaar’s poll clearly states that it was a survey of Israeli Jews.  It […]

Madonna hypocrisy watch

Philip Weiss on

Madonna is booed on stage in Romania for speaking out about the plight of the Gypsies. A Jewish leader hails her for condemning "apartheid" conditions the Roma must live in: Two days later, Madonna arrives in Israel to say nothing about the Occupation. h/t Max Blumenthal.

more puffery in the American press from the Jim Crow territories

Philip Weiss on

From the Washington Post: Israel’s wealthiest woman, Shari Arison, has ended suicide bombings thru her wise investments: …[S]he has not run willy-nilly into what would seem like a peacemaking Israeli capitalist’s sweet spot — investments in the Palestinian territories or joint ventures with Israeli Arabs. [But] She said she was pitched on the idea by […]

Now he tells us: Bill Kristol says Obama-McCain election was about Israel

Philip Weiss on

The September issue of Commentary Magazine (not yet online) includes a response by William Kristol to Norman Podhoretz’s complaint that Jews are liberals (in Podhoretz’s forthcoming book, Why Are Jews Liberals? Commentary’s editor, John Podhoretz, is giving his father’s book a nepotistic shove). Kristol’s response is far more forthcoming about religion than he usually is, […]

Uri Avnery is against BDS

Anees of Jerusalem on

In his latest column, Uri Avnery argues—badly—against the boycott movement. Basically, the fact that a boycott will offend Israelis (heaven forbid!) is a non-starter for him, even when BDS is just a temporary means to an end: the end of the Occupation. This paragraph left me feeling particularly anguished: Peoples are not the same everywhere. […]

Scott McConnell on Christopher Caldwell’s ‘Reflections’

Scott McConnell on

Somewhat against my expectations, I found  Christopher Caldwell’s “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe” extremely impressive —  complex, multifaceted, nuanced. One of its virtues is its sense of openness and uncertainty about questions which are genuinely difficult. How many Baby Boomers, raised in an era when campus bookstores were stuffed with titles about Marxism, would […]

Blankfort’s response to Avnery on boycott issue

Jeffrey Blankfort on

Dear Uri, If one’s stand on the boycott is issue is a critical moment of truth, and I believe that it is, I am sorry to say that you have come up wanting in your latest column. That you base your opposition to the boycott on a Jewish history that the vast majority of Israelis […]

‘Forward’ source rationalizes kidney scheme on basis of 500-year-ago Jewish expulsion

Philip Weiss on

The Forward ran a nice piece by Rebecca Dube, talking to Eddie Antar, of the store Crazy Eddie’s, about the crime ring lately unearther in the Syrian Jewish community. Sayeth Antar: “You have to understand something — the way this community survived when they got expelled from Spain in 1492 was to maintain insularity,” Antar […]

Jerry Slater on Rivka Carmi

Jerome Slater on

Dear Dr. Carmi:    As a retired university professor here in the U.S., I was quite interested in your letter to the BGU faculty.  I understand that the University of Tehran may be looking for a new president, so should the situation at BGU become as desperate as you fear, you might want to keep […]

Suppression of free speech in Galway, Ireland

Philip Weiss on

Geoffrey V. Gray writes: My wife and I were walking down the street in Galway, Ireland, and passed a white-haired human rights worker standing behind a table. Above him were banners calling for the boycotting of Israeli products by the EU.  A pamphlet listed stores in Galway that sold Israeli goods and how to spot […]

Imagine the ‘Times’ leaving out deaths of Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman in a story on Mississippi protests!

Philip Weiss on

Patrick Connors has pointed out major omissions in the Ethan Bronner piece from Bi’lin in the New York Times that I celebrated earlier today: Bronner notes 170 Israeli soldiers injured, three seriously,  in the "villages"– “Since the beginning of 2008, about 170 members of the defense forces have been injured in these villages,” [the Israeli […]

Gamechanger? Jeff Skoll, Richard Branson show up in Bi’lin

Philip Weiss on

Hardworking Ethan Bronner of the NY Times, whom we bash alot around here, had an important piece out of Bi’lin’s weekly protest the other day. Here. It is significant for a couple of reasons. First, even piecemeal Times coverage of the nonviolent protests offers the hope that the movement against Israeli Jim Crow will work […]

Joel Kovel on Naomi Klein and Durban

Joel Kovel on

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The Lion of the Senate could be a–

Jeffrey Blankfort on

Can there be any serious argument with the statement that Congress is Israeli Occupied Territory when even the Lion of the Senate is forced to lie down like a lamb? When Kennedy spoke before the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations on January 28, 1980, he attacked President Carter, accusing him of an "on […]

Israel stops US basketball players from coming to Palestine

Anees of Jerusalem on

According to Hannah Murphy’s piece in The Guardian, sometime between April and the present, Israel has harassed/sent back American basketball players because they were coming to play in Palestinian teams. Several American basketball players have been refused entry at Tel Aviv airport. Israeli border control has information that they are on their way to play […]

neocons linger. why lord?

Philip Weiss on

The Kinks had a great song, "I wish I could be like David Watts!" It was all about adolescent envy. Well I wish I could be like David Frum. Sometimes anyway. Frum’s a member of the new establishment, he doesn’t go away. Frum’s sister Linda Sokolowski was just appointed to the Canadian senate by the PM […]

Alternative endings department (Obituary, Edward M. Kennedy, 77)

Philip Weiss on

Former Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the youngest brother in the legendary political family, and surely the least known, died yesterday at his home in Chicago, at 77. Kennedy served two terms in the Senate in the 1960s and was spoken of as a possible presidential candidate before his career flamed out. Deeply disturbed by […]

My Short and Quirky Reading List on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Ira Glunts on

Israel is a nation that has thrived largely due to an image which is wholly a product of the fertile imaginations of many of its Jewish citizens, some Diaspora Jews and other true believers. The idea of a Jewish state as a uniquely moral actor on the world stage, like the image of Coca Cola, […]

Flowed Lands

Philip Weiss on

  A few weeks back I tried to cut my obsession with Israel/Palestine by running Rob Buchanan’s foto of Lake Colden in the Adirondacks. Today I’m trying to do the same by running Larry Zuckerman’s foto from the Flowed Lands in the Adirondacks High Peaks section. Pretty flowed this summer. That should be Mount Colden […]

‘Atlantic Monthly’ extols ‘righteous Jewish violence’ in Palestine

Philip Weiss on

Jeffrey Goldberg on seeing Inglourious Basterds: When I came out of the screening room the night before our interview [with director Quentin Tarantino], I was so hopped up on righteous Jewish violence that I was almost ready to settle the West Bank—and possibly the East Bank. This is now an old story. We were exterminated […]