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October 2010

‘Haaretz’s desperate cry for help– ‘South Africa is here’

Philip Weiss on

When I first moved outside the city, I had a neighbor who was a drunk. I liked the guy a lot. He was funny and smart. He helped me with home improvement stuff, and I watched him die before my eyes. Another neighbor told me that Jim couldn’t leave a party so long as there […]

‘NPR’ gives Avigdor Lieberman a pass, as always

Philip Weiss on

Yesterday my wife and I contributed to the New York public radio pledge drive. I do it because I listen to NPR a lot, and because I often trash NPR on this site. You got to pay the piper. Then last night I was working on the new bathroom and I put the radio on […]

Oslo mayor joins protest against illegal Israeli wall

Philip Weiss on

Dr. Rateb Abu Rahmah of the Bil’in popular committee sent this note Friday after the demonstration: Today’s demonstration in Bil’in against the Apartheid wall, organized by the Popular Committee of Bil’in, was joined by many local residents, Israeli activists as well as many internationals. As the group moved peacefully towards the Apartheid wall, they chanted […]

My sabbath is the weekend

Philip Weiss on

Today on Krista Tippett’s show about religion, she had poohbahs of three major religions on stage, and Rabbi Jonathan Sacks of England told a story about how great Sabbath is and said that the sabbath is hallowed by all three religions. Giant applause.

Caterpillar freeze and ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’ honor suggest advance of boycott movement

Philip Weiss on

This is important and I’ve been sitting on it, sorry. Four points: –Caterpillar has temporarily stopped delivering bulldozers to Israel. JPost: Caterpillar, the company which supplies the IDF with bulldozers, has announced that it is delaying the supply of D9 bulldozers during the time that the trial of Rachel Corrie proceeds, Channel 2 reported on […]

The Gaza tunnels aren’t just for imports

Hani Almadhoun on

Every time I or one of my relatives visit our Egyptian cousins in Egypt, they ask us to bring specific goods. Two items they almost ask for hair gel, and denim. It seems a good hair gel is hard to find in Egypt. I have never been a gel kinda of guy, but this is […]

When brown shirts attacked my father

Philip Weiss on

Lillian Rosengarten, writing at the Palestine Chronicle: Uri Avneri’s always powerful observations raise the most profound question. How can it happen, the lure of Fascism that oozes into the fabric of societies with the promise of a better life? There are always those who are not vulnerable to the language of temptation, the racist rhetoric […]

‘NYT’ catches a clue

Philip Weiss on

Maybe The New York Times learned something by going to Ariel on the settlers’ red carpet? Its editorial today strikes a new, important tone: it blames Netanyahu for the deadlock in the Middle East and says that the Palestinians and the international community are justly running out of patience. No mention of the Israel lobby; […]

The ZOA’s effort to criminalize campus activism through federal civil rights legislation

Eyal Mazor on

This post originally appeared on the Jewish Voice for Peace blog MuzzleWatch: Under the leadership of Mort Klein, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) is celebrating its success in its efforts to expand federal anti-bullying guidelines stipulated under the US Civil Rights Act of 1964.  So why in the world would Mort Klein and his pro-occupation and […]

Good news for New Yorkers: ‘Budrus’ held over

James North on

You can still see 1500 Palestinian Gandhis in action, along with their Gandhi-ist supporters from the rest of the world and Israel.  The terrific documentary film Budrus, about the courageous nonviolent resistence in the West Bank village of the same name, is showing for one more week at the Quad Cinema in Manhattan, through November […]

Israel gets off scot-free, again

Maggie Sager on

Yesterday the Jerusalem Post reported that the Israeli foreign ministry has successfully thwarted an attempted meeting between the signatories of the Geneva Convention which would have convened in Switzerland. According to the article, foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman was motivated to block the meeting because it “could have resulted in a public statement that Israel has violated the […]

More about trickster/debater/Canadian Gabriel Latner, 19

Philip Weiss on

Gabriel Latner is the Cambridge University law student who was assigned by the Cambridge Union debating society to argue the affirmative side of the proposition, “Israel is a rogue state” on October 21, then used the opportunity to take on others on his side and argue in favor of Israel. His conduct earned him a […]

‘New York Times’ is clueless

Philip Weiss on

“New York Times execs visit West Bank city “Publisher, senior editors of influential American newspaper given tour of Ariel as part of Yesha Council PR campaign” Those are Ynet’s headlines. NYT publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and executive editor Bill Keller and other editors visited a West Bank settlement two days ago as guests of Yesha, […]

Cambridge debater set out to ‘nail’ others on his side

Philip Weiss on

The other day we reported on a Cambridge University debate about whether Israel is a rogue state in which one of the students arguing the affirmative acted as a proponent for Israel. Well, the student, Gabriel Latner, has been banned from debating for life (who says the west doesn’t have fatwas) by Cambridge Union president […]

Obama missed his chance to start a pullout from Afghanistan

Philip Weiss on

A friend who has just finished Obama’s Wars by Bob Woodward tells me, No review has reported the size of the opportunity Obama missed in late 2009 to start a pullout from Afghanistan. Here is Woodward’s diagram of forces: ON HIS SIDE against more troops were Gen. Jones, Eikenberry, Biden, Gen. Lute, John Brennan, Colin […]

Is he a reliable narrator?

Philip Weiss on

A year ago, Jeffrey Goldberg approvingly quoted a reader who said that the Jewish settlement of Gilo is part of Jerusalem:

A certain type of namedropping

Philip Weiss on

Dennis Ross, telling an AIPAC gathering about the Obama administration’s foreign policy achievements, in Florida, a week before the midterm elections: As my colleague Stuart Levey from the Treasury Department circles the globe explaining sanctions measures to governments and companies, and highlighting the risks of doing business with Iran, we expect that more banks and […]

Does chosen mean unequal?

Philip Weiss on

A Christian friend asked me to put out a call to religious scholars. He writes: Did you see this statement from Abe Foxman of the ADL responding to the Catholic bishops gathering that called for an end to the occupation? We write to protest the shocking and outrageous anti-Jewish comments made by Greek Melkite Archbishop […]

Meltdown of the Macher: Abe Foxman loses it, calls Israeli interviewer a bigot and condemns the Seinfeld ‘Soup Nazi’

Max Blumenthal on

Anti-Defamation League National Director Abe Foxman arrived in Israel in mid-October on the heels of several controversial decisions that prompted a hail of criticism in the United States. Foxman may have hoped that while in Israel he would have been able to avoid sensitive issues like his condemnation of the construction of an Islamic community […]