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November 2010

Let Americans’ shift on gays in the military be a lesson for Israelis

Philip Weiss on

This is a great day in the U.S. The Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, recommended that the U.S. government end the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for gays in the military. From now on, he said, they should serve openly. Battalions of liberal commentators, from Chris Matthews on down, will support Obama and the Congress as […]

International day of solidarity in Gaza greeted with Israeli bullets in Beit Hanoun

Adie Mormech on

Live bullets were fired from snipers at an Erez control tower within a metre of demonstrators on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People on Tuesday morning in Beit Hanoun, Northern Gaza. A German activist Vera Macht was injured as she stumbled while running for cover. The Local Initiative of Beit Hanoun organized the […]

Maybe the internet hasn’t killed Israeli PR just yet

Adam Horowitz on

The above interview is with Curtis Brown about his article (written with Diana Allan) The Mavi Marmara at the Frontlines of Web 2.0 in the Autumn 2010 edition of the Journal of Palestine Studies. It looks critically of what many in the blogosphere are doing, including us here at Mondoweiss, and says that social media and […]

Searching for the ghost of Israeli democracy

Max Blumenthal on

Fania Oz-Salzberger, Amos Oz’s daughter, has challenged my characterization of her comments at the Nexus Institute’s “Return of Ghosts” symposium. Here is what she wrote in the comments section of my blog: I am befuddled by your representation of what I thought had been a cordial and thoughtful exchange. The snippets you report of my symposium […]

U.S. State Department: Israel is not a tolerant society

Adam Horowitz on

The above headline is taken right from Haaretz. Akiva Eldar wrote in 2009 about a report from the State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor which found: The report says that the 1967 law on the protection of holy places refers to all religious groups in the country, including in Jerusalem, but “the […]

Exclusive excerpt from Gaza Mom: Palestine, Politics, Parenting, and Everything In Between

Laila El-Haddad on

Laila El-Haddad’s new book, Gaza Mom: Palestine, Politics, Parenting, and Everything In Between, follows El-Haddad’s life and work from 2004-2010, and includes great reportage from and about Gaza, Palestinian life, several pieces of poetry; a live-tweeted text from Cairo Airport, and even a recipe. It includes a great Foreword by Prof. miriam cooke of Duke […]

MSM stirs– Wilkerson tells Olbermann Israel can’t be ‘democratic and Jewish’

Susie Kneedler on

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Last night Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson gently set a naive Keith Olbermann partly straight. Olbermann noticed (at 2:45 or so) that a 2007 cable in the WikiLeaks communiques gives “a reason other than the obvious for Israel’s opposition to Iranian nukes”: that they pose […]

University of Toronto caught in controversy over anti-Zionist master’s thesis

Adam Horowitz on

The Canadian Jewish News reports on Jennifer Peto’s master’s thesis from department of sociology and equity studies in education at the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (OISE), a branch of the University of Toronto. The paper is titled “The Victimhood of the Powerful: White Jews, Zionism and the Racism of Hegemonic Holocaust Education”: The University […]

Is ‘Peace Now’ friending settlers?

Philip Weiss on

We just got this picture of Yariv Oppenheimer, the head of Peace Now in Israel, in green at left, hanging at a party with men who are said to be members of the Yesha Council, the settlers’ group. The guy to the right of Oppenheimer is said to be Danny Dayan, who has said, “a […]

One American’s awakening

Philip Weiss on

Editor’s note: A vital function of this site is to inform Americans about fellow citizens who are discovering the issue and struggling to engage on it. Louise Ross of Washington, D.C., has visited Israel and Palestine twice. She is a longtime Republican who voted for Obama and is now disappointed in his Middle East policy. […]

‘WaPo’ hired Rubin because the Iraq war gang needs to hang together or hang separately

Philip Weiss on

Jack Ross at PostRight, at the American Conservative, nails the wackadelic hire of Jennifer Rubin by the Washington Post. Excerpts: Jennifer Rubin is a museum-quality specimen of the Jewish self-hate at the core of the neoconservative phenomenon (and also, not incidentally, of classical Zionism).  Others have noted this streak in her without grasping its deeper […]

Gulf monarchs know enough to kiss the neocon ring

Philip Weiss on

From JTA: “A Jewish woman was appointed to Bahrain’s main legislative body. “Nancy Khadhori, who has written extensively about Bahrain’s Jewish community, was appointed to the Shura, or consultative council, the upper house of the Arab country’s national assembly. The council members are appointed directly by the king of Bahrain. “Khadhori replaces Jewish council member […]

More WikiLeaks: Netanyahu took Obama seriously, for a little while

Philip Weiss on

Another report that the Netanyahu-Barak government was fluttered to the point of defensive reaction by the prospect of Obama’s Cairo speech– Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Obama administration just two weeks after elected to Knesset that he supported the idea of a land exchange and had no desire to govern Palestinian territories, according to […]

Solarz ‘attended to the needs of Israel’ (but for whom?)

Philip Weiss on

NYT obituary for former Brooklyn congressman Stephen Solarz, 70. When he was elected to the House in 1974, Mr. Solarz finagled a seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee with the idea that he could appeal to his largely Jewish district by attending to the needs of Israel. He immediately threw himself into foreign policy issues, […]

Not conspiratorial, but peevish

Philip Weiss on

In the NYT Sunday there was a list of the 100 best books of 2010. One of them, The Invisible Bridge, by Julie Orringer, is a novel with a Holocaust angle that got a mixed review by Janet Maslin earlier this year. Orringer is the grand-daughter of a Holocaust survivor. Oh, and there’s another book […]

Sullivan combats anti-Semitic smear by Goldberg

Philip Weiss on

Is Sullivan the best? Yes. He is doing the hard labor of taking on the Israel lobby forcefully in the mainstream media, with unrivaled clarity and eloquence. Here he bats down a piece of thuggery from Jeffrey Goldberg, that Sullivan believes that “a group of warmongering Jews– alone” is pushing World War III. Disgusting. Though […]

Hearing what you want to hear from Arab leaders

Philip Weiss on

NPR just aired an exchange between Robert Siegel and the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg over the fact that Wikileaks cables show that Arab governments want to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program. I don’t doubt the cables; though when Goldberg says that the Arab governments perceive an “existential threat” from Iran, just as Israel does, I don’t […]

Clinton ‘tore the fabric’ herself long before we ever heard of Wikileaks

Philip Weiss on

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s response to the latest Wikileaks release was shaky and full of holes at best. Hypocritical is more like it. Clinton stated “Let’s be clear. This disclosure is not just an attack on America — it’s an attack on the international community.” Such leaks, “tear at the fabric” of responsible government. […]

WikiLeaks docs expose Egyptian complicity with Israeli war crimes (again)

Alex Kane on

One of the most striking things that I took away from my time in Egypt last winter was the extent to which the U.S.-backed Mubarak dictatorship goes to squash public dissent on their government’s Gaza policy. Swarms of riot police encircled countless peaceful protests calling on the Egyptian government to let activists part of the […]

What would you do if . . .

Mohammed Said AlNadi on

Someone had assailed your home, ethnically cleansed its people, annexed its land, exhausted its bounteous resources, and decimated its geographical characteristics? Someone had denied you your inalienable right of defending your home and self, and mendaciously accused you of being “terrorist”, justifying crimes and oppression by “self-defense”? Someone, by using humiliation and most degrading ways, […]

Sedek review: The concrete steps needed to implement a vision

Ahmed Moor on

From Sedek: A model for Kufr Bir’im (Credit: Zochrot) The first English-language issue of Sedek, a journal produced by the Israeli organization Zochrot, is one of the most exciting things I’ve read recently. The collection of essays is the result of the sincere engagement of Palestinians and Israelis with one another around the Palestinian right […]

Sedek review: Stuck on the right of return

Ben Zakkai on

Last June, when I wrote an article for Mondoweiss proposing a framework for a one-state solution, I didn’t anticipate that it would draw me into a series of further posts on the political and legal aspects of the Palestinian right of return.  In retrospect, though, that was foreseeable, since the right of return issue must be resolved before any […]