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October 2012

Exile and the Prophetic: Palestine in pieces

Marc H. Ellis on

Palestine is in pieces. It won’t be put together again, at least as it was. The view of Palestine before the fall is romanticized. Like Eastern European Jewish life before the Holocaust, communities see what they want to see. Nostalgia is part of the storm’s aftermath but it doesn’t go very far. It may even take our eyes off a future that is achievable.

I am you

Refaat Alareer on

The poem “I am you” by Refaat Alareer

Video: Normalize this!

Remi Kanazi on

Video of Remi Kanazi performing his new poem, “Normalize This!”

On the unbearable lightnness of (not) being Israeli

Gabriel Ash on

The adjective ‘Israeli’ is a magician’s trick. but whereas the common magician makes coins and pigeons vanish and reappear, ‘Israeli’ can disappear a whole people, only to pull it back from the ear of an assistant when the show requires it. Let’s see how it’s done.

Israeli military begins demolishing home in Beit Ommar with family still inside

Today in Palestine on

Seven Palestinians including three children, a woman and her son were arrested in Al Khalil Israeli authorities arrested seven Palestinians on Tuesday in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, including three children, a woman and her son. Said Raba, a Palestinian from the South Hebron Hills village of al-Mufaqarah, was arrested because he refused to […]

Crossing Hizma, the other Jerusalem checkpoint

Allison Deger on

While Qalandia is the main passageway out of the West Bank for Palestinians, Hizma, another checkpoint a few kilometers to the south, is the entry point into “Judea and Samaria” for settlers. Once part of the landscape of what would have been the capital of a Palestinian state, Hizma now represents a forgotten era of geographical continuity in the West Bank.

Israel announces 180 new settlement housing units in East Jerusalem

Kate on

180 new units in East Jerusalem [map] Settlement Watch EJ 29 Oct — The Israeli Land Administration announced last week the allocation of 180 new housing units in East Jerusalem for families of people from the Israeli security forces (the army and police). The decision was made in accordance with the Israeli Government’s decision from […]

Advocates for overthrow of Iran’s government educate American high school teachers

Alex Kane on

The Philadelphia-based Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) brought together 44 high school teachers from around the country for “a professional development conference on ‘Understanding Iran and the Geopolitics of the Middle East.’” Two of the scholars giving presentations on Iran are proponents for overthrowing the Iranian government.

Exile and the Prophetic: Do Jews and Palestinians ‘share’ the Holocaust and the Nakba?

Marc H. Ellis on

Old ideas would be mutual recognition, with each side recognizing the tragedy that has befallen the other. There’s no harm in mutual recognition of past suffering. I wonder, though, if at this point it’s better for Jews and Palestinians to agree to drop the past suffering of both and concentrate on suffering and justice in the present.

Whether legal or political, the Holy Land Five struggle will continue

Joe Catron on

Today the Supreme Court will announce its decision to hear whether to hear the last remaining legal appeal of the Holy Land Five. The crusade against the Holy Land Foundation has been a political prosecution that targeted five Palestinian-Americans, with the close collaboration of Israeli intelligence sources and an anonymous witness.

Samira Shackle: The Netanyahu-Lieberman alliance will accelerate isolationism and discrimination

Today in Palestine on

The Netanyahu-Lieberman alliance will accelerate isolationism and discrimination When I interviewed Professor Avi Shlaim last month, he said that the current Israeli government was “is the most right-wing, the most hawkish, the most uncompromising … in Israel’s entire history”. That could be about to get worse. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has announced that he is […]

War and the two Bible belts

David Bromwich on

Israel’s acceptance of Jim Crow and America’s acceptance of permanent war are each fostered by intolerant segments in the respective societies

Celebrating Chomsky’s historic visit to Gaza

Abdulrahman Murad on

We were taught Chomsky in school, but never thought we shared the same stage. Now he has brought that stage to Gaza, and reunified Gaza with the world. Gaza celebrates