Shot by soldier, neglected in Israeli hospital, Gaza youth is sent home for amputation

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On June 27, at the Gaza fence, an Israeli sniper shot protester Adam Salem, 15, in the right leg. The Israelis then seized the resident of al-Shati refugee camp and carried him to the Israeli side, where he was operated on in Barzilai Medical Center, in Ashkelon. But Adam relates that doctors soon stopped visiting his room and the soldiers guarding his room abused him, till he was returned to Gaza on July 11 with a gangrenous wound. He tells his story in this video.


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Another reason to hate Israel. Reminds me of one of the sickest Israel stories I ever read. A car thief from Gaza was severely injured in a crash. Brain injuries. He was discharged as fit from an Israeli hospital and handed over to the police who left him at a roadblock, catheter still attached. He was found dead next morning. The prophets were too naïve. They never imagined how evil the return to Zion would… Read more »