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Straddling the Intellectual Colonization Fence


Claire Paddock pens her impressions from the second day of the Jewish Voice for Peace national membership meeting. She writes that scholar Andrea Smith implored the crowd to think about creating a completely new system in Israel/Palestine, one that has nothing to do with colonialism, and relates Liat Rosenberg’s message that the international community needs to apply pressure to compel the Israelis to assume responsibility for Palestinian refugees.

Israeli forces attacked non-violent protesters in Gaza Friday, killing one Palestinian and wounding 57. The Palestinian protest organizers called this Friday’s protest the “Friday of 78 Children”, in honor of the 78 children killed by Israeli forces since the weekly marches began in March 2018.

Haidar Eid responds to Palestinian criticism of Gaza’s Great March of Return which says the protests have not been worth it: “these intellectuals’ assimilation of the (neo)liberal mentality, makes them look down upon the culture of resistance as useless, futile and hopeless. This defeatist ideology fails to appreciate people power or even to see that it exists. They are defeated because they want to fight the battle on Israel’s terms-through the adoption of an Israel-Hamas dichotomy, rather than apartheid Israel vs. the Palestinian people.”