Alice Rothchild


Alice Rothchild visits a church in Amman that has gained a regional reputation for caring for refugees from Syria and Iraq, many of whom fled ISIS atrocities and are afraid to return. “Forty percent of the women are widows and many refugees have experienced unimaginably severe and chronic trauma from abuse.”

Petra, Jordan. (Photo: Alice Rothchild)

Alice Rothchild travels to Jordan on a trip to report on refugee conditions and is struck by the lack of omnipresent security that she experiences in Israel. She wants to yell out to security, “I’m over here guys, in Jordan. On the east side of the Jordan River!!! It’s me!”

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). (Photo: Ilhan Omar for Congress/Facebook)

The recent fury and attacks on Ilhan Omar and her forthright statements exposing and criticizing the role of the Israel lobby come at time when issues of political framing are roiling Jewish and progressive communities. Alice Rothchild says the controversy further clarified her understanding that Palestine solidarity work is most effectively accomplished within an anti-racist, anti-white supremacist framework.

"So please tell Dr. Rothchild and her friends not to come to our synagogue."

Alice Rothchild is told never to travel to Vienna, for she will not be welcomed by the Jewish community there. Why? Because she supports the BDS movement, and “Boycott is a form of violence.”

The International Association of Relational Psychotherapists and Psychoanalysts has responded with fear and suppression to efforts by advocates for Palestinian mental health to raise awareness of Palestinian conditions at its June conference in New York– even calling for a police presence. The association is promoting Israel and its plan to hold its 2019 conference in Tel Aviv, despite a groundswell of opposition.