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October 31 2006

22 One of Marty Peretz’s Friends Believes in the Israel Lobby

October 30 2006

2 Marty Peretz on Louis Brandeis and Walter Lippmann

3 The Atlantic Tees Up the Israel Question, After All

October 29 2006

16 The Times States There Is an Israel Lobby, Then Demonstrates Its Strength

October 26 2006

3 Yivo Institute Suppresses a Jewish Hero’s Anti-Zionism

October 25 2006

22 Niall Ferguson Disappoints, on Jews and Money

October 22 2006

6 The Belfer Declaration

October 20 2006

28 The New Battleground for Jewish Votes: the Right

13 Rachel Corrie, and Jimmy Carter, on Apartheid

3 Susan Kleiner, on Kabbalah and Bridges

October 18 2006

4 The Big Lacuna

2 Why Bill Clinton and the Democrats Are Spavined on Iraq

October 17 2006

7 101 Reasons Why Our Leaders Should Admit that Invading Iraq Was a Mistake

October 13 2006

8 Peace Corps’ Murder, and Coverup, Mark 30th Anniversary

3 Spine or Scat? Marty Peretz Gets Down

9 New Powell Biography Criticizes Neocons as Israel-Centric

October 12 2006

2 What (Not) to Make of 600,000 Deaths in Iraq

12 The Suicide Question Re Corey Lidle

5 A Lobby for the Rest of Us

October 10 2006

14 ESPN Promotes Violence in Football

3 Why the Clash of Cultures Won’t End as the Cold War Did

0 Fierce Winter Ahead? The Oaks Know Something

October 6 2006

24 Rejectionist Saudis to Become Israel’s Ally Against Iran?

4 At Last, Our Policy in Israel/Palestine Is on the American Agenda

17 David Brooks (Mis)Uses Israeli History to Involve the U.S. in a Cycle of Violence

October 4 2006

14 The Israel Lobby Influences, Er, Speaks Reason to, the Polish Consulate

0 A Bit of Social/Political Wisdom From Joan Didion

2 Condi Rice and Palestinian Racism

October 1 2006

2 Two More Things I Was Wrong About

9 More on Thursday Night’s Israel Lobby Debate in N.Y.