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October 2006

Condi Rice and Palestinian Racism

Philip Weiss on

Condi (I’m at a loss to spell her name) Rice has returned to the Middle East, and under the headings of Muhammed cartoons, sexism, and racism, it should be remembered that 2 months ago a Palestinian paper printed an ugly…

Two More Things I Was Wrong About

Philip Weiss on

Leon Hadar of Cato Institute says that he has been openly critical of American policy vis-a-vis Israel. He cited his book Sandstorm, which I will get, so I can improve myself. Though I am keeping open my challenge re the…

More on Thursday Night’s Israel Lobby Debate in N.Y.

Philip Weiss on

As I went downtown on the subway Thursday I wondered whether I wasn’t going to seem a fool for how excited I’d been in the days leading up to the debate. Then when I got there that selfconsciousness vanished, because…