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The Suicide Question Re Corey Lidle

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I’m surprised that everyone covering Corey Lidle’s death has avoided the psychological question: Was depression or suicidal feeling a factor in the crash?

Let’s go to the videotape: in his last appearance in the public eye, just four days before his death, Saturday October 7, Corey Lidle came into the Yankees’ most important game of the season in the third inning. The Yankees were losing the game, 4-0, and Lidle then closed the door in the third and fourth, but couldn’t get an out in the 5th; he gave up three runs. When he was lifted, the Yankees were down 7-0. Yes, Jaret Wright lost the game; but Lidle put it out of reach. The Yankees departed the postseason, 8-3.

I’m blanking on his name, but at least one MLB pitcher who screwed up committed suicide in the off-season. Athletes in other sports have, too.

I don’t mind Katie Couric oozing a widow’s sympathy last night when she asked her reporter, “And what about his family?” But I’d like to hear some other questions: How did Corey Lidle respond to his dramatic failure on Saturday? Did he hold himself responsible for the Yankees’ demise? How fit was he to get in behind the controls?

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