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September 28 2007

24 Ethnic Profiling in Journalism

13 Leftists and Realists in a Tree, K-i-s-s-i-n-g

40 The Politics of Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust Denial

September 27 2007

38 Newsweek Senior Editor Says ‘Israeli Lobby’ Is Shaping U.S. Policy Toward Iran

3 Giuliani’s Foreign Policy Adviser Calls Peace Process in Israel/Palestine “Appeasement”

7 Did Bollinger Disgrace Himself in Genuflecting to Lobby?

September 26 2007

50 Some Impressions of Giuliani’s Adviser, the Brilliant Extremist Daniel Pipes

September 25 2007

50 A Jewish Writer Says Senate Should Investigate Neocon Abrams Re Dual Loyalty

3 When Will Hillary Apply ‘There Is No Military Solution’ to Israel/Palestine

September 24 2007

30 Why Columbia President Bollinger Should Be Celebrated for Inviting Ahmadinejad

9 The World Changes! A Full-Page Ad for Walt/Mearsheimer in NYT!

September 23 2007

41 The Girl in the Coca-Cola-in-Arabic T-Shirt at the Neocon Rally (Fly in the Ointment!)

7 Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory in Walt and Mearsheimer’s Wake Begs an Open Discussion of Jewish Influence Re Israel

September 22 2007

13 Where Is C-Span? (Don’t Marginalize Walt/Mearsheimer)

16 M.J. Rosenberg on Anti-Semitism

September 20 2007

50 At a Philadelphia Synagogue, Fear of Walt/Mearsheimer (and the Myth of Jewish Powerlessness)

16 Mearsheimer: If Anti-Semitism Were a Real Threat, I Wouldn’t Have Written This Book

September 19 2007

50 The LA Times Gives Bestselling Walt and Mearsheimer a Forum

1 Jim Abourezk Busts My Condescending, Pettifogging Self

September 18 2007

40 By Dismissing Walt & Mearsheimer, MSM Fosters Alienated Groundswell

September 17 2007

25 Walt & Mearsheimer Crack NYT Bestseller List

September 16 2007

20 Professor Walt Visits Montana, Without Dershowitz. Montana Survives

29 Abourezk Calls Out Wolf Blitzer (and Other Journalists Friendly to Lobby)

September 14 2007

50 Further Evidence That Walt & Mearsheimer Have Opened Floodgates…

9 CSM Publishes Anti-Zionist Op-Ed! (Have Floodgates Opened?)

5 Walt and Mearsheimer Have Already Created Perestroika

3 Did Duke Prof’s Advocacy for Corries Kibosh His Law-Dean Appointment?

September 13 2007

2 Further Rebuke of the Theory That Iraq Would Have Been a Cake-Walk If We’d Left the Army Intact

21 Challenge to the Left: How Can the U.S. Abandon Iraqis?

4 Let Us Praise the Greatest Mensch Who Walks the Earth. Henry Siegman

September 12 2007

5 ‘Politico’ Carries Water for Attackers of Walt and Mearsheimer

September 11 2007

22 It’s Not Islamofascism, Stupid. It’s ‘Ethnosectarian Competition for Power and Resources’

September 10 2007

24 Democratic Party Official Closes Ranks With Neoconservatives Over Walt/Mearsheimer

September 9 2007

35 Democratic Party Arm Calls Walt & Mearsheimer’s Ideas ‘Downright Dangerous’

September 8 2007

18 Free to Criticize Israel in Israel, Ha’aretz Columnist Is Censored Abroad

10 Israel Fosters Internationalism in Jews but Denies it to Palestinian-Americans

September 6 2007

39 A Hot Time in the Capital Last Night (Walt and Mearsheimer at Politics and Prose)

12 ‘Forward’ Columnist Calls for Excommunication of Israel Critic

7 Si Newhouse Faces Antisemitism–and Blinks

September 5 2007

50 Liberal Jews’ Inability to Denounce Neocons Is Like Blacks’ Embrace of Michael Vick

8 The Persecution of Larry Craig (Yes, There’s a Jewish Angle)

September 4 2007

50 ‘The Jungle,’ ‘Silent Spring,’ ‘Unsafe at Any Speed’–And Now, ‘The Israel Lobby’

8 Leon Hadar on Israel’s Shifting Strategic Role (and the Neocons’ Assimilationism)

September 1 2007

50 Walt & Mearsheimer’s Proof That ‘Tail Wagged the Dog’ Points American Jews to a Universalist Ethos