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October 31 2007

15 The Left Must Celebrate Progress in Iraq!

October 30 2007

52 Yes, Jews Are Smarter, But We’re Undergoing an IQ Drop by the Minute

3 ‘Commentary’ Prints Slam of Homosexuality as Against God’s Command

October 28 2007

32 CAMERA Director: ‘Many, Many Times We Have Urged’ Israeli Gov’t to Take Action Against American Publications

2 Does Giuliani See Neocon Braintrust as a Means of Raising $?

7 What We Talk About When We Talk About the Arms Dealer’s $8 Million Bat Mitzvah

October 26 2007

41 Time Mag Website, and Condi, Broach ‘One-State’ Solution

October 25 2007

12 Haaretz Strikes Again; Condi Likens Palestinians to Southern Blacks

October 24 2007

25 How Israel’s Press Prophets Would Have Profited the U.S.

8 Why I’m Bored by California Wildfire Story

3 Giuliani’s ‘Human Rights and Freedom Advisor’ Expressed Racist Attitude Re Arab Birth Rate

October 23 2007

44 Perestroika: James Fallows Says “Mainly… Jewish” Faction Pushes for Iran Showdown

16 The Israel Lobby Targets Haaretz

October 22 2007

26 ‘It’s Hopeless!’ Cynthia Ozick on the Battle With ‘Jewish Defamers of Israel’

3 Where Were You in the Elitist War, Daddy?

October 21 2007

17 Plame’s Subpar Mind Shows that the CIA Suffers Under the Meritocracy–No Prestige

6 What Does It Mean that Levine Is Yankees’ Prez, and Shapiro and Epstein Are Gen’l Managers of Indians, Red Sox?

October 20 2007

32 Investigative Scholar Says ‘Radical Islam’ Was Dreamed Up in Israel in the ’90s as the ‘Glue’ to U.S.-Israeli Alliance

October 19 2007

4 Find Out What Manny Is Smoking and Send a Lid to the Other Players

20 Study: Intermarried American Jews With ‘Personalized’ Identity Are Abandoning Israel

October 18 2007

34 Will CAMERA Supply ‘Context’ at Its ‘Jewish Defamers’ Conference This Weekend?

14 An Israeli on His Countrymen’s Reputation for Rudeness

October 17 2007

18 Is JPod’s Elevation Good for the Jews? (Or for This Jew, Anyway?)

October 15 2007

43 My Brush With the Israel Lobby

40 Jerusalem Post Says American Establishment Is More Than Half Jewish

October 14 2007

37 Mortimer Zuckerman Denies a Holocaust

October 13 2007

28 Daniel Pipes Says Zionism Is in Crisis

October 12 2007

2 The D-Backs Have One Too Many Logos

35 Do the Goyim Get to Register an Opinion Re Walt/Mearsheimer?

October 11 2007

50 Fleshler Exonerates Neocons of Dual Loyalty. Why He’s Wrong…

October 10 2007

20 We Live in a Dark Time– Yet Brave People Stand Up

33 Steve Walt, Leftist

9 On Upper Broadway: Mearsheimer Unbound

October 9 2007

50 Harvard Prof Says Google Cancelled His Talk on Israel Lobby

October 8 2007

10 Gorenberg vs. Clinton on an Undivided Jerusalem

11 From Bellow to Roth to ‘Never Again,’ the Lobby Has Served Jewish Psychic Needs

1 ‘The Whole Megillah’ Becomes ‘the Whole McGillicuddy’

October 7 2007

35 C-Span Shows Us Walt/Mearsheimer’s Cheerleading Audience (At Last)

October 5 2007

24 Who Are Walt and Mearsheimer? Why Did They Do It? (And What About Walt’s Jewish Milieu?)

October 4 2007

37 Desmond Tutu and the Apartheid Analogy

25 Iraq War Is Prompting Soul-Searching Among Jews of Conscience

October 3 2007

12 Playwright David Zellnik on ‘Post-Zionist’ Jewish Identity

October 2 2007

30 Walt & Mearsheimer Perestroika Alert: Sy Hersh Says ‘Jewish Money’ Is Pushing Iran War

12 Sen. Gravel Say AIPAC Is Pushing Confrontation With Iran

1 Poetic Justice for Matsui, and the Mets

7 ‘A War for the Jews’: Chris Dodd’s Father’s Antisemitic Moment at Nuremberg Trial

October 1 2007

39 More on Freedom’s Watch, From Alterman

2 The View From the South Side of Chicago. Go, Bartman!

24 Journalists Won’t Cover Important Jewish Stories If They Touch on Issue of Influence