Shocker: Haaretz Editor Urged Sec’y Rice to ‘Rape’ Israel

When Condoleezza Rice met last September with Jewish leaders at the home of the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Haaretz editor David Landau told her that Israel was a "failed state" politically that needed to be "raped" by the United States. Just coming out now, as reported in the Israeli press, and picked up by the Jewish press here. Called on his comments, Landau said that they were somewhat distorted by the report, but that the word "rape" was used. Israel requires aggressive U.S. intervention. He said that a couple of professors in the room congratulated him; he was only saying what educated Israelis know to be true.

Everything I have said on this blog is contained in Landau’s statement. Israel has gone down a blind alley morally and politically. Many, many good Jews understand this. Yet the U.S. Jewish community refuses to acknowledge that dreadful reality or its role in perpetuating it. Locked in a long-ago mindset of Holocaust guilt and Exodus triumph, never having visited the Jewish state, most American Jews go along with the Dershowitzes and neoconservative extremists who wish to ensure Israel’s "security" by having the U.S. government build a bloody iron wall in the Arab world. And in stark contrast to Landau, most American Jewish journalists, out of spinelessness or fear or guilt or unspoken religious devotion, refuse to denounce conditions that they would instantly denounce–instantly and righteously–if they existed in South Africa, or the American south, or Utah, or Idaho, or the Soviet Union, or anywhere else. Some day Jerome Slater’s paper showing that the Times has damaged foreign policy-making by failing to describe the horrifying conditions–as Landau’s newspaper has done, repeatedly–will be read as an indictment of a gutless era in American politics. Some day Haaretz will be hallowed as a legend of Jewish history. And day by day, Walt and Mearsheimer’s book, and Jimmy Carter’s, gain stature as brave documents of a moral collapse.

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  1. Charles Keating says:

    So it is.

  2. Klaus Bloemker, Frankfurt, Germany says:

    I read it in the Jerusalem Post

    As it happened, my girlfriend was in Israel in end of December and brought me the Jerusalem Post Dec. 28, 2007 copy that carried this article, page 7: 'Ha'aretz' editor told Rice that Isarel 'wants to be raped'. The J.Post refers to the New York Jewish Week's website as the source for its article.

  3. Richard Witty says:

    What specifically do you think is wrong?

    The vagueness is difficult.

  4. Richard Witty says:

    I guess you didn't get the jist of Sneh's appeal when he was in the US.

    It was that Israel NEEDS the US to hold it to the road map, AND to hold Palestine to the road map, so that progress becomes possible.

    Absent international mediation that has teeth, bi-lateral and multi-lateral negotiations are too complex with too many violently opportunistic factions committed to their own factions' stature (moreso than any peace).

    It is part and parcel of the urge for a real peace, not advantage and not disadvantage.

    Support it already.

    The fantasy of a single-state will not occur in your lifetime, Phil.

    It is an enormous gamble, with horrific consequences if approached rhetorically, rather than pragmatically.

    The pragmatic approach would be to do EVERYTHING that one could to establish confident, comprehensive and wide relations between Palestinians and Israelis.

    That would be real work.

  5. Speaking of Condi, what is going on with the Rosen and Weissman espionage trial. Wasn't that scheduled for trial this month. Was there a development that MSM didn't tell us about? Of course there was. link to

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  8. Ed. says:

    What struck me about the language of "rape" that Landau used, and what I think he was trying to suggest, is that Israel is like a frustrated, wicked hussy that is well-aware of her own provocative power, but is sick of acting like she doesn't need a real man to take control of her fate and is ready to be "taken." Unfortunately, spineless, impotent Washington is unwilling to do the taking that needs to be done because it is frightened of the hussy's warped, bitter, wealthy, vindictive, decrepit and possibly incestuous father (the Israel lobby/wealthy US Jewish Zionists.) Cut the degenerate old man out at the knees, and believe me, the hussy will get “taken” lickity split. And she'll enjoy it, too.

  9. ANON says:

    Oh Ed, you made me wet with your words.

  10. Mencius says:

    "Anywhere else in the world?"

    Are you aware of what happened to the Jewish populations of Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Yemen and Iraq? Are you aware of what would happen if a Jew tried to move back to one of these countries?

    Lucette Lagnado, a WSJ reporter, recently published a book in which she describes how her family was expelled from Egypt for being Jewish. Jews (and Europeans) were allowed to take no more than $100 with them. They had to sell their wedding rings.

    Did Lagnado's family organize a terrorist liberation front? Hell, no. They got on with their lives. Shit happens. Did the Germans who were expelled from Eastern Europe organize a terrorist liberation front? Shit, no. And how do you think the Times or Haaretz would have treated them if they had?

    When was the last time you saw Haaretz or the New York Times agonizing about the North African Jews? Never. Why not? Because Arab nationalists are "progressive." Like you. And so are these fine institutions.

    If you really believed in "peace," you would believe in an immediate cease-fire based on the current military border. People who really believe in peace want bygones to be bygones. People who want to adjust de-facto borders to right ancient historical wrongs are called irredentists (link to What you call "peace" is not peace, but victory.

    If you really believed in "peace," you would be the first to want to bury the hatchet in the ancient quarrel between Zionists and assimilationists. Instead, what I see on this blog is hate.

    I've never been to Israel. I don't give a crap about Israel. I am only half Jewish and it's the wrong half. What disturbs me is the sight of intelligent Americans, like you, who invest so much mental energy in destroying their enemies, and call it peace, love and progress.

    Amos Oz is right: "make peace, not love." The first thing Israelis and Arabs need to do is leave the border exactly where it is right now, build a big wall on both sides, forget each other's existence for ten or twenty years, live their lives and forget about politics and war and hate and death. After that there can be hugs and kisses. But if you think irredentism has ever led to hugs and kisses, anywhere in the world, any time in history, perhaps you need to read a little more widely.

  11. David says:

    This Red Cross report should be required reading for apologists like Richard Witty–
    "The Occupied Palestinian Territories: Dignity Denied"
    link to

  12. David says:

    "Did Lagnado's family organize a terrorist liberation front?"

    To the extent that she has used her professional power to advance the interests of the Israeli state, then it's not stretching the language too much to argue that she has indeed joined a terrorist organization.

    (By the way, haven't you heard about Hamas' repeated offers for a cease fire? The count of those killed in the past twelve months is 452 Palestinians and 10 Israelis.)

  13. MM says:

    I'm gonna go steal Mencius' house, imprison his father and make his mother go through a checkpoint on her way to the market.

    I hope he'll just let bygones be bygones.

  14. David says:

    George Kenney has a long, relaxed audio interview with John Mearsheimer over at "Electric Politics"–
    link to
    (in the podcast list to the right of the page)

    CJHjr's big page of M&W links is a good place to find out about events like this.
    link to

  15. Isaac says:

    "I'm gonna go steal Mencius' house, imprison his father and make his mother go through a checkpoint on her way to the market."

    Part of the problem with people like MM is they have no historical knowledge. For him, history begins in 1967 when the JOOOOOS stole a few goat-filled acres from some smelly nomads.

  16. Isaac says:

    "I'm gonna go steal Mencius' house, imprison his father and make his mother go through a checkpoint on her way to the market."

    Part of the problem with people like MM is they have no historical knowledge. For him, history begins in 1967 when the JOOOOOS stole a few goat-filled acres from some smelly nomads.

  17. Izzy says:

    "they have no historical knowledge"

    You're not going to refer us to the Book of Exodus now, I hope.

    Remember poor Mencius's feelings about irredentism.

  18. Isaac says:

    Naah, I'm with him on irredentism, though. Get on with your fucking lives, Palis, we all feel real sorry for you and we hate those evil evil jews, but forty years on whining is enough.

  19. Anonymous says:

    In fact when the spouse of a certain Douglas Feiden of columbian "poison ivy" fame is presented as someone whose family did not organize a terrorist liberation front, we people of lesser knowledge think: well, not only such people terrorize palestinians, but also terrorize americans through their endless moral blackmail.

    "…stole a few goat-filled acres from some smelly nomads"

    No wonder this people is asking for some raping. They have become pretty mad. Unfortunately "special relationships" do not include the raping kind of support, only the unconditional kind.

    But I digress. I only wanted to say that maybe the israelis think the "Victory Disease" is a form of venereal disease. That would justify not only israeli disposition, but also american unwillingness to do a thing they seem very inclined to do to other middle eastern nations. Who knows, maybe after the Lebanon raping America has become enamoured of the voyeuristic stance.

    "Part of the problem with people like MM is they have no historical knowledge."

    Indeed he forgot Mencius mother could not pass through the checkpoint without having her wedding rings stolen before she could sell them in the market and that would not make a hollywoodian tale fit for Mencius to exhibit before american crying audiences.

  20. SLA says:

    compare the genocide of Darfur with what's been done to the Palestinians and how much attention each of these has received.

    Watch Sand and Sorrow.

  21. americangoy says:

    Actually SLA makes a very valid point.

    Why do we, as USA the country, invest so much money and energy and political will into propping up and supporting Israel, while ignoring Darfur or the Sri Lankan civil war?

    Why indeed?

  22. anon says:

    Mencius Moldbug's grasp of the principles of Austrian economics seems surer than those of fundamental justice.

  23. anon, ctd. says:

    Further, Mencius Moldbug, should your "the status quo as eternal fait accompli" formula have applied in 1945 as well? Though so.

    I detect a certain lack of truth in advertising: while claiming to care naught about Israel you stake out a maximalist position vis a vis the Palestinians that would do Ariel Sharon prould.

  24. MM says:

    Oh yes dear Isaac, I am so daft, tell me all about how the book of Exodus isn't just some mushroom-eating mystic's stone-age parable, but an actual historical document/modern land deed.

    And oh those Palestinians are such whiners aren't they?

    Why can't they just suck it up? Move on, live in the present, resist the urge to settle the score with violence and land theft, resist the easy lure of self-victimization…

    …you know, just like the Zionist Jews have.

  25. MM says:

    The "genocide" at Darfur (termed so by Zionist pawn and American disgrace Colin Powell) has more to do with ecological conditions of drought and famine, a common phenomenon in sub-Saharan Africa, than with political agendas and ethnic cleansing.

    The Zionists love Darfur because Sudan has an Islamist government. Thus positioning Islam as an evil empire, one of the core goals of the American and Israeli Likud and their "progressive" backers.

    Funny the philanthropic Jews of the Save Darfur persuasion didn't seem too troubled by genocide and civil war in the Congo, in Rwanda, etc… Only Somalia and Sudan… Muslim countries… hmmm… why could that possibly be?

  26. MM says:

    One last thought — does anyone out there have ANY recorded instance — just one — of the American corporate print or TV media referring to the continuing 60 year expulsion of the Palestinians as "genocide"? Just one reference is all I'd like. Grateful to anyone who can help.

  27. telling it like it is says:

    M&M makes for a great candy, but a lousy thinker.

  28. David says:

    "does anyone out there have ANY recorded instance …"

    I don't think there are any. In fact, I don't think we can find any instance of the media even telling their readers that the occupation is illegal under international law.

    The BBC, hardly a radical news source and as frightened of controversy as any commercial enterprise, regularly includes simple background statements like this in their reports:

    "Israel has occupied the West Bank since 1967. It has settled about 430,000 people in the area, including Jerusalem, in contravention to international law."
    link to

    A sentence like that — which is uncontroversial — could never appear in the U.S. media.