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March 11 2008

10 Shocker: ‘New York Public Library’ to Become ‘Schwarzman Public Library’

10 Oy, My People Have Too Much Money (Ct’ed)

March 10 2008

25 Sympathy for Spitzer

5 The Ballad of Bill and Yoko

19 Leftwing Jews Provide Cover to Extremist Wurmser

1 Honor Thy Lobby

7 Why My Republican Father-in-Law Is for Obama on Experience

2 The Left Begins to Hate Hillary. McCain Is Snap Material. Enter Bloomberg?

March 9 2008

16 Gentiles Do a Bad Bad Thing When They Criticize Israel

5 Was 9/11 a Failure of A, Intelligence or B, Policy? (Answer: B)

25 Some Words for the Zionists

5 I Wish Presidential Advisers Would Quit Too

March 8 2008

50 Profile in Courage: Ron Paul Says U.S. Should Not Take Sides in Cycle of Violence

March 7 2008

10 Samantha Power Has Done a Great Service by Naming Hillary

23 Unreconstructed Neocon Wurmser Decants ‘Regime Change,’ Holy War, and ‘Goodbye to 2-State Solution’ to a Thin Crowd

March 5 2008

34 Hillary to Pounce on Obama’s Comments to 100 Cleveland Jews (Hallelujah!)

28 ‘Commentary’ Says Wealth Is a Jewish Value

9 Is It Wrong to Post Photographs of War-Torn Corpses?

March 4 2008

36 Jewish Leader Says American Jewish Community Is ‘Directed’ by Israeli Foreign Ministry

6 ADL Exhibits Hypocrisy In Singling Out Arabs on Misuse of Holocaust

8 Gov Sununu: ‘From the Day They Announce, Every Politician Is Lobbied on an Issue that Has Nothing to Do With Their District’ (Guess the Issue)

11 Obama Is Brilliantly Marketing Leftwing Answers to an American Majority (as Reagan Marketed the Right)

March 3 2008

28 Senator Hagel: ‘The Jewish Lobby Intimidates a Lot of People Up Here’

21 Israeli Leader Rejects U.S. ‘Pressure,’ Accepts U.S. ‘Influence’ (Why Is This His Call?)

9 Hillary Surrogate Bashes Carter, Adores Bush, Before a Jewish Audience in O.

5 If Groton School Gave Us Vietnam, What Gave Us Iraq?

7 ‘Times’ Mentions Crisis in American Jewish Identity Over Israel

March 2 2008

16 The Times Insists on Talking About Jewish ‘Voters,’ Not Donors…

8 …Even As My People Wax Episcopalians in the Income Race

13 The Obama Generation Wants to Cashier My Generation’s Obsession With Racial Distinctions

March 1 2008

23 American Jewish Leaders Yield Their Power to a Weak, Brutalized Foreign Country

March 31 2008

22 Mearsheimer Was Frequent Contributor to NYT Op-Ed Page for a Decade. Then He Stepped on Third Rail

18 Next Year in Jerusalem, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Too–Nakba Recognition Group Tours U.S.

29 Did Jewish Identity Stand in the Way of the Peace Process at Camp David?

March 30 2008

12 Kenneth Pollack Misrepresents His Support for Peace Process Prior to Iraq War

12 It’s Sunday. Read a Poem for a Change

9 More Pussyfootin’ in the Media. Jews Qua Jews

March 29 2008

30 Jewish Press Is Honest About Hillary’s Jewish Money ‘Cadre’. MSM Isn’t.

March 28 2008

27 Still Blacklisted After All These Years (Walt & Mearsheimer in Chicago)

10 Nakba Commemoration Builds; Barenboim to Shun Israel’s 60th Birthday Party

9 Executions in ’08. Executions in ’48

15 Israelis Use the A-Word. Can Americans?

2 China Lobby Is Bigger

14 Jews, Including Noah Feldman, Need to Emulate the WASPs’ Discourse of Privilege

3 WWWFBJrD? Not Invade Iraq.

8 Hillary Agonistes

March 27 2008

13 TNR Issues Fatwa Against McPeak for Criticizing Israel Lobby

26 A Historic Moment: Dovish American Jews Form Alternative to AIPAC at Last

March 26 2008

8 Paranoid Style in Jewish Politics: ‘Commentary’ Offers WORLD TERRORISM WALL MAP to New Subscribers

20 Will Obama Throw McPeak Under the Bus?

28 Shocker: ‘Jewish Advocate’ Publishes Blunt Description of Israel’s ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ in ’48

6 China/Tibet; Bad Guy: China. Israel/Palestine; Bad Guy: Palestine

11 My Wife Criticizes My ‘Intense,’ ‘Insecure,’ ‘Immigrant’ Behavior at Party

March 25 2008

19 Obama’s ‘Dog Whistle’ Attraction to Critics of Our Israel Policy Brings Reaction From the Lobby

March 24 2008

28 Upper West Side Jews Aren’t Singing ‘Hatikvah’

6 At Last, Jewish Paper Calls on Jewish Community to Repudiate Neocons, Not ‘Cover Up’ for Them

20 What Is Elliott Abrams’s Interest in the Two-State Solution?

March 23 2008

50 My Dinner Partner Hates Israel

3 Arafat at Camp David, From New Historian Jerome Slater

2 What Will Bill’s Role Be in a Hillary Presidency?

2 Rev. Wright’s ‘Extremism’ Is Part of a Worldly Leftwing Discourse

3 …And Obama’s Like Reagan, Not Stevenson

March 22 2008

18 I Know Why Bill Clinton Is So Angry and Bitter

11 Is the Israel Lobby Splintering at the Edges?

4 The Israel Nexus: Both Gubernatorial Sex Scandals Have Ties to Jewish State

March 21 2008

14 Matthews: ‘I Want to Know Everything’ About Politics/Religion

33 In Slurring Arafat on NPR, Dan Schorr Seemed to Express Zionist Prejudice

March 20 2008

48 Breakfast at the Waldorf With the Clintonite Israel Lobby

3 Supporting Obama, Chafee Cites ‘Foreign Entanglements.’ Translation: Israel Lobby

7 Is Obama Already President?

7 Anyone Who Wonders How Obama’s Speech Will Cut It With Working-Class Whites Out There Is Just Sandbagging Him

March 19 2008

34 Barring 2-State Solution, Israel Becomes South Africa–Without South Africa’s ‘Solution’, Israeli Minister Warns

6 How Long Will It Take to Renew My Passport?

1 Is McCain Courting Jewish Voters or Dollars?

31 ‘Patriots’ Owner’s Wife Says Her Sons Could Fight for Israel, Not U.S.

March 18 2008

19 Obama’s Speech Wasn’t About Race. It Was About Leadership

2 Correction Re ‘Breaking the Silence’

50 Apparently Without Irony, Washington Post Says Jewish Advocates Demand that Obama Show ‘Fealty to Israel’

22 Free Speech in America: At Harvard Hillel, Israeli Soldiers Accompany Visitors Thru Exhibit Opposing Occupation and Seek to Explain Exhibit Away

5 ‘Times’ Publishes Investigation of Deck Chairs Being Badly Arranged on Titanic

March 17 2008

17 Ding-Dong, The Neocons Are Dead

14 Banning a Commenter

20 More on Anthony Lewis, Tom Friedman and the Moon at Camp David

6 Neocons Are Smearing Obama for a Reason

14 What Clarence Thomas Is to Thurgood Marshall, Bill Kristol Is to Anthony Lewis

13 Sex & Marriage & the Spitzers

March 16 2008

4 3 A.M. Is Also a Metaphor About Marriage

6 Spitzer’s Loss Still Seems Unfair…to New York

8 Who Joins the Army? A: They Can’t Afford College

27 Anti-Zionism Agony, in Aussie, and America

March 15 2008

44 Jewish Anti-Zionism Is Rehabilitated in Australia

8 ‘Why Do They Hate Us?’ We’re Still Confused

March 14 2008

15 Flap Over Obama’s Preacher Is Sign the Left Is A-Comin’ In

2 Obama and Paterson. Black Men Don’t Look Alike

20 A Debate on the Israel Lobby

March 13 2008

11 Model/Whore

31 Define Lobby! Define Apartheid! Ignore Both.

12 Bring Back the Hetaera

2 Keating Responds to Witty!

5 ‘There Is No Israel Lobby’

5 Spiritual Mutt

3 Charles Keating Responds to Clara

March 12 2008

0 Spitzer’s Nobility

17 Washington Post Columnist Gives Private AIPAC Talks on How to Help Israel in ’08 Election

12 Yes, Richard, I Have Too Much Money

10 Misrepresenting Charles Keating

March 11 2008

5 Hillary on Her Foreign Policy Experience

4 When Obama Calls Livni, Is He Dialing for Jewish Dollars?

13 The Invasion of Spitzer’s (Financial) Privacy

5 Washington Post Blogger Says Obama ‘Kowtows to Israeli Lobby’

11 Matthews Is a Mensch, Scarborough Is a 7-Letter Word Beginning With ‘A’

8 More Natives Are Restless Over U.S. Israel Policy