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Still Blacklisted After All These Years (Walt & Mearsheimer in Chicago)

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The Chicago Council on Global Affairs is staging an endless series of talks by "leading foreign policy experts" under the title, "Road to 2008: American Leadership in an Uncertain World." The series includes neoconservative Joshua Muravchik, the American Enterprise Institute scholar who has called for striking Iran. Muravchik also supported the Iraq war, which he has admitted looked better on paper than on the ground:   

I think it’s fair for people to be critical of
neocons about Iraq. Iraq is a mess and we bear a share of
responsibility for that. At the very least there was some glibness
about Iraq – mostly on the part of Donald Rumsfeld, but some neocons
were party to that. We should be chastened by Iraq.

Glib: 100,000s dead, half a world away.

Walt and Mearsheimer , who opposed the war in Iraq, were scheduled to speak at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs last September. Then its director informed Mearsheimer that his subject, the Israel lobby, was too "hot." The speech was cancelled. Censorship, plain and simple. You’d think the Chicago Council might reinvite the bestselling authors, one of whom lives and teaches in Chicago, during this year-long series on an "uncertain world." No. Still blacklisted. It really does pay to have been glib about Iraq.

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