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Nakba Commemoration Builds; Barenboim to Shun Israel’s 60th Birthday Party

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When I began collecting string on Jews calling for Nakba commemoration, I thought it was statistically aberrant behavior. Wrong. There is a real groundswell upon us. Ynet reports that Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboim will shun festivities surrounding Israel’s 60th birthday because it commemorates a period of terrible suffering for the Palestinian people. Add this to the No Time to Celebrate petition among Jews, Hannah Mermelstein writing "It was their land first" in the Jewish Advocate, Australian Jews signing on to a giant Nakba ad–well, it’s a real trend. And it’s only going to get bigger.

Again I say, this shows the power of ideas. The Palestinian people have known about the Nakba for 60 years. It took intellectuals, the New Historians, to bring these ideas to the west…

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